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Popular votes vs Parliamentary votes (a note to Nurul Izzah)

Today Nurul Izzah issued a tweet which beguiled us all. She has the belief that Barisan Nasional is effectively a minority government. Although her loose coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS had the majority of the votes, she felt shortchanged for the fact that her ambition to see her father installed as the Prime Minister is curtailed yet again. This also implies, in her own mind that the current government does not have the legality to govern this country.

With this blatant misconception of truth and apparent lack of knowledge on the current Malaysian voting system have raised a few unsavoury spectres most notably the Pakatan’s resident spaniel, Haris Ibrahim who told us that his group will topple Barisan Nasional government by end of this year.

As a background, in the just concluded general election, Barisan Nasional received 46.9% of votes while parties in Pakatan Rakyat received 50.9%. There was approximately 4% difference amounting to 361,000 votes. Basically, out of 13 million registered voters in Malaysia, BN managed to get 5.3 million votes while DAP, PAS and PKR managed to get 5.6 million votes. About 2 million voters did not vote in the recent general election.

Now this is where Nurul Izzah and the rest of the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat (including lawyers) got it wrong.

Our election system is not through popular voting. We vote via a parliamentary system.

Among the countries that use pure parliamentary system are Canada, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and India.

Even the United States uses electoral system, and not popular votes to choose its President.

So how exactly does Malaysia and the nations that use parliamentary system select their government? In layman terms, it is like this:

The country is divided into districts or, parliamentaries. All registered voters will select one candidate from a particular political party as winner in each parliamentary and this winner will represent them in the Parliament (the Dewan Rakyat).

A party with the majority of winners in the combined parliamentary seats (all 222 of them) will become the federal government. That is why, in our democracy, getting the majority of seats (as opposed to getting the majority of votes) is important. The reason for this is purely simple – it protects the rights of the people in the less populated states and is a cornerstone of our federal vs states relationship.

Didn’t opposition leaders tell us too many times that it is time to decrease federalism in this country?

Wouldn’t it be unfair if what Nurul Izzah is propagating is accepted as the basis to form a government, then the battle to become Federal Government is decided by the people in west coast Malaysia and not by the rest of Malaysia!

The recent statistics in our last general election are simple to read – DAP won bigger majorities in seats within urban areas while Barisan Nasional won bigger number of seats but with much, much smaller majorities. As a matter of fact, the combined majority of Teresa Kok and Kim Kit Siang is already 65,000 votes. Hence, the opposition garnered bigger number of votes but obtained smaller number of seats.

This is possible because we work in the current operating system called, the parliamentary system. Let’s put this into perspective – you have been using the iPhone and living under the iOS system all this while and yet when things didn’t go your way, you complain about the iPhone because it doesn’t use the Android system.

That argument is impractical and inconsequential.

The ultimate fact, which no matter how the opposition trying to spin is, Barisan Nasional won bigger number of seats and that fact is enough for it to form the Federal Government in the parliament.

So what is the correct definition of a popular voting? It is actually irrelevant in the context of Malaysian democracy system.

Another analogy on popular votes. Thank you @apik68

Another analogy on popular votes. Thank you @apik68

For whatever reason people lose, the delusion that they had won the general election is perhaps the most pathetic kind of excuse for a sore loser could come up with.

Even their lawyers got the term ‘minority government’ wrong. Minority government simply means, when a political party or coalition of parties does not have a majority of overall seats in the parliament but is sworn into government to break a hung parliament election result.

Simply put, Barisan Nasional is neither a minority government nor the fact that it doesn’t have the legality to form a government. It fulfils both criteria and what Nurul Izzah must understand is that ignorance of our electoral system is not a good sign of a leader with a sound mind, particularly since she is a parliamentarian herself.

Better yet, we seriously do not need a Pakatan gangster in the form of Haris Ibrahim who strongly claimed they will topple the government by this year because they are too impatient and too greedy to wait:

“We will take to the streets and take over Putrajaya. If we really want to overthrow them, there is no other way. Democracy does not work. The people cannot wait anymore. We don’t want to wait another five years. We will take the streets.”

Ironic that people who extol democracy and freedom to choose are the ones who refuse to believe in those things. Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind. I believe we have found another Napoleon, the pig.

All the Napoleons in the Animal Farm

All the Napoleons in the Animal Farm

43 thoughts on “Popular votes vs Parliamentary votes (a note to Nurul Izzah)

  1. What? Haris ibrahim a gangster? C’mon la, look at him….he looks undernourished. Anwar must have fed him with dead grasses and chicken shits, Thas why he talks crap most of the time.


    • Nurul Izzah a stupid girl? Tweeting that Barisan Nasional is effectively a minority government? Which school did she go to? Which university did she attend?

      She didn’t even read about Al Gore winning the popular votes but George W Bush won the Presidency in the US? Was she in her mother’s womb at that time? Or became an MP for 5 years but knew nothing about election procedures.


      • Yeah maybe its time AI giving AG, the global warming liar, a call so that he can teach AI, a thing or two about accepting defeat! Shame on you, AI for creating unrest all over the country.

        AI can you please resign and remove yourself from this country (with your die hard kakis that is) so that we can live a normal life again?!


  2. [With this blatant misconception of truth and apparent lack of knowledge on the current Malaysian voting system…]
    No sir.. it was not a misconception. Nurul is not a school dropout… but an MP going into her second term and Harris Ibrahim is a lawyer by training and profession.

    It was a deliberate spin.. a preplanned attempts at justifying their claim on the throne… to confuse the gullible so that they are ready to go take to the street at the queue…


    • And looking at school of pigs that had gathered for the last few days, makes you wonder at sheer stupidity some people are born with.

      You are what you eats has never ring so loud!


  3. I am very surprised that the urban Bangsar/Lembah Pantai voters continue to vote in someone who has no idea/clueless of the system she is in. And I thought Bangsar IS the place for successful yuppies and whatever else as compared to us small town folks, deemed irrelevant according to the loose coalition of PAS/DAP and PKR. This young lady, Nurul Izzah, every time she opened her mouth, venom and poison spurts from her malicious tongue.It reflects her upbringing. Her world is only Anwar Ibrahim and nobody else. And I wonder which fools continue to put her in Parliament


    • Well, we all know how Nurul got her degree – by ice-creaming her lecturer. This was admitted by her mother Wan Azizah herself. Now we know why Nurul is so stupid.


  4. dear JMD, until now, we should know better that it is not that they dont know, or ignorance, or misconcept, or whatever, it is their strategy, by collaborating with their clan and repeating the same lies and they get the same results again and again, which is the people will think what they play up is nothing but the ‘truth’! since the so called bersih, we get to see this tactic very often and it seems to be their standard operating procedures nowadays.


  5. PR always trying to manipulate things. They know and understand the concept of GE13. They are trying to fool those who has support them and telling them about popular votes.
    Come on …. let turn anew leaf.Forget about GE13 and look forward to make our contry progress further.


  6. Cina DAP, ceylonese Harris Ibrahim, Anwar, Nurul Izzah dan penyangak2 Pakatan haram yang sewaktu dengan mereka ini sedang membawa budaya baru makanan mereka, iaitu, memutar-belit fakta, mencipta bahan2 tipu helah, menunjukkan kurang ajar “above the law” dan mencabar kerajaan serta pihak berkuasa to the limit.

    Jika kerajaan berdiam, mereka bertambah berani dan angkuh. Jika kerajaan bertindak tegas, mereka serta-merta bertukar menjadi “mangsa kekejaman” dengan pelbagai rekayaksa.

    Orang2 Melayu yang mengundi BN sedang memerhati dan menanti apa tindak-balas kerajaan Najib. Jika Najib berlembut dan masih mahu reconciliation dengan kaum rasis Cina tidak mengenang budi ini, maka Najib masih dibuai dengan kepalsuan. Beliau bukan sahaja akan terus diperlekeh oleh kaum Cina, malah kaum Melayu akan hilang kepercayaan terhadap beliau. Beliau akan dianggap pemimpin Melayu yang lemah dan tidak tegas.

    Najib tiada pilihan. Mereka terang2 menghasut dan melanggar undang2. Bertindak tegas jika mahu melayu terus menyokong anda. You dont have a choice, and what choice did pakatan give you?


    • No, Najib has a choice. But he may not want to take it. He may believe what he has been doing is right. Unless UMNO Supreme Council members whisper to him otherwise. But would they? Comfortable with whatever positions they have been having and may continue to be given. Difficult to expect surprises in the new cabinet, I hope to be proven wrong. Hope against hope …

      I think he will continue with what he has been doing. Trying to placate the Chinese. The rest in the government will just tow his line. Nak cari makan, beb, nak jaga jawatan. They are not placed there if they didn’t tow the line in the first place. So, even with the new IGP and Deputy IGP, to arrest Haris Ibrahim, Anwar and the like will still depend on their assessment of what Najib wants. Especially if already whispered to by the Menteri Dalam Negeri.

      And I suspect we are going to have the same Menteri Dalam Negeri in the cabinet announced to morrow or so. Or somebody like him. But I’d be happy to be proven wrong.


      • Don’t be surprised if Nazri will be back in the new cabinet. He has been polishing Najib like nobody’s business. All praises for Najib’s win. OK, he’s somebody – UMNO Supreme Council member …

        But he’d whack Tun Dr Mahathir if it is in Najib’s interest. I would rather he wanks Anwar or fellow lawyer Haris and the fler’s loose talk. He sometimes has a peculiar perception of who the enemy is, hasn’t he?


      • Sangat setuju. Jika Najib lantik semula Menteri Amaran Dalam Negeri termashyor itu, maka what you said is spot on.

        Saya sangat bangga jika Hishamuddin dilantik sebagai Menteri Sukan kerana senyuman beliau akan dianggap sebagai amaran kepada persatuan2 yang gagal tetapi mengaku berjaya seperti Persatuan Kena Sepak Malaysia. Walau bagaimanapun, ini tidak mungkin berlaku.


  7. As-Salam Bro JMD,..heheh,..a gud posting,..well much have been said by d opposition bout choosing a Govt thru a more democratic way but looks who’s saying ‘Democracy does not work’ ? hehehe,..really funny la dis opposition morons n hypocrites.. well neway jst tot i’d share wth u a link to a gud article I re-read to remind myself of d gud old days when our Tun Dr.Daddy M woz d PM,..ahaks,.. d article woz written by one Israel Shamir n here’s d link,.. :- wat else can I say,..heheh,..(,”)


  8. Its like playing tennis, Federer just need to win 6 games to take the set, eventhough Nadal manage to force him into many deuces and actually won more games, Nadal still could not take the set..:)


  9. We know who Al Gore is, right?

    Al Gore: A former vice president who wanted to be a president.

    Al Gore: Still angry (since 2000) for not being able to be the president after losing the electoral votes (although he won majority votes).

    Al Gore: Held the country “hostage” for about a month, demanding recount of votes. Up until today, the hardcore democracts still insist of the existence of fraud, cheat and illegal voters.

    Al Gore: Favourite mantra is “US democracy has been hacked/hijacked”.

    Still wonder the reason Al Gore and Anwar are close?


  10. This is ridiculous coming from a lawyer.

    I would respect someone who calls for a delineation of seats, to redraw the electoral boundaries or to adopt a different voting system such as proportional representation but this twisting of facts to serve some end is nonsense.

    How about this system: Any number of candidates can stand for elections, each voter has one vote for a candidate and the top 222 candidates get to sit in parliament for five years. It will be the first of its kind in the world.


    • How to ensure that all the 222 candidates can effectively and collectively rule the country when they all think differently over everything. What nonsense?


    • This kind of voting will leads to the urban areas getting the most votes because they have more people (high density population). Then who will take care of the problems of the people from lesser density population? Different areas have different problem. Will people from West Coast Peninsular know or understand the problems for people in rural Sarawak/Sabah for example? The way of living, language, topography of the land all contribute to effective governance. Hence the seat system. Each wakil (preferably local /or someone who grows up in such an environment) oversee an area and tends to it’s development problems.


      • Totally agree with you, SMY. This is what PR will do if they were to win the last election. I believe this is what TUN M meant if the PR were to win this PRU, we will never get our country back.

        How on earth can some Peninsula Melayu support these kind of people.


  11. a good place for a spin doctor is a pond fills up with gullibles

    a good place for a spin lawyer is behind bars

    a good place for a spin pig is guantanamo bay


    • My dear great malay friend, i concur with you but at the same breath, please remember that while you may be so emotionally carried away with the chinese voters attitude, the malays from PKR and Pas must also be reminded to realize what
      DAP Chinese are actually after. DSAI is the real malay spoiler. But the most regrettable confusion created is Karpal/Lim were riding on DSAI and Tuan Guru NA backs all along, gaining every opportunity that come by. On consumerism advice, you’re right on having to buy things at alternative outlets to suit your picks, value for money, time and satisfaction. a word of advise again, please remember that the social/racial integration is critical ingredient in this trying times to boost the overall strength of our beloved nation. In reality, we’ve evolved to matured democracy and lets see the drama unfolding in the first parliamentary sitting when we’ve strong and hopefully responsible opposition.


      • Apek, whatever you want to say, your dua kupang worth of pemikiran, you should be proud and owned it. Don’t la be a Malay poser, we don’t need another Zairil amongst your kind. Enough of this 2nd class coolie mentality!


  12. Just let her and Harris keep saying stupid stuff and people will believe it.

    Pakatan supporters are brain dead fanatics.

    Harris, the crazy one, is actually their true face.


  13. This is out of topic, but i dont care. I must post this to let everyone know that after GE13, this is what happening:-

    The Malays are being cheated already for trusting the Chinese. The Malays are the biggest purchasing power in Malaysia. “Buy Chinese Last” movement is a must. I do not blame the Malays. DAP Chinese asked for it.

    Sundry purchases at a Chinese minimarket will definitely be a thing of the past for me and family. Today I was told that a Chinese Supermarket directly opposite Mcdonalds in Desa Pandan, selling garbage plastic at rm9.80 per kilo and mosquito spray 800ml for rm12 same price for all brands. She just walked out without buying anything from the minimarket she was patronizing since the 1990s.

    You know what. Thereafter she stopped at a small Malay mini shop at Pasar Datuk Keramat and managed to buy the same garbage plastic at RM4.80 per kilo. A whopping RM5 per kilo cheaper.

    The hypocrite greedy ungrateful Chinese are now robbing the unsuspecting Malays by increasing prices of goods. Kononnya barang di supermarket besar lebih murah. Tipu semua. Then they scream at BN government for not lowering petrol prices, no free education, bla, bla.

    Among the 6-7 hardware shops in Datuk Keramat, the biggest is owned by a Chinese. The rest are small Malay hardware shops except one at Jalan Enggang which is reasonably big. Dont be fooled. That big Chinese shop is selling stuff at higher price too.

    What a sham!

    Buy Chinese Last! I dont care if i am a racist Malay now.

    Sorry, out of topic. Please ignore my comment if you are angry.


    • As Chinese.. I totally agree with you, Not from the viewpoint that all chinese shops are crooks and all malay shops are honest.. Just do your market research and buy from the cheapest shop. Even I do not always buy from chinese sundry market shops, as I do find buying vegetables from the indian shops in the markets seems to be a better deal.


    • Totally agree with this. The BUY CHINESE LAST campaign must go on and at the same time we must spread it further and further. We the silent majority are not the kind of people who go around expressing our anger at illegal gathering like them but at the same time we too felt the anger of being stab in the back without any proper channel to express our feeling effectively. It’s ridiculous that their allegations are all not true but they still got the chance to express it in those big stadiums while we have the solid proof but have no ways to go about it. I know although some of our own brethren stab our back too but we’ll deal with them later after we deal with the obvious one. Since GE13, I’ve went a great length to only buy from malay shops, even if the shops are a bit far, even if the price is a little bit higher but I’m satisfied with it. The next obvious step is to spread this and sustain the momentum. Good luck!



  14. simple math:

    Data showed that 2,500,000 voters did not go down to the polling booth.

    90% of the urbani-tes had already used up the one vote quota and only 10% voters didn’t. 10% out of 2,5000,000 equal to 250,000
    90% = 90/100 x 250,000 = 225,000 will go for PR and only 25,000 will go to BN

    2,500,000 – 250,000 = 2,250,000 rural voters who failed to use up the one vote quota and since the votes distribution for rural voters are: 70% for BN and 30% for PR and if all the 2,500,000 voters are to fulfill their duty, BN will get another 70/100 x 2,250,000 = 1,575,000 + 25,000 = 1,600,000 and PR will get another 675,000 + 225,000 = 900,000 votes.

    If the rest of voters did cast the vote at GE 13, BN will get 1,600,000 – 900,000 = 700,000 more votes (popular vote) as compared to PR.

    At present, PR leads BN by 460,000 popular votes but if all registered voters fulfilled the duty, BN will lead PR by 700,000 – 460,000 = 240,000 popularity votes.

    Right now it is easier for PR to make themselves look populist because urban-ites always got better access to the polling booth. If the rural voters can get a better access, they also can make BN appears more popular than PR!


  15. Bravo. You have written an article crying foul and accusing someone of spin, when the article itself is a lie based on a fragment of Nurul Izzah’s tweet.

    If any of your readers actually took 5 seconds to Google this, they would have realised she was quoting the title of an article in Malaysiakini ‘ BN effectively a minority goverment’. Here is the link , which was also part of her tweet Feel free to have an opinion about what the article says or what its title should be, we are after all in a democracy. But make no mistake about Nurul Izzah’s intellect.

    You don’t graduate from America as a doctor by being an imbecile. Neither are you able to pay for your degree. Her dad was not in power when she graduated, so political pressure wouldn’t have been a factor. Her achievement is purely based on merit. Regardless of where you sit on the political divide, you lot should be proud of her, she is a Malaysian who has done well under her own steam, and is one the more eloquent sitting members of parliament.

    Well done writing an article about the shame of spinning the truth, when in effect you’re spinning your own web of deceit. The real fools though are really your readers judging from their comments.

    Not so much for believing you, but really for the content of what is said. A robust and fair electoral process and the freedom to vote is a right that should be upheld and celebrated in a democracy like ours. Boycotting and vilifying an entire race for the failures of your party is foolish, dangerous and will not bring an iota of good to any of us.


    • So are you saying, she tweeted an article with the headline “BN effectively a minority government” because she did not agree with the title? By the way, the article itself is filled with lies. Therefore, Nurul Izzah is tweeting an article which is filled with lies and with a title to mislead the public.

      However you spin this, she must be responsible to what she does. Obviously tweeting something with such headlines will get rebuttals from the public. And yes just like how you said it, “a robust and fair electoral process and the freedom to vote is a right that should be upheld and celebrated in a democracy like ours..” so please tell Nurul Izzah and her pet poodle Haris Ibrahim to stop protesting on the streets because the people have spoken. All this boycotting and vilifying people who won is foolish, dangerous and will not bring an iota of good to any of us.

      But good effort on your part. Thank you for defending Nurul Izzah.


      • I am astounded with your patience. If I were to answer I would just say it is akin to a bitch answering to a like minded barking dog with a third dog agree in unison..


  16. JMD good posting.
    The very reason nurul , harris and the rest of those PR stupid MF. managed to con or pull all kinds of crap is due to the fact (esp Malay) they don’t read. Period. IF they do read ( i stil couldn’t figure out why) they always read stories that either full of gossip and mysticism.
    So, pls malay readers do read PR and BN news and do THINK.
    as for the chinese, i cannot comment more because they read in funny special characters… and the chinese are talking “perpaduan”.. mmmm..


  17. The last time the oppositions won the popular vote was in may 1969; this may 2013 is the second time same thing happened, I thought all of us already learned the lesson from the past but it seems the same people who caused trouble of the past is stirring the same tune..This particular guy should be sent back to where his ancestor came from and bring along with him the pengkhianat bangsa and his whole family too… come to think of it I missed the ISA guy, with him around Malaysia is much safer and peaceful.


  18. We sure know how the pigs ended up behaving and treating the rest of the ‘animals’, don’t we?! But sadly most who turn up at rallies in blacks don’t!

    Can’t stand AI trying to hijacked GPMS event last weekend by labelling it as an UMNO event and the speakers as kangkungs to discredit genuine cry among Malays from all over Malaysia on their rights as enshrined in the very constitution AI and kakis are trying to ignore!

    DSAI or DAJJAI whatever your name is, the event also talked among others tentang isu tanah rezab melayu yang dirampas, rasuah dikalangan pemimpin UMNO dan memutuskan sesiapa pemimpin Melayu Muslim yang tidak mahu menyatukan Ummah Melayu Muslim sebagai pengkhianat bangsa!

    I was there thank you very much. And the last time I’ve checked you were outstation either in a stadium or in a hotel room somewhere doing your thing, so enough of the lies already, we are fed up to the max!!!


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