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Good guys can’t catch a break in Umno

In the previous article, it was mentioned that:

It is appropriate for his mother to tell Umno to ‘choose competent leaders’. Fullstop. But to lambast Mukhriz for rising up the ranks to quickly is highly irregular considering her own son’s unfair advantage towards others for the past 9 years.

And obviously it is highly inappropriate for NST to even publish this shoddy piece of journalism. None of the other so called veterans in the article above mentioned any names of the candidates. But somehow a veteran (?) Umno woman who happens to be the Ketua Pemuda’s mother had no qualms to mudsling a candidate in public and NST had the audacity to let it print.

Now the underdog had so much work to do. Considering all government’s media is actively trying to realise the ambition of one young arrogant leader who suffers misplaced sense of self-entitlement and jealousy.

We don’t count on Mukhriz to win this weekend with all this ungentlemanly conduct by people with no class.

And the people with no class had also used the apparatus they owned to further malign and slander the underdog. The Malaysian Insider had no scruples in writing and publishing an article that had tarnished Mukhriz Mahathir’s campaign in the Umno vice presidency race.

People can read that heavily defamatory article here.

Excerpt of the article says:

Umno vice-president hopeful Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has revved up his campaign by sending out an estimated 1.2 million SMS appealing to Umno delegates to vote for him and, if his critics are to be believed, is handing out the cash too.

Party insiders and his supporters said the Kedah Menteri Besar still has a good chance to win despite ground reports and his father, influential former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggesting he may not stand a chance as he was not among those endorsed by the leadership.

“His machinery is going around the country wooing younger Umno supporters,” said a grassroots leader familiar with Mukhriz’s campaign officials.

The leader also told The Malaysian Insider money or “hujan emas” (windfall) will hit the divisions and branch members.

“From the information we received, since this morning, Mukhriz’s machinery had gone all over the country,” he said but refused to reveal the amount distributed to delegates.

Of which Mukhriz issued a stern rebuttal:

Mukhriz vehemently denied that his campaign machinery issued such SMS.

“I categorically deny what was reported both in English and Malay and demand The Malaysian Insider retract the story. I suspect The Malaysian Insider have ill intent by publishing the story and has somewhat tarnished my image as someone who uphold integrity in all that I do”, said when contacted.

“If The Malaysian Insider does not publish an open apology and retract the story by 1000am by tomorrow, then I will not hesitate to take legal action against them”.

The Malaysian Insider, which was acting in mala fide (in bad faith; with intent to deceive) predictably retracted the article an offered a pathetic and half hearted apology. But they have done their task. Damage has been done.


Apology was in the Side Views column

Knowing how all these morally destitute people work, the grassroot leader might even be a fictional character. Otherwise they wouldn’t be retracting the article as their source is solid and reliable. The Malaysian Insider’s greatest faux pas in journalism was their stupidity in not contacting Mukhriz himself to reconfirm their findings before they even publish that damaging report.

That is journalism 101. You must get clarification from the other party so that you will give an accurate news to the public. Did they even ask around and check if the delegates did receive SMS or money from Mukhriz?

But since The Malaysian Insider is really a propaganda tool for their political masters and not really a news portal, the editors and journalists are acting more and more like keyboard prostitutes than a real journalist. Have they forgotten their training?

The crux of the matter is, the good guys in Umno can’t catch a break because those who are in power are using any means necessary, including slander and malicious propaganda just to undermine those who they feel are a threat to their power crazed ambition. And these kind of despicable people have populated Umno to the brim.

Below are some reaction on Malaysian Insider’s shameless article and apology:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.23.17 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.27.46 PM

Thank you and good luck to all candidates.


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67 thoughts on “Good guys can’t catch a break in Umno

  1. Of course New Straits Times will publish Nenek Rahmah’s comments. Anything to put down Mukhriz. She and her son see Mukhriz as a stumbling block to Khairy’s “wanna be PM by 50” (revised target from 40, now that he is 38 years old!).

    Khairy is a member of that group, gang, whatever it may be called that includes Riong Kali Kalimullah, who bought substantial shares in NST during Tun Dol’s days as PM, didn’t he? And the Managing Editor is naturally beholden to the man whose name Tun Mahathir said (in his blog or somewhere) is both an Indian God (Kali) and an Islamic God (Allah), or something to that effect. And it may even have been arranged for a NST reporter to wait for Nenek at a designated spot and “ambush” her with some questions.

    And Riong Kali himself is not a Malay – he complained in an article he wrote of the Jabatan Pendaftaran (Muar?) refusing to record even his offspring as a Malay. So, “liberal and broadminded” he became. Fitting in a Khairy camp which has not spoken much or fought for such Malay agenda as the NEP, or single stream schooling.

    So there you are. I’m for Mukhriz. And against this guilty-of-money-politics Khairy. And flabbergasted that Nenek Rahmah said things that may even push Mukhriz’s popularity up a notch at to day’s VP race. But then I fear the money politics shit rears its ugly face again. We’ll wait for the results.


    • Mukriz 91 votes to Hishamuddin 100 votes not bad at all for first-timer Mukhriz.

      Especially when consider very unfair tactics used against him. Including creating fake Facebook account under the name of TS Muhyiddin saying, at 8.30 am on voting day yesterday, that Mukhriz was disqualified as a candidate by UMNO Disciplinary Board.

      Terrible dirty politics.


      • Star report at noon to day:

        Hishammuddin received 99 votes and Mukhriz 90.

        However, Mukhriz won more of the popular votes, garnering 54,020 votes, compared to Hishammuddin’s 53,529.


        • Take more popcorn and watch the DAP internal fights following Lim Guan Eng’s instruction to Executive Secretary Anthony Loke to hunt for the “DAP members with BN hearts”.


  2. Sayangnya anak tidak terhingga
    Nak tolong anak sepatutnya berpada pada
    Sebab dia dah dewasa
    Melainkan dia tak terdaya
    Pemikiran, pandangan politiknya tak semenggah atau bermaya

    Bukan saja New Sraits Times, tapi juga Malaysian Insider
    Dalam kawalan, pengaruh, malah bawah arahan mereka
    Mengeluarkan fitnah, busuk hati berbagai rupa
    kalau maalumat benar, tak mengapa
    Tetapi progaganda kotor, hasad dengki melanda landa

    Menarik balik rencana meminta maaf tak banyak gunanya
    Racun sudah di masukkan ke dalam pemikiran pengundi yang berkuasa
    Hanya kita harapkan ramai pengundi yang bijaksana
    Nampak bahawa kelakuan Khairy, Nenek dan Riong Kali itu melebehi batas dengan ketara
    Dan Mukhriz di kesihanni dan di beri undi juga


  3. Jahat punya jahat, rasanya paling kotor punya pemilihan parti kali ni:

    A statement was posted on a bogus Facebook page in the name of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at 8.30 am this morning saying that Datuk Mukhriz has been disqualified by the disciplinary board from contesting the vice-president post.

    Muhyiddin has denied that, said the Facebook account did not belong to him and has requested MCMC to investigate the account. The MCMC must drag the bugger to court – don’t leave it to UMNO Disciplinary Board.

    The Facebook posted a statement which read” “With regret it is informed that Datuk Mukhriz bin Tun Mahathir has been disqualified from the Umno vice-president contest. The disciplinary committee has decided the candidate has breached the party’s ethics and directly involved in distribution of money during a special programmes organised by him.”


      • But Tun Dr Mahathir sacking of Anwar Al Juburi more interesting. More interesting than DAP Show Cause letters, Warning letters, Sacking letters – one female DAP ex-wakil rakyat sued DAP, I think for sacking her when the Dec 2012 elected CEC was not recognized by the RoS.


  4. Tun Hasmah Ali mesti geram melihat keadaan melampau semua ini. Tapi dia tak berbunyi, sebab dia keluarga berdisiplin, ada integriti, adik beradik Gabenor Bank Negara dulu, Tun Ismail Ali.

    Dan 22 tahun sebagai isteri Perdana Menteri, berpandukan nasihat dan patuh kapada suami, Tun Dr Mahathir, tak pernah melanggar batas. Nampaknya dah takda lagi jenis ini kebelakangan ini. Emak pun nak main politik kotor untuk anak, apa ni?


  5. I note with disgust the tactics of dirty elements in UMNO against candidate Mukhriz Mahathir. Sure, dirty tactics have been employed before tapi selalunya sorok-sorok. But now ada budak grad oversea yang tak tau adat Melayu seems to think it’s liberal and progressive to run these campaigns out in the open.

    Pakai mak hari tu satu hal la. I mean, WTF, dol. What kind of fucking loser brings his mom to the schoolyard fight? Tak malu ke? Dah besar masih kencing dalam spender? Even if it is spender wataniah.

    And now pakai smear tactic through a media outlet you control, accusing willy nilly a candidate of bribery to the tune of RM1.2 million. Cakap kat cermin ke tu, dol.

    Lepas tu issue an apology the next day. Cheap trick. Tak de class langsung and shows up your lack of upbringing. Betul ke bapak tu diplomat, macama tak de chara je bak kata orang Melayu marhaen ni. And here we thought Oxford grads were supposed to have better standards.


    • So’alnya: apa yang kita boleh buat? Selain dari melalak di blog ini dll? Melalak kita mesti terus melalak. Sampai dia orang jadi pekak. Tapi kita kena fikirkan apa lain kita boleh buat.

      Banyak benor duit dia sebat di masa pak mertua dia jadi PM. Sekarang dia boleh buat apa saja – politik wang cara kasi wang, kontrol akhbar, kontrol blog yang kononnya news portal. Dengan mulut ngalahkan jubor ayam ngeram, kata opah aku. Termasuk omak dia yang dari gambar pun kita tahu bukan pegang budaya dan cara Melayu.

      Mungkin siapa yang ada masa boleh mintak jumpa Tun Dr Mahathir di Peace Foundation dia. Mintak nasihat dan cara cara nak dapat bantuan wang. Guna untuk menerajang tindak tandok kangajar bedebah itu.

      Kena rancang dari sekarang. Matlamatnya 3 tahun akan datang. Lawan di pilihan parti akan datang. Kena betul strategi tu. Sebab 2016 dah dekat PRU14 yang mungkin di 2018. Tu pasal nasihat TDM amat perlu. Kita offer our services kat dia. Dengor apa nasihat dia. 22 tahun as PM dia tentu tahu banyak cara yang boleh berkesan.


  6. KJ adalah kelahiran semula Anwar Ibrahim. Gaya dia berpolitik, keangkuhannya dan modus operandi dia sebiji macam Anwar!.
    Tapi di mana Anwar sekarang? Ingat Allah swt memberi kemenangan demi kemenangan kepadanya. Jangan lupa cara dia menyingkirkan AllahyarhamGhaffar Baba.
    Akibat lupa daratan dekat mana dia sekarang. Angan angan untuk jadi PM makin menjadi angan angan yang mungkin tidak kunjung tercapai!
    Mungkin ini gambaran nasib KJ dalam beberapa tahun ke hadapan ini!


    • Anwar di jatuhkan dulu masa Tun Dr Mahathir pegang kuasa. Bawak ke Mahkamah fasal rasuah, sodomi dll. 6 tahun dia di penjara, menganggor dia, bengap kepala, kerja hanya sebagai tukang jaga buku. Librarian konon,nya.

      Boleh ke dapat Mat Hitam tu di masukkan ke penjara? Selagi Najib jadi PM, tak usah harap le. Bersalah politik wang pun, tak di halang bertanding di 2009. Nak kena fikir cara lain untuk neutralize evil forces dia. Itu lah, bagus minta nasihat Tun Dr Mahathir. Siapa yang ada masa lapang, talipon lah pejabat dia. Cakapkan nak mintak nasihat macam mana nak tolong Mukhriz naik, dengan cara yang berkesan.

      Anwar di Ostorlia tadi meradang kat gomen omputih tu. Nakkan gomen Ostorlia ambik tindakan apekebendanya kapada Malaysia sebab “menasihatkan” pelajar pelajar Malaysia di sana jangan hadziri ucapan dia di Festival ke hape..

      The Department for Foreign Affairs responded by saying all students in Australia, including Malaysians, “enjoy all rights and liberties available under the Australian law, including the ability to attend a wide variety of legitimate events… The Festival of Ideas in Adelaide is one such event”. Kena perli dia, nampaknya.

      Dia tak puas hati. Kot nakkan Ostorlia angkat senapang ke Malaysia kepala hotak dia. Baca lah cerita nya di


    • Itu juga yg saya fikirkan. Jika naik cepat gini akan tolongkop dgn cepat sbb ketara sgt kelentongnya.
      Peyokong dia sudah kena main d anuu mereka.


  7. Dear JMD,

    Is there any channels that we could utilize to send this crystal clear message to DSN and DSMY?? This curiosity, anxiety and discomfort are now becoming hatred. The only emotion that only occurred during Pak Lah era are now officially risen again!! As a result, the Malay become angry and loss hope that they retaliate and showed their real characters in the PRU 12.. Are these so called genius liberals sh** not learn the lesson? history?

    With all the unpopular decision that DSN have to make in the coming budget 2014 + the selection of bunch of so called brilliant but with self agenda from their idiotic philosophy representing Umno can only ignite the signal that I have mention + loss hope + hatred + angry = people will reject Umno. Malays will reject Umno. We care and love the ONLY party that can uphold the agama, bangsa dan negara but we have to reject the rep. there will be lots of undi rosak after this. Nak harap Pas and pkr…..khaik tuih laa….

    The people will seek for a leader when they feel insecure. but is these THE leader that we choose? proven corrupted, money politic, pathetic strategies (using pak mertua and mommy and news stream ) with without a doubt obviously to chop down Mukhriz only.. Please la.. organized it better la… memalukan dan sgt memualkan. why Mukhriz and not other contestant? I think most people know the answer..

    only ALLAH can help us..



    • Najib will not bother much. He is bent on liberalization, transformation, rushing to developed nation status, let the Malays and Bumiputeras compete in the open field, have NEP and Bumiputera Empowerment only when necessary, like nearing elections.

      He gets confident, even emboldened. He was returned unopposed, Khairy, Shahrizat and the same 3 VPs re-elected yesterday. We’ll see more of the same. Even worse. The tough nut MCA Deputy President is now supported by the MCA Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong (of Chinese schools supporting fame) both of whom may launch DAP-like attacks, demanding this and that which Najib may “accomodate”.

      Perhaps the only effective channel is peaceful demonstrations. Previously called street demos, used a lot by Anwarul Al Juburi, Ambigaga, Lim Kit Siang etc. But rowdy and without Police permits. Resisted by the authorities. Could not get the message across. The last one at Padang Merbok attracted only 5,000 people.

      Organize rallies strictly following the Peaceful Assembly Act. At places authorized by the Police, stadiums etc, informing the Police within the required period. Sure, the Ambigagas and Anwaristas will try penetrate and hijack them like the Opposition people hijacked Bersih. They are the ones with the network and the database to call so many people to participate. Ensure that you are not identified as a part of the Opposition. Remember that even Anwar got nowhere all these years except Sg Buluh prison for 6 years.

      Try to have the kind of network they have. Have a system of checks and a workforce of disciplined volunteers to ensure no rowdy behaviour, provocation and fights. Sure, the unruly elements will be there. There might even be agent provocateurs – those put in by certain parties for the purpose of creating rowdiness, provocations and fights, so that the Police can haul in some to the lock ups and demean the organizers. Got to have better than the PAS’ team of “peace keepers” (that failed to control rowdiness) at Bersih 3.0 Rally.

      So, it’s quite a formidable organization to do all those. A lot of time, some maybe fully on the job of organizing. That requires funds. An Army marches on its stomachs. Bersih marched on foreign funds coming to Ambiga’s bank accounts, from Neocons, Jews and Zionists, arranged by Anwar. Cannot hope to get donations from GLCs for these activities – they have to show loyalty to the government. Ensure honest and dedicated leaders who will not wallop funds donated, like Mat Sabu did on the Mamali case.

      I agree with the suggestion that Tun Dr Mahathir can advise on all these.


    • Alternatively, work with and support PERKASA. The disadvantage is that it has been identified as a Malay extremist group, rightly or wrongly. Age and health has limited Ibrahim Ali’s ability to move about as much as he did when younger. The lawyer Zulkifli has joined it. But Najib keeps a distance from PERKASA, though he placed Zulkifli as a BN candidate in Shah Alam at PRU13.

      Sad that UMNO has gotten into the state of affairs they are in now. UMNO has admitted to money politics. Tons of money change hands often. Elections have become very expensive affairs. A bloke found guilty of money politics was voted as Ketua Pemuda in 2009, yet again in 2013. Yes, all concerned Malays have to condemn it. Those who can afford the time, do what you can to right the wrongs. For the Malays.


    • Najib knows the Malays think there is no worthwhile alternative to UMNO out there. So he exploits it.

      The Malays gave him 88 seats at PRU13. More than they gave Tun Dol at PRU12. He got less seats overall, because of the Chinese tsunami. Despite he bent backwards for them before and during PRU13.

      Unfortunately he might continue doing so. In the name of trying again for Chinese votes. So, more funds for Chinese schools, anyone?


        • Those who “dream of being a equal citizen” in Malaysia are likely to be not respecting the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputers of Sabah and Sarawak, that is enshrined in the Constitution of the country, a sensitive Article that cannot be questioned, and far less attempted to be amended or modified, as it is protected under the Sedition Act.

          I agree with Tun Dr Mahathir who said in his CheDet blog that there can never be equality so long as there is the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. That Article was drafted into the Constitution by the British, as consideration for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship right of the non-Malays who were Stateless in this country for 150 years, even during 80 years of British colonial rule.

          That was the quid pro quo, the other part of what became known as the Social Contract between the Malays and the non-Malays. The Constitution was debated in Parliament, agreed and passed into law. Questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras will invite counter-questioning the citizenship right of the non-Malays.

          Those who do not accept, respect and live by the Constitution of this country should migrate to countries whose constitution they respect. This has been said so even by well known personalities in this country.


        • Poor tempe

          Chinese will vote tokong who was heavily criticised by his dearest sifu LKY and Martin Luther King was assasinated.

          Caught between excel and the dead. Poor chap, tough luck!


  8. Don’t put too much hope on our PM lah. He just want to project himself at global stage while we here suffering. I think he understand ppl hardship, too much lip service. He is surrounded by useless and arrogance advisor. By the way, how come Rosmah sit at delegate table in UN assembly waktu PM bagi speech? Dia ambik meeting minutes ke? Who pays for her travelling? Auditor General should investigate this?
    I am an UMNO supporter, but the support has diminished day by day and accelerate at faster pace now. PRU14, would not go out to vote, unless ada significant improvement. Pemimpin UMNO only cakap, but no actions. We are not stupid.


  9. You people spend your days amongst yourselves….and thats why you are completely blind. There are other forces at work. Korang rasa sentimen bersama MM ini cukup besar momentumnya dan suci murni kebersihannya…dan korang salahkan politik wang bila dah kalah. MURAHNYA perjuangan korang ni semua kalau boleh dibeli dengan wang ringgit….kalau betullah ada politik wang.

    Sedarlah..golongan lain pun besar jugak dan korang bukan yang terbaik dan terbersih. You all are SELF-DECLARED bersih. Thats pathetic!!


    • How can we are blind cannot see you when you are ObeseToThe Max? Exercise man, so that you don’t become lethargic and faulty, even stupid thinking. Haaaa, nice or not, gave you a dose of your own medicine?

      You opposition people are in the habit of making “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”. How readers want to believe what you say? Explain a bit lah your accusations or claims. Then you don’t get laughed at.

      “other forces at work… sentimen bersama MM ini (tak) cukup besar momentumnya dan suci murni kebersihannya…kalau betullah ada politik wang” – apa cakap macam budak kecik nih? Kau tak baca ke UMNO Disciplinary Board found several of them guilty of money politics dulu?


    • Demi Allah, better to be self-declared bersih, daripada memang proven tak bersih dan dah dijatuhkan hukum pun. Tapi masih boleh bertanding, masih boleh menang.


    • “MURAHNYA perjuangan korang ni semua kalau boleh dibeli dengan wang ringgit….kalau betullah ada politik wang.”

      Aiyo abang Obese, macam mak si anu, cakap kat cermin ke tuuuuu? Daripada senarai calon VP, DUA dah convicted main politik wang dan dah kena denda. Daripada calon KP, yang MENANG tu dah pernah kena convicted main politik wang, dan masih boleh bertanding. Adoi doi. Tak de politik wang dia kata. Adoi doi, orang dia tak boleh dibeli dengan wang ringgit dia kata. Adoi la abang obese, gemuk sebab tu otak lembam.


    • Nonsense!! talking to the mirror ke brader obese?? None in history a winning candidate being called perasuah publicly…. it only happen once to KP KJ khaikhh tuihh… tak de sejarah pencuri didapati bersalah sbb mencuri tanpa concrete reason tapi dibenarkan menyimpan barang yang dicuri…. kalau ada kes macam ni… mmg bodoh la tuan hakim ke sapa2 yg jd hakim masa tu… hanya presiden Umno Pak lah yg bengap buat macam ni…

      FYI abg obese… these kind of people has been mentioned several times in the Holy Quran…. ambil tindakan yang berat sebelah apabila kena pada saudara sendiri…


  10. Assalamualaikum..
    najib kata nak wat tranformasi…yg dipilih perwakilan pn ramei yg buat melayu marhein muntah hijo…pendapat saya lah ek…najib mmg jenis cakap tak serupa bikin…lemah longlai….takkan nak harap zahid sorang2 tuk mantapkan umno…sangat sangat menyedihkan….umno terlalu nazak…..


  11. I suppose the RM31 billion bumi aid has been spent buying votes and giving projects.
    Mukhriz can never lead a nation as he is intolerant of other beliefs. Even shiites are banned. Behave Like his father. So no malay architecture. That is too degrading. Only moghul or middle eastern architecture allowed.
    You see, UMNO has become a party that protects religion instead of malay interest
    Malays are barred from being free due to religion. Cannot even read certain books. Now they want these restrictions imposed on others. Cannot use certain words.
    In PAP land, a Malay lady won miss universe singapore.she is educated and a lawyer. Now she has the option of being a prominent model or actress if she want to. That is her freedom to choose.
    Can a Malay party free them from religious persecution and mental slavery?
    Khairil, i believe can lead them there and turn KL into london, UM into oxford.


    • I don’t “suppose”, I know you are talking nuts, tempawan. The usual “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”, eh? Not worth to respond actually, but it’s fun to whack you when you talk nonsense.

      You mentioned the banning of shi’ites again and again. No more modal, eh? Refuse to listen to the arguments that have been rammed into your small head in the past – the Constitution on Islam, the laws passed by Parliament creating the Religious Department for administering religious matters, the Fatwa Council, the prerogative of the authorities to decide on Sunni Islam being the one allowed in this country.

      But then hard-headed blokes like you will continue to raise such issues until kingdom come. And equally, if not more, hard-headed guys like me will continue whacking you “till hell freezes over” – to borrow the words of Adlai Stevenson in UN when US was on the brink of nuclear war with the Russians who brought nuclear missiles into Cuba many years ago.

      Better thank your lucky stars that I don’t have any nuclear missiles, tempawan! Otherwise I’d use them on the other points you raised that I’ll whack another time.


    • When I was growing up whenever people like tempawan appeared we kids would bertempiaran lari. Orang gila tak boleh layan. Bau pun busuk sebab kain baju tak basuh tak pernah bertukar. Hii jijik.


    • I totally agree and support the statements that those who don’t like this country, don’t like its system, don’t respect and abide by the Constitution, should migrate and scram.

      It’s stupid to say “UMNO has become a party that protects religion ..” Islam is spelled out in the Constitution as “the religion of the Federation” and UMNO is sworn to protect that.

      It’s none of the business of the non-Muslims to comment on that, anyway. It’s the right of UMNO, and UMNO/the Malays have not pointed out the rivalries among the Christians – the Roman Catholics, the Protestants, the Evangelicals etc. So much so that the last Pope resigned for not being able to control or even influence the errant Christian communities the world over.


    • “KL into london, UM into oxford”

      heh heh, whatever for? London is old news, KL is the new kid! Oxford product, Khairy Jamaluddin (not Khairil) was guilty of money politics who used his s-i-l position to parachute himself.

      Strange choice of idols.


  12. Non of the party contenders are interested in human rights, civil liberties, freedom of faith, the rights to practise faith freely, rights of those with different sexual orientation etc. Non even spoke about their policies if they were elected, whether its education or economics.UMNO members select their leaders based on whther they like the person, his face etc and not based on what he stands for.
    Surely these are not the type of election we should encourage
    I can understand why these issues are not brought up. UmNO discourage freedom of thoughts amomgst its members. No new ideas are coming forth. Its all about blaming and bashing others. I would assume they are all infected with paranoia, a genetic psychotic disorder as the symptoms are similar. Amok, illusion of grandiosity, enemies everywhere etc. Go look it up.. Dr M forgot to mention this in his book ‘malay dilemma’.


    • I believe you didn’t attend any of the internal party campaigns to listen to what the candidates are saying about their policies. That is why you wrote this assumption.

      Thank you.


    • The 1st paragraph I can tolerate. The 2nd I cannot. And when I cannot, I whack.

      This bloke’s kind of mentality is very much the Cina Bukit, DAP kind, wild allegations and all. Free with his language, uncaring of the words he uses, randomly shooting from the hip, like a drunken cowboy. Well, I’m not the Sheriff, but like hell I’ll volunteer to be the Sheriff’s deputy. And I shoot straight, taking aim, not wildly. Aiming at him.

      Look at the kind of anarchistic manner of speaking he engages in. Saying “UmNO discourage freedom of thoughts amomgst its members. No new ideas are coming forth.” Not even an iota of explanation. Or an example. So, the only thing for us to do is to shit him. Verbally. Like what I’m doing now.

      So easy for him to say “Its all about (UMNO) blaming and bashing others.” When in fact it’s the DAP that has been doing that. Like Lim Guan Eng issuing Gag Orders, Show-Cause or Warning letters, and expelling members from time to time that we read in the papers about. See, I give the explanation to my accusation of Lim Guan Eng. But not this tempawan son of a gun. And he ought to be shot.

      And on he went with his smelly loose tongue, and probably wobbly dirty teeth, saying “I would assume they are all infected with paranoia, a genetic psychotic disorder as the symptoms are similar. Amok, illusion of grandiosity, enemies everywhere etc.” The fact that he is familiar with all these symptoms of psychiatric illness suggests that he has that illness. Go look it up, he said. He must have looking that up frequently, to check the status of his symptoms from time to time. He should be shooed to Tanjong Rambutan when he becomes uncontrollable. Like he appears to be now.


    • Aiyahh abe tempawan, first you idolise PAP land, where a Malay lady won miss universe singapore. But then when it is convenient you tak mau cakap pulak that in SG your Tong Kang people would have been sent to jail immediately for wanting to create a non-National schooling system.

      You mean down in PAP land, where a Malay lady won miss universe singapore, the ruling gomen actually talks, much less champion, these things:

      “Non of the party contenders are interested in human rights, civil liberties, freedom of faith, the rights to practise faith freely, rights of those with different sexual orientation etc. Non even spoke about their policies if they were elected, whether its education or economics.”

      If even in PAP land, where a Malay lady won miss universe singapore, the gomen won’t even do this, how lah you mau Malaysia to do so pulak? I thought PAP land, where a Malay lady won miss universe singapore, is the prime example that we need to follow? Oh, I see – only when it suits the nons, ey?


        • What nonsense. Singapore was not even in Malaya in 1959. Umno did not contest in Singapore. Please astound us with your intelligence. Not stupidity.

          Thank you.


        • So? Guess who came out in droves including bringing in aunties and aunts from overseas to vote, and STILL got their asses kicked in GE13? 95% Chinese did their darnedest against just 35% Malays, and got their balls retracted into their sacks – aunties included – for them. No need to thank us for that, it’s free of charge. Wakakaka.


    • “UMNO members select their leaders based on whther they like the person, his face etc and not based on what he stands for,” said si tempe (I like the name ray used for him).

      DAP members select their leaders based on

      – how ultra kiasu they are, wanting Mandarin when in south China they demonstrated against it
      – how much they masquerade, a totally Chinese bloke using a Malay name is preferable for the CEC
      – how dynasty-minded they are, the Lims, the Karpals, for example
      – the loud mouthed, loose gun, shooting by the hip, accusing and claiming wildly (tempawan cannot coz he nauseates a lot)

      A lot more to list, but to get to work now.


  13. The bumis in sabah and sarawak have been denied their rights to pratise their faith in peace due to the malay muslim authorities attitude of suppressing the people.
    Wake up man! It won’t be long before men are flogged because their beards are too short, just like it was in taliban afghanistan.
    And why are women discriminated in UmNO? Why can’t they challenge the party president and lead the party? Why are women satisfied being second class in uMNO? What is wrong with them. I suggest a complain be made to the ministry of women affairs or something. Have entities that discriminates based on gender be banned. That would probably shut 90% of our political parties.
    Thank you jebat for explaining that policies are explained by incumbents. But not printed in papers and media. Is it because its too vile and could be seditious? When UMNO party conference were broadcast live, many were shocked at the speeches and language used.that is why even rtm has decided to stop it.


    • You should read Utusan more then. There is no need to be evil and think of the worst things such as ‘vile and seditious’. Go to utusan online and search for keywords in the archive. You will find some news about what the candidates say. But of course, campaigns are done in blistering pace. Not all journalists cover everything. Just like not all journalists in mainstream media and internet portals can cover whatever speeches being done by the DAP, PKR and PAS leaders at their private and internal party events. Be realistic. Have some common sense. And for your info, only handful of people in The Herald feel aggrieved about the Allah ruling. Other Christian sects are practising their faith. Most Christians here in Malaysia do not use Allah to begin with. And the people in East Malaysia can still use the Malay bibles with Allah printed in it. Haven’t you read the 10 point solution by Idris Jala?
      Please stop writing untruths. Thank you.


    • Where got “the malay muslim authorities attitude of suppressing the people” in Sabah and Sarawak? No proof, no instances or examples quoted. Stupid of you to make wild allegations, innit?

      “It won’t be long before men are flogged because their beards are too short, just like it was in taliban afghanistan.” – I sure would like Anwar Al Juburi to flog you – his style. Another stupid statement, innit?

      And no prooof or instances, even examples when saying “why are women discriminated in UmNO?” You dunno Shahrizat was made a Minister and so many other women made Ministers in the past, including MCA women?

      Which cave do you live in? Which DAP branch you are member of? Careful, Lim Guang Eng has instructed Anthony Loke to go after the stupid ones like you. Shaming the party with your endless stupidity.


    • tempawan,

      Why don’t you try to substantiate your allegations by giving details on who, how, when and where those things are said to be stated?

      Or if you say them yourself i.e you make the accusations, give the facts and arguments, to support your accusations, explain, or at least give examples.

      That way, you wouldn’t get knocked on the head heavily. We tolerate dissent here. But reasonable or argued out ones lah.


  14. UMNO musn’t allow religious authorities to dictate the malay race. The malay race should be free and its interest should be above religion. That is the only way to progress.
    During the renaissance, city states in present day italy we succumbed by religious authorities. Many scientific discoveries were hushed up for fear of religiois persecution. It was not until europeans revolted against the roman church that ideas and ceativity started to blossom. That attitude persist till this day. That is why the west are way ahead in research and development.
    Can you imagine there are christians who still believe that the world was created only recently and discard theory of evolution? That is their right, but scientific findings states things differently.
    The message was for us all to understand God’s universe by understanding his laws and creations. And only by doing this will you appreciate the Creator


    • “the west are way ahead in research and development” hahaha

      Yeah … the west are also ahead in war crimes, human rights abuses, single-parent families, neglected elderly parents, weapons proliferation, pornography, LGBT, free thinkers …………..


  15. Now now, who the hell gave you the right to speak for the Malay race? And shit you for saying “UMNO musn’t allow religious authorities to dictate the malay race”, indicating your lies, deceits, seditious thinking and utterances.

    You should be arrested, dragged to the Police Station, charged in Court after a thorough interrogation.

    You read stupid Wikipedia articles and try to show you know about the renaissance, evolution and shit. But your arguments are skewed, your thinking warped and your personality demented.

    But when you said, “Can you imagine there are christians who still believe that the world was created only recently and discard theory of evolution?”, are you complaining about the Christians, condemning them, telling THEM that “scientific findings states things differently”?

    Why tell us those things about the Christians? You stupid innit?


    • Ajo,
      Need to check to see if you are a true melayu. Last check, Madhater’s race is written as “Indian” in University Malaya (Singapore) or National University Singapore known now. Madhater aka the melayu supremo every now & then visited Singapore for fraternity.
      Even Zahid Hamidi is a Jawa. Bang Karno must be very happy. No need to ganyang Malaysia oredi got one Indon to become PM extremely soon


      • Woi, stupido, go read the books often recommended here and there –

        “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at the Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

        They’ll tell you the scores of academic research, archaeological excavations and studies carried out in the past over hundred years, and the ones in the 20th Century tell about the “Rumpun Melayu” or the “Keluarga Besar Bangsa Melayu” comprising of 350 million people, originating in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu ot the Malay Archipelago.

        Obviously you are a pendatang and there are many copy and paste comments about your kind that can be thrown out at you. The first one is aimed at your nasty comment about the origins of Tun Dr Mahathir who has admitted in his CheDet blog that he has 25% Indian blood –

        You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What’s the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don’t say you people are pure Chinese.

        Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

        The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

        1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

        2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”

        3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

        4. The south was occupied by “aboriginal tribes which once occupied the whole of south China”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. “The southern people were then treated (by the northerners) as barbarous” – pg 32. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, tribesmen number half the population.

        The southerners comprise the following major groups:

        a. Fukienese (Hokkien), “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

        b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

        c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

        So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

        Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

        “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).


        • Obviously he does not respect the Constitution of the country which defines the Malay by habitual BM speaking, Islam practising and following the Malay ways of life or culture. He’s seditious and subversive, too.

          Those who don’t respect the Constitution, more so being seditious and subversive, certainly deserve to be shooed out, told to migrate, scram and get lost.


      • Let me guess: you had to go to a special university to be as stupid as you. It’s probably taught in binary language, that’s why your brain got scrambled. Am I right or am I right? Man, the stupid Chinese that used to be kept hidden from sight are coming out of the woodwork. The meek shall inherit the Earth, indeed.


  16. “NST to even publish this shoddy piece of journalism” –

    The extent of shoddiness is flabbergasting. Not just choice of materials for publication, angling, twisting and slanting the news to cater to the image of personalities they are beholden to, they write reports that are unconnected or disjointed, not bothering to give 1-2 lines introduction to the story, referring to past reports or give some background information so that readers can understand better the reports they write. Gosh, at times they even have lousy grammar. Many people have long ceased to read NST, including me.

    Far, far from the image of NST under A Kadir Jasin and those before him. Riong Kali has really done up the newspaper’s image when he ran it and he became used as a proxy for shares bought by the then Tun Dol group. But for mandatory advertisements and notices that require advertising in newspapers e.g legal cases, they would have suffered much bigger losses than what they have been reported to be suffering.

    For so long as the Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin, is still active in politics, those in his group holding shares in NST would not part with their controlling interest. I hope a way could be found for the shares to change hands and for NST to become worthwhile to read again.


  17. Another Riong Kali-linked outfit promoting the money-politics Khairy’s interest?

    “After son’s loss, time for Dr M to lay down arms, analysts say”
    The Malay Mail Online


    Those blokes choose to overlook the fact that Mukhriz got more votes than Hishamuddin and, if not for the system of electoral college votes as a result of which Mukhriz and Dr Mahathir accepted defeat, Mukhriz would have been Vice President.


  18. The Malays have been counting on UMNO and will continue to do so for a long time yet as there has not been a better alternative. They gave UMNO 88 seats at PRU13, but if the good Malays can’t catch a break in UMNO, what is it going to lead to?

    DS Najib’s five principles for BN – centrist, progressive, inclusive, moderate and fair – must also be for UMNO. UMNO will degenerate and will suffer if he does not apply those to UMNO. Centrist in allowing, even encouraging, new faces like Mukhriz in the top line up. Progressive in not just relying on the old guards. Moderate in his attempts to remain in power, not appointing the Pemuda UMNO Chief and his cronies as well as the Wanita UMNO Chief to posts that their background should have denied them. And it’s simply not fair to so many aspiring new candidates when money politics are allowed to go on – no action being taken so far in connection with the recent party elections.

    I shudder at the thought of UMNO losing seats at PRU14, or even becoming irrelevant thereafter, but may have to contend with that if there are no changes to the current state of affairs in the party.


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