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Kicking people when they are down – the NUFAM way

MH370 is a tragedy that had happened without anyone could have imagined. The mystery and the repercussion that surround it has called the entire nation to unite in the face of a national disaster. We must stand strong and pray that the family members can receive some closure so that the grieving process can start as soon as possible.

So that the nation can heal, so that the people can look forward for a brighter future ahead.

But some quarters, even before the plane is found; even before investigations have been concluded, had scoffed at the people who are tasked to find the plane. We do not need this kind of insensitive people and their vile derision to weigh us down further. To our surprise, we have our very own Malaysian citizens that are leading the way in ‘kicking people when they are down’.

After Anwar Ibrahim rode CNN’s back in criticising the Search and Rescue efforts by the government in the recent article which can be read here, a similar unsavoury voice is heard today in the form of NUFAM:

Malaysian Airlines CEO’s head must roll, says union

The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has called for the resignation of Malaysia Airlines chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya following the prolonged MH370 disaster.

Nufam, which has long been at loggerheads with Ahmad Jauhari over workers’ issues, said that the latter’s resignation could restore public confidence in the airline.

“(Nufam) believes it is the right thing to do now as this even has brought tremendous impact on the aviation industry in this country…

“Since the Flight 370 tragedy (happened) under his watch, it is rightful for him to step aside and allow someone else to take over his position,” Nufam said in a statement.

It said that Ahmad Jauhari must also step down following two other incidents involving MAS flights – the incident in Kathmandu, where a flight was hit by flying ducks and in Hong Kong, where a flight en route Seoul had to divert to due to generator failure. (Really NUFAM? Flying ducks and generator failure? If it weren’t for the MH370 story, these two incidences wouldn’t make any headlines. Does the CEO of BMW have to resign because people who drove it went into accidents?)

It added that airline staff has also “lost confidence” in the way Ahmad Jauhari has handled the crisis which entered its 19th day today.

Following the Hong Kong incident, Nufam also released a statement urging MAS to ensure stringent safety checks on its aircraft, citing cabin crew concerns.

The union has been at odds with the management prior to the crisis, with its president and several office bearers sacked or suspended following criticisms against MAS.

In the first place, it is an open secret that NUFAM had tried to wrest control of MAS union from the original employees union of MAS – the MASEU.

MASEU has the biggest membership of flight attendants in MAS, and NUFAM the newcomer is believed to just trying to make itself relevant. This statement by them came as no surprise at all given the fact that their modus operandi in usurping MASEU’s voice in the past has been less than pleasant.

Fact is, NUFAM does not have any credibility to talk on behalf of MAS’ employees. Which made the above statement as a whole, rife with ulterior motives. Just like Anwar Ibrahim’s behaviour, the nation does not need people with hidden agenda to bog us down further with unnecessary politicking. Everyone is coping to the best they can.

We must give support in order to see this through.

Support  and words of encouragement for the those involved in SAR. Prayers and well wishes to the family members.

Thank you.

Anwar Ibrahim will stop at nothing in his race for power

Have a great day everyone.


Good guys can’t catch a break in Umno

In the previous article, it was mentioned that:

It is appropriate for his mother to tell Umno to ‘choose competent leaders’. Fullstop. But to lambast Mukhriz for rising up the ranks to quickly is highly irregular considering her own son’s unfair advantage towards others for the past 9 years.

And obviously it is highly inappropriate for NST to even publish this shoddy piece of journalism. None of the other so called veterans in the article above mentioned any names of the candidates. But somehow a veteran (?) Umno woman who happens to be the Ketua Pemuda’s mother had no qualms to mudsling a candidate in public and NST had the audacity to let it print.

Now the underdog had so much work to do. Considering all government’s media is actively trying to realise the ambition of one young arrogant leader who suffers misplaced sense of self-entitlement and jealousy.

We don’t count on Mukhriz to win this weekend with all this ungentlemanly conduct by people with no class.

And the people with no class had also used the apparatus they owned to further malign and slander the underdog. The Malaysian Insider had no scruples in writing and publishing an article that had tarnished Mukhriz Mahathir’s campaign in the Umno vice presidency race.

People can read that heavily defamatory article here.

Excerpt of the article says:

Umno vice-president hopeful Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has revved up his campaign by sending out an estimated 1.2 million SMS appealing to Umno delegates to vote for him and, if his critics are to be believed, is handing out the cash too.

Party insiders and his supporters said the Kedah Menteri Besar still has a good chance to win despite ground reports and his father, influential former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggesting he may not stand a chance as he was not among those endorsed by the leadership.

“His machinery is going around the country wooing younger Umno supporters,” said a grassroots leader familiar with Mukhriz’s campaign officials.

The leader also told The Malaysian Insider money or “hujan emas” (windfall) will hit the divisions and branch members.

“From the information we received, since this morning, Mukhriz’s machinery had gone all over the country,” he said but refused to reveal the amount distributed to delegates.

Of which Mukhriz issued a stern rebuttal:

Mukhriz vehemently denied that his campaign machinery issued such SMS.

“I categorically deny what was reported both in English and Malay and demand The Malaysian Insider retract the story. I suspect The Malaysian Insider have ill intent by publishing the story and has somewhat tarnished my image as someone who uphold integrity in all that I do”, said when contacted.

“If The Malaysian Insider does not publish an open apology and retract the story by 1000am by tomorrow, then I will not hesitate to take legal action against them”.

The Malaysian Insider, which was acting in mala fide (in bad faith; with intent to deceive) predictably retracted the article an offered a pathetic and half hearted apology. But they have done their task. Damage has been done.


Apology was in the Side Views column

Knowing how all these morally destitute people work, the grassroot leader might even be a fictional character. Otherwise they wouldn’t be retracting the article as their source is solid and reliable. The Malaysian Insider’s greatest faux pas in journalism was their stupidity in not contacting Mukhriz himself to reconfirm their findings before they even publish that damaging report.

That is journalism 101. You must get clarification from the other party so that you will give an accurate news to the public. Did they even ask around and check if the delegates did receive SMS or money from Mukhriz?

But since The Malaysian Insider is really a propaganda tool for their political masters and not really a news portal, the editors and journalists are acting more and more like keyboard prostitutes than a real journalist. Have they forgotten their training?

The crux of the matter is, the good guys in Umno can’t catch a break because those who are in power are using any means necessary, including slander and malicious propaganda just to undermine those who they feel are a threat to their power crazed ambition. And these kind of despicable people have populated Umno to the brim.

Below are some reaction on Malaysian Insider’s shameless article and apology:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.23.17 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.27.46 PM

Thank you and good luck to all candidates.


More stories can be read here and here.

Pak Lah : Awakening the bad memories

I wrote this paragraph about Khairy Jamaluddin in an article (do read it again, thank you) a couple of months back:

There is also this principle that one must always use in politics. When the enemy hates you, you are doing the right thing. But when your political enemy is loving you, then something is indeed wrong. 

Therefore, when the opposition leaders, no less than Anwar Ibrahim had lavished praises to Pak Lah over the purported publication of ‘Awakening: The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia’ we will certainly have to take a closer look at what that implies.

Not to mention the fact that book itself will be launched by none other than Nurul Izzah, the daughter of Umno’s nemesis. Nurul Izzah’s presence for the book launch is an obvious symbolism that the book itself has the blessings of Anwar Ibrahim.

Is there anything else to be said in this matter?

Let us read what the main culprit had to say:


Sejak dua tiga hari yang lepas, banyak berita diterbit mengenai ‘buku Pak Lah’. Isu ini juga mendapat liputan luas dalam media sosial dengan pelbagai reaksi dan komen. Sebelum saya memberi apa-apa komen, mungkin saya perlu memberi sedikit penjelasan tentang buku tersebut.

Pertamanya, buku tersebut tidak ditulis oleh saya. Buku ini disusun oleh dua ahli akademik, James Chin dan Bridget Welsh, dengan memuatkan beberapa rencana oleh pelbagai penulis yang telah menyumbangkan tulisan masing-masing mengenai pentadbiran saya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Ada yang dikhabarkan positif dan banyak juga yang negatif dan kritikal.

Kedua, saya sendiri hanya terlibat melalui wawancara yang dibuat oleh James Chin dan Bridget Welsh. Wawancara ini lebih kepada menjawab soalan-soalan yang dibangkitkan oleh penulis-penulis yang telah menyumbang kepada buku tersebut dan memberi saya ruang untuk menjelaskan beberapa perkara dari sudut saya sendiri.

Ketiga, saya tidak menaja atau meminta buku tersebut diterbitkan. Sudah menjadi perkara biasa para akademik membuat analisa tentang sejarah politik negara kita dan sudah pasti era saya tidak terlepas dari kajian ilmiah. Saya cuma telah setuju untuk diwawancara agar suara, pendapat serta penjelasan saya dapat dimuatkan didalam buku tersebut.

Keempat, oleh kerana saya bukan penerbit, pencetak, pengarang ataupun penulis buku tersebut, saya tidak tahu, tidak diberitahu dan tidak bertanggungjawab diatas mana-mana jemputan untuk melancarkan atau membincangkan buku tersebut. Berita yang mengatakan pemimpin dari parti pembangkang dijemput untuk melancarkan buku ini di Singapura – kalaupun benar – adalah keputusan penerbit buku, bukan saya.

Kelima, saya tidak merancang untuk menghadiri pelancaran buku tersebut. Ini kerana saya tidak mahu orang membuat andaian yang buku ini ditulis atau ditaja oleh saya. Saya cuma menjawab soalan yang ditanya. Biarlah jawapan-jawapan saya menjadi tumpuan pembaca.

Berlatarbelakangkan fakta-fakta diatas, saya berharap orang awam mendapat gambaran yang lebih jelas tentang ‘buku Pak Lah’. Sekali lagi, ini bukan buku yang ditulis atau ditaja oleh saya. Mungkin ada yang bertanya, kenapa Pak Lah setuju untuk diwawancara oleh pengarang-pengarang yang dikatakan selalu menulis rencana yang kritikal? Saya bersetuju diwawancara kerana perlu ada penjelasan saya sendiri didalam kajian ilmiah ini. Suka atau tidak, setuju atau tidak, saya berpegang kepada prinsip keterbukaan sebagai paksi kepada demokrasi yang matang. Prinsip keterbukaan inilah yang saya amalkan apabila didatangi dengan permohonan oleh para pengarang buku ini untuk diwawancara. Walaupun saya dimaklumkan buku ini bakal memuatkan rencana yang kritis dan ‘unflattering’ tentang kepimpinan saya, saya masih setuju diwawancara atas semangat keterbukaan demi perdebatan yang seimbang dengan mengambil kira semua sudut pandangan.

Sudah pasti pandangan-pandangan dalam buku ini akan mengundang reaksi-reaksi tertentu. Terpulanglah kepada semua pihak untuk membuat rumusan masing-masing. Prinsip keterbukaan bermaksud kita sedia memberi ruang kepada semua untuk bersuara. Tetapi janganlah pula ada yang membuat andaian bahawa buku ini ditulis oleh Pak Lah yang sudah bersubahat dengan pembangkang untuk menentang partinya sendiri. Itu sudah memesong fakta dan menjadi fitnah. Apa juga teguran yang diberikan dalam wawancara saya yang dimuatkan dalam buku ini dibuat kerana saya ingin melihat UMNO terus diberikan mandat dan kepercayaan oleh rakyat. Saya tak pernah meninggalkan UMNO dan Insya’Allah bila tiba masanya nanti, saya akan menghembuskan nafas terakhir saya di dunia ini masih lagi sebagai ahli UMNO yang cintakan negaranya.

12 Ogos

First and foremost, it does not matter if this book was not written by Pak Lah himself. But the fact that he contributed his thinking in the form of specifically arranged interview session which in turn became the very first chapter of the book shows that it wasn’t just a case of ‘saya tidak menaja atau meminta buku tersebut diterbitkan’. Surely an agreement should have been made to ensure that he will be indemnified by the publisher should litigation suits were brought forward against him. Surely proper controls and mechanism have been made in order to publish a book which is beyond reproach and above suspicion.

What is more important is the fact that Pak Lah should have the awareness that this book might be used against Umno by the opposition leaders. Sure enough, you can see Anwar Ibrahim squeezing every ounce of it with glee. It is good to have ‘semangat keterbukaan‘. But intelligent people should know that there is time and place for such ‘keterbukaan’. The last time he wanted to have this sort of thing, he lost 5 states and for the first time in history, the two thirds majority in Parliament.

If there is such written publishing agreement then surely there is a clause inserted by his team that the publisher must not let the book be exploited by politicians especially from the opposition in order to further their cause. The fact that Nurul Izzah is launching it proves that a) the opposition is politicising it and b) there is no such clause.

The inability to look further beyond the nose is a stark reminder of how ill-equipped and poor Pak Lah was as a Prime Minister. It is like the skillset did not match the job scope. Some people can wing it. Some will thrive in it. But most fail miserably.  Today, we are living in his mess.

And he probably did more damage to himself and also to his son in law’s reputation within the party by using this opportunity to run with a pack of opposition figures.

Since the first chapter is a rebuttal of whatever criticisms being hurled (if any) by other writers in the subsequent chapters, then it will be opened to further criticisms and a trip down memory lane.

Already Terence Netto, a pro-opposition writer had written about it –

Here Abdullah missed out on a good opportunity to shed necessary perspective on a matter that dogs almost all serving politicians: how to counter the inevitable public perception of bias when the powerful are blood relations to underlings seen as wielding undue influence?

Abdullah’s response – conveyed in reflections that appear in a compilation of assessments of his premiership titled “Awakening: the Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia” – is flat denial that Khairy wielded “undue influence” on him in the five years and five months he was premier.

It was against this background of Abdullah’s vacillation on police reform that Khairy Jamaluddin’s transition from political novice to powerful presence behind the scenes took place.

The grapevine began to buzz with stories of Khairy’s influence on major decisions and even of his interference with the civil service.

Exasperatingly, Abdullah mixed vacillation over police reform with deafness to the need to decisively demonstrate that Khairy was not a power behind the scenes.

Khairy increasingly became a target of criticism even as public disappointment mounted against Abdullah over the latter’s dithering on reform.

It is disingenuous on Abdullah’s part to now say that Khairy had no “undue influence” on him. As well believe Wanita Umno leader Shahrizat Jalil when she contended that she had nothing to do with the scandalous way in which a national cattle breeding project was managed by a company run by her husband and children.

Pak Lah’s simple flat out denial in the book that Khairy had vast influence in his administration reminded us about an interview he made in 2006 denying that his son Kamal Abdullah had received any contracts from the government. A simple discovery later revealed that Scomi, a company which his son has a lot of interests in at that time, received huge contracts from Petronas and in other companies. Some of them are:

1. In March, The Malay Mail reported that KTM had in 2005 awarded a five-year RM50 million contract to Scomi Group ‘to overhaul and maintain’ as many as 1,000 wagons.

2. Also in March, Business Times reported that Scomi Group was going to submit a bid for a RM120 million contract ‘to make body parts for about 400 buses for state-owned Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd’. Which they eventually won.

3. In April, The Edge reported that Scomi Engineering Bhd is acquiring a 51% stake in MTrans Transportation Systems Sdn Bhd for RM30 million to provide it a platform to be a key player in urban transportation.

4. Scomi Marine Bhd received a letter of intent from TNB Fuel Services Sdn Bhd for a coal shipment contract for three years from Oct 1, with an option to extend for another two years, the company said. Scomi Marine announced to Bursa Malaysia on April 14 that under the contract, it would be required to transport 500,000 tonnes (with 20% variation) of coal from Australia, Indonesia and South Africa yearly. It said TNB Fuel Services would determine the actual quantity of coal to be transported and from which country upon finalisation of the contract, The Edge reported.

5. Also recently, Scomi Group Bhd, an oil services company, won a contract from Petronas Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn Bhd to provide drilling fluids and other services for exploration works in Block 1, offshore Turkmenistan.\


In this particular matter, he actually lied in a live TV interview!

There were more lies and examples of ineptitude which he had made throughout his career as the PM. Did anyone remember him saying on 13th February 2008 that the Parliament will not be dissolved? But he made an about turn and dissolved the Parliament on the very next day that he earlier confirmed won’t be dissolved! What kind of clowning deceit was he trying to do? A stupid one of course.

When the leader lies to the rakyat and doing stupid things, obviously the cabinet ministers will do the same. Anyone remember back in May 2008 his cabinet assured the rakyat that there will be no increase in petrol prices till September? Well, they increased it 78 sen to RM2.70 in August!

That was the single biggest jump in fuel price ever recorded in our history. To make matters worse, his minister said that they wanted to make a 50 sen increase but decided on 78 sen because they do not want to increase it twice later on. Wasn’t that a galactically stupid decision? In the mean time, the rakyat suffered inflation and all kinds of repercussions.

Back in 2007, he also quashed rumours that he had remarried but soon afterwards, it was revealed he was indeed married a few weeks before that. Talk about a natural born liar.

There were many many more mistimed and ill-advised decisions which were made during his time as Prime Minister. One of the biggest mistakes they made is the decision to create Iskandar Corridor in Johor. Many parties had warned his administration that opening up lands for sale to foreigners particularly Singaporeans will create damaging implications to the state of Johor.

Currently, the Menteri Besar of Johor is having headaches on how to curb the spiralling home property prices and how to curb influx of foreigners gaining properties there. All these negative implications have detrimental effects on the locals there particularly the malays; the largest BN vote bank in Johor.

But to the Fourth Floor boys at that time, wealth and quick money coming out of it was more important.

And the fact that he revealed he had a sleeping disorder called ‘sleep apnea’ which made him dozed off during meetings is prove that he indeed, was sleeping on his job. A responsible leader would have turned down the offer. But he felt that having power is more honourable than embarrassing the nation when pictures of him sleeping during meetings and public assemblies were circulating in media all over the world.

But miraculously, he revealed that his sleeping disorder was cured after he had stepped down. The fact that the illness could be cured easily is testament that all this was just an excuse. He was indeed irresponsible and had laid too much importance on other people to run this country.

Back then the monicker and popular phrases people had associated with him were – The Sleeping PM, Kerajaan Tiga Beranak, UnderLah Pak Lah etc’

Now this is the type of Prime Minister which after 2009, all the opposition leaders love to compliment. Even now all of them are heaping praises towards Pak Lah and his son in law, Khairy Jamaluddin. Again, when your political enemies are loving you, then something is indeed wrong. What sort of pact is going on here?

Shall we go back in time and read what Lim Kit Siang, had written about Pak Lah? You can read it here. Mind you that this is one of the ‘milder’ articles about our PM back then. Excerpt:

Abdullah should seriously find out why more and more people, including in government, the ruling coalition and the public, are talking in this vein about “a sleeping PM” when it was never said against the four previous Prime Ministers, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in the first 46 years of Malaysian nationhood.

One could disagree with the first four Prime Ministers, whether on government policies, measures or specific issues, but no one would attribute it to lack of focus, attention or interest by the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, under Abdullah’s premiership, more and more people are putting the blame for many of the ills in government and country on “a sleeping PM”, which has not been helped by several factors, including:

  • Abdullah’s trebling up as Minister for Internal Security and Minister for Finance when it is clear that he does not have the time nor temperament to be a full-time hands-on head for either Ministry.
  • His 83 overseas trips in 44 months as Prime Minister;
  • His “gate-keepers” at the “fourth-storey” in Putrajaya who have made the very personable Abdullah even more inaccessible to those who want to meet him when compared to his predecessor Tun Dr. Mahathir, who had the public image of being arrogant and haughty.

I have for instance stopped asking for an appointment with the Prime Minister after meeting him twice after the 2004 general election where he would invariably end each meeting with the polite standing offer to call on him whenever necessary. This was after my several requests to meet up with him were blocked by his “gatekeepers”.

I do not think Abdullah is aware as to who are asking to see him. In fact, I do not think Abdullah even reads or is informed of the gist of official letters written to him, for instance, my letter registering “strongest protest possible” to him on Tuesday at the most unsatisfactory reply to a parliamentary question in Malaysian parliamentary history which totally evaded the specific query posed — and the reply was in the name of the Prime Minister.

I do not think Abdullah has seen my “strongest possible protest” letter which had also asked for the missing answer to be furnished.

In contrast, I never had doubts that when I wrote a letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir when he was Prime Minister, it would be seen by him. There was one occasion when I wrote to Mahathir protesting against his public criticism of the DAP for not speaking up against the atrocities and genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, telling him why it was baseless and untrue as he was victim of the media blackout of DAP. I immediately received a terse one-paragraph apology from Mahathir!

Although I am Parliamentary Opposition Leader, I do not want talk that the country has a “sleeping PM” to continue, as this is not good whether for the people or the country internationally.

Secondly, he must re-assert authority as Prime Minister and ensure that he is in control of the “gate-keepers” in the “fourth storey of Putrajaya” and not being controlled by his gatekeepers.

So Lim Kit Siang, who are the gatekeepers? Are they still running around creating havoc in this country? Are they your friends now?

There are a lot more we can write here but the most important thing regarding the book is this – it is just an effort to change what really happened during his years as Prime Minister. 

– Ineptitude and stupidity are disguised as inability to reform Umno (Umno members are to be blamed here),

– Mismanagement and corruption of his cronies and family members are disguised as “Mahathir’s pet projects will make this country bankrupt”,

– Cronyism, nepotism and total control of mainstream media editors are disguised as ‘democratisation of society’,

– Wastage and unwise decisions are disguised as national projects,

– Dictatorial tendency where nobody within the party can criticise the Prime Minister is disguised as proponent of democracy  

Perhaps the best way to look into how easy people forget what had happened merely 10 years ago is from the tweet of one called Lokman Adam. In the effort to defend Pak Lah,  today he tweeted:

“Pak Lah pun pernah bawa kita menang besar PRU 2004, kita juga pernah hilang 2/3 tahun 2008.”

That is an erroneous statement. Pak Lah did not bring about the huge mandate in 2004. He wasn’t the main factor. He was barely 5 months into his term as the Prime Minister back then. What kind of reform has he done within that short space of time to garner such huge mandate? But the loss of 2008, yes we can attribute it mainly on him, judging from all the stinging vitriol by the opposition leaders as well as the rakyat’s loss of confidence in him. All those were resulted from his own undoing.

But of course, we have to forgive Lokman Adam because wasn’t even in Umno during that time as he was with Anwar Ibrahim in PKR. But now after he crossed over to Umno during Pak Lah’s reign and currently managed to become a Youth Exco, memory could be a little bit jarred.

There is no point defending the indefensible. It is a futile effort.

Nevertheless, people must remember what had really happened and since we could not rely on the opposition leaders to tell the truth about Pak Lah nor can we rely on the Umno Youth members in correcting the perception that this book could just be a pact between Pak Lah and the opposition, then we must use our own ability to search for the truth. Just use google and search its archives on all the happenings from 2004 to 2008.

This trip down the memory lane will make us re-live the nightmares.

Transkrip Penuh Temubual Dengan Jusuf Kalla Berhubung Pertemuan Dengan Anwar, Najib

Daripada Merdeka-Online :


Bapak Jusuf Kalla, Mantan Naib Presiden Indonesia

Nama bapak Jusuf Kalla (JK), mantan Naib Presiden Indonesia menjadi penting di Malaysia kerana peranan persahabatannya dalam PRU13 baru-baru ini. Ramai rakyat Malaysia terkejut bagaimana beliau tiba-tiba muncul dalam kancah politik Malaysia.

Ikuti perbualan eksklusif saya dengan bapak Jusuf Kalla di Jakarta baru-baru ini yang turut memperkatakan pelbagai isu sampingan.

Sebagai Ketua Editor Merdeka-Online, sebuah portal baru yang saya usahakan dengan matlamat rakyat Malaysia boleh meresapi jiwa merdeka dengan semangat “a sense of belonging“. Baru-baru ini, pada 1 Jun 2013 saya berkunjung ke rumah bapak Jusuf Kalla, di Jakarta, Indonesia dengan niat untuk bertemu bapak Jusuf Kalla sekiranya beliau boleh ditemuramah. Alhamdulillah, bukan sahaja saya diterima dengan baik oleh bapak Jusuf kalla, tetapi saya turut dapat berbicara pelbagai hal khususnya mengenai Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13 di Malaysia. Ikuti sedutan soal-jawab saya dengan bapak Jusuf kalla.

MO: Assalamualaikum dan terima kasih saya ucap kepada Bapak atas kesudian menerima kehadiran saya.

JK: Waalaikum Salam warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Terima kasih.

MO: Saya ingin menyatakan perasaan teruja atas peranan bapak dalam hal, kalau bisa disebut perdamaian semasa Pilihanraya Umum di Malaysia baru-baru ini. Saya dapati rata-rata rakyat Malaysia masih tertanya-tanya bagaimana bapak tiba-tiba bisa muncul dalam hal ini?

JK: Sebetulnya, saya ingin jelaskan bahawa bapak Anwar bertemu saya sebanyak 3 kali. Pertamanya pada bulan Mac, 2013 di rumah ini juga dia datang pada malam hari. Ketika itu, hadir bersama dua ahli Parlimen Indoneisa iaitu Yusril Ihza Mahendra dan Fahmi Idris.

Saya lihat, pada ketika itu, Anwar terlalu yakin akan menang Pilihanraya di Malaysia, kerana katanya di mana-mana dia pergi sambutannya cukup luar biasa.

Jadi Anwar mahu saya jadi perantaraan kepada bapak Najib, karena hubungan saya dengan kedua-dua mereka ini sangat baik, maka atas dasar persahabatan saya menerima. Bukan saya mahu masuk campur dalam urusan negara Malaysia, saya menerima urusan ini sebagai urusan persahabatan saya.

MO: Barangkali bapa bisa jelaskan apakah permintaan bapak Anwar semasa pertemuan dengan bapak tempohari?

JK: Anwar memang ada membuat beberapa permintaan supaya saya bisa sampaikan kepada bapak Najib. Pertamanya, Anwar mahu agar supaya bapak Najib menerima ketetapan bahawa sesiapa yang kalah hendaklah menerima kekalahan itu. Dan yang kalah juga hendaklah mengucapkan selamat berjaya kepada yang menang, dan yang kalah itu kalau bisa disesuaikan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan yang baru.

Jadi, saya terbang ke Kuala Lumpur dan menyampaikan permintaan-permintaan Anwar itu dan bapak Najib mendengar dengan baik.

Saya lihat bapak Najib seorang yang berjiwa besar, mendengar dengan baik segala permintaan Anwar tetapi bapak Najib juga mempunyai keyakinan yang tinggi akan menang Pilihanraya itu.

MO: Bagaimana tentang hal perjanjian, kerana di Malaysia heboh kononnya ada surat perjanjian antara Anwar dengan bapak Najib?

JK: Anwar memang ada membuat perjanjian bertulis. Anwar yang membuatnya, jadi semasa Anwar datang ke rumah saya, Anwar mahu supaya bapak Najib menurunkan tandatangan dalam perjanjian itu.

Anwar sangat konfiden akan menang. Di dalam mindanya dia sudah bayangkan dia Perdana Menteri. Jadi, saya kata kepada Anwar ok, kalau kamu kalah kamu juga harus menerima kekalahan kamu. Anwar bersetuju, jadi saya tandatangan dan Anwar juga tandatangan.

Apabila saya terbang ke Kuala Lumpur, saya bawa hal surat perjanjian ini kepada bapak Najib, saya melihat bapak Najib tidak ada masalah melihat perjanjian itu, tapi bapak Najib mengambil keputusan tidak menurunkan tandatangan. Saya tidak bisa memaksa.

Jadi saya balik semula kepada Anwar, saya beritahu kepada Anwar bahawa bapak Najib tidak turunkan tandatangan tetapi saya mahu kamu (Anwar) percaya kepada my mouth (mulut saya) bahawa bapak Najib tidak ada halangan dengan permintaan kamu (Anwar) itu. Maknanya, sesiapa yang kalah harus menerima kekalahan dengan hati yang terbuka (gentleman).

Inilah gentleman’s agreement antara saya dengan bapak Najib. Akhirnya Anwar bersetuju dalam isu bapak Najib tidak turunkan tandatangan karena Anwar mempercayai cakap saya.

Malangnya, selepas keputusan Pilihanraya, Anwar mungkir janji dan tidak komited kepada perjanjian itu sendiri. Itu sebab saya marah kepada Anwar dan kawan-kawan Anwar di Jakarta turut marah kepadanya kerana Anwar mungkir janji dan tidak komited. Asean Wall Street Journal menghub ungi saya bertanya apakah benar Anwar tidak komted. Saya beritahu mereka ya, benar Anwar memang tidak komited.

Saya tidak akan hubungi Anwar, biar dia tahu kami(Yusril, Fatmi dan teman-teman yang lain) marah kepadanya.


MO: Apa alasan Anwar tidak mahu menerima kekalahannya, mungkir janji dan tidak komited?

JK: Anwar menuduh berlaku penipuan, antaranya soal dakwat kekal. Jadi saya marah Anwar, saya kata kamu bilang dakwat itu tidak kekal, itu kamu lihat di jari kamu masih ada bekas dakwat kekal belum hilang (sambil bapak Jusuf Kalla memegang jari Anwar yang masih ada bekas dakwat).

Kemudian Anwar bangkitkan pengundi Bangladesh. Saya bilang sama Anwar, tak kan orang Malaysia tidak boleh membezakan percakapan, bahasa, budaya dan gaya orang Bangladesh. Tidak mungkin berpuluh ribu orang Bangladesh boleh dibawa masuk ke Malaysia dan menjadi pengundi. Ini tidak masuk akal.

Tapi, Anwar tetap tidak mahu menerima keputusan dan dia tetap dengan egonya.

MO: Anwar kata dia menang kerana undi popular dia lebih banyak daripada bapak Najib?

JK: Saya beritahu Anwar, kamu berada di Malaysia bukannya di Indonesia. Kalau kamu (Anwar) bertanding di Indonesia kamu sudah jadi Presiden Indonesia. Tapi di Malaysia sistemnya lain, kemenangannya dikira melalui sistem undi electoral, yang mana partai yang menang akan membentuk kerajaan dan melantik Perdana Menteri.

Malangnya Anwar ini ego, imaginasinya sangat melampau-lampau, dia tetap mahu jadi Perdana Menteri.

Saya bilang kepada Anwar, “Kamu sudah gila?” mana mungkin kamu (Anwar) menjadi Perdana Menteri sedangkan kamu hanya menang 89 kerusi parlimen walhal bapak Najib menang 133. Tolong beri saya jawapan atas dasar apa kamu boleh jadi Perdana Menteri kerana kamu sendiri tahu kamu hanya menang 89 walhal bapak Najib menang 133.

Kami bertengkar dan akhirnya Anwar berfikir juga. Kemudian, kami juga berbicara tentang masa depannya dan masa depan Nurul Izzah. Saya bercakap tentang Menteri Penuh, Anwar meminta masa berfikir tentang perkara itu.

Kesilapan Anwar ialah dia sudah dua kali mengumumkan mahu bersara jika tewas dalam Pilihanraya, malangnya Anwar tidak pernah komited kepada janji-janjinya.


MO: Anwar kini sedang mengadakan himpunan Black Out 505 di seluruh negara sebagai bantahan ke atas keputusan Pilihanraya Umum baru-baru ini. Bagaimana bapak melihat perkara ini?

JK: Pertama saya mahu beritahu bahawa saya mengetahui Anwar dibantu oleh beberapa pihak khususnya dari Turki, Washington, Filipina, dan mungkin juga di negara Thai dan China, itu kamu kena selidiki. Pemberi dana yang besar itu dari sebuah syarikat besar di Filipina, dan sedikit-sedikit dari Turki untuk membantu aktiviti himpunan bantahan itu. Mereka tidak boleh menyembunyikan diri mereka kerana mereka adalah rakan-rakan bisnes yang kita ketahui siapa mereka.

Isunya untuk apa membuat himpunan tersebut jika ianya hanya memberi keuntungan kepada musuh-musuh Islam dan orang Melayu. Saya sendiri bertanya kepada Anwar, apakah kamu boleh mengontrol (mengawal) parti DAP? Anwar terdiam dan Anwar tidak dapat memberi jawapan dengan jelas, ternyata Anwar punya masalah dan kepayahan untuk mengawal ahli-ahli parlimen dari parti lain.

Makanya, saya sendiri berfikiran tindakan Anwar mengadakan himpunan Black Out 505 itu hanya sia-sia sahaja, melainkan hanya menguntungkan sebelah pihak sahaja iaitu musuh-musuh Islam.


JK: Baru-baru ini Presiden Susilo menelefon saya bertanyakan mengenai panggilan telefon dari “Polis Washington” supaya Presiden Susilo menerima permintaan Anwar untuk bertemu dengannya.

Saya memberitahu Presiden Susilo supaya tidak tunduk kepada tekanan Washington dan tidak kena dengan peraturan kenegaraan untuk menerima permintaan Anwar kerana Anwar hanya pembangkang bukan Perdana Menteri. Ini bermakna, saya sangat yakin, bahawa ada elemen Washington dalam urusan campurtangan kuasa luar dalam politik negara Malaysia. Anda perlu terus menyiasat perkara ini.


JK: Dalam kes pencerobohan Lahad Datu, saya juga tahu bahawa ada campurtangan dari orang-orang tertentu di Filipina, kawan-kawan Anwar seperti Joseph Estrada dan sebuah syarikat besar di Filipina memberi sokongan kewangan dalam kes pencerobohan di Lahad Datu.

Tujuan mereka satu sahaja iaitu untuk melemahkan kerajaan Malaysia, di mana mereka yang menceroboh itu mahu menunjukkan kepada dunia luar bahawa kerajaan Malaysia lemah dan gagal menangani isu tersebut.

MO: Saya ucap terimakasih kepada bapak atas kesudian bapak menerima kehadiran saya dan seterusnya berbicara tentang isu penting ini. Saya sangat hargai dan saya berharap rakyat Malaysia boleh melihat peranan bapak yang mulia ini khususnya kedua-duanya adalah sahabat baik bapak.

JK: Terima kasih.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 
1 Jun 2013.

Popular votes vs Parliamentary votes (a note to Nurul Izzah)

Today Nurul Izzah issued a tweet which beguiled us all. She has the belief that Barisan Nasional is effectively a minority government. Although her loose coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS had the majority of the votes, she felt shortchanged for the fact that her ambition to see her father installed as the Prime Minister is curtailed yet again. This also implies, in her own mind that the current government does not have the legality to govern this country.

With this blatant misconception of truth and apparent lack of knowledge on the current Malaysian voting system have raised a few unsavoury spectres most notably the Pakatan’s resident spaniel, Haris Ibrahim who told us that his group will topple Barisan Nasional government by end of this year.

As a background, in the just concluded general election, Barisan Nasional received 46.9% of votes while parties in Pakatan Rakyat received 50.9%. There was approximately 4% difference amounting to 361,000 votes. Basically, out of 13 million registered voters in Malaysia, BN managed to get 5.3 million votes while DAP, PAS and PKR managed to get 5.6 million votes. About 2 million voters did not vote in the recent general election.

Now this is where Nurul Izzah and the rest of the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat (including lawyers) got it wrong.

Our election system is not through popular voting. We vote via a parliamentary system.

Among the countries that use pure parliamentary system are Canada, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and India.

Even the United States uses electoral system, and not popular votes to choose its President.

So how exactly does Malaysia and the nations that use parliamentary system select their government? In layman terms, it is like this:

The country is divided into districts or, parliamentaries. All registered voters will select one candidate from a particular political party as winner in each parliamentary and this winner will represent them in the Parliament (the Dewan Rakyat).

A party with the majority of winners in the combined parliamentary seats (all 222 of them) will become the federal government. That is why, in our democracy, getting the majority of seats (as opposed to getting the majority of votes) is important. The reason for this is purely simple – it protects the rights of the people in the less populated states and is a cornerstone of our federal vs states relationship.

Didn’t opposition leaders tell us too many times that it is time to decrease federalism in this country?

Wouldn’t it be unfair if what Nurul Izzah is propagating is accepted as the basis to form a government, then the battle to become Federal Government is decided by the people in west coast Malaysia and not by the rest of Malaysia!

The recent statistics in our last general election are simple to read – DAP won bigger majorities in seats within urban areas while Barisan Nasional won bigger number of seats but with much, much smaller majorities. As a matter of fact, the combined majority of Teresa Kok and Kim Kit Siang is already 65,000 votes. Hence, the opposition garnered bigger number of votes but obtained smaller number of seats.

This is possible because we work in the current operating system called, the parliamentary system. Let’s put this into perspective – you have been using the iPhone and living under the iOS system all this while and yet when things didn’t go your way, you complain about the iPhone because it doesn’t use the Android system.

That argument is impractical and inconsequential.

The ultimate fact, which no matter how the opposition trying to spin is, Barisan Nasional won bigger number of seats and that fact is enough for it to form the Federal Government in the parliament.

So what is the correct definition of a popular voting? It is actually irrelevant in the context of Malaysian democracy system.

Another analogy on popular votes. Thank you @apik68

Another analogy on popular votes. Thank you @apik68

For whatever reason people lose, the delusion that they had won the general election is perhaps the most pathetic kind of excuse for a sore loser could come up with.

Even their lawyers got the term ‘minority government’ wrong. Minority government simply means, when a political party or coalition of parties does not have a majority of overall seats in the parliament but is sworn into government to break a hung parliament election result.

Simply put, Barisan Nasional is neither a minority government nor the fact that it doesn’t have the legality to form a government. It fulfils both criteria and what Nurul Izzah must understand is that ignorance of our electoral system is not a good sign of a leader with a sound mind, particularly since she is a parliamentarian herself.

Better yet, we seriously do not need a Pakatan gangster in the form of Haris Ibrahim who strongly claimed they will topple the government by this year because they are too impatient and too greedy to wait:

“We will take to the streets and take over Putrajaya. If we really want to overthrow them, there is no other way. Democracy does not work. The people cannot wait anymore. We don’t want to wait another five years. We will take the streets.”

Ironic that people who extol democracy and freedom to choose are the ones who refuse to believe in those things. Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind. I believe we have found another Napoleon, the pig.

All the Napoleons in the Animal Farm

All the Napoleons in the Animal Farm

Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

I received this article from Apocryphalist for the benefit of all readers out there. His other articles on other matters can be read here and here.


Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

A total political tsunami, including a massive exodus of malay voters swinging over to the Pakatan, would have happened had it not been for some minor silly mistakes that the entire PR machinery had brought about. Remember: the kingmakers are the rakyat. And in particular, the Kampung folks and the deep suburban housewives and youngsters, and the oil palm plantation workers and the estate rubber tappers. The east coast fishermen and the west coast factory workers. These are the silent giants, the mute decision makers. You won’t want to cross them.  And crossing them was what happened in the recent election. Let’s have a look at some of them here: some of them had been gelled for some time already, while some of them emerged just a few days before election day:-

1) Cute But Vulnerable Election Slogans. It’s good to have catchy little slogans that people can carry and shout around, not to mention to make stickers with which you can stick everywhere. But if you do that, can you please make sure that they are soooo invincible that it leaves no one, and I mean no one, able  to find alternative, albeit equally catchy, phrases? So for example:-

a) Asalkan Bukan UMNO. Or ABU, as created by lawyer Harris Ibrahim. Almost overnight, its sensation and impact drizzles down when the pro-Umno guys came up with an alternative of what the acronym really stands for: Allah Bersama UMNO! Yes, that Allah that the DAP wants to share, remember? But frankly, among the kampong folks, which one do you think is more appealing: the Asalkan Bukan one or the Allah Bersama one?

b) Ini Kali Lah. I thought this one would be cute too, when lo and behold, the BN Dead Poets Society came up with their own version of what the PR reeeeaaaalllly means: Lain Kali Saja Lah

2) Cute and Witty but Harmful Remarks. Irrespective of how much you hate Dr Mahathir, no one (apart from some die-hard Mahathir dissenters in Rocky Bru’s comment columns) would so much hate the former Prime Minister vehemently. So imagine your PR number one man saying something like “Kalau mahu mati, mati saja lah …” So the karma goes back to him. And what about that do’a by the brother of Nik Aziz: “KO UMNO! KO UMNO! KO UMNO!” So it got the common and ordinary folks into thinking … hey this is really unbecoming of a group of people who claims truth and righteousness side with them. And they voted …

3) Cute Little Multimedias. Well, we’ve seen them all. The mirip Anwar sommersaulting the China Doll. The mirip Anwar groping a guy’s scrotum in a hotel room. The mirip Anwar sweet-talking a boy in another hotel room, believed to be the rudimentary beginnings of foreplay. Then there’s the mirip Azmin Ali offering some Cornetto to a lady friend in a bathroom. The mirip Stopa Ali asking his … err… wife… to massage him for RM1400 after … err… performing his duty as a husband. Yes yes I know. People are tired and loathsome with all these raunchy videos, but then, they either go back to their homes believing that UMNO is such a GRRREEAAAT filmmaker to come up with movies so very much like the original people that even great Hollywood directors could not do, or … there MAY be something to it. There MAY be something to all these allegations and proofs after all. And they thought and they thought. And then they voted.

But the voters look beyond these videos and multimedia. They observe silently, pool all the information they gather around them, and put two and two together. For example, this is what they have been thinking:

    • Nasharuddin Isa takes a trip with Najib to meet some Mid East scholars and he’s expelled? (When he was shown flanking ranks with some DAP harbis he was considered a hero)
    • Hassan Ali insisting that malay-filled Shah Alam should not be selling alcohol in public and raided a premise that did, and when he opposed Ronnie Lieuw to ask the government to “put them alcohol back”, he was expelled?
    • When Stopa Ali’s mirip video was shown, the entire PAS machinery deem it Unislamic to expose a person’s keaiban? But much earlier Hadi Awang goes on record to say that it is okay to expose the wrongdoings of a leader, and he means his raunchy ones too, if it is for the reason of telling the voters what kind of man that that particular leader is. He was, of course, referring only to BN leaders.
    • When PR leader championed LGBT, Pluralism, Israeli rights etc, none of the PAS leaders bat an eyelid?

4) A Little Over-the-Top Be Bop Flip Flop. Well how would you like to vote for leaders who, at one point says that there shall be no hudud and thereafter says that there shall. First the name of Allah can be used by those who don’t believe in His Oneness and then (for the sake of votes) say that they can’t. First you say Lynas will produce mutant babies and therafter say that it is safe. If you can flip before elections, say the voters, what makes you think that you cannot flop right after it?

5) The Lahad Datu Fiasco. Reports of Tian Chua and Sivarasa’s trip to Manila just before the intruders intruded, and Nur Misuari’s open support for PR as well as Anwar Ibrahim’s meeting before him prior to the fiasco, made people wonder just what the hell is going on. But when lives are lost, they decided they if they can’t defend their sovereignty using guns, they would do so using their voting rights. And they did.

6) The Open Zionist Israeli support for the PR. Oh Brother! Of all these 10 reasons, this one is perhaps the stupidest of all. I mean, what were they THINKING? And who was it that convinced those Israeli firsters to shoot a video of themselves and send it to Ziono-phobic Malaysia to gain votes? I mean, I would even to start believing that there are certain sections in DAP out to sabotage the party by convincing them to do this one up. Either that, or the DAP really should replace their strategists. This point is self-explanatory.

7) Increasingly glaring revelations by Anwar’s closest friends and aides. Yes. The ones who know Anwar rightly and deeply are not the Surendrans or the Sivarasas or the Rafizi Ramlis who just got to know Anwar only since last year or so. The people who were with Anwar for like more than 4 decades—the ones who created ABIM together with him, who supported him even before he was UMNO, the ones who were his schoolmates, the ones who defended him in court 15 years back, the ones who taught together with him in Yayasan Anda right during the days when Anwar still goes around in buses in rubber slippers. These are the ones who have left him, for good reasons. And the reasons, the gory details for their doing so, is scattered everywhere in the the net. And it’s not a pretty picture, I tell you!

8) Saiful’s Kaabah Sumpah Laknat. Folks, do not belittle the power of Sumpah Laknat. You know, the one that starts with Wallahi, WaTallahi, WaBillahi … A muslim can rob, a muslim can steal, a muslim can entertain his neighbour’s wife playing konda-kondi wearing expensive Calvin Klein socks and nothing else, but ask him to perform this sumpah, he wouldn’t dare. And in front of the Kaabah? Doubly wouldn’t dare. And isn’t this the very exact introductory sumpah that became the pivotal statement of Najib’s oath as a Prime Minister in front of the Agong yesterday? And let’s say, takdirwise, and nau’zubillah, that Anwar DID become prime minister. Wouldn’t he have to undergo the same sumpah in front of the Agong? That very sumpah that Anwar says is unislamic, unnecessary and above all, means nothing? And latest is, just a few days before the polls, came the exploding revelation of this former Anwar aide by the name of Rahimi. He was a close friend to Saiful, and man! Those who had any doubts in Saiful before, better be hearing this guy out. The details, the very clear picture of what happened at the heights of the Saiful allegations on Anwar, those few hours preceding it … there is absolutely no way at all that this guy could be lying. Who else would know that much detail? And equipped with all this, the silent voter goes to the polls.

9) Very dubious Characters of PR strongmen. And very strange ones too, not to mention horny. First they caught a PAS guy doing acrobatics with another man’s wife inside a train—caught red handed by the jilted husband himself! Brought him to the Tok Guru, and the latter, in the manner of a Catholic Pope, announced that said playboy had already been pardoned by Allah! Luckily no monetary indulgences were necessary. And then they trapped this PKR biggie talking to a mole in the internet, who was able to convince the guy to open up his pants and beat his meat in front of the camera. And then they sort of put two and two together, and lo and behold, suddenly Mat Sabu’s Room 121 case, Ustaz Badrul Amin’s tryst with another guy’s wife in hotel room etc etc seem all too real, too believable and too … humanly possible!

10) The sudden realization of what the WHOLE thing means. There is an overwhelming suspicion that says the Chinese are really not against corruption and fairness and transparency etc etc at all. For if applying the same standards, they would have equally complained about PR-led states like Selangor and Penang too. But of course when cornered they can always shift the blame to faulty Microsoft Excels or convenient typing errors, such errors sometimes potentially costing a billion ringgit or two. But apparently, the Object of Contention is the Malays! Yes, their slogan Malaysian Malaysia really means, Chinese Malaysia. I mean, that’s what are in the minds of these simple folk voters as to what it really means. And after the ordeal is over, especially in Gelang Patah, it is clear that chinese voters would prefer Mummy-Foo’ed Kit Siang who, in his 40 years of existence, had absolutely nothing to prove of his worth as a Malaysian politician, over squeaky-clean Ghani Othman, the architect of Modern Johore Development, just because Ghani is a malay and Kit Siang is a chinese. That, along with pictures like the ones shown below, are not helping voters to side not along racial lines at all:-


Suddenly, the voters awoke from their slumber. Suddenly, the kampong voters stop to ponder what it all means:-

  1. Here’s a vote to allow LGBT to take roots in Malaysia
  2. Here’s a vote to make me complicit in establishing pluralism as a national Ideology
  3. Here’s a vote to abolish, or reduce, article 153
  4. Here’s a vote to UBAH … for the worse !


The AG Report 2011, as unreported by opposition portals

Update 18 October 2012:

It seems that the Auditor General himself never said such things. Have a read here.


Original article:

The opposition portal, Free Malaysia Today, gave a sterling review of the Pakatan Rakyat’s states by arrogating that the Auditor General had given the states run by Pakatan ‘top marks’.

Although the words ‘top marks’ or its malay equivalent of ‘markah tertinggi’ were never mentioned in the report itself, Free Malaysia Today felt the need to embellish their story in order to satisfy the opposition’s agenda of giving false information to the public.

The fact is, the AG report gave a blanket approval of ‘memuaskan’ in other states as well. But Pakatan Rakyat through all their mouthpieces gave the impression that only the Pakatan states did well.

Although the overall content of this article was somewhat fair by giving an instance of several weaknesses, the title itself is misleading;

AG report: Top marks to Pakatan states

KUALA LUMPUR: The 2011 Auditor-General’s report indicates good fiscal management by all four Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states with revenues improving.

DAP-held Penang led the way in terms of revenue collection, recording a RM192.19 million or 46.8% increase compared with the RM410.70 million made in 2010 while Selangor, Malaysia’s richest state, increased by RM62.50 million or 4% for the same period.

Kedah, on the other hand, saw its surplus drop when it recorded an increase in operating expenditures despite boosting its revenue, but the report noted that the PAS-led state government had more or less maintained a “satisfactory” balance sheet.

But the rice-bowl state, considered as one of the country’s poorest, is still far from achieving its debt target, said the report.

“The state government’s commitment to the remaining public debt now stands at RM2.60 billion compared with RM2.61 billion in 2010; it is still high,” it read, adding that Kedah must do more to improve its revenue collection.

Oil-rich Kelantan, too, was rated satisfactory due to the increase in its consolidated fund by RM86.17 million or 58.1% to RM234.47 million as compared with the RM148.30 million recorded in 2010.

The PAS-conrolled-state also saw investments in 2011 increase by RM95 million from RM16.33 million in 2010 to RM111.33 million in 2011.

The state’s overall financial performance statement, whereby revenue as compared to total management and development expenditures for 2011, recorded an increase from total deficit of RM171.70 million in 2010 to RM141.53 million in 2011.

But the AG report highlighted poor debt management by Kelantan.

“Public debts increased by RM27.85 million from RM1.11 billion in 2010 to RM1.14 billion in 2011. The arrears of debts repayment to the federal government also increased from RM121.57 million in 2010 to RM179.81 million in 2011″.

Meanwhile, the report noted marked improvements in the performance of state agencies with most rated “excellent” compared to 2010, although it recommended Kelantan and Kedah to provide more training for its officers to improve.

Selangor and Penang were praised for their initiatives to bolster their financial management performance.

As the result, Pakatan Rakyat went to town with this poster:

Did the AG really said this? Or was it a spin by Pakatan Rakyat?

Coming from the back of Scorpene debacle where all the opposition organs of Malaysian Insider, Suaram, MalaysiaKini etc were back pedalling and tripping over their own lies about the trial that wasn’t, Pakatan Rakyat are really trying hard to disseminate lies in order to prop up their performance which in actual fact, is lacklustre or average at best.

There are several instances of millions of money have been lost via loss making state agencies and other types of omissions that didn’t appear in any of the opposition websites or in any of their leaders’ blogs such as:


– Projek Penghutanan Semula Di Hutan Simpan Rantau Panjang Dan Hutan Simpan Bukit Tarek

Pengauditan yang dijalankan antara bulan Oktober 2011 hingga Januari 2012 mendapati pada keseluruhannya, sasaran Projek Penghutanan Semula oleh PKPS tidak tercapai sepenuhnya, di mana hanya 66.3% daripada 10,000 hektar kawasan telah dibangunkan dan ditanam semula. Selain itu, terdapat beberapa kelemahan dalam pengurusan projek yang diperhatikan antaranya:

  1. Rancangan lewat disediakan.
  2. Penanaman jenis pokok tidak mengikut kelulusan.
  3. Tanah lewat dipajak.
  4. Pokok lewat ditanam selepas perjanjian ditandatangani.
  5. Tunggakan hutang syarikat pemajak yang belum dikutip.
  6. Pelantikan syarikat pemajak tidak teratur.
  7. Kekurangan pemantauan.


– Pengurusan Skim Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor

Skim Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor (TAWAS) yang diwujudkan pada tahun 2008 merupakan salah satu projek penting dalam agenda Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (MES). Melalui skim ini, sejumlah RM100 dalam bentuk Sijil Simpanan Tetap (SST) diberi kepada setiap anak kelahiran Selangor. Pada usia 18 tahun, anak ini berpeluang menerima RM1,500 seorang hasil daripada caruman di dalam pelaburan dana ini. Skim TAWAS diuruskan oleh Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor (YAWAS) iaitu sebuah organisasi yang diperbadankan di bawah Akta Syarikat 1965 dan secara khusus di bawah bidang kuasa Menteri Besar Selangor (Pemerbadanan) [MBI]. YAWAS mula beroperasi pada 5 Februari 2009 dengan dana peruntukan daripada Kerajaan Negeri berjumlah RM13.50 juta. Daripada dana tersebut, sejumlah RM8.50 juta adalah diperuntukkan untuk pemberian SST berjumlah RM100 seorang bagi maksud pembukaan akaun TAWAS peserta manakala baki RM5 juta untuk kos operasi YAWAS. Setakat bulan Disember 2011, sejumlah RM7.82 juta daripada peruntukan dana yang diluluskan telah dibelanjakan. Perbelanjaan ini meliputi perbelanjaan pembukaan akaun TAWAS berjumlah RM2.92 juta dan kos operasi RM4.90 juta. Bagi tempoh kelahiran dari tahun 2008 hingga 2011, sebanyak 60,972 daripada 74,212 permohonan yang layak telah diluluskan. Daripada pendaftaran yang diluluskan, 21,918 akaun ahli TAWAS telah dibuka. Tempoh matang pertama bagi peserta yang didaftarkan adalah pada tahun 2025 iaitu 18 tahun dari tahun pertama Skim TAWAS pada tahun 2008.

Pengauditan yang dijalankan antara bulan September hingga Disember 2011 mendapati sungguhpun sasaran pendaftaran dan kelulusan keahlian Skim TAWAS sehingga akhir tahun 2011 telah dicapai namun terdapat beberapa kelemahan yang perlu diberikan perhatian. Antaranya ialah:

1. Liputan faedah program ini tidak menyeluruh iaitu hanya 19.4% anak kelahiran Selangor telah diluluskan menjadi ahli TAWAS.

2. Aktiviti pelaburan bagi pembiayaan pengurusan skim yang telah dirancang belum dilaksanakan.

3.  Sijil Simpanan Tetap juga lewat dikeluarkan.

4.  Garis panduan atau Standard Operating Procedures YAWAS/Skim TAWAS tidak lengkap.


– Pendidikan Industri YS Sdn. Bhd.

Pengauditan yang dijalankan antara bulan November 2011 hingga Januari 2012 mendapati secara keseluruhannya, prestasi kewangan PIYSB adalah tidak memuaskan kerana mengalami kerugian sebelum cukai, kerugian terkumpul dan jumlah liabiliti PIYSB telah meningkat pada tahun 2010 berbanding tahun 2009. Sungguhpun nisbah bilangan pengajar berbanding pelajar mencapai nisbah yang ditetapkan dan prestasi akademik pelajar adalah memuaskan, namun terdapat beberapa kelemahan aktiviti lain yang perlu ditangani antaranya:

  1. Pengambilan pelajar tidak mencapai sasaran.
  2. Tunggakan yuran meningkat.
  3. Sebahagian kemudahan universiti tidak disenggarakan dengan sempurna.
  4. Aspek tadbir urus korporat seperti Audit Dalam tidak berfungsi, Jawatankuasa Audit Dan Pemeriksaan tidak ditubuhkan, Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan tidak dijalankan, Standard Operating Procedures tidak diluluskan oleh Lembaga Pengarah serta kelemahan dalam pengurusan kewangan.

Pulau Pinang

Penang Global Tourism

Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang (PDC) dalam mesyuarat Lembaga Pengarah PDC Bil. 2/2008 telah membuat keputusan untuk mengaktifkan semula DCT Consultancy Services Sdn. Bhd. iaitu sebuah anak syarikat PDC yang dorman dan menukar nama kepada Penang Global Tourism Sdn. Bhd. (PGTSB) bagi mempromosi dan memasarkan aktiviti pelancongan negeri Pulau Pinang. Penubuhan PGTSB juga bagi menggantikan fungsi Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri (MTPN). Modal yang dibenarkan Syarikat adalah berjumlah RM500,000 dan modal dibayar adalah berjumlah RM100,003 yang keseluruhannya dipegang oleh PDC. PGTSB merupakan sebuah syarikat yang tidak bermotifkan keuntungan di mana keseluruhan pembiayaan kewangan adalah daripada Akaun Amanah Jawatankuasa Induk Industri Pelancongan (JIIP) Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Objektif Syarikat adalah untuk membentuk imej negeri Pulau Pinang menjadi destinasi pelancongan bertaraf antarabangsa. Antara aktiviti yang dijalankan oleh PGTSB adalah program promosi, pengiklanan, pameran perdagangan, penajaan, aktiviti perhubungan awam, menjalankan program penyelidikan dan pembangunan pelancongan serta menganjurkan program dan acara pelancongan negeri.

PGTSB dianggotai oleh 13 orang ahli lembaga pengarah termasuk seorang wakil dari PDC dan dipengerusikan oleh YAB Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang. Pengurusan PGTSB diketuai oleh seorang Pengarah Urusan dan dibantu oleh 9 orang kakitangan.

Pendapatan utama PGTSB adalah bantuan geran daripada Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang melalui Wang Amanah Jawatankuasa Induk Industri Pelancongan. Bantuan geran Syarikat yang diterima pada tahun 2009 adalah berjumlah RM3.47 juta, RM2.75 juta pada tahun 2010 dan RM6 juta pada tahun 2011. Keuntungan PGTSB pada tahun 2009 adalah berjumlah RM0.79 juta dan kerugian berjumlah RM1.88 juta pada tahun 2010. Manakala kerugian terkumpul PGTSB sehingga tahun 2010 adalah berjumlah RM1.09 juta.

Pengauditan yang dijalankan antara bulan Mei dan September 2011 mendapati pada umumnya prestasi kewangan Syarikat adalah tidak memuaskan.

PDC Nusabina Sdn Bhd

Syarikat Nusabina Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd. telah ditubuhkan pada 24 September 1980. Nama tersebut ditukar kepada PDC Nusabina Sdn. Bhd. (PDCN) pada 12 Ogos 2004. Syarikat mempunyai modal dibenarkan sebanyak RM5 juta dan modal dibayar adalah berjumlah RM3.05 juta. Daripada keseluruhan modal berbayar tersebut sebanyak 95% saham syarikat dipegang oleh PDC Premier Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (PDCPH) iaitu sebuah syarikat milik penuh Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang dan 5% oleh Syarikat Nusantara Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd..

Visi Syarikat adalah untuk membina bangunan-bangunan yang terbaik bagi memenuhi kehendak pelanggan-pelanggan Syarikat. Manakala misi Syarikat adalah untuk melaksanakan kerja-kerja pembinaan dan perkhidmatan pengurusan pembinaan yang cekap melalui inovasi dan mempraktikkan pembinaan yang kos efektif agar dapat memastikan produk pembinaan berkualiti tinggi, menyiapkan produk-produk dalam tempoh masa yang telah ditetapkan dan kerja-kerja penyenggaraan yang efisien.

PDCN dianggotai oleh 4 orang ahli lembaga pengarah yang terdiri daripada pegawai PDC dan dipengerusikan oleh Pengurus Besar PDC. Pengurusn PDCN diketuai oleh seorang Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif dan dibantu oleh 15 orang kakitangan daripada 5 unit iaitu Unit Pembangunan Perniagaan, Unit Kawalan Keselamatan, Unit Pentadbiran Dan Kewangan, Unit Kualiti/Projek dan Unit Perolehan.

PDCN telah mencatat kerugian bersih bagi tempoh 3 tahun berturut-turut iaitu RM1.79 juta bagi tahun 2008, RM1.69 juta bagi tahun 2009 dan RM288,629 bagi tahun 2010. Sehingga bulan Disember 2010, kerugian terkumpul PDCN adalah berjumlah RM5.16 juta.


I guess they did not really get top marks after all. These are just samples. There are many, many more examples of weaknesses you can read in the report. And I didn’t publish Kedah and Kelantan’s reports too otherwise this article would be quite long.

But as always, there are many Pakatan supporters who will turn a blind eye or justify that the losses are insignificant to them. But these type of people have already been misdirected by the opposition and their portals. Their ignorance and hatred are key to Pakatan Rakyat’s survival.

To them, Pakatan Rakyat is God’s gift.

Thank you.

The spin that’ll sink Malaysian Insider

After the debacle Malaysian Insider went through in twisting Marina Mahathir’s and Bridget Welsh words, and after being chastised by both ladies for practising atrocious journalistic behaviour, the Insider were at it again with their pro opposition agenda of misinforming the general public.

An article by Bernama was published in Malaysian Insider as below. Please take note of the headline:

French official says Scorpene probe not at trial stage yet

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — A prominent French government prosecutor has denied reports circulating among some Malaysian online news portals of an ongoing trial in France, on allegations of corruption by a French company over the purchase of two French-made Scorpene submarines by Malaysia in 2002.

Yves Charpenel said the media in Malaysia should be able to distinguish between rumours and facts, and between investigations and a trial.

“I am aware about all the fuss kicked up by certain media (organisations) in Malaysia over this matter but what I can say is that this is nothing more than a trial by the media,” he told Bernama here today.

Charpenel, who was a former head of prosecution in France and now a state prosecutor and an executive member of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), was here to attend the four-day IAACA conference and general meeting which ended yesterday.

Following a complaint filed in 2009 by Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), a Malaysian human rights non-governmental organisation (NGO), that a French company had allegedly paid bribes to a Malaysian firm for the submarine deal, he revealed that two independent “investigating judges” started their investigations earlier this year.

Charpenel said that in France, as in other countries practising the rule of law, all investigations were done in absolute secret.

He said it was anybody’s right to file a complaint and due to the secret nature of the investigations, some resorted to complaining to the media.

He explained that for specific cases in France, the Justice Ministry would ask an independent judge, called an “investigating judge”, to investigate.

“He is just an investigator. This is an old system that started from the Napolean era. If the investigating judge wants someone to come to Malaysia, he has to ask from your government because we have what is called the Treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance. And the Malaysian government can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It has to be decided by the Malaysian authorities.

“A French investigating judge cannot take his luggage, take a plane and go to Malaysia and ask someone to answer his questions. It is impossible, it is against the French law and it is also against international law,” stressed Charpenel.

He pointed out that in France, as elsewhere, the course of justice would not be dictated by the media.

As he put it, “In France, the time of justice is different from the time in media. Of course, the media needs data, information, news. It’s natural but the investigation is quite different. This is exactly the same, whether in France or in Malaysia.

“And, it has to be secret. We are now in the first step, maybe, we got another step, maybe not, and it is quite early to say more.”

Asked about media reports that French lawyers representing SUARAM in the suit would be coming to Malaysia to brief their clients, Charpenel said any lawyer from any country was free to do so because he was paid by his clients.

“He can speak freely to the press, that’s freedom or human rights. But he is not a prosecutor. He is not an investigating judge. He is not an official.”

In April this year, local opposition politicians here had even called for Malaysian officials to testify in Paris or risk being ostracised in the European Union.

“A trial is a trial with all the rules. Investigation is another thing,” said Charpenel of the misinformation generated by certain news portals over allegations that a trial was already underway.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also said over the weekend that the Auditor-General had declared the Scorpene deal was done in accordance with legal procedures. — Bernama

Note that the original title of the Bernama report was :


Screenshot of the original article in Bernama.

If read carefully, the french official was not even certain if there would even be a trial even after the investigating judge being appointed. The change of the original headline in its entirety and the inappropriate use of the word ‘yet’ in this context is misleading. See the difference between the two headlines?

In fact, the french official stressed that the media should discern between what are rumours and what are facts.

Hence Malaysian Insider should not delve in rumour mongering even further by giving slanted headlines just to satisfy their pro opposition agenda. By saying that a trial may yet happened, the editorial desk of Malaysian Insider is jumping the gun way ahead than what the french official had officially reported to have said. And to further, erode their news credibility, Malaysian Insider basically had changed the gist of the news reported by Bernama unnecessarily.

First rule of news reporting, never put words from the source’s mouth. That’s what put them into trouble with Marina and Bridget in the first place.

The very act of twisting the headline exposed The Malaysian Insider’s desperate act of pacifying Pakatan Rakyat’s rabid supporters. God forbid if their version of the Scorpene story could not be sold to the public.

The french government official also reiterated that any french lawyers that chose to go to Malaysia to brief their clients can freely go as they are paid by their clients.

He was saying this as the news of SUARAM getting french lawyers to give briefing on the Scorpene trial in our Parliament are being published for the past few days. It seems that all this while SUARAM has been feeding lies to the Malaysian public regarding this Scorpene deal and had paid these lawyers to assist them.

With this explanation from the French’s government official, it is more incumbent upon Suaram and also Anwar Ibrahim to explain themselves on why are they purposely and very determined to spread lies to the public?

With The Malaysian Insider and its ilk, together with the news that MalaysiaKini and Suaram are getting funds from foreign agents to bring down the government though unethical means, there is no doubt that the opposition and their foreign friends are getting frenzied and eager to grab power from the current government.

Importantly, we the Malaysian public should be smart enough to differentiate between lies spread by the opposition and their tools as well. They will try to mislead us on daily basis, hiding behind their favourite mantra of “we are independent news portal“, in order just to manufacture a negative public perception towards their enemies.

Malaysians need to be more aware than ever. Your misperception, is their survival.

Being human and giving credit where it’s due

Absence of a human virtue called gratitude

It is very disconcerting to see that these days the opposition or people who are leaning towards the opposition kept on harping the concept of gratitude towards the government. Their argument is, we do not have to be grateful towards the government for whatever benefits the government had bestowed upon us because it is already their responsibility. We are the ones that voted them in so they are the ones that should thank the rakyat profusely. The rakyat must never thank the government for whatever the goodies or the national development the government had provided us.

I believe this is a dangerous, uncivilised concept being concocted by the opposition. Using this kind of logic, wives shouldn’t thank husbands for whatever good things he has done for her because it is his responsibility as a husband and of course, husbands must not thank their wives either.

Children must never thank their parents because let’s face it, it is the parents’ responsibility to nurture and raise their children. Why would the children thank their parents? They never asked to be born in the first place either.

Is this the right attitude for Pakatan Rakyat to promote? That one must never be thankful when a person or government is being nice to you?

Orang berbudi kita berbahasa, orang memberi kita merasa.

What is so wrong to be thankful when one receive aid or assistance? Why should we throw vile insults and harangue the government for being nice to the people? Orang berbudi kita berbahasa.

There is nothing wrong by being grateful. It is a sign of being benevolent. A sign of appreciation. A very humane thing to do.

We should worry if this kind of attitude permeates into the psyche of our young generation. We will be straddled with children who are arrogant and equipped with repugnant behaviours as well as a society who are rude among each other.

Bad leadership begets bad attitude.

As Tun Dr Mahathir put it in his blog:

… people who only know how to hate and have done nothing to make this country better. By doing what they did they have demonstrated that they and the people who lead them are unfit to rule this independent country. They only know hate. Hatred does not develop nations.

Yes hatred and being obnoxious certainly will not make this country a better place.

They never voted the government

And what really make this group of political thespians a horrible entity is the fact that their fans never voted Barisan Nasional in the first place. Yet, they insist us not to thank the government because we voted for them.

Can we not see how profoundly immoral that is?

It is ironic that the ones that voted Barisan Nasional are always thankful whenever Barisan Nasional done good while the one who will never vote for the government will try to preach the public that thanking the government is repulsive since it was voted in by the people.

It does not matter if you choose to vote for the opposition in the elections. But not saying thanks after the government gives much needed assistance just show lack of manners and the ones teaching this bad behaviour is the opposition.

I lament the fact that it is the adults who are setting the bad example for the younger generation to emulate. I believe the government must always be benevolent to the people. The government has the higher moral ground not to ask for gratitude from the people. But it is the people who must have the human decency to be grateful nevertheless.

Why is this a hard thing to do? Where are our great Malaysian values? Do we really want this kind of people to lead us in the future? Will this kind of people develop a better Malaysia?

Anwar Ibrahim’s LRT project

We heard so much news about the failed bid of Balfour Beatty consortium for the past few weeks.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat had not been shy in organising weekly press conferences to disseminate information to the ignorant public about the alleged abuses of power and corruption that are plaguing our country. All these apparently are committed and perpetuated by the Umno (not Barisan Nasional) government.

PKR’s ever loyal lackey, Rafizi Ramli has been given the unenviable task of exposing all these alleged corruption which almost always would land him in hot soup. This is due to the fact that all his exposures were either done unethically or the facts he presented were flimsy at best and filled with conjectures or with extrapolation of assumptions.

The latest episode is about the Ampang line LRT extension project which was according to PKR, was initially won by Balfour Beatty consortium. It was reported in his 13th July press conference that Balfour Beatty is the best contractor for this job.

Rafizi has repeatedly accused the prime minister of interfering in the tender bid and granting the multimillion contract to George Kent, which had scored one of the lowest points in the technical and commercial evaluation for the project, but has not shown proof until this week.

This was despite an earlier decision by Putrajaya to award the multi-million ringgit rail project to Balfour Beatty-Invensys Consortium, which Rafizi said was best qualified for the job.

He implies that there is something wrong with the tender process and accused the Prime Minister as intervening the selection process. His main contention was how could George Kent be given the contract and not Balfour although the latter apparently scored higher than the former in the tender evaluation process.

He is astonished that contractors recommended by Syarikat Prasarana were not selected by the Ministry of Finance’s Tender Committee. Furthermore, Rafizi assumed that the selection of contractors can be done at the whims of MOF. This had riled him up and PKR as a political party is not happy with it, to the point of making this an election issue.

Hence they are making so much noise due to the fact that a contractor had lost the contract to a rival company.

But it is equally astonishing that Rafizi and PKR did not even utter a word of protest when in one of the initial rounds of the tender process, Balfour Beatty was rumoured to receive this contract eventhough a South Korean consortium (PDA Consortium) were highly recommended by Prasarana.

An average observer can note that Rafizi had been silent about this issue a few months ago. Especially when his favourite contractor seemingly got the contract. But that changed a few months later.

His first press conference came in late June 2012 when, like a jilted lover, lambasted Prime Minister for snatching the contract right under Balfour’s nose and giving it to George Kent consortium.

Now lets review the point of contention from Rafizi on why George Kent shouldn’t get this contract. He claimed that George Kent had scored one of the lowest points in the technical evaluation process (although initially he said George Kent failed the process). He also claimed that George Kent’s bid were higher than Balfour’s.

We would like to believe he is honest and selfless

Thirdly and this is quite tedious, superficial and superfluous; George Kent has a partner which had made business transactions with one of the business partners in a Scorpene deal more than 10 years ago. A professional consultant that advises the tender process, Halcrow even said that “it is not confident that the George Kent consortium can carry out the project”.

In actual fact, George Kent – Lionpac is one of the 28 companies that submitted their tender documents and pre-qualified for the job. Balfour Beatty – Ingress consortium is another company that had a chance to win this job.

Notwithstanding the points received by the Korean PDA consortium, George Kent received 38.62 out of 70 points on technical. All participants of the tender must meet the passing mark of at least 35 to qualify for the next stage. Notably, Balfour Beatty scored higher. And at this point of time, Geroge Kent was third lowest bidder out of 8 shortlisted.

Ostensibly, George Kent failed the financial aspect (scoring 8.7 out of 30 points) but this was due to late submission of evidences on their financial strength and position. When their cash and funding position was finally evaluated by MOF, George Kent eventually scored higher financially and passed in that aspect. This fact was neglected by Rafizi and PKR and was not included in any of their press conferences.

Therefore, it is unfair to say that George Kent do not deserve this project. In fact, when the project was awarded, George Kent made statements to rebut all the allegations that it is not worthy of such project. In the end, the cost of the project given is even similar to what Balfour was rumoured to bid; at RM956 million.

We all know, and this can be the same in all states, Pakatan or otherwise, that the winner of a tender process is not necessarily the ones that received the highest mark or bidding with the lowest cost.

It is also a moot point to delve into the role of Halcrow in the tender process although it is quite strange to see that the role of giving independent advice on the tender process went to a company which had a lot of business ties with Balfour Beatty. Maybe Halcrow had declared this beforehand and the MOF sees nothing wrong with it. Moot point.

Please note that Prasarana is 100% owned by the MOF and it is only logical that all strategic decisions are made by the shareholder. And selection of contractors fall within the ambit of shareholder’s powers.

Now, what is it about Balfour Beatty which made them receive an utmost support by PKR? The answers could lie in Balfour’s main partner in this consortium – Ingress Corp Bhd.

Ingress’ chairman and chief executive officer is none other than Datuk Rameli Musa. He was Anwar Ibrahim’s schoolmate back in the MCKK days. He is so close to Anwar Ibrahim, he got a grand exoneration and support from the former deputy prime minister against the accusations thrown by Raja Petra back in 2008.

Moreover, Rameli Musa is a fellow trustee in a foundation headed by Anwar Ibrahim. Who knows what other connections he might have. Back during the dizzying heights of Anwar Ibrahim as Deputy Prime Minster, Rameli Musa was vice chairman of Sapura and is reported to be a ‘confidant’ of this glorified heir apparent of Dr Mahathir.

“We lost that contract by only this much”

Obviously with all these connections and the fact that the whole of PKR, with Rafizi as the spokesperson of Anwar Ibrahim are busy defending Balfour and wrongly excoriating Najib just because another company was awarded the project, the coincidence of Ingress – Balfour – PKR cannot be denied. Arguably, Anwar Ibrahim’s LRT project could have been key to fund Pakatan Rakyat’s war chest.

We truly want to believe that Rafizi and PKR are being selfless in trying to expose any wrongdoings by the federal government for the sake of the people. We do want to see that Rafizi could at least present a truthful and honest facts devoid of any ulterior political motives. At the very least we would love to see Rafizi win a debate convincingly.

This remains to be seen.

IPO of Felda and its naughty detractors

I read with interest what Mazlan Aliman of Association of Felda Settler’s Children (ANAK) was going to do regarding the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holding (FGVH) to the public.

I actually attended the launch of prospectus in Dewan Perdana Felda on 31st March 2012 where it was hoped that the IPO will change the lives of Felda settlers and directly bring about a more efficient and expansive operational values for the whole group.

Prospectus is more than 945 pages thick

The prospectus itself is a gigantic book which I can safely assume, only the most technical gifted could scour and cover all the important information contained in that book and comprehend them. Yours truly could only grapple with a few salient points and had a few help from investment banker friends, people from Felda and a lawyer just to understand the gist of the prospectus. I had to, since I was entrusted by few relatives whose parents were Felda settlers to look into their foray with this whole IPO venture from the start.

Hence I am quite amused when one Mazlan Aliman, the president of ANAK made a press conference saying that the prospectus had misled the public. His point of contention was that “(FGVH) is passing off land that it does not actually own, land that will not be given to it as asset by state governments” .

He went further by saying that:

“the matter is even more contentious considering that Pakatan Rakyat state governments have said that they would not release parcels of Felda land under their jurisdiction. Even the governments of BN-led Perak and Johor were also ‘not ready’ to give up the Felda land under their jurisdiction. Anak was also doing checks on about 18,000 hectares of settlers’ land that were “without titles” in Negri Sembilan, which was also included in the prospectus. The prospectus lists 327,730.06 hectares of land, including 66,438.60 hectares that did not have titles. These include close to 25,000 hectares in Kelantan and about 240 hectares in Kedah.”

I find it odd when he said that FGVH passing off land that they do not own because it is clearly said in the prospectus that the lands were not FGVH’s to begin with. The lands were only tenanted by FGV from Felda. And further more, this IPO is about the listing of FGVH; it is not about the listing of Felda lands.

Actually, since decades ago, Felda received about 800,000 hectares from the government (this was during Tunku Abdul Rahman’s time). Out of that, 500,000 hectares were given to settlers. But in the 1970’s, when the government wanted to give out further 300,000 hectares of lands under the settlement scheme, there were no takers as the new generation at that time did not want to take it up. They’d rather work in urban areas or in big cities at that time.

Thus settlement scheme was stopped and the balance 300,000 hectares of land were managed by Felda itself. This is the 327,730.06 hectares mentioned in Mazlan’s press conference yesterday. The settlers’ lands or ‘tanah peneroka’ are not touched by this IPO venture at all. Please look at below’s table:

Page 810 clearly states ‘tenancy agreement’ at the top of the page.

Thus I believe Mazlan Aliman LIED to the public during his press conference yesterday. Even the 18,000 hectares of lands without titles in Negeri Sembilan were erroneous. It is only approximately 3,000 hectares.

Land without titles simply means the title of the lands were not issued yet by the Land Department and if any of us are familiar with how Pejabat Tanah works, the land titles could take months before there are issued out.

Therefore, I am not so sure as to why Mazlan Aliman wanted to make an injunction to stop the listing this Thursday when he was the one misleading the public with his twisted facts and half-truths in the first place.

But this is not surprising as Mazlan Aliman is a PAS leader and had even contested in the general elections. It is to the benefit of Pakatan Rakyat that the settlers and the public in general see that this IPO falls flat on the government’s face. But to deny the settlers of a good deal just because of a narrow and selfish political agenda of Pakatan Rakyat? Moreover, doing it with lies and skewed propaganda? And Mazlan calls himself a leader in an Islamic party? I believe they have achieved the lowest of depths in political lynching.

I do hope Malaysia Kini will rectify Mazlan Aliman’s false claims and incorrect assumptions. Perhaps this time Malaysia Kini can prove itself to be neutral after all.

On another note, yesterday’s results of FGVH’s first quarter was very encouraging when revenue increased to RM1.719 billion from 1.688 billion recorded in the last quarter although profit before tax decreased  to RM280.8 million as compared to RM495.2 million in the corresponding period last year.

I suspect the decreased in PBT in this quarter as compared to the corresponding quarter is mainly due to the tenancy agreement signed last January and other IPO-related expenses. Insiders noted that the tenancy agreement itself is costing FGVH a whopping RM47.5 million per year to Felda. Hopefully, the operational costs remain low and will not jeopardise the efforts in years to come. The world is watching. And our national pride is at stake. Hence, it is in everyone’s interest to make this work.

Bersih 3.0 – Why are you supporting them?

Update 27 April 2012:

Thank you The Mole for highlighting yet another lie by Bersih supporters. The EC has throughly debunk and rebut their baseless allegations and unwarranted accusations. Can be read HERE.


Original article:

Right on cue and following the usual script of Pakatan Rakyat where, it is important to continuously create issues regardless if they are justified or even logically acceptable by common sense, the Bersih 3.0 will happen this Saturday 28th April 2012.

We must not fall under the illusion that this mass sit in at Dataran Merdeka (or any other venue they want to occupy) will be peaceful or non-political.

We have experienced this last year when the pied piper led approximately 10,000 (a generous estimate) people to demonstrate against the rule of law. It wasn’t actually an effort to have a free and fair election (that should be done on the discussion tables) but an actual test of strength by the vocal minority to usurp the rule of law in Malaysia with their brand of jungle laws.

In their books, anything goes. Malaysia has laws and rules but to them, their desire to break these rules are their basic ‘human right’ albeit a wrong one and devoid of any common sense.

Their latest stand where Dataran Merdeka is a public place and anyone have the right to sleep or set up tents there are enshrined in their democratic freedom is one such error in their outlook about human rights.

Certainly there are rules to be applied or else legal structure and system can never be applied here in Malaysia. It is sad indeed that those who are responsible to educate people about the laws are the ones actively trying to tell people to break these laws.

Case in point, the former Bar Council president and a lawyer by profession, Ambiga herself.

It is remarkable that she is vehemently trying to hold the sit in without any due regards towards the authorities. If you cannot respect the authorities, then do you think people will respect you? They might follow you for awhile, but you won’t ever get the respect you deserve.

It is certainly comical when Bersih declared:

“Bersih said yesterday it would consider calling off Saturday’s rally if Datuk Seri Najib Razak can guarantee the electoral reform movement’s demands are met before the next federal polls.”

The recent electoral reforms which was presented in Parliament by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) had greatly addressed the issues. In fact all the 8 demands (except one) have been passed and agreed upon.

This was the result of the demands of Bersih 2.0 in July last year. Congratulations to Ambiga and her gang.

Therefore, what is the purpose of Bersih 3.0?

They are now saying:

“The coalition said it was disappointed by the recently concluded Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reforms, saying that despite Putrajaya’s repeated assurances and promises, the panel had failed to introduce meaningful reforms to the election system.”

The act was passed barely a few weeks ago and they expect reforms to be completed overnight?

The 8 demands are:

1. Clean the electoral roll

2. Reform postal ballot

3. Use of indelible ink

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period (this is the only demand not fulfilled – the agreed number is 10 days)

5. Free and fair access to media

6. Strengthen public institutions

7. Stop corruption

8. Stop dirty politics

The PSC actually tabled and outlined an improved electoral process with the passing of 22 laws altogether. All of which were what Bersih 2.0 demanded.

Hence we are now at a quandary and a crossroad of our logical thinking. If all the demands are fulfilled, the Pakatan Rakyat and its strongest vehicle called Bersih, have no more fuel to ignite the support from their fans or enough fire to incite the population to hate the government.

What do they do?

Create ambiguity via Ambiga’s incessant vitriol that the electoral process will still not be fair. It is amazing that Bersih 3.0 now will actually demand the government to hold free and fair elections based on their own previous recommendations which have already been passed by Parliament!

Some people must really have a lot of free time these days. Someone please give Ambiga a real job otherwise all our common sense will be replaced by stupidity.

Bersih 3.0 was recently helped by another Pakatan Rakyat’s sycophant by the name of Ong Kian Ming.

He just created a special project called MERAP (Malaysia Electoral Roll Analysis Project) which had made wild unsubstantiated allegations about the discrepancies in the electoral roll.

Basically he alleged that currently there are 3.1 million dubious voters in the electoral roll. His contention was:

“Bersih accused the Election Commission (EC) today of failing to investigate 3.1 million voters whose identity card (IC) addresses differ from that in the electoral roll despite having the information since 2002.”

I believe this Ong Kian Ming, who is so biased in his political dogma refused to study the basic laws relating to the Electoral Commission law of Malaysia.

Before 2002, people can register to vote regardless what the address in the identity card is. The Act was changed in 2002 whereby your voting area will follow the address in your IC. Therefore, after 2002, if you register for the first time, your IC address will determine the constituency you will vote.

The law clearly stated that.

But if the voter changed address or live elsewhere, the place where he is voting will remain the same as what he originally registered himself. If he himself DOES NOT apply to change his voting constituency then the EC has NO POWER to change it for him.

That is why many of us go back to our hometowns to vote. This is a normal occurrence. Anwar Ibrahim lives in Bukit Segambut but he votes in Permatang Pauh. Lim Guan Eng was a candidate in Pulau Pinang but he voted in Melaka back in 2008.

I myself registered to vote in the 90s but have always voted in Melaka eventhough my IC address is in Kuala Lumpur. I have no desire to change my voting constituency. But am I a dubious voter?

Is Anwar Ibrahim a phantom voter? Does Lim Guan Eng fall under ‘a non-resident voter’ as defined by Ong Kian Ming?

The fact is, this is allowed according to the law of this country and it is the reality. Ong Kian Ming made a serious allegations without delving into the laws of the technicality of the electoral process. Simply accusing that there are 3.1 dubious voters in this country when they are actually legitimate is one of Bersih’s way to create ambiguity.

What was his methodology? Did he discuss and or make relevant consultations with the EC prior giving his press conference? Being ignorant and reckless in giving erroneous findings just to aid his political leanings is certainly not a virtue of a lecturer and an academician.

Due to ignorance and political expediency, he came out with assumptions and allegations simply based on his limited understanding of each case. I firmly believe, if he indeed want to be sincere, he should have faced the EC or at least meet them with their findings and concerns instead of making public condemnation against the EC. Bear in mind, the electoral roll he is criticising is the same electoral roll that got them 5 states and won the 82 seats in the Parliament. Kelantan, has been in the hands of PAS since 1990!

But, there are no honour among Pakatan people.

Bersih 3.0, for all it’s so called brouhaha is an illegal NGO consist of dubious groups of NGOs.

Yes, it is Bersih 3.0 who are dubious.

They claim to have 81 NGOs under their umbrella but just a glance of these NGOs, you will know that some of them are bogus entities. You can have a look HERE.

So there, a rabble rouser named Ambiga, supported by an ignorant ‘academician’ is leading a pointless, illegal movement made up by phantom and dubious organisations to champion a cause which have been addressed by Parliament.

Why are you supporting them again?

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