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10 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim will stop at nothing in his race for power

  1. Anwar Ibrahim is a has-been. God knew it. We know it. His own people know it. And deep in his heart, he knows it, too. Hence the Final Act of a desperate man.


  2. Anwar may not get the assent of the Sultan of Selangor to be MB. Precedents have been set by Malay Rulers in the past – Raja Perlis once, Sultan Trengganu once.


    • A man whose conscience functions according to his whims and fancies. And sodomy is one of his fancies.

      Then he talks about liberalism, against “archaic” laws etc.

      And his daughter tries the father – the father’s thoughts and beliefs. A Malay can choose religion, said she.

      Anugerah Tuhan, said the wife, the mother. It’s All in the Family. Like the American comedy series.

      As Dr Mahathir said, cannot be PM, jadi MB pun jadi lah.

      But PAS also wants the MB post if Khalid vacates it.

      Who says tak botak kepala.

      Notice, the forehead very wide now?


  3. anwar is the most despicable politician [may be also the most despicable man] malaysia has ever produced/malaysians have ever seen. Looks like his desire to be PM remains burning intensely. It was thought that with the loss of PKR in the last general elections, Anwar’s premiership dream would have been buried deep and for good. But he has not given up. However, I see this as the beginning of the end of the political career of this political monster. It has been widely speculated that his contesting the Kajang by-election is to pave the way for him to be the MB of Selangor. And Anwar’s declared aim of becoming MB was to extinguish the flame of war between the monster of his creation, Azmin Ali and the incumbent MB, Khalid Ibrahim. This is Allah’s way of exposing the munafiq nature of people. This scenario does not speak well of PKR.

    Firstly, Anwar could not rein in his monstrous old baby, Azmin Ali. The latter has too much of Anwar’s dark secrets that Anwar could be blackmailed into submission if he stands in the way of Azmin. Secondly, it exposes the true intent of PKR leaders i.e. nothing but power, wealth and glory. Selangor has tonnes of money. Whoever becomes its MB will be swimming in a pool and sleeping in a bed of money. These beasts think the post of MB will give them the license to loot. Anwar’s foreign money supply has reportedly dried up. His foreign backers have deemed him past the expiry date. What better way to finance his political activities than to steal from Selangor’s coffer?

    Soon after his expulsion from the government and UMNO, Anwar formed Parti Keadilan Nasional [Keadilan] which was later renamed Parti Keadilan Rakyat [PKR]. The party he formed was his personal party. Even the party’s logo is a black eye, which was inflicted on him by the former IGP, Abd Rahim Noor, when Anwar was remand prisoner at Sungai Buloh Prison. As it turned out, Keadilan and later PKR was and still is, for Anwar’s personal advancement. However, knowing Anwar’s public appeal, especially among the Malays, the opposition parties, PAS and DAP embraced him wholeheartedly. Sixteen years of anomosity, mud-slinging, trading of insults and name calling were instantly forgiven and forgotten. Not least, by PAS cheapskate leaders. The very people who had renounced Anwar as the filthiest of the filthy, suddenly elevated and baptized him as the nation’s saviour.

    “Legend” has it that Anwar had his first taste of homosex when he was at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. It’s an open secret that homosexuality has been common, if not rampant, in all fully boarding schools. While most discarded the despicable and heinous habit upon leaving school, as they were Muslims, Anwar got addicted and became an asshole junkie. So profound was his addiction with men’s anuses, he was and still is unable to discard the habit. However, Anwar is bi-sexual. Women’s vaginas would turn him on too. Who’s the man in Dato’ T’s video if not Anwar?

    But Anwar is a peerless munafiq. A modern day Abdullah Bin Ubay Bin Salul. Endowed with the gift of the gab, an extraordinary oratory skill and not least, an actor of the highest pedigree, he managed to portray himself as a pious and squeaky clean man. Back to his homo and adulterous indulgences, over time, Anwar became more and more indiscreet. With his band political enemies expanding by the day he finally got caught in the act by way of hidden cameras and others. However, Anwar’s pious and clean reputation was so profound that when he proclaimed that the criminal charges against him, brought by Mahathir 1998 were trumped up and was a conspiracy to destroy his political career, not a few, including me, bought him. So pervasive and profound was the sympathy for him, in the ensuing general elections in 1999, Mahathir’s BN fared very badly, with the opposition riding on Anwar’s sympathy votes. That was to be the beginning of the end of Mahathir’s era

    With the benefits of hindsight, it is not at all slanderous to say that Anwar has never had an atom of the Islamic spirit in his blood, heart and soul. He has always been a demon all his life. Anwar is malaysia’s FATHER OF THE MUNAFIQS. To summarize, he supports APOSTACY, he is PRO RELIGIOUS PLURALISM & LIBERALISM, he does not just support LGBT, HE’S ONE OF THEM, he recognizes the illegitimate STATE OF ISRAEL & many more

    So, to the Muslim electorates of Kajang, please do not vote for Anwar. Any other candidates is a lesser devil than him. To all the electorates of kajang, please turn kajang into anwar’s waterloo!


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