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May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 2)

When Kua Kia Soong launched his book a couple of years ago, it was hailed as a momentous occasion where a national taboo was at last broken. What more, the authorities did nothing to even review or validify the book’s contents. It is after all, a one man’s point of view. A skewed one nevertheless. But it is a book that is open for discussion.

Nobody on earth questioned about its contents back then. Kua Kia Soong’s book was the definitive guide for Malaysians to learn about May 13, 1969. So when this blog revealed that Kua Kia Soong had actually slandered our very own Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia for instigating the riots, everyone jumped into the bandwagon and criticised me as a racist.

I find that hilarious.

I conclude that among the communist infested minds of the commentators here, it is OKAY for Kua Kia Soong to omit facts from his book and also, it is permissible for him to insult and slander people without proper evidence.

On the other hand, when I revealed that there are so many other FACTS that were omitted by him and also the refutations provided had unveiled his malicious agenda, I was hurled with so many abusive language. Some even wanted me to be jailed under the ISA!

I guess from a communist point of view, telling lies is okay but trying to rebuke the lies and telling the truth is a BIG NO.

As predicted, profanity-charged comments came from all over to spam this particular blog. After getting a free ride since Kua Kia Soong’s book hit the book stand in 2007, these particular commentators are rattled just because someone had tried to debunk their ‘bible’. They could only spew vulgarities (which had to be deleted) but unable to rebuke the writings I posed for them.

For instance, not one of them rebuked my contention that Kua Kia Soong made a horrendous mistake regarding Dato’ Onn’s struggle back in 1946. Not one of the many comments made a reference to my assertion that Kua Kia Soong purposely did not include any of the damning events leading to the general elections in 1969. He did not even describe with great detail how was the victory parade looked like a day after the general elections. To me, like I stated earlier, he was trying to imply that the racial riots were originated from Umno alone. I proved to them that it was wrong. And no one rebutted me on that.


Anyway, some of the commentators could not even argue properly. This is because, they have not read Kua Kia Soong’s book or any of the books I provided. A few actually said that since Kua Kia Soong had his own sources, we should believe him because my own sources are unverified.

Well, truth be told that the sources I used as reference are from the same sources that Kua Kia Soong had used for his book! Just look at its bibliography section and notice that he had referred to Tunku’s book (May 13 : Before and After) and the NOC Official Report.

Where do you think I get all the pictures and details? From those two books lah! Not only that, I used as reference Tunku’s other books such as Political Awakening (I even provided page number for the readers’ easy reference). I also sourced out references from other people that was involved during that period of time. One of them is a book entitled ‘Nation Before Self’ by Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng who is a celebrated police officer of his time (he retired in 1984 as a Sarawak Police Commissioner).

Since Kua Kia Soong’s sources of references are deemed as credible by these Chinese chauvinists, then why are mine be selectively discarded?

Bear in mind, I took first hand experience from writers that were involved during that episode.

Bottomline, they are unable to accept that what Kua Kia Soong had written could be extremely one sided and may not be deemed as the comprehensive truth after all.

It must have hurt them real bad to have their fantasies of pinning all the blame to Malays and Umno over what happened in 1969 was put to the stress test by this blog. Of which, judging from the plethora of ‘denial syndrome’ infested comments; it was indeed a test that these bigots failed to pass.

One last try of the ridiculous argument they presented was that all those provocations by the chauvinistic Chinese towards Malays such as ‘Melayu babi balik kampung’ and ‘Jakun balik hutan’ and showing their genitals and vulgar signs did not justify the killings of Chinese by the Malays that went berserk from those taunts.

My rebuttal? What was the justification to kill an innocent Malay Umno member by the Labour Party members 2 weeks before the elections? It was an unprovoked attack. Was his life less valuable than the life of a chinese? I guess not then.

Which is why Tun Mahathir said in one of his articles – when Malays tried to defend their constitutional rights and tell their side of the story, it is deemed as racist. But when those extremists initially had shrieked on top of their lungs to abolish those very rights and propagating insidious lies as history, it is deemed as acceptable and following the rights to have freedom of speech.

That is certainly not how it is done here. Freedom of speech can only be done if it goes hand in hand with a sense  of responsibility and awareness.

Here is a poser: some say that the cause of racial tension here in Malaysia is due to the NEP. The NEP is the one that made all races resent each other. Correct?

But racial riots that happened in 1969 and prior to that occurred before the inception of the NEP in 1970! If the opposition now had publicly declared that they will uphold the Malay Special Rights and will protect what is in the Constitution, what was the cause of the racial tension pre-NEP days then?

You guessed it right. Extremism and subversive communist propaganda. Some people then could not accept what is in the Constitution. These were the opposing views who wanted to segregate themselves from nationalism. Those racist bigots back then thought that the Malay Special Rights were an abomination to their own minority rights. And what right was that? The presumption that their chauvinistic values are far better than the stereotyped Malays.

We see here now that a similar trend emerged since the 80’s where the opposition kept on questioning the Malay rights. The Malays in turn could not question or even defend their rights for if they were to do that, they will automatically  be labeled as racists. Evidently, the concept of fairness only applies to what they only think was fair.

Here is another fact. On May 13, not all that died were Chinese. 25 Malays, 13 indians and 143 chinese died because of the riots. Freedom of speech that went too far coupled with provocations caused those deaths. Extremism caused those deaths. Racial insensitivities caused those deaths. Irresponsible subversive elements such as communist underground movement caused those deaths. Unhindered chauvinism and racism caused those deaths.

Please do not start that there were more Chinese that died compared to other races. Certainly it wasn’t the Malays that started the funeral procession and the victory marches. The blame should be put squarely on the shoulders of those who took part in the processions and the parade as well.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak made a speech recently that Umno must not be too nostalgic of its past contribution. He said:

“There is no other party that has made as much contribution to nation-building as Umno, and this has been proven,” he said. “But if we only rely on sentiments, past contributions and nostalgia, these may not be enough to sustain our position as the ruling party.”

I am happy that the prime minister is cognisant of history although I doubt he is aware of the current prevailing sentiments of the people who had been influenced by the hate propaganda of the opposition. Many out there believe that the racial riots of 1969 was started by Umno.  And many believed it was started by his own father! Tragically, many of our younger generations may have believed it as well. Regarding the young generation, Najib said this about them in the same speech:

“They are like a piece of white cloth; if you provide them with the right information, they will lean towards us.”

But ever since the publication of Kua Kia Soong’s book, were there any effort to correct the misleading facts shown in that book by the government? Were there any books to counter its damaging effects?

Hence, these blog articles here will help the people to see the tragic incident from an impartial perspective.

I need not apologise for this effort. It is a story that must told in the correct way.

We will start on where we left off from the previous article.

As what was well documented, the Alliance lost many parliamentary seats in the 1969 general election.

Selangor lost many of its state seats but managed to get hold of the state government through a slim majority of 4 seats.

Perak nearly lost to the opposition. Pulau Pinang lost to Gerakan.

All of the state seats in Kuala Lumpur fell to the chinese based opposition political parties (Kuala Lumpur was part of Selangor then).

In Parliament, the Alliance lost its two-thirds majority by only 1 parliamentary seat (although they regain the two-thirds majority when Gerakan, PPP and PAS joined the Alliance to form Barisan Nasional in 1973).

As the result of the unprecedented victory by the opposition at that time, the DAP and Gerakan decided to organize victory parade all over Kuala Lumpur on the 11th and 12th of May.

Kua Kia Soong even stated on page 85 that the racial riots of 1969 were carefully planned and organized by Tun Abdul Razak as a coup d’etat. Kua Kia Soong concluded all this eventhough circumstances before, during and after the riots clearly made his conclusion a wrong one.

And this was well documented by the people that were there during the scene. However, there were some commentators in the previous article who said that it was Tun Abdul Razak who had granted permission to the opposition to hold victory parade but Tunku was against it. Hence, the massive scale of riots could have been avoided and there would have been no killings on May 13th.

That could be true. But then again, let me show you what really had happened according to what Tunku had written in his book that Kua Kia Soong is also using as reference (again, please click and zoom). By Tunku’s own admission, he wrote:

Taken from May 13 : Before and After (i)

Taken from May 13 : Before and After (i)

Taken from May 13 : Before and After (ii)

Taken from May 13 : Before and After (ii)

From reading this, the report on the victory celebrations actually jived with the clippings  NOC report attached at the end of the previous article.

But it does not jive with the notion that it was Tun Razak who had planned to give the permit for the parade. In fact, Gerakan’s V. David had arrogantly defied police orders and proceeded to organise an illegal victory parade in the middle of Bukit Bintang!

If you have eyes and able to read, then I leave it to you to think whether all the assumptions made by people who wanted to twist history is viable.

Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng wrote a whole chapter on the racial riots in his book – Nation Before Self. On page 159, he reminisced:

“The sudden surge of excessive Chinese chauvinistic and uncontrolled emotions during the May 69 elections following Opposition camps, was accompanied by even some simplistic presumptuousness that even greater Chinese political ascendency and successes would follow. The aggressive posturing and defiance seen during the funeral procession of an opposition posturing element shot by the police few days earlier had already fumed the situation. All these acts together could only create anger and inflict humiliation on the fragile sensitivities of a basically proud race and people. Very strong Malay anger arose intermixed with political anxieties for the community’s future. A counter procession in strength with much embedded racial pride and improvised self-protection was planned and organized.”

On page 42 of Kua Kia Soong’s book, he only made a passing remark about the funeral procession and the victory parades (just 7 lines to be exact).  Will this give his readers the true picture of what had happened then? I doubt it. Do you?

Here are more pictures taken from the history archives:


Provocation by the chauvinist victors


The parade that went off course than was permitted


Freedom of speech that went too far


Picture taken from Tunku's book

Before we move on to part 3, I would like to state another misdirection Kua Kia Soong did in his book.

On page 62, Kua Kia Soong stated this –

“From the declassified documents, it was widely known that the number of casualties were far higher than stated in the official statistics. Still the official sources showed a preponderance of non-Malay fatalities.

On 21 May, limited passenger train services resumed between Kuala Lumpur, Butterworth and Singapore; Malaysia-Singapore Airlines resume normal operations, while international flights were still over-flying West Malaysia. The official statistics of casualties were:

“137 killed – 18 Malays
342 injured
109 vehicles burned
118 buildings destroyed
2912 persons arrested, mostly curfew breakers”

Wow. At the start of this paragraph, he said that there were actually more deaths than what was reported in the official report. He said that it was widely known from the ‘declassified documents’ that the casualties were higher. But get this, he did not even publish the excerpt of this ‘evidence’ in his book at all! Instead, he put in the official statistics.

Why? So that he will incite hatred among those who read his book. And yet, I was the one who was labeled as hate monger when I have done nothing but exposing the weaknesses in his hypothesis and adding the facts that Kua Kia Soong purposely had omitted.

Furthermore, it was not Tun Razak who established the National Operations Council (NOC). It was Tunku. Therefore, to even suggest that it was Tun Razak who created the NOC just to shelve the then PM was indeed a false notion. Below is the excerpt from Tunku’s book:

May 13 : Before and After (pg 98 - 100)

May 13 : Before and After (pg 98 - 100)

Thus we go back to Kua Kia Soong’s conclusions mentioned in the previous article:

1) Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat from Tunku Abdul Rahman – false conclusion

2) Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youths to spontaneously launched an unprovoked attack towards the chinese people – to be discussed in the final part

3) The racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movementfalse conclusion

In part 3 (final part), we will discover what went on the tragic day itself. We will read the going-ons and the decisions made by leaders on that day. This final part may not be a good read for Umno as well as it will impartially look at the party’s situation and how some leaders at that time became opportunistic.

The final part will also try to discuss the aftermath of the whole event. Please be patient.

95 thoughts on “May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 2)

  1. JMD….thank you so much for the articles….not so much for me but for our future generations to know truth……
    BTW, perhaps we should expose what role has LKS (aka mother of racism) played during the May 13th incident….


  2. A good piece of an article bro ..keep on writing with your good analytical sense. You mentioned in your piece of writing that ‘In Parliament, the Alliance lost its two-thirds majority by only 1 parliamentary seat (although they regain the two-thirds majority when Gerakan, PPP and PAS joined the Alliance to form Barisan Nasional in 1973).’ it took me by surprise that never have i known that PAS was part of the alliance back then…..can you enlighten us on this please?

    JMD : Yes, PAS became part of BN in 1973 to form unity government. Only the DAP stayed as opposition. PAS left BN during the 1978 general elections. Thank you.


  3. Salam Tuan JMD;

    Sila bukukan penulisan ini. I shall buy the first 100 for free distribution.

    Just doing my bit to counter that spin dr. and his yarn.


  4. Well done JMD. Your effort in rebutting lies, propaganda and fact twisting mission by certain quarters deserves all the praise. I wish there are more sites like yours.

    These spinning for own political mileage knows no boundary. What makes it worst is the fact that even if it costs the nations peaceful existence that is still fine by them. Just look at this;


    There just isn’t a short cut around this other than countering them with facts. It is sad to see that even some of the more ‘educated’ people are also fooled by them. Keep up with the good work bro. God bless.


  5. Thank you JMD, you have done a remarkable job in debunking the lies of the DAP author Kua Kia Soong.

    My only regret was that Kua’s book was published in 2007 but the BN Government of the day did not do anything to correct the blatant lies until you come up with your series of article on the May 13.

    On hindsight the least the BN Government under Abdullah could do at that time was to republish the Government white paper on the May 13 riots with guided comments to show how brazen the lies in Kua’s book were and distribute it for free. I pray PM Najib and his Government will be more vigilant to counter negative propoganda by the DAP and their supporters.

    The May 13 riots revisited, reminds me of a very,very recent comment by a famous Chinese action actor Jackie Chan whose relevant excerpt from the Associated Press said as follows:

    “I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not,” Chan said. “I’m really confused now. If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic.”

    Chan added: “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”

    Just look at the shameless antics of the DAP Aduns in the Perak DUN on 7 May 2008, I think many will understand what Jackie Chan means.

    I think the freedom for free speech should have its limit in a multiracial society like ours to ensure continued harmony, stability and security of the nation.


  6. correction, printers hantu:
    just look at the shameless antics of the DAP Aduns in the Perak DUN on 7 May 2009, I think many will understand what Jackie Chan means.


  7. Good Article you have there, cant wait for the 3rd part.
    I have read Kua Kia Soong’s Book. Your article serve as a comparison and add-on to what i have in my mind regarding May 13th.


  8. JMD,
    Memang beginilah selalunya sejak akhir-akhir ini. Bila kita cuba mempertahankan hak kita, dituduh pula sebagai racist.

    Persoalannya, kenapa mereka perlu malu tentang asal-usul mereka sendiri. Teruk sangatkah Negara China dan India sehinggakan keturunan mereka di Malaysia sukar mengakui diri sebagai keturunan pendatang.

    Apa yang bertambah malang, kini ramai pula si kitol – si kitol yang turut sama membantu menganiaya bangsa sendiri semata-mata kemaruk kuasa.


  9. Dear Jebat,
    I remembered reading an article posted in Malaysia Today by RPK which clearly states that he personally interviewd Tunku on this…He also did mentioned 2 names on his articles which I believe you know who I’m refering to..
    Any comments on that.
    Thanks and have a nice day sir.

    JMD : Please provide me with the link on this. Thank you.


  10. Assalammuaalaikom Jmd,

    I am very much interested in the history of Malaya to Malaysia. Much have been said about 13th May as the turning point of racism issues in Malaysia. Question:

    1. Why there is no historical report or news about racial violence in right after the WWII, – in district of Batu Pahat Johor and Perak. Do you think the racial boiling point started from this era. I knew two well known VVIP Singaporean are from this home town. (Commonly known as Perang Parang Panjang – Or Kiyai Salleh war.

    2. Why did the government totally buried this historical fact as if it does not happen.

    3. Where can you get the NOC report. Has it been declassified.

    4. In fact the 13th May was even not in the student historical book. It is bad but shouldn’t it be better for the younger generation been given a thoughtful lesson about this incident.

    Thank you

    JMD : Please give me your real email address so that I can email you the softcopy of the NOC report. Thank you.


  11. mari lah kita ambil nasihat si jebat must die ini dan bermusuhan dgn kaum cina !

    cina must die! terima kasih jebat kerana menyedari diri saya betapa jahat, keji nya orang cina!

    CINA JAHAT! mari kita ajar mereka! hidup JMD! HIDUP UMNO!

    JMD : I think you have a sick mind. Are all opposition supporters psychotic like you? I never said we should make enemies of the chinese. In fact, you had unleashed upon us how racist you are. Calling other people as racist when in fact, through your own writing, it is you who are racist. A racist within Pakatan Rakyat? What a surprise! (duh).


  12. JMD

    I am 58 yrs old and my classmate(we were Form 5) were murdered by the Chinese mob on May 13th.Kua and some Malays have been spreading lies about the incidence.

    For the sake of my children and my grand children,please publish a book on this so that the book by Kua are not left unanswered.

    Thank sir,thank you sir.


  13. Somwewhere it was said that the old devil, and the father of our PM were behind it all, way before the election, just in case UMNO suffered lost in the election.

    Tunku shoud know better, I thought.

    Of the 5, 2 went on to become PM and one is still kicking and still a menace.

    JMD : Please wait for my final instalment of the article. You may regret saying all this. Thank you.


  14. Hang Jebat must die.. Well Malaysians need that.

    The last thing Malaysia needs now is a Malay, Chinese or Indian Hero. We desperately need a Malaysian Hero, someone who can defend the rights of every citizen. Our national economy should be the concern of everyone.

    Sarawak and Sabah did not need any racist hero when they opted to help form Malaysia in 1963. If Tunku had shown the “Malay racist” trite then, it is believed that there will be no Malaysia as it is to-day, but only the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah as Independent nations. However whether we would have the peace and goodwill to-day is a subject for many debates and opinions.

    A better future for all should become the concern for all of us- not May 13th which was gone for another year yesterday unnoticed by the majority of Malaysians except us, the bloggers.


  15. one word for you good sir

    “Fear not the path of truth, for the lack of people walking on it ”

    IMO what we have now is reverse racism. we can see it in the US. its ok for blacks to call white honkies, red necks or cracker but not the other way around

    good read..


  16. hahahaha
    i found that most of typical cina bukit are so angry with u.
    bila sebut hak melayu = melayu racist,
    bila sebut hak bukan melayu=demokrasi
    bila melayu cakap = salah
    bila bukan melayu ckp = betul
    tu la typical yg selalu kita dgr


  17. Isn’t truth relative?

    There are different versions of the truth seen from the eyes of different people with different background who are exposed to different events (that seem related to them after the fact).

    There’s no absolute truth.

    Like mentioned by many people, history consists of multiple threads of unrelated events that are seemingly made related by historians in order to form a logical conclusion.

    Rightfully or wrongfully the logical conclusion depends on the historian who is writing the history book. Who writes the books depends on the circumstances at the time.


  18. Dear jebatmustdie,

    I don’t feel ‘incited’ by reading his book and go berserk killing people and start a new May 13 by grouping up a number of berserkers to kill if that’s what incites mean. So we are safe here. I agree with you there are major flaws in his hypothesis. I can judge for myself if his arguements are biased as would any ‘educated’ (not talking about papers here) and rational minded person. I doubt the official death figures too not because of the book tells me so but because many of my relatives lost their lives on that day. All i know is that their throats were slit and they died a fearful death, without knowing why. That was what i was told by my mum.

    I blame the instigaters be they kuning, white, black, kopi, whatever and above all the very people who had the power to stop it from happening but did not until it spiralled out of control. Politians? ‘Manusia mereka, Hantu juga mereka’.

    I’m chinese by blood/genes but above all I identify myself as Malaysian because i grew up in a school where my malay, chinese and indian buddies laughed, cried and shared the spoils of our mischieves all through primary to secondary school. I choose love over hate every day because i know hate does not, cannot and will never solve anything. While some racists may ‘race’ for all they want and look at other ethnicity in disdain and distrust, i can always look back to the good old days and call my buddies up for a drink or futsal.

    What really bothers me is after so many years of independence many still can’t look past the colour of the skin and the choice of our faith. That truly is the failure of our education system and nation building policies, though they are not the only cause.

    Anyway, whatever articles/books on May 13 cannot escape to be biased in a way, yours included. Killing cannot be justified no matter how rational is the justification, ‘benang yang basah tidak akan berdiri tegak’.

    P.S. Just my opinions, I may be wrong. For that, please forgive me.


  19. JMD, teruskan usaha yang murni ini. sejarah menjadi panduan, tapi bukan semua sejarawan yang suka kepada kebenaran(yang suka menyeleweng).


  20. Dear JMD

    I am really impressed and grateful that you have put in such great efforts to give us this version of May 13, a very sad chapter of Malaysian history. There are other versions, but I find yours more believable.

    Having that history and the communist troubles before that, we are lucky to have the nation Malaysia today.

    Nevertheless, we still have a lot of room for improvements, that apply to both sides – the Govt and the Opposition.

    Keep up the good work.

    Chris C


  21. I think what we all must bear in mind about May 13 1969 is that Malaysian blood was spilt and racialism was the fuse. You mentioned that the late Tunku pointed to CPM while Dr. Kua pointed to UMNO/Harun & co. Does it really matter who lit the fuse? The incident should not and must not be allowed to happen again. As a responsible writer, you must bear this in mind while making your clarifications.

    Please do not equate the current Chinese community to CPM. Not all of us subscribe to Mao’s Communism. I don’t even know the difference between Mao’s, Castro’s, North Korea’s and the former USSR’s communism! All I know is all 3 were lumped under Communism by the western powers.

    Yes, I admit the older generation are still hanging onto the ‘motherland/mothertongue’-thingy. I have one as an in-law. But I don’t because I was born here and so were my parents. BTW, my father did his national duty and answered the nation’s call on May 13 1969. He served in the Police Force from the day he joined till his retirement and my mum served in the Gov’t health services till her retirement as well.

    Being a fallible human, I’d probably be worked up if my opponents were to taunt me (think English/European football fans). We should not care a hoot about whoever was the real instigator of May 13, we should play our part to keep the peace in this time of dire challenges (both economically and politically).



  22. i agree that we do not have the rights to take someone’s life. however, you can not justify the killing of thousands just because one fo your own is killed. we have long lived in the civilized world even in the 1960’s.

    i did not finish reading this article because you gave your own version of conclusion even before presenting facts.

    lastly, the picure with smoke “bomb” is distastefully titled. i wonder if the “author” ever tried to understand his chinese neighbours. chinese celebrates events with fire-crackers, not “bomb”. he might as well call it a “weapon of mass destuction”, like how bush liked to call it.


  23. To those who are over sixty,the photograhs are nothing new.I jam just wondering why Kua release the book just before Najib take over the PM post and worst still it got through KDN without any hitch?Its a long thought and there is no street demonstration when our Bapa Pembangunan was labelled as the culprit.The reason is we know what really happened and we know who is the writer.So we just forget it! Thanks JMD, I mentioned the big broom yesterday and today those pictures remind me of the most sickening moment.


  24. Hi Jebat Must Die,

    For someone like you to reach such an analysis, your intellectual superiority must be second to none. So, when were you born? Was it before, after or sometime during the riots? If you were rather young at that time to even understand what a riot meant compared to the large number of eyewitnesses whom many are still around today, then you are better off completing a thesis for this research yourself to rebuke all of Dr. Kua’s claims and earn a well deserving PhD. But please ensure that you have not only circumstantial evidence but solid evidence-based data for every statement you intend to include in your thesis as it may affect your chances of graduation that may possibly require a further extension.


  25. if Datuk Harun know is evil to do any killing, why would he in the first place start it?

    if Tun Abdul Razak is not the mastermind of May 13, why didn’t he stop it instantly?

    well, really, nobody knows the truth. are you very convinced yourself that Tun Razak didn’t mastermind it? did he tell you, hi jmd, i didn’t start it or did he say ” i started it”.

    how can you conclude all the above when you were not even the eye witness? maybe yes, maybe no, who knows. but at the end of the day, i know is a painful chapter all many and will you make a gentleman and gracious conclusion to all your readers, “let’s forgive, forget and move on” ?

    the ball is in your court, jmd.


  26. Granted – pretty good post! These things would be great material for a “reconciliation commission/forum”.
    And I do not deny that there were indeed unruly provocations coming from “extremist elements” – but can paint them all with the same brush?
    However, have you considered the perspectives of the man on the street who were in the line of fire? And those who might’ve been cut down in cold blood (at the Coliseum theatre for example)? Were the actions of “certain quarters” justified” after all these? Are you saying that the “saints” or the other side of the field were totally innocent of contributing to such sentiments – and all of a sudden called on the armed personnel to go on a rampage on civilians?
    Is that what this is all about, Jebat?

    Whatever said, I still cannot reconcile all these to the need for “armed security personnel” to indulge in bloodlust.
    What makes it worse is the fact that this day of shame is mentioned by leaders of today while bursting with some “sick pride” – like it was some sort of perverted “achievement”.
    They make it sound like they fought worthy adversaries in unarmed civilians with their rifles- “demi agama, bangsa dan negara” or something!!
    Is that what this is all about, Jebat?

    Jebat – it isn’t about right or wrong here. You can go on like this forever, Jebat – and you’d only create more resentment.
    It is about acknowledging the mistakes of the past, learning to live together, and moving on.
    The question is if you & I are good enough & big enough for this.

    The way I look at it, both sides screwed up – and neither had the right to do what they did. Both sides were wrong – whatever their reasons may have been. And they should be ashamed of themselves and admit their mistakes, so as to allow for healing and reconciliation.
    Just so that all of us can move forward and achieve the nationhood we need to make Malaysia great once again.

    JMD : Please wait for the final installment. Thank you.


  27. I am a Malay married to an Indian.

    Racial issues is considered sensitive issue to us.

    I dont’t see Malay and Indian to have problem to have 1Malaysia. I would say, we Malay are very tolerate to other race.

    Its just that I can see Chinese really anti of Malay. The reports of them treating the Indonesian maid should be enough.


    • BY the sheer comment of yours, you are already a racist….a single incident of the indonesian maid can be used as a generalization. ca we be a bit less emotional in our comment?


      • we are all racist after all…..

        RW, are you not a racist person?damn liar……

        it is human basic instinct…..that is the way god create us…


  28. Salam, I was there standing by the roadside, Mountbatten Road, near Robinson’s during the funeral procession. Come to think how dangerous the situation was then, no Malay should be exposed. Even policemen in uniform were seen that day. How naive can a twenty year old be. I did not expected a racial riot was about to explode. I was working in Telecoms then, I relieved a couple of female staff so that they can go home early as roumours are abound that trouble may happen. It did happen around 6.00pm, and everybody was stunned. Many got stuck in traffic jams on the way home from work, some was slayed though. When curfew was imposed, that helped somehow. What you wrote were exactly what happened. I attended many political rallys, at Melacca Street, Sulaiman Club to listen to speakers. Tan Chee Koon, Goh Hock Guan, Yeoh Teck Chye, V. David, and some PMIP leaders prior to the 69 election. Changes were expected, and changes came so begin the victory parade. The opposition even went to the extent to shoo Dato Harun off his residence in Kg. Baru. What do you expect in return? Patience have it limits. BOOM!


  29. I hope the postings of such nasty pictures in the blog will not fan another riot just like in 1969.
    Not very clever and in bad taste but as usual that is the tactic of UMNO. Let me say this, the other party has enough sense not to show the incitious pictures in the blog and I believe if it is free for all, then they will have more pictures to show. For every one picture you showed to your favour they can show ten and I hope they don’t.
    We know who are the losers and winners in this riot and such pictures will not blind us from the true fact of who were the key leaders in this blood-bath. Trying to deny the facts is just as good as saying Tunku is a liar. I have heard horror stories from colleagues who were caught in the riots and do you really want to know more? Are the pictures trying to deflect the thruth of what actually happened. If we were able to line up the people who were killed in the riots, the racial composition of the dead will tell you the true picture. Lets not talk about it any more. The book by the author is a reconciliantion of facts. Just accept the facts and .
    Another thing, continue to blame it on the communist. The communist. The rightist or leftist or whatever at that time were ideologists. Just see the statements and placards, but your ideology is racial. Just see the killing.
    Between a communist and a racist, who would you choose. You can continue to put the blame on them, they are gone but not the racists who are still running our country. Some of them are still alive, 70 years or more maybe.
    A racist always harp on the same things, one bangsa, one language, one religion and blah blah…… That becomes their daily mantra, the most important things in your life. They look at things with only one eye. It does not give them depth. I just dont know what to do with you guys. Fellows, we need to move forward, get the best education and you know what is best. If you still don’t agree, take a look at our neighbour next door. If you only care to look. Please change.
    “The survival of the fittest are not always the strongest but the most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin

    Question:- Are you willing?

    JMD : I have searched the blogs and internet, where are these pictures that you claim will prove that the pictures I took from official sources are damaging to this article? Please send me the links. Thank you.


    • The problem is everyone is seeing think in their own perspective….everyone seems to be having their own personal agenda….am sure JMD is not an exception…posting clips be fitting to his arguments..Agree?

      JMD : Please read all four articles line by line. KKS’ personal agenda includes lying to the public. I am merely rebutting what he said based on available facts he had carefully omitted. Thank you.


      • I agree KS may have omitted certain fact..you ahve full right to rebuff it albeit fairly. I am sure you are also conveniently select what is befitting to your argument. If KKS is a guest of your blog, i think he will be the best person to accept your rebuttal or correct your misconception. maybe you should post these articles of your in his blog. Both of you have made research on the topic and will be the best one to proof other wrong…I am not historian and is only voicing my opinion without any malicious aim. I do not think it is nice to call other a liar….Honest to your self…your article is unbiased? No personal agenda? KKS-will you comment if you access this?

        Good luck to you and happy blogging with more articles on a neutral basis fair to all races…i mean all malaysian…Please be reminded, we are now talking od 1malaysia……

        JMD : Pray tell where have I conveniently select anything to fit my argument? Care to enlighten us? Where? Show me please. Omission of facts is considered lying as you are not telling the whole truth. In fact his book even said that the funeral procession and victory parades were tame affairs. He even lied about Tun Razak had tried to gain prominence through Malay support and shun non Malays parties. This was in fact not true since multi racial BN was established. This article is rebutting all the errors in judgment of KKS when he wrote this book. Since I do not create any facts out of thin air, why do you think I am biased? I am out to straighten the facts which was distorted by him. Can your biased mind accept this? Thank you.


  30. Call me naive, but there seems to be nothing wrong with celebrating if you feel you have done something momentous, i.e. prevented the government from obtaining it’s 2/3 majority. Call me dumb, but when I read your comments on how Malays are termed as extremists when they protect their rights but non-Malays aren’t ,reminds me of Ahmad Ismail’s pendatang comments and Utusan Melayu’s ‘Bangkitlah Melayu’, but yet I don’t remember Lim Guan Eng saying something similar or Tamil Nesan saying Bangkitlah India. I do rmember the journalist who reported Ahmad Ismail’s comments getting caught by ISA though, for reporting the truth. Geez who will have thought ISA will be used, not to capture the guy who made the comments but the lady who reported it. I alsolike to thnik that most Malays of this generation are a lot more smarter than to want to protect rights just for being Malay, a right so devoid of meaning and common sense. Malays of this generation, want to protect their rights as MALAYSIANS

    JMD : Yes, you are naive. Thank you.


    • That is not naive. That is aspiration, that is our dream..Malaysia for all Malaysian..no distinction of bumi and non-bum..and Malaysia will be a better one for all…


  31. Wow Bro JMD, dis is cool,..glad ur being firmed n truthful even tho Truth Hurts,.. neway most Malays of d past noes who woz rite,.. bro,.. dus sum of d supporters of Dr.Kua’s book realized dat out of 137 chinese killed sum of dem woz killed by deir own race,.. way back my late Granpa’s fren woz telling my late granpa dat a few of deir frens & relative had also participated in d riots n boasted to my late granpa dat dey(deir frens & relative in KL) even killed a few chinese demself as dey say ” Itu anak halam bodoh punya china bukit patut kasi hantaq balik China” and gess wat,..heheh,.. dey r Chinese frens of my late Granpa,..dey killed deir own races according to dis frens of my late granpa bcoz dos Chinese had disrupted d harmony and peace in Malaysia,.. dey noe deir limit but not d chauvinistic chines frm DAP & Gerakan,.. infact I gess sum r still alive and if only we cud find a way to bring dis chinese dat fight alongside d malays to reveal d event on dat faithful day,.. wat about d death of malays dat try to protect deir chinese fren frm deir Malay neighbour,.. a victim of circumstances,..too bad d situation nowadays is bcoz d Malays r too berbudi bahasa & brsopan santun,.. patut tak boleh bagi maka kat Cina chauvinis & sifat komunis ini… even my older chines fren says ” Abang, olang Cina mana boleh jd pemimpin Malaysia,..dia olang mesti cos problem punya sbb olang Melayu ada banyak pantang larang,.. silap main kepala dia naik amok habis loh,” dat being said,..wat else can I say,..heheh,.. again I’ll help to promote ur link wenever I go to othr blogs & help othr true blood malays will do d same to promote ur articles on dis 13th of May,.. huh,..me a racist?? well I dun give a fork as to me we r all racist if not openly,..wakaka,..(,”)


  32. OBAMA dah jadi Presiden Amerika, takkan orang yg berkaliber tak jadi? Malaysia dah jadi lebih advans dari Singapor kalao bawah pimpinan orang yang tak bodoh, tak liar liar, tak bercakap kosong awek, tak tidak berprinsip……

    Bangunlah JMD, tidur mimpi sje.

    JMD : Bagainmana saudara tahu Malaysia akan jadi ‘advance’ dari Singapore jika bukan Tun Abdul Razak, Hussein Onn, dan Tun Mahathir yang jadi PM? Siapa yang patut mengganti mereka ini sewaktu itu? Jika tidak tahu jawapannya, jangan jadi mat jenin berangan sesuatu yang tidak terjadi. Bukan saya yang sedang tidur saudara. Terima kasih.


    • JMD, others I don’t know but Mahathir is definitely not for during his time of 20+ years, he brought us down through his governance by corruption and incitement of race politics, while Singapore impassionately moved on to the first world la!

      JMD : Sorry you are dementedly wrong. Your bigotry had made you lose focus. It was Pak Lah that brought us down. Do you know why Singapore can become a first world country? Because the opposition was curtailed and remained an insignificant force in the parliament. Coupled with a strong nepotism-ic leadership and subdued minority. If we have this kind of environment here in Malaysia, I am sure, a little bit more development can be foreseen in the near future.


      • I second your views JMD. There seems to be a misconception about Singapore’s “success”. Yes sure it is 1st world in terms of its economy, but in terms of political and civil freedoms, it lags behind any 1st world nation out there. And your right about the opposition. They are insignificant and irrelevant. Hell thats even if they haven’t been bankrupted by the numerous lawsuits put against them by LKY and his PAP. In terms of democracy and political freedoms, Malaysia surpasses Singapore by far.


      • This is what I called personal agenda..Mahathir surely has contributed to what Malaysia is today but he also flawed…We sure cannot put the blame squarely and solely on Pak Lah..after all he was in a very short term in office in comparison with Dr.M who was at the helm for 22 years…lots of bureaucracy and malpractices was already set of rules when Pak Lah came in. His only set back is he is too weak to reform despite the good intention. Anyway,concusion can only be made when the coffin is nailed..let the history decide…JMD should be a bit more impartial in your conclusion…don’t you think so?

        JMD : Wow.. you are saying as if Pak Lah is corrupt free and sinless. Are you sure you yourself do not have personal agenda? Do you practise what you preach by being impartial yourself?


        • Please read my earlier comment..I said “everyone” has his own agenda and seeing thing in their perspective. I cannot be excluded..I do not know Pak lah and Mahathir personally..I conclude based on my won judgement and experience. You surely cannot deny that all the ills that has been “fomed’ over 22 years cannot be healed within the short term of Pak lah’s tenure? Never has i ever said that pak lah is sinful or corrupt…only if we have an efficient Anti corruption Agency likt e ACAC of HK, can we really nailed those corrupted, be he common peole like me or leaders like these two….look at the case of korea…even presidents are investigated….maybe another case of personal agenda, if you so wish to also conclude…:p. By the way, I am not preaching..I am voicing my opinion. If voicing opinion is termed as preaching, then please do remove your ” leave a reply” section….

          JMD : Where have yo been since 2004? Pak Lah was trying to ‘heal’ the country during his premiership? Please read about him here. Even the opposition was criticising his premiership back then. That is why you need to correct your perspectives. Thank you.


  33. i wonder what hi intention fo writing delibrately twisting the fact with such coclusions. personally i havent see the book and if stumble into it i dont think i would waste my time reading it. to me he is not a writer at all, a writer would take a serious view of what he is writing from reliable source .
    he is just a story teller with a clear intention. currently if one had notice there is a cleare drive to blamed all weakness in country adminstration to elected malay legislator namely umno not mca ,not mic not gerakan or other in the conponent. if bn to be mention the focous is going be umno
    political diference and chalange are parts of political culture but to focous on one single entente in the cooalation is very much quistionable.


  34. Excellent article, Jebat.I wish your article can evolve to become a book and rebut points by points to Dr Kua ‘s book on similar subject.

    When the excerpts of Dr Kua ‘ books were highlighted by RPK in Malaysia Today about 1 to 2 years back. that time frankly I feel ashamed to be a Malay.I asked myself; How can a Malay leader I respected as a ‘ Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia’ can instigate the Malay race to cause chaos in order for him to become the next Prime Minister . I could not recall anyone did rebut Dr Kua’s points in the newspaper or in any other blogs, then. Of course, Malay and UMNO bashing was the norm in Malaysia Today.

    You raised a few important points that make we wonder. Why May 13 happened?.The normal thinking of average Malaysian , May 13 happened because of disgruntled of Malays over economic disparity between Malay majority and Chinese minority or May 13 happened because of Malays response to the insults throwed by Chinese to the Malays after 1969 election.

    I came from a rural setting. In the rural in the 1960s, the Malays were poor but generally were contented with life, then. Food was never scarce and in abundance.Did riots happened in rural areas?.If economic disparity was the root cause, I believed riots should happened more in rural areas instead of urban areas;but this is not the case. I just could not grasp the thinking of the non Malays, in 1969 , even though there is no NEP, no affirmative discrimination, they had been challenging the Malays special rights as enshrined in the constitution.

    Thank you again for an eye-opener article. Can’t wait for next part. .


  35. I was 19 when I literally witnessed the carnage on May 13th.The writer should do more research e.g.interviewing those who worked during the curfews.My uncle was a doctor in the General Hospital.The bodies brought in were dumped on lorries and taken to a spot in Sungai Buloh where there was a mass burial.Why was this done? Lack of adequate space in the mortuary? His count was more than a thousand.He is no more with us today.This fact was reiterated in the Far East Economic Review by its reporter.The then UPI had taken photos of this and my neighbour then a UPI reporter showed them to us.He sent them overseas.Another of my relative(he is still alive) lived directly opposite Dato Harun’s houseand my father’s officemate a mamak told of what happened in the Kg.Baru Mosque prior to the gathering in Dato Haron’s house.Curfew passes were issued to selected high people 2 days before the incident.Why? So to run down Kua as lying or to state there was no planning by the elite is incorrect.Even Tunku admitted in his article in the Star ‘I do not say Razak ordered…but he was fully aware of what was happening and failed to inform me’.Why? I can give lots of facts but do not run down facts as evidences are available still from foreign newspaper archives, interviews and to me the overall picture is clearly a planned uprising.

    JMD : So the bodies that were brought in were all chinese I suppose? Can yo confirm this with documents? Even Kua Kia Soong did not report this in his book with all the documents he declassified. PLease find that particluar picture fast, and distribute it in the net. Quick, before I publish the final installment! Thank you.


  36. jebatmustdie, you are just a coward blogger hiding like a sissy behind some cute id. I dare you to show your face to the public.

    The fact is May 13, 1969 was a planned massacre of the Chinese by the UMNO chauvinists like you. I would not be surprised that you were one of them.

    Please, Malay is not a gentle race, on the contrary, it is an emotional & violent binatang. It was not that the Malay were generous to let the immigrants to get citizenships. They did not have a choice, to get independence from British, they had to let the immigrant stays. There is no way that the British would send them back. The non-Malays were cheated by the UMNOs because after Merdeka, they took power and changed the constitutions to their favours. Tan Siew Sin & Sambathan were cheated because they trusted the UMNO.

    JMD : Err.. aren’t you hiding behind a cute id as well? Are you a coward as well? Maybe so, because you are calling the Malays as binatang!



    • Dear JMD,

      I note your words of caution.
      However this comment is a good example of how these racists usually use the word UMNO to actually mean Malays of whatever political leanings.
      In this case the anger got the better of “yellow”.


      • Can’t agree more with yellowpower in his interpretation of history.

        Malays can’t fight against the Bristish guns so they’ve to compromise in order to gain independence. But as Malays lack INTEGRITY then and now, no such equivalent word in the Malay culture, they later trained their guns at defenseless minotities to get what they want.


    • Dear JMD,

      Tuan ada silap lah! Katakan ‘do not entertain’ tetapi you layan juga. Ha ha. 🙂

      This guy also pengecut lah, nama pun yellow (Dictionary-chink,coward) power.

      Sorry cannot help being derogatory.



  37. Saudara JMD yang saya hormati,

    Setinggi ucapan terima kasih di atas perjuangan saudara Demi Bangsa dan Negara.

    Saya berdiri di sisi saudara dalam menghadapi anasir-anasir subversif yang berkeliaran di bumi Malaysia ini. Saya tidaklah ada di sana untuk mengetahui fakta-fakta 13 Mei tersebut, tapi saya baru balik dari kedai buku kerana mendapatkan senaskah buku 13 Mei yang di tulis oleh Tunku.

    Walaubagaimapun, apa yang jelas di mata saya hari ini ialah:-

    1. Di hati Bangsa Pendatang yang tidak malu memegang myKAD masih melabelkan diri mereka Orang China (I am Chinese) bukannya Orang Malaysia. So, nak salahkan siapa kalau Warga Malaysia menggelar mereka Kaum Tongkang yang tidak di terima oleh the People’s Republic of Communist China tapi berkeliaran membuat pelbagai onar di negara orang?

    2. Mereka membelakangi Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan. Mereka bertutur bahasa the People’s Republic of Communist China dan tidak mau bercampul gaul dengan Warga Negara Malaysia di sekolah-sekolah Kebangsaan. Mereka bermati-matian mempertahankan SRJK-C mereka.

    3. Mereka membelakangi Perlembangaan Malaysia dengan menggunakan Bahasa China Communist dalam setiap iklan-iklan, bahan-bahan cetak dsb.

    4. Mereka tidak fasih berkomukasi dengan bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia.

    5. I am Chinese. So be it! Just get the hell out of the bumi Malaysia.

    Tidak semua yang ada di sini adalah anasir-anasir komunis yang berselindung disebalik taraf kerakyatan Malaysia. Saya nak balik kampong sekrang menziarahi orang tua. Kampong saya, namanya Kampong China yang majoritinya Warga Malaysia berketurunan China. Kami berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Kebangsaan, loghat Kelantan. Mereka-mereka ini bukan Chinese, tapi Malaysian!.

    Salam Perjuangan,




    • Hey bumibodoh, kalau lu minta ditanam hidup2 di tanah Melayu, gua bisa menunai hajat lu!

      JMD : Aiyah taikor, why are you so racist?? Please feel free go elsewhere and vent your anger there. We do not want to hear your racist thoughts or read your chauvinistic writings here. Thank you.


      • Brother JMD, I’m not racist la, but we must be honest to call a babi – babi wat.

        JMD : It is not up for me to judge what kind of a person you are anymore. You have soiled your own credibility with this kind of remark. Good day to you sir and happy tidings. Thank you.


        • JMD, cant resist …

          Abangcina makan babi = **** … bole tak?

          Punya la banyak komen, terang2 die ni racist … mengaku tak racist ….

          Abangcina, part of discussion is to argue and counter-argue … well you are not doing either …

          maybe I.Q so low to understand lor …



      • Hei…Abangcina bodoh, orang Cina Kelantan berbeza dengan orang Cina di Selangor/KL (yang lebih sombong?). Aku orang Kelantan dan aku tahu, dalam sehari-hari orang Cina kelantan bercakap dialek Kelantan dan bergaul dengan orang Melayu. Jadi kau **** Abangcina, tunjuk hormat pada orang Cina Kelantan! dan balik ke People Republic of China kamu tu!!!


    • Hey orang cina!

      Kamu faham apa yang kamu tulis ini?!

      “kalau lu minta ditanam hidup2 di tanah Melayu, gua bisa menunai hajat lu!”

      Sudah kamu jelas akan maksud perkataan kamu?

      Aku ingin berjumpa muka dengan kamu!


  38. Jebat you are right about Kua Kia Song’s book.

    I thought I was going to read something explosive like hard evidence of wrong doing of the powers that be but I ended up reading a harden socialist point of view on revisionist history based on intelligence reports written by intelligence officers who were gathering bit and pieces of information from various sources through hearsay without even quoting whence those information come from.

    We all know the shortcomings of intelligence gathering when the Iraq war broke out.

    Kua’s conclusion and assertions are his and at most places based on inadequate reference material.

    He only picked up those information that he thought would support his pre conceived notion of what happened and what ought to have had happened instead of reading all the information and then form an opinion.

    The good thing about the book is that it has started an interest to look for the truth.

    The bad thing about the book is that it was very selective and economical with the truth.

    One more thing. The Umno man did not deserve to die nor did those innocent Chinese just because others who had provoked the feelings on May 12, 1969 and they die not because they ahve done anythiong to hurt anybody but they died solely because they were identified with their racial afiliation..

    It is this notiton that we must condemned just as I would condemned those Chinese And Indian madmen who had no better thing to do then hate in their hearts, hatred of the Malays that lead to such unfortunate event.

    My view of all this is that May 13 incident have been overblown by the Government and its effect far outweight the seriuosness of the events.

    The riots of 1945 were even bloodier, more gruesome, more deaths and more wide spread then May 13. Singapore had 3 similar riots before expulsion and although traumatic didnt developed into such a scare mongering event.

    Therefore its time to consign May 13 bogie to the grave and I dont even want to know the truth anymore for the election of March 8 2008 have shown that it was aberrant event in the journey of the evolution of our nationhood.


  39. On the night of May 13th, my mother was summoned by Ba’enah, her tailor friend whose boutique was just side by side with “Ah Pong’s Canteen”, a delightful little “Bistro” whom us as schoolchildren would spend our hari-raya extra ringgits or coins to drink 7-Up or buy 5-sen tikam ekor (during those times, one could drink 7-up only about twice a year, once after sembahyang raya where your pocket is laden with coins from generous uncles or neighbours, and the other if you go for raya to some rich auntie’s open house where they serve carbonated drinks instead of the cheaper home-made air sirap).

    Now as an aside, MakCik Ba’enah was a young sultry janda whose husband died a few years previous. In the small town of M****, where every one knew every one else’s name, the men were either always in Ketayap and frequent the local mesjid, or they were busy attending the bendangs and kerbaus. Young and immature though I was at that time, I could sense that Makcik Bae’nah was quite the … errr flirting type. She had huge eyes and huger still … err… demeanour, if you catch my drift. One night my mom fell sick and the family had gathered around her bed, because she was complaining that a big round full moon was appearing in her kelambu, which my dad took as a sign that Death was nearing. (Yes, my father, that “pink-skinned gentleman” narrated firstly here). He called in the local pawang and who came in with a raw chicken egg, burnt the incenses, muttered a few mantras which were a hybrid of arabic and old malay, and then proceeded to rub the egg all over my mom’s body, including the sole of the feet, the head and especially the part just below my mom’s heart. He then took the egg and broke it in two onto a saucer. There, intermingled with the whites and the yolk, was a needle and some traces of blood. My education in the Sciences had not yet begun, so naturally I was quite astonished by that feat. “Some one is trying to kill you,” the shaman said. When asked why, he said it was because this someone wanted to have my father all to herself. “Who?” asked my dad. And the pawang said, “Ba’enah”. Well that was that, but all this came way AFTER the May 13th incident, you see.

    Anyway, that fateful morning of the 14th of May I saw my Mother and Ba’enah stealthily but hurriedly walked to the Police Station, which was about 500 meters from my house. The reason I found out later was this:- that Ba’enah had overheard Ah Pong, her neighbour talking about the May 13 riots to an Indian youth who was bringing stocks in his lorry. The indian youth was asking whether Ah Pong was scared of the situation at that time, to which Ah Pong replied, “Apa mahu takut? Lu tau tak? Lima Ratut olang cina mahu datang ini pekan kasi hantam ini melayu semua”. That scared the shit of Ba’enah and prompted her the next morning to ask my mom to accompany her to the police station.

    Well anyway, MAGERAN took over, no 500 chinese came to bring trouble to the town of M****, we continued to drink 7-Up from Ah Pong’s shop and do tikam ekor there. I grew up and mom terminated her friendship with Ba’enah. Years later I never knew what had happened. Was our as-usual friendly Ah Pong lying? Was he telling the truth, or was it done on purpose so Ba’enah could hear? Had Ba’enah been having too much imagination that night? Was she trying to prove something? Or was there really a chinese entourage coming to our town to create pandemonium but was later stopped midway? (Many soldiers including a dear indian wataniah neighbour of mine had been killed by communists near that town).

    Now my dad had always been silent about May 13th. He never bothered, whereas a neighbour of mine had already stocked up long parangs and sharp stakes should their residence be “attacked by the chinese”. As a child, I found that that was ridiculous as well, because every single chinese I knew around me at the kampung were either nerds or were too friendly to be of any harm. But Ajis and Ajak, the two elderly cousins that my mom had adopted in our house when their father died, secretly went to learn “silat” during the night at a nearby Mahaguru’s house, “in preparation that the May 13th should ever spill to our kampung”. No, not the silat-pulut show kinds you find in front of pengantins during weddings, but the deadly types. They would secretly go after midnight without the knowledge of my father, when all of us were asleep, and return back just before dawn when my father would wake up for the Fajr prayers. One morning I saw them came back with scratches and bruises all over their bodies. I asked them what had happened, and they said that the Mahaguru had asked all the students to recite certain verses loudly (“Ya Zal Jalali Wal Ikram” I still remember them) and they had bathed in some kind of holy water before that, and then, lining up the students in a row, the Mahaguru struck at each of them with hard blows of his parang, at their necks, their torsos, their backs, their hands and legs … and all they got were the bruises. My cousins were invincible! I thought, and suddenly my collection of Hulk and Superman comics had a fresh new vigor, a new meaning. (A few days later I recited those verses loudly while playing with some red ants under the mango-tree but the darn things still bit me. Ouch!)

    My father, a headmaster then, was one of the early people I knew of who had this idea: don’t wait for racial unity to come to you. You go and confront racial unity yourself. So what he did was, he took me out from the town’s malay-dominated school and enrolled me into a school where the population was only about 1 or 2 percent malays about 15 kilometers away. Now Mr Lee, the teacher for Class A, was a known racist. First day in school, he came in and was surprised to find a malay in his class. He instructed me to go and be enrolled in Class B with the other small group of malays. I innocently and dutifully followed but then it incurred the wrath of my father when I told him later. Mr Lee was fuming with the system, the government and everything associated with the malays because he had been taking his Peperiksaan ‘Am for the umpteenth time but never passed it because his Bahasa Malaysia was very weak, even though he graduated from University Malaya. Therefore he never got promoted or never got kenaikan gaji. Last I heard was he got disillusioned and later moved to Singapore. My uncle married a chinese after May 13th and THEY lived happily. But still, whenever I visited them in KL, I was always cautioned not to go out alone in the dark there. Luckily then, as is now, politics had not taken as much interest as I have for the Arts and the Sciences, and therefore in 1969 news of the Woodstock gatherings as well as the moon landings pre-occupied my thoughts more than the racial riots.

    Fast forward 10 years after that unforgettable day. I was walking the streets of London trying to go back to my apartment, having just finished classes in one of the colleges in London University. As usual, I would detour to Malaysia Hall in Bryanston Square for my dinner, because nowehere in London, except perhaps at soup kitchens, would you get a hefty meal with curry and ayam goreng for 50p, subsidization with compliments from the Malaysian students Department. Now there in the steps of Malaysia Hall were these couple of Chinese students handing out leaflets to passersby, most notably Malaysians visiting the Hall. They were from a group called LUMS, standing for London Union of Malaysian Students. Down in the hallway they had already put up posters and slideshows which were anti-government in nature. They glorified the thoughts and sayings of Chairman Mao and played Chinese march songs on the tape and I had no doubts in me right then that these were communists and socialists. So after I had my dinner and I was ready to go back, these two chinese students approached me and handed me some anti government leaflets. I knew what they were, but without bothering to look at them, I asked for more. “Waaa… I appleciate that you can help distribute these to your fliends…” one of them said, and the other girl just gave me so much more of those leaflets that she had almost nothing left, with an endearment and thankful smile to me. As I was ready to walk off with the leaflets, they asked, “who are you going to give them to?”

    Just around the corner, but still visible and within hearing distance, I piped back, “Give? Give? I wasn’t going to give to anybody. My house had run out of Toilet Paper!”

    Yes. 13th May still lives on. Some in the form of bad memories, and some others in the form of renewed hatred and bigotry, camouflaged with some flowery trimmings but with the same purport and intent as those who shouted the obscenities on those trucks in procession on that fateful day of May 13th, 1969.


  40. JMD,

    Read both your articles and my compliments to you.

    What is more painful was that the government did not bother to rebuke the preposterous allegations of KKS’s book in the strongest of terms.

    Lets assume a neighbouring country were to come out with the same damning allegation, would our government stand by and just ignore it ?

    Here, we have a citizen of our country no less and a recognised professional and politician to boot, who has come up with this wild version of events and absurd conspiracy theory. The government did next to nothing to refute.

    It was still basking and enjoying the sweet victory of the 2004 elections (greater freedom of speech was the order and fad of the day) not knowing what was to come in 2008.

    Also, can using FEER as source be reliable? The FEER has been proven to slander and has been sued and banned in Singapore. http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=14303

    I am looking forward to your next (hopefully not the final)instalment.



  41. Those bastard Malays that easily get emotional had very low EQ and IQ as well. They cannot control their emotion. That’s why our country cannot advance. Everyday shouting “Daulat Malay”. ***** ****

    JMD : Your comment had been moderated with apologies. Next time spare us the swine remarks. Thank you.


  42. JMD,

    I assume that you are sincere about wanting to set the record straight on the real causes of May 13. I agree that it is important to cite credible references to establish a point.

    What I am disappointed about is that you cite the NOC report as a credible reference. If the people running the NOC are suspected of being the very ones who plotted and executed the May 13 riots, would you seriously expect them to tell the truth in their report? If you are indeed seeking the truth, would you use that report as a reference?

    I am sure the Tengku knew the real truth. But, knowing the prevailing political situation, would he publish that truth? So could his book be any better as a credible reference?

    Those who seek to find out what really happened need to set aside their prejudices and track down any and every possible source without dismissing it at the outset – basic rule of brainstorming or researching. After all, isn’t Islam about seeking out the Truth?

    I agree that Kua Kia Song had an agenda when he wrote his book. In that, he went to the opposite end as the NOC report. What have you done that is any different or has added any value to our understanding of those sad events?

    K Das has no vested interest in our nation. Though a journalist, he gained nothing out of learning the secrets that the Tengku did not want buried with him. In the absence of other compelling evidence, I lean towards believing what K Das told Antares.

    That purported truth does not at all implicate the Malay people, who were victims just like the Chinese and the Indian people. The finger points at UMNO leaders. Based on what they are doing in Perak today, I am inclined to believe K Das.

    I hope the acrimony that still permeates this and other spaces will slowly dissolve. But that will not happen so long as people continue to stoke up passions.

    Can 1Malaysia happen? What does that even mean?

    Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    JMD : I am sure you’d know by now that the NOC report is also being used by Kua Kia Soong as point of reference. If he could use the book to strengthen parts of his hypothesis (and people believe every word of it), why can’t I use the same official report of the NOC? Plus, I do think that you have not read the NOC yourselves. It was not prepared by the so called ‘plotters’. Read the report and you will know that it was prepared by the whole collective of people in the council. People keep on citing Tunku’s word as the ultimate truth that tarnished Tun Razak’s image. In the next installment we will dissect this isse. Mind you I will be using Tunku’s own book published in the 80’s. Long after the ‘prevailing political situation’ could affect his judgment in telling the story. If said you agree that Kua Kia Soong had his own agenda. Can we safely say now that his agenda is damaging for the country’s unity? Or do you still want to believe that there was no provocation from the ‘peaceful and non racist’ opposition supporters back then.

    If you think foreign journalist has no vested interest, then I am sorry to say, you are probably quite gullible. What more, you did not even know what was the interview is all about. Have you read the whole transcript yourself, or did you just made the conclusion about read from hearing a few racist friends over teh tarik?

    Plus, what was the purported truth that made the Malays a victim just like the chinese and indians? What were the events and the correlating proofs that made you said that? I am eager to know your thoughts.

    Please wait for the final part of the article. You might enjoy it. Thank you.


  43. 1. Di hati Bangsa Pendatang yang tidak malu memegang myKAD masih melabelkan diri mereka Orang China (I am Chinese) bukannya Orang Malaysia. So, nak salahkan siapa kalau Warga Malaysia menggelar mereka Kaum Tongkang yang tidak di terima oleh the People’s Republic of Communist China tapi berkeliaran membuat pelbagai onar di negara orang?


    Whoooo, not so fast bro, don’t you know that the govt has driven it into the psyche of the Malays, Chinese and Indians etc to answer as such ?.

    When you fill up the official forms what did say ask ? Bangsa : one has to tick Cina, Melayu, India , Others isn’t it ?.


    • woo Jusoh, kamu pun tak malu berselindung disebalik nama Melayu Trengganu ‘Jusoh’. That official forms exist because of your kind never want to be a Malaysian. You kept saying you are Chinese and to the world, they understand it as you were the chinese nationals, not Malaysian!


    • Jusoh,

      The same should be ask when there is preference in job interview … why chinese only? oppss … change maaaa to chinese speaker only … less racist right …

      maybe you did not understand why is there a need to have such requirement to identify you race … maybe because with this info, government can keep track the participant of each race? or the government can build up statistic of race participant … example schools? errr … or where do you think DAP have the info to say that their party is multi-racial (duh) …

      please see things in the big picture … you would not die if you burnt some of your brain cells to think deeply …

      Even, US forms also have race identification box .. hispanic, african-american, jews, arabs etc2 …



  44. Thank you for keeping this discussion cordial and constructive. Allow me to first address the points you raised.

    We have already established that Dr Kua’s book is not a balanced perspective. Therefore his use of the NOC report should not necessarily lend credibility to the report. In any case, it is possible for Dr Kua to cherry-pick salient event references from the NOC report and still arrive at a different conclusion.

    I am sure you are not so naïve as to believe that the Head of the NOC had no part to play in the slant of the report. A report can be filled with selected facts and arrive at a conclusion that is desired by the people who commissioned the report. Let us not pretend otherwise.

    The sensitive socio-political climate still prevails, as the BN press is fond of frequently reminding Malaysians, so the Tengku’s book was not published “long after” the prevailing conditions.

    I can’t claim to know Dr Kua’s intention but I can tell you this – his book has awoken many Malaysians to the possibility that there could be an alternate truth than what we have been fed all these decades. If the search for truth brings disunity, then we have a lot of growing up to do.

    I am not so naïve as to believe that journalists, foreign and local have no vested interests. I have had personal encounter with such. But I know one thing – professional journalists are scrupulously careful about accuracy of facts. How they position those facts and slant their articles is another matter altogether. Moreover, as I stated clearly, what the Tengku is purported to have said to K Das which Das is reported to have repeated to Antares was unpublished and never meant for publication. As such, I am prepared to believe that there was no malicious intent.

    I have never denied that the victory celebrations of the opposition parties were provocative. I was witness to the parades and arrived at that conclusion a long time ago. I was fortunate not to personally witness any of the carnage but I did receive enough first-hand reports of incidents to realise that the NOC report and subsequent statements by government leaders did not tell all. However, I accepted the omissions with the belief that it was necessary to maintain peace and order.

    But if there is another truth that has been hidden from Malaysians all along, it is important to face this truth and deal with it. Otherwise, we can never move forward. For me, the key question raised by Dr Kua’s book was this…

    “Did the Tengku deny permission for the opposition party victory parade and was the permission subsequently granted behind his back?”

    UMNO leaders have never been blind to socio-political realities. Razak and the others would have been well aware that, given the volatile pre-elections disturbances, a victory parade by the opposition would surely lead to trouble. If they knowingly and deliberately allowed the parades, then they are directly responsible for the carnage, for the loss of every one of those lives, Malay and non-Malay!

    One of the myths of the 1969 elections was that a non-Malay opposition had made major inroads into Malay political dominance. In fact, both DAP and Gerakan were multi-racial parties with Malay membership and, even back then, they had won the support of a significant number of urban Malays. UMNO had to do damage control and recapture the support of all Malays.

    We can see even today the lengths to which UMNO will go to grab or maintain political power. We know of the number of times Malaysians have been threatened with a repeat of May 13 if the BN was not returned to power. I find it entirely credible that the original May 13 riots were in fact engineered by UMNO for the purpose of political dominance.

    JMD, if you are representing the Malay people and desire, like I do, to find out what really happened back then, then we can continue a fruitful dialogue. However, if you represent UMNO and wish to protect the version of the truth spun by UMNO, then it is better that we agree to disagree and go our separate ways.

    Many thanks for allowing me to be a guest in your blog.

    Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. The articles I presented had answered your points above. What gave you the idea that I am representing Umno? I wrote this based on history. If you find it disgusting that history suddenly is beneficial to Umno’as cause, then I am sorry to hear that. Sometimes, the truth hurts. Especially when we are too prejudicial to the government. Even when you tried to be impartial in commenting about KKS’ book, you certainly did not dismiss the contents at all. This is because, you are still insisting that it was Tun Razak who masterminded the riots. Plus, you erred in your assessment when you said Gerakan and DAP were multiracial at that time. From the antics of the leaders and supporters of both parties before and after the general elections of 1969, they were all racists. Please read the third and the fourth part of the series please.
    The blog which people had kept on referring to was this blog called magic river. I believe the final part of this article had debunk it. Moreover, that particular blog did not even reveal any evidence to strengthen its claims. It run on generalities devoid of any specific facts.
    Plus please know that K.Das published a book called The Tunku Tapes. It was edited by Kua Kia Soong himself and published by SIRD – a company run by Kua Kia Soong. That is as impartial it can get. Thank you.


  45. waiting for your 3rd part but that does not erase the fact that civil servants were used one sided. we can’t really zoom down into which race is more right or more wrong as both sides killed and be killed.

    i hope the soldiers and policemen who were on duty during that time were clear of their conscience. everyone at the end of the day is answerable to their Maker. anyone can twist the truth but blood is in whose hands only the Maker knows.

    i hope you are truly convinced that the soldiers/policemen were not used to massacre the non-bumi.

    there is really no end to this argument of racial clash as my grandparents told all the family members that it was the malays who started the “war” and killed the chinese, maybe due to their soar loser spirit after election. and i am sure within malay families, the opposite will be told such as the chinese humiliated the malays and killed them first, and the malays later on retaliated.

    no end, no end, no end. they the older ones have blood in their hands and we the younger generations are sinful in the way we think.

    as far as my conclusion, it was not the malays nor the chinese fault. it was UMNO’s fault who fanned such racial hatred and it’s also the MCA’s fault who did not stop UMNO to do so. to sum it up, BN as a whole was the brain behind the whole May 13 episode.

    JMD : I hope my 3rd and 4th article will rebut your prejudicial and racist outlook. Thank you.


  46. Bro,
    Boleh tak tolong terjemahkan artikel menarik ini ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia supaya lebih banyak rakyat Malaysia boleh baca pendapat bro. Bukan semua yang faham Bahasa Inggeris.. terima kasih Bro, pandangan yang ikhlas dan berani

    JMD : Saya tiada halangan jika saudara sendiri ingin menterjemahkannya ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan mengedarkannya kepada kawan kawan. Terima kasih.


  47. JMD,

    Orang cina sebenarnye tak sedar diri,,sbenarnya keturunan mereka yang datang malaysia bukannye daripada bangsawan,, cuma penarik lanca,boroh lombong…

    Oleh kerana mereka ini berajakan duit, maka sebab itu mereka boleh berniaga dan kaya,,mereka menipu dlm berniaga daripada segenap segi,,tipu penimbang, tipu bahan, macam2..mereka sanggup buat apa saje untuk duit,, gosok dan jilat punggung orang melayu dulu2 untuk beli tanah.Cara nye dengan memberi hutang pada orang melayu dikampung dengan ambek barang makanan,barang pertanian,, lepas tu tak minta dibayar,,jika ditanye takpe katanye,,lama2 dia tunjuk kira2 siap dengan bunga sekali,, orang melayu ternganga lalu beri geran tanah..Sekarang mereka menjilat orang umno untuk dapatkan projek dan lesen.Jilat orang istana untuk dapatkan dato’ untuk senang berniaga…Lepas dapat semua tu maki pula orang melayu. memang tak mengenang budi…tak caya tanye la datuk nenek lu..

    Dulu2 mane ade perompak, penjudi, pelacur, bapak ayam, ibu ayam, bangsa lain kat Tanah Melayu,,orang cina je kita dengar..dah lupa ke.

    Orang cina yang buat tanah melayu ini kotor,polluted,, dengan kandang babi haram,kilang haram,,bengkel kereta haram,,macam2..mana ade orang melayu buat ini semua,, check la kawasan2 haram ni..kotor, polluted,,mereka suap pegawai2 kerajaan yang lemah untuk dapat lesen untuk berniaga dikawasan2 ini..lepas tu tuduh orang melayu rasuah..padahal dia yang nak beri..jika ade je orang cina duduk dalam kawasan kampung melayu,,maka kotor la kawasan dia tu,, anjing berkeliaran,eeee,,geli..nasib baik kampung saya tidak dikotori dengan kehadiran orang cina dan india..pengotor..

    Lepas tu dia hemtam macam2.kata macam pada orang melayu kampung,,padahal dia suka sangat ayam kampung goreng, ikan sawah goreng, ikan sungai gulai,,sayurdaripada kampung mana ade racun dan baja babi,, bukan macam yang datang dari cameron tu..sekarang dia buat rumah pun guna konsep melayu,, tetapi dia panggil tropical design la,, malu nak mengaku yang dia suka everything malay,, tambah2 malay girls..ceh tak sedar diri betul..


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    • Bercerita pasal makanan aku suka gak wanton mee, dim sum dan hokkien mee, apa sahaja masakan cina yg berasaskan bahan2 halal la… Makanan India pulak aku suka giler… poori, idli, apom, tosse oohhh best….

      Bros and gals please be united, be proud to be just Malaysian… I do, by the way I’m Malaysian


      • Bravo…this should be the thinking of all Malaysian. I hope the 1malaysia concept is tailored according to this line…I have a nostalgia for my old kampong days back in the early 50s/60s, where no distinction is felt…I grew up in the accompany of malays, Indians and whatnots and we never regard others as other race….The politicians are those who created what Malaysia is today for their own personal agenda..sigh….

        JMD : Yes, the 50’s and 60’s were relatively peaceful. But when PAP introduced the Malaysian Malaysia concept and DAP was established in mid 60’s, their calls to abolish malay rights had shook the harmony between races. Racist opposition at that time were given too much room to sow discord and hatred between the races. Please read here and here. Thank you.


        • Sorry, I cannot concur with you that the racial polarization is merely due to PAP or DAP. It is too simplistic to make a conclusion like this..it is a mere generalization without studying indepth into what is transpiring over the years..I am not in politic…but your argument since to be in line with what all UMNO politician are suggesting…a lopsided research will surely lead to a biased conclusion…YOur argument seemc to be very much inclined to one race and putting blame on sole another race..it si this thinking that aggravate the racial problem.
          I have to agree with Singam’s posting on the 18th and have to say ‘many thanks for allowing me to be a guest of your blog’…I might as well stop here as we do not see each other ‘eye to eye”

          JMD : Okay, if my opinion was simplistic and a mere generalisation, what then is your indepth study about the issue? Since I have written these articles and lay forth my claim about the opposition’s racist campaigning tactic which further polarized the races, where is your rebuttal? In fact, you are the one generalising without even giving the alternative opinion. When you say my argument in much inlcined to one race and put the blame solely to another, are you also implying that Kua Kia Soong had also done the same? You have not read his book do you? His book had aggravated the racial problem by erroneously putting ALL the blame to the Malays through his selective propaganda writings. And yet, you chose to accept his version as the truth and rubbished my writings as racist? How brainwashed were you?


        • Soooo agree with JMD. And partly agreed with RW. Kampung life is soooo different. There is really no racial slur at all if one lived in the Kampungs. The cities (and by this, I did not meant KL alone.. be it PJ, Georgetown & Ipoh esp) were just tarnished by those who want to shake the country’s beliefs and unfortunately there is no denial that a number of Malaysians fall into the trap.


  49. Salam saudara jebat,

    kalau saudara boleh lihat muka muka kwn2 saya di ofis apabila mereka habis baca artikel saudara ini, pasti saudara akan merasa terharu kerana kwn2 saya semua macam tersentap apabila selesai membacanya. Saya dulu agak musykil nak baca blog saudara sebab blog ni nampak macam anti anwar tapi saya rasa saay dan kwn2 mcm insaf sedikit. terima kasih kerana telah membuka mata kami semua.


  50. hye.. sy fasehah sy thn akhir diploma seni halus, sy menghasilkan karya mengenai peristiwa 13 may. oleh itu, saya berharap saudara memberikan sedikit info & gmbr berkenaan 13 may.. ada 3 buku n bnyk artikel mengenai 13 may sy sudah kaji tetapi bnyk perbezaannya..
    sila beri komen di email saya xxxxxxxxxx


  51. JMD,

    Have you ever consulted Ahmad Mustapha Hassan,the Umno youth Exco commitee member,back then in ’69?

    He gave a very interesting view on the May 69 riots,which was printed in STAR,13 May 2009.Check it out.

    JMD : No I did not consult Ahmad Mustapha Hassan. I consulted only the 6 books I mentioned. I did talk to Tan Sri Sanusi Junid too. Thank you.


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  53. Referring to bro Eddy’s comment, I think it is OK to have strict control on speech and expression, as long as EVERYBODY is subjected to the same rules. Sadly what we have today is the one in control is free to express his own view while others are expected to kowtow to him. That is not fair. So either everyone steer clear of sensitive issues or it will become free-for-all one day, not unlike the revolution in France and Russia where the people decapitated their oppressive leaders. Hence, leaders should be civil and rule wisely. That’s all that every man on the street wants. Nothing unreasonable about that.


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