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Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

I received this article from Apocryphalist for the benefit of all readers out there. His other articles on other matters can be read here and here.


Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

A total political tsunami, including a massive exodus of malay voters swinging over to the Pakatan, would have happened had it not been for some minor silly mistakes that the entire PR machinery had brought about. Remember: the kingmakers are the rakyat. And in particular, the Kampung folks and the deep suburban housewives and youngsters, and the oil palm plantation workers and the estate rubber tappers. The east coast fishermen and the west coast factory workers. These are the silent giants, the mute decision makers. You won’t want to cross them.  And crossing them was what happened in the recent election. Let’s have a look at some of them here: some of them had been gelled for some time already, while some of them emerged just a few days before election day:-

1) Cute But Vulnerable Election Slogans. It’s good to have catchy little slogans that people can carry and shout around, not to mention to make stickers with which you can stick everywhere. But if you do that, can you please make sure that they are soooo invincible that it leaves no one, and I mean no one, able  to find alternative, albeit equally catchy, phrases? So for example:-

a) Asalkan Bukan UMNO. Or ABU, as created by lawyer Harris Ibrahim. Almost overnight, its sensation and impact drizzles down when the pro-Umno guys came up with an alternative of what the acronym really stands for: Allah Bersama UMNO! Yes, that Allah that the DAP wants to share, remember? But frankly, among the kampong folks, which one do you think is more appealing: the Asalkan Bukan one or the Allah Bersama one?

b) Ini Kali Lah. I thought this one would be cute too, when lo and behold, the BN Dead Poets Society came up with their own version of what the PR reeeeaaaalllly means: Lain Kali Saja Lah

2) Cute and Witty but Harmful Remarks. Irrespective of how much you hate Dr Mahathir, no one (apart from some die-hard Mahathir dissenters in Rocky Bru’s comment columns) would so much hate the former Prime Minister vehemently. So imagine your PR number one man saying something like “Kalau mahu mati, mati saja lah …” So the karma goes back to him. And what about that do’a by the brother of Nik Aziz: “KO UMNO! KO UMNO! KO UMNO!” So it got the common and ordinary folks into thinking … hey this is really unbecoming of a group of people who claims truth and righteousness side with them. And they voted …

3) Cute Little Multimedias. Well, we’ve seen them all. The mirip Anwar sommersaulting the China Doll. The mirip Anwar groping a guy’s scrotum in a hotel room. The mirip Anwar sweet-talking a boy in another hotel room, believed to be the rudimentary beginnings of foreplay. Then there’s the mirip Azmin Ali offering some Cornetto to a lady friend in a bathroom. The mirip Stopa Ali asking his … err… wife… to massage him for RM1400 after … err… performing his duty as a husband. Yes yes I know. People are tired and loathsome with all these raunchy videos, but then, they either go back to their homes believing that UMNO is such a GRRREEAAAT filmmaker to come up with movies so very much like the original people that even great Hollywood directors could not do, or … there MAY be something to it. There MAY be something to all these allegations and proofs after all. And they thought and they thought. And then they voted.

But the voters look beyond these videos and multimedia. They observe silently, pool all the information they gather around them, and put two and two together. For example, this is what they have been thinking:

    • Nasharuddin Isa takes a trip with Najib to meet some Mid East scholars and he’s expelled? (When he was shown flanking ranks with some DAP harbis he was considered a hero)
    • Hassan Ali insisting that malay-filled Shah Alam should not be selling alcohol in public and raided a premise that did, and when he opposed Ronnie Lieuw to ask the government to “put them alcohol back”, he was expelled?
    • When Stopa Ali’s mirip video was shown, the entire PAS machinery deem it Unislamic to expose a person’s keaiban? But much earlier Hadi Awang goes on record to say that it is okay to expose the wrongdoings of a leader, and he means his raunchy ones too, if it is for the reason of telling the voters what kind of man that that particular leader is. He was, of course, referring only to BN leaders.
    • When PR leader championed LGBT, Pluralism, Israeli rights etc, none of the PAS leaders bat an eyelid?

4) A Little Over-the-Top Be Bop Flip Flop. Well how would you like to vote for leaders who, at one point says that there shall be no hudud and thereafter says that there shall. First the name of Allah can be used by those who don’t believe in His Oneness and then (for the sake of votes) say that they can’t. First you say Lynas will produce mutant babies and therafter say that it is safe. If you can flip before elections, say the voters, what makes you think that you cannot flop right after it?

5) The Lahad Datu Fiasco. Reports of Tian Chua and Sivarasa’s trip to Manila just before the intruders intruded, and Nur Misuari’s open support for PR as well as Anwar Ibrahim’s meeting before him prior to the fiasco, made people wonder just what the hell is going on. But when lives are lost, they decided they if they can’t defend their sovereignty using guns, they would do so using their voting rights. And they did.

6) The Open Zionist Israeli support for the PR. Oh Brother! Of all these 10 reasons, this one is perhaps the stupidest of all. I mean, what were they THINKING? And who was it that convinced those Israeli firsters to shoot a video of themselves and send it to Ziono-phobic Malaysia to gain votes? I mean, I would even to start believing that there are certain sections in DAP out to sabotage the party by convincing them to do this one up. Either that, or the DAP really should replace their strategists. This point is self-explanatory.

7) Increasingly glaring revelations by Anwar’s closest friends and aides. Yes. The ones who know Anwar rightly and deeply are not the Surendrans or the Sivarasas or the Rafizi Ramlis who just got to know Anwar only since last year or so. The people who were with Anwar for like more than 4 decades—the ones who created ABIM together with him, who supported him even before he was UMNO, the ones who were his schoolmates, the ones who defended him in court 15 years back, the ones who taught together with him in Yayasan Anda right during the days when Anwar still goes around in buses in rubber slippers. These are the ones who have left him, for good reasons. And the reasons, the gory details for their doing so, is scattered everywhere in the the net. And it’s not a pretty picture, I tell you!

8) Saiful’s Kaabah Sumpah Laknat. Folks, do not belittle the power of Sumpah Laknat. You know, the one that starts with Wallahi, WaTallahi, WaBillahi … A muslim can rob, a muslim can steal, a muslim can entertain his neighbour’s wife playing konda-kondi wearing expensive Calvin Klein socks and nothing else, but ask him to perform this sumpah, he wouldn’t dare. And in front of the Kaabah? Doubly wouldn’t dare. And isn’t this the very exact introductory sumpah that became the pivotal statement of Najib’s oath as a Prime Minister in front of the Agong yesterday? And let’s say, takdirwise, and nau’zubillah, that Anwar DID become prime minister. Wouldn’t he have to undergo the same sumpah in front of the Agong? That very sumpah that Anwar says is unislamic, unnecessary and above all, means nothing? And latest is, just a few days before the polls, came the exploding revelation of this former Anwar aide by the name of Rahimi. He was a close friend to Saiful, and man! Those who had any doubts in Saiful before, better be hearing this guy out. The details, the very clear picture of what happened at the heights of the Saiful allegations on Anwar, those few hours preceding it … there is absolutely no way at all that this guy could be lying. Who else would know that much detail? And equipped with all this, the silent voter goes to the polls.

9) Very dubious Characters of PR strongmen. And very strange ones too, not to mention horny. First they caught a PAS guy doing acrobatics with another man’s wife inside a train—caught red handed by the jilted husband himself! Brought him to the Tok Guru, and the latter, in the manner of a Catholic Pope, announced that said playboy had already been pardoned by Allah! Luckily no monetary indulgences were necessary. And then they trapped this PKR biggie talking to a mole in the internet, who was able to convince the guy to open up his pants and beat his meat in front of the camera. And then they sort of put two and two together, and lo and behold, suddenly Mat Sabu’s Room 121 case, Ustaz Badrul Amin’s tryst with another guy’s wife in hotel room etc etc seem all too real, too believable and too … humanly possible!

10) The sudden realization of what the WHOLE thing means. There is an overwhelming suspicion that says the Chinese are really not against corruption and fairness and transparency etc etc at all. For if applying the same standards, they would have equally complained about PR-led states like Selangor and Penang too. But of course when cornered they can always shift the blame to faulty Microsoft Excels or convenient typing errors, such errors sometimes potentially costing a billion ringgit or two. But apparently, the Object of Contention is the Malays! Yes, their slogan Malaysian Malaysia really means, Chinese Malaysia. I mean, that’s what are in the minds of these simple folk voters as to what it really means. And after the ordeal is over, especially in Gelang Patah, it is clear that chinese voters would prefer Mummy-Foo’ed Kit Siang who, in his 40 years of existence, had absolutely nothing to prove of his worth as a Malaysian politician, over squeaky-clean Ghani Othman, the architect of Modern Johore Development, just because Ghani is a malay and Kit Siang is a chinese. That, along with pictures like the ones shown below, are not helping voters to side not along racial lines at all:-


Suddenly, the voters awoke from their slumber. Suddenly, the kampong voters stop to ponder what it all means:-

  1. Here’s a vote to allow LGBT to take roots in Malaysia
  2. Here’s a vote to make me complicit in establishing pluralism as a national Ideology
  3. Here’s a vote to abolish, or reduce, article 153
  4. Here’s a vote to UBAH … for the worse !


27 thoughts on “Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

  1. No 11: The Chinese Tsunami

    The Chinese voter’s representation doesn’t reflect their actual representation in the population. The extremely high voting percentage is probably due to them as well. Even the overseas one is willing to spend money on tickets and vote. They come and vote in early. They really believed this is the time that Pakatan Rakyat could defeat BN, and in the sense of the total number of votes won, they are actually right in a way. That’s why people like Ghani lost with an overwhelming majority against Lim Kit Siang. No sense in voting Ghani if they expect PR to win and hence Lim Kit Siang can finally be a minister.


  2. b) Ini Kali Lah. I thought this one would be cute too, when lo and behold, the BN Dead Poets Society came up with their own version of what the PR reeeeaaaalllly means: Lain Kali Saja Lah …

    Well Jebat, the Malay syntax for Ini Kali Lah.. is not right I think. It supposed to be read as Kali Ini Lah and not the other way. If you don’t believe me you can ask the linguists at Dewan Bahasa. I think the person who coined the phrase is not really well – versed in Malay hence the error. It is a little wonder why the catchphrase being adopted without referring it to the philologists. At least they could give some advise on how to come out with a proper one. Some of the Malays too gleefully adopted it as battle cry though it didn’t feel right. Well, if the people like it then be it. there’s nothing you could do.


    • ‘Ini Kali Lah’

      I think this is what had taken place among the pakatan actors prior to the birth of the (in)famous slogan.

      LKS and LGE come up with the idea over teo chew porridge, seconded by Abang Mat of PAS, after sedikit pembetulan on their toilet bowl BM, as a moral support to his adik angkat LGE, for all the durian runtuh received after the later be appointed Tokong and sells to the rest of the Malays by the fallen angel himself, AI, a Bahasa Melayu graduate, an ex-pejuang bahasa, presently doing a JT ‘cry me a river’ sing-song over GE-13 results.


    • This phrase was introduced by one local Sabah opposition party. As usual, just like the Bersih thing, PR hijacked and claimed ownership of it. That’s pakatan.


  3. In the mind of the DAP’s (Chinese?) strategists, GE13 is a gone case for BN. So out came the last card kept so close to the chest. They broke the piggy bank and played their last card!
    They made a costly mistake, forgetting that for the past half-decade, the mostly moderate Malays in urban and rural areas had set their minds on who to vote, add that to the anti DAP chinese and PKR’s/DAP’s neglected Indians, the BN vote banks went up a notch, enough to floor the PR gangs! Result: Mission Un-accomplished! Once bitten (or is it beaten?) twice shy.
    They, DAP+PKR+PAS had shown their capabilities to the maximum but still cannot touch even 40% of what UMNO’s candidates got. So back to the war room and we might be seeing another 4+ years of politickings – granted the god-given is still around.
    Hope he will go and teach in some faraway Senior Middle Schools!


    • With so much attention given to Malaysia by foreign elements on GE-13, it is no suspect that AI would be collecting a lot of teaching fees lecturing on Bahasa Melayu to the French in some bakery-sounding school.

      I heard a good Yoga instructor is in demand in France. Maybe he can do this sideways.


  4. Nothing to be proud of really. For those who are willing to spend a lot on air fares to cast their votes along racial lines is very shameful.

    Instead, the Malays who had voted for these MCA candidates as pointed by Helen Ang on her blog is something to be proud off. These are Utusan Malaysia reading Malays a newspaper deemed racist in nature by DAP and their 90% Chinese voters. Who is the real racist here? Figures don’t lie!

    “MCA only managed to keep its Perlis state seat Titi Tinggi which has 76 percent Malay voters, Pahang state seats Cheka (70% Malay-majority) and Damak (56% Malay-majority).
    Another MCA seat in a rural area is Kedah’s Gurun (56% Malay, 17% Indian voters) and the semi-urban Kulim (60% Malay, 17% Indian voters).
    The only MCA Parliament seat left in Perak is Tanjong Malim — the Proton town with 53 percent Malay and 14 percent Indian voters or in other words a three-quarters non-Chinese electorate”


    • Chinese who voted malay opposition candidate also should we should be proud. Voting transcends racial lines this time.


      • And what is the real reason for those chinese who voted the malay candidates from the opposition? Thank you.


  5. Salam JMD,

    As an UMNO leader, Najib has been successful in elevating UMNO’s standing : from 79 to 88. The slide agaisnt UMNO could have been worst if NOT for the hard work he and Tun Dr. M put in to win the hearts and minds of the rakyat to support UMNO.

    As a leader of BN, Najib ‘recaptured’ Perak and Kedah.These are losses to PR. The gains that PR that made in Parliament and DUNs could have been more if NOT for the counter measures in psyops/war carried out by Najib and Tun Dr. M.

    Politics has its own cycle. Take the Japan experience. LDP got rejected at the end of its politcal life even though LDP was insrumental in transforming Japan. Winston Churchill was a 2nd WW hero, yet he got rejected by his fellow rakyats in Post war UK.

    Give Najib the chance to prove his mettle till PRU 14. By that time, his true qualities as a statesman would have been known. The Pak Lah Legacy and Tun Dr. M factor play less significant role.

    All the best and good luck to Najib.

    Adam Bachek


  6. 1.Obviously from what we can see from the result in GE13 that no matter what you offer or how much you offer the Chinese communities, they will accept the offer but they will never vote you. It’s in their nature (can’t really help it). If you vote against the DAP, you will face the wrath of the whole community. They are practical, opportunistic and quite homogenous in their thinking. Traits that the other race should have.
    2. Now, what PM should consider is to forget to bring them to fold. They will NEVER turn back with so much mileage gained. Therefore, the best thing is to ‘remember’ the one that votes for you and your party. Namely us the silent majority and not your Alphard chauffeur driven ketua bahagian/cawangan/etc.
    3. National Schools should be prioritize up to PAR with the modern Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (c ), reinstate english as the learning language for science and math and reduce the Islamic mambo jambo in the schools. Please spend more monies for the mental development aspect of the children and not just give freebies (i.e free book vouchers? all they end up buying is the love novels or stationaries). Trust me the MOE is way totally off in this area. PLEASE invest in scientific equipment/projects/kits/toys.
    4. Again, we are not talking about race now, we are talking about making sure that Malaysian will make sure that Nationality comes first. Sekolah Wawasan should be reintroduce, no more special help to race base schools, race base decision and race base give out. Remember we need to educate young Malaysian to be able to think analytically, scientifically and within the national standards. Somewhere along the line, all this ‘tongkat’ should be done away with.
    5. I wonder how much monies already spent to help this people and the best thing is that they took it and give you the middle finger.


    • Agree absolutely with you AZ, Najib should be listening to the silent majority and not the taiko-ons who had abandoned him big time by courting oppo-camps; raining money on them to spread lies and hates.

      The ASLI guy should also stop asking the Government to subsidise the Chinese by giving them subsidised ministerial post like the one given to KTK. Being a Chinese, he should know that the Chinese favours meritocracy over subsidy and MCA has set the right tone when the party decided not to accept any governing posts at all levels due to the poor showing. Anyway don’t tell me a Bumiputera or an Indian Minister would not be able to look after Chinese Malaysians. Not having a Chinese Minister does not mean that the government of the day had choose to neglect the Chinese communities.

      The way I see it, the Chinese are well represented. They have their own MPs who happens to be in the oppositions. That’s is OK, that is exactly what they wanted and all of us, Malaysians should respect them with their requests.

      No one should hijacked the wishes of the Chinese communities by asking the government to consider giving them what they do not want. And nobody is saying that the DAP MPs can’t be voicing the concern of their constituents either. It may not be easy since they are not the government of the day. But hey, that is what meritocracy is all about. That is exactly what they wanted the BN government to practice for the longest time. And now is a good time for it to be implemented.

      The Chinese don’t deserve to be represented in the coming cabinet line ups, simply because they do not want to. And to do the opposite would not only insult the Chinese who hates UMNO and wants nothing to do with them, but to do so too would tantamount to turning a deaf ears to the wishes of the Bumiputeras and the Indians who had elected BN to powers. More should be focused on the marginalised Malaysians like these two groups. Forgetting them would translate into lost of votes in the coming GE-14.

      I believed we should all honoured the GE-13 outcome as it is. No one should play doctor feel good and hijacked the outcome. 80% voters turnout could never be wrong.


    • Agreed.
      Instead of book voucher which some end up with love novels and stationaries, why not maintain that good intent but this time why not gives all the qualified citizens, each of them an Ipad so that at the same time we, Malaysia hire Apple to play a role in bringing back Malaysian as a nation who is proud of its successes and remember how we used to be a nation that some other countries in the word would look up as model in developing the nation. I don’t really know how this going to work, but I believe Apple is very reputable with world class professional wouldn’t mind with a handsome contract. We need to move forward, the evil that was released by Pak Lah, really had hijacked our focus on becoming the developed nation by 2020. The evil hasn’t done anything good to Malaysia, during his time as DPM neither as Ketua Pembangkang.


      • Just let the evil do what he likes, as in his private.. it is so sick if you know, as well as when he feels the needs to bullshit everyone of us that he is the saviour of all evils, but to the rational minds, he is the real evil, instigating hatred between people, races, confusing the Pas minds with religious issues (and who is Nurul Izah?) , the source of massive corruptions( didn’t you see that?), with so many cronies and fundings from his western influential friends can go on with this mode until next PRU.
        We need to bring back people to become rational again. We need to do it now. The evil can hardly wait, the demos has started .
        But seriously, is it a good idea to lure Apple to come to Malaysia and help us to move forward.?


    • Well said. If Najib still persists in his dreamland, he should let some one with a fresh mindset to set the focus for a refreshed Malaysia. If not come 14GE even the current Malay/Bumiputra supporters will leave BN.


  7. Yes, all those reasons and fine analyses of the voting patterns of PRU13. Yet the bloke Anwar Ibrahim appears indifferent, tak malu, tak ada muka, “buat derk saja” to his statements – made at least twice – that he’d retire if PR loses in PRU13. The last time he said it, he announced that he’d go to teach in France if that happened.

    What the bloody hell kind of a man. Not accepting defeat, not gentlemanly in defeat, far from congratulating the victors, he now wants to create trouble. Right now he is supposed to be at the Kelana Jaya Stadium defying Police calls for him and his gang of rowdies not to assemble – illegal under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 for not complying with the required procedures to assemble.

    Goodness, can some one close to him – but sane and rational – tell him to fall on his sword? That’s the ancient Roman generals’ method of admitting defeat with honour, by arranging for their swords to stand upright and then they fall on it face down. Harakiri, the Japanese samurais said.

    But there is no bloody honour in this mad man. We need to keep on shouting and yelling at him. Tell him repeatedly and endlessly to vamoose to France or elsewhere – he must honour his words.


    • Why should this bl***dy Anwar leave? He is at his crescendo and he managed to keep PKR intact. He got the chinese to support him as well as few screwed up young Malay professionals.

      He a breed that is “semua boleh”. His level of tolerance is such that he is willing to sell his grandmother to achieve his aims. He is beyond reproach and they only way to deal him is to send him to jail and impale him.


  8. Dear Jebat,

    I still remember the time when Tun Mahathir was the PM in early 2000. He knew that the issue of demanding equal rights in terms of quotas for civil servants, scholarship etc will crop out sooner or later. He stated that not that we do want to get rid of New Economic Policy (NEP), its just that once we’ve attained at least 30 to 40 % of the economic wealth, only then we are willing to do away with the NEP. Otherwise, if there are great disparities in wealth distribution, the entire nation will be in chaos as the majority will felt that they are left behind and if there is no political recourse, there will be violence ensued
    The follwing question will be “What about Singapore? Everything works fine and Malay does not have any qualm and there is no violent demonstration.” Basically Singapore is a lesson where Malaysia wanted to avoid and the Malays are minority and they are at the Chinese mercy. You don’t expect the majority ethnic group as well as the indigenous would not only be deprived of their fair share of economic wealth but also the political power. These are the reason beyond the current Chinese understanding or they refuse to understand.
    Now they felt that the prosperity they enjoy now is their right and it is obligation of the government to provide. These half baked notion and “greed” ingrain has caused them to forget. Without the government assistance, they are nowhere. Sadly, the MCA Chinese who knew the intertwine relationship between government and private sector, failed to address this issue to their grassroots. All the trade association, whose members are mostly Chinese, whenever they have difficulties will seek the government to redress and the government agencies more than willing to help them out. I think one of the reason that the communities are taking for granted because Malaysia has been enjoying uninterrupted economic growth nearly 13 to 15 years. Before that, the recession comes about every 10 years and the downturn adversely it affected a lot the shops, companies, properties owned by the Chinese, e.g. in 1987 and 1997. During that time, they felt gratitude when the government forced the banks not to quickly repossess their business even though they have way pass their debt payment. All in all, the Chinese community has become like the Malay proverb- “kacang lupakan kulit”. They wanted everything to come by fast without thinking other ethnic groups, who are still struggling to achieve the economic success as what the Chinese community has achieved now.


  9. “Not having a Chinese Minister does not mean that the government of the day had choose to neglect the Chinese communities.”

    Exactly! We are all bangsa Malaysia maa…..

    “But there is no bloody honour in this mad man. We need to keep on shouting and yelling at him.”

    I think we should just ignore him. Daim said he loves the attention, so if we just ignore him… baru boleh mati kutu. His porn movies shd stop being aired. Geli!


  10. The main reason that I do not vote for PR is unfortunately remain unstated. I doubt many share my views, but here it is. People nowadays do not trust BN wholeheartedly; they acknowledge the existence of corruption as evident by several cases that have been uncovered prior to election within BN.

    Nevertheless, most PR supporter online are rather audacious bordering on rude. Claiming those who support BN as blind or corrupt individuals. When they lost the election they started to ‘vandalized’ on DS Najib walls, with vulgar and harsh comments. This reflect they lack of respect to other individuals regardless of their hatred to that persons

    During Bersih rally there are evidence of using of force against policeman. Police, SPRM and others civil servant (eg. Jabatan Kimia during DS Anwar trials) are at the receiving end of their mocking and rather harshly I might add. They are voters too. They are citizen too.

    They pretend those who do not support their cause are blinded by mass media controlled by BN. As if those who support BN had never accessed blogs or read other source of information. As if those who do not support their cause lacks knowledge.

    They claimed those who support BN are of rural area without connectivity to alternative media and oblivious to BN suppression, yet they forgot that some of us have parents living in this rural area and support BN cause. It is an insult, denigrating those who live outside of city as katak bawah tempurung.

    They boasts themselves as being a smart aleck with countless scholars supporting their cause and their leader excellent oratory skills to the point that it is actually loathsome. As if it is incontrovertible evidence that only smart people are on their side. It made me feel that I rather be stupid than to stand on their sides.

    The same goes to their measures of piousness. I never once questioned Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat piousness. My brother once worked in Kelantan and had chance to met him personally and astounded by his austerity. Be it what extreme BN supporter have taunted him (I consider them as obnoxious as well), I reserved my utmost respect to him. Yet somehow, PAS supporter mostly, tend to mock who support BN as unislamic. They belittle those ustaz who supported BN and most annoying of all they tend to idolize former artist who crossover to PAS as holy reborn man.

    We know there are several BN leaders who misused their power, you do not need to repeat ‘lembu duduk kondo’, ‘simpan duit dari kecik nak beli cincin’, ‘makan tempe nampak muda’ etc every single time you made a comment.

    Lastly their exaggeration or dramatization. Yes PR has lost, despite the ever growing number of supporter. However your life does not end up in gutter the next day. You live normally. There is no need to change your profile pictures or to post blackout (all in capital letter and an exclamation point) or Bersih 4.0 on your wall or spamming by sharing facts on number of votes or posting your courageous unfiltered query to TNB customer care walls or even your unhinged loathing to DS Najib or BN or even finger pointing on BN racism comments. We the rest aren’t racist. I myself am not a malay. However reflect this on yourself, burr this deep in your mind, can those who support PR wholeheartedly say that you had never ever spouted comment that may had hurt others feelings. Can you honestly says that your Maha Mamak or those BN leaders having darker skins as mamak (As if being mamak is an abomination) comment had never hurt others mamak feelings as not a racist comment.

    I had rambled long enough I guest. I feel a lot better actually pouring myself out. If there is grammatical error or weird sentences please forgive me.

    P/S: It is true that there are pro BN bloggers and BN supporter who are rude and vulgar as well. As matter of facts I do not vote BN. However, suppose such aforementioned political hooliganism persists, count yourself losing a vote to BN.


    • “simpan duit dari kecik nak beli cincin” – who is that supposed to be, Rosmah? I thought that the Utusan headline about this was fake copy&paste job done by Pakatan blogger. U bought this story?

      As much as we hate Rosmah, the problem with this Pakatan haram is they went for malicious lies and fitnah even after knowing that those accusations were found to be false. Like the simpan duit beli cincin thing.

      As for Rosmah, the perception about her, her handbags, big hair, busybody on mainstream medias, $$$ on Permata or those publicity crab, is very bad for BN. Rosmah is an issue to many people, the young especially. Najib is in a state of denial on this. Keep her in the kitchen or Najib Rosmah will continue to be bashed and scorned. Sudahlah Rosmah, you are not a cabinet member, just a housewife who happen to be the PM’s wife.

      Dear Concerned Citizen, you didnt vote for PR and you didnt vote for BN. Are you still an unregistered voter or did you vote for Bebas? I am just curious.


      • I do not believe in any versions of the story. As matter of facts, I do not concern myself with the state of corruption. I consider myself as pragmatist. No society in the world is free of corruption. US for what they preach, they always found themselves on the wrong end of what they preach. Similarly, PR is also dabbled with corruption. Furthermore there are evidence of corruption within PR uncovered by former vice chairman’s of TI. However, there are no single version of truth considered by everyone. Some might believe whatever they heard.

        Those three quotes I mentioned are the most recurrent themes in my Facebook walls. Stating it doesn’t meant that I believe it. Out of three, I have my doubts over NFC fiasco but that’s it. Even thought I had my doubts, I won’t parading my walls every single time I wanted to bash BN. I loath the ideas of bashing with nonfactual catchy quote. I hate sarcasm.

        Above all else, you do not convey there are widespread of corruption among BN with a single evidence of corruptions. What happening among PR supporter nowadays, they are basing their argument based on a mere conjecture that since one of them is corrupt, all of them is corrupt. This is not scientific, I adhere to philosophical argument of Karl Popper. It is therefore deeply annoying when someone argued their missions as conveying the truth when they do not adheres to philosophical idea of how they arrived to the conclusions.

        Yes I do understand there are people out there loath DS Rosmah (DSR). For me though, I had no beef against her. In fact, I left out many of my dissatisfaction, one of them is their constant bashing against DSR. They mock DSR with countless catchphrase, one of them ‘Bik Mama’ is the highest level of audacious mockery to the plump people. The same goes when you insult someone because of their hair or their look. To me this is impudent beyond forbearance. As for her nosy appearance in the media, so be it. I am annoyed when Namewee insulted TNB when he didn’t understand what is happening in the first place, or when he insulted national anthem with his own version rap. Be it as it may, I do not mock or insult him.

        Lastly, I voted for Bebas. Not that I’m counting on the candidate to win.


  11. I’m one of those suburban housewives who voted for BN. Long before election, we watched and observed, read and kept our counsel. Still we kept up with what the people were saying amidst growing disgust. Came Election Day, we took our time to go to the polling. We didn’t go early in the morning to avoid queuing. We cast our vote and went home. We waited. And we won. Silently.


    • Ditto here, Maya Sari, but I am not a housewife nor am I from the suburbs. I am just a family man from the kampong, but please don’t take me for a country bumpkin. Like you, all these years I just watched, observed and held my piece. On Sunday the 5th, to avoid queuing, I went at 4.30 pm. As I stepped out of my car, it was raining cats and dogs. I told the SPR people who held an umbrella for me that if it was a Hari Raya day, I would just stayed at home and go to sleep. But since this is the Pilihanraya Umum and five years once at that, I will go out and vote, come rain or high water. I prayed that if it were to be a neck to neck race, then let my vote be the decider. If not, then let my vote be a bonus vote. I voted for BN. It won the parliamentary seat handsomely but barely managed to scrape through at the state level. I offered my prayers of thanks to the Almighty, silently. I am sure this same scene was repeated over and over again all over the country.


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