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Perjalanan Umno yang masih panjang?

Apabila ramai yang meminta Perdana Menteri ke 5 Malaysia (Pak Lah) meletakkan jawatan akibat prestasi buruk Barisan Nasional pada pilihanraya umum ke 12, permintaan mereka adalah berasas kerana itulah pertama kalinya Barisan Nasional hilang majoriti dua pertiga di Parlimen. Para blogger tidak kira fahaman politik boleh dikatakan sebulat suara menyeru agar Pak Lah meletakkan jawatan. … Continue reading

How Barisan Nasional will lose votes
History / Najib Razak / Pak Lah / Tun Dr Mahathir / Umno & Barisan Nasional

How Barisan Nasional will lose votes

It came to our attention that Tunku Aziz, the attack dog of PM Najib, had been used by  loyalists to attack Tun Dr Mahathir for voicing his opinion. Never in the history of Umno, a statesman which was responsible to put nearly everyone in the current Umno leadership into their seats of power, were given … Continue reading

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We now have popular Umno leaders

“Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.”  – John Steinbeck from his book, East of Eden The majority of the thinking society would feel that a political leader needs to be inherently intelligent enough to know that doing things right is paramount than doing things just to be popular. Take for example … Continue reading

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“Umno must choose leaders who had served the party from the lower ranks” says Ketua Pemuda’s mom

In News Straits Times today, where the editors appeared to be under the thumb of the Ketua Pemuda, an article was published on page 8 which had precisely shown how the editors can be quite naive in fulfilling the political agenda of the Ketua Pemuda. EXPERIENCE COUNTS: They must heed needs of all races Umno … Continue reading

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Pak Lah : Awakening the bad memories

I wrote this paragraph about Khairy Jamaluddin in an article (do read it again, thank you) a couple of months back: There is also this principle that one must always use in politics. When the enemy hates you, you are doing the right thing. But when your political enemy is loving you, then something is indeed … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2010, welcome 2011

What a year that was! 2010 was an exciting year indeed. Following are the main events that were written by yours truly all throughout the year. It started off with the important judgment by Justice Lau Bee Lan in an intriguing case between the Catholic Herald and the Home Ministry. The judge ruled that the … Continue reading

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EPU should be free from political masters

I think the main reason why the development of socio-economic aspects of Malaysia is perceived to have been weakened is due to the incompetency of the Economic Planning Unit (Unit Perancang Ekonomi). Once, this unit was headed by a Director General (“DG”). Now, since 2006, this powerful unit is headed by politicians. This is where … Continue reading

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KTM land issue vs Singapore

25 May 2010 Latest update 7.35pm: Blogger/Journalist Reme Ahmad wrote a good piece regarding this issue. Please click here. I feel somewhat reassured by this article. Thank you. ______________________________ Update 5.15pm : Utusan Malaysia carried the latest news on the outcome of this meeting. Basically, the KTM station and land from Tanjong Pagar will be … Continue reading

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JAKIM and the HDC went full circle

Back in June 2008, I wrote an article concerning the Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (HDC) taking over JAKIM’s issuance of Halal Certificates. I asked a question back then – what was the rationale to use the resources of JAKIM (manpower and expertise) but the certificates were issued using HDC’s name instead? As the … Continue reading

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Yet another international airport forgotten

Just a quick one. I find the idea of having another airport very near to two of our international airports in Sepang very peculiar. The choice of location in Labu, Negeri Sembilan was indeed a poor and last minute decision to make. This is because, Melaka is already developing an international airport in Batu Berendam. Therefore, within … Continue reading