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How long must we pamper those selfish Sarawak politicians?

When a component of Malaysia no longer sees itself as Malaysian, then inevitably problems will arise and tensions will flare. Take for instance the current ‘proxy war’ between the state of Sarawak and the Federal Government of Malaysia.

Right now, the brunt of the attacks is Petronas. A couple of months ago, it was the issue of devolution of power and the absolute autonomy of state.

Back in January 2016, Adenan Satem pledged to demand a more autonomous Sarawak should he be given a strong mandate to lead the state for the next five years. Using that statement as the campaign message in the subsequent state election in May 2016, he garnered a strong win over the opposition.

By July 2016, Adenan and the beleaguered Najib Razak held talks to bequeath more power to Sarawak.

Pressure is on for Federal Government to fulfil its promises. The weakened Barisan Nasional in West Peninsular is now being blackmailed by the politicians in Sarawak. Without a doubt, should any of the promises made were not fulfilled, the good relationship forged since the 1960s will disintegrate.

There were cracks in the Federation of Malaysia during the Sarawak Constitutional Crisis in 1966, and these cracks will emerge once again if the Federal Government is not intelligent enough in handling the situation.

Sarawak government and its political players are playing the victim card everytime they decide to twist the arms of Federal Government.

But these are all a charade. They claim that their people are still poor eventhough their state is rich in resources. On the contrary, some Sarawakian politicians are among the wealthiest people in the whole of Malaysia. Malaysians would be more sympathetic if Sarawakian politicians are seen to be comparatively poorer than their West Malaysian counterparts. But Adenan Satem for instance, travels in a private jet almost to everywhere he goes.

We don’t see any other public officials, Menteri Besar or Chief Ministers behaving as opulent as that. The hypocrisy is almost as worse as their cries of ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’.

Yesterday, the MTUC even chastised the state government for its hypocritical stance against Petronas. In a statement, they said:

Sarawak MTUC said the state government was only concerned about protecting senior and connected Sarawakians and their firms, noting it had not heeded MTUC’s numerous complaints on other worker issues.

“The state government is so quick to protect 13 senior executives but at the same time turns a blind eye to the tens of thousands of foreign workers that are depriving ordinary Sarawakians of decent jobs with decent wages.

“These are really foreigners, including North Koreans,” said Sarawak MTUC secretary Andrew Lo in a statement.

Almost everyone in Malaysia knows the reason behind this, and the MTUC made it clear when they succinctly stated:

“Politics should not get in the way of hiring or firing. Businesses should not be dictated by some politicians for their own political and business agendas.

“Is all the noise over Petronas’s employment policy just a ruse to get more Petronas contracts for connected companies?” Sarawak MTUC Secretary Andrew Lo asked in a statement released today.

He said all recent news reports on the issue also risked creating a negative image of those interested in investing in Sarawak.

Speaking on the Petronas retrenchment exercise which saw a number of employees, including 13 senior executives, made redundant, Lo said the national oil company’s actions were nothing new.

“Given the current low oil prices and changing financial conditions, such redundancies are to be expected.”

The MTUC statement also called for Chief Minister Adenan Satem to look beyond just trying to protect the interests of 13 senior executives laid off by Petronas, while “turning a blind eye to the tens of thousands of foreign workers depriving ordinary Sarawakians of a decent job with decent wages.”

Due to the low oil prices, it is common for oil and gas companies to restructure their finances and cut costs. Petronas had announced the cutting of 1,000 jobs way back in March 2016 to meet the challenges in the oil and gas industry.

How selfish for the Sarawak state government to think that Petronas is only to get Sarawakians? Out of  a thousand, how many other staff from other states which were laid off? Did other states make any noise?

Each retrenched Petronas staff were offered voluntary separation scheme which probably run to hundreds of thousands ringgit in compensation.

Perhaps Adenan Satem and James Masing need to also check on how many Sarawakians have Shell and Petron terminated for the past two years.

Regardless, all these greed and silo way of thinking won’t make Malaysia great. People from West Malaysia had sacrificed their time, energy, effort and family in order to serve Sarawak for the past 50 years.

We had doctors, teachers, soldiers, engineers, and the whole gamut of professionals from West Malaysia that spent their lives in Sarawak – helping the sick, protecting its borders, teaching their children – without any qualms; because all of us see ourselves as Malaysians.

Then, there were no such calls like – ‘These doctors and teachers are stealing Sarawakians jobs!’

The West Malaysians never cried foul when Sarawakians come to work in Kuala Lumpur or Pulau Pinang or Johor Bahru. Certainly they don’t see it as other people stealing their jobs, because people in West Malaysia don’t see Sarawkians as outsiders. We are all Malaysians after all.

Redeployment, restructuring and re-positioning of staff within a company is a normal exercise. If Sarawak is stubborn, and its politicians are blatantly greedy, Sarawakians will suffer in the long run. If they continue to show their selfishness and hostility towards their own Malaysian company, then the people in West Malaysia will not be too friendly towards Sarawak. How long should Sarawak politicians be pampered everytime they throw a tantrum?

Does Sarawak deserve more than the rest of Malaysians?

If they are so territorial, then they need to recall Sarawakian working in West Malaysia or the rest of the world. Please do not steal other people's jobs.

If they are so territorial, then they need to recall Sarawakians working in West Malaysia or the rest of the world. Please do not steal other people’s jobs.

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49 thoughts on “How long must we pamper those selfish Sarawak politicians?

  1. Semua ni sebab kita ada ahli politik Sarawak yang korup dan Najib di Putrajaya pun korup dan desperet untuk kekal kuasa.

    Taib mahmud, adenan, abang openg semua tu dah kaya raya makan duit harta benda sarawak. Orang sarawak kekal miskin jugak kat hulu sana. Bukan saja jet, kereta Bentley berbaris baris. Tapi orang Sarawak bodoh bodoh sokong Adenan.


    • Melayu Semenanjung perlu lebih aktif di Sarawak untuk membantu Melayu Sarawak. Ketika ini kerana kesibukan orang Melayu Semenanjung tiada masa nak bergerak di Sarawak.
      Jadi puak puak jahat seperti Masing cuba mendapat influence dengan mencerminkan Melayu semenanjung sebagai jahat sedangkan kita telah banyak membantu.
      UMNO tidak minat pergi ke Sarawak mungkin Parti Pribumi boleh menyatukan Malaysia.
      Jangan fikir kita Melayu Semenanjung bodoh, korang tak suka korang boleh balek Sarawak tapi korang tak mahu. Mahu duit free, mahu kerja Petronas tapi tak pandai.
      Petronas tu siapa yang buat kalau bukan Melayu Semenanjung.
      Mana ada Petronas dulu.
      Itu minyak semua Shell British yang punya bahlol!


        GO TO HELL!!!




        • Kah Kah Kah… Orang Sarawak memang bodoh ka?
          Adenan need those jets to clean Sarawak? HAHAHAH ini macam, Najib need his jet to clean Malaysia? Memang Adenan dan Najib boleh sapu bersih Sarawak dan Malaysia pakai jet la itu macam!

          Tahu sapa lagi bodoh dari Najib? Kau dan Adenan Satem lah. Adenan jugak yang puji Najib itu hari, dia bilang Najib tak bersalah. Dia tak curik duit 1MDB. Kalau Adenan jilat Najib, kau tu jilat Najib la tau tak? Patutlah Orang Sarawak macam kau senang kena tipu dengan pemimpin Sarawak sendiri. Habis kayu balak dah kena cilok dengan pemimpin Sarawak, kau masih nak agung agungkan pemimpin kau! Hahahahah

          Kau tak malu pergi KL tiap tiap tahun cari perempuan, ada hati mahu bilang jangan datang Sarawak. Kalau orang Semenanjung tak bantu selama 50 tahun, memang Rajah Brooke kau tu akan make sure korang still tinggal dalam rumah panjang sampai sekarang. Itu hari Jib datang Sarawak kau suka tak jilat sama dia? Dasar jilat b**nt*t Jibban.


      • Melayu Semenanjung yg buat Petronas?? Hahaha…baca dulu sejarah bro..mungkin kau x pnah dgr nama Tun Rahman Yaakob..mmg xpnah..sbb nama org Sarawak n sejarah Sarawak mmg slalu dtenggelamkan oleh org Malaya yg bodoh sombong..


  2. I believe that what Adenan did is for Sarawak people, against gross cronism that exist in federal goverment current practinces. I know people employed off shore, an explosive and flameble environtment, are not qualified, only because of cronism.


  3. Kenalah respek perjanjian persekutuan juga tuan…ni macam perlembagaan kata bahasa melayu (atau bahasa malaysia) adalah bahasa kebangsaan, bahasa rasmi jabatan kerajaan persekutuan. Janganlah nak ungkit2 pasal kakitangan semenanjung khidmat kat sabah sarawak, dah di bayar gaji dan elaun pun. tak nak pergi sana boleh juga, cari kerja lain. soal immigration tu hak negeri, itu pun tak patut nak ungkit. soal kaya miskin tu di mana2 pun sama. kalau you tanya saya…prankly speaking..Petronas curi hasil minyak gas sabah sarawak & negeri2 pengeluar di semenanjung. nasib lah masa parlimen luluskan petronas act tu MP2 sabah sarawak bangang2 kut…sign buta.
    So bagus cerita benda lain lah yang besar macam ada manusia dalam malaysia ni rompak KWAP, KWSP, FELDA jangan2 SSPN pun sebab tak da orang audit. Ko teror audit kan? cerita la bab tu…


    • Apa ko merepek Petronas mencuri hasil minyak negeri?? Petronas diamanahkan untuk menguruskan hasil minyak Msia. Takkan lah setiap negeri nak wujudkan syarikat minyak nya sendiri??? Saya bersetuju, perlu beri keutamaan pada rakyat negeri tapi saya rasa there is something fishy going on, seperti yang disoal MTUC.


    • you must be some kind of stupid.. You ask us to respect the MA but ask to go easy of Petroleum Act because according to you it’s some kind of mistake related to your MP’s intelligence… Oh you also speak of HAK.. Imigresen adalah HAK negeri, and guess what HAK does it give to Malaysia over oil and gas in Sarawak? Never care about that HAK? Enough of this bullshit already, it’s getting lame..


    • Ramai generasi sekarang lupa yang Sarawak (and Sabah) adalah negara merdeka sebelum bersama Tanah Melayu, Singapora dan Sabah membentuk Persekutuan Malaysia.

      Tindakan menurunkan taraf autonomi sedia ada Sarawak (dan Sabah) oleh pentadbiran persekutuan terdahulu memang jelas tidak menghormati kuasa dan autonomi sedia ada kedua dua Sabah Sarawak yang termaktub dalam Perjanjian Persekutuan Malaysia (Perkara 18/20). Ini yang menjadi duri dalam daging selama ini.

      Apa yang Sarawak tuntut adalah hak-hak sedia ada yang ada dalam Perkara 18/20 syarat penyertaan Sabah dan Sarawak dalam Persekutuan Malaysia. Sarawak jelas mengatakan penuntutan auotomi bukan untuk berpisah dari Malaysia tetapi hanya menuntut kembali hak dan janji semasa Pembentukan Malaysia. Itu saja.


      • Ramai generasi sekarang lupa bahawa sebelum 1963, Sarawak adalah sebahagian dari British Crown Colony. Sejak tahun 1946, ia diserahkan oleh Raja Brooke yang terakhir kepada kerajaan British kerana beliau tidak punya wang untuk mentadbir Sarawak. Sebelum itu, Jepun memerintah Sarawak selama 3 tahun dari tahun 1942 hinggalah 1945 di mana mereka menyerah diri dan memulangkan kembali Sarawak kepada Charles Vyner Brooke. Sebelum zaman Jepun, Sarawak diperintah selama 100 tahun oleh dinasti Brooke. Jika ada generasi Sarawak sekarang merasakan bahawa mereka adalah negeri merdeka ketika di bawah British dahulu, mungkin mereka telah tersilap.

        Terima kasih.


  4. Yes, Sarawak is really exasperating. But it’s not really about the Petronas matter, right? Actually it’s about “Bersatu/Pribumi/Anti-Najib Coalition not ever going to overthrow the government.” Because they are Tak Laku in Sarawak HAHA!

    — If you like Lee Watt, can try —


  5. I guest this ‘territorial’ mentally (or is it selfishness), sets-in when one is of the opinion that the weak Federal government under Najib needs them most than ever to cling to power. Even more so, when that weak head of government is implicated as MO1 by DoJ ‘s civil suit under its Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.
    To the Sarawakians, this is the best time ‘to milk the cow’, dry.

    Therefore, the best solution is to get rid of that MO1 and hopefully Sarawakian would realized that we are Malaysian after all.

    Stop that ‘Bangsa Johor’ crap too. It’s ok if you want to say you are anak-Johor, anak Sabah, anak-Sarawak, anak-Kedah, anak-Pahang etc ……
    Even in the US, they don’t call themselves as Californian-race, Texas-race, Utah-race, Alabama-race, Vagina-race etc.


    • Yup, that attempt and insistence to create “Bangsa Johor” have to go. Please. I’d cringe when I hear that; something which is and was non-existent.


    • So its ok to take another Country’s right and name it under a scam call MA63(kononlah to guide Sarawak), and pretentiously say that you respect our sovereign right, and the next thing you do is to declare a state of emergence(to supersede the MA63) , enforce the petroleum act without our concern and approval and started robbing out Country of its natural resources.This is what you call MALAYSIA? Well i say you’re just a caught-in-the-act thief in the process of reasoning that we are after all related and the same. Please la, stop that fake patriotism.


      • I agree that the Government of today MUST re-look what was considered by East-Malaysians as ‘robbing out’ their ‘resources’, when they agreed at referendum, 1965. After-all, the weak central Government needs East-Malaysians’ support, more than ever-before, to cling to power.

        Anyway, it was your past-leaders and your parents that agreed-to, rather rejoice-fully then….I think…..when they chose to be with the Federation at referendum.
        ‘Both-sides’ also ‘happily’ agreed, at that time, that people from the Peninsula must have a valid-passport/work-permit, upon entry to or to work in, Sarawak & Sabah….until today, that is.
        While on the other-hand, Sabahans & Sarawakians were welcome with open-arms in the Peninsula, as ‘Malaysia-citizen’, hassle-free…..no restriction whatsoever…… also, til today.
        Upon whatever reasons, your State Gomens have every-right to deny entry to Peninsular Malaysians, but not the other way around. (Pakatan leaders should know better).

        Please also bare in mind….during that Referendum…. ‘we’ were embroiled in a deadly Confrontation with Indonesia, 1963~ 1966. We were practically invaded by the Indonesians, obviously opposing the idea of Malaysian Federalism. Many from the Peninsula was killed, defending Tawau & Pulau Sebatik,.. if I’m not mistaken…….no?

        But the most important thing to remember was…..Sabahans and Sarawakians….at that time… must have greatly relished the idea of being ‘safe & secure’ as part of the Federation, rather than being annexed into Indonesia or Philippine. Of-course your parents or fore-fathers would not want their off-spring to be like people in Mindanao or Timor-Timur today. Do they?


        • im sorry pls retract the word happily rejoice. the are news of rejection from news paper cut out that you certainly have never seen before. as the federal gov proceeded to cover all newspapers regarding the matter.. pls shut the f*** up. u dont know shit


          • You don’t understand how democracy work, do you?
            Majority wins….. that’s what happened during referendum, election or when you vote for your village-chief. (Even in Brexit, only 51.9% nation wide, voted to leave EU.)

            Of-course there are people who rejected to the merger, back then …in a democracy, its too bad that the minority lose.

            That Borneo referendum was also under the supervision of the UN.
            Are you siding with Philippine, claiming it as fraudulent?


    • Bahaya bro kalau nak ‘berpisah’ atau keluar Malaysia, Mesti ada ramai di Sarawak yang tidak akan setuju, Takut nanti berpecah-dua macam Sudah. Sampai hari ini tak pernah aman, Sudan Utara & Selatan. Maklumlah mereka berpecah kepada dua Negara yang berlainan agama juga.


    • Masing dah tak sedar diri. Segala yang dicapai oleh Sarawak hari ini di bantu oleh orang Melayu.
      Governor British yang cuba mencuri Sarawak telah dibunuh oleh anak muda 16 tahun Rosli Dhobi hanya dengan pisau.
      Ini telah membuat British lari dari Sarawak.
      Orang Melayu tidak bergantung kepada Sarawak. Orang Melayu Sarawak yang bergantung kepada Melayu Semenanjung.
      Kekayaan Sarawak kini ditangan tokey balak Cina.
      Tanpa Melayu semenanjung, tiada konsep hak istimewa pribumi seperti hak istimewa Melayu di Tanah Melayu.
      Masing menunjukkan ketamakannya apabila mahu membawa masuk 40,000 ribu bangla konon ada 1 bilion kelapa sawit tidak dikutip.
      Jika benar 1 bilion kelapa sawit tidak dikutip kenapa tak beri pada orang kampung kutip satu bilion ini kerana kita tahu, kelapa sawit berharga dan selalu di kutip di ladang-ladang tanpa disuruh.
      Melayu Sarawak jangan terpengaruh dengan Masing kerana mereka mahu mengaut kekayaan untuk diri mereka sahaja.
      Bagaimana dengan lebuh raya Sabah Sarawak berapa peratus bilion dapat kepada Melayu, Dayak Kelabit. Kadazan? Berapa bilion dapat kepada syarikat Cina?
      Kenapa Masing diam bila berbilion bilion jatuh kepada orang Cina?


      • Skrg topic Lebuhraya Pan Borneo pulak, Berapa dpt kat org Cina? Melayu? Dayak? Kadazan?

        Org Melayu plg byk estimated 80% sbb project dpt kat kroni Najib, Si Busytari.



        • Busythari tu orang Semenanjung ka? Busythari tu orang Sarawak lah bodoh. Maknanya, yang kaya raya dan bolot harta rakyat sarawak ialah orang melayu Sarawak sendiri. Tamak haloba, lepas tu dia kongsi sama Jib. Semua pemimpin Malaysia tak kira dari Sarawak atau Semenanjung semuanya tamak. Tapi orang Sarawak lagi teruk, dah rampas semua harta rakyat negeri dia sendiri, dia blame orang semenanjung pulak. Kau dah bodoh ke?



  6. By September 1st, watch out what you guys are posting on Malaysian cyber space. They now have a special court to deal with you guys. Big brother are watching with brand new apparatus. Check this out. Scroll down to last paragraph:

    Cyber Court to roll out Sept 1, Azalina tells lawyers to deepen IT knowledge

    – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said the move will help them prepare for handling cybercrime issues which are getting more serious.

    Along with the operations of the Special Cyber Court, she said judges and prosecutors in the Sessions and Magistrate’s Courts will also undergo training to understand IT skills thus facilitating their understanding of related cases.

    “We are working with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to conduct the training for judges and prosecutors on Aug 27 and 28,” she told reporters after officiating at the opening of Hotel AmanSari Desaru in Bandar Penawar here, today.

    She said the Special Cyber Court, which was set up to punish cyber crime offenders according to cyber laws, will operate at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex in Jalan Duta

    Azalina who is also Pengerang member of Parliament, said the establishment of the special court can help ease the flow of cases at the criminal and civil courts related to cyber crime which is on the rise now.

    According to Azalina, there will also be a team at the special court to track down those who slander and commit offences on social media.

    – See more at: http://m.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/cyber-court-to-roll-out-sept-1-azalina-tells-lawyers-to-deepen-it-knowledge#sthash.CABrlFDQ.dpuf


  7. On the surface, it would appear that we are pampering the Sarawak politicians with this recent Petronas case. But there is a part of history that we must not forget.

    It is therefore not so straight-forward to compare Sarawakians and Sabahans freely working in Peninsular Malaysia with those West Malaysians requiring a permit to work in the two states. It is a pity that during the formation of the Federation, our West Malaysian government had agreed to such an arrangement.

    Like it or not, until today the Federation consists of three parts. And we would be kidding ourselves if we assume Sarawak and Sabah are just like one of the many states on the peninsular. The official papers tell us that they are not to be treated as equal to the other states. We are only free to work in any state on the peninsular.

    Yes, we have always allow Sarawakians and Sabahans to ‘steal’ jobs on the peninsular, pardon the word. Unfortunately, it is a willingness on our part that is not reciprocated. We can cry that it is unfair, but they are not obliged to do so. Because the bargain over this is set.

    We are lucky that Sabahans have not made demands from those in power at the Federal level for something similar to the one related to Petronas. Let’s just pray.


  8. Asset declaration should be mandatory for all politicians.

    Hopefully “greedy half-baked wannabes” will be stopped at the door of politics.

    And genuine leaders may emerge.


    • What nonsense is Ray Zombie spouting now?? I think this failed poet and then masquerading as a psychiatrist here show the poor guy had a mental problem.

      If you want to talk about corruption in politics, must start with Mahathir. He is the one who started this disease. The creator of “Politics AIDS” which is entrenched from his time as PM.

      This is the person you all say will “Save Malaysia”?? Balik kampung tanam jagung lah!!!


      • Dear ringworm

        Actually it is a compliment to me whenever you respond to my comment.

        Although most of the time your content is repetitive garbage, which is toxic level, nonetheless, it actually reveals that I have an impact on your psychosis.

        I assume your dedak flow has decreased?? Kesian …


  9. Why be angry with the Sarawak government and people? They are only looking after the best interests of those who are the most important. And that is “Sarawak and its people”. Why should they be quiet and timid and let outsiders call all the shots?

    They have very strong leverage. The BN needs them to remain in power. Pakatan Rakyat and the conspirators against Najib need their support too. So it is only natural to use this leverage.

    If those in the peninsula don’t like it, then they should kick out Sarawak from Malaysia. Can they do that? No! So just keep quiet and accept things as they are, LOSERS!


    • Ronnie boy, u did not read the whole article did ya? It is MTUC Sarawak who were angry. They don’t like it when Sarawak politicians are greedy and used the weakling Najib to their own benefit. If u don’t agree, u are a loser.


      • Hey you! With the stupid name. SHUT UP!!
        If you don’t understand simple English, go get lost!!!

        Getting Anti-Najib weirdos and fools commenting at this blog.


        • Unfortunately, we have to block your future comments because they are becoming more and more retarded. Unless you can prove you can debate intelligently from now onwards, we have to spare other readers from reading your senseless and absurd retorts.

          Thank you.


      • Interesting topic and responds. There is no right or wrong according to one personal opinion, so does the writer. Yes they are taking advantage of a weaken pm, and no petronas issue is not the point of the whole story. It just a tool to show the federal how serious is the state government of their demand. Not to much, just back to basic of the original agreement of malaysian foundation, and the development allocation promises by federal to the state. MTUC argument was right but the truth is never about the local position in the petronas. Attack on petronas is likely a right ground to force the federal to sit down for negotiation, which pm himself is procrastinating since the era of Tun M. Only back then we don’t get this kinda info and medium to discuss about it. So back to accusation of the writer, yes MTUC was right and no, stealing other people job was never the issue. Its a whole lot bigger than u, me and those politician..


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  11. Jangan salahkan pemimpin disarawak, mereka hanyalah menuntut hak apa yg mereka rasakan patut untuk kebaikan rakyat sarawak. Cuba kita ingat kembali semasa zaman pemerintahan pak lah.. MCA, MIC masing-masing menuntut hak untuk kaum yg mereka wakili. Kenapa ianya terjadi? Antara factor yg kuat mempengaruhi tindakan mereka adalah disebabkan kelemahan pemimpin atasan ketika itu. Sama juga apa yg terjadi disarawak sekarang. Team adnan tidak salah, pemimpin-pemimpin di sarawak tidak salah.. Mereka hanya menuntut hak mereka. Dacing sudah menang besar disarawak.. Janji sudah diitepati oleh team adnan.. Kerajaan pusat jangan buat-buat lupa atas janji yang telah ditaburkan bila minta team adnan menang besar di sarawak.. Jangan jadi seperti manifesto terdahulu dimana banyak janji telah dinodai.. Tol naik, minyak naik,harga barang naik, semua mahu naik.. Manifesto janji semua turun.. Takkan nak tunggu pilihan raya baru nk turun..Renung-renungkan lah..


  12. Instead of catching the thief, they decided to blackmail him. That’s what Adenan Satem and the gang is doing.

    Politicians from Sarawak (and Johor) should not take advantage of the “lembik” but a smooth criminal known as MO1. Else, they’ll be consequences….not the good ones of course.

    People of Sarawak (and Johor) are all Malaysians. Let’s all work together and “bersatu” to get rid of Malaysia’s greatest thief.


  13. Regardless, all these greed and silo way of thinking won’t make Malaysia great. People from West Malaysia had sacrificed their time, energy, effort and family in order to serve Sarawak for the past 50 years.

    I almost died laughing when I read those words.

    First, the author of this article is fool when he wrote it without studying the history of formation of Malaysia.
    Second, the author is an idiot when he wrote the article comparing west Malaysia and east Malaysia with double standard, favouring west malaySia of course.
    Third, the author is a stupid person because he could not control is anger over Sarawakian where the whole article is all about blamming Sarawakian and do not see the truth behind the issue.

    To the author of this article, please improve your knowledge before u make any othet article next time. Thank you idiot.


    • What was the ‘history of formation of Malaysia’ that you know. Please explain more.
      Maybe, DIAMBA77 should read what I just wrote, in reply to ANAK SARAWAK, above.
      It’s about the ‘atmosphere’ in the country, at the time when the referendum was held. And of-course, not interpreted into that ….18 or 20 point agreement.

      Thank You.


  14. Aku gelihati bila orang2 Sarawak kata Sarawak dulu adalah sebuah negara bukan negeri.Masa bila tu?Care to explain?Sepanjang yg aku tahu Sarawak tidak pernah memerintah sendiri melainkan sentiasa menjadi tanah jajahan kepada negeri2 lain.Antaranya Brunei,raja brooke,british,jepun..Sebutan borneo itu sendiri berasal dari perkataan brunei mengikut lidah mat salleh.

    Kalau pernah jadi negara siapa pemerintah/raja Sarawak yg pernah wujud?Aku tahu mesti Sarawakian dengan bangganya akan sebut nama penjajah mat salleh diorang si brooke anak-beranak hahaha.Sori jangan marah itu realiti.

    Sebenarnya aku cukup meluat dengan sikap sarawakian yg anti semenanjung padahal org2 sarawak yg cari makan di semenanjung tak pernah dilayan buruk atau dipandang serong oleh orang2 semenanjung.Langsung tak ada layanan kelas kedua atau sentimen orang luar.Sebaliknya cuba org semenanjung kerja di sarawak…

    Untuk pengetahuan,aku juga dilahirkan di Sarawak kerana ayahku seorang tentera asal semenanjung yg bertugas di sana mempertahankan bumi Sarawak dari ancaman komunis pada waktu aku dilahirkan.


    • Then why the degrading remarks like “eh u guys masih tinggal kat pokok ke? Ada shopping mall tak kt Serawak? I dgr nak g opis kene naik bot?”..

      Or my most fav line ever “oh.. you all dari Serawak? Welcome to Malaysia”

      Why do they still have such mentality? For goodness sake i always get things like.. “Oh.. Kuching tu kat Sabah kan..”

      Not hating just wondering


  15. hey jebat. You are typing comfortably in your blog at home. I guess you are from peninsular Malaysia. Try stay in Miri or Bintulu Sarawak, then you know why people are not satisfied. Reading the news in social media will not help to give you a broader view in this issues. btw, Adenan is not travelling everywhere by using a private jet. check the fact first. and Sarawak is the only state that doesnt allow the Bangladesh workers. Please dont give a biased view. Try stay here and feel the nerves and breathes of the local here.


    • Allo Aza Lanbai! Is the air in Sarawak polluted? How come you can write nonsense? MTUC Sarawak itself said your state employ foreign workers, Bangladeshi included. GET your FACTS right laa macha!!


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