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May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 1)

It has been 40 years since the bloody riots of 1969. Today, I would like to offer my prayers to the people that had lost their lives in that fateful day. Many have talked about what had happened. Many books were published. Many theses and opinions were written to elaborate and discuss the events prior, during and after the incident.

Some say that this bloody blotch in our history books should be a lesson learned. Some say we should bury this ghost of our past. Some even made the effort to distort history by misrepresenting the facts.

Three weeks ago, the Regent of Perak put to task people who write destructive political books in order to satisfy their own selfish agenda. His Majesty had commented on something that is very crucial in highlighting the despicable act of rewriting our history to fit a certain ulterior motive. What more, all the so-called facts presented in the books are highly presumptuous, misguided and intended only to achieve a divisive propaganda.

One such book that I would like to highlight is the book by Dr Kua Kia Soong entitled : Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969″.

From reading the book, readers will ultimately come to three conclusions:

1) Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat from Tunku Abdul Rahman

2) Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youths to spontaneously launched an unprovoked attack towards the chinese people

3) The racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movement

These are the conclusions the author of the said book would like his readers to believe. He strengthened his thesis by providing several dockets of ‘declassified documents’ in his book.

Now, from the term ‘declassified document’, what does a layman normally associate it with?

It must have been a top secret document sanctioned by the government to be kept as classified and confidential from the eyes of the public. It must have been documents with  valid and unshakable truths that are so damning,  it would have been prudent to be kept as a secret. Correct?

But as you read the book, these ‘declassified documents’ were nothing more than articles taken from the now defunct Far Eastern Economic Review magazine. Its writer, a journalist named Bob Reece communicated directly with the FEER’s HQ in London and British High Commission.

These documents were ‘obtained’ by Kua Kia Soong from the Public Records Office in Kew Gardens, London  – and so he stated in his book.

In fact, these were the documents deemed by Kua Kia Soong as the priceless ‘declassified documents’. They have no intrinsic value and were not data laden with factual analyses  except to notify the readers that the documents were actually, only a personal opinion of a British journalist!

Kua Kia Soong rubbished all the investigative research and study of the White Paper of the NOC on what actually had happened. He relied mainly on Bob Reece’s writings and dispatches between foreign correspondents.

If he thinks that his book is a thorough research and also the definitive version of what had really happened 40 years ago, then he is gravely mistaken.

This book can safely be classified as a highly prejudice book vent on achieving a specific propaganda which is detrimental to the nation’s social harmony. Why do I say that? Please refer to the three lies conclusions above.

This article came about from what Raja Nazrin had said three weeks ago:

If this trend continues to grow, I fear that it will create an unhealthy writing culture, a writing culture which nurtures lies, a writing culture which is unethical and ready to ignore fact, and one that will have a negative influence on the development of the people’s minds.

And this article will try its best to straighten and debunk the propaganda which had been swimming within the minds of the ignorant racists.

Now in order to ascertain what really happened that day, we need to study it holistically. Kua Kia Soong had purposely left out vital events preceding May 13. I would have thought a research director with a doctorate would have been more diligent in espousing his hypothesis. One must always begin with the root cause, the trigger, the reaction and finally the aftermath. In a historical event of this magnitude, one must evaluate every event that took place in chronological order before we can decide on the conclusion. One must know the historical background of the mood of the people on that day.

Instead, he concluded them before making the research and work on it backwards. That is why the book was written in a manner which denigrated Tun Abdul Razak as a chinese killer and a usurper of Tunku Abdul Rahman. After making this conclusion, he then proceeded in cherry picking excerpts from the so-called ‘declassified’ documents (which were nothing but mere telegrams and wired news) of British field reporters to justify his conclusion.

That is a flawed approach and it does not work that way.

Let us dissect and re-address the May 13 episode as what it is and what it is not.

The first of many factual errors the author committed was in the Introduction section whereby he averred that Dato Onn revolted against the British in 1946 in order ‘to grant citizenship rights to the non-Malays’ (pg. 13 of the book).

That was a factual mistake. In 1946 which was the birth year of Umno, Dato Onn had opposed the Malayan Union because it would usurp the power of the Malay Rulers, and allow the British to rule Malaya as their colony (according to Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Political Awakening book pg. 1).

Furthermore, Dato Onn was fighting the Malayan Union because the Malays saw the jus soli (right of territory) principle in the citizenship clause for the Malayan Union as too generous because it stipulated that individuals born in Chinese-majority Singapore were included even though Singapore was excluded from the Malayan Union structure. The Malays’ worst fears seemed to be coming true; they would be reduced from a nation to a mere community, and a minority one at that; in a land which they perceived as being historically theirs.

It was the author’s intention to psychologically induce the minds of the younger generation that the first President of Umno was actually fighting for the non-Malays! Kua Kia Soong lied about this and got away with murder.

He also used the term declassified documents extensively but failed to establish validity on the facts he wanted to portray. In chapter three he stated:

“The following day, the riots continued but on a smaller scale compared to the previous day. The curfew was only lifted to allow people to buy food. This dispatch from the British High Commission (BHC) shows that the casualties were mainly chinese:

‘Violence continued throughout the night according to eye witnesses and official reports. However it was much more sporadic, more quickly contained and less widespread. Security forces were much better organized to contain and check violence. It is hoped this morning that the back of the communal rioting may be broken. Curfew is being lifted over staggered hours in various districts of the city to allow people to get food. Curfew is to be rigidly reinforced this afternoon but indications are that it will be lifted for a few hours on a daily basis for the next few days if the situation permits.'”

But readers will see that there were no numbers of deaths supplied in that particular dispatch. It did not even mention about more chinese were killed! Readers were deliberately led to believe otherwise through the opening remarks. Very misleading indeed. Yet, currently most younger generations who is reading the books think that the official tally should be much higher! All because of his lies stated in the book.

It was amusing when in the effort to absolve any blame from the racist opposition at that time, the author concluded in his second chapter that-

“the official version of the May 13 Incident puts the blame for the riots on provocation by the Opposition parties. From correspondents’ dispatches at the time, we find little evidence to support this allegation’ (pg 39).

Of course there were little evidence from them Mr Kua Kia Soong, those correspondents were parachuted to the scene just to cover the general election.  They were not here when racial tension was at sky high weeks or even years before May 13th.

Foreign journalists from Britain in the past had always gleefully wishing that Malaysia will falter. Right after our independence in 1957, the then Malaya was labeled as the ‘primary candidate for the dustbin of history’. They had always prophesied that Malaya (Malaysia) can never succeed as a nation due to its multiracial citizenry. It would be much better if Malaya had stayed under the administration of the British.

This incident was the best opportunity for them to see us go for each other’s throat so that their prophecy will be self-fulfilled. As usual, most foreign journalists all around the world came here merely a couple of days before the general elections.

And it became damaging when in order to suit this book’s agenda, Kua Kia Soong used all those suspicious correspondence and documents.

Did Kua Kia Soong take into account the prevailing feelings of the people in Malaysia during that time? He did not. His only reference of the discontent and animosity between the Malays and the Chinese contained only within one sentence in which he blamed the policies for the anxiety caused, and not the opposition’s racist approach. He stated –

There was certainly widespread discontent among the workers, farmers, middle classes as well as urban setters. The state’s racially discriminatory policies only served to create further divisions among the people and the 1969 election results clearly reflected this growing polarisation”.

And that was all he said. Consciously, he failed to include in his book the following items which fueled the mood of the people at that time. Importantly missing was the happenings between the election day of 10th May and May 13 itself. The author somehow failed to include these facts in his book.

Background on racial tension in Malaya / Malaysia

1) To defend Malaya from Communist insurgency, the Government embarked on an effort to recruit the Chinese to join the police force. Between 1949 to 1951, the effort of the government to attract the Chinese to defend the nation against the MCP met with little success. Only 200 chinese youths volunteered. When National Service was introduced in 1950, considerable amount of Chinese and Indians sought to leave the country.

Over 10,000 chinese fled to China to avoid call-up. This further added to the resentment among the Malays and even Sir Henry Gurney commented –

“A feeling of resentment is growing among all the other communities of the apparent reluctance of the Chinese to help. These people (the Chinese) live comfortably and devote themselves wholly to making money…”

(Did I just hear RPK cough just now?)

However, I must add that there were indeed a few Chinese that stayed back and help defend the nation against the communists. Those were the brave ones. Very much unlike the opportunistic racists that we have now who would migrate overseas when times are bad and at the same time condemning Malaysia from abroad.

2) Pulau Pinang racial clash on 2nd January, 1957 resulted in 4 deaths and 48 injured. It happened on the day of celebrating Georgetown’s bestowment of a City status by the British Government. The procession was marred by a misunderstanding by the mostly chinese celebrants towards the Malay spectators. It was quickly averted from becoming a state wide riot through the quick arrival of a police party.

3) In May 1959, another Malay-Chinese racial clash happened in Pulau Pangkor. Confrontation between Malay thugs and Chinese hoodlums caused residential fire and two Malays were killed and eight were injured. The Chinese suffered one death and a couple of injured youths. Island curfew was imposed for a few days because of that racial clash.

4) In Bukit Mertajam  circa July 1964, one Malay and one Chinese were killed over a petty argument. Dozens were injured. It started when a Malay market employee was hit with a cangkul by a 15 year old Chinese vegetable vendor.  Subsequent to this, a spate of assaults cases and arson occurred in the Bukit Mertajam area as the employee tried to report the incident to the District Council. Eventually curfew was imposed to deter anymore racial clashes. The nation was rocked yet again by this incident.

5) In 1967 when the currency was devalued, the communist elements in the Labour Party initiated ‘hartal’ on the 19th November to exploit the issue using the anti-devaluation propaganda. They chose Pulau Pinang as their target because of the sensitive racial situation on the island. This is because, Penang’s racial tension was already brewing for the past 10 years (from the first racial clash 10 years before). Many Malays were brutally attacked by the Chinese members of the opposition resulted in many deaths and injuries while  several houses and vehicles were burnt. Tunku related –

“The communists however, never left us alone. If they couldn’t carry out open aggression they at least carried out intensive and extensive acts of subversion. In 1967, we had to adjust our currency to meet our financial exigency, and so we devalued very slightly our currency – so slightly that nobody noticed. But in Penang the Socialist Front, an opposition party somewhat hostile to the Alliance Government, declared a hartal (closing of shops as mark of protest or sorrow)…

So when they declared the hartal the gangsters and thugs took it upon themselves to start trouble, and attacked the harmless Malay people whom they regarded as the favoured children of the Government. In fact these Malays were ignorant shoppers who knew nothing valuation or devaluation of our currency, and they were taken completely by surprise.”

Tunku wrote that in the 1980’s. He penned his thoughts in his weekly column in The Star. This was then compiled into a book entitled Political Awakening. The excerpt above had particularly debunked yet another lie told by Kua Kia Soong that Tunku Abdul Rahman stopped blaming the communists for the crisis.

Note that on page 27 and 28, Kua Kia Soong had tried to use yet another ‘reliable’ dispatch from the BHC to divert the blame put on communists by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Dr Ismail and Ghazali Shafie. But the fact is, Tunku Abdul Rahman, as mentioned above had always blamed the communists as the instigators of the riot. Just read Tunku’s and Tun Dr Ismail’s books.

Hence, we have a Malaysian author here with political leanings of the DAP, doing his utmost best to shift the blame from the communists.

I wonder why.

Moreover, he is using the flimsiest of evidence to sidetrack the blame.

Note also that the word hartal was used by the pro opposition bloggers such as Haris Ibrahim to denote his distaste of the mainstream media and the ISA. Should he even mention the word hartal in front of the older Malay generation that suffered the brunt of the unprovoked attack in 1967, he will definitely meet disapproving faces. Astonishingly, the modus operandi of the old and current opposition is eerily similar.

6) In June 1968, racial troubles broke out when 11 chinese members of the MCP and 2 Malays who were sentenced to death for helping Soekarno to invade Johor during the Confrontation, were about to be sentenced to death for treason in Kuala Lumpur.   The MP for Batu, Dr Tan Chee Koon of the Labour Party made an appeal against the execution. He gathered enough support from the chinese and pro-communist elements instigated the chinese community further.

Outside the gates of Pudu Jail and all along the road leading to the prison, menacing crowds gathered by the thousands in unruly demonstrations, throwing stones and bottles at passing cars and blocking traffic in the busy city roads.

Fearing nationwide unrest, Tunku Abdul Rahman pleaded for clemency from the Sultans of Johor and Perak and the death sentence was commuted from death sentences to life imprisonment.

In hindsight, the net result was not unexpected. The racist communists saw it as a weakness from the government instead of seeing its magnanimity and they further destabilised the nation through their racialised approach.

Dr Mahathir at that time summarised Tunku’s decision in a stinging letter sent to the then premier in the aftermath of 13th May. He wrote, among other things:

“You yourself told me that you have prevented a riot by commuting the death sentence of the 11 subversive Chinese. In truth this very action sparked the riots of 13 May, which resulted in the deaths of many, many more.

Your ‘give and take’ policy gives the Chinese everything they ask for. The climax was the commuting of the death sentence, which made the majority of the Malays angry. The Chinese on the other hand regarded you and the Alliance government as cowards and weaklings who could be pushed around.

That was why the Chinese and the Indians behaved outrageously toward the Malays on 12th May. If you had been spit in the face, called dirty names and shown obscene gestures and private parts, then you could understand how the Malays felt. The Malays whom you thought would never rebel went berserk, and they hate you for giving too much face.

Dr Mahathir was sacked from being an Umno and Supreme Council member about a month later.

7) A much more vile attack by the opposition happened on 24th April, 1969; just two weeks before the historic general election. An Umno worker named Kassim Bin Omar was brutally murdered by the Chinese members of the Labour Party on his way home from elections campaign. He was beaten up and murdered on the streets and red paint was smeared all over his face. It was a deliberate act of murder and the senseless killing sent shock waves in the government. The opposition had become political murderers. They had tasted blood and the racists among them wanted more. They freely killed a Malay without any qualms whatsoever just to show their political strengths. Racial tension intensified to a dangerous level and a serious clash was averted at the last moment when Umno leaders instructed their supporters to bury the dead man quickly and quietly in a dignified manner. Umno leaders then were very sensitive with the feelings of the public and some say too tolerant towards the Chinese chauvinists.


Kua Kia Soong purposely did not mention this story because he wanted to put forth his third conclusion.

The Run-up to General Election of 1969

Kua Kia Soong’s analyses in his book only started from this point onwards although he still missed out several more pertinent points.

The May 13th general election had an unprecedented long campaign period. One month to be precise. Under the pretext of freedom of speech yet with rising racial tension in the background it was an unfortunate decision to be made by the government to grant a long campaigning period at that time.

The communist infested Labour Party instigated the nation by announcing in October 1968 they will boycott the 1969 general election. This left the opposition front to consist only the DAP, Gerakan, PPP and the PMIP (Pan Malaysian Islamic Party or PAS). The supporters of Labour Party then threw their weights in support of the DAP and Gerakan during the campaigning period.

They sense the government had already weakened by the racial intimidation and tension ignited by them and they were willing to divide the nation further in their campaigning strategy.

Using Kua Kia Soong’s own words –

“Thus, on the eve of the 1969 general election we saw on the one hand, PMIP (PAS) accusing UMNO of having ‘sold out’ the Malays to the Chinese and betrayed Islam; on the other, DAP accusing MCA of having “sold out” non-Malay rights to Umno” (pg 32).

So which is which? Their line of reasoning was indeed preposterous and illogical.

But this modus operandi remains the same till this day. They slandered the government through this racist method of divide and conquer and yet, they have the gall to call the Alliance (now Barisan Nasional) as racist!

Both PAS and DAP had different idealogies and yet they were willing to cooperate using DIFFERENT approach in their campaigns and the unassuming public bought their sickening propaganda! The result?

Again Kua Kia Soong’s succinctly summarized that “among the Chinese, the Alliance Party’s policy was seen as excessively favoring the Malays, while among the Malays, the Alliance Party’s policies were regarded as not getting results fast enough” (pg 37).

But who pounded these beliefs into the hearts and minds of both Malays and chinese? It’s non other than the opposition themselves.

Hence we have the ultimate hypocrisy of PAS chastising Umno for working with MCA instead of pursuing Hudud but at the same time can work in tandem with the DAP in a coalition. DAP meanwhile criticise MCA and Gerakan for kow-towing with Umno but the party itself failed to look in the mirror whenever they fawn over and hug PAS leaders in the opposition coalition.

Please re-read what Kia Kua Soong had wrote in the two excerpts above and juxtapose them with the current cries of racism that the opposition love to scream about these days.

Anyway, six days before the 1969 elections, 3 police constables came across a group of youths from the Labour Party painting anti-election slogans on the road. When challenged by the police, they attacked using iron rods and hurling firewood and stones. They put up such a fight that the police had to open fire in self defense. One of the youth was wounded and died later  in the hospital.

The opposition took advantage of the youth’s death and wanted to organise a large funeral procession on the polling day itself! See the intended malice? Did Umno leaders organised a similar procession when Encik Kassim Bin Omar was killed as shown above? Compare the two incidents and we know who were the racist among them.

Anyway, the police together with the permission from the Home Ministry however, gave the permit for the procession to be held on the 9th instead.

This funeral procession, although larger in scale compared to the recent suspected car thief’s funeral procession was the tipping point of the Malays’ anger towards the chinese.

One of the documents which were considered ‘declassified’ was Bob Reece’s article in FEER in May 1969. Kua Kia Soong used an excerpt from it to establish that the funeral procession was very disciplined and well behaved (thus trying very hard to absolve any wrongdoing of the opposition).

“While it was true that some Mao-slogans and flags were seen during this parade, the discipline of the 14,000-strong crowd in their eight-mile march may have been due to genuine restraint rather than to communist organization.” (pg 27)

There you go. A British journalist who probably forgot to bring his glasses that day. The only side that had genuine restraint were the Malays watching the ruthless and taunting procession.

For eight miles the chauvinistic chinese marched.

The sight of the jeering hooligans marching slowly around the city for that many miles must have been an agonizing experience to bear for the Malays then. And yet, they chose to be patient.

They chanted Maoist slogans, sang ‘The East is Red’, and displayed portraits of Mao Tse-tung and the Red flag. The procession passed through the heart of Kuala Lumpur and tied up traffic in almost every major street in the city and provoked Malay bystanders with shouts of ‘Malai si!’ (Death to the Malays) and ‘Hutang darah bayar darah’ (Blood debt will be repaid with blood).

Pictures say a thousand words. Here they are:


Bystanders watching the procession went by with all the taunting slogans in the midst


14,000 thousand people marched through the city into the Malay areas


The communist sympathisers taunting the Malays with Chairman Mao's idealogy


Is this what we can call as communist-free procession?

Did Kua Kia Soong mention any of these in his book? Of course he didn’t. Even to show these pictures will be damaging to his third conclusion stated at the beginning of this article.

4 days after this funeral procession, when  an election victory march was held all over the city again, it broke the ever tolerant Malay psyche. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Today, Farish Noor wrote an article about May 13 and I am very disappointed that he chose to ignore all the above facts and proceeded to write that May 13 WAS NOT the result of a racial conflict. That is not the truth.

My next article will continue to discuss the events that happened after the victory procession of the opposition for the 2 days before May 13.

I will also lay out the retaliation by the Malays that ran amok on May 13, Umno’s role at that time and the reconciliation  process between the people. We will also discuss whether the first two conclusions of the book were correct.

I reiterate the purpose of this article – which is to straighten out the lies some people are telling to young Malaysians. In order to clear the path for a united Malaysia, history must be made known as it is. Only then we can tell straight to each other’s face – ‘how lucky we are now’.

There is hope though. Anas Zubedy’s article here is a refreshing read and I applaud it. But only after we really know what happened in the past that we can face the future in a positive way. Maybe starting next year, we can all celebrate National Harmony Day on May 13 each year.

For the time being, please click on the articles below for a better view of what had happened prior to May 13 (zoom on it if you have to). They are a must read before we proceed later on in part 2.

Taken from Chapter 12 of the NOC Report (i)

Taken from Chapter 12 of the NOC Report (i)

Taken from NOC Report (ii)

Taken from Chapter 12 of the NOC Report (ii)


Tonight there will be a public forum in MBPJ Selangor. If Lim Kit Siang was asked what was his involvement during the whole nightmare in 1969, I would be curious to know his answer. I hope he can maintain a straight face when answering especially when Dollah Kok Lanas is going to be one of the speakers.

213 thoughts on “May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 1)

  1. dear JMd,

    first of all, i think we should left behind the darkness and wound of 13th may tragedy. instead, we should have look into the brightside of the event in which it had restored the rights of the Malays through various affirmative action taken such as NEP. now, the may 13th is just another piece of history which many of us Malaysians are refuse to talk about. let march foward to create the so called bangsa malaysia!

    JMD : Before we march forward, it is important to clear the ‘darkness and wound’ with the correct facts so that history is not hijacked by selfish interests. Thank you.


  2. Walaupun aku ok dengan semua bangsa tetapi aku cukup BENCI apabila mereka tidak mahu menerima hakikat bahawa MEREKA sememangnya ASAL PENDATANG ke TAnAH MELAYU untuk mencari REZEKI kerana di negara ASAL MEREKA SENDIRI mereka di tindas!!


    Darimana MELAYU datang kami datang daripada KEPULAUAN TANAH MELAYU..



    Ini adalah kebenaran… i love my chinese and indian friends because they know and acknowledge the history.. what i hate is when people trying to twist the fact of the history!!
    That include those ******* MODERN COMMUNIST!!


    • Iskandar

      Could you kindly do a search in Google “Origin of Malays” please?

      Wikipedia has a decent write-up, I append a portion here for your perusal: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malays_(ethnic_group))

      The Encyclopedia of Malaysia: Early History, has pointed out a total of three theories of the origin of Malay:
      i) The Yunnan theory, Mekong river migration (published 1889)
      ii) The New Guinea theory (published 1965)
      iii) The Taiwan theory (published 1997)

      The ancestor of Malays are believed to be seafarers knowledgeable in oceanography. They moved around from island to island in great distances between New Zealand and Madagascar, and they served as navigation guide, crew and labour to Indian, Persian and Chinese traders for nearly 2000 years. Over the years they settled at various places and adopted various cultures and religions. Notable Malay seafarers of today are Moken and Orang laut.
      Some historians suggested they were descendants of Austronesian-speakers who migrated from the Philippines and originally from Taiwan. Malay culture reached its golden age during Srivijayan times and they practiced Buddhism, Hinduism, and their native Animism before converting to Islam in the 15th century

      Iskandar, if u read Tourism Malaysia’s web pages, it erroneously states the origin’s of who brought Islam to Malaysia.

      Islam was introduced to Malaya’s West coast by Indian traders known as Malabars, (who were the original Mamak’s) Parameswara of Melaka is the most well known convert at that time. Whilst residents of Malaya’s East coast were introduced to Islam by Chinese Moslems.

      Do you know that Malaysia has a history of being an exporter? About 200 years before Christ, Malaya was exporting regularly to India from the Indian outposts in Kedah a material that was dyed in Purple. The source of the dye was some plant that grew in Kedah.
      There were quite a few outposts of various Indian Kings in Kedah way before Parameswara ran away from Sumatra.

      But nevertheless, it is clear that the Malay’s have been a seafaring people. They are in those locations that you mentioned, and can also be found in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, South Africa. Historical books also state a “Malayan” was in Great Britain during the 1st Elizabeth’s time. Supposedly he came there via Holland. So the issue is was he Malayan or Indonesian?

      Instead of spewing hatred, we should be building bridges of friendship. Let today be the awakening of friendship.


      • Current Human migration theories doesn’t support this one. If the theories stated as above are correct, then why would Malay language falls under Austronesian family language (which then only support the 2nd part) but not the Sino-Tibetan language tree.

        But other than that it is everything new for me.


        • So many hypotheses and theories about the Malays, the Malay languages (there are over 1,200 of them in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu where the Malays originated over 6,000 years ago, and beyond as far as Madagascar and Hawaii) that were current in the mid 20th Century have been debunked beginning from the 1950s onwards when more and more experts – foreign and local – in linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, DNA etc came out with the results of their research findings now accepted internationally.

          Read the books, “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia (established since British colonial times), available at Wisma Sejarah, opposit IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.


    • Iskandar,

      Actually, there are many ‘malay’ yang cuba fight for malay rights tu are indian origin. I think kita kena move on as 1 Malaysia like what Najib says. Kalau kat Amerika, yg hitam legam tu memang hamba abdi, but they are all regarded as Americans now sehingga Presiden dia sekarang adalah keturunan hamba abdi. Jangan pandang belakang. Kalau nak pandang belakang, nanti orang pula kata kita ni dulu (lebih 500 tahun dulu) beragama hindu ataupun tiada agama pun.



  3. Looks like someone just got ‘declassified’

    A wonderful and enlightening 30mins!!! Kudos bro JMD for the effort ( u need better scanner….sakit mate siut nak bace NOC report!!)

    I would actually like to see if this racist Phd bloke have the guts to come in here and defend his writings……

    One thing this monkey does not understand is that why didnt someone from an official capacity came out much earlier to debunk the said book by coming out with a counter argument n presenting the true picture…..and this should have been done right at the outset of the “official launch”….apela sangat budget?

    Instead as always……bingai strategy of going into MPH and ambik a couple of pieces and do a “make belief” KDN gonna ban this book crap……bodoh gile…..this only add unnecessary “premium value” to the garbage this Kua is trying to sell.

    Bingai giler……if only KDN buat tak pot and released a better version and get the public to decide…..to make it better… put the book side by side to one another in the bookstores…..hows that?

    Gua dah merapu ni……anyway great work JMD….looks like you’re building a collection of wannabe historians….just dont call them kitchenwares plse …gua dah chop!

    JMD : You read my mind on this one SatD! 🙂


  4. Salam JMD

    The addendum – What was Lim Kit Siang’s involvement during 1969 and specifically in Ujong Pasir, Melaka

    I was just a little girl in 1969 but old enough to understand that the situation in Balai Polis, Bandar Hilir was chaotic… Our dads, the police officers had sleepless nights and rest…

    Day in and day out, emergency sirens non stop ringging and we also witnessed all sorts of evidence covered with blood… then I start to learn what the word ‘CURFEW’ is

    The night when DAP paraded along jalan Ujong Pasir, they provoked and challenged the police and went amok…

    A few years after the incident, when I was mature enought to understand politics, my late dad had non-stopped mentioned LimKitSiang’s name and he was part of the parade…

    Let us see together if Lim Kit Siang could behold the truth!


    • I agree we should forget the past, let go and move on. But like what jmd said, the past must be clear to avoud blur future. Yes…somebody should start checking write lim kit siang role in 1969 riot. I am sure he has a dinosaur skeleton in his wardrobe. Jmd, u r da man…


  5. Peristiwa 13 May 1969, wajib dijadikan ikhtibar atau sekurang-kurangnya topik wajib dalam matapelajaran sejarah untuk diajar di sekolah.

    Malangnya peristiwa sebenar ini gagal difahami oleh generasi muda kerana pemikiran mereka telah banyak dipesongkan oleh golongan tertentu yang mempunyai agenda tersendiri.

    Ditambah pula dengan kemunculan intelektual palsu seperti Farish Noor yang cuba menyogok maklumat palsu sepertimana fitnahnya terhadap Rasullullah S.A.W. tidak lama dulu.


    • Agreed, that would be good, doesn’t have to be a 100 pages book…or thesis like…just ‘bukukan’ what u have wrote here…I already like the title…”May 13th 1969 – The Correct View” – written by JMD



      • yalaaa.. i pon sokong jugakk.. buat buku yang ade animation sikit… sooo i pon jadila motivated nak bacee nie… hihi..

        ingat lagi time sekolah dulu… ade fren dapat 100% for history paper… but i said to him ” u must be the most boring person in daa worldd.. “…. hahha.. now, i know why history or sejarah nenek moyangku should be highly appreciated….

        Thanks JMD…


  6. To this commentator called Iskandar, and I guess a Malay like Mahathir did not come from India i guess.

    Also, Zambry probably did not turn up from India too!

    JMD : To whom it may concern, why are you suddenly questioning people’s roots? Mahathir is a downright Malay. You are saying as if he just migrated from India in the 40’s when in fact, even his father was born here in Malaysia. Sure, he has a quarter of Indian blood in his veins. But why the fuss? You are saying as if, all Malays in Malaysia just migrated from Indonesia barely 50 years ago. If that is the case, then what happened to all the Malays who had lived here long before the rise of Melaka Sultanate? What happened to their descendants? Yes, they are here. Mahathir’s mother was a Malay. That is sufficient enough not to call him an Indian mamak.

    Iskandar’s response was unfortunate. But he is stating a fact. He could have worded it better. Nevertheless, there are some non Malays who continued to hurl insults as soon as this post was published too. But you are right. Everyone IS Malaysian by now. But what deter everyone from coming together is some mischievous minority trying very hard to be segregated from achieving social harmony. Just like what TAR wrote in my previous article here.

    This article about May 13 is not yet finished. Please wait for the next one too. Thank you very much.


  7. Terpaksa kata kebanyakan fakta yang dikemukakan dalam artikel ini tidak mempunyai rujukan fakta yang mencukupi. Seperti bila mengatakan tujuan Dato Onn Jaafar menentang Gagasan Malayan Union adalah untuk mempertahankan kewibaan kesultanan Melayu, tiada rujukan kukuh untuk mempertahankan ini walaupun telah diambil sebagai kebenaran bagi orang ramai akibat publisi sejarah teks yang ditulis oleh orang kerajaan. Inilah masalahnya setiap orang ada kot dalam perkara ini. Kebanyakan sejarah dalam kegelapan dan kebanyakan ‘kebenaran’ sebenarnya fakta yang diputarbelitkan pihak yang berkuasa. “The writers of history are the winners” adalah apa yang diperkatakan. Oleh itu, kita hanya boleh mengambil semua ini sebagai pandangan saudara dan bukanlah kebenaran sebagaimana sebahagian hujah Kua Kia Soong jugalah pandangan beliau sahaja. Pada akhirnya apa yang lebih penting adalah untuk menimbang sikap dan tingkahlaku UMNO/BN setakat ini dalam menangani ketidakpuas hati rakyat terutamanya di Perak dalam penglibatan polis dan makhamah yang sukar dipercayai tidak berpihak mana-mana parti dan saksama yang memberitahu kita inilah muka sebenar kerajaan kita yang tidak mementingkan demokrasi dan gila kuasa.

    JMD : Inilah masalahnya jika orang Melayu sendiri tidak rajin membaca dan malas hendak mengambil tahu mengenai sejarah perjuangan sendiri. Saya sudah terapkan di dalam penulisan ini bahawa kebanyakkan bahan rujukan diambil dari buku Tunku Abdul Rahman – Political Awakening. Saya juga mengambil dari buku beliau yang beliau tulis pada bulan Jun 1969 (May 13 : Sebelum dan Selepas).

    Jika hendak lebih puaskan hati berkenaan hal Datuk Onn, sila baca buku Mustapha Hussain.

    Mereka yang saya sebutkan di atas menulis dengan sendiri buku buku mereka setelah melalui sendiri pengalaman bersejarah tersebut. Ianya bukan dari karangan orang lain.

    Terima kasih.


    • Setuju JMD. Ini suara daripada kebanyakkan Melayu yang gagal didalm hidup walau pun telah dibantu sejak keluar daripada rahim…..

      Malas membaca, sanggup meninggalkan basic contohnya sanggup makan mee yang direncah dengan babi dengan sekadar mengenepikan babi dan memakan mee , dengan alasan X apa kerana dia mekan mee, bukannya babi. (saya bukan kata spesific bahawasanya ia itu saudara!)



      • Melayu bersatu

        Saya setuju dengan pendapat saudara. Ini lah kumpulan melayu yang dipandan hina oleh orang bukan melayu. Agaknya kalau bangsa mereka sendiri, mereka humbangkan kedalam laut.

        Orang macam inilah yang dicari oleh PAS dan PKR. Kalau diminta sanggup berbaring diatas jalan. Kuk kuk dapat masuk shorga percuma atau dapat teh secawan serta rokok sebatang.



  8. I dont see any issues in both of the writings. Everyone have different views depending on which side of the coin your are looking. Both maybe right or both maybe wrong? Anybody knows?

    It all based on rumours from mouth to mouth and at the end of the day, right or false reporting will be the second issue. The main issue is to ensure public perception is on the reporting party. Anybody knows if they did not lie? Sure they are not as saint as Prophet Muhamad or Jesus or Buddha, depending on your belief, especially from the mouth of politicians. As long as there are evidents, so be it.

    But if we look at the positive side, society will be fed with information from various quarters and that is freedom.. Whether the society opt to believe in A or B, up to them. That is their rights.

    JMD : If you read again, I took most of my reference from Tunku Abdul Rahman’s book which are The Political Awakening and May 13 : Before and After. It is not hearsay or rumours. It is from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Kua Kia Soong took most of his references from the foreign news agents. I told the readers to read Tunku’s and Tun Ismail’s books as well.

    Like you had proposed, this article is to correct the public perception of May 13 which may have been damaged by Kua Kia Soong’s book.

    He actually insinuated that Tun Razak planned the riots! After reading my article here and also my next article, you will know that is not the truth. By the way, it would be good if you could cross referenced my article here with his book and see for yourself what I am talking about.

    It is certainly not a responsible thing to do if we left the society to decide whether to believe a blatant lie or not. Even if people were to believe it, the repercussions would be too great to bear. Were you one of those who believed those 3 conclusions stated? If you were, it came because of the lies certain people told. Now, do you still believe in it? Or have you began to doubt them? It is important to correct a mispresentation of facts. Especially when it is concerning the history which is impacting most of everything that we do today.

    Thank you.


  9. I’m juz a 20 year old but i heard of the discrimanation of the chinese towards the Malays told to me by mom. My mom with her family lived in KL at that time. I’m very amused when some try to twist it around. heck, my ‘atok’ was one of the one that ‘angkat parang’ that time.


  10. I was just a boy on May 13 and know not what had caused the riot. There had been many version and each pointed at different directions.

    What is the truth? From the few comments on this article, I do not think Malaysians can really bury the past before get emotional over May 13. Who gets emotional depends on which version one reads. Will the truth ever be known, most probably not.

    That is most unfortunate and under the circumstances, what is the point of any further discussion or dispute, when the truth may never be admitted.

    JMD : I am writing this not to say that my version is the truth. I am writing this to review and rebuke what is wrong in Kua Kia Soong’s book. I di not only say that some of parts of it are wrong, I justified my assertions and refutations through references from official reports and books by the people that matters at that time. However, you are welcome to rebut my findings. I am not here to force people to believe who is right. Just use your minds and view both sides of the arguments. Thank you.


  11. Memanglah orang melayu bodoh and bersifat kecil hati, hari-hari pun sama aje
    Memanglah orang melayu juga pendatang dari Palembang, Kerala, Majapahit, Bugis, dialek pun beza-beza aje
    Memanglah orang melayu berat tulang, sebab tulah negara masih bantut lepas merdeka


  12. Dear Jebat.

    Saya berada di Jalan Tungku Abdul Rahman bila perarakan berjalan menyambut kemenangan DAP di Selangor.Saya nampak mr Lim Kit Siang di barisan hadapan.Banyak kata kata kesat di keluarkan kapada orang Melayu.Hati amat panas.

    Akhirnja bila berlaku pegadohan 13 May.Askar Melayu mengambil tempat mengawal keamanan.Jika kita pergi ka Sungai Buloh sekarang kita dapati ada kawasan kubor mangsa 13 Mei.

    Peristiwa 13 May berlaku kerana Party Kommunist Malaya yang telah menyusupi Party Buroh mengunakan konflik race untok melagakan Melayu dan Cina.Ditambah pula kelemahan Pemimpin politik UMNO yang maseh dalam mimpi dan tidak tahu apa yang berlaku di jalanan.

    Salepas 40 tahun.Profile raayat Malaysia telah banyak bertukar.Mereka lebeh liberal dan sensitive.The Chinese and India only ask for their right.They dare not question the Malay right.

    Bagi orang Melayu,ramai juga kaum liberal saperti Raja Putra ,Harith,Malek dan ramai lagi.Ada juga yang maseh conservative saperti Ali Rustam dan budak2 BTN.UMNO perlu membersehkan dari pemimpin rasuah jika ia mahu terus mendapat sokongan rang Melayu kampong yang merupakan asas kekuatannya.


  13. Saya Melayu tulin. Bukan mamak jadah. Bukan keturunan jawa menyamar sebagai Melayu. Bukan keturunan Yemen. Nenek moyang datang dari Yunnan. Orang Asal Malaya adalah Orang Asli. Faham tak. Jadi semua rakyat adalah pendatang kecuali Orang Asli.

    JMD : Yeah sure. If you go along this kind of reasoning, even the Orang Asli migrated from elsewhere three thousand years ago. The Malays established the earliest organised governments here and claimed the lands as their own. Malay Kingdoms were established. By right, they are ‘sons of the soil’ or bumiputera. It is provided in the Constitution. Or are you one of those Malays who are against the very Constitution of Malaysia? Please read here for more information. Thank you.


    • bodohnyer si ‘lawa’ nie… tak matang! antara rakyat nak sembang besar dan bongkak tapi tak tahu sejarah even sejarah keluarga sendiri. Maaf cakap, tapi memang orang macam ‘lawa’ memang memalukan bangsa dan golongan macam ni buat bangsa lain tergelak melihat pertuanan melayu diperkotak-katikkan. LAWA- JANGAN JADI BADUT KAUM SENDIRI.


      • dont show your stupidity mr ‘lawa’, cant you differentiate the word pribumi and bumiputera? what do you do at school? flirting? haha! what a joke


  14. Jebat.

    Apa sebab berlakunya 13 May.

    Orang Cina tidak dapat menerima orang Melayu sabagai Tuan yang memerentah .

    Orang2 melayu marah kapada orang Cina yang merupakan kaum pendatang yang di beri kerayatan oleh Tengku kerana mempersoalkan kepinpinan melayu.Meleka ini tak mengenang budi.

    Party Komunis telah mengexplotasikan issue ini dan menghasut.

    Lee Kuan Yew yang membawa keluar Singapora dari Malaysia faham akan masaalah ini.Sebab itu tugas utama yang ia lakukan ialah memerangi kumpulan ini yang terdiri dari bangsanya sendiri yang bertapak kuat di Nanyang University,sekolah Cina dan Labour Union.Tindakan yang ambil pada waktu itu ia lah memerangi mereka ini habisan.

    Sebab itu Singapora tidak ada pegadohan kaum dan mereka hidup aman damai dan saling menghormati antara kaum.


  15. Read Farish’s piece carefully dude, he didn’t say it was not a racial riot, he said the riot was limited to KL/Klang Valley. Oh well, everyone reads into the article what they intend to read.

    btw, Hope you send your thoughts to Dr Kua, I’m sure he’ll reply.

    JMD : I read it twice. My contention is when he wrote in one of his paragraph – “13 May was not the result of racial conflict, but rather the blueprint for further racial and religious polarisation.”

    In my honest opinion and based on the article I presented here, the May 13 incident was a direct result of years of racial conflict.

    Thank you.


  16. Iskandar why are you bringing up the ‘pendatang’ thing here.

    This is really out of context for the discussion above. The discussion here is about this dark blot in Malaysian history and our passage towards a modern democracy.

    Don’t dilute the article with your prejudices and/or bigotry.

    Most Malaysians who were born in this country don’t think of themselves as ‘pendatang’. Please remember that.


    • dude (or dudette), people like iskandar are called ‘trolls’ in the blogging community and should not be dignified at all. they should just be ignored. they come every once in a while to instigate fear and hatred towards us frequent bloggers.

      pedulikan jadah seperti mereka! haha.



  17. An enlightening Article.

    But somewhat unnecessary in my opinion, sometimes doing what is right must take a back seat towards social harmony, after all isn’t that the essence of the NEP.

    While Dr. Kua had his own agenda, I am sure the ruling party at that time had their own as well.

    Until today Non-Malays are called pendatangs, we can be friends but must admit to being pendatangs, read Iskandar’s comments. IF after 50 years Non-Malays are not made to be felt welcomed, were we made to feel so then. If you have a guest in your house, do you keep reminding them that they are guests.

    Accept us and we will integrate, QUID PRO QUO.

    Many say that the Chinese came to cari rezeki, that every chinese will admit, but did our efforts to cari rezeki not also bring rezeki to Malaysia and its existing inhabitants.

    One sided comments by either side will never bridge the racial divide, and that is the problem, everything in this country is divided based on racial lines, everything reminds us of race.

    Malays are afraid of integration as much as Non-Malays, each side is afraid to lose something, No doubt, Malays have inhabited this land theirs before the Chinese, but did we not build it together over the last 50 years.

    Just as the British had a divide and conquer policy, did some politicians not have the same when it comes to integration.

    Give PM Najib’s 1Malaysia a chance.

    Rather than debate over who was right and who was wrong over and event that happen over 40 years ago, should we not debate on where we are now and where we want to go.

    We must learn from history and history tells us, we cannot have a repeat of 513.

    I find the article and effort of Lee Wei Lian titled “May 13, 1969: View from a food court 40 years later” in The Malaysian Insider commendable.

    Perhaps this is the way forward.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Please refer to my replies to Sunwayopal, Joebuddy and matador above. You are right, we cannot have a repeat of this incident. Both sides must learn how to be sensitive to each other. Importantly, history is there for a purpose. As a lesson learned. Not to incite hatred to the ruling government. or a specific race. Kua Kia Soong’s book had lend credence to freedom of slandering.


  18. My grandfather was a policeman in 1969 in Kuala Lumpur. During my youth, when he described the events in 1969, I could still remember his emotional anguish.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to do this write up to remind the younger generation.


  19. Sometimes its hurt to know the truth.However nobody can wipe out the truth.Kua’s version is trying to twist the real story.Those who are around 60 years (I was a college student then) above would know better.RPK did write almost the same article sometime ago.I was beside a Policeman during one of the the procession at Foch Avenue ( KotaRaya) and I was stunned when hearing all those filthy and insulting words (including showing backside) directed at him!You cannot erase those black and white photograghs or press cuttings especially the one with big broom shouting ‘lu bodoh masuk hutan’!Yes the ‘correct view’ to me is a correct view. Anyway people like Kua should have not write the book because the contents are just like students thesis.The memories cannot be forgotten but it should have not been brought up again and confused the younger generation.Let bygone be bygone a mistake remains a mistake.


  20. JMD,

    Thank you for this article; I will wait impatiently for the next instalment.

    Reading through this posting, I began to recall memories I wish I could forever banish from my mind, if only to tell myself I must not be like these people so full of hate who go about manufacturing more hate. But that is only wishful thinking for those events will forever be stamped in my mind.

    I was an undergraduate waiting for my final results in 1969. I cheered when the opposition made gains in the elections for at least there would be a voice for the disenfranchised, or so I thought. But I was never prepared for the show of truimphalism in the days that followed. The victory parades through Kuala Lumpur where opposition leaders sat like kings on the lorries/floats. I remember vividly the taunts and abuse from opposition supporters on the vehicles that passed through Sentul. Even today I can remember Lim Kit Siang and Tan Chee Khoon on the lorries in Sentul. I remember the role of Lee Kuan Yew, DAP and other opposition politicians and their university activists. It made me appreciate the little research that I did for a first year history assignment that revealed bits of information about the history of Malay-Chinese relations prior to 1969.

    That period immediately after the Japanese surrender and before the establishment of the British Military Administration (BMA) should be highlighted, and should focus especially on the behaviour of the Malayan Peoples’ Anti Japanese Army (MPAJA) and the atrocities as well as summary executions of Malays that took place.

    No hatred here, just facts, so that we can all remember not to make the same mistakes again. I had good teachers in Wang Gang Wu, Khoo Kay Kim, Zainal Abidin Wahid, Ross and a few others at the University of Malaya who impresssed upon me historiography, the lessons of history as well as the manipulation of history; that there is honesty in the events of history and our interpretation of those events unless, out of avarice, prejudice or inherent hatred, we choose to be dishonest and evil and thus engage in the deliberate manipulation of history.

    Sorry, I should just stop here.

    Once again, JMD, thank you. May we all learn from what you have written and will write, sit back and reflect on our positions and be honest with ourselves; about what we want for this country, for our children and grandchildren. May God help us all.


  21. Anyway, six days before the 1969 elections, 3 police constables came across a group of youths from the Labour Party painting anti-election slogans on the road. When challenged by the police, they attacked using iron rods and hurling firewood and stones. They put up such a fight that the police had to open fire in self defense. One of the youth was wounded and died later in the hospital.

    I think the above is a great lie by the author to fan anger by the Malays towards the Chinese.

    Te man was in fact putting up an election poster on a fence in Kepong and the police deliberately shot him on the head from behind when he was placed in the funeral parlor in Petaling Street. (The building has since been demolished). I personally witnessed the bullet hole right at the back of his head. If he has put up a “such a fight ” (see how the author emphasized on the such a fight to create the image that the trio were like insane)the bullet should be in front but why at the back. I can also remember a photo appearing in one of the media showing the victim alone and the other two is only a make up story of the author. A picture is better than a thousand words.

    Come on jebatmustdie, I do not know whether Dr Kua Kia Soong distorted his facts, but I am certain you had distorted your facts. I am still a living witness to many of the scenes during May 13 1969.

    JMD : So, you said you do not know whether Dr Kua distorted the facts. Aren’t you curious to know whehther he had? I did not distort any facts my friend. I took it all from books.

    By the way, where is the photo? Or is it just going to be another non existent photo of Altantuya having dinner with Najib? When you wanted me to publish facts, you yourself put yours without any substantiated proof. The words ‘such a fight’ was taken word for word from Tunku’s book. page 48. Read for yourself please.


    • PWCheng, it would be great if you could locate this photo.
      Else make a Statutory Declaration. One day, the light of daylight will shine on May 13th ala a Truth Commission.

      All the lies will be laid out to be seen under daylight.

      Kua has data that he believes is accurate.

      The Tengku stated items that he believed were accurate.

      JBD is doing so too.

      We should learn not to hinder this.

      I too asked a few older people about their recollection. One of the people I asked was the Armory Guard or Home Guard(?) during the confrontation. He told me that some caucasian estate managers had alerted him of a bunch of young men sharpening their parangs behind a club house. He went and asked these chaps why they were doing this. These young chaps said that “Big Boss” had asked them to do this (5/11th), and to report to “Big Boss’s” House on 5/12th. These chaps left Kajang in 3 cars. They were dropped off in Kajang, 5 days later by Army truck.

      Big Boss’ house was opposite Menara Celcom on Jln Raja Muda Abdul Aziz. I was told that after 5/69, each time non-Malay’s passed that house, they used to curse the occupant of that house. That gentleman never did reach the heights he had envisoned for himself. He even had a brief sojourn in Pudu Jail for something else during Tun Hussein Onn’s time as PM. Neither did any of his offspring. I remember his wife, the Datin, she was a very nice lady, very regal yet friendly. But becoz of political gamesmanship that gentleman did what he did and launched the 1st coup which Tun Ismail said led to the “death” of democracy here in Malaya.

      JMD, BTW, among most cultures, race is derived from the father (the fatherland). But among the moslems and Arabs (and Jews) it is via the women (the motherland). Hence the gentlemen earlier was merely saying that if one’s father is from Kerala India, then irrespective of who he marries, his kids are considered Indian by race.

      In Malaysia, we have a different classification, where a person could be Indian by race, but constitutionally classified as Malay becoz he is a moslem and follows/ practices Malay culture. So in theory, my old buddy, Mr. Botak is an Indonesian Yemeni and not Malay from Batu Pahat by race, but is a Constitutional Malay. Likewise, my late mother’s former dentist is an Indonesian, yet he was the Menteri Besar of my state.

      So please do not allow anyone to speak down on Malaysia, we are a land of the capable. Indonesia, Pakistan, India, sends it impoverished and they by their natural ability arise to political and economic might. Great is this country. Meritocracy lives. Malaysia Boleh!

      I concur with Azhar Ibrahim, fanatism is destructive. Let’s come together under Najib’s 1Malaysia. We can be strong and united in our diversity. Just respect each other.


  22. I was a 13 and staying at Jln Raja Uda in Kg Baru.

    I witnessed the procession at Chow Kit Rd on 11/May. We were mere kids, waiting for the Len Seng bus in our school uniforms, yet the demonstrators saw it fit to hurl abuse at us.

    But I must point out here that my chinese friends (Setapak High School) never deserted me; we remained close throughout our school years, only to lose touch when we go our seperate ways in tertiary education.

    There are bound to be some rotten apples in every barrel, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop buying apples.

    I believe that fanatism, in whatever from, is destructive.



  23. “One of the youth was wounded and died later in the hospital”.

    Sorry the above is another great lie, that guy was shot point blank on the back of his head when he was putting up the election poster and non of the news media ever reported that he had provoke anybody, let alone the police. The gaping hole which penetrated right from the back of his head to the brain would had sent him to instant death and not “later died in the hospital”

    I hope you better stop all those lies but if you had got your facts from some unreliable sources , I am sorry for your naivety

    JMD : This ‘unreliable source’ you mentioned is from Tunku’s book which Kua Kia Soong had relied upon too.


  24. Hi JMD,

    Almost every author ‘pick & choose’ materials to present his point of view, including yourself & the author of book concerned.

    So personally, I appreciate what you wrote and what he wrote, it help me gain a better understanding.



  25. How can you be so cruel. After 40 years you still want to make an attempt to put the Chinese in bad lights by bringing the ghost of May13. I know you are trying to rebuke Dr Kua’s article but some of the sentences you used show malice, eg “they put up such a fight” which deliberately is done to antagonize the other race.

    I do not know who you are but please spread goodwill instead of hatred.

    JMD : When Kua Kia Soong incited hatred of the chinese towards the Malays in his book, did you criticised him for that? I am trying to straighten history here. It has happened. And should be told as it was. In order to spread goodwill, the massive lies told by certain people should be exposed so that people can reconcile and understand what is at stake. How could you spread goodwill when suspicions were created out of thin air by this book? Even the conjectures were flimsy and were summarily rebutted by the facts I provided. Thank you.


    • Dear Brother JMD

      Please keep writing. I know you don’t lie. I believe you. You are a man of peace. You have tone down my comment in the past. You ask me to be nice. I agree with you albeit reluctantly. But I sense their hostilites and ill feeling towards us. Even the late Tunku sense this.

      When I see the body of late Enchik Kassim bin Omar There is so much frustration anger in me. I dare not look at my wife for a while. If she look in my eyes she might see something that is not me.

      Where was UMNO? Just bury your dead as if nothing has happened ? Just another casualties. Is that all.

      Presently what UMNO should do is to listen to the majority, the people who are loyal and who supported them through thick and thin. The Bumipura. Why do you beg for their support of the people who look down upon you? Why for God sake. Listen to what they think of the Bumiputra. Listen please.

      This person here implied that the police shot some one at the back of the head for putting up a poster. What a blatantly lie. If it so probably we may have thousand bodies with bullet holes at the back of the head, shot while adjusting their election posters.



  26. … and it is OK to start racial mass murder because your political power is threatened ?

    … at least PAS led state issued instructions to all village head to protect all races and no blood was spilt.

    So, all the decades of “brainwashing” by mainstream media…
    … do you all still can’t see who is the extremist ?
    The wolf hiding behind the sheepskin called BeEnd.

    Wonder why 308, there has been no qualms almost non-Malays to support PAS, followed up by the various by-elections. At Kuala Sepetang alone, 85% Chinese supported the PAS candidate…..

    Still need to ask why ??


  27. Malaysians even those to be born in 2509 will have to live with the fact that Malays will forever have special rights, in return for agreeing to give non-Malays citizenship rights. Unless non-Malays give up their right to become Malaysian citizens, then Malays do not need the special rights anymore. The chinese were not accepted as citizens by their neighbours Vietnam and Thailand. The indians were also not accepted as citizens by their neighbours Sri Lanka and Myanmar. But the Malays of Malaysia even faraway than those neighbours accepted them as citizens. Citizenship is much more precious than the special rights as we cannot contest the right to citizenship but the special rights is always questioned again and again.
    We can become 1Malaysia, sharing the same aspiration, but forever accepting the fact that Malays will always have irrevocable nonredeemable nonconvertible special rights.


  28. Hi JMD,

    I must admit that only a less bright or retarded person will go this far with his or her analysis to come to this conclusion. The years of Malaysia Boleh, regression in educational standards and backward sailing of the nation has certainly produce a great number of natural born idiots. Whether or not Dr. Kua is right is not as important as what the government is doing now as this will not only affect yourself but the future generations that is to come. The consistent plundering of the nations resources which seems infinite, high wastage, high level of corruption/crime and not to mention low productivity for sure will bring the nation to third world status. And it is only those who reside in Msia like yourself and the future generations will be largely affected. So, please do not forward any blame on anyone in the future when you begin to feel a lot poorer, less informed, affected by the so-called circumstances in the country, coerced to submission and regressing backwards compared to other advancing nations. Good luck to you, your future and those who choose to believe your lack of substance arguments.


    • Right on Bro! You are absolutely spot on! Check out JMD’s reply and what do you see? YES! Constant flickering of brightness – at times completely diminished. Where are you? Who is hijacking history may I asked, JMD?


  29. Who said the Chinese are cowards? They used to hold anti-government demonstrations big time. Unfortunately, the brave ones from the workers’ party were jailed, drugged & murdered by the polis then. The Chinese learnt fast that their bare hands were not match with the guns of the polis & army who were mainly racists Malays.

    KKS wrote about May 13 based on his personal experiences. It is just one part of the zigzag puzzle.

    Jebat, on the other hand, also presented May 13 from his racists perspectives. He is trying to justify the killings of the Chinese by Melayus because of the alleged behavior of some Chinese. No name calling justifies the killing of the innocence. If Ah Kow calls you a Babi and tell you to balik kampungt, you should go beat him up then & there. You do not use that to group together other racists and have a big plan to slaughter other innocent Chinese. Only a coward would do that. It takes an even bigger coward to justify that.

    It is a fact that the Malay army sprayed bullets at the Chinese Theatre killing hundreds of innocent moviegoers.

    May 13 is a plan massacre of the Chinese by the UMNO racist to tell the Chinese to behave and that Malay is the master of Malaysia. That why you always have the UMNO leaders like Mahatir, Hishamudim, Toyos & Najib warned the Chinese about May 13 whenever Chinese asks for certain privileges.


  30. the past has nothing to do with this younger generation. we all want a new world to live in. not the painful, bitter past news that you oldies like to dig up from time to time. Everyone in the past is guilty of making our future filled with hatred…does not matter whether you did good or bad in the past…..its what you do for the future that counts….so what are you doing with our future with your past? we don’t want your past coz todays generation has nothing to do with your past. Todays generation wants peace, unity, one world community, safety, good life, and we do not want any of your future that is soiled with your failures and hatred of the past.

    JMD : I didn’t hear you frothing in the mouth when Kua Kia Soong dig up the past in his book either. Or did you? Double standards now are we? The younger generation needs to know the truth. At least they must know that there is another side of the coin.


    • JMD

      U r right.

      The younger generation needs to know the truth.

      The truth via an Independent Commission has to go thru’ Diplomatic communiques (which have been declassified), interview various persons who were involved, read the books written by those who lived during that time (there was an excellent book by a Surgeon of GHKL who highlighted a slaugther in Sentul, where the victims were put in a ship and sent to another country). The light of truth has to shine.

      But to be honest, JMD, I dont think we can let this happen right now. Maybe after the next General Elections or 2.

      We are still not mature enough.


  31. You wrote a wonderful article,claiming that 13th May as it is.But the answers you gave very contradicitng of what you have said.

    1. You mentioned that The writer has plitocal leanings towards DAP. This very sentence have labelled you as someone with some political leanings towards the current ruling party. Simply because a racist would only talk about racism. A politican would denitely know another politician.

    2. All of your findings are based on either 1,2 books or may be 3 books which is not veried, therefore your fact as same as Dr Kua Kia soongs facts. After all information coming from unverified sources cant be trusted at all. That goes for both of you.

    3. I beleive you have very shallow understanding of world history. That is the reason why you could not answer Lawa question properly.

    4. As you you have repeatedly mentioned that not all chinese involved and onlyminority, whats make you think some small minority malays would not take your article to create another 13th May… Just see the replies, full of hatred.

    5. Your writings has all the signature of instigating racial clash.

    6. A learned person would write or preach what happened in this history based on current citizens sentiments. Clearly you have failed to notice the current rakyat sentiment.

    7. If you are talking abt facts being distorted why dont you start straightining up school history books, where Tons and Tons of information has been purposely left out.

    Yes I know there is 2 side of coins and everyone are entitled to their own opinion, but un veried opinions such as yours and that DR kau kia soong are Dangerous for younger generations. If you really think you want to do good then by all means please start from Schools.

    P/s: Malaysians have not reached that level of maturity to accept truth as it is.

    JMD : 1. The writer is a DAP member so what I said is a fact. Even a non politician can make the same assertion.
    2. So are you saying you do not believe Dr Kua’ book as well? Okay then.
    3. Please click on the link I provided in Lawa’s comment. You can find the answer there.
    4. I did not say the Malays are not to be blamed. Please read my second and third articles. I did not say all chinese either. I always put the word ‘extremist’ or ‘chauvinist’ or ‘racist’ or ‘communist’. Not all chinese fall into these four categories.
    5. Why? It was merely restating what had really happened. You mean to say, it is okay for Kua Kia Soong to lie but it is not okay for me to state the fact?
    6. Part of the current sentiment of the rakyat was instigated by Kua Kia Soong’s book. I am trying to correct that perception substantiating it with credible facts.
    7. Effort is currently underway. Please click this link here.

    My opinion are solely based on the facts obtained from credible sources such as Tunku’s and eye witnesses. Not by some foreign elements and lies. Thank you.


  32. Any references to anyone writings will be made to satisfy one’s conclusion. How are to know the real players to fan on the 13th riots? Even the word ‘tolerant’ can be interpreted to one own satisfaction? How many can really swear to GOD or ALLAH that he is and will be tolerant without conditions?

    Truth and/or lie is as bad debating the topic of which comes first the Chicken or the egg? Truth has been defined by Man through history but as elusive as it is it will defined and redefined to suit the motives of the master.

    It is the spectacle you are born with or into which defines our vision of the truth. Being a non Chinese and non Malay, it is easy to understand that the Chinese has to make money to make more money by corrupting a corruptible system/man. A typical example has been related by a former non Chinese civil servant, where his “so-called brother and friend” disappeared and didn’t even acknowledged him after he got the gun license he was after! Before that, the bloke would bring the choicest meat or fish without fail to his house almost daily… Sound familiar to any bureaucrats about how you were being “buttered up” also.

    How is that civil servant corrupted or just a fool who could easily be fooled that he had a “non-racial brother”? There is no such thing as a “FREE LUNCH OR DINNER” when you have a power to deliver things needed by the Invitee. Believe in one, you will be tricked by a “BROTHER”.

    Can you rely then purely on the reports that you have presented to fit in your own conclusion? Can anyone incite hatred amongst people who are “tolerant” and really love all God’s creation or against any Government which is really benevolent and tolerant?


  33. Dear JMD,

    It is always a pleasure reading your well-researched article.
    Article that is based on facts rather than emotion and lies unlike some irresponsible biased bloggers.

    What is your opinion on the latest May 13 article by Azly Rahman, a man who likes to think of himself as the most intellectual Malaysian ever born.

    Among others, he said that the root of the problem is due to some economic injustices brought by the ruling elite which I do not agree at all.
    To me the problem lies in the super greedy and rude nature of the economically superior group of very racial people whose loyalty to the country is based on how much wealth they could accumulate.


    • i definitely agree that most of those “fighting” for our country today are seeking to rape it for profits after the ‘peace’. whatever people have to say about tun M, when he was in power, there was economic success and relative social stability, to the point that, when i was in new york many years ago, this man on the street voiced out “mahathir!” with a sense of respect when i mentioned i was from malaysia. today i have a feeling that no leader is interested in that kind of national-pride-as-a-result-of-successful-nationbuilding.

      i completely agree with the other commenter who said that all the races, including the chinese ‘cari-makan’ (as she said), contributed to the national rise together. the quicker we coalesce as a society, to quicker we can build truly successful malaysian multinational corporations reflecting the values of all the races.

      finally, i couldn’t agree more that azly rahman thinks he is quite the ubermensch (he loves quoting nietzche and all that stuff, in that pompous way). can’t help feeling that he thinks he is God’s gift to blogging hehe. no offense just a friendly prick. i mean a friendly comment.


  34. Hi all,

    I am the Chinese who took my Malay wife and family and migrated to Australia.

    Yes, we are happy here and being educated, having given a fair go in life.

    The white Govt here gives a lot of financial aid to all Residents, irregardless of race or religion. And Yes, Islam here is very different from Islam UMNO in Malaysia.
    Islam is growing here. Here you will find many white muslims.

    Here a High Court Judge got sacked for trying not to pay a speeding ticket.
    Here a Chief of Police was forced into early retirement as with issues of ‘benefits’.

    The press and the mass media can openly check all political views without fear.

    No such deal as 500 million commission for buying submarine. That is sick. Putting another astronaut in space???

    Pelacur beri air pada anjing dengan tangan pun masuk Surga. Yang Maha Mulia ialah ALLAH. Period. Bukan Sultan.

    Semua ahli politik PEMBOHONG. Correction only 99.9%.

    Semua Bangsa ada kesilapannya. Problem NOW, the politically rich Malay and Chinese are not helping the ordinary Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

    Fend for yourself. So, Think in the next by-election and general election.

    Ozy MelayuKhawinCina

    JMD : Australia is free from racial prejudice? Really now. By the way, what the ‘white’ government is doing – ‘gives a lot of financial aid to all Residents, irregardless of race or religion’ is presently the same concept being done by Malaysian government as well. Thank you.


    • Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush. There you go again JMD. Utterly stupid aren’t you!!! You must have failed Maths in school.


  35. Wow. If the IP of each posters were captured, i am sure we can track it back to some back office of the UMNO building. Well done, keep on undermining and underestimating the intelligence of the new generation of Malaysians. Kudos!

    JMD : When there is an inadequate facts to rebut my article, please be free to indulge in your misplaced paranoia. Thank you.


  36. Thanks JMD, yes.. your articles really reminded me of the Chinese infiltrated Communist rally prior to 13 May..

    I blessed our forefathers in the Police and the Army at that time for their duty to defend our country from the Communist movement..

    Actually to me we (the Malays) have lived dangerously along the racial line since post Japanese Occupation till the day our Malaysian Government vanquished the Communist struggle in circa 1980 (stand me corrected). It is when the struggle between ideologies were dangerously between the Radical Chinese (read Communist) and moderate Malays (loyal subject of Royals).

    Thus, It really hurts when the Radical Chinese hurling abuse towards the Malays in own soil!!

    I think the lesson learned is the Chinese will never ever want to be radical again as they did prior to 1969 and the Malays were fortunate that the government managed to contain this subversive movement and thus Malaysia has prospered along the racial lines…

    I always prayed that the Chinese never again think any of this radical and dangerous movement in order for us to advance as a Nation.

    Let’s hope that it shuold never be repeated at all COST!!!!!


  37. Who fault is it there wasn’t any official information about May 13 in Malaysia? We have to rely on word-of-mouth. And there were so many versions!

    In general we all agreed May 13 is an incident related to 1. race, 2. power grab, and 3. incompetency to manage. Can we then make this a lesson to learn in today’s education that we must 1. reject racial discrimination of all forms, 2. respect democracy, and 3. improvise ourselves with good and quality education?

    None of that from BN.

    JMD : There is an official version. The NOC White paper report. Where have you been living all this while? I ahve to disagree with one of your hypothesis. The May 13 incident is related to racism and extremism instead of just ‘race’. And a lesson to learn is that to reject ‘racial taunting and insenstivities and questioning the Constitution’.

    Please feel free to sign the petition here to ensure unity.

    Thank you.


  38. Dear Jebat,

    While you may mask your ‘biasness’ with words and references and so forth, you too, made the same mistake Dr Kua made. At least Dr Kua published his material, and systematically allow the intelligent masses to read it. While you? Of course hiding behind the pretense of an anonymous writer.

    And alas, don’t rubbish someone’s research, simply because you disagree with him. Dr Kua did unearth some good references..and Bob Reece’s article at FEER is merely one of many. PLease don’t not mislead your readers who might think otherwise. Everyone can read the book or check the references list here:

    Perhaps you would provide us with a learned view of the situation. How come in the late Tunku Abdul Rahman’s autobiography claimed otherwise? Why did the late Tunku Abd Rahman and late Tun Hussein Onn both left the party they helped founded, and protested against the national policies in the 1980s. How come the great Dato Onn Jaafar left Umno to form Parti Negara? Yes my dear Malaysians. Spin as you may, the truth will prevailed. Malaysians like myself, will never allow ‘historians’ like yourself to re-write the history.

    Jebat must die? You too.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. However, your effort in slandering me as spinning the history failed miserably. This is because you yourself is trying to spin something. Especially over something you cannot even begin to comprehend. Word of advice, if you want to express your opinion and want people to believe you, you have to provide arguments. You however, provided questions in the last paragraph without even having the intention to tell everyone the answer to that. Do you even know the answer to that? Please provide them with answers. We are curious to know.

    And I am sure I can rebuke it if it was unsubstantiated and twisting. The truth indeed will prevail. Hopefully this article did just that.

    For an appetiser while waiting for your own take of the answers you ask, have a read here.

    By the way, your arguments in the first para has been explained in my second installment of this article.

    Thank you.


  39. Having read the late Tunku’s account of what transpired before, during and after that fateful day, I am certainly deeply inclined to believe him (the Tunku) rather than Kua or those on whose reports Kua had relied upon.

    The funeral procession and the victory parade had, without doubt, created a very unpleasant situation and the mostly Chinese crowd appeared so menacing, what more with their placards of Mao Tse Tung and their clamour for a Communist state.

    Notwithstanding, if Kua had mislead readers by cleverly omitting what would have gone against his pampered view, so does JMD. Truth be told, and that too as penned by Tunku as to how Tun Razak, in collusion with a few UMNO stalwarts had prepared the ground to stage a coup against the Tunku and how Tun Razak had approved the permit for a rally against the Tunku’s wishes as the Tunku had forseen as would forment violence. That Tun Razak did this most treacherous act behind’s Tunku’s back hurt him so much, so said the Tunku. And, JMD’s omission of this fact squares equally with Kua’s equally opportunistic writings.

    Again, if all us believe that an eye for an eye is the answer for all what we do, then what happened during and immediately after May 13 will be painted as a justifiable act, and the harmony that we have tried to achieve but have very much eluded us thus far will be here to stay for a long time to come.

    Yes, the mostly Chinese crowd were arrogant in their behaviour and hurled abuses at the Malays but whatever happened to law enforcement? Or should some hoodlums be allowed to run amok and create a scar in our history. Somehow, JMD seems to paint that this seems to be OK and such a jaundiced view can hardly place him as one who can write to heal the bloodied scars.

    Yes, we have to write the truth, but whose version would be the truth. Well, if Tunku had graced JMD’s thoughts, please do justice to that man. The Tunku deserves that.

    JMD : Please refer to my 2nd article and the 3rd one (coming soon). Thank you.


  40. Until today Non-Malays are called pendatangs, we can be friends but must admit to being pendatangs, read Iskandar’s comments.


    Iskandar should get his facts right. Many of our forefathers are PENDATANGS whether from Indonesia or elsewhere, BUT the reality is that to day , we the descendants are not PENDATANGS but anak Malaysia.


  41. say what u wan but i think most knew what happened, if u’re good with ur point, i think u should write a book too. debunking etc etc etc as what u guys always did, deny. if 1 person said this, then it might not be 100% true but if most are telling the same version, then there is some truth that it was started by the racist party (till now).

    chinese chauvinist? look at urself before saying anything, not only chinese but all the men in malaysia are so, else we wont have so many incest, rape cases n abused female around, right?

    honestly, i am not really proud to be malaysian. when i was in hong kong, ppl called me as ‘malay lo’ and i’m pretty annoyed with it. but singaporean is much luckier that they went out of malaya or else they will have the same fate as us in this God forsaken land.


  42. I am a Chinese decent born in Sarawak and live Sabah.We have family members who have die for Malaysia during the Japanese occupation and few cousins of mine enlist to the Malaysian Army who fight the communist in northern West Malaysia.Sometimes It hurt my heart when the intorence people say” Ini Tanah Melayu”. As we all know the East Malaysia is or was never Tanah Melayu.

    When I was young, I remember I used to each go out and eat with my malay friend in the cofee shop. Me & Chinese friends can have our favourite Konloomee and they can have their fovourite mee Jawa in the same shop. We don’t remember which race we are from. We speak a Hokkien & Malayu languages and enjoy each company. But now it is sad to say we seldom have this kind of intergration. Where are we Malaysian heading?. We tend to be divided among races, religion & etc.

    Please remember history is history. It have it place in our live, but don’t get over excited with it. we have to learn from it , so that we will not repeat the same mistake again. Every Malaysian have their own version and we can argue until Kingdom come , but will never solve the problem if we all are intolerance toward each other. We all may have different ideology but remember we are all Malaysian. We all have to live together and make our beloved Malaysia a great nation., A nation we all love & cherish. Our country are rich in natural resources and abundance of land. Have anyone ever roughly calculate what our country owns. We are maybe richer than Brunei or Switzerland.With good governance we all can share & enjoy our country plentiful.

    The greatest enemy of our beloved Malaysia is corruption. Let us all joint together in full force to eliminate this common enemy. Believe in Demorcracy & a rightfull elected gov’t.

    GOD bless Malaysia & Hidup Berkhidmat



      Racism became institutionalised and meritocracy went down the drain after 1969.

      If we are looking for culprits, the mother of all racist culprit hides in Putrid Jaya (where the stench of corruption hangs over the air).

      Yes it is UMNO no longer 100% supported by Malays! The Malay tsunami swept the shores of Malaya and left UMNO a little high and dry without a real 2/3 majority mandate.

      So all the talk is skirting round the lallang bush while the real devil is just behind you.

      Blaming race is not the way to solve problems. It is not race but the ruling elites divide and rule to keep themselves in power.

      So can tear each others hair here figurately but we are playing according to UMNO’s divide and rule rules!


      • Apartheid is a system where the minority race controls the polity and the economy of a country while discriminating the majority. That’s the real definition. And please deter yourself from writing racist comments. Thank you.


  43. Dear Jebat.

    A fine article I must say. Better than the populist approach taken by Kua, whom in my opinion is trying to shift the blame to someone else and end up looking like martyr, a propagator of truth, whom instead is really just writing half truth and playing according to the gallery. Actually, there should be a law against people as such, who tries to rewrite history according to the agenda that best suits them.

    It is also interesting to see how the younger ones choose to regard May 13. Around forums that I have surfed, the blame now lie with the Malays, the late Dato’ Harun was the instigator at the behest of the late Tun Abdul Razak.

    What I tend to wonder is simple… Has anyone ever given thought what would happen if Mageran was not in effect? My belief is that Malaysia would truly be consigned to the dustbins in history. Instead, the younger generation, including the so-called enlightened Malays, tend to take the populist approach, of trying to fit in with the in-crowd… This is where I see Internet at its worst… When the nation’s true history is twisted by people with their own agenda.

    In recalling May 13th, I was only six then but I remembered a few days before that when my father yanked me out of kindergarten near Land and Survey Office at Jalan Gurney because of what had happened.

    I remember my siblings hiding under the bed at our home in Jalan Maktab, where UTM is now, shaking with fear with the noise of helicopters hovering above. I remember my neighbour, a certain Indian inspector whose name eludes me now but he had acted in a tv series (yes even then there were television series) as Inspector Shekha (perhaps you may recall him Jebat, he passed away about three years ago) comforted us as he is with the police force. How his son Sureh and daughter Majula keep us company when the situation was tense.

    I also remembered when a big crowd of Chinese people came to our compound seeking refuge and so they were given, inside the compound of the quarters then (it was Technical College back then).

    When things got serious, my father brought the entire family, to the nearby Police Depot (now Pulapol) and there I had my taste of tear gas… I do not know why or when it was fired but it hurts like no other feeling that I can think of.

    So, for the younger generation, take heed of history and remember lessons learnt. Posturing over who pays more taxes does not mean an iota if one fails to keep the harmony. I had always taken pride that we are role model when it comes to racial relations but I am sad to see that the politicians, some of whom were directly involved in the bloody incident, choose to do otherwise.

    Until then Jebat, I remain your reader.


  44. Hi Jebat,
    Much of what you say makes sense, and I agree that having lived in Colonialist established “ghettos”, the Chinese must’ve been pretty chauvinistic and must have been at their racist best.
    It also cannot be denied that it was and is a scary prospect to have had these guys leading these country.

    It has to be understood though that this was a nation learning to coexist. Given the circumstances, it may be that something like this had to happen sooner or later to shut the goons who were rampaging – but not the way it was “sponsored” by leaders who swore to protect its citizens.

    Your disgust for those who refused National Service is unwarranted at best. Why would a group of people who have not assimilated to their new environment and have yet to understand the dynamics of nationhood(that too prior to independence/citizenship), offer themselves for citizenship? These guys were economic mercenaries – and it was probably good that they left to their “homes” where their hearts belonged.
    The same however cannot be said of those who remained – even after May 13.

    Your allegation that people are unpatriotic opportunists for having migrated is as silly as it gets. Who in heavens name would want to be treated as a second class citizen, especially when they are better at what they do – and are treated with equal respect in their new home? Would you drive a Kancil becos you aren’t of a certain color in a certain country, when you have worked for and can afford a Merc? Get real mate – you gotta be an idiot to do so, and even worse, expect others to do so!

    While it has to be admitted that there were racists elements on both sides provoking each other, it does not augur well for you to say that May 13 was the net result of “simmering tensions” over a certain period of time (although it was a contributing factor to the polarization).
    If it were, it would’ve been an uprising of sorts which are triggered by a particular event – that too, it would’ve been a civilian affair only. There wouldn’t have been the involvement of “security personnel”. There wouldn’t have been an armed unit of soldiers running around rounding up people of chinese origin, after having spirited away others.

    This incident (May 13), unlike all other preceding events was an incident that involved the armed elements of state.
    Herein lies the problem.

    That there was these units who were confined to barracks after the arrival of the Iban Rangers is evidence enough that there were elements of “state” sponsorship, and that characters mentioned in Kua Kia Soong’s book were definitely involved bigtime – as part of the Umno “palace coup”.

    While you may have a thousand stories about what was committed by the “MCP” (yeah, yeah – we know that anyone and any ideal which didn’t gel with Umno/ alliance was “Communist”) and what not, remember that there will be enough and more to counter your stories – none of which on either side can be justified!

    Go ahead and come out with the next entry about how the “tiga bintang” went around on their slaughter. Maybe you can even add some stories about the past of ceratin colorful Umno characters who collaborated with anyone in the “civil service” – (Japs or Brits as long as it gave them power) for good measure. You’ll help a lot in fanning plenty of hatred and perpetuate the very racist sentiments you crib about.

    None of what happened on May 13 – a planned genocide (which happened to be contained) can be justified by all the events that preceded it, Jebat.

    No offense – but to imply so by narrating past events, would make you a liar!

    JMD : Please refer to my 2nd article and the 3rd one (coming soon). By the way, where are the stories to counter this story? Are you saying that communism is good for the country?

    Obviously your assumption that May 13 is a planned genocide came from Kua Kia Soong’s book. I am rebutting it with these articles of mine.


  45. It would appear that this article also represents a slanted view ot the events in question. No different from that of Dr Kua who you accuseof being selective, You both relied on different sources and there is no reason to suggest that your sources were more reliable than his. You seem to rely on the books of the government officials of the day who not exactly devoid of a vested interest in the issue whilst he relies on materials produced by foreign journalist to back his version. Relying on isolated incidents and publishing a few photograps does not render your version more accurrate than his.
    A throughly unconvincing article.

    JMD : So you deem Kua Kia Soong’s book as selective and not reliable too? Interesting… Please refer to the 2nd installment article as well. Thank you.


  46. http://magickriver.blogspot.com/2009/05/no-may-13-no-ketuanan-melayu-reprise.html

    The above link will have more credibility about the truth behind May 13.

    There is no need to spin for the PM. He has not a gram of credibility.

    JMD : Please refer to my 2nd article and the 3rd one (coming soon). By the way, I am not spinning for the PM. I am correcting the misguided historical facts of Kua Kia Soong. I am permissible to do that, am I not? Or do you want me to be sent to jail for this? Mind you, I am using first hand information from primary sources. Anateres’ article came from him, who in turn came from a FEER chief journalist, who in turn interviewed Tunku. Even then, Antares did not provide proof in his article. We will discuss about this in my own 3rd article. Thank you.


  47. Very interesting side of view. Sadly,the 513 story have been constantly used by certain politicians to instil fear in the ppl just to satisfy their own political agenda. There are no real unity gained from the lesson on it,instead ppl is constantly reminded the importance to tolerate and be quiet. I believe the sentiments today is totally different from 40 years ago. Ppl especially the younger generation could react better to different issues in a liberal and mature way..there should be efforts to find out the real truth..ppl should understands one and another fear in order to truly embrace one and another..perhaps a special commision should set up to find the truth just like what the south africans did after the apartheid


  48. The Europeans have better mentality than Asian..that is my perception. The Berlin Wall was torn and forgotten for years although the hurt may still linger for a while.
    Kua Kia Soong’s book has an agenda but what is your agenda? No one force no one to read his agenda and likewise your agenda.
    If you are an old man like me, I can only pity you. We were born with nothing and so must leave with nothing. You seem to me you are still carrying a lot around you. Isn’t it time to let it go and leave with a smile than a twisted heart?. I do.

    JMD : I am glad you realised Kua Kia Soong’s agenda. Care to share with us all this agenda? Did his agenda influenced your views on May 13? My agenda is as what you can see written in both articles. Just to straighten out history that has been twisted all this while. I am sure my agenda is nowhere near his magnitude. Thank you.


    • “Berlin Wall was torn and forgotten for years although the hurt may still linger for a while.”

      berlin wall has never been forgotten.
      please get ur fact straight.


  49. Dear JMD,
    Thanks for an enlightening read.
    Yes, there are some among us who do not want to hear “the other side”.
    Then they are some pseudo intellectuals who seek reward for twisting history to suit their agenda.
    There are also some who believe we should forget all this and move forward without thinking that history repeats itself.

    That is why your writings are important.
    Your writings are something I can show my children.
    Make them understand what being a Malaysian is, so that they do not get cross eyed whenever some fancy name with a “Dr.” in front start telling them lies about who we are.
    Take care.


  50. I am curious –
    How do you decide whose word is more reliable?
    You took TAR’s words as the whole truth and you rubbished the foreign journalists. Why?

    The impression I get is that you want people to believe the malays are blameless and the fault all belongs to the Chinese. UMNO probably features as a saviour too.
    I don’t know what exactly transpired 40 years ago but I don’t believe all that bull for the reason that it always requires two to tango. (Take a look at Perak now. Who is right or wrong?? That’s deja -vu for you)

    I don’t intend to rely solely on what people (inc TAR, Kua etc et al) write in books because every one puts a spin on the story. And as for what truth is, didn’t someone mention that history is written by the winners? No prize for guessing who the loser is.

    If I have anything practical to judge what really happened 40 years ago, the behaviour of UMNO and all your heroes (including mahathir) in the last few years gives me a more reliable perspective of what could have occured than all these words.

    JMD : Well, apparently in Malaysia, history can be written by the losers as well. By the way, you deem Umno leaders in 1969 were guilty just because the current Umno leaders now are misbehaving? Good one. Prejudiced minds are everywhere. No thanks to this book! 🙂


  51. mr. jebat…
    i do not know who are u actually… but by lifting up the history of may 13 is really a big mistake as we are promoting one malaysia and the peacefull Malaysia. I really don’t understand your purpose. U want Malays to ‘mengamuk’ again or u just want to please certain etnics group by writing all this. Kepada orang-orang melayu yang membaca artikel ini…. sedarlah… apapun yang dikatakan tentang Tun razak, Tunku Abdul Rahman dan pemimpin2 terdahulu… apa yang perlu kita lihat ialah hasilnya hari ini. Kalau tidak kerana perjuangan itu.. dimana Melayu???? memang benar kata Tun Mahathir… Melayu Mudah Lupa… walau apapun hakikat yang cuba dibongkar oleh jebat…. ingat… MELAYU PANTANG DICABAR… jadi jangan menyiram minyak diatas bara…. Melayu mesti berani… jangan jadi bacul seperti Anwar Ibrahim yang mencari sokongan bukan Melayu walaupun mereka itu adalah anti Melayu….Allahuakbar..

    JMD : Again I am getting similar comments like these. So you are taking a stand that it is okay for the Malays to be slandered and accused of attacking chinese ‘unprovoked’? This is the kind of twisted history that leaves all the young non Malays in Malaysia hated the Malay leadership! Do read my next article. If you are truly a Malay, the correct view on history must be firstly be addressed before we can think on how to unite the people. Lastly, please do not forget to sign this petition.


  52. Dont squable over petty things..
    Ignore the racist ala parpu kari.
    Why not we give a minute silence and pray according to our individual believes.
    Ask god to bless Malaysia and all its citizen.
    We have learnt so much from this tragedy and repent for any mistakes.


  53. You know, blogging is not real journalism, it is just one person’s opinion about a subject. Opinions are like assholes, every one has one and it stinks.

    Your many quotes in the articles are not verifiable. In fact, your writings are full of LIES! Many facts were conveniently left out. You are no better than the author you are trying to criticize. At least, he is a real author and you are just a low life blogger, just like RPK and all his lies about Najib, Rosmah and Altantuya. There is not one freaking proof to link them together except the useless S/D which is mere he says, she says..

    You want us to believe the government’s propaganda “NOC Report” rather than the neutral eye-witness British journalist Bob Reece.

    The photos of the demonstrations are misleading. You are trying to fan the flame of hatred. The demonstrations were against the brutal killing of a Chinese youth by the police. It was not an anti-Malay rally as you claimed to be. There was no pro-Chinese nor anti-Malay slogans carried by the demonstrators. You can fool those who cannot read Chinese but not for long. Thanks to the NEP, many Malays have stopped believing in the lies by UMNO and racists like you.

    Only GOD can save your soul!

    JMD : Good to know that someone out there do not believe RPK’s lies. In fact, this particular commentator only believe Kua Kia Soong’s book. Fortunately, all the comments here have been rebuked in the 2nd article. Thank you.


  54. Good effort. It’s unfortunate that there should be so much effort to suppress genuine attempts to throw light on the events of 40 years ago, and to suppress dialogue between conflicting viewpoints. This suppression of communication is aggravating the problem, in my opinion.

    People must be permitted to air their thoughts, and to compare them publicly to those of others. Nazrin Shah may be correct to claim that lousy books are produced by self-serving politicians. That we’re aware of these books is not to the credit of the authors, but the fault of the oppressive regime they’re published in. These books become popular because supporting their authors is a form of rebellion against those who try to swamp us with lousy media of their own.

    Consumers must have freedom to compare ideas. They must have faith that the critics in their national press and on their TVs are themselves subject to criticism. That’s clearly not the case in Malaysia. The inevitable outcome is lousy media, wherever it’s from – because it’s all propaganda, either enforcing ‘an ethical writing culture’ (whatever that is) or rallying people against it.

    I look forward to more of your contributions on this subject, though perhaps without the ‘both sides’ angle. Two generations have passed. Not everybody takes a side any more. The generations that do will soon also pass. There probably is no ‘correct’ view – that would be an orthodoxy, and orthodoxies often have shameful and short histories.

    For part 2 – is the UK Gov’s Cabinet Meeting of 15th May 1969 any use to you? It is document CAB/128/44 available from nationalarchives.gov.uk


  55. Hi JMD,

    I was a child when May 13 happened (I guess that doesn’t make me young anymore, boo hoo).
    My memory of it was the eve, May 12. My dad took us out for dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We were at Bulatan Edinburgh/Jln Shaw when we ran smack into a celebratory procession (as I now know). I remember dad asking us to wind up our windows (those days no aircon mah and no power-windows) and to not make any eye-contact with anyone. I don’t remember feeling afraid but I sensed my parents were.

    Of the day itself I can’t recall. Except that we watched tv, my parents anxious, and my dad had many calls and many of those were, I now know, from his Chinese friends reaffirming friendship. And I needn’t go to kindie, and my brothers and sisters needn’t go to school.

    I read the Dr Kua’s book when it was published. I was left feeling rather dissatisfied… for the reasons you have stated. His premise was that it was an Umno conspiracy led by Tun Razak and Harun Idris. I think he paid short shrift, if at all, to the part the provocative victory parades played in further angering the Malay community.
    Whatever, let’s hope we all learn. Never again.

    Now for some questions:
    Your last para. What about LKS? And Dollah Kok Lanas?


  56. Hey there JMD.

    I agree with what you wrote in the article. Indeed the term “declassified documents” used by Kua Kia Soong is misleading as most of his “declassified” material are dispatches from foreign journalists, hardly material that is classified. Also the material from the foreign embassies would have been useful to his argument but sadly none of their dispatches proves any of his conclusions. I believe the quote you referred to above is reflective of this.

    Personally I think the book is very misleading. For e.g he insinuates that Tun Abdul Razak was the ‘mastermind’ behind the riots yet he provides no concrete evidence of this being the case. Instead he provides very flimsy evidence for readers to infer that Tun Abdul Razak was responsible but even this evidence doesn’t stand to scrutiny. Like you said he ignored the evidence of previous racial troubles and the Labour Party’s antics.

    One thing that does raises questions for me however is why the police and Home Ministry allowed the Labor Party to have their funeral procession fully, or at least reasonably, knowing that the Labor Party would stir up some trouble. What do you think?


    Best Regards

    JMD : Have a read in the 2nd article. A valid, thoughtful question like this will be given an utmost priority in my 3rd article too. I know where it came from (from article written by Tunku in 1985). The Home Minister at that time was Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie. We shall discuss about this issue next. Thank you Dom.


  57. orang melayu merupakan kaum majoriti di Malaysia..dan juga di perak…diikuti kaum cina..dan india serta lain..

    laporan jabatan perangkaan 2004

    “Unjuran penduduk Bumiputera bagi tahun ini adalah seramai 15.701 juta orang atau 65.7 peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan penduduk, berbanding 15.351 juta (65.5 peratus) pada tahun lepas dan 14.349 juta (65.0 peratus) pada 2000.

    Bilangan penduduk keturunan Cina adalah seramai 6.075 juta orang atau 25.4 peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan penduduk tahun ini, berbanding 5.997 juta (25.6 peratus) pada 2003 dan 5.762 juta (26.1 peratus) pada 2000.

    Jumlah penduduk India pula tahun ini meningkat daripada 1.779 juta (7.6 peratus) pada tahun lepas dan 1.696 juta (7.7 peratus) pada 2000 manakala warga negara dari etnik lain dianggarkan berjumlah 304,300 orang (1.3 peratus) tahun ini, berbanding 296,900 (1.3 peratus) tahun lepas dan 274,700 (1.2 peratus) pada 2000. ”

    ya..mmg kaum bukan melayu sudah duduk lama di malaysia..namun kaum majoriti mana di dunia ini yg sanggup di perintah oleh kaum minoriti???walao atas ape sebab sekali pon..perasaan tidak puas hati pasti terbit..penindasan pasti berlaku, jika majoriti diperintah minoriti

    itu sebab kerajaan ingin mengukuhkan ekonomi penduduk majoriti yg jugak dalam perlembagaan di namakan sebagai penduduk bumiputra…atau dalam bahasa lain..penduduk asal..(dan dalam hal ini cara atau perlaksaan oleh kerajaan mungkin bole sedikit dipertikaikan..well..manusia juga boleh jadi kekangan)

    dalam kes di perak..apa rasa bagi kaum melayu akan diperintah oleh kaum bukan melayu (disebabkan mereka ada majoriti dlm kerajaan)???walaopon bole diletakkan MB melayu..namun..disinilah istilah boneka boleh diguna pakai…

    kalau dicerita dari sudut agama islam pula..bagaimana pula dengan majoriti yg bukan islam dalam kerajaan contohnya di perak..agama islam boleh diperjuangkan utk kaum Melayu majoriti yg berugama Islam???

    Firman Allah: “Sekali-kali tidak akan redha orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani
    sehingga engkau mengikut cara hidup mereka.” (Al Baqarah: 120)

    jika diikut logik akal…disinilah give n take harus diambil kira..ketamakan kuasa tanpa mengira komposisi penduduk bakal menghancurkan negara..pemimpin2 yg punya kemampuan bole lari dari negara ini dan duduk di sana (seperti salah seorang pemimpin Hindraf)..bagaimana nasib rakyat biasa jika political unrest seperti 13 mei atau pon kekecohan di perak berlaku???

    truthfully, tiada sape mau 13 mei…tiada sape mau kekecohan dan ketidakstabilan politik..sume mau kedamaian…namun..ini sume bakal hilang disebabkan anasir anasir sekumpulan kecil manusia yg gila kuasa..sebenarnya bukan sekumpulan..tapi seorang je…you know who


  58. Those of us who were actually at ground zero during 513 will have our own opinions of what this date means, based on what was happening around us at that time. I was 13 and in JB at that time – nothing traumatic happened. All I remember is I was in afternoon class, the teacher stopped lessons around 3pm and said classes are stopped indefinitely and we must all go home immediately. I remember he made a short speech, something about irresponsible people causing trouble. Even though I was disturbed by his expression and knew that something bad was going down, I couldnt help looking forward to an indefinite break from school!

    JMD, thanks for your take on May13. Like many Malaysians I have always wanted to know what actually happened. I actually bought Dr Kua’s book based on it’s ‘declassified’ claims. Unfortunately, I found his assertations are not backed by anything substantive and I gave up on the book before I could finish it.


  59. I see one glaring similarity between you and Dr.Kua..racist. We are all Malaysian. The moment you say you are a Malay,chinese,Indian,etc you are being a racist.

    We dont need the chinese, indian schools. Let everyone go to a national school where we use BM and English and make chinese and Indian optional subject. Do away with selected NEP( doesnt help the poor very much)..Help everyone who needs help irregardless of colour,creed or race.

    Republic of Malaysia is something to think about, but Islamic governance is the way to go because Islam does not know race,colour,creed.etc.

    Islam is fair and its the only hope this country has.

    Thank you and stop talking about race. Unite, don’t divide.

    JMD : Please sign the petition here then. Thank you.


  60. as usual JMD, thanks for this awakening article… each and everyone of Malaysian never to make the same mistake…and that include the goverment and the opposition!!!

    to Yee Po Chai
    yes, we cannot have a repeat of 13 May… but let us sincerely observe the current situation… it seems that no one have ever learned the lesson..

    to Iskandar…
    saya faham perasaan saudara…
    kekadang tu kita perlu simpan ayat2 macam tu… tak baik jugak kan… kengkawan kita pun mungkin terasa…

    my conclusion..
    1. our previous lame PM put a significant ‘coward malays’ ‘give more never to take’ label among Malaysian… which resulted into no 2,
    2. So many rights are being asked… 1 by 1… by everybody.. Yes they have rights too.. without touching on Malays rights but only for the beginning..
    3. Non-malays asking more for their rights and start questioning about malay rights too…NEP etc..
    4. Bit by bit the malay rights being dissolve without disolving any of the non-malay rights.
    5. They want it more… equality.. by all mean dissolving all malay rights.. BUT NEVER WITH THEIR RIGHTS…

    Sincerely, with all the rights that Malays have, the statistic still showed that Malays are still behind in most of the sectors. it is because of the greediness in the Malays and non-malays in achieving wealth.. mean that both parties are wrong!!!!

    if they are really sincere about achieving the equality.. let start drop each rights… starting with the abolish of SK(J) and start with SK… just to stress out.. malays never have SK(J).. Malaysian is One language.. BAHASA MALAYSIA.. (itu anwar juga kasi tukar dulu ke Bahasa Melayu sekarang dia jugak lebey..) ni nak cakap bahasa melayu pun .. itu aa.. itu aa.. grammar hancur, vocab hancur, pronounciation pun hancur.. macam saya punya english….

    hopefully 13 May will never rise.. BUT believe me my friends.. our tolarance have definite limit… Lim Kit Siang have tried it before… he survived and learn the lesson… it is just a different lesson that he digested… probably he just wanted to try it again… Untuk AGAMA, NEGARA dan BANGSA MALAYSIA…

    ps JMD: hope you do not mind, I have link this article of yours to most of my friends.


  61. I was in Std 4, then and I did not know the cause of the riots. I still do not. And frankly, I don’t care to know except that it was a dark blotch in our young nation’s history. And as rightfully pointed out, it should never be allowed to happen again.

    If Kua’s book seem racist in trying to deflect blame from the Chinese and the communists, then equally racist is your article here which seeks seemingly ‘to rebuke’ his work. You do not acknowledge that perhaps the inter-racial and inter-community relationships prior to 1969 may not have been that hunky-dory, and it always takes two hands to clap. Is it really just provocation by the victors in the 69 election that sparked the riots or was it due to long simmering discontent and anger towards each other?

    I have to agree (although I do not really know) that with the communist around then, perhaps they were the real instigators and provocateurs. I can imagine that they probably took advantage of the simmering inter-racial anger and exploited the situation.

    You used quite some materials from the NOC, while highlighting many times that Kua depended on the British correspondent for his source. As an objective reader, I’d say both of you suffer the same problem. Who actually initiated the NOC? Was it not Razak and/or his regime? Surely you do not expect a report from his administration to incriminate itself, do you? So, why do you place precedence on that NOC over the BHC’s?

    Anyway, there is always two sides to the coin. And we get what we want to see or hear. But there is only one truth. Whether it is revealed for posterity’s sake or not, we may never know.

    Perhaps we should look at a 3rd dimension that it was a riot instigated by the communists, and the actions taken were directed at the communists and their sympathizers. Unfortunately, most of the communists and/or their sympathizers were Chinese. At least that would sound better for nation building purposes.

    Who says history is always about the truth? It’s nothing more than one man’s (or historian) opinion against another.


  62. Syabas, artikel yang amat baik.

    Brilliant article, this seems to predict that another riot might occur after the next GE although hopefully all of us come to our senses. Which means, the non-Malays and young Malays realised that they have at times gone too far.

    In other words, respect. Unlikely to happen though because in general, the people of Malaysia now seems to be lacking in discipline, faith and common sense



  63. Hartal happened in 1947, October 20th to be exact.. At that time UMNO is pro-British and their slogan is Hidup Melayu.. While PKMM under Ahmad Boestamam is against British and their slogan is MERDEKA..

    Dato’ Onn want to open UMNO to all races, but was rejected and he formed IMP.

    UMNO can be seen as British puppet and the other political parties AWAS, GERAM, API, PKMM all have been banned by British because they want total independence from British with our own Constitution and not using Reid Constitution..

    There are a lot of political parties that fight for Malaya Independence and most of them were banned by British because they want total independence from British whereas British only want to work with UMNO and Malaya is British colony..

    Write a book from your view and support it with the declassified documents from British Government that was being used by Dr Kua, which I believe he intentionally omit to support his pro-communist view, as u said..

    There’s a movie Sepuluh Tahun Before Merdeka on the Net that talked about ‘HARTAL’ and this movie had been promoted in TV9 several years back..

    JMD : There was indeed a hartal in 1947. KMM leaders such as Mustapha Hussein played a huge role in organising it. Umno fought against the Malayan Union while KMM fought for independence. Not surprising since the top KMM leaders received their indoctrination from rebellion leaders from Indonesia at that time (Indonesia received its independence through bloodshed. They fought bitterly against the Dutch whereas Umno gained Independence through diplomatic efforts; saves lives and costs). Bear in mind, should KMM gained prominence through brute strength at that time, Malaysia would be different altogether. For one thing, according to Mustapha Hussein, should KMM won an all out war against the British, all Malayans will be called Melayu (doesn’t matter if you are chinese or indians).

    One thing for sure, the hartal in 1947 did not lead to the chinese killing the malays compared to the hartal in 1967. IN 1947, it was just a civil disobedience. That is why the hartal in 1947 did not make it as the background of racial clashes in this particular article.

    Please read Mustapha Hussein’s biography. Thank you.


  64. You said, in reply to Yee Poh Chai, that we must not “incite hatred to the ruling government”.

    This is patently detrimental to the nation, since the ruling government is not any more special than any other partisan grouping.

    Furthermore, under any circumstances, insult should not be repaid with injury.

    We CANNOT control what others do to us, whether this comes in the form of insults. What we CAN do is control what WE do, and that is to act with restraint.

    Yes, there is freedom to insult. There is also a freedom to not react to that insult.

    Rather than impose restrictions on other individuals, the right way is to impose restrictions on ourselves when we react to immature behaviour.

    Just as individual responsibility is important in not offending others, it is equally important in not responding violently to offense given. If we are forever protected against hate speech, we will never learn to cope with it, and we will always react harshly and violently at anything we deem offensive.

    Secondly of course, “inciting hatred” is itself highly subjective. If I declare that the Kadazan people, having so few of the letter ‘e’ in their language, are offended by people using words with that letter, do you think everyone should suddenly take care not to offend them? No. That’s the problem with trying to legislate “taking offence”. And that is why complete freedom of speech is the only fair and least abused policy.

    Another point of contention is, while you may be able to point out Kua’s selective research, the same can be said of yours. Until full records are available of the event, we will all be handicapped in our analyses.

    Finally, your article commits the same mistake a lot of other commentators, regardless of political background, have committed: the willingness to generalise the thinking of entire races. Therefore, you went on to explain the actions of Malays and Chinese as if they all thought as one single entity. Never mind that the riot was limited in geography.


    ps: You stake your claim on Malays forming the first organised governments as the basis of the “bumiputera” issue. It is therefore imperative that the Turks be moved away from Anatolia, and yes, even the Arabs in Palestine would have a precarious situation. What about the Arabic nature of many north African states?

    That is completely unreasonable. My dad (a Chinese) has been in Malaysia longer than many Malays, because he’s lived in Sabah since 1949. Yet he is less a bumiputera than younger Malays. Full disclosure: my mom is Kadazan

    How about the bumiputera status of West Malaysians in Sabah? Certainly, Sabah has a different strand of history than the peninsular, yet people who are bumis in the West are just as bumi in the eastern states? Yet they do not have the same history there. Is that reasonable?

    There are times when regulating something raises more questions than answers, and this is true at restricting freedom of speech and creating ethnic laws.


  65. Finally of course, feuds are never one-sided affairs. They won’t be called feuds otherwise. Until people stop thinking that anyone side is to blame, we will never move on.

    Some Chinese were to blame, as were some Malays. The hand that injures does not act on its own.



  66. As another add-on (sorry, this is coming near to be comment-spamming), it must not be forgotten that acts such as abuse of state power were openly done. The federal government explicitly said that an opposition state government will find it hard to obtain funds to build the Penang bridge.

    This is partisan interest using national funds as a bargaining chip. If you think that Malay groups were incited by opposition crowds, you must also understand that opposition parties, long under the thumb of an Alliance willing to use federal power for their own purposes, were themselves feeling tertindas.



  67. Keghairahan politik boleh merebak sehingga mencetuskan tragedi. Bunga-bunga ke arah itu sudahpun muncul terutama selepas PRU-12.

    1. Di Perak, DAP yang merasa terlalu kuat walaupun cuma menguasai 18 kerusi berbanding dengan UMNO yang memiliki 27 kerusi, menggunakan sepenuhnya kesempatan untuk meletakkan agenda mereka sebagai keutamaan polisi kerajaan negeri pimpinan Nizar. Tempoh 999 tahun pajakan tanah adalah lebih baik daripada Tanah Simpanan Melayu. Sikap biadab yang jelas terhadap Baginda Sultan juga amat menghiris hati orang Melayu. Ramai orang Melayu yang memendam rasa dengan tindak tanduk DAP di sana.

    2. Kerajaan Pusat kini dilihat lemah dan teragak-agak dalam tindakannya. Asyik-asyik bebaskan tahanan ISA. Sepatutnya tangkap dan simpan lebih ramai lagi yang mengancam keselamatan negara. Parti-parti komponen yang telah tewas teruk dalam PRU-12 pula terus diberi kedudukan yang sama atau lebih besar daripada sebelum PRU-12. Sepatutnya guna formula peratusan perwakilan dalam Parlimen dan DUN untuk tentukan bilangan wakil parti politik dalam kerajaan, barulah lebih meyakinkan.

    Perkembangan itu perlu dikawal dengan seberapa segera sebelum merebak sebagai wabak. 13 Mei 1969 telah membuktikan semuanya rugi bila berbalah hingga darah tertumpah.


  68. reading the comments here. racism well alive in malaysia.
    i wonder what the thousands of Malays who live abroad would think they are pendatang too in their adopted land and accept second citizenship status in country like US, UK, Australia etc..

    they demand the same as the so called chinese pendatang, they want religious schools and mosques be built in their community too.
    and you know what most of the time they even get funding from the goverment to build such community centres.


  69. Saudara Jebat,

    Terima kasih saya ucapkan kerana menyiarkan artikel yang dikupas dengan begitu baik dan teratur

    Apabila melihat keadaan politik yang haru biru (terutamanya di Perak) sekarang…hati saya menjadi semakin bimbang. Tak mustahil sejarah mungkin berulang kembali.

    Harapan saya semoga semua pihak yang gila berpolitik sekarang ini berfikir secara waras. Tak kiralah Melayu atau bukan Melayu,kerajaan atau pembangkang,professor atau pengemis. Fikirlah kembali kerugian yang kita semua rakyat Malaysia terpaksa tanggung ekoran peristiwa 13 Mei dulu

    Hendak membina negara seperti apa yang kita nikmati sekarang ini mengambil masa berpuluh tahun sedangkan untuh meruntuhkannya cuma memerlukan berberapa baris ayat berunsur hasutan

    Moga dijauhkan Allah segala persengketaan di antara kita rakyat berbilang kaum


  70. It may be instructional to read the Magick River blog by Antares http://tinyurl.com/o8s46a where he writes, among other things…

    1. “Shortly before his death, the Tunku confided – in a series of intimate interviews with K. Das, former bureau chief of the Far Eastern Economic Review”

    2. “that what happened on May 13, 1969, was really the implementation of a contingency plan”

    3. “The Tengku actually named FIVE individuals who were the key conspirators”

    4. “How did I come by this info? I collaborated with K. Das in 1986 on a book of political quotes and we had a few good conversations over the years.”

    I doubt we can get any closer to the horse’s mouth than this.


  71. Its a pitiful realisation that Malaysia is more than just Malays,chinese & Indians which the majority of people seem to believe in;in fact there are more than seventy-two ethnic minorities in Sabah alone;that is only about bumiputras;and there are hundreds of Chinese dialects;even the Hokkiens have more than adozen sub-divisions;as such we are really a very metropolitan group;and anyone trying to work along racial lines will lose ultimately;its only survival of one Bangsa Malaysia that can truly work out!


  72. YES, we should all vote UMNO! Forget Khir Toyo, forget Rafidah, forget JJ, forget mohdmohd, forget even ali rustam…their party must be held in high esteem places!

    once again everybody, VOTE UMNO cos they made us what we are today!


  73. JMD,

    Below is an excerpt form the blog http://magickriver.blogspot.com/2009/05/no-may-13-no-ketuanan-melayu-reprise.html

    Shortly before his death, the Tunku confided – in a series of intimate interviews with K. Das, former bureau chief of the Far Eastern Economic Review, who was working on the Tunku’s official biography – that what happened on May 13, 1969, was really the implementation of a contingency plan to prevent the political opposition (in this instance the DAP and PAS) from forming a parliamentary majority after the 1969 general election. The Tengku actually named FIVE individuals who were the key conspirators.*

    Your posting only shows what happen on the ground, but what goes on in the background cannot be discerned from the photos.

    All these while , I have the always believed that the May 13 incident is a political plot. Don’t ask me how, but its my sixth sense.


  74. Interesting. Having been born in the 1980s and living in Sarawak, most of what I know about 13569 comes from the print media. I have heard about Tun Razak’s involvement but only as a shady conspiracy theory. I am more inclined to believe that it was in fact sparked by racial riots as that seems to be consistent with the sudden loss of control shown by both sides during the fracas.

    I am normally a silent reader and don’t comment much. The motivation for me to do so this time is Iskandar’s comments. Why in this day and age of you so concerned with who is a “pendatang” and who is not? Is the fact that a (most likely) Hindu runaway prince set up his palace in exile here the only thing you can take pride in today? Would it not be better to channel that focus and energy into something more beneficial like researching cold fusion?

    As I see it, everything people brings up the issue of “pendatang”, I get angry and disappointed. If, after 50 years of Merdeka, we are still obsessed with the “its mine, mine, mine” child mentality, what hope is there for my children? I ask myself this question every so often because, if I am supposed to do the best by my children, is bringing them up in Malaysia the best for them? It is sad, because I love Kuching, where I grew up, and going back to where I came from or somewhere anew feels like chickening out and running away instead of fighting for a better Malaysia.

    To people of Iskandar’s ilk: If you really think the non-Malays are “pendatang”, my proposal is for you all to sit down and quantify the amount of indirect rezeki, as mentioned by Yee Poh Chai, give it to me and I’ll gladly get out of the way and leave you all to do your own thing. I do not want me or my children to be tolerated where we are not wanted. If after 50 years, people like the immediate past MB of Selangor who is a first generation Malaysian born can be exempted from “pendatang” status because of the enshrinement of his rights under the Federal Constitution, why can’t I, a 4th generation born Malaysian, be exempted and accepted as Malaysian too?


  75. You are just another UMNO lackey.

    You pick the sentences that fits your scenarios. Just like UMNO that picks their version of Islam.


  76. JMD

    I pity you amigo.

    The Inferior race + inferior religion you belong to have made you a shallow , racist and a sadly misguided person.

    Eventually you (and your people) will have to kneel before The Cross for your salvation.

    You will be happier if you do it sooner than later.

    God bless.

    Btw was not Hang Jebat(and Hang Tuah) Chinese too?


  77. the smart educated chinese hv been leaving malaysia for other country because of nep, ketuanan melayu etc. ask around and you will find that in every chinese family there are some member residing overseas and do not intent to come back. we do not want our smart chinese but other country are giving offers to them. its a big lost to malaysia. this is such a rich country in such a strategic location on world map but i think we are falling behind. with current unmo/bn govt’s action, we will soon be on par with myanmar. i sincerely pray that all malaysian can work together without discrimination.

    while my heart is with malaysia, i’m also planing to leave malaysia for good for the sake of equal opportunity to my children.


  78. “The Correct View”, what an egoistical person you are. You pretend to know the truth? I am sorry for all these readers who seem to “appreciate” this

    JMD : I do not pretend to know the truth. I only deliver what was known facts at that time. To me, this is the correct way. What more, I did not omit any facts (unlike Kua Kia Soong). I put everything in. So which one is more correct then? Thank you.


  79. JMD I have not written for so long and i know you are a Mahathirite but pls get the facts about him true. Did his father really born in Malaya or India? His father was invited to open the first english school in Kedah. He was then a teacher in Penang Free. Master Mohammad Ali Kutty is noted disciplinarian, I can give more on him but that is enough. I have no problem in him being a Malay as I said in a ‘talk’ attended by Datu Anwar Fazal recently in Penang where i have to rebut a remark made by an attendee which I corrected according to history an anthropology report the Malay Archipelago consist of Malaya, Part of South Thailand East of Cambodia(Champa Malay) South of Philipines and Indonesia(discounting Papua) are considered Malay Land. In fact this land that we live on now(Semananjung) are called Tanah Melayu and to the British these consist of small independent Malay States. I also pointed out for a purist Dato Anwar is not a Malay and so to Tun but to a sociology point of view they can be consired Malays because they embrace Malay culture and religion. This was concurred by Dato Anwar who elaborate futher on Tun lineage. So please meet him and said that he is wrong! I stand corrected!

    JMD :Thank you for the comments. Have you checked your facts?

    From – http://malaysiana1.blogspot.com/2007/09/malayalees-of-penang.html

    “Perhaps, the most famous Malayalee to land in George Town was Iskandar Kutty, a merchant who married a Johor-Riau wife Siti Hawa Iskandar.

    They became the proud parents of Alor Star’s top public school Sultan Abdul Hamid College’s founder-principal and Kedah’s royal educator Datuk Mohamad Iskandar.

    Mohamad was the school teacher of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    He and his wife Datin Wan Tempawan Wan Hanafi from the Kedah Bendahara’s (Prime Minister’s) clan, were the proud parents of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation and fourth Prime Minister.”

    You can counter check with wikipedia on Tun Mahathir. And yes, he also reaffirmed this. Please read Dr Mahathir’s biography as well. And lastly where did you find the name Mohamad Ali Kutty? His father’s name is Mohamad Iskandar.

    However, I do agree with your take on what constitute Tanah Melayu. Thank you.


  80. JMD

    Excellent work and I must say “Bravo & Congratulations” to you for coming out with such comprehensive write up.

    I am of one of many Malaysians who were sickened by the spin the KKS did by authoring his book, which is nothing but a propaganda tool for Pakatan. It is not difficult to see what he was trying to do. He and PR leaders knew that the sentiment among non Muslims was one of anger over a number of issues perceived as unfair to them (religious conversions issues mainly). So the book was written to seize upon these sentiments to further inflame the feeling of anger.

    What angered me most is that the book was widely and openly promoted and was accepted as the truth by many people. It went unchallenged and that gave the book much (undeserved) credibility.

    So I am glad that you have come up with a suitable reply. I just hope that this will be also get published as book and distributed so that Malaysians, especially the younger generations do not grow up believing in such blatant lies that spin masters like Kua.


  81. JMD, we r not interested at what kua has to say. He is just the same like what you are trying to do….so called telling the ‘truth’. He believes in his truth and you believe in your truths. Bottom-line is that we the new generation do not want either of them… his or yours alike….we want a new world filled with peace that are colorless…..instead been reminded by you and Kua. For all we know Kua is only in for the sales of the books. Your findings are taken note. period. Now we need to start a new world without having to discriminate at the back of our minds when we deal with other malaysians. We want to be free of racistic mentality. That’s our freedom we want and we do not want to be reminded of the past of our forefathers. They will carry their own responsibility for what they did or did not do. They have nothing to do with us. We are today and what we do today will be our future and we want to design our future knowing that all men are created equal, men and women free from past’ truths’ which equals to failure.

    JMD : It is good that you do not believe Kua Kia Soong’s book. Thank you.


  82. Dear All,

    Its seems everyone is busy to argue who to blame but what JMD try to write here is merely the fact of what happen. All I can say that It’s not the time for anyone to blame everyone but to acknowledge that the extreme approach that anyone in that time use is wrong.

    Why the Opposition becomes so “over excited” and why the government doesn’t take immediate action to end the issue. No one have the answer as many of the people back then already not with us.

    I would simply say hurling abusive word and using force to gain power is not the issue. I believe JMD try to give the fact to everyone so we all learn that peaceful gathering and through education we can make change not extremism or force of power.

    The country is so beautiful ….. The people are very nice ….. Why we have to engage in confrontation way?

    Live life peaceful!


  83. JMD said;

    “By the way, what the ‘white’ government is doing – ‘gives a lot of financial aid to all Residents, irregardless of race or religion’ is presently the same concept being done by Malaysian government as well. Thank you.”

    I say ;

    my cheque lost in the mail kot.
    sigh org umnooo, org umnooo… nak spin pun jgn la sampai tahap perbodoh kan org

    JMD : Before you want to laugh out loud, let’s look at the statement. He said the Australian government gives a lot of financial aid to all residents, regardless of race and religion.

    Okay, financial aids in the form of business loans, housing loans, personal loans, staff loans for government workers etc.

    We have it here too.

    Untill now, I have never heard the OZ government give cash money freely to its people. In fact, they charge their citizens more than 40% of income tax! If you want to live there, by all means go. Thank you.


  84. Sedara,

    You make reference to newspaper articles. Fair enough that pictures paint a thousand words. Again main stream media in our beloved country are at their usual one side of the story.

    Aren’t we in two different era?

    Epal ke Ciku?

    JMD : I never made reference to newspaper articles here. Where did you get that idea? Re read my articles again. Those articles are from books. Therefore, we can conclude now that your argument is irrelevant. Possibly because you have nothing more to say or rebut my articles. Having an open mind towards the truth is hard to do sometimes. However, I recommend you try it. Thank you.


  85. Both parts of your article seems to be leaning heavily on Tunku’s book as well as the NOC report, both of which are the official version. Didn’t you look up later interviews with the Tunku which he said that Tun Abdul Razak conspired to oust him with some Ultra Right Wingers.

    The British Intelligence the MI5 is also one of the best intelligence service in the world. Surely we have to give them some credit in their declassified reports about the Tun razak conspiracy.

    I can conclude that your articles lack objectivity, is extremely bias and not academic.

    JMD : Have you actually read the book. Can you show me where it says the British spies (MI5) issuing those declassified reports. I may have missed it. If you can;t show me, then who is the biased one here? Thank you.


  86. Before may 13, the killing of UMNo worker is NOT RACIST!! Before 1969, Uncle Sam was heavily involved in Vietnam War, Our good friend President came to Malaysia to garner for support and to put fear about Domino theory – fall of South Vietnam will cause SEAP (ASEAN was called that name) to become commies just before the General Election.

    The Labour Party oppose the visit by President Johnson and some members were killed by the polis when they had a demostration. With the General Election coming, the Labour Party boycott the Election and of course those trying to put up poster gets hantam and unfortunately get killed. Now our Jebat claim it is a racist when he has a racist mind to say the killing is racist.

    JMD : So are you saying that killing people is okay and not racist? What kind of a person are you? Plus, Lyndon Baines Johnson came to Malaysia in 1966, not 1968. What kind of twisting are you doing to our history ?


  87. JMD : Please refer to my 2nd article and the 3rd one (coming soon). By the way, where are the stories to counter this story? Are you saying that communism is good for the country?

    Obviously your assumption that May 13 is a planned genocide came from Kua Kia Soong’s book. I am rebutting it with these articles of mine.


    Dear Jebat,
    I’ll be reading what you wrote in Pt.2 after this.
    For now I’ll reply the above.
    Firstly – when I speak of the stories to counter yours, I speak of involvement of “security personnel” in the planned event. Anyways – if you haven’t read or spoken to those who were faced with it, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that your ignorance is astounding and that you’re still in your comfy ghetto mindset. I’d rather not start out with the diarrhea of hateful stories as you do to enlighten you, as they are all available online and on the streets.

    Secondly, please read my first few lines, before even asking me a silly question like “Are you saying that communism is good for the country?”. I could in return ask you the same by saying that the perpetrators of “state sponsored massacre” is communist in spirit for advocating Mao Zedong’s idea that “Political power comes from the Barrel of a Gun” – without publicly acknowledging it!

    As far as Kua Kia Soong’s book is concerned – allow me to say that it didn’t change my perception one bit. “We” too have eyes, Jebat!
    In fact I had written my take on it long before the book. The picture I had of this shameful event (which Umno and their BN friends happen to speak of with much disgusting pride) was one that I had long before I heard of him or his publication. So it would be best that you lay off the ignorant presumptions.
    Like I said – neither side’s actions are justified in the manner it was carried out! “Rulers” have sworn to protect with their armed personnel, and not commit mass murder!

    Don’t mistake the woods for the trees – it isn’t about who was right or wrong. It’s about acknowledgment of past misdeeds and reconciliation. Nobody pretended to be the apologist for any atrocity committed by anybody – unlike what you imply with these articles. For the nation to transcend this event, one needs to acknowledge the faults of the past, or the very sentiments you deplore would simply be hidden beneath the superficial calm. That is why I do not believe that your highlighting of racial sentiments and faults of certain quarters doesn’t help in the healing process.
    None of the incidents described, warranted atrocities committed upon unarmed civilians going about their daily affairs – by “armed security personnel”. Nevertheless – I appreciate what you wrote, in that that it does give a perspective to the chain of events that transpired.

    The problem here is I speak the language of reconciliation, while you speak that of confrontation. If reconciliation is what your intention here is – then, just as you’ve been industrious in seeking material to play the apologist for the murderers, I’d urge you to seek for material from “the other side”, from a humanitarian perspective- and you’ll find it.
    So once again -Don’t mistake the wood for the trees, Jebat – and you’ll do much better!
    Cheers, mate!


  88. hi jmd

    i guess those who are still alive that witnessed/experienced 1969 event will have their own sets of emotion. similar to how a korean would remember the japanese soldiers torturing them. you just can’t force them to think and feel otherwise.

    well, we should look at the new generations and tell them to forgive and let go and move on as a nation. no matter how you argue over which race slaughtered more, police being bias spraying bullets at chinese, malays being slaughtered by chinese and at the end of the day, all these arguments will fan up hatred. i hope you are not trying to do that !!!

    if your bunch of supporters and the chinese racists are still unsettled over this matter and keep on insisting that i am right and want to take revenge, i suggest you and the rest all take up parang and go to an open field and settle it. don’t get those innocent involved, kay. those who like to fight so much, might as well show your might in the open field. let those who already have moved on to enjoy what is present and future.

    i am sure you can be hang tuah in the battle 🙂


  89. Dear JMD

    Thank you for the trouble to research and write this piece to counter Dr Kua Kia Soong’s version.

    It must have been motivated by your concern that people may be influenced negatively and thereby resulting in undesirable outcomes.

    I believe that you wanted to present another perspective to this black incident and asking readers to conclude based on two rather different conclusions.

    It was to provide a balance to the OTHER.

    Unfortunately many responded with emotions rather than calm reflections.

    History, pleasant or otherwise has a place in today’s world for it provides a context as to where we are heading. There are also lessons learnt which will guide us not to repeat the same mistakes again.

    Sadly, many take it as an instigation and accusation and start hurling abuse.

    Many of us are glad you have written this piece and will look forward to the next ones. Great work, JMD.


  90. I am pleased to see an article of some substance whatever the views. I am presently trying to write a book on critical events that have shaped Malaysian legal history. I was disappointed with Dr Kua Kia Soong’s book ‘Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969’ simply because the so call sources left much to be desired and were not properly corroborated by other independent evidence. I would be glad to see more researched material even if it is in a blog. I have posted some researched findings related to the current Perak Constitutional Crisis at my blog: http://mytwosens.blogspot.com/

    I would be very pleased if anyone can supply me with authentic sources that will help me to research the May 13 incident.


  91. Read Both Parts 1 & 2.

    Nothing new. Other sites and blogs already mentioned.

    You say give the current PM a chance. I say better to let Nik Aziz to be the next PM. At least a clean Muslim. (Anwar not my type and has lots of baggages.)

    All UMNO seniors has plenty of baggages.

    Malaysia will be stuck in this political quagmire for some time to come. Unless election 13 is landslide.

    Most of your views are of no difference to UMNO’s talk. Implementation is selective and subjective. In politics nothing is certain and absolute. Its all strategy to con the public’s wealth ASAP. Everyone trying to be little Napolean.
    Your views are Utopian – Intentionally not be to achieved.

    Accountability$$$$$$Petronas, TNB, EPF. Cukup la…All these old story.

    JMD : Please send me the links of the blogs that had already mentioned whatever I had projected. Regarding NIk Aziz, even he himself is riled with allegations of cronyism when he gave his son in law top position in state owned company. Thank you.


  92. JMD : When Kua Kia Soong incited hatred of the chinese towards the Malays in his book, did you criticised him for that?

    Two wrongs do not make a right. Always remember that .

    JMD : But it still does not make you say he is a hatemonger for inciting the chinese don’t you? Firstly, ‘they put up such a fight’ was taken word for word from Tunku’s book. Were you there during the incident? Were you one of the bystanders? Where is your proof? I have used Tunku’s book as the proof – A book which Kua Kia Soong never rebuked. A book which Kua Kia Soong had used for his reference even. Two wrongs doesn;t make a right. We pray for the lives that had lost. Even to Encik KAssim Omar who was killed by your precious Labour Party members. Thank you.


  93. I’m sure another unjustified 513 would bring Malaysia (read Malay) to its knees what with the easy availability of supplies of road-side bombs and RPGs via overseas sympathisers and finances.


  94. pwcheng…argument anda sama seperti kks..dangkal.

    saya melihat kebanyakan komen daripada pembaca Cina amat menjurus keapda ketakutan menerima fakta sebenar.

    generasi muda selepas merdeka amat malang apabila dokumen rasmi 13 May tidak dikeluarkan keseluruhannya..jika ianya dikeluarkan secara telus dan tidak bersyarat..rasanya golongan muda Cina akan lebih berasa malu dengan tingkah laku generasi 69 dahulu.

    akibat tindakan kerajaan, inilah yang kita dapat..sumbnagan karya KKS yang diedit..penuh tanda tanya dan akhirnya menjadi rujukan soheh generasi muda.

    Baguslah jika JMD nak jilidkan penulisan ini dan pastikan buku ini diletakan sebelah menyebelah dengan buku KKS apabila dipasarkan kelak.


  95. KC, you wrote: ***It is a fact that the Malay army sprayed bullets at the Chinese Theatre killing hundreds of innocent moviegoers***.

    Oh yes? Facts? Facts? You want facts? Can you handle facts? Here’s the version that I had for 4 decades now. This version has been kept in the malay community for quite a while and not once would we want to stir the hornet’s nest by continously harping on it, and here you are freewheelingly saying “it’s a fact ….”.

    On the day previous to the height of the riots when not many people had known the true extent of the racial strife, a malay housewife got bored staying at home and went to watch a movie in a theatre. She was several months pregnant. Her husband, an army soldier had gone for duty. Now in the midst of the show, the movie was stopped, and there was shown on the screen a still frame with some chinese writing on it. Suddenly all the chinese moviegoers stood up and walked out of the cinema and she stayed behind, wondering why everybody had left. Some chinese thugs entered and slew what was left behind. The husband, returning from work, asked for the wife but when she did not appear, inquired around and was told that she had left for the movies. Upon reaching there and found his pregnant wife slain, he just lost it. Lost his marbles, as any loving husband irrespective of any race would. Equipped with his gun, he went and searched for justice and rumour has it that when did the spraying, he was like a mad man. Well just imagine angry Rambo in the Vietnam jungles except this one his skin is a bit melayuish.

    No fire, no smoke brother. Do good to the malays, and you will be rewarded greatly. Do evil to them, and you will be replied with even greater evil. Just that in the case of the malays, do nothing: and yet be replied with free citizenships. That was the mistake, actually.


  96. Fireduck, you said,
    “If Kua’s book seem racist in trying to deflect blame from the Chinese and the communists, then equally racist is your article here which seeks seemingly ‘to rebuke’ his work”

    Have you ever read back what you wrote and notice how ridiculous you sound? You are trying to put JMD’s “rebuke” (sic:- it’s not rebuke but rebut, actually) in the same footing as Kua’s racist thesis just because Jebat wanted to put facts right? Do you know how racist you sound, affirming at all costs you must support the chinese cause/statements no matter how wrong they are? And when you have realized that Kua was indeed wrong, you tried to put the fact corrector on the same denominator of racism that Kua indeed was?

    You further wrote, “As an objective reader, I’d say both of you suffer the same problem. Who actually initiated the NOC? Was it not Razak and/or his regime?”. In several sentences Jebat had already proven and even shown a paper-clipping statement by the Tunku that annulled this statement of yours, and still you repeat this error? Did you not read the article carefully? Or were you, blinded by inherent racism, bulldozed on unthinkingly and thereby missed that very point that negated this?

    And then there’s JoeBuddy who, after realizing at how untruthful Kua’s book is, tries to again put JMD’s rebuttal on the same footing of “who knows the real truh — perhaps we never will”. Sorry Joe, JMD and Tunku’s writings ARE the truth, using quotations and sources which are not selective. Just that the truth may not be liked by some people.

    And here’s one for Shah, Dr Sid and the likes of him, who says “We are all Malaysian da da da da …” Betul ker Mat? That’s because you were too young then, Shah boy, when the following were uttered by our “fellow Malaysians” on May 13th ¬(all taken from the official reported book/newspaper clippings):-

    “Mati Melayu, Sakai Masuk Hutan!”
    “Buang Semua Polis Melayu!”
    “Apa Polis boleh buat – Kita Raja! !”
    “Melayu Keluar – Apa lagi dudok di sini!”
    “Melayu balik kampung!”
    “Melayu tak ada Kuasa lagi – sekarang kita kontrol!”
    “Kuala Lumpur Sekarang China punya!”
    “Semua Melayu Kasi Habis!”
    “Ini negeri bukan Melayu punya”

    Nasib baik those processions missed your father, Shah boy, if not, you had no chance to be born, and that would save you from being this blurry-minded and ungrateful.

    Hahaha, and pwcheng, you again spew error, thereby continuing this franchise of racism even more. Now you already become a CSI expert by looking at bullet holes, but then equipped with the intense spirit of procession way back in M1y 13th then, of course you were ready to conclude on happenings that you didn’t see. Ergo, when you said “I do not know whether Dr Kua Kia Soong distorted his facts, but I am certain you had distorted your facts”, you had then practised of selectively “not knowing whether its false or not” just because Kua conforms to what you wanted to believe, and “I am sure you distort” just because Jebat’s conclusion is not something you want to hear, ignoring the facts and figures he already gave.


  97. Saudara,

    It has been some time since my last visit and i must say that i continue to be impressed with the range and depth of discussion on many important and pertinent topics of interest to Malaysians.

    Thank you for your latest series of articles on the racial riots of May 1969. With due respect to the comments by Sdr. Yee Poh Chai, I disagree with his opinion in categorising the article unnecessary and I wish to recall that the stated intention for the article was specifically to rebut and debunk the claims made by Dr. Kua Kia Soong. I also consider his esteem for the MalaysianInsider article by Lee Wen Lian somewhat misguided. Clearly, that some Malaysian youths are ignorant and see no value in knowing Malaysian history only demonstrates a worrying apathy.

    In my view, the learned doctor’s book represents one of many subtle attempts of historical revisionism actively being pursued and promoted by certain sections of our society pursuing a specific political agenda. I fully agree with you and others that the crux of the issue revolves around society’s perceptions on our identity as Malaysians, and what that entails.

    In my view, the rights, privileges and obligations of all Malaysians are clearly enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Among others, issues which dominate the political agenda then and now, relate to the substantive protection afforded by the Constitution to the majority population, i.e. the Malay community.

    Perhaps the undercurrent not expressed by those who so vehemently oppose,question or condemn your writing is the question ‘What is so special about the Malays that they need to be protected so?’. In this regard, I am of the view that the protection afforded by the Constitution applies equally not only to Malays, but to other communities as well. Such balance in the Constitution is a reflection of the agreed and accepted understanding of the country’s history.

    Coming back to the issue of May 13 1969, while agreeing that it was perhaps the darkest moment in our history as a nation, I sincerely believe that there are parallels between the events that preceded that infamous day to the situation that is currently unfolding in Malaysia. By highlighting those parallels in your article, i do hope that readers could pause and reflect – even for a moment, and in so doing contribute towards avoiding the recurrence of a similar situation.


    When you discussed chauvinism, I completely agree that it is a scourge pervading all communities and societies and that it needs to be addressed. My worry is that over the last few years, certain politicians have taken advantage of the ruling government’s moves to liberalise space for discourse.

    These chauvinists, thinly veiled by self-righteous proclamations on meritocracy, human rights and equality, have wrongly assumed that all aspects of Malaysia’s socio-economic and political foundations are up for negotiation. Unfortunately, these personalities are lent a certain degree of credibility by a cadre of intellectuals propounding ultra-liberal leanings, an appalling appreciation of national history and perhaps worst of all, a thoroughly muddled view of national priorities and values.

    Being born in the late 70’s, and having grown up in the 80’s and early 90’s, I truly believe that back then, Malaysia saw and knew little of racial politics or polarisation. Perhaps at that time people were more focused on working for a better life, as opposed to now when many of us have perhaps achieved that life. It has been said that complacency breeds contempt and in this context, i.e. in our new found comfort and security, some of us have found it is easier to criticise rather than empathise.

    There are also many among us who either conveniently forget or blithely refuse to acknowledge the role that the government and its policies have silently played behind the scenes to create the enabling conditions to ensure that we achieve the life that we dreamt of. Here, I would emphasise the importance to distinguish between the government and the politicians.

    The above should be understood as not condoning the boorish and loutish behaviour of politicians, as grossly displayed in the recent Perak episode. What i find extremely disturbing is the now apparently accepted standard of running down national institutions, including the judiciary, police and the civil servants. As the latter two are comprised primarily of Malays, would it be chauvinistic to suggest that such attempts are motivated by racist interests?

    Not to nitpick, but to be perfectly frank, as a non-Chinese/Mandarin speaker, i feel truly offended browsing through the jobs/appointments section of the local newspapers only to find that an overwhelming number of employers insist that jobseekers speak Chinese/Mandarin.

    Looking at the larger political scenario, the implications are clear. Against united non-malay communities, and given the geographical distribution among the population, the politically divided malays stand little chance of wielding substantive political influence. Coupled with what little economic clout it possesses, it appears that as a community, today’s Malays seem destined to live their lives beholden to others.

    Some progressive minded malays sincerely believe that now is the time to lose the so-called shackles of the NEP and its successor policies, dengan alasan mahu ‘berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah’. For me, to view the NEP and its successor policies as shackles or crutches is akin to missing the forest for the trees. It is worth recalling that the operative principle for those policies is justice as opposed to equality, and i for one would choose the former over the latter every single time.

    To my mind, the NEP and related policies would truly be racist were it to insist on distribution proportionate to numerical composition of the races. Given that all parties acknowledge that the target for Bumiputra participation / equity stands at 30 percent, the question that comes to mind is how much more do the malcontents expect over and above the remaining 70 percent?

    Being Malaysian should among others, include acceptance, appreciation and understanding of our diversity and the peculiar twists of fate and history which have brought us to where we are today.

    In reality, Malaysia is looked up to and envied by many other developing countries as a model worth emulating, as much as for our impressive economic development as well as the way in which we have harnessed diversity as a source of strength while maintaining unity. This does not imply that we should be content and not strive to make further gains and improvements.

    Sadly, i believe that these truly significant gains are being slowly and systematically eroded by irresponsible and reckless politicians, some of whom have blatantly provoked racial and religious sentiments in a way calculated to incite hatred and drive deeper wedges between our communities.

    I await your concluding article to the series and i wish you well.


    • JR, if you start thinking and realising that your great-great……-grandfather was an alim Hindu, and that Jawanese have different roots from Melayu, you may very well find peace at last with your hang-up about race in Malaysia.


      • Brother,

        My ancestry is actually orang asli semenanjung on my dad’s side and siamese-malay on my mother’s.

        Having gone through the national school system and having competed with fellow Malaysians while at university abroad – without the benefit of government scholarship or loan – I believe I have no hang-ups about race and am quite at peace with myself knowing this.

        Perhaps saudara, you missed the point JMD tried to convey on why it is apparently acceptable for some to be racist and not others. I concur with his view that racism is unacceptable in any case. So the question is do you?


        • Saudara JR, no matter how angry you are, no race deserves to be slaughtered particularly when the victims are defenseless against guns. 513 was not a civil war!

          JMD : Please read the final part of this article. Thank you.


  98. JMD,

    For your next article can you write on the public forum held at the Dewan MBPJ. I wasnt fortunate enough to attend and I think most of your readers werent able to attend as well.

    Would have to love to see how Dollah Kok Lanas standing up to rest of the Pakatan gang…or did he?

    JMD : I do not have the information regarding the forum. If you have any, please provide me with the link. Thank you 🙂


  99. Interesting article….more interesting comments….

    My opinion la about this… nobody really know what is the truth about 13 May 1969 except for the “rioter” and its victim. Even the government then pun might not be able to tell us what actually happened etc….

    What everybody have are only records of sequence of events etc… mostly even the writer pun not really being truthful as everyone have different agenda (be it the FEER reporter, our then govt etc).

    So, because it is almost impossible to tell who right and who wrong, just give chance to JMD to say what he want to say about this issue and about what that Dr Kua said in the book. Everybody entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like it, just stop reading the blog. JMD will not die in hunger if you stop reading his blog. That’s what I did when i read Dr Kua’s book. It is so obvious that the book is one-sided. When I say one-sided, it is not intended for any races but more to the govt and the opposition.

    But, Dr Kua action is understandable as he is a member of DAP. That’s the reason why it was done that way.

    For the people who been chanting racist remarks then talk about equality malaysia… I think you should consider move away from Malaysia. Without you, 1Malaysia is very possible.

    What I can’t tolerate is that people making extreme comments about Malaysia but still live, work etc in Malaysia. Some even say other country, eg Australia way better in the of equality. I studied in Australia for the whole 3 years and never come back to Malaysia until I graduated. I’ve seen how “white equality” works. The “Abo” or similar to our orang asli are not given equal rights and benefits as a citizen. Their land were taken by govt as and when the govt wishes.

    The Asian in Australia…also face racist remarks especially when you to the rural areas….I did kena before when i delivered pizza to a customer house….one of my malay female friend, got throw rotten eggs while walking to the uni….and this uni is in the city, third largest in australia…

    I always dream with my wife to move back to Australia. Just because we like Australia and not because we hate Malaysia. Nothing compared to Malaysia.

    I really hate the comments in this blog putting down the country as if we’re at war. There’s no perfect country in the worl. There’s no perfect government in the world. There’s no same kind of government in the world. Everyone is different…in malaysia, we celebrate the differences in harmony…THAT MAKE US MALAYSIA A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!

    JMD : The NOC White paper report is the official report about May 13. Please read it if you found one. Thank you.


    • Equality based on merits, yes! Inequality based on race, No! Because it’s against humanity! And within the meritocracy system, the belief in humanity shall intervene to level up the under-priviledge class irrespective of race and creed to afford them the tool and opportunity to live a life they wish.

      That’s the Singapura way!


      • [Abangcina

        Equality based on merits, yes! Inequality based on race, No! Because it’s against humanity! And within the meritocracy system, the belief in humanity shall intervene to level up the under-priviledge class irrespective of race and creed to afford them the tool and opportunity to live a life they wish.

        That’s the Singapura way!]

        hey abang cina…are you any chance a chinese working in singapore ? It seems that you have been seduced by the sweet words over there…1st if all it’s not the Singapura way, it’s the Lee’s dynasty way…Meritocracy is a cliche in that little island…

        The blog writer is trying to state the facts regarding 13 May 1969 and here you are blabbering about meritocracy..against humanity …underpriviledge class & blah blah blah…Are you thick in the skull or just want to give us a sermon about meritocracy that you learned from the island over there ? The blog topic has nothing to do with whatever political emotions that you have…Get that in your thick skull !!!!

        Whether you agree or disagree to the facts, pls give the constructive criticism not some recycled lightning brand sermon here…Thank You


        • Hey Joe, fact is one thing, and interpretation of facts and subsequent reactions is another. If you think you can monopolise the thoughts of others by GUNS, others will reply with BIGGER GUNS like in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

          The lesson to be learnt from 513 after 40 years is still the EQUALITY OF RACE!

          JMD : If you want equality of race, please start by signing the petition here. Jangan malu malu. Thank you.


  100. pk of may 14, 11:55 am said:-

    “while my heart is with malaysia, i’m also planing to leave malaysia for good for the sake of equal opportunity to my children.”

    Oh believe me when I say you have reduced me to tears over this declaration of yours … tears of happiness. Errmmm.. also… on your way out, why don’t you go ahead and claim some prizes for doing so, at the site below? You know, air fares nowadays are quite expensive:



  101. Dear Apocryphalist

    I read your comment and click on the link that you gave. It is nostalgic to me and it was hilarious. The comentors then were brilliant, full of confident and very blunt. Where are you now? i didnt realise how much I miss your comments. Have you all become Knighted? Now comentors of non-malays, start drifting in here and start writing and commenting to such an extent they lower the standard of this blog. Sometimes Tuan JMD has to explain the same thing to them eleborately many many times. Still they cannot understand, let alone accept the fact. It is getting boring sometimes.



  102. Just want to share a FACT here.

    A book is written before a writer opinion on anything. The opinions and conclusions made in the book remain with the writer and the writer alone. It does not belong to the reader. This is a fact and nobody can change!

    As a reader, we should be matured enough understand this. You read the book and you yourself made the conclusion. Don’t blame the writer, please.

    This is free world. Anyone can express his opinion, just like what you are doing now. And then he decided to write a book and make some economic benefits. So what?

    What we should tell and educate is the reader what is the FACT which is “A book remains an opinion of the writer!” period

    It is the responsible of the READER to understand this point. Don’t blame the writer!

    Anyway, I like what you have wrote above and I must this that it is well written.


    JMD : You have not told us your opinion about the book itself. After reading my articles and re-reading his book, what do you think about it, and what do you think about the whole May 13 episode.


  103. Thank you for your reply JMD, I thought it never will be publish. As for Tun lineage I have no problem with him declaring himself a Malay but as purist he is still Indian if we follow the paternal bloodline. Where did I got Mohammad Ali Kutty name?, well from an article in a Newspaper Watan if I’m not mistaken before the operasi lalang where it was one of the papers that got herself close.

    As I said I stand corrected but may I add many Indian traders that came to Malaya would bring their wives along. They would marry a local malay wife when they were in Malaya but the first wife remain married to them.

    Please check Barkath Store ancestry whose family I know personally. As I said i stand corrected if I’m wrong forgive me but I have reservation. The link you gave also make mistake especially on Sultan of Malacca lineage as he purposely delated Paresmewara Dewa Shah as the ruler after Paresmewara who converted.

    But again we Malays should be proud of Tun and is nothing wrong declaring him a Malay. By the way I always know Dr Kua Kia Song is bias but I never got the chance to be present during his talk if not i would open my mouth.

    JMD : After commenting a few times here, you still think I will never publish your comments? What is wrong with you?

    By the way, the link I gave you did not discuss the lineage of Melaka Sultans. Therefore, I am baffled why did you suddenly came about with that statement. Are you sure you went to the same link I gave you?

    Another thing, if you say we should follow our paternal bloodline, that means, even Mukhriz, whose mother is malay is considered indian? How about Mukriz’s children? Are they indians too even though Mukriz married a Malay? How about their grandchildren? All indians? So you contended that we can call Tun a Malay, his family and his descendants as Malays. But they are all indians at the same time? I am confused.

    Yes, I agree with you when you said he is a Malay. So why the fuss all of the sudden?

    Thank you.


  104. Since you are determined to regard Mahathir is a Malay here is a snippet from a blog which say otherwise
    “One cannot cavalierly discard ideological stance for expediency even though the uber political opportunist Dr Mahathir did just that – he has yet to publicly deny the allegation that during his student days at the King Edward VII Medical College in Singapore in the late 1940s, his race was registered as ‘Indian’.”
    The blog in question here http://english.cpiasia.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1492:mahathir-merajuk-let-them-eat-silicon-chips&catid=198:helen-ang&Itemid=156 Happy Reading. By the way FYI I am acquinted with Haji Dzul anak Aewah Pak Mashor who I have met. I am well known by the Grand Nephews of Tok Det anak Arwah Nasir anak Pak Mashor who met his demise in Bangsar when his car turn turtle. Both husband and wife died and the sons is taken care of YM Raja Malik Pekida Bendahari whose wife is the sister of the wife of Nasir. She also happen to be the sister of Datuk Anwaruddin my senior in school and now working for Datuk Rahmat who is said to be the former dispenser of Maha Clinic and now married to Pak Mashor’s daughter. That is mamak for you. So I can search and search what for? Don’t try to cucuk the hornet nest you can ask RM who am I and pls do!

    JMD : Again I am quite amused and confused with your topsy turvy comments. And you rely your whole thesis that Mahathir is an indian through a conjecture on that article? It was just a one liner. And above all, that article itself was debunked by your goodself in your previous comments where you yourself adjudged that Mahathir is a Malay!

    And then, you continue to ramble about your associations with people I really do not care about. What is the point in all that? Cucuk the hornet’s nest? What on earth are you trying to say here? At one point, you said Tun is Malay which I agreed with you. But here, you criticise me for saying he is Malay? This is indeed had been a surreal session… 🙂

    p.s: I find it boring to discuss about one’s ancestry. If someone says he is a Malay, so be it. If someone says he is a chinese, so be it. In the overall grand of schemes, all these people are Malaysians. To antagonise and belittle’s someone else’s race is very racist in nature. That is why, I do not agree with the notion of condescendingly calling people mamak or jawa as if their own race is superior than other people. And this applies to the Malays as well.


  105. Just before May 13, I am sure the older generation will be able to remember what Tunku Abdul Raahman said which partly caused the brimstone and fire that rained on in KL. He also acted like an insane and in front of the media mentioned, “an eye for an eye” after the death of a Malay man.

    Such message is just as good as telling the Malays to take revenge.

    JMD : Thank you for this unsubstantiated story. Even Kua Kia Soong did not state this in his book.


    • pwcheng

      “an eye for an eye”. did tengku say that? Alhamdullilah I took back some of my comments before.



  106. After years living here, the Chinese still don’t want to assimilate. At the same time, they complain that they are being victimised. How can one live in a host country without making any effort to assimilate?


  107. Based on majority of comments here, I can stipulate that they are mostly from the chinese.

    Most can’t agree on the facts lay by JMD.

    But they also don’t want to disagree with KKS book either.

    And the sad thing is, KKS book is a lie of the highest degree.

    Really they are poisoned with PR’s antics…

    What to do?

    JMD : The racist and the chauvinistic among them could not accept these articles. They had put high hopes on Kua Kia Soong’s version of the story to ridicule the Malays since 2007. A pity really. Thank you.


    • jmd

      how come you always equate the chinese as being racist and chauvinistic? how you ever thought for a moment that both sides have racists and chauvinists too? those who shout ketuanan melayu, aren’t they racists and chauvinists?

      i don’t recall you making a statement “the malays too in some numbers are racists”.

      it’s always the chinese, the chinese, the chinese fault. how about malays who read KKS’s book and they are also of the opinion it could be the malays who started it? are you going to label them derhaka or racists?

      i guess in order for UMNO to buy back malays vote, they will by all means kill racial harmony and if someone has to be sacrificed, so be it as long as UMNO reign.

      i am sad that UMNO continue to do that but i am even sadder that the rest of the components within BN are not stopping UMNO to do so.

      i sincerely hope you are not tasked by UMNO to be the one to kill racial harmony nor you are full with hatred against the chinese. and i hope your family members in anyway a victim of May 13 killed by the chinese.

      JMD : I never equate all chinese as racist and chauvinists. Are you feeling the heat my friend? Please read all four articles. The rest of your comments are irrelevant because obviously you had not read the book. Your contention that Umno will resort to kill racial harmony and willing to make bloody sacrifices show how racist you are. Why are you equating the Malays as bloodthirsty and power hungry? If that is the case, there will be less non Malays these days and none of them can be in the ruling government. Before you ask me whether I am tasked by Umno whatsoever and hoped that my family were victims of May 13, please look in the mirror. You may found a racist anti malay staring back at you. Thank you.


      • JMD

        when i look at the mirror, i definitely think about how UMNO is so all mighty and powerful brainwashing people to hate the non-malays. and i will occasionally think about you how you think most chinese are racist except for yourself.

        isn’t BTN part of government propaganda tool to do that? unless you agree with the nobility of BTN.

        yes, everything is started by DAP and PAP. UMNO is no wrong at all in that episode. Is it justified for UMNO to beget violence for violence?

        so it’s wrong as you claimed that DAP started it, and the UMNO is merely retaliating. but UMNO is not wrong at all as it is being provoked. can i come over to slap you when i tell you i am offended by you and your article? doesn’t make sense, right?

        can i go and take a baseball bat and go to UMNO HQ and bash them up as i felt being bullied by UMNO?

        if your justification of retaliation is no sin, then you should avail yourself to be bashed up by ppl offended by you 🙂

        JMD : When you look in the mirror you cannot see yourself but you see other people instead? That’s nice. No wonder you are so paranoid and delusional. Which part of my articles here that I said ‘most chinese are racist’?
        Friend, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Do not speak of something that is not there. That is call lying.
        In fact, the book had distorted history and tried to create hate among the non Malays towards the Malays. I had presented the facts in all 4 articles. Please show me evidence to proof otherwise.
        Friend, this article will not offend anyone except those who are feeling the heat. Of course it is not justifiable for you to slap me because I do not provoke anyone (unless they are the racist people that I mentioned in these articles). Certainly I never insulted anyone using the very same phrases that the racist opposition followers were throwing at the Malays on the streets of KL in 1969.

        You are equating the words ‘bully’ and simple provocation with such vile words documented in 1969? You are too delusional my friend. Just accept the facts and continue on with life knowing that our social harmony is precious. Insulting other people like the one that happened in 1969 is not a good thing to do. Can we agree on this?

        Imagine the comments posted by this poor soul called AbangCina in part 3 and 4. Imagine 14,000 of them chanting much worse insults and showing their genitals to the Malays on the streets in 1969. On top of that, two weeks earlier, some of them killed an innocent Malay in a cold hearted murder.

        Friend, I will get more than a slap if I were to do the same to you.

        Go read these articles in totality. Do not be lazy. Click the relevant pictures and zoom it if you have too.


  108. Nope it was you who started it in your comment. I just elaborate it.

    To this commentator called Iskandar, and I guess a Malay like Mahathir did not come from India i guess.

    Also, Zambry probably did not turn up from India too!

    JMD : To whom it may concern, why are you suddenly questioning people’s roots? Mahathir is a downright Malay. You are saying as if he just migrated from India in the 40’s when in fact, even his father was born here in Malaysia. Sure, he has a quarter of Indian blood in his veins. But why the fuss? You are saying as if, all Malays in Malaysia just migrated from Indonesia barely 50 years ago. If that is the case, then what happened to all the Malays who had lived here long before the rise of Melaka Sultanate? What happened to their descendants? Yes, they are here. Mahathir’s mother was a Malay. That is sufficient enough not to call him an Indian mamak.

    Iskandar’s response was unfortunate. But he is stating a fact. He could have worded it better. Nevertheless, there are some non Malays who continued to hurl insults as soon as this post was published too. But you are right. Everyone IS Malaysian by now. But what deter everyone from coming together is some mischievous minority trying very hard to be segregated from achieving social harmony. Just like what TAR wrote in my previous article here.

    This article about May 13 is not yet finished. Please wait for the next one too. Thank you very much.

    So next time don’t as PCK says play! play! What is a Mamak or Jawi Peranakan go then to winstetd pls! Famous Mamak will include the traitor Munsyi Abdullah, Tun Ali the Bendahara who force Sultan Mansor to divorce his wife Tun Fatimah the Sister of Tun Perak so he can marry her before he retires as a Bendahara. (A covert er of someone’s wife, dilaknat oleh Allah) Tun Mutahir his son the last Bendahara of Malacca yhus was responsible for the fall of the Malay Empire and last not least Tun Mahathir the destroyer of UMNO!

    JMD : Have a read in the 2nd article. A valid, thoughtful question like this will be given an utmost priority in my 3rd article too. I know where it came from (from article written by Tunku in 1985). The Home Minister at that time was Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie. We shall discuss about this issue next. Thank you Dom.

    By the way Ghazali was not the Minister at that time he join the cabinet in 1970.

    JMD : So, can we now conclude that Tun Mahathir is indeed a Malay (based on the definition in the Constitution?)
    I stand corrected on the Home Minister. Tun Razak was the home minister at that time. Ghazali became the home minister in 1973. Thank you.


  109. JMD
    An “eye for an eye” is what the Tunku said. Hope, go check on the archives of some of the media (if they still have it) that was published one or two weeks before May 13

    JMD : Good sir, why don’t you search the archives and publish it in your blog instead. I am curious to know too. That will strengthen your claim that Tunku said those words. Thank you.


  110. To Tgk A. Let me enlighten you on ‘assimilate’.

    As a Malaysian Chinese Muslim who has read the Quran, gone to Haj and Umrah….the Malaysian UMNO Islamic laws and business ethics are full of biasness and prejudices.

    E.g. Petronas will automatically reject your contractors licence when you state that you have Muslim Chinese or Muslim Indians as your staff.

    TNB will reserve projects only for the Malays and without the need to tender.

    PKK licence. Your company qualifies to upgrade its licence but they wont allow it. Even your file in PKK office is color coded to differ from the Malays.

    Your article, KKS and others a like has truth and errors in them.

    Imagine Malaysian is Malay only. You will still have UMNO buggers abusing the system. Just like China Tienanmen Square killings. So, the Chinese, Indians and others in Malaysia are just sounding boards. The fall guys.

    All sides have done lots of wrong and injustice throughout the years.

    Finally all will assimilate in the grave where ‘equality’ prevails day and night.

    (Hang Jebat was right, so was Hang Tuah…the Syaitan Raja was the evil one.)

    Its always at the pyramid top that stinks, from then till now and forever. So much for Homo Sapien Sapien.

    JMD : Petronas will reject contractors license if they have Muslim chinese or muslim indians as their staff? Hilarious.


  111. JMD

    As Permanent Resident Australian let me tell you and ALL OTHERS what the white Australian government gives to me and my family.

    Direct bank-in cash financial aid for my kids and wife. Without FAIL every 14 days Aud500.00 (Equivalent Ringgit 1,400) When they reach high school kids get more perks.

    Yes, Taxes are high but are accounted for. $50 dollars here can buy more meat and vege than in Malaysia. You will be very very surprised.

    Rebates for First Home buyers, LPG car, Solar, Ceiling Insulation, Water Tanks, Doctor visits, Medicine and others. If you are Citizen even more assistance.

    Internet Broadband here signal very strong. Unlike Telekom Malaysia broadband selalu line down. Why????

    Malaysian government don’t have the Rakyats well being and future at heart. Its all Napoleon attitude. Either my way or the highway. The same old story year in year out.

    JMD : No wonder you are grateful to the white Australian government. They give you subsidies. It seems that subsidy mentality are no longer fall under the realm of the Malays! 🙂 Did the people who left Malaysia went to Australia because they could milk more money from that government? Obviously with near 50% tax rate, Australian government can afford to give money to its people. That is their approach. Even a newly acquired PR status entails you to receive monthly stipend while waiting for work.

    I do not think Malaysian government should run on welfare for those who do not need it. As for the rebates, we do have them in the form of our tax deductions. And what is the correlation of broadband signals got to do with a Malaysian racist policy you mentioned in your original comment? Thank you.


  112. I dare you to list all my numerous written comments so far.

    You don’t have to think for other Malays, as not all Malays think along the same line as you do.

    It saddens me still to see Malays growing tembakau leaves in Kelantan and Terengganu.

    Malaysians ‘mental health’ still has far to grow and improve.

    JMD : Wow, what a chauvinistic attitude. You’re the one migrated to Australia, but here you told me not to think for other Malays because not all Malays think along the same line as I do. I don’t deny that. They are many Malays who do not share my opinion. But as an Australian citizen, you are telling me not to think/write any of my opinion regarding Malaysian socio-political situation?

    Thank you and have a good day mate!


  113. To build on my previous point:

    You do have responsibility over what you say. If you are a politician and said something stupid, you must accept that the consequence would be that you might not get reelected.

    My point is, the consequences themselves must be lawful. Getting beaten up because of what you said is not acceptable.

    You use the death sentence against murderers and drug dealers because they are deemed appropriate.

    Is it then appropriate to use violence against insult?


    Because the words themselves do not injure you physically.

    But then restricting speech that may beget violence itself is favouring the person who will commit the violence.

    It’s like someone saying, “kalau kau cakap lagi pasal tu, aku pukul kau”, and then enacting a law that protects that person who threatened violence against someone merely because he says something which does not physically injure the threatener.

    As an East Sabahan who’ve been called all sorts of names, and a Christian who’ve had his religion insulted in Mara boarding schools, I KNOW how it feels like.

    But I will stand by the right of all those people who’ve insulted my religion, for they have the complete right to do so. But I DO NOT have the right to respond with violence, but mrely the right to respond with words.


    JMD : Do not worry oster you are not alone. I myself knows what it feels like to be the insulted for being a Muslim. Your comment about insult do not beget violence is valid. But let me ask you this, were those insults back then justifiable? What kind of person do you think who could utter such words? Do you think they had hoped that the Malays would not feel infuriated by those insults? By the way, have a read on the 4th part of this article. The riot started in Setapak when the Malays were attacked on the way to Kampung Baru. In this case, it was violence begets violence. Thank you.


  114. I don’t care what people want to say and respond towards your article. But to be frank, I have to say you have done very good job and I am very proud of your work and would prefer to ask you to keep it up with your work!
    Well Done Mate!

    To the other readers (also for ‘the readers-to-be’ in future), JMD is just a normal guy who is willing to spare his own time to read the book written by Dr Kua and also sharing his time to give his own view and personal response. If we can say that is a right or freedom to speak/voice out/write freely for Dr. Kua to sell his thought in his book, what is the matter if this guy want to share his opinions as well … and for free okay? … maybe you can say you have got your own right to respond to his (JMD) article, but you know what I dont give a shit …. To me the level of intelligence in this article is quite acceptable …. so if you dont really like it, bog off and set up your own blog! or .. just be cool then.

    I am not the government arsehole or the hypocrites of the Opposition (PKR, DAP, PAS or what so ever). As Malaysian, We always like to blame people and finding their mistakes. Furthermore, maybe we think that we can do much better to be the King of Malaysia. But yet, on the other hand, our own life is not that great either, and our own achievement is also not proven and we still hail our blaming culture and yet we dont really want to walk the talk …. sembang je la kat kedai kopi!

    Anyone can voice out what they want, its up to us really to filter it and take the good side of it … leave the bad ones. Should we not try to learn from the past, I am just afraid we are going to repeat the bloody mistakes… again in future …

    JMD, as I said you will get my support for sharing your knowledge and opinions. Maybe in future, I might not agree with you on certain things but hey what the hack … so far so good matey!

    Zaire, Birmingham

    p/s: I do enjoy the reading …..


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  116. What a fruitful argument..

    I believe I’m the youngest reader here (if I were to bank on the comment). I was born 14 years long after the gory catastrophe. So I have no idea what triggered it and what really happened on that day. The only piece of information that I got was during my History class (despite from my parents). However, there’s nothing much that I could gain from the class (and my parents as well).

    It’s puzzled me for quite some time until I recently read your article on it. Though before this I tried to scrutinize many writing pieces about this occasion, they didn’t satisfy me and made me want to probe it further so that I can gain better insights.

    I’m so fortunate when a doctor at my institution sent me an email regarding this issue. Kudos for your great job. Like others, I wish you can publish your writing piece so that our young generations will acknowledge this matter and learn something from it.


  117. JMD,

    Thank you so much. Really do appreciate your effort and time. For those who dont’ like it, so what’s new, I dont expect much from this other race anyway. Nothing much has changed since then has it? Doesn’t matter what you do really. It’s the skin color la. They worship anything * whiter* than yellow. What is amazing is people like this Luv immigrant coming back to tell about his life in OZ. Sincerely now, happy that they’re doing well and if they can now just Shhussh….STAY AWAY. Forget about us la why bother to come in and give your silly comments. Should instead go help your other brothers migrate over. Will pretend we dont know whats really going on down there in OZ and instead praying hard that the OZ govt will open the floodgates and welcome you guys with open arms.



  118. LM,

    When that shitful guy Luv glorified OZ because they gave him subsidies and then compared it with Malaysia which do not do so, his effort in trying to demonise and belittle Malaysia backfired because – it made him look like a beggar instead.

    Or worse, like a dog who wags its tail everytime its master gives him a bone. If push comes to shove, not only glorify, this Luv Dog would just lick anything, and I mean ANYTHING, if you give him a tad more than just a bone.

    Followers of the Kua Kia Soong lies should be embarassed that a person such as this uses the kinds of arguments he gave to pursue their cause. It makes me … eeuuww… geli geli!


  119. I disagree with this article because what happen was the fault of both sides and somehow it turn out better for the Muslims. Al Hamdulillah. The opposition then is different now. When you rule for 50 years and the last 15 years Malaysia had become wealthy comparing to most ASEAN nations. So corruption seeps in, including huge abuses and arrogance start to become order of the day. When you are strong you should be magnanimous to a point. Look at Nigeria. But the problem is not policy of NEP but why don’t we Insaf if we have done something wrong. It’s useless to say or do all the good things but sweep all the wrongs that we as Wakil Rakyat has done under the carpet hoping for the people to forget it and use all the government instrument by abusing it to enforce this belief. This goes for anyone more so very much more so for those in power. We can say this has affect many Malays in the government. In the end who loses? We cannot choose good leaders if we are not good enough i.e. we differentiate who is the better person. 1st choose some on his capability then his integrity
    it’s not that easy but huge bungalows and expensive cars can give better pictures. We must keep the politician on their toes even when we are so certain but they will be more careful. The press must play ethical role. Amin Salam.


  120. Enlighten and perfect. Kudos. You should make it as a book! Put it next to Kua’s book.

    I still believe there are Chinese who still loves the country and uphold the Rukun Negara principles.


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  122. My father, a Sarawakian student having just arrived to attend university, was there a few days before the riot happened.
    He confirmed that the riot happened not without provocation.
    He and his friends, out to buy provisions in town just a mere 3 days before the riot were called ‘pigs’ and told to go ‘balik kampung’ by Chinese victory paraders. It was at the time, a very confusing and infuriating incident for them.
    Thanks for sticking up to the truth in face of manipulation of facts by people with selfish interests.

    I second everyone who had said this already: Write a book to refute all these lies! The younger generation need to know the real truth.


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  124. Appeal to establish a royal commission to probe on the incident.

    Enough said.

    JMD : There was one set up right after the incident happened and a white paper was tabled in the Parliament then. Please read it. Thank you.


  125. Which one is it? Is it the NOC Report?

    Mind if you send me any link or soft copy?


    Take care.

    JMD : Will be in the mail soonest possible.


  126. where is the NOC report???

    Could be better if ya just upload it at your site?

    I hate waiting. . .

    JMD : Sent already. Your welcome.


  127. yeah thx.

    I read both the NOC and the book by Tunku Abdul Rahman,13 May Before and After.

    I found a contradicting point which is at NOC page 36, and the Tunku’s book at page 69.

    NOC claim the opposition did not apologize, while the Tunku’s book claim Dr. Tan Cheen Koon did apologize for the behavior of his supporter during the parade.

    So….which is true? How do we take these into reference since two of this book is contradicting?

    Thank you.

    JMD : Hhmm.. this is rich. You only found ONE contradicting point between those two books and you lament how on earth can you reconcile them as these two WHOLE books are now contradicting to each other?

    Dear Xfgv, the NOC page 36 reported that on the 11th and the 12th of May, 1969, the opposition held victory rallies of which, during these such rallies, none of the opposition leaders had retrained or denounced the behaviour of their supporters. Which is true.

    And in Tunku’s book on page 80 (not 69 as you had wrote above), the Tunku said that only on May 13th did Tan Chee Koon of Gerakan apologised for his party’s behaviour. DAP meanwhile never apologised till this day.

    Hopefully this will clarify matters.

    By the way, I do hope you have found a lot of revelations when you read this article, those two books, and Kua Kia Soong’s book. Remember, this article is purely written to debunk those three points that Kua Kia Soong was trying to make:

    1) Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat from Tunku Abdul Rahman

    2) Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youths to spontaneously launched an unprovoked attack towards the chinese people

    3) The racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movement

    Thank you.


  128. Jebat,

    Need to confirm the actual time the riots broke out? The NOC report says between 6.45 to 7.00 pm,but i am pretty sure it started earlier.say between 3.00 to 4.00 pm.
    And it actually started in a cinema when a group of armed men disrupted a movie,sorted out its patrons by race,then sliced and hacked them to death.

    JMD : From where did you get the information that the riot broke out as early as 3pm? And was it verified that the armed men sorted out the movie goers and hack them to death? Sounds a bit loopy. Thank you.


  129. The time of the riot is mentioned in wikipedia (the Bahasa Malaysia version):it states that 2 motorcyclist passing thru’ Kg.Baru were beheaded at 4.00pm.

    The cinema incident was related to me by my friend’s brother,who was 20 years old then.The story is-it was late afternoon midway thru a movie when the screen suddenly went black and everyone was told to vacate the cinema.

    There was a group of men ( about 20 )armed with machetes who ordered people of a certain ethnic group to stand on one side and let the rest(including my friends bro) leave unscathed..the rest is history.

    JMD : Please do not believe anything that is in Wikipedia. That particular incident was (4 pm) not even referred to with any viable and verified reports.

    Please read the rest of the series (part one to four). Also please read Tunku’s book – Sebelum dan Selepas 13 mei and the books by JJ Raj and Yuen Yuet Leng.

    Thank you


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  131. I was living in Kay El at the time.In general the Malays were humble,decent lot who wouldn’t disturb anyone.The Chinese were generally self-centered,rich and arrogant.

    I suppose winning a few extra seats made them even more arrogant and this gave them a sense of ‘control’.

    It came as no surprise when a few angry kampung people bandied together to bring these people down to earth.


  132. Don Juan,
    Here we go again…statements made by people like you continue to pollute the cyberspace.So it is okay do kill some people because they are allegedly rich and arrogant ??

    I witnessed the carnage first-hand,in fact i was trying my best to save whoever i could.Let me share with you what i experienced.

    On the 1st day,a mob of Malays with headbands and long parangs were chopping anybody that looked Chinese;children,women,elderly in Chow Kit/Batu Road.

    Then the Chinese with long parangs broke into cinemas and chopped anybody that looked Malay:children,women,elderly.

    Be real man,there is no innocent or guilty party when people start behaving like this.


    • There’s a similar story going around that in a cinema, Chinese words appeared on the screen. Chinese viewers went up and left the cinema, leaving the Malays puzzled as to what’s going on. Then a gang of Chinese thugs came in and massacred the Malays that was left behind.

      Then an army guy, pissed because his pregnant wife was also one that was killed in that massacre, took his gun and started going amok.

      (though to be honest, can anyone blame him?)


  133. Like to dedicate today to the unfortunate victims of the tragedy;regardless of race and creed.May we continue in our quest to look forward and denounce any elements that try to create discord and disharmony amongst our beloved fellow Malaysians.Hidup Malaysia.


  134. Hi JMD,
    I was a toddler when the riots broke-out.Dad was attached to GHKL then.Even he didn’t witness the killing,he only heard stories.In my school days i have asked people who had witnessed the riots,i heard so many versions ,many of which i doubt.Here are some of what i’ve heard,hope you can verify them:-

    1)The actual number of deaths were unaccounted for because many bodies were dumped into the Klang river,which allegedly turned red for many days.

    2)Majority of people killed on the 1st day were women and children.

    3)People watching a chinese drama in the Capitol theater in Chow Kit were besieged by a group of people with parangs and chopped to death

    4)The people who did the killling were actually mercenaries,in other words paid-saboteurs.

    Are all the above true or have all of it just been someones’ active imagination?


  135. most of account on the first day is correct,becos many witness.after curfew announce nobody really know.i thinks many people are shoppers or passerby.i think got woman and children also die.


  136. How can you carry ‘revolution(?)’ in other people’s soil? Then there’s the fact that you were all brought here by the imperialist that you hate(?). Go back to china la (x applied to those who are x with them). Bunch of MUKA TEMBOK.

    It’s so obvious who started this.


  137. To many people trouble started on 13th May,in actual fact it was the climax.Trouble had already erupted on the 11th and12th;there was the noisy parade with name calling sessions and a few scuffles had taken place.I know some people were badly wounded.Some groups even threatened revenge!

    Between 4to 5 pm there was a big fight that broke out in the Chow Kit area.When the police arrived there were hundreds of dead bodies.The news soon spread and all hell broke loose.Armed groups started to gather weapons and there was a second wave of attack in the Chow Kit area around 6.45 pm.Curfew was declared around 7pm.

    It was a war between thugs,had nothing to do with any conspiracy.You can corroborate the details with the Campbell Police station.


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  139. Greetings,this is indeed a good post.The reason the riots broke-out was because of the arrogance of the supporters of the oppostion.They were rubbing salt on the wounds of the Malays who were still reeling after their defeat in Selangor.

    The allegation of Datuk Harun and Tun Razak’s involvement is purely speculative.Tunku knew that the riots broke-out because he had failed to see what was happening in the grassroots.He bowed-out gracefully and let Tun Razak take over the administration.

    NEP was formed to help the hardcore poor,who sadly were the Malays at the time.It was never meant to marginalize the non-Malays(Chinese).Dr Kua’s theory? is preposterous.Thank you.


  140. I stumbled across this article while looking for info on May 13. I think i’m the youngest reader here – was born more than 30 years after 1969. i’m a pure chinese. thank you JMD for this article. my impression of May 13 was always like one of a story told to kids to scare us; very hazy and biased. i’m glad i have a better understanding of it now.

    as a young Malaysian, i’d like to say this: I am a citizen of Malaysia and i am proud of it. i love my country. it is a good country. and as a citizen born and bred in Malaysia it both hurts and puzzles me when my race and others are denounced as ‘pendatang’. cant we put that behind us by now? all of the different races have had a part in shaping Malaysia into what is is today. positively or negatively.

    I have friends from many different races, and most of them do not tend to agree with me on this. especially the more prosperous Chinese ones, sadly. they like to migrate overseas. even my Sabah and Sarawak friends are racially prejudiced in their own ways. but its a give and take situation.

    but i think that some issues take time and many generations before it can be happily resolved. i’m still very young, of course, and i admit that i am idealistic.


  141. Well, people are free to listen and take what suit them, if you compare your piece of true with “Tanda Putra and the real May 13” on free Malaysia today, which quoted ex-Umno strongman and former Batu Berendam MP Mohd Tamrin Abdul Ghafar, the the second son of former deputy prime minister Abdul Ghafar Baba, “What (then home minister Muhammad) Ghazali (Shafie) told (PKR de facto leader) Anwar (Ibrahim) and me, when we were in Umno Youth, was that the incident was a mini coup planned by Umno men, and that Mahathir was involved,” He had further stated: “(First prime minister) Tunku (Abdul Rahman) wrote in his column ‘As I See It’ in The Star two years before he passed away, that the incident was a deliberate seizure of power by Umno leaders who then blamed it on DAP and the Chinese”. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2013/05/04/tanda-putra-and-the-real-may-13/

    I really wish someone can tell us what is actually happen, which until today some old Chinese people are still storing food before every General Election, what is the memory behind them? and the true will remain cover if there is not proper investigation, if we really want the truth, we should have a royal inquiry, not through movie.
    If you ask why Chinese not belong and contribute, please read a passage tribute to early Chinese which we have never read in any of the official history book, by the long-serving colonial officer Sir Frank Swettenham, the first Resident General of the Federated Malay States in his book “British Malaya” Chapter 10The Evolution Of The Residential System—Tin Mining– What The Malay States Owe To Chinese Labour And Enterprise—Roads—Railways”1907 Page 232 London, New York : J. Lane University of California Libraries. We are continue to do so, Even Dr M recognized Chinese’s contribution in Malaysia as the biggest taxpayers (See The Sun Monday 27-03-2006).

    And seriously, I hate division, if you read Nira Yuval-Davis The Politics of Belonging: Intersectional Contestations SAGE, Nov 4, 2011, in her paper by quoting Adrian Favell (1999) which defined the division as ‘the dirty work of boundary maintenance’, in which “sometimes is physically, but always symbolically, separate the world population into ‘us’ and ‘them’” and to “maintenance and reproduction of the boundaries of the community of belonging by the hegemonic political powers (within and outside the community).

    Lastly, as an educator and mother myself, I really hard to imagine, if I raise a child by exclusiveness and protection, I was indeed, tie him to his fear to fly high. Again, is what we choose to listen, but the future of Malaysia and our children rely on our choices today.


    • Helen,

      I don’t normally respond to comments in posts aged years ago but important that your misconception be corrected.

      I know Tun Ghazlai Shafie personally and for many years and simply cannot imagine him saying those Tamrin said were told to Anwar and him. Just google the background of Tamrin and his past records, and what has become of him now – then you’d get an idea of the kind of man he was/ is. And that what he said is nonsense, far from the truth.

      And you quoting Free Malaysia Today as reporting what Tamrin said – Gheez, ain’t that stupendous, even stupid? Everybody knows that blog is anti-Establishment, published lies, half truths, spins, twists and slants.

      You “really wish someone can tell us what is actually happen”? Boy oh boy, didn’t you read JMD’s advice to read the various “true and fair accounts” of what really happened? Google “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969” and you’ll get details of what really happened, Mem. You can even just press the links JMD has provided and you’ll get there.

      I’m concerned that “as an educator and mother” you appear not to be able to find the right reference materials to read and instead go to opposition blogs like FMT which does what I have explained above.

      And it’ll be a sad “future of Malaysia and our children” if you rely on the reading materials you mentioned. Dangerous, Mem, bad for your children if you continue to do so. Get the established facts of what actually happened from the established and respected sources, not the Opposition sources, which you know have been divisive and tearing this country apart. DAP has been anarchistic, autocratic, even cheating – their own members complained to the Registrar of Societies of ways of electing their Central Executive Committee that were against their own party constitution and, now told by RoS to hold another party elections, they accuse the RoS all sorts of things, anti-authority all the time. You don’t want your children to live under that sort of fellows, do you?


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