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Khairy Jamaluddin : Just look at my track records

Thomas Paine, one of the many American revolutioners during George Washington’s time, once wrote a pamphlet detailing the different roles between the government and the society. He reckoned that the government, is the disciplinarian; the one who acts as a punisher for all the vices bred by the society.

Society on the other hand cares only about its own happiness. It is the producer of ‘wants’ and unrestrained vices.

That is the clear distinction between the government and society. The components of a nation usually  follow this code of bona fide relationship between the law and the people. As the nation is further strengthened with an affinity towards religion, the society is held sway without much intervention from the law.   

This distinction however was blurred irreparably after 2004 when the government chose to cross the  threshold and indulged itself in a series of mindless pageantry of imperious behaviours and worldly pursuits of material wealth.

Day after day the society was shoved with public display of uncontrolled excesses by the head of the government himself. Lavish Seri Perdana soiree, private airbuses, impractical crystal mosque, super expensive house in Perth, so on and so forth.

Due to having conflicting priorities in managing the country, the government had found it hard to focus on its role as the guardian of social values and the responsible entity for the nation’s progress.

If the government is perceived as being indisciplined, it will lose the respect from the society at large. What will happen if someone supposedly to be in charge of discipline, renege on its duty? Chaos will ensue.

Certain sections of the society will worry about the ‘indisciplined’ government, which then gave rise to dissent and criticisms. Unfortunately, these criticisms did not appear in the mainstream media. Consequently, the much maligned blogosphere became the main avenue for the masses to seek more independent news.  

Meanwhile, some other sections of the society will bring forth their arguments and claim that their repressed racist views should be highlighted. Because the government themselves became weak due to its own undoing, this kind of extremism was difficult to be curtailed by the government itself.

In the end, it took an intervention by the royal rulers to stem out this kind of bigotry and knock some sense into their heads.  

Much had been said about Pak Lah. Some agreed that he was the impetus for the nation’s lacklustre performance since 2004. Others agreed that he failed to achieve the people’s expectation. Mainly due to his inability to fill in the big shoe left by his predecessor.

But most agreed that he made a poor choice of judgment by surrounding himself by a coterie of advisors, both in their official and unofficial capacity.

The leaders of this brat pack (not to be confused with the original rat pack), are presumably none other than Pak Lah’s own son and also his son-in-law. 

Two main divisions of the nation are then consequently controlled by his family members. One controls the economic sector through his business endeavours, the other wields his influence within the political juggernaut that is Umno.

Killing two birds with one stone. Or in this case, looting both coffers through one family tree.

We saw how SCOMI Bhd, rose from obscurity pre 2004, had reached dizzying heights to become a multi billion international company by the year 2008. Almost all development projects from the government were channelled to this business giant. It dipped its greedy hands into almost everything such as the public transportation business, oil & gas industries, construction, maritime etc.

With regards to the other enfant terrible, by having the ‘protection’ he so desired from Pak Lah, he had inevitably sequestered power from the senior Umno power brokers and became the ringleader of a political cabal known as the 4th floor boys.

Through the blatant mismanagement of the government since 2004, the country declined itself into a period of decadence. All and sundry laid blame on the policy makers purportedly enthralled by this brat pack. 

As the reigning Umno Youth Deputy Chief,  he wielded so much power that whatever he does, will never be subjected to any castigation. No matter how severe the implications towards Umno were.

And now, he is running for a position which is seen as the first real stepping stone to be the Prime Minister by the age of 40. For the first time in his political life, he has to fight in order to attain that coveted position.

If events had not been unfolded like how the situation presents itself now, he would have had a fine sailing towards achieving that aim.  

But now, he found that his position had become unenviable for the first time in his life. After nearly 1 month of wheeling and dealing with the Umno divisions, this political novice had difficult time in amassing support from the majority of the divisions. He trailed by more than 20 nominations behind the original underdog, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. Even the wildcard, Datuk Seri Khir Toyo is catching up with him. 

And that was accomplished mostly through dirty tactics such as the one he pulled in Kuala Kangsar division recently and allegedly giving away money to curry favour in return for votes. 

Since the l’enfant terrible had informed us to look at his track record for the past 4 years, we shall look what he had accomplished in general. He had said;

“I have never used my father-in-law’s influence for personal gain. I will be banking on my record as deputy chief for the past four years and for the party work that I have done,” he told reporters Sunday when met at his Hari Raya open house at Kg Gadong near here. Also present was his wife Nori Abdullah.”

In the e-interview with Dr Novandri he was asked about his tarnished reputation that had caused UMNO to lose credibility in upholding integrity and good governance;

YB dianggap liabiliti kepada UMNO, malah ada komponen Barisan Nasional (BN) menganggap YB menjadi punca prestasi merosot BN dalam pilihan raya umum lalu, tidakkah ini akan menjejaskan peluang YB?

Selama menjadi Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO, saya telah mengetuai jentera pilihan raya BN di enam pilihan raya kecil, Alhamdulillah, kecuali Permatang Pauh, BN memenangi kesemua pilihan raya kecil itu atas usaha seluruh jentera parti yang bertungkus lumus dalam berhadapan dengan pihak pembangkang.

He did not have any answer to the question of him being an apparent liability to Umno. It is hard to defend oneself when one IS the major liability of Umno. People feel nauseated whenever they mention about the 4th floor boys.

He was only banking on this idea of him leading the BN election machinery for the past 6 by elections.

Below is the table of his apparent performance in these by elections:




Firstly, there were 7 by elections since 2004. He did not take part in the Ba’Kelalan by election probably due to its remote location in Sarawak.

Secondly, the Deputy Prime Minister is the overall director of operations in every by election, not some snotty 2nd tier youth leader.

By scrutinising the table above, we will have a clearer picture. The first two by election wins were mainly due to the residual sentiments from Pak Lah’s honeymoon period of being the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the third by election of Permatang Pasir showed a very dismal result of getting a wafer thin majority win. One would expect a large majority win under the direction of this brilliant strategist from Oxford.

Next, the opposition parties boycotted the Batu Talam by election which lent a smooth sailing win for the Umno candidate at that time; thrashing an independent candidate with a respectable majority.

In the Machap by election, we saw desperation from the BN machinery. And it showed from the result which saw a reduced majority win.

In the Ijok by election, we saw these;


Is this the embodiment of a cultured and refined leader that will drive Malaysia to greater heights? 

In the Permatang Pauh by election, which was the mother of all by election, he was there for a total period of only 3 days. For the so called campaign director in a by election, why didn’t he make more effort in campaigning? When even the BN Youth were afraid to wear badges and BN shirts, not much can be said about his performance then can we?

And Umno lost, with an even bigger margin. But his performance in the by elections is only a red herring. What is even more important was his leadership performance in the 2008 general election.

Can we say he achieved the desired quality to be a good leader and a strategist?

The “Pade doh!” strategy in Kelantan was his proud idea to wrestle that state from PAS. It backfired dreadfully when PAS won the state by almost wiping clean all its state and parliamentary seats. That strategy erased irrecoverably what BN had gained in the 2004 general election. And this was during his tenureship as the 2nd in command of the BN Youth wing.   

How could one perceived to have the brilliance of stratospheric proportions be so unwise in strategising an election campaign? The obvious answer is, he was not in touch with the feelings from the ground. He was very far removed from reality.  

What are the benefits in becoming an Umno Youth leader? The Prime Minister then will have no choice but to appoint him at least as a Deputy Minister in a cabinet reshuffle.

Remember, once you are a member of a cabinet, you cannot hold any position in sports council. He has to abdicate his position as the Deputy President of FAM.

Incidentally, that position was also won by him uncontested. What was in the minds of the FAM members when they voted him in at that time?


When both topmost positions of the FAM were not contested, complacency sets in. And Malaysian football can never go anywhere. We just lost in a final of Piala Merdeka which consisted of very weak teams

One could imagine how the mainstream media would play it out if the Malaysian team had won.

It was supposed to be the icing on the cake for the public relation exercise of Khairy Jamaluddin IF Malaysia won the tournament. But the fact that the team lost, even in a tournament filled with minor teams, showed how the ‘saviour’ of Malaysian football failed yet again to live up to his expectations.  

Datuk Mukhriz on the other hand, do not have much experience and exposure at the national level. He is also a first time MP. He has more exposure in the business world as compared to his rival. He has some international exposure by being the head of Umno Youth exco in charge of international bureau. He is more comely and refined in his approach too.

But his prime advantage is obviously not having a tarnished reputation and a track record of failures.

I have been asked to evaluate Khairy Jamaluddin’s past performance since 2004. I think I have done just that. I hope and pray that you will arrive at the same conclusion too.


104 thoughts on “Khairy Jamaluddin : Just look at my track records

  1. At least he tried? Kee Kee. Oh well, he is still young.

    JMD : Jed! Please find a cure for your insomnia ok! 🙂 Anyway, yeah. At least he tried. Time to pass the baton to someone else. Thank you.


  2. jebat, what are your thoughts on him challenging Mukhriz to an open debate and the latter not accepting it?

    i think Mukhriz should just go for it. What has he to lose? If Mukhriz wants to fight to be the leader, then why is afraid to do so?

    Mukhriz -1 point now.

    JMD : I had given my thoughts on this in the previous posting to one of the commenter called ‘Meow’. But here’s the repeat :

    “I respect the essence of democracy whereby even people like KJ, who is one of the reason people became nauseated with BN, can offer himself to ‘lead’ the umno youth wing.

    But of course, he will be subjected to criticisms that may come from any quarters. And he must be able to defend himself credibly and gain confidence from the umno members. If he wants to debate, then I suggest they do it in a close door forum. Although that is also quite redundant. KJ said that the debate will help the Umno members know each of the candidates’ stand on certain issues. Well, since all three of them are bloggers, just write what they want in their own blog.

    I agree with Datuk Mustapha Mohamad in this case.

    We saw the dented reputation of Barisan Nasional when DSAI took on Shahberry Cheek last July. In debate, as I have seen several hundred times within Umno, there WILL be some element of airing dirty linen in public. Khairy will ultimately question Khir Toyo’s track records in Selangor. Mukhriz will question KJ’s infamous reputation etc etc.

    I fully understand where you’re coming from with this comment. But my only reason for not encouraging this debate is that the opposition will certainly capitalise on it. Since PR has lost steam on the take over issue and is running helter skelter trying to find new issues to justify its existence, this debate will be a spectacle most welcomed by the opposition parties.

    Yes, I am all for healthy debate. But there is a greater issue to look at here. It is okay if the debate is held when BN and Umno are strong. But to even suggest it when Umno is still grasping for air is very foolish indeed.

    Those who suggested it are only thinking about their political aspirations instead of looking at the bigger picture. Just a selfish oneupmanship exercise if you ask me.

    Oleh itu, jika sesuatu kaca itu pandai berdebat, amat malang jika semua para perwakilan memilih kaca tersebut hanya kerana kebolehannya berdebat

    Thank you for the comment.”

    By the way Ismail, the campaign period is long. Debate is not the only way of campaigning. Not accepting the challenge for a debate will not hurt Datuk Mukhriz’s chances to have a commendable fight right up to the finish line.

    Thank you.


  3. Salaam JMD.

    Stayed up late huh?

    A good and comprehensive article on the notoriuos “l’enfant terrible”. If this still can’t make UMNO top ranks and the upcoming delegates to the general essembly wake up, I think nothing will.

    If you guys let him win, that will be the end of us not only UMNO. The phrase that you use…”…………Or in this case, looting both coffers through one family tree.” will be carried on beyond the father-in-law tenure.

    Bro… I am scared for UMNO, yet I’m not a party member.

    You should be more scared, be very, very scared………


  4. I am not so sure of the emphasis of one individual over the other. Khairy and Mukhriz both have the same set of faults. I am not at all clear on the distinction you make on them; I am sure Mukhriz’s idea is also to land the PMship, an idea supported by his father no doubt. In that respect, I do not see much difference between those two. Achievement-wise, there is not much to shout about between those two. Seniority? I do not consider that a factor. After all, Zaki parachuted into the Federal Court not too long ago. Many judges were elevated bypassing their senior colleagues on the Bench during Mahathir’s and Pak Lah’s time. The reason given was that seniority isn’t the only criteria for advancement. For economic misadventures and shenanigans, I still think Dolah and his boys can’t hold a candle to Mahathir and his boys’ trail of infamy across the Malaysian corporate scene.

    Saying UMNO being in dire straits becos of Pak Lah being at the helm is simply dishonest; most of the reforms he has failed to carry out are fundamentally meant to undo the damage done to government institutions during the Mahathir years. It is this damage that has actually brought about the demise of Pak Lah as he is now left holding the bag. In that respect he has personally failed, but his ouster will not bring about the desired change if his successor deals out more of the same. It will not only take initiative but a lot of political support as well. This kind of reform is beyond the current generation of UMNO leaders. I think this has conveniently escaped many observers within BN eager for the removal of Pak Lah and political advancement.

    This was the thought that struck me when the case involving Mahathir, VK Lingam and Fairuz came to light. But Pak Lah did not cover himself with glory with the crude and vulgar way he promoted Zaki to be CJ. As a result, the rakyat saw him as a lame duck flip-flopper who did not want to tackle the tough issues head on.

    Debates are the way to go unless the MSM spin is something . I cannot understand why a politican would turn down a chance to promote his views and vision on a stage where it can be questioned and challenged. After all, a leader must be articulate in order to convince others of his viewpoint.

    When you rely on spin, intimidation and corecion, sooner or later this will catch up with you.

    JMD : If you’re trying to absolve Pak Lah of any faults, then I believe you had missed what I was trying to say in the first half of this article. If you say Pak Lah is trying to reform the damage done by the past administration, then why, like you have aptly put it, promoted Zaki as the CJ? Is this not causing further damage? Is it dishonest to say that the current malaise we see in Malaysia is due to his own flip flops and squandering billions of ringgit through shady deals and above all, making life difficult for all Malaysians by increasing the price of petrol to exorbitant levels? Who is being dishonest here? All these stupid decisions made by him showed us that he lacks the foresight to see what is good for the nation. Your effort to demonise the previous administration while absolving Pak Lah and his family members of any misdeeds in commendable. But I do believe you have forgotten the many many criticisms blogosphere had churned out regarding the first family. Please read old articles in Malaysia Today starting from 2005 to get a refresher on all the malady that was besotting Malaysia at that time.

    By the way, I have made further replies on the debate issues on one of the comments below.

    Thank you for the comment.


  5. dear jmd,
    thank you for this very extensive analysis of KJ’s track record. it should knock some senses into the rabid KJ worshipers. as you may note, i have started a few essays myself – trying to provide a balanced view of KJ. but mine pales in comparison with your exhaustive analysis. salute! bro.

    best regards/sakmongkol

    JMD : Thank you for dropping by Datuk! 🙂


  6. I see parallel between Anwar’s impudence when he was with UMNO and Khairy’s impetuous attitude.

    Can’t blame people for calling Khairy Malaysia’s Rasputin now can we ?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. If I may, Khairy’s big mistake is not having his priorities right only. That’s all.


  7. Dear JMD..I agree that KJ’s reputation has been badly tarnished.As usual,its easier to harp and keep on bonking the guy for his various errors.
    Just assuming you were neutral in your thoughts..What advice and suggestions would you have given him so that he can redeem himself?We surely would not want to waste any political talent that coincidentally has an oxford degree brain?Goodness..hes young , brash and probably tripped and messed up a lot in his quest for wealth and power,but surely we can help him sharpen his potential and not air his mistakes to the point of making him sound doomed.Thanks JMD.

    JMD : Dear Datin. Thank you for the comment. If I were him, I need to step back and take stock on my current situation.

    Khairy firstly need to realise and reconcile the fact that he is not popular with the masses. Secondly, he needs to get his priorities straighten out. In this current challenging environment, an Umno leader needs to have the criteria mentioned in my previous article – Siapa Wajar Kita Pilih.

    Secondly, he needs to be patient. Patience is very much needed if he ever wants to redeem himself. If he ever have the Malays in his heart, he needs to take a step back from hogging the political limelight for awhile.

    Thirdly, he needs to be humble. He does not have an iota of humility in his blood. He should stop being condescending when addressing the average people.

    He will become the PM if he follow these few steps:

    1) Know that he will not be the PM before the age 40. But he may well be before he reach 50.

    2) Needs to stop giving out money from now on to the delegates. This is important so that if he lose the battle in March, people know that he had fought fair and square during the election. Losing in the Umno Youth race will be a notch under his belt. What more, he lost it fair and square.

    3) Whoever wins the Umno Youth will have a tough time unifying and strengthening Umno. Khairy can still contribute. He has a precious position in BN – an MP. Come another 4 years, Umno will have another election. By that time he will be 36 years old.

    People, generally loves underdogs. He can capitalise on that.

    His reputation will be repaired at that time because;
    a) He still wins Rembau in the PRU13
    b) He gets another chance for the battle of Umno Youth top post. Any misgivings about the current (at that time) Umno Youth leader will turn into votes for Khairy.
    c) People know back in 2009, he DID NOT throw money during the campaign before he lost.
    d) Without Pak Lah in the background, people will see that he had performed for the past 4 years (2009 – 2013) with his own merit.
    e) He had said the correct things for Umno and BN from 2009 onwards.
    f) He did not make any dubious business deals or interfere in any of government’s affairs.

    If he wins this March, his reputation will still be tainted. And those who oppose him knows that in Umno nepotism is still at large and they will play that thorny issue ad nauseam.

    Honestly, he is quite intelligent. And he showed it at a very young age. Rehman Rashid in his book the Malaysian Journey revealed how resourceful Khairy was when he was in his late teens. He came up with the Rashid Integration Model etc. Hey, when I was 18, I was busy playing pool and chasing skirts! 🙂

    But politics in Malaysia is not the same like the politics in the US or the West. Being cocky but intelligent is tolerated there. Over here, you’ll be hated.

    There, my neutral assessment and two sen worth. Hopefully it doesn’t sound too naive 🙂

    Thank you. Congratulations on the Datukship conferment.


  8. Thats what you get when you accept stupid people as your leader – The family screw up the nation!

    Its simple – Does UMNO still fight for Melayu OR UMNO had became stupider by electing the stupidest A$$H0L3 who screw up the nation.

    Does anybody wonder why Anwar so quiet these time. Its because he is letting the stupid elements in UMNO to kill UMNO from inside and the surviving Malay MP will jump to him. So in a way KJ is doing Anwar a favor now.

    Cuma Melayu bodoh dalam UMNO masih lagi mata duitan.


  9. Assalamualikum JMD,

    As I have mentioned a few times before, the only worry now will be the mentality of the UMNO members when come to “fulus”, the @#$%^&* KJ do have plenty of “juice”. Hopefully UMNO members are not for sale anymore.

    btw, kechikenot, omak kan dah masukkan namo kau dlm UMNO dulu maso dio aktif, siap bayakan yuran laie, raso-raso kau dah jadi members for life . . .


  10. Askm JMD,

    If your latest article needs to be graded, I would readily and sincerely give it A++.

    It comprehensively sums up the entire spectrum on how we should look at KJ
    It ought scare the rakyat if this person were to become a leader to lead our beloved country. A domogogue!! Aided by a powerful father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law,all the in-laws…….

    Unfortunately, Jebat, sentiments aside, KJ may win by exploiting the power of the ‘ RINGGIT’ : MONEY POLITICS. You must have picked up the notorious statement from the UMNO members and the powerful G7 : we elect those who give us the most money. See what happens to Rais Yatim !!

    All is not lost however as far as Mukhriz is concerned. At the end of the day, let us pray that the rakyats will come to senses and elect the right people to be our leaders.

    To you, Jebat, please keep the beacon of truth lighted all the time for all of us to see the machinations of the devilish minds.

    Hang Kasturi

    JMD : Thank you for the comment!


  11. jmd,

    If you have been in the position of power, its like you are on drug. When you speak in front of thousands in an open rally, your hand start to shake, your heart start to pump hard, your ball start to shrink. Your are a super star. And if you can’t handle it, it will get to your head. Ask some of them the like of Jamal Adilah, or Ahmad Sabu. The one who can handle it will become Tun MM, Tan Sri Basir, Tun Ismail Ali etc etc.

    When Khairy started to get into the limelight, my thought he is a smooth operator. But then where is the result. Then my thought he is a snake charmer. He can sell any used car in lot regardless whether it a lemon or a diamond. But he cant collect the payment. That is where its end. Kj have to learn that you can cheat some people but not all the people. Over time everybody will know what a cheat you are.

    He might be fed with a golden spoon but at the end of the game he will be the wooden spoonist or as Khir Toyo did it, the one who get the broom.

    just a thought, may be KJ should listen more of the song Pigs on the wing by pink flyod. it might help him.



  12. Hi JMD,

    Bravo …. brilliant. Agreed with you, lebih-lebih lagi bab Mukhriz reluctant to accept the open debate as suggested by KJ. What KJ wants ?? … Just to show that he can speak ?? Nonsense … Tau Cakap Tapi Tak Tau Buat.

    Sekarang ni UMNO dah nazak pun si KJ masih nak tunjuk taring. He should forget his attention of becoming Youth Leader.

    May Allah bless all of us. Wish there is nothing bad happen to our country. Jangan sampai Gajah Sama Gajah Gaduh, rakyat yang menderita. It is what happen to other countries.


  13. The blogsphere will be a dull place without KJ and Anwar…

    I understand that the current nominations is in no way a reflection of what will happen in the actual election. What is your assessment? What puzzles me the most is the fact that KJ is still getting nomination, despite his lack of touch with the grassroots and obvious knowledge amongst Malaysians of his exploits. How can he still be there? A simple minded selfish member should be thinking “with Pak Lah gone, we don’t need him no more”. Yet, there are nominations. This is even too baffling for Sherlock Holmes.

    Anyway, good that you keep harping on KJ and his ineffectiveness in UMNO…Malaysians are mostly amnesiac sort and they need constant reminder.


  14. salam jmd, saya sebenarnya tertanya tanya apakah motif sebenar kj yang mengaku calon underdog,tiba tiba menyalak hebat meminta debat diadakan. Adakah kerana dia merasa sangat petah berdebat dan pandai spin fakta ? agaknya dia tak tahu yang pendebat sebenarnya hanya pandai bercakap dan kurang kerja. pemimpin yg baik seharusnya mempunyai telinga yg peka utk mendengar masalah. Lagi banyak bercakap,lebih banyak kita berbohong dan putar belit. Sebab itu Allah beri kita 2 telinga utk mendengar dan satu lidah utk berkata kata. Saya setuju dgn pendapat DMM bahawa debat tidak perlu diadakan. Ada banyak masa dan cara utk menjelaskan kpd akar umbi halatuju perjuangan masing masing. Ia tidak menjadikan kita pemimpin yg hebat hanya kerana kita hebat digelanggang debat. Wallahualam


  15. Hi JMD

    My prediction is simple, with or without the debate, KJ will win for sure.

    As I stated in my previous comment, “Now, the nomination translate the desire of the grassroots to see a change, that’s why Dato’ Mukhriz is leading the vote. But, the case is not the same when it comes to the real UMNO General Assembly as only a number of Perwakilan will cast the vote. Well, KJ could not lead the nomination now because it’s hard to ‘buy’ people nationwide, but to ‘win’ the heart of Perwakilan during the coming PAU is really easy for once “the richest jobless person in Malaysia” (as Kit Siang put it, hahhaah!).

    Then again, here comes the question, “Why he needs the debate?”. For popularity of course. He thinks he can mesmerize all rakyat like DSAI did by delivering a good debate and most likely people might turn away from the fact he is where he is now through influence and power of father in law.

    Again, pretty pathetic, don’t you think. Anyway, I should congratulate him in advance for winning the Ketua Pemuda seat. Ya Allah, please make my prediction turn out to be false, for the sake of the future of Malaysia.



  16. Dear JMD,

    Thanks for reviewing KJ’s Key Perfomance Indicators (KPI) for the past four years. Base on that, I would grade his performance as poor. But experience would help him to improve in future. Couple with his aggresiveness and power of money, he can crush his rivals anytime in future. If KJ can change his arrogant image to be more humber way, I don’t think anyone can stop his political ambitions.

    On the other hand, Datuk Mukhriz is seen as quiet and low profile. The only thing people know him is that he is Tun Mahathir’s son. That is not a good image. He must work harder to garner experience and support. He should get more exposure and show his leadership capability. One of the way is to take part in the coming UMNO Youth debate. Yes, the debate may not do good for UMNO but it is actually good for those leaders who want to show his vision and leadership, provided he is able to give good arguments. You suggest they should write blog instead of debate. Well, I’m sure you know most Malaysian don’t read.



  17. Wow JMD, you really want to have another go at KJ right? 🙂 . I’m no fan of KJ but I do think he is brilliant in his own way. Otherwise, he won’t be in the position he is now. You were right when you said that KJ was not in touch with the feelings from the ground. I think that is his major weakness. Maybe a couple of years in Oxford has made him forgot who he really is and his rapid rise to the top has made him an arrogant young man. Make no mistake, the boy got talents. Put him in the field where he cherish the most and you’ll see a great potential in him. That’s why he is eager for debates with other Youth Chief candidates. He knows that given the right topic, he will outshine the others and his stock will probably rise again.

    The problem is his main weakness will undo everything for him. Obviously, he has lost support from the ground and to regain the support is not as easy as gaining it in the first place. It gets harder when he’s not a flexible and down to earth kind of guy. He will look good when debating in economic issues with the Mat Salleh but will falter badly when sent to kampung or remote areas. It really is a tragedy for him since the Mat Salleh has no say in the outcome of Youth Chief Election but the kampung folks might.

    I don’t wish to say more about his role in ECM Libra and the 4th Floor boys. You have covered aplenty about this plus you have far better knowledge about his role in this matter. Apart from that, I will always feel that it is Pak Lah’s fault. KJ may have taken the protagonist role but Pak Lah as the PM should have the final say in this matter.

    It is interesting that many have labelled him as a libility to UMNO. Is it because of his reputation? His poor manpower management? His misdeeds? Or is it a combination of the three? What’s your take JMD? Any chance for him to regain his credibility back and charm the UMNO members like Chua Soi Lek did with MCA? Or do you think his political career will be over if he loses the election next month? Thank You.

    Ismail N (TM)

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I think I had answered some of your questions in my reply to mamasita above.


  18. Salam JMD,
    Interesting analysis indeed! My own conclusion on khairy’s achievement(s) since 2004: He earned himself the title of “CLASSIC TIN KOSONG/MERIAM BULOH”! I hope we would have enough UMNO’s honcos with “REAL BALLS” to say NO to him come pemilihan time!


  19. JMD

    Let me get this right. You want to reform UMNO, abolish the quota system and business-as-usual attitude, promote capable young leaders within UMNO, weed out the weak and corrupt..etc etc, am I right? At least that’s what i understand from following your blog in the last couple of months.

    So I fail to understand why you would be against a debate for the UMNO youth chief post. Because you’re afraid that ‘the opposition will capitalise on it’? Why? If these people have the calibre and mettle, the principles and ideals, new ideas for the party, then a debate would allow us the public, both UMNO and non-UMNO to understand what they’re about. If they manage to inspire confidence, it might even convince people to give UMNO a break and even come back to UMNO. I really believe the debate would be good both for UMNO and the nation, because UMNO leaders become our leaders too.

    So come on, JMD, I think in your heart you want a debate too. Maybe you’re just afraid Mukhriz is not quite up to the challenge. But as another commentator said, he has many other ways to win over the UMNO votes. I dont know what they are, but you UMNO guys probably do.

    JMD : Aha! But you do not know the ulterior motive of KJ asking for the debate. He knows his influence is waning and he will want to capitalise on his strengths of being a debater in school some time ago.

    Let me get this straight, Datuk Mukhriz is an excellent public speaker. Let me give a correct perspective. DM’s style is quite like his father, but with more eloquence. Probably with his business experience, I have the impression that his speeches are somewhat akin to a managing director’s address to an annual shareholders’ meeting.

    KJ on the other hand, tries his best to copy Anwar’s style of speaking. Gung ho (although not as gung ho as Tan Sri Sanusi’s speeches) and with the tenacity of a pit bull.

    Both those speakers that these younger politicians try to emulate are very good speakers. In their own way. DM cannot be at fault here coz it’s in his genes already that he inherit those traits of his father.

    With that, I have no hesitation to say that Datuk Mukhriz will hold his own in a debate. Datuk Khir Toyo can give KJ run for his money in a public debate too. But why do we want to see a debater telling the public that his ideas are better than his rivals? His rivals are from Umno too. I do not want to see a debate turned ugly when there are mudslinging among the contestants. Datuk Mukhriz also had said that the debate must be devoid of any personal

    I never said I do not want a debate at all (please refer to the respective commentary). They can do it in a closed door forum. Umno members who attended that meeting can see that debate. The public will then read about it in the media soon after.

    Joe, you’re talking as if you do not know the opposition in Malaysia. Of course they will capitalise the issue. Even if there are no issues, they will somehow find a way to discredit Umno. This is what I do not want. Umno need to be strengthen first before they can open themselves up for attacks. I’m talking here about Umno and how they do not need these unimportant side issues that can jeopardise the whole effort to solidify the ranks. That is why I said, KJ is brilliant, but he is not wise. Whatever he does, be sure that he is only thinking about his own survival.

    What you done scenario planning management before Joe? If you haven’t please think about several scenarios and how the opposition can play with them.

    1) Datuk Khir Toyo appeared to be stuttering among the three.
    – likely the Selangor state govt will capitalise on this and his credibility as the opposition leader in the state will be further tarnished.

    2) Datuk Mukhriz failed to attract strong support from his argument in the debate.
    – Opposition will hound him and his father too, saying he is not fit to be an Umno leader.

    3) If Khairy failed to live up to expectations once again and fall flat on his face.
    – Opposition will open the floodgates and ridicule him, his father in law and the rest of Umno for letting this young upstart to have so much control in Umno. Let me remind you, the opposition back in 2005 all the way to Permatang Pauh by election was busy criticising this fella.

    Why do you think that now, they are rooting for KJ to have a debate with his other two rivals? They only want some cannon fodder to further derail Umno from its revival track. You must think like an opposition in order to beat the opposition my friend.

    True to form, Nik Aziz, the ever cunning opportunist, stated yesterday in the news that he wants to see the public debate.

    In this debate there will be one winner and two losers. The repercussions that come along with the lost of the other two debaters will help the opposition to further demonise Umno. Is this what you want Joe? Probably.

    DAP, whom had a party election a month ago did not even have an open debate between their aspiring candidates. I’m sure the people in Penang, Perak and Selangor would want to hear what the candidates can offer to the party at the national level.

    Before I digress too far, the issue of debate is quite redundant I may say. For those who are pro on the debate, do not worry. Come March 2009, during the general assembly, the aspiring candidates can debate their cause till their faces turn blue. Just go to PWTC, and catch a glimpse of this session.

    Like I said earlier, the campaigning period is long. There is ample time to ‘allow us the public, both UMNO and non-UMNO to understand what they’re about’.

    Anyway, Khairy today said that he will meet the current Umno youth chief to get his views about the debate. We shall see how the event will transpire.

    Thank you.


  20. sorry for commenting on an issue off topic. i feel very disturbed by comments from our bn partner on the issue of NEP and 30% bumi quota this few days. i feel that as our good doctor has advised, all sensitive issues especially NEP religion etc should be addressed and discussed between partners before making any public comments. looks like they are trying to stir up tensions again and malays are becoming are on the defensive. The latest comment came from the MCA head himself. Although we have to appreciate that these criticisms/advice/questions may be constructive, i just wish that they did it with tact. even now talk among the malays are that the chinese ( and the indians) are becoming bolder from day to day and action must be taken to curb this whereby the methods that are going to be deployed are quite radical. by now the only big shot in umno that has commented is DMM . is he alone in umno..?

    JMD : No, he is not alone. Among the first to comment on that day itself (28th October) was TDM and Ali Rustam.

    Many other Umno leaders joined in soon after.

    Pak Lah do not have the control of his BN partners. For further reading, please read this link:

    Thank you.


  21. It will be a sad day for UMNO and Melayu if this brat managed by hook or crook to get that KPPUMNO’s post. It’s said that he has more money than Mukhriz and prepared to throw simply to get the votes. Mind you he’s what they’re saying as the unemployed billionaire.
    He knows that he has the edge over Mukhriz if they were to debate ’cause he happens to have the gift of the gap but then what is the end result of the debate. The contest is simply within UMNO and most UMNO members especially the pemuda are fully conscious of their stand there is no need to show off that we also have debates like in the US.
    A couple of days ago BernamaTV interviewed him on his plans etc and finally asked him for his reaction to the statement made by Rais Yatim on the current concern over “politik wang”. He arrogantly brushed off the question by saying,”I’ve no time for whatever Rais Yatim says…” He then just abruptly walked away.
    His demeanour is totally opposite of Mukhriz or even Khir Toyo. Angkuh dan rasanya tak pernah rasa pahit maung hidup ini. Macam mana nak ingatkan ahli ahli UMNO samada pemuda atau yang tua tua supaya memikir samada hendak pilih bangsa atau wang yang hanya sementara itu pun tak seberapa.
    Malu rasanya satu dunia sudah tahu orang Melayu senang sangat di beli. Dah tak tahu dimana hedak letak muka kita tetapi anih nya mereka yang terlibat tak terasa malu pun – apa dah jadi kawan!


  22. By the way.

    Mukriz – Son of ex PM
    Khairy – Son in Law of PM
    Khir Toyo – Ex Chief Minister

    Since all are young Pemuda ONLY Khir Toyo has track record. If he can govern Selangor he can definitely be a PM material in the future. Who is Khairy and Mukriz compare to this guy? Pemuda UMNO will answer!


  23. in his answers during interviews, i notice his habit of deflecting the essence of the question if it is not to his advantage

    he will provide a reply but he does not ANSWER the question

    he’s SMOKING good

    trustworth? nahh …


  24. another good review. Salute.
    btw i still think that Pak Lah is the mother of all f**cked up happen to UMNO and Malaysia. At first i thought KJ landed Malaysian politics was just pure coincidental! But after reading
    and watching too much of James Bond movie,
    i think this is part of a very delicate planning by somebody or some institutions.
    That’s why after reading your article, whatever KJ track record , win or lose,
    KJ will get what he wants all along. To be Ketua Pemuda and next PM. Morbid as it seems but i believe nobody can stop him except his own demise.


  25. hi JMD.

    this stuff needs to be published. during my university years, many of my friends tend to sokong the loudest of the politicians. two of the favorites are Anwar and Khairy. little that they know that both have their own darkside. darksides of which, if left unchecked, can ruin our beloved country. nobody (my friends, mind you) seems to take notice of Datuk Mukhriz, Datuk Ali Rustam, etc etc. as a matter of fact, this is the first time i’d read any hard facts about Khairys performance.

    keep it up!


  26. To be an UMNO Youth Deputy Head when still in the 20s is mind boggling. And one can be excused if unreservedly claiming it as an outstanding achievement and history in the making. Waiting inpatiently to be crowned UMNO Youth Head (should he win the coming election). Throw in the MP status and multimillionaire tag, it almost looks like made in heaven, a rag to riches fairytale. What made these possible? Merit? Think again! It is all about Relationship Mismanagement. To further his personal agenda, KJ unashamedly exploit and misuse his relationship with AAB, daughter, AAB familiy members, AAB loyalists, Level 4 boys, NST, Utusan Melayu, Media
    Prima, TV3, TV1, etcetra, etcetra. You decide whether you want to trust your future with “leaders” like KJ.


  27. Hello Shah Rukh Khan fans,

    You should also provide a fair and balanced ‘KPI’ view on Mukhriz… not just Khairy.

    Whatever it is, the very simple fact that Mukhriz has turned down the debate makes him look like the loser. Politicians debate, it’s their bread and butter to win the hearts and support of the people. Mukhriz should take him on, what da hell is he afraid of?

    coffee shop and mamak gossip now is that Mukhriz can’t debate to save his life n that Mukhriz is Dr. M’s puppet.. People want a vocal leader, a brave leader, and that man certainly is Khairy.

    Forget about that man called Khir. The battle is between Mukhriz and Khairy for sure. One will definitely become the other’s boss when the winner is announced and that will not augur well within the grassroots (bad for UMNO) considering the war of words that’s going on.

    Anwar is holding the popcorn and sipping drinks for now that’s for sure.

    Lordapes. do a web archive search on Ali Rustam’s ‘infamous’ blog. Hilarious stuff.

    JMD : Basically, what you’re trying to say here is, just because he suggested a public debate, suddenly all the damages that he had done for the past 4 years which everyone here knows, are truly forgotten?

    Meaning, we should take him as our leader with open arms despite all the criticisms we hurled at him before?

    And this is only due to him wanting a public debate?

    Public debate is not the bread and butter of a politician to win the hearts and support of the people. It’s the dissemination of his thoughts and the deliberation of his actions that win the support. Not through a debate.

    I never saw Nik Aziz took part in a public debate before. Yet, he is one of the longest serving MB in Kelantan and the Kelantanese love him.

    Thank you for the comment. Khairy is so lucky to have you as his fan.

    By the way, from the latest word on the streets, the issue you mentioned is not the latest gossip.

    And you are definitely right. If you think the war of words do not augur well for Umno, then we should not push for a public debate.

    A closed door debate or a forum in each state for Umno members would be a better choice. All three aspiring candidates can be the panelist.


  28. Salam Blogger,

    Semoga terus mengekalkan penulisan HEBAT Tuan ini dalam dunia politik yang serba mungkin ini.

    Saya sentiasa akan melawat blog Tuan dari semasa ke semasa.

    Semoga hubungan blogger ini akan berkekalan dalam mencambahkan lagi pengetahuan, sokongan dan pengajaran.

    Salam ziarah blog anda yang HEBAT ini.


    Sarfarizmal Saad

    JMD : Terima kasih kerana menziarahi blog ini.


  29. Bro,

    Winning the UMNO Youth Head doesn’t guarantee you a Ministerial/Deputy Ministerial position. Zahid Hamidi did won it in 1996 but Dr. Mahathir only appoint him as Chairman of BSN. So, even KJ win this upcoming UMNO election, he still rely on Najib’s mercy on him.

    What will happen if Najib only appoint him as Chairman of Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan? Imagine the damage it will inflicted on his ego, gung-ho and “konon2 hebat sangat” style.

    One thing for sure, many of his supporter will surely “lari” because most of them prefer “ayam” then “ikan”. You get what I mean?


    JMD : I do hope you are right. Because Khairy had been eyeing a certain ministry already. Thank you.


  30. regarding the UMNO Youth debate, one of the debaters will lose, but the opposition who sitting and doing nothing watching the debate will eventually be on winning side! (UMNO Lose, OPPO Win) is what i might picture if the debate actually do take place :

    some oppositions will say to another opposition..” look at those clown. they need to have the debate because their party member cannot decide which one is better candidate to lead their youth..”

    and the other opposition conveniently replied..” what do you expect Jon, they are all bunch of clowns anyway. always trying to pull out some stunt in the public..heeheehee..”

    the mainstream media will report..” its been a remarked of history in Malaysians politics that healthy debates between members of same party has been succesfully organized yesterday by candidates who contested for Umno youth chief post..bla..bla..”

    and then there goes UMNO youth into history as being champion of pulling out stunt in the public. thanks to KJ.

    hmm..seems like all KJ strategy leads to diminishing popularity of UMNO. isn’t it weird? or something fishy is going on know, somebody is trying to rip UMNO from inside out i guess, and outside in.. trick or treat? tricked or be treated?

    Viva Malaysians Politics!


  31. Thursday, October 30, 2008
    Is outcome of Munawar’s appeal indicative of what we can expect from Zaki Azmi…new Boss of the Malaysian Judiciary
    Chief Justice Zaki Azmi beginning to throw his true colours…

    Will he be able to be INDEPENDENT of UMNO and his past friends, and be able to be concerned only with justice…

    Will he be a progressive judge only concerned with JUSTICE – not fearful of developing the law so that justice be done…or will he just remain a tool of UMNO and his ‘old friends’.

    Also noted that Zaki Azmi was a businessman with involvement in a string of companies – and if so, he must recuse himself from any case involving those companies and/or related companies or even companies whereby his once fellow member of the Board of Directors or management is involved.

    Website –


  32. Whatever our inner struggle may be let us not forget that there are other bigger things looming outside which should be our main concern.

    Hopefully the right leader is able to see us thru these. Who among the aspiring candidates you think would be able to fend us from the demands that are getting bolder each day? The decision should be based not just on past records but also on future challenges.

    Take a different angle to the problem. Who will have the character to be bold and daring but yet able to unify all sides. What are the chances that MCA will leave BN and all the non-bumi to gang up and make more demands? Will we be at ransom on our own backyard?

    Debate is just a ‘show’ but let us not miss the main thing, finding a leader with qualities to see us thru. The one that have the strength to pull the rambut from the tepung and yet not make a mess of it!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.

    I came across an article by Ali Rustam posted in his blog way before this debacle created by the MCA vice president Liow Tiong Lai. I think It’s a good read:



  33. Alamak, cuti apa ni..5 days without JMD ke? Blogging can be done anywhere, even when doing charity..kan.

    You are already doing charity by all your analysis and revelations. Charity by opening eyes of many visitors to your blog, for free.

    Anyway, you deserve a break.

    JMD : Haha. Sometimes my charity work takes me to very remote places in Malaysia lah Balan. That’s why cannot find any wi fi.


  34. i do not wish to minggle long about this real bugger….. but just one thing..

    BRAVO for your analysist…. well composed and brilliant. I wish we could do more than this to eliminate this bloody bugger but try we may …. the stupid father in law will still interfere here and there on his wife behalf.

    Well Good Luck Boys..


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  35. Salam JMD

    Ask simple questions like….who would KJ be without marrying Nori? Could he had won uncontested?……that itself already shows how determined this bloke is to acquire power….ever wondered what would happen if Nori file for a divorce?(I heard she was asking for one b4 her mother passed away)…then only we’ll probably know how much he is worth…..

    Mukriz have been above board..since the start……KJ shadowy operation n financing resources should raise the question where will this bloke take UMNO to?……

    This “PM before 40” dream of his has actually drawn out so many people out there who have much better potential to speak up (especially those who are politically nuetral, non-party members, proffessionals etc) either incognito or directly…to some extent to ensure that the dream will never become a reality……

    What did UMNO youth as a whole achieved since 2004???? Seriously what did they achieve??? If UMNO is an official “for profit” entity the managers would have been fired by the shareholders long ago…..

    To me UMNO needs new faces….as simple as that…especially the Youth movement…..most people just cannot connect anymore with all the happenings…..hancur siut…..even non-members or closet UMNO members feel that we must do something…..but what can we do ? they system does not allow for it to evolve into something better… the animal world only the strong survives…we have always nursed our sick…during the process the “bad” genetic codes are continually passed down further…..will there be an anti-virus which will wipe out the root sickness?? i hope so…. the longer this sickness stays within UMNO the weaker the next generation will be……..

    JMD : Thank you for the comment bro.


  36. Mmm on second tots……why dont UMNO operate in the narrow line of “charity and community banking” semi for profit….then only can really help the malays…directly be it from small business advisory, counseling, direct financing etc…..

    Current operations of tender awards to members straight from gov coffers cannot go on forever and there is no governance in the whole process,,,and subject to too much abuse along the value chain

    It should stop abusing our existing institutions like development banks, MARA, EPF etc….let them focus on their key objectives…..

    Need to operate like the chinese folks…they finance their own community and the wealth grows and flows down…….our pathetic version seems to have one objective to transfer it upwards…and send the loose change to the masses……actually too much capitalism will destroy the morals of the community

    JMD : Your comments here is quite similar with what Datuk Mukhriz had said recently.

    Very nice. Glad to know that there are many like minded people here. Thank you.


  37. selamat buat kerja amal, jeb!

    saya tabik spring [i’ve always wanted to say that, hehehe!] atas bagaimana jeb membahagi jadual jeb yang tentu sekali sudah padat. mana dengan tugasan kerjaya, rumah dan famili, parti, blog ini, dll.


    JMD : Thank you Mek Yam! Nice to have you dropping by once in a while. Thank you!


  38. Askm JMD,
    I am indeed surprised at your reply to Lekiu’s comment when you thoughfully stated “Khairy’s main mistake is not having his priorities right only. That’s all “.

    Then, you offered a very good advice to KJ how to become the next PM of Malaysia at the age of 50,at the latest, in response to Mamasita’s request.

    What happened JMD? You must have a revelation of sort ? You have turned from a very staunch critic of KJ to one of advisor.If KJ chooses to follow your advice, you have succeeded in what in the “intelligence” fraternity is called “turning operation “.

    Then we Malaysians shall have a brilliant PM, with Oxford qualification,at par with Lee Kuan Yew , a Cambridge graduate, at the latest 2026(KJ now 32 +18).

    To KJ, you have a convert !!! Please follow the advice. I want my grandchildren, great-grand children, all the Hangs, including Hang Jebat’s, to have a very bright future under your PMship . My generation is gone by then. So no chance to enjoy the good life.

    Hang Kasturi.

    JMD : 🙂 It wasn’t a revelation. Was just my overactive brain doing some analytical review of the current situation KJ is in now. I am still his critic. Just like what I told Lekiu, he needs to get his priorities right. He had it all wrong all this while. Greed, arrogance and sense of misplaced pride.

    Nabi Muhammad had once said – “The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self.”

    I seriously doubt KJ can change his nature.


  39. JMD,

    Interesting analysis. I think you are biased against KJ. Your saving grace is that you shield this bias with an in-depth analysis that appears to be based on objective observation. Yet, judging by the sources you quote, its obvious that you are part of the Rocky-led legion of Dr Mahathir fans and by extension a Mukriz supporter. However, that’s your right as a Malaysian to have a personal political preference.

    The other observation that deeply disturbs me is that you think Mukriz is an excellent public speaker. Come on, man. Let’s get real. Even of you want to subtly (or not so subtly) promote Mukriz, please don’t try and spin something that has absolutely no basis in reality. I have seen Mukriz speak in person and its more exciting to watch paint dry. This is an observation about his style AND substance.

    JMD, you have a right to support anyone but please don’t try to pass off Mukriz as a good speaker when he has zero presence and charisma on the rostrum.

    What a joke!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I too have watched DM gave speeches. In Wisma Sejarah, and in several other functions. And my observation came directly from hearing him gave those speeches. It is your right to feel excited watching paint dry. Some people do not find that much exciting though 🙂

    Yes, I said DM is a good speaker, better than most politicians I know. Like you yourself said, it is all about observation of style and substance. To me, KJ has nothing but hot air behind the rostrum, especially when he was making political speeches.

    And please, do not comment on things you do not know. I am not a part of Rocky – legion whatever you may call it. Thank you though for telling me that my analysis is quite in depth. Perhaps I should quote more on what the opposition had said about KJ since 2005 as the source. There are a lot more damaging reports on KJ being dished out by them. Thank you Jimmy. Do not worry though. I do think KJ will win this post. So what’s the fuss! 🙂


  40. Jebat,

    You have to be fair to the guy too lah. He could whack big time contracts like Mokhzani as he is with Petronas through Kencana Pertoleum and as Mukhriz with Opcom to land the the huge Fibreoptic contract with TM. KJ has one blemish that he is an arrogant young man. In modern Malaysia, tertib and hormat is still order of the day.

    KJ did manage to move the ranking down (FIFA ranking) from 172 to 160 (and will improve some more in Oct ’08). At least he did a football development program where many of them were taken to Old Trafford (kampung boys). What has Mukhriz done will his ill gotten gains? Suap the perwakilan and bomb the floor for nominations.

    C’mon lah jebat.

    JMD : Thank you for the first hand revelation that DM had given money to the Umno delegates. I am sure you are making BPR report right now.

    If you want to compare what DM had done as compared to what KJ had done to Malaysian football, yes I admit, DM did not do anything. As you would definitely told yourself, DM’s position as the Exco of International Affairs of Umno YOuth is no match to KJ’s Deputy Umno Youth Head. He was only the leader of Aman Malaysia who had made numerous effort to give aid to Palestine, Afghanistan, Acheh, Southern Thai, Iran, Bosnia, Pakistan and Darfur.

    I’m guessing KJ’s contribution to MyTeam far exceeds DM’s contribution to help the Muslims there. All things being equal, although we know DM is ‘tertib’ and respectful, I’m guessing KJ is still the leader of your choice.

    Thank you .


  41. Like it or not, we need someone intelligent, charismatic and with great orator skills, coupled with that… the basis .. good education from a good school.. i look up to that… corruption is everywhere (admit it)… this aside, therefore Khairy has my vote.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. It is amazing how people had voted the opposition over BN because they loathed the Pak Lah and his family particularly Khairy in PRU12. And it is more amazing that this very same people are voting for Khairy this time around. Is there anyone part of this confused group here? 🙂


  42. Thomas Paine was greatly oversimplifying the distinction between ‘government’ and ‘society’.

    Paine only did so to make sensible his claim that the ‘people’ can justifiably initiate revolutions when that distinction is seen to not be upheld by the government.

    Firstly, any social analyst worth his/her salt today would tell you that the notion that these two entities can so neatly be separated is fallacious. It was, during Paine’s time, and remains today, a persistently-demonstrated human flaw that we fall back on binary oppositions (black/white, Muslim/kafir, good/bad, corrupt/non-corrupt, government/society, SIL/everyone else) to make sense of things. The truth I believe, is closer to what anthropologist Levi-Strauss outlined (in developing his theory on social myths and how they subsequently become actualised) i.e. that every notion – contested or settled – lies always on continuous space. The social mind of man however, has been conditioned to see things in simple oppositions.

    Thus, when it comes to KJ too, black-sheeping him is an expression of exactly that human flaw. I will leave others to respond to your allegations regarding how many days he spent where, but the prejudice and sweeping statements you said about him never being open to castigation reflects your prejudice supported by the incessant desire to see the world in binary oppositions. Because when you say he is never open to castigation, you are essentially implying that others are. Except..err..who? Even if we are to accept that KJ is corrupt, there is no reason – beyond Strauss’s description of how myths are created and sustained – to believe that KJ is more or less corrupt that any other UMNO goon.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I think you had misintepretated the gist of my article here. Your strong advocation on Strauss’ theory while convicting Paine’s theory to thrashbin is highly disappointing. So yes Paine made a pronounced distinction between government and society. So what? That doesn’t deviate us from the real issue here – that the government had made gross mismanagement for the past 4 years. Do you know why I stronmgly oppose any close family member of a premier be part of the top echelon in Umno? This is because he will then be under the microscope (read my first article in this blog). ANy moves he make will be monitored by the opposition more. This will lead to Umno unable to move forward but will be busy doing counter allegations.

    It was no help from KJ either when he always found himself in the thick of controversies over and over again. Mainly due to his sense of invincibility. What was he thinking when he bought those ECM shares? And again, was he ever castigated? Being the son in law of the current PM should make him more circumspectful whatever he does. But time and time again he did not. And now, should we forget what he had done in damaging BN and Umno all this while? I do not think so. Get somebody else to lead Umno Youth. But not a ‘damaged’ goods like KJ.

    Thank you.


  43. JMD: yes, that the Deputy Prime Minister is the overall director of operations in all the by elections is a given.I disagree with your analysis of KJ’s contribution to the By Election because in politics, a win is a win. Even it is by one vote.

    To truly appreciate the contribution of UMNO Youth in a By Election, you must consider the amount of work it actually involves. From the bread and butter tasks such as waging the poster and campaign collaterals, to providing security to the Puteri UMNOs, providing transport to voters to other more strategic tasks such as Internet strategy, Opposition analysis, voters analysis, etc.

    I was present in most of the By Elections that you mentioned and this is what I see to be true, apart from providing strong leadership and a keen hands on approach to the tasks that I have mentioned, KJ himself is a key crowd puller. His oratory skills leaves a positive impact to the voters and the BN machinery. So, in essence, he is the back room supremo as well as the face to the campaign.

    Although I was only there for the tail-end of the Permatang Pasir By Election, it was a very close fight indeed. You must understand the voters in Kelantan, a wafer thin majority win in a PAS stronghold is in my eyes a great victory for BN. The PAS ceramahs were filled to the brim and the presence of their homestate leaders made PAS the actual favourite to win the By Election.

    Opposition parties boycotted the Batu Talam by election because they knew they didn’t stand a chance. In fact, this By Election and the Machap By Election showed KJ’s dedication and commitment in carrying out his tasks. He did his time, day in and day out, eventhough it was a ‘safe’ BN seat.

    The Ijok By Election was another great win for BN and KJ. Keadilan, a multi racial party chose a senior Malay figure, in a Malay majority seat previously under an Indian (MIC) ADUN. BN stood strong to its formula and picked a novice MIC candidate. KJ again galvanised the BN Youth troops with rousing speeches and used his oratory to defend Anwar’s vicious and continued attacks against the DPM.

    The Permatang Pauh by election is a no brainer. At the back of the 8th March sentiment and given it is Anwar’s hometown, it was always going to be difficult for BN.

    The “Pade doh!” strategy in Kelantan backfired because KL Opposition voters came back in droves. These urban voters were naturally swept by the Opposition sentiment that hit them hard. Anywhichway, you have to benchmark Kelantan’s result with the rest of Malaysia as well. You can’t treat it in isolation. So who is to be blamed in Selangor? a traditionally strong BN state?

    The question I pose to you is, as the highest ranking EXCO in UMNO Youth, what was Dato’ Mukhriz’s contribution in all of these By Elections?. As UMNO Youth Head operationalising a By Election who will you put your money on? A candidate that has lost only once in eight By Elections or someone with no experience whatsoever.

    JMD : Your question at the end really sums up the gist of my whole criticism of KJ. You seem to not get what was the cause of BN and Umno’s abysmal performance in PRU 2008 and Permatang Pauh. I am amazed that people do really have short term memory. Please read the rest of the comments above and below. If you ask me, I’d rather have an untested product, than a damaged one like KJ.

    By the way, your opinion on Pade Doh was quite skewed. The reason for the opposition’s sentiments that was sweeping the people was mainly due to the PM and the shenanigans of his family members. Care to review back the news since 2005? And also, who had the bright idea to supply buses to the Kelantanese folks in KL just for them to vote back in their hometowns?

    This strategy had never been fruitful in our general election history. Umno should learn from the, But KJ was so confident of his own popularity that he thought people from KL would vote for BN there in Kelantan. Even a day before the general election, mainstream media had predicted that BN will win more than 2/3rd majority and will retake Kelantan.

    That is why I said, KJ do not know the feelings on the ground. He was too delirious in his own perceived popularity. Selangor suffered the same thing like the rest of the electorates. Feeling loathing for Pak Lah and his family members mostly.

    Thank you.


  44. Sang Jebat,

    It was KJ in Kuala Berang and Pengkalan Pasir in East Coast that sowed KJ’s mettle on the ground campaigning hard for BN candidates. Mukhriz was nowhere to be seen and so was the case in Permatang Pauh. You have to give credit where its due lah.

    JMD : I thought I read somewhere that DM too was there in Permatang Pauh. Give credit where its due lah. As to the rest of the by election, I take your word for it as I do not really know DM that well. Probably he was busy helping people on an Aman Malaysia mission somewhere.

    Thank you for the comment. Really appreciate it. One question, why is it that just being ‘on the ground’ had free KJ from all the bad decisions he made since the day he became the Umno Youth Deputy Head in 2004? We were so much against him back then.

    Probably people need to take stock, and read back all the things Malaysians had rant about regarding Pak Lah’s administration since 2004.


  45. Hi JMD,

    I have been following your blog and am amazed with your writing and good analysis. You are indeed one of the few, few of the many.

    I am not a partisan man, an apolitical character if you like. But, as regards the debate, I think it is positive for Malaysia. I dont really care who suggested it and who really wins it, as I have no interest to gain from any of them. But dont you agree that such debate shows that UMNO is now accepting and bending itself towards a more open and inclusive ideas.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I already made my opinion regarding the debate in few of the comments above.


  46. How do you then explain the rize and fall of Konsortium Perkapalan, Pantai, Opcorn etc?

    JMD : Aiyah! You got me! I have no answers 🙂

    By the way, are you and the person above one of the same? You have the same IP address like the person above.

    However, if you still want to know some explanation, please read some of my old posts.

    Would love to hear other people’s explanation on the rise of Scomi, ECM Libra, Ethos (KJ, together with Omar Ong were the ones interviewing the bosses of Ethos back when it was first incorporated), Binafikir etc.


  47. hi,

    where art thou hang jebat..already miss you after a few days. sigh….
    your writing at least have averted certain catastrophe in my mind.
    please keep up the good work dear.

    JMD : Thank you dear Cik Siti Wan Kembang. I am here. Do not fear. 🙂


  48. JMD Sir,

    To be honest Mukhriz’s performance (where it really matters) in parliament has been abysmal. He stammers and reads out of text. The opposition heckles him and Mahfuz Omar even ridiculed him by saying, do u need your dad to explain for him. KJ isnt a bowl of fruits either, but he is such a charismatic orator and has his reaserch done and his delivery is almost Obama-esque.

    Plus, i did a bit of diging, Malaysia before KJ as DP of FAM was 172 in the FIFA ranking, and now its 161 and will go up 3 places soon. And didnt you think MyTeam was a good program, altho im sure he used his patronage to lean on the sponsors but atleast it went into football. Yes, Mukhriz did well in Afghan and Palestine, but its all about the people back home. Charity starts at home isnt it?

    And what is this Sazmi Miah ex KP Machang and ex KP Ipoh Barat smuggling UMNO Youth delegates to see Tun M for brainwashing and sweets?

    JMD, i think you are a bit one sided lah. Maybe Mukhriz is a good man, but do u think he ghas what it takes to take on Anwar and Kit Siang plus the Islamica Parti?

    Pls give a view on what i just expressed sir. TQ.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.

    I’m sure KJ is ever so grateful that you had summarily equated him with Obama himself. Very nice indeed. But after checking with a few references, he had some instances of *gasp* ‘weaknesses’ in the parliament. For instance;

    He cannot even answer himself when questions were raised regarding the ECM Libra debacle;

    He had help from ministers as well just to make him look good;

    Plus, he was challenged into debate numerous times but turned it down:

    How did he defend Umno against racism? This was his reply;

    Note to Khairy – In Malaysia, if it is about the NEP, we are not practising equality. We are practising social justice. There is a vast difference from social equality and social justice. Kesamarataan tidak sama dengan keadilan. If he does not know the difference, then no point debating about the NEP or article 153.

    I think I am not alone in my opinion about KJ;

    I have stated so many times before. The mistake of Pak Lah is letting his family member become a political leader during his premiership. This is a big no no. The last time Umno has this similar situation was when Onn Jaafar had Hussein Onn as the Umno Youth Chief. See what happened to them. Both father and son faced so much criticism that rocked Umno to the core. Till then, it was tradition to have a family member of a PM to be part of parliament or upper political echelon AFTER the PM retires. Not during.

    Just a simple question. KJ is a multi millionaire. How does it do it? This question is the basis of why Umno received a lot of flak. How could you not see this? And you gave me comments based on his current minor successes in football and his ability to debate? Did you not get the big picture?

    The thing is, KJ had been the progenitor of all our grouses and everything wrong about the government. Why is it, do you honestly think, he can take on Anwar and Lim Kit Siang? He has a lot of baggage that can easily be used by the opposition as their weapon to inflict further damage to the already stuttering government.

    Please do not be caught in a blindspot. Nobody in the right mind would think that he is the best man to lead Umno Youth. What more to go head to head with the opposition. HE WAS THE MAIN TARGET FOR THE OPPOSITION all this while (apart from his father in law). Why send a young spring chicken as a representative of the BN just to be slaughtered by the opposition? And please lah, unlike Kit Siang, Anwar is so easy to take on. Just about anyone with half a brain can do it 🙂 Anwar, much like KJ has history riled with questions of corruption and other hypocritical conduct. Apa guna mau berlagak seperti ayam yang tahu berkokok tapi ekor bergelumang tahi?

    And today he is saying that he is being demonised. My dear KJ, it was you who was demonising your father in law’s predecessor and also demonising Umno with your shenanigans all this while. Flaunting yourself as the power behind the throne without any qualms or self reflection.

    Dear Sultan Mahmood, If you said I am being one sided. Maybe I am. But I am looking at the greater good. Apart from his so called ‘football achievements’, his other so called successes are being gleaned over by mountains of incidences that riled Malaysians since 2005. If you choose to forget these things, then I would say, you’re the one who is extremely one sided.


  49. He answered all your questions you posed (but another got a better response) on Lets see if you can accept such an explaination.

    JMD : Really? He did not answer the more important things asked in the commentary section. Thank you.


  50. Bro, what happened to sultan mahmood? there was a good debate going on between you and him? sudah delete ka? takut macam mukhriz?

    JMD : Wait a minute, I got this comment from you before I approved any of the comments I received for the past 4 days. How did you know a person by the name of Sultan Mahmood had commented here? And how did you know there was a debate (if you can call it a debate even) going on between me and him?

    And no need la terburu buru nak tuduh saya penakut. Don’t la be so gung ho and condescending to people bro. Your comment will be approved sooner or later. Hopefull before somebody reach the age of 40 🙂


  51. I personally think that the SIL can’t move on next year. Maybe all demon out there started to combine force to attack him….. So next year he also can became “kacang hantu” … if not “hantu” itself… hahaha


  52. JMD,

    Did u see the object of your hatred on Awani Astro? He did well i thought. But in your book speaking well doesnt account for anything does it?

    JMD : Nope, I did not see the object of your affection in Awani Astro just now. I had some work to do back then. Yes, speaking well does carry some merit but that also does not mean he will be a great leader. What gave you that idea? In my book (in fact, probably in everyone’s book), a good orator does not equate a leader to have a good sense in leadership.

    If not, everyone here in the world will think Anwar is the best leader Malaysia will have and the Jews will think fondly of Adolf Hitler. The affabble Ghaffar Baba will not become highly popular to be the longest serving vice president of Umno and Lim Keng Yaik wouldn’t be a Gerakan President for so long.


  53. Point taken. Though the multidimensional object of my affection hinged on intelligence, quick feet on issues and new fresh ideas. Surely, if your arguments are to be disproved some day you will give thee a chance?

    JMD : Of course. In the mean time, will watch the said interview in the internet soonest possible. He would really do himself a favour if he could explain several burning issues. Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


  54. JMD,

    I truly hate KJ. He is everything I hate that is non Islamic, arrogant, proud, etc etc. He does not display any of the characteristic of a true khalifah….I shudder the day he ever becomes our PM. If we are to bench mark any of our current present leaders in UMNO….urgh…against our Islamic Icons such as the four Khalifah that came after our Prophet PBUH. They would all fail misreably………….

    If we require to have KPI and Balance Scorecard for our Corporate Sector leaders shouldn’t we demand the same from our political Leaders… and hence I believe is the gist of your blog that I am commenting on….

    The reason we fail as Muslim Ummah and as bangsa Melayu within our homeland is we keep electing leaders who have no Taqwa to the ONE and ONLY ALLAH SWT

    Hey! we want Syariah Compliant lifestyle as Muslim and therefore we should demand the same high standards of conduct from our leaders. Semuanya nak Halal nak Islamic…how bout our leaders babe?

    Keturunan Jebat.


  55. Jebat,

    Aman Malaysia under MM was literally a no-show. Even the Acheh effort was ‘saved’ by KJ whom sorted out all the logistics, financing and implementation at ground zero.

    The rain water machines, fresh water collection efforts and medical support were supervised by KJ. It was all documented.

    MM failed on many counts, esp in his PR stunt in West Bank, where he failed to gain access into the territory. His feeble efforts leaned mostly on the Global Peace Foundation…again! Daddy pops into the picture.

    Hishamuddin even recorded his anguish at Aman Malaysia’s failure under MM.

    Sorry, but I think that thug Azeez Rahim did a much better job with Putera UMNO with all those outlandish programs.

    By the way, are u an UMNO card carrying member or a fly on the wall political spectator? U seem to know a lot what Dato Mokhzani did as Treasurer. What about the murky depths of Yayasan Gerak Bakti,.? Heard that went south on his watch.

    JMD : Aman Malaysia was a no show? Really? No wonder nobody knows about it. But to even give out comments like what you have written shows that you are really very close to KJ indeed. Those so called facts you dished out are not in the public domain.

    By the way, if you think highly of Azeez Rahim, the Putera Umno leader, I can’t help but to smile a little bit. What happen to the Mat Cemerlang idea again? Did all the rempits helped BN to win more seats in the last general election?

    And Azeez is a better leader than DM? C’mon Sultan Mahmood! Maybe you should go and ask ordinary Malaysians what they think about Azeez and KJ. And maybe, just maybe they will realise what most people will think about them.

    Oh by the way, me and Datuk Mokhzani do not know each other. What gave you the idea I know what he did as Treasurer? I think as a diehard fan of KJ, you have a lot more to worry about his reputation than to worry about the fate of a yayasan under the watch of his rival’s brother.

    Again, you are missing the point altogether. Did you not read my previous replies to you?

    Thank you and good night!


  56. JMD,

    Thanks for the response. Dedicated blogger you are. Anyway, my point about a neat distinction being fallacious is that its effects are hardly neutral. By saying that the government is the guardian of social values and that society is interested only in its own well-being, you negate the fact that actions of governments and politicians to a huge extent reflect dominant civil norms in the social space. Hence why civil society movements are essential for democratic progress. If civil society were sufficiently vocal about, say, abolishing capital punishment, then it would be in the interest of the State to do so. The very reason we elevate democracy is so that there is a check on the State – far from being the rightful punisher of vices bred by Society, it is an animal prone to serving its interests too! (hence, my liking of Levi-Strauss over Paine). The fact that many of us deplore the ISA is stems from the same argument – you cannot allow the State a free hand to decide what constitutes a threat and what does not because, as Gramsci says, the State will always and everywhere utilise all of its apparatuses to maintain hegemonic power.

    So when you bantai KJ, I guess my plea is for you to view him objectively as the political animal that to a large extent can only operate within the confines of the he dominant values that the fragmented sections of civil society prescribes in their respective realms. e.g. He could only operate within UMNO’s feudalistic setting, Malaysia’s racial/racist(?) setting.

    The State is at once a creator and reflector of prevailing dominant values. An agent of the State is favourable to Society when he leads the charge towards the evolution of norms and values that Society wants but cannot yet make dominant (I believe the State is always and everywhere a Conservative entity, whilst Society usually moves ahead quicker in this department, but due to lack of power (and willpower) it takes a while for Society alone to exert sufficient pressure on the State to change).

    It follows then, that an agent of the State is NOT favourable to Society when he/she chooses to remain on the conservative spectrum of the State’s value-being. I judge KJ the individual, and all other politicians, by their tangible contributions to UMNO and the country (e.g. MyTeam, Aman, Acheh, by election machineries etc etc) but also by the manner in which they appear to push the State to quickly adopt new values despite themselves being subject to pressure to conform.

    If you strongly believe that he is not an appropriate leader because he is incapable of leading the wing forward and responding to the calls of GE 12, or that his message of substantive change does not bode well with you, then by all means… but it would be a shame if you rejected his candidacy because you joined the chorus of scapegoaters against KJ, cos that would be unfair. I dont intend to split hairs and say who has done more good or bad, but my point is lets support the candidate with the best plan for the future.

    It is after all, an election for the future…not the past. And I trust you to be refined enough not to give me the “leopard doesnt change spots” line. 😉

    You seem a pretty decent blogger. Look forward to more exchanges in the future.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I agree with you on your take of democracy. Democracy is preferred as the best form of government simply because people will elect leaders which are the best among themselves. How do they determine the type of leaders they want is completely another matter. Thereon, qualities in a leader is very much depends on who actually control the flow of information.

    As regards of me criticising KJ, I think I have some merits to do that. Allow me to bring verything into perspective. I would implore you to read all my articles regarding him and Pak Lah here :



    If you care to notice, those articles are made for the past 8 months or so. I was analysing the current political scenario at that time. And, not surprisingly, almost all of the comments agreed with my analysis about KJ and Pak Lah. Most agree that they are the main reasons why BN fared badly in PRU12. Please read them all.

    Where were the pro KJ commentators back then? They were no where in sight. And now, after KJ announced his candidancy, suddenly these pro KJ supporters were sprouting here and everywhere, and bombed any anti KJ blogs with comments that are hardly substantive to actually turn around any anti KJ sentiments. They are actually harping on his ability to talk well and have some ‘clear agenda for the future’ only.

    If you cannot look back with pride upon your past, you can never look forward towards the future. We learn from past mistakes. KJ was hoping people will have short term memory. I think other commentators had comprehensively expressed their opinions about this man. As I said, I am not 100% anti KJ. There are some small bits and parts in him that I find quite promising.

    Your assessment of him being a political animal confined within the feudalistic environment of Umno is quite wrong too. We know how Umno leaders work. We know how the good ones work and how the bad and the corrupt ones work. But KJ took the meaning of conflicts of interest and nepotism up to another level altogether. When somebody would arrogantly declare that he is using the protection he gained from his father in law to pursue his agenda, how can one deduce about this man? There is a strong belief of invincibility and elements of brat-ish behavior from that statement. Will that endear people to him more?

    His supporters are howling that DM are perpetuating a dynasty within Umno hierarchy. I think KJ is so much worse. While DM’s effort in trying to be the Umno Youth is not much different from how Hishamuddin and Najib became Youth leaders, in KJ’s case, he tasted power while his father in law IS STILL in power.

    Much like a King with a son in law as the Crown Prince. Like I said earlier, he should not have dabbled in politics while his FIL is the PM. Have some patience. What did he gain from being impatient? A bad reputation that will hound him forever.

    (Najib’s son, Nizar a Ketua Pemuda Cawangan in Setiawangsa(?) should learn from the mistakes KJ made. I so hope no insane Umno apple polisher would suggest Nizar to be a leader high up in the Umno hierarchy so soon)

    Overall, KJ will not be the leader all Malaysians would want. And that is my humble and honest opinion. Thank you.


  57. I was told that Tun Daim Zainuddin has been financing the Acheh reconstruction effort for sometime and that Tun Daim’s contribution will end sometime this year which is why the lead party spearheading the effort have spoken to some PLC to co sponsor the reconstruction effort.

    I agree wholeheartedly that Azeez is a thug ! It became a surprise when he was picked to run in Baling. I wonder whose devilish hands that played a part in hoisting the thug into national limelight.

    JMD : I heard that too. On another note, when Acheh was hit by Tsunami in 2004, 300 PHD holders were perished in one day (the PHD holders are well off so most of them had their homes built by the sea side). Malaysia led the initiative to replenish the loss by getting the Master holders in Sumatera to study for PHD here in Malaysia. I doubt KJ was part of this initiative.


  58. JMD,

    Having fun already? Anyway, you have ways to answer to KJ’s clans. Don’t you think they are already edgy?

    Recently, Hisham, KJ’s boss had spoken for his unethical and arrogant manner to debate by ignoring him. Further, Hisham has to admit that he will not allow KJ to take Pemuda to its funeral.

    So what does this mean?

    JMD : As all of us had known, KJ doesn’t understand the subtle nuances of being polite to one’s elder. What more, to one’s very own boss. This happens when his own father in law is higher than his own immediate boss. Ever come across a boss’ son in your company? The one people had to tip toe around just to be in his good books? No matter what he does, people have to tolerate him. In fact, people have to cheer him on so that they will not come under the wrath of his father.

    That was what had happened.


  59. Folks …I wasnt there but some was n here is his account (Farish Noor of Other Malaysia) from an independent perspective of “Pade Doh” n the devastating effect of Khairy Jamalludin in “delivering the votes” for BN and UMNO….

    This is what happens when u put someone totally out of touch with the voters on the ground…flies around in helicopters here and there…….

    The Ultimate symbol of excess,greed……what a joke…..literally prostituted himself for power n money……

    And now he offers himself as a leader to do what???? redeem his mistakes????……If he is serious he must first admit…openly….. take a step back n help UMNO forward…move in the background as what he did in 2004…

    Man u folks are delusional……..kena nasi kangkang ke???

    JMD : Thank you for the link SatD. Very informative indeed.


  60. Salam JMD,

    Sejak akhir2 ni ramai pengomen2 baru muncul, dan secara kebetulan pula ramai yang terdiri dari pro KJ. Sepertinya mereka dari satu kumpulan terancang, cuba menyerang JMD dari pelbagai arah, ada secara direct, yang terang2 menyokong KJ, dan ada secara indirect, menyerang secara halus, seolah2 mencari kebenaran tapi dengan tujuan untuk discredit JMD.

    Hopefully u wont be misdirected, part of their aim for u to be too occupied with their queries. Mereka bukannya mencari jawapan kepada serangan2 mereka, just for the sake of attacking. silap jawap.. u’d be crucified, terlalu layan.. u’d be sidetracked.

    But one thing for sure – JMD has struck a sensitive nerve somewhere. And JMD no longer ‘an insignificant pro UMNO blog’.

    Kenapa bila kita menentang seseorang, kita harus menentang 100% setiap perbuatan beliau? Fine, kita tidak menyokong si A , tapi kita sokong si B.. tapi dalam kita taksub menyemarakkan peranan B dalam perjuangan bangsa dan negara, kita jangan lupa si B juga manusia dan pasti ada kelemahan dan kesilapan yang pernah dilakukan. Begitu juga dalam kita menyerang A untuk memenangkan B, janganlah dianggap negatif setiap perbuatan B, seolah2 si B ini Dajal ! contoh – dalam kes DMM, sewaktu aktif dalam AMAN, beliau is a nobody, saya sendiri tak tahu beliau terlibat aktif dalam projek2 tersebut. Sekarang kerana hendak memenangkan KJ, kenapa perlu diungkit segalanya dan di perlekehkan niat dan usaha DMM ? saya percaya beliau lakukan semuanya itu bukan bertujuan mencari publisiti.. dan kalaupun tidak menyerlah sumbangannya, kenapa perlu diperkecilkan? ( dalam kes ini, the attack backfired, saya jadi makin respek pada DMM ) ada juga kebaikan KJ ni, bukannya 100% negatif. Kenapalah prestasi pasukan bola negara perlu di kaitkan ? iya, KJ seperti paklah juga caranya…kalau menang maka akan sibuklah KJ mencuri kredit, bila kalah, para pemainlah menjadi mangsa. Tapi janganlah ke tahap – mujurlah kalah….

    Debat.. kalau setakat nak menjual idea2 dan wawasan calon, baca jelah manifesto mereka. semuanya retorik. Debat hanya nak menonjolkan kepetahan calon bercakap, dan mendedahkan kelemahan pesaing. Itu saja ! Lihat saja ahli2 parlimen kita.. 80% ( jangan ditanya mana saya dapat fakta ini ! ) sikap kebudak2an dan mencari limelight publisiti akan hilang bila mereka tahu tidak ada kamera yang merakam aksi mereka !

    JMD biased, berat sebelah ? Memang pun ! Mana ada artikel politik yang tidak berat sebelah ? Just by ommiting a certain news, u could be accused of trying to downplay a politician’s contribution. in the same note, too much news and u could be accused of being favorable. JMD case, after publicly declaring he’s on a mission to oust paklah and to outvote KJ, macamana nak ‘tak biased’ ??
    But if u put ur mission as the equilibrium point, ur articles and comments are very balanced !!

    Take care saudara JMD. Looking forward to more of ur ‘balanced’ articles!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment and your support bro!


  61. Sultan Mahmood……which planet have u been of late??

    KJ is a salesman who sold himself n not the product……itu macam company bankrupt la….not only that the whole thing about him seems so fake, so plastic, typical double life at opposite end of the spectrum………back door entrances to clubs n pubs…….all of which are well known facts….ask u self plse do u really wholeheartedly believe in your own comments in this blog without an iota of doubt????

    And to Pemuda (16:19:54) do read my previous comment n links perhaps that could share some light on your observation of Kelantan PRU12 result and to compare that with Selangor? Kelantan n Selangor are at opposite end of the spectrum….just look at the racial composition of voters, the income levels…which one really represent the general sentiment of the non-urban malays which constitute for the key swing votes for UMNO PRU13 survival????

    A simple analysis based on voter turnout and the % of winning votes in the 2 states – which can be accessed via

    State Average of Winning Margin % in State Seats
    Kelantan 0.148375885

    BN 0.141876502

    PAS 0.151348932
    PKR 0.077369439

    Selangor 0.161636114

    BN 0.092486733

    Pakatan Rakyat
    DAP 0.298155173
    PAS 0.114500467
    PKR 0.156047823

    Voter turnout was 82% in Kelantan and 77% for Selangor.

    Numbers do suggest that the swing in Selangor is very different from what was experienced in Kelantan, to me UMNO fared better in Kelantan from statistical perspective…..but i think the whole point of this discussion is who can provide leadership which can translate into winning MALAY Votes brader????


  62. Sorry la….rambling already…but what in the world does national football ranking got to do with UMNO elections?????

    For football i think we need better players n a good manager something in the like of Gus Hiddink???? Or better still take the Singapore shortcut approach and sell our citizenship to a bunch of second rate african n brazillian…. 🙂


  63. JMD,

    Kalau tak silap ingatan saya, antara yang mula pergi ke Acheh ialah Mukhriz.

    ‘Orang besar lain’ hanya menampakkan muka lama selepas itu. (Mungkin setelah segala groundwork has been laid).

    Biasalah agaknya, lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama.


  64. Dear Jebat.

    I can’t help but to empathise with Khairy’s predicament but then again, he reaps what he had sowed… Is he a nice? He was in the beginning, ever so humble but now? I don’t really know. Allow me to justify this claim that my path and that of this young man had crossed in the past. Khairy of then and Khairy of now is two different creature, or perhaps he had always been a chameleon.

    But then again young man, ever full of vigour, is out to proof himself. This young man had endeared and ingratiated himself to Pak Lah’s family before he wedded Nori. Tales had often been told of how the two met and yes, it is true, he literally crashed into Nori’s car. I think now is the time for me to write down about what I know of this person.

    As it is now, this young man, whose cohorts I have had the pleasure of meeting recently when I popped by the Parliament House over the past few months, is adamant that he can assume the mantle of leadership as Umno Youth chief. Although I had expressed my reservations, his cohorts continuously expounded the fact that he has grassroot support within the Youth wing but not in the main body. Being the cynic that I am, I told his cohorts to get a reality check. Things are not what they seem.

    I am of the belief that at one point of time in Khairy’s life, he was prime minister’s material. His grasp of the current events is remarkable. I am witness to one of his accomplishment during the DongJiaZong issue (I hope I got the spelling correct) where matters appear to be getting worse, he made one remark which endeared himself to the leaders of that movement and the impasse was broken. This meeting took place at one of the leading hotels in the city and had been going on for more than 24 hours before the bridge was crossed. At that point of time, I thought this young man certainly has a bright future ahead of him. And this is just not the only one incident, there were many others but I am not at liberty to disclose due to certain prohibitions placed upon me.

    As to the current situation, I could well imagine that Khairy should be smart enough to read the writings on the wall. He wants to prove himself able but is himself unable to convince others that he can do without patronage. Ask anyone at the Prime Minister’s Office (I kid you not) – not the Prime Minister’s Department. FYI, the Prime Minister’s Office is located in the central block of Perdana Putra Building, the one that is topped off by the Dome. Nothing goes on without Khairy’s knowledge and, well, somehow Pak Lah condones it.

    Have you ever wondered how many press secretaries Pak Lah has? Try four Press Secretaries – yes – FOUR (now only three since the death of Azhar). Tun Dr Mahathir had one Press Secretary and one assistant press secretary but Pak Lah needed four – this is on top of the Communications Unit headed by Kamal Khalid (so sorry, I cannot bring myself to address his with his honorific title as Dato because I don’t think he deserves it). The function of this Communication Unit is ala White House but what they do nobody knows. A fact I know for certain editors dread getting calls from Kamal Khalid, a lawyer by training but later appointed by Khairy for the post of Head of Communication. In the earlier days, Kamal would call the editors at 6pm demanding to know what would be the P1 news the next day. Seriously, this had happened.

    By the way, this unit is illegal and is not recognised by the Public Services Department as it is not part and parcel of the General Orders in terms of composition of staffers for the Prime Minister’s Office. The Prime Minister is allowed to have one Chief Secretary, deputy chief secretaries, principal private secretaries, private secretaries, press secretaries and political secretaries. The General Order makes no mention of a Communication Unit.

    Then we have the Policy and Strategy Unit, headed by Zaki Zahid, the infamous Ketua Pemuda of Putrajaya. Again, this unit is not part of the Prime Minister’s Office as it is considered illegal as defined by the General Orders. Zaki Zahid is one of the most arrogant chaps that you can come across, the one person who makes me ashame to be a Malay. Ask the heads of MNCs who had the misfortune to cross Zaki’s path and I can tell you that they will have nothing nice to say about him. Another fact remains, I think this unit has somehow usurped the powers of the Economic Planning Unit.

    The end result is that when these two units were formed, they were staffed by eager young people who are children of the rich and famous, either their father is Tan Sri this or Dato’ that. Trust me, I have never seen so many convertibles and flashy cars parked at the Perdana Putra building at parking bays designated for officers who work at the Prime Minister’s Office. One thought that came to mind was that it is the Millionaires Kiddies Club at the Perdana Putra Building.

    Now, what does Kamal and Zaki got to do with Khairy? The easiest thing to spot is that they are all in their 30s (with Khairy being the youngest), they are all British-trained. And prior to Pak Lah’s ascension to premiership, they had a meeting in a foreign island to determine what Pak Lah should do and I emphasise this, what Pak Lah SHOULD DO, during his premiership. Now I think you can guess where the rot started. Especially if you can recall that one remark made by Nori – “We discussed the nation’s affair over dinner.” I have never heard Tun Dr Mahathir children saying this before.

    Khairy is skillful orator and manipulator and he has the advantage of being the son-in-law. Perhaps he is the son that Pak Lah thought Kamaludin would be but then Kamaludin is no politician and has no interest at all.

    I am rambling but to say that I sympathise with Khairy? Definitely NO. This again is from personal experience. Do I pity him? May be but then it is his own doing.

    JMD : Thank you for sharing. I can relate to the fact that there are certain prohibitions placed upon you. That is why I really appreciate this coming out from you. Thank you for the comments.


  65. Wow! Nice backup cheerleaders JMD. Got u on my last post.

    JMD : Thank you Mahmood. Why act so surprised? They are not merely cheerleaders and certainly not MY cheerleaders. They are cheering the fact that KJ, as Umno leader will not be a promising proposition.

    You are running on this premise that KJ is infallible and had done nothing wrong. And all of us who do not agree with you have no right and basis whatsoever to criticise him.

    Like Anwar supporters, KJ and his fans cannot see further than their own stuck up noses to see the truth 🙂

    Thank you and have a good day.


  66. sallam bro jmd/jed yoong/mekyam/peachafiz/lekiu/abang2 & akak2 senior yang lain.

    rilek bro jmd..gua dah sampai..akhirnyer abes jugak pertapaan kat kem bine semangat ulu bendul yang sememangnye ulu dan teramat bendul..but i tink ur doing fine answering to all these ignoramus dickwads..diowang pon makan gaji jer..dah kj suh komen diowang komen dak?

    banyak juge geng2 KJ kat sultan mahmood one of the dudettes in a dress dancing in a circle??patot la sensitip biler boifren die kene komen..kalu sensitip gi la heritage mansion minum JD coke..hihihihi..

    ok kasik gua bace dulu the postings and comments..

    lembu punye nama..sapi dapat susu..


  67. jeb & i pray for Malaysia,

    re that kamal khalid chap, i remember reading something about him on rocky’s bru a while back.

    what stuck in my mind is someone mentioning his striking resemblance to kamaludin abdullah, so much so that the commenter said he almost mistook him for kamaluddin.

    then another commenter asked if the guy could be related to khalid mahmood ambak, brother of the late endon.

    and i remember thinking, wow… what’s the odd that the head of the pm’s comm unit is actually nori’s cousin?


    hi torres, kem bine semangat ulu bendul tu retreat for footballers ke? 🙂


  68. Mr JMD,

    A rather late comment, but gotta say something.

    KJ has been lifted as mythological figure by his supporters. I made this conclusion from reading pro khairy pages.

    A myth is far detached form reality. The reality is KJ played dirty with many nominations such as Gelang Patah. But the mythological Khairy seen by supporters is a divine figure who did no wrong. As a matter of fact, MM and KT were accused of palying dirty.

    The reality is KJ has badly tainted the image of UMNO. But the mythological Khairy has clear mission and vision to further strengthen UMNO.

    Given enough time, the mythological Khairy will “buy” enough worshippers to guarentee the post of Ketua Pemuda.



  69. JMD,

    Im not saying KJ is not guilty. He has his shortcomings and so do most if not all politicians, but the systematic decoupling of his personality through internet arson and ‘demonising’ him like whatever was written on the Khairy Chronicles and anti-khairy blogs is the god’s gospel truth. Kalau macam ni sokong parti PAS jelah. Kat sana semua baik baik kan?

    To be honest the way you write macam personal gila dgn KJ.

    JMD : Your take on Mukhriz and Mokhzani was also very personal. At least I do not relate my own experience interacting with KJ. I want to make my writings as objective as possible. Those things that you called as ‘systematic decoupling’ had been going on since early 2005. Way before the existence of this blog or any other blogs that are perceived as anti KJ. The absence of his supporters in the blogosphere to repel those allegations back then does tell us something.

    It was his own undoing nevertheless that provided the ammo for his critics to demonise him. Coupled with his inability to answer those allegations and also Pak Lah’s failure to explain comprehensively on contentious issues (“saya tak tahu”, “anak saya tak pernah terima kontrak kerajaan” etc), his reputation as the liability of Umno is solidified with the incessant criticisms hurled by the disillusioned people of Malaysia and the result of the March 8th general election.

    If you think he is intelligent enough to lead Umno Youth, he should be smart enough to answer those allegations and think of a strategy to gain back support. His ONLY strategy now is to bank on the support of his diehard Pemuda fans in Umno and to show that he is a good talker. Plus, to demonise DM as the son of Tun Mahathir. That is all. Take away these 3 factors, and what do you have? A good talker with a bad reputation that has been a bad liability to Umno from 2005 till now. A good fodder for the opposition to chew upon.

    By the way, systematic decoupling is good to discard cancerous part of an entity. And no need to support PAS. They can do what they do best with or without my support 🙂

    Thank you.


  70. JMD,

    Mana ada personal? Hisham said it himself. Even hisham jam with MM. Senang cerita, bagi kat Khir?

    JMD : But Hisham chastised KJ for jumping the gun on the debate? Khir is okaylah. But TV3 (BN / Umno owned entity) had tarnished his image so bad prior to PRU12 that he will be a fodder to opposition too. Thank you.


  71. Hi Jebat.

    I would like to repond to mekyam’s comment concerning Kamal Khalid, if you don’t mind. As to whether he is Nori’s cousin, that fact eludes me but perhaps they are. Again, I could be mistaken.

    What I know about Kamal Khalid as a fact, is that his father was the Grand Chamberlain at Istana Negara when the Sultan of Johor was the Yang diPertuan Agong.

    As for Zaki Zahid, his father was the former JPJ director for the state of Penang.


  72. JMD,

    It would seem that your blog is under KJ’s radar. Interesting times indeed. Can’t wait for your new posting on KJ (if, there is any).

    You’ve made enemies with pro Anwar supporters and now I doubt KJ’s supporters will look at you in a kind light.

    I think charisma is a bit over rated. Most manipulators are charismatic and in all probability compensating for their lack of susbtance.

    I’m not a big fan of KJ. I began to dislike him when he attempted to curry favour with Anwar by expediting issuance of passport for Anwar to travel abroad after his release from prison.

    Having said that, I don’t know whether Mukhriz will be a better bet than KJ and I like fighters, Mukhriz just seems to be a wee bit weak. A bit of a lightweight going against heavyweights on the other side of the divide.

    Now, who else is there ?

    JMD, a bit of wishful thinking on my part, maybe YOU should seriously consider joining politics. You appear to be a better fighter than Mukhriz and without the baggage of Khairy.

    JMD : Thank you for the vote of confidence Lekiu. I am deeply humbled by your suggestion. Maybe one day or maybe not at all. But there are people with Umno Youth leader material out there within the ranks of Umno. Some have been making subtle headways to the top of the Umno Youth wing. InsyaAllah, if they win the Exco positions this March, Umno Youth will most probably be in good hands.

    As for the next article, I think we have to wait a little while. Sorry to disappoint. I am on my way to Jakarta to attend a wedding (not mine) this weekend 🙂 Will be back on Monday.

    Thank you Lekiu.


  73. Hi,
    To all (or one disguised as many) KJ supporters who happen to read this article and its associated comments, I am pleased to declare myself a sample of the society who has neither an affiliation with this blog owner (although i do have respect for his analytical and writing capability) nor with any political sides who are against KJ and Pak Lah. I am a simple germ with a sincere opinion to share.

    I have no reason what so ever to hate Malaysia’s most glamorous, young and ambitious politician that is vying to head this country by the age of 40. He is just to me another soul trying to make a living. But i’ve been reading and thinking about every bad decision that Paklah’s government has made and the controversial corporate deals which had led to him and his associates, and i acquired this nausea feeling every time i heard the name KJ was uttered. It is unimaginable to me how a person and his associates can gather so much to the point of being able to renovate a RM10M mansion in a posh community, without having to go through the pain of doing the actual hard-earned business operations and risks. A successful businessman would take a decade to be able to build his wealth and business before he can get access to what these turks are having in less than a few years. As one of the millions middle-income society member, we felt the pain of the short surge inflation that had incurred from the sudden increase of fuel price, again an example of a short-sighted decision by the stupid strategic thinkers. I do not think that malays would ever achieve the standards of the japanese, chinese and koreans if they take KJ as a model on how to be rich and successful, which is by being an alibaba manipulating the country’s strategic resources to get on-the-fly commission without acquiring the knowledge and skills to build long term expertise and business foundation. This has been the practice of the majority of Malays through the NEP, to resell business opportunities to another who would do the actual work and develop value through it.
    Looking at this, KJ is just another replica of the old Malay mentality. He gained wealth through easy business arrangement. We do not want a leader to teach us how to relive our weaknesses, we need a leader who would bring us out of our lazy habit DNA that has bogged us since we lost Malacca. We need to be inspired by somebody who has demonstrated success through real effort and knowledge building. KJ lovers may want to hit me on this, but I’d like to relate to Tun’s short background before he came into full time politics, he was a private practitioner and acquired wealth to buy his first car.
    Mukhriz? People may perceive that he may have backing from his dad on his business, but try to compare his business, a partnership with a capable chinese, to create a company that engaged in a blue ocean business in the country at that time, and actually sell tangible product. So I do not mind people getting rich this way, its a legitimate way of doing business, of which his net worth can be tracked from the Bursa. Unlike KJ, the world knows he is rich but how would you perceive such person who is without trackable source of income stream.

    I know not Mukhriz, neither do I know KJ. And I hope one day I will be able to find out who the fung is this JMD. But I am proud to declare here my private hatred towards KJ. I hope this fellow would begone from this country. Go find your peace in the land of opportunity that is the US. Don’t mess up with our land. Same goes to those who appear to be receiving favors to the point of worshiping this guy like a prophet. Think of the mass, the people who really earn through hardship for a fair living.

    – a sincere KJ hater from the society –

    JMD : Thank you for the comment


  74. Hi JMD,
    I suggest you do a backup of your blog. It has now the risks to be hacked by political cybertroopers who have identified your blog as a threat.
    I would be dissapointed to see your fine articles disappear just like that.
    Please consider printing a recollection of your articles in a book one day. It will inspire the future generations. I see JMD like the continuation of a chedet.
    One day if you get to age as old as Tun today, your words will inspire another young chedet or JMD. The pen is mightier than the sword, provided that the one who is holding the pen has a mind sharper the weapon held by the brute.

    Have a nice trip to Indon.

    JMD : Thank you for the caution. This blog had a couple of problems in the past but nothing major alhamdulillah. Yes I had a ncie trip to Jakarta. Thank you.


  75. a’ah peak performance course..bangon kol 5am tido kol 3am..2 jam jer tido..giler aa..

    en sultan mahmood..udah2 la tu..ko nyer kj tu memang tdm cakap la..some of the support given to barack obamakkau! is not becoz they believe in him..but bcoz of their hatred towards bush..same as wat heppened in pru12..they vote the opposition coz they hate kj..n come pru13..having kj as ketue pemude..abeh laa..hancos boncos!

    jmd..give me sultan’s ip..we can do some tracert and sniff him out..having the same ip does not necessarily mean they’re the same ppl..could be they’re in the same network sharing one gateway..tah tah dok seblah2 kat tingkat 4 dak??

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Torres. But I have to respectfully decline your request for his IP address. I have to respect the state of anonymity of my fellow commentors as well 🙂 Hope you can understand.


  76. Sad days indeed that we are all taken by stories spun out of control. We should be more objective. Other than KJ and MM, there are far worst polticians in Cabinet that i would rather not mention but get off scot free. We are to brutal and judgemental in our analysis. why i say this atleast my own hatred toward Tun M on culling and cannibalising political talent from day one has made me sick. This culture of cannibalising others (palam, cantas,kerat, potong) has now been institutionalised within UMNO members and seeped into Malay psyche. That is why i cannot stomach mahathirsma or any of its spawns.

    We had the likes of Kuli, Anwar, Musa, Ezam, Zahid (now back beacuse of AAB), Saifuddin Nasution, Shahrir Samad also Rais(now back because AAB)….so what makes anyone think that brutalising a once great party makes mahathirism a good thing? If at all it should be najib’s show, not some pawn breathing down his neck.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. But I do have to disagree with your opinion that equates Mahathirism to ‘cannibalising political talents’. ‘Cantas mencantas, hasad dengki’ etc is not mahathirism. It’s the Malay psyche itself. This has been existed way before TDM was even born. We can see it during the Melaka Sultanate even. And it is not limited only within the Malay psyche. If you study history of any civilisation, you would know it existed everywhere.

    Like you said, sometimes we are too brutal and judgmental in our analysis. But in your case, not only it was judgmental, it was off the mark. In fact, if you say the likes like Anwar is talented, then evidently, you must know something that I don’t.

    Permit me to link a really good article by Dato’ Sakmongkol on what he thinks is Mahathirism. Before everyone thinks that Mahathirism is a bad thing, Dato’ Sak had given that term its proper meaning. Please read it here :

    Thank you.


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  78. Askm JMD,

    More than enough has been said about KJ.Your sparring with Sulan Mahmood especially is indeed revealing as to what a demon KJ is.

    Look at Hitler. Was he not a brilliant orator ? And surrounded and supported by demons too !!They manipulated their people and caused WW2.

    We Malaysians must not commit the same mistake in choosing such leaders.

    Hang Kasturi


  79. To JMD and other readers of JMD (and not to forget, your highness, Sultan Mahmood),

    It is interesting indeed on the article and responses received. Just to add up one small tiny part of Sultan’s comments on KJ’s success on Malaysian Football rankings.

    My dear Sultan,
    I’ve done a little analysis on your comments and found out that Malaysian rank do rise after a great fall, which, based on your comment, from 172 to 160. However, do bear in mind, KJ was appointed prior to that when Malaysia ranking was at 159. Further analysis can be read in my page, or to satisfy yourself, you can find it in FIFA’s website.

    Malaysian football scene hasn’t changed so much. With teams struggling financially and national team lack of support from Malaysians (due to poor performace with high wages paid), does this consider as a success for KJ too?


  80. KJ’s appointment in sept 2007 as DP was a formality as he was the only one doing anything with the sport. Reading MyTeam’s website, the philosophy of football is development at grassroots level. This is where the problem lies at State level, where micro development does not exists accept for Kedah and Selangor.

    The sad state of the game also discourages sponsors from coming in. Also EPL has taken over the younger generations football support. In my view, football is a basket case, and KJ for whatever reason he got into FAM, certainly got himself into swamp of problems. Im not sure he will ever perform in FAM as long as the Sultan of Pahang is there, even if Michel Platini (UEFA President) appointed DP also FAM can never fly. If u ask me, KJ going into Malaysian football is political suicide but i guess its either denial or gung ho-ness. We will see come AFF Suzuki Cup whether the National team performs in December. If you ask me, KJ shlda stuck to doing MyTeam 3 concept. a least there is some exitement in local football.


  81. Sultan,
    At least its more tangible than dubious takeover and sucking unrecorded commission by selling the country’s national assets.

    Sorry JMD, just can’t help it.


  82. I have this to say. If I am going to be the next PM of Malaysia, I will definately consider JMD to be my setpol.

    I know JMD will be a great setpol of a PM. Remind me so much of Matthias Chang.

    JMD : Haha thank you. Kecik hati budak budak tingkat 4 🙂


  83. Sucking National Assets? If I was him I would have dumped Proton into a lake. Cheap ass car, waste money and no point protecting, even JMD drives an Italian.

    JMD : I do not understand how this can relate to Datuk Mukhriz. He was still in his teens when the idea of Proton was mooted. It’s not his father who is vying for the Umno Youth Head position. If we want to go down that road, then we shall also look at the performance of KJ’s father in law as the PM. Please read them all here:

    I would suggest you to refrain on commenting something you do not know about. Proton is definitely good for the country. One thing that not many knew, Proton was set up not so much to make Malaysia a car producing country. There was a more important motive behind the introduction of the car making industry here in Malaysia.

    Proton was set up so that Malaysia one day will be a producer of weapons of war. Many producers of weapons are from non Muslim countries. If in the future, a Muslim country wanted to defend itself, they will encounter severe limitations. How to buy weapons when and if you have to be dependent on the good grace of other weapon producing countries?

    Through Proton, transfer of technology to build engines were made possible. Yes, making cars have its twofold purpose – one, to have extra revenue from the sale of national cars, two – a Muslim country now have the ability to create their own engine. Who are the ones taht can be seen working in Proton? No doubt, the Malays.

    That was why, TDM was busily trying to get more joint ventures with much more sophisticated technology like VW and MV Agusta. Bear in mind, to directly getting involve in weaponry will raise eyebrows and further scrutiny from world superpower. Besides, we need to start from scratch in order to learn the basics.

    But what did Pak Lah and his advisers do? Dump MV Agusta and VW. We lost the opportunity to learn more about the European technology. If we had gotten it, the vision to have our own tanks and other weapons can be achieved by the year 2020.

    When the Bosnian Wars started, nobody in NATO wanted to lift a finger to stop the ethnic cleansing and massacres of hundreds of thousands Muslim Bosnians in the early 90s. About 600,000 Bosnians were raped and murdered by the Serbians then.

    The Muslim countries were shocked that Bill Clinton and Nato were relunctant to stop the travesty. In the end, Malaysia and other Muslim countries had to chip in and provided the helpless Bosnians with money to buy weapons. Only when Europe saw that the Bosnians began to retaliate did they begun to take some action.

    What can we learn from all this? That Malaysia, must not just sit down pretty, doing nothing in the near future. We must not be complacent thinking that what we have now will last forever. Steps have to be taken from now. A small country like Malaysia needs to have a visionary leader which can see 100 years ahead and plan every step of the way for his successors to see them through.

    But of course, a great vision without proper monitoring by effective middle management will not work. This was where the people entrusted to do their job became irresponsible.

    Again, please do not comment on things that you do not know. I have driven many Proton cars before. This Alfa was bought by me as a favour to a desperate friend who was leaving to overseas. I, in turn gave my trusted Waja to my mother for her usage.

    Thank you and have a good day!


  84. Salam JMD,

    Just another naughty thought.. the gaming syndicate – magnum, pmp and spotstoto, they all have 3x draws every week with a special draw each every month. The special draw was stopped right before PRU12 but since last month was given the green light again. just curious… the timing was just right for someone who just happened to be in need for a lot of money to throw around for the UMNO elections..coincidence? Any draw could bring in millions of rm for the syndicate so whats 1 or 2 million in kickbacks to have the permit approved. I wonder who might be the person incharge of granting such permits?

    (dun ask how someone like me in a state where no such gambling is allowed come to know so much about it 🙂 )


  85. My dear Sultan,
    I’ve replied to your comments in my postings, in which I can see some flip-flopping in your comments.

    Seems like for any obstacles or failure, you put it on Sultan Pahang. Maybe it’s ok for you as you also a ‘Sultan’ (except maybe you’ll be ‘mangkat dijulang’). So, no more success for KJ in getting Malaysia from 172 to 160? Or is it Malaysia go down, Sultan’s fault. Malaysia gone up, credit to KJ?

    Ok, let us put it in your way. The philosophy of MyTeam on the website sounds nice, even for good writer and orator can make it sound better. Bet Shebby Singh can help make it better thru his pundits views in Football Focus (maybe by saying the programme not far better off from Gunners Academy). But the fact is as was shown thru the series of weekly aired MyTeam episodes.

    From my point of view, yes, at least some got the chances to show what they are made of, but some, well, you’ll judge them your self. The crowd for each exhibition match for the two seasons were extremely well as people wanted to see how far off our national team with the chosen ones. A question should struck your mind after that – what happened then? Does the audiences still at the same number when UPB-MyTeam played in the Malaysian Premier League? Did the collection of match tickets match the collection for the two exhibition matches? I seriously doubted that.

    Seriously, if the philosophy of MyTeam football is development at grassroots level and implemented in FAM Training Camp (which they should, after all, which matter most – MyTeam of Malaysian team?), our players should have played even better. We should be able to compete with teams better than what we have played in the Pestabola Merdeka 2008. After all, if a MyTeam can be developed in less a year (with lots of players not having proper basic training at first), why can’t Malaysian team since KJ have been there in FAM since Sept 07 (considering the Malaysian team made up with PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS who play FULL TIME).

    All in all, my dear Sultan Mahmood, though I am a Gunners and Barca fan, I still follow the national football scenario…as once when I was little, I wished Malaysia can play in the World Cup Finals..and still am.

    Please, don’t give any unlogical, flip-flopping defence of yours just to be tarnished by others. Get your dagger digging deeper and of course, at the right field of information.

    Words on the street – are you still considering KJ succeeded in Malaysian Football rankings?


  86. Sultan Mahmood and KJ Haters,

    FiFA and Malay Mail reported that Malaysia is now ranked 150. So I guess, when he took over it was 172 now 150, so I guess KJ did improve the rankings with his management at FAM then?

    Its in the Malay Mail.

    JMD : Congratulations to Malaysian Football. After coming 2nd place in the Piala Merdeka tournament, hopefully the boys will keep their heads up when battling even stronger teams in the future. Kudos to KJ as well. Hopefully he will win the Umno Youth Chief after having accomplished this great result in this area.


  87. ondastreet,

    Finally a Gunners fan !! Did you watch the game when our boys from kindergarten beat the crap out of Wigan ! Superb show by Wilshire, i am in disbelief that he is only 16 !

    And what a cool finish by Vela, the boy smiles a lot, seems to be enjoying his footie. Trophy or no trophy, I am a purist and I love football the way it is meant to be played, with pure artistry.

    Sorry JMD, lari dari topik sikit. By the way, I agree on your take on Proton. A bit unfair to compare a local car industry with the big heavywieghts. It takes time, money, patience and a whole lot of protectionism for such an industry to survive and what more to flourish.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Didn’t know you’re a football fan as well 🙂


  88. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I read somewhere that the average IQ of dolphins are more than 180.
    That is why they are called the smartest animal.
    KJ graduated from Oxford,so he must have above average human IQ.
    But if you see where I’m going you should realise that some ‘animals’ are very smart but do you see dolphins running a government.
    Their kind should be place in Zoo or Waterpark.
    I doubt many will visit ‘KJ the Chief’ in Zoo Negara.
    Man I hate that smarter than a dolphin punk and his supporters@gangsters@hooligans.
    Since when its ok for UMNO members to have gangters as their followers.
    He and his supporters were caught intimidating others in national media for gods sake.
    Why no action has been taken JMD?
    He single handedly made every single Malaysian home and abroad believe Malays are racist.
    Yet some corrupted UMNO members continues nominating this ‘smart’ knieving and not trustworthy homo-sapience.
    Are they waiting for KJ do take out a Keris “Melayu’ and bukak pencak ajak masuk gelanggang.
    That will be the end of UMNO and its legacy.
    Dalam mana2 tandan pisang pun mesti ada yang busuk.
    Buang yang satu busuk sebelum ulat buah datang hurung semua setandan!


  89. its good that malaysian football is improving in terms of ranking as per malay mail report (sorry i haven’t read it yet). but i do not think that we should attribute this improvement to KJ unless we know what were the initiatives that he has personnally channeled into FAM that has led to this latest ranking. Achievement is always teamwork. Did he acted as a CEO to foster such teamwork? This is how i see it from my perspective. Normally if KJ does something all papers would shout about it. Now malay mail reports a new ranking for malaysian football and suddenly KJ gets credit for it. hope reports like this would not be spun to give misleading impression.




  90. Lekiu, didn’t know you are a gunners fan. No wonder you keep in elegance silence when JMD, torres and some other YNWA mentioning about the Kop. About the Wigan game, I couldn’t. I actually even slept early that night. However, I’m pleased that they performed well. Only that I hope they won’t be carried away.

    In regards with Malaysian football, I’m pleased in a way of that we are progressing. Only that, as mentioned by river, it should be a credit to all who involved in getting the ranks that we are now, not just to KJ alone. Speaking of which, shouldn’t Sultan Pahang also get the credit? He is the President anyway. Without his consent, I believe someone must be regarded as ‘durhaka’. hehe

    As mentioned in my reply to Sultan Mahmood and Son of Sons in my article, we did reached the finals. Only that, we were competing with teams are weaker in ranks except for Sierra Leone. If the achievement is with good quality, I’m more than happy. But from my point of view, especially when comparing us with our neighbouring country, if we keep on playing against weaker teams and get promoted in ranks by winning against them, we are certainly a weak big bully bullying weaker teams.

    Hope that one day, Malaysian football will reach the quality of Gunners play, Spirit of The Red Devils, Suprising packages of the Reds and the wealth of the Blues. AND the credit should go to all who involved in achieveing that. NOT JUST ONE person.


  91. JMD

    Where did you get this inside info (spin?) that the Malaysian car industry is the precursor for a local weapons industry? I’m sorry but that is so laughable lah. How come this piece of info didn’t get leaked out through all the pro-Proton campaigns, and the numerous BTN camps over the last two decades??
    Please lah JMD.. don’t insult our intelligence in your attempt to defend Proton and its father TDM.
    I’ve had 2 Protons myself in the past. Couldn’t wait to make more money so that I could afford a better (Japanese) car.

    JMD : Yes Joe, I understand. Small minds think small indeed. But I do not expect you to believe whatever I say. I should also not reveal from where I get the info. Suffice to say, it was from a very close associate of TDM.

    Do you think those weapons producers created war vehicles and weapons through the agriculture industry or lets say, through the keropok lekor industry? Mind you, they need to master the motor engine technology as its base in order to produce war engines and motorised weapons.

    Anyway, we are talking about the future. The path we take 30 – 50 years down the road. I would be very worried if the government could not think that far ahead.

    Right now the only Muslim countries to supply tank in the world are Pakistan, Iran and Turkey (pseudo Muslim). Wouldn’t Malaysia want to venture into this kind of industry in the future? But like I said, we are not in the hurry to produce weapons. But we need to have the base technology to do that. That is why we do not advertise our future intentions. It wouldn’t be prudent anyway. Think strategically Joe. Are you not a student of strategic management?

    Anyway, I understand that you do not know about all these Joe and summarily judged my assertions as a spin. We are just ordinary people, screaming on top of our lungs only about issues that we can see with our own eyes. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Do you think the National Defence Council only talk about buying extra weapons and armor? Do you think the police only think about catching criminals? There are things that we could not comprehend my dear Joe. I am not trying to insult your intelligence Joe because, if you have any, you will not feel insulted.

    There are a lot of things that was done here in Malaysia which may not be known to the public (due to national sucrity reasons). For instance, our PLUS highways can also be turned into air strips for the use of our air force fighter planes during times of war or emergency. That is why, in every state, there would be two stretches of highway which are straight and long enough (2km in length) to cater for them.

    Oh by the way, I pray you get more money in the future. And please do not forget to file your tax returns 🙂

    Thank you.


  92. Bro JMD,

    since you have no new post after the 100th article, i eventually have to depend on your reply to the comments left by visitors in all of your recents article for food of thoughts. however, your explaination regarding Proton issues to Son of Sons in this post was quite intriguing. sort of coming from a person that have a sixth sense, goes beyond any normal human being of making logical sense to build, keep and improve Proton.

    normally, when people wanted to defend Proton from critics, they just say for the sake of national pride or job opportunities to Malaysians. but when you say about war and the technology in surviving war, i was deeply amused by the connection you made. it truly makes sense. but unfortunately, TDM never ever disclose or say it to our straight face the real intention of Proton. maybe he did see it, maybe he did not. either way, i was glad that we, Malaysians, the muslim country at now have the basic technology to develop and equip our Defence.

    on side note, i sense you are slowing down. so the rumors saying that you will cease to exist once Pak Lah steps down are making its way isn’t it? or maybe Liverpool lose to Spurs recently prompt you to go into deep meditation and reflections? no?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Yes, Proton was created specifically to enhance national pride and creating job opportunities and help the economy via the industry’s multiplying effect. But there was also an ulterior motive; having the technology to defend ourselves in the future. TDM never publicly disclose this idea of his.

    I received this information by chance anyway. Through one of Tun’s closest advisor. If he had lied, then so did I 🙂

    Rumors you heard is not true at the moment. I am very much happy that there are a lot of good blogs out there to read. Our minds can be expanded even more with this flux of information and opinions.


  93. Well, somehow that does make sense now. My small mind probably could not comprehend it before. Thanks for the explanation, and I forgive you for pointing out out my lack of intelligence. That’s why I visit your blog – to get educated 😛
    BTW I have never failed to pay my taxes, and so I join the concerned citizens who care very much where our money goes.

    JMD : Haha. No hard feelings okay! I think TDM was doing what James Collins had written –

    Thank you.


  94. JMD,

    By reading the pro KJ commentorss I cannot help but believe the saying birds of a feather flock together. Their comments are so shallow it shows what kind of followers KJ has. If you indeed are under their radar, I can safely say you will stealthily cruise along.

    I am quite sure that what you have posted is mild compared to what you must really know. Some of what you have posted we had due knowledge blogosphericly.

    I had commented earlier of first hand information about KJ’s shennanigens in the Jerlun constituency for MM’s election as MP. From then on coupled with other alleged misdeeds, it had affirmed my distaste for this person.

    As for Lekiu, seems your joy has been shortlived seeing your side being gunned down!


    What a gem Torres is and heres hoping Robbie can now start being prolific.

    YWNA and Regards

    JMD : YNWA too 🙂


  95. Pingback: The ‘Destroyer’ Of Barisan, Khairy, In CABINET? | Jed Yoong

  96. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and all. But think of if you added some great visuals or video clips to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and videos, this site could definitely be one of the greatest in its niche. Amazing blog!


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