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Why Umno leaders can’t seem to get it

A couple of days ago Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad wrote an article to highlight his complaints on the direction of this country, particularly to criticise the administration of Prime Minister Najib Razak. As a citizen of this country, and like everybody else, he has the right to criticise and give his views.

Basically, in his 34 paragraphed article, he outlined a few of those grievances. We are sure there are many, but perhaps these are the main ones (in 6 paragraphs only):

25. Apakah dianya yang saya fikir salah. Ia bermula dengan pendirian melayani semua tuntutan musuh. ISA dan undang-undang buang daerah dimansuh. Tindakan ini tidak sedikit pun mengurangkan tentangan oleh parti lawan. Sebaliknya jenayah bertambah dengan banyaknya kerana pembebasan ketua-ketua geng.

26. Demikian juga dengan sikap merendah diri kepada negara jiran sehingga urusan dalam negeri pun tertakluk kepada pendapat Kerajaan negara jiran. (JMD: this is pertaining Singapore, on how the way we develop Johor; our own state, and the high speed rail must take into account what Singapore wants)

27. Tetapi pendapat kaum dan parti yang kuat menyokong untuk menyelamatkan kedudukan Kerajaan tidak diberi layanan yang saksama.

28. Wang Kerajaan diguna untuk mempengaruhi sokongan rakyat apabila sahaja pilihanraya umum diadakan. Ini menjadikan rakyat terlalu bergantung kepada Kerajaan untuk segala-galanya. Bagi yang betul-betul miskin, bantuan seperti ini memanglah wajar. Tetapi beribu rakyat yang ditawar menolak bantuan wang seperti ini. Semangat rakyat untuk bekerja menjadi luntur apabila mereka diberi ganjaran tanpa apa-apa usaha oleh mereka. Semangat ini tidak akan menolong pembangunan Negara.

29. Dasar ekonomi mengutamakan tuntutan pengguna. Impot barangan digalakan dan industri tempatan diabaikan, bahkan dihalang oleh dasar Kerajaan.

30. Cuti ditambah sehingga adakalanya pekerja bercuti lebih satu minggu. Sebaliknya gaji minimum dinaikkan tanpa mengambilkira kenaikan kos yang boleh menjadi perniagaan dan perusahaan tidak bedayasaing dengan barangan impot.

31. Sesungguhnya banyaklah dasar, pendekatan dan perbuatan Kerajaan pimpinan Dato Seri Najib yang merosakkan hubungan antara kaum, merosakkan ekonomi dan kewangan negara.

32. Semua ini disebabkan penyokong Kerajaan tidak pernah menegur pemimpin.

The above are his grievances on how the policies and changes made by the PM is disastrous and have little benefit for the country as a whole.


Hishamuddin Hussein, a senior minister with an Umno VP post retorted with:

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has to come to the defence of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, saying he is doing his best in administering the country.

The defence minister cited accomplishments such as the handling of the remains from the MH17 tragedy, where he was quoted as saying by news portal Malaysiakini that Najib succeeded where US president Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin had failed.

“If Najib did not take the brave stand of facing the separatists, I may not be standing here today to organise the arrival of the corpses (of Malaysians),” Hishammuddin was quoted as saying by the portal.

“Ask if Obama could do it, ask if Putin is able to do it.”

Najib’s handling of the MH17 tragedy allowed investigators to access the crash site and bring back the remains of the MH17 victims.

What has MH17 got to do with the grave error in listening to the opposition calls to repeal the ISA? Do you know why the ISA is still needed? Because sometimes, when anti-opposition groups made unsavoury remarks towards the opposition, the opposition themselves want people who made those remarks to be treated under the ISA!

But the main point is, why isn’t the points made by Tun Mahathir are replied specifically? Is it because there are no replies forthcoming? Are the braincells incapable to think? This is precisely what Tun Mahathir had said in his article; when the most obvious mistakes are made the PM, the Umno leaders are incapable to criticise those mistakes.

And changes made if it is not beneficial to the society, it could be disastrous for the nation. Tengku Adnan, another Umno leader seemed not to get what Tun Mahathir had said.

“Give Najib a chance to make changes to bring the country forward. It takes time to make those changes,”

Yes ultimately, any PM wants to make a change. But if those changes are strategically disastrous (as mentioned by Tun Mahathir), then BN really do not need time. They really need a miracle to make things better.

The inability of Umno leaders to address each and every point made by Tun Mahathir is really comical. Not to mention the reply by Umno Federal Territory Youth Chief. The skill of saying something which addresses nothing is really being honed here. Again, if the changes prove to be a disadvantage for Barisan Nasional in surviving the next general election, there is no need to say that the PM is working hard to make these changes.

Umno Youth should just focus on making themselves attractive to GLCs. Who knows one day they may sit on the Tender Committee Board and dish out tenders for friends? If there’s a way to use a shortcut to get whatever you want in your political career, why not use it? Right?

But using a shortcut to reply on the points made by Tun Mahathir is really not an intelligent way to address the problems facing this country. If you couldn’t deal with simple questions by Tun Mahathir, how do you expect people to believe you can handle more complicated problems facing us?

As a conclusion, no hard feelings. Maaf zahir dan batin.

The PAS conundrum and why their Hudud is not the answer

Over the course of last weekend, a few of us were discussing about Kelantan and how Hudud has not been implemented in the state regardless the fact that it has been administered by PAS for the past 23 years and on top of that, the state government had shamelessly proclaimed itself as ‘Serambi Mekah’ albeit the statistics that Kelantan has the highest case of AIDS/HIV in Malaysia. Not to mention the state has also one of the highest drug cases and rape cases in the country.

The prevailing myth among the ignorants within PAS is that hudud in Kelantan couldn’t be established because Tun Dr. Mahathir is anti hudud and with that hyperbole, he is automatically deemed as anti-Islam; a label which had extended to all Umno members.

Every now and then, especially during elections, all Umno members are labeled as anti-Islam in the eyes of all PAS members. Consequently, Umno members are kafirs, or infidels. And by extension, working with kafirs is haram and Umno as a whole must be vanquished.

Nevermind the fact that Umno consists more muslims in their fold than PAS’ partners in crime – the DAP and PKR.

All this illogical stand of PAS can only be effective and permeated within the mentality of its members because of one thing and one thing only – PAS members are fanatical. And being fanatics, they are unable to think. Islamic education ala PAS comprised brainwashing its members which  is then compounded by the notion that any questions which run contrary to the core philosophy of PAS is either un-Islamic or sinful.

Which begs the question – what actually is the philosophy of PAS?

Just like its chameleon brother in PKR, PAS has its very own devil it needs to dispose off in order for their existence to be taken seriously. And the devil is the elephant in the room – WHY DOES PAS WORK CLOSELY WITH A KNOWN ANTI HUDUD ENTITY LIKE DAP BUT CHOSE NOT TO  WORK WITH UMNO, ANOTHER MUSLIM PARTY?

Surely there are more common platforms between PAS and Umno than PAS and DAP?

The answer is – market share. The target audience of both Umno and PAS are the malays. But as Umno is working on a moderate Islamic stance, as compared to a more Talibanic views that is PAS, the battle for support from the masses has never been crucial, and mutually exclusive. More market share means more political power.

But as Karpal Singh had again and again showed his contempt and disdain towards PAS and their brand of Islam, the disrespect from DAP members have not gone unnoticed. Behind closed doors,  PAS have been discussing the need to review their cooperation.

PAS can hide behind fancy arabic phrases such as tahaluf siyasi to hide their actual crave for power within the Malaysian political context. But in reality, it is just a smokescreen by their leaders to stupefy their blind followers into thinking that it is necessary to hook up with a very non muslim party like DAP to bring down a ‘kafir’ party like Umno.

Definition of taha

Definition of tahaluf siyasi

In actual fact, PAS is trying to trick its followers that by claiming that working with DAP will benefit PAS more. Are they having this fantasy that somehow, by being disrespected by DAP and playing second fiddle to them will eventually turn Malaysia into a proper Islamic nation under their mould?

Fact is, as far as general elections go, PAS’ seats in parliament had been steadily declining ever since they started to be in bed with DAP. But on the other hand, the tireless workers from PAS had lent an increase in votes and parliamentary seats for DAP.

PAS wanted to ride DAP in bed, but became bedridden instead.

Certainly the intelligence of PAS’ leaders comes into question. How would tahaluf siyasi benefit them in the long term when they are treated like a persona non grata in public by DAP, with diminishing political power in parliament as well as being disrespected by their own disgruntled members?

Importantly, how wise would it be to strengthen a very Christian party like DAP in order to weaken a muslim party like Umno? Is this PAS’ way in strengthening Islam? Do all PAS members sincerely think that Lim Guan Eng or Tony Pua or Hannah Yeoh reveres Islam more than Najib Razak or  Muhyiddin Yassin does?

In sheer desperation that unfortunately beguiles the mind PAS members, their Youth Wing even hope that Lim Guan Eng will embrace Islam! Perhaps the muslims in PAS these days are easily won over by  christians who tirelessly work against their Islamic struggle. To the chagrin of Dewan Ulama PAS, their political leaders can’t even defend the usage of Allah’s name without being chided by DAP. In fact, at the end of every issue that involves Islam, PAS always had to make way for DAP. Truly, the Islamic movement being brought by PAS whimpers out when faced with political expediency.

Can you hear that silence? That is the sound of abject shame and cowardice. All in the name of Islam which PAS always use and abuse.


Coming back to PAS’ hudud, it is astounding that PAS members kept harping on the myth that Tun Dr Mahathir had blocked the implementation of hudud in Kelantan just because they assumed Tun Dr Mahathir is anti-hudud, anti Islam. Shouldn’t they blame their partner, the DAP for being against hudud from the start?

Below is the re-published letter by Tun Dr Mahathir for Nik Aziz back in 1994, detailing step by step explanation as to why hudud ala PAS cannot be implemented (as opposed to the Quranic hudud).


YAB Tuan Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat
Menteri Besar Kelantan

Y.A.B. Tuan Haji,


Rujukan : MB(KN)(S)16/6/(26)
Bertarikh 8 Jun 1994

Pihak kerajaan pusat sentiasa berpandukan kepada kebijaksanaan (al-Hikmah) yang telah ditunjukkan oleh baginda Rasulullah SAW. dan juga para sahabat baginda khususnya al-khulafa ar-Rasyidun dalam melaksanakan ajaran Islam lebih-lebih lagi yang berkaitan dengan hukum-hukum jenayah.

1. Jalan yang diambil oleh Kerajaan Pusat ini adalah juga berpandukan kepada kaedah yang terdapat dalam sistem pemerintahan Islam iaitu “tindakan pemerintahan adalah sentiasa bergantung kapada kepentingan ramai (muslihat umum).” Penguatkuasaan kanun jenayah yang digubal oleh Kerajaan PAS di Kelantan, menurut kajian sehingga setakat ini tidak menampakkan dan tidak menyakinkan pakar-pakar perundangan Islam yang tidak mempunyai sebarang kepentingan politik bahawa ia selari dengan ajaran dan kehendak Islam sebagaimana yang telah diuruskan dengan bijaksana oleh Rasulullah SAW. dan para sahabat.

2. Sepertimana yang Amat Berhormat sendiri sedia ketahui, KEADILAN adalah ASAS yang paling utama ditekankan oleh agama Islam apabila melaksanakan sesuatu perkara. Penekanan mengenai dengan keadilan adalah sangat terserlah dalam ajaran Islam lebih daripada penekanan yang terdapat dalam ajaran-ajaran yang lain dalam sejarah agama. Baginda Rasulullah SAW sewaktu mengembangkan agama Islam ialah usaha menghapuskan ketidakadilan yang menjadi sebahagian daripada budaya di zaman itu.

3. Tidak perlu bagi saya menyatakan disini betapa banyaknya terdapat ayat-ayat Al-Quran yang menegaskan tentang pentingnya keadilan dan lebih banyak bagi ayat-ayat yang mencela sebarang jenis kezaliman. Disamping itu al-Quran juga sentiasa menggesa supaya dielak daripada terjadinya huru-hara dan Allah sendiri sangat tidak gemarkan kapada mereka yang menyebabkan huru-hara berlaku. Kita hanya bertindak balas terhadap sikap permusuhan dan serangan yang dilakukan terhadap kita. Di Malaysia, orang bukan Islam bukan sahaja tidak memusuhi kita tetapi mereka memberi kerjasama bahkan membantu kita dalam urusan-urusan yang bersangkutan dengan kegiatan dan amalan ajaran Islam.

4. Khusus mengenai undang-undang jenayah PAS di Kelantan, kajian awal menunjukkan dengan jelas bahawa undang-undang itu yang disediakan menerusi perjuangan sebuah parti politik ternyata bukan sahaja menyebabkan ketidakadilan aakan berlaku tetapi, sebaliknya ia akan membawa kezaliman. Kebenaran kenyataan ini adalah berdasarkan kapada keterangan berikut:

(i) Dakwaan bahawa undang-undang ini akan dikuatkuasakan hanya di kalangan orang Islam sahaja dan tidak digunapakai untuk orang bukan Islam akan menyebabkan ketidakadilan dan kezaliman yang ketara berlaku. Memang benar di zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW., orang Yahudi biasa dihukum di bawah undang-undang yang berada di dalam kitab Taurat mereka tetapi kitab Taurat mempunyai hukuman yang tidak berbedza dengan hukum-hukum dalam al Quran. Mereka yang berzina umpamanya, akan dihukum rejam sama seperti hukuman terhadap jenayah yang sama bagi orang Islam. Justru itu tidak ada perbedzaan sama ada penjenayah dihukum di bawah undang-undang Islam atau Undang-undang Yahudi di zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW. Tetapi terdapat perbedzaan yang amat ketara di antara hukuman di bawah undang-undang yang ada sekarang dengan hukuman di bawah undang-undang jenayah yang dicadangkan oleh kerajaan PAS di Kelantan.

Menghukum orang Islam dengan lebih berat tetapi orang bukan Islam dengan amat ringan untuk jenayah yang sama atau jenayah dilakukan bersama amatlah tidak adil dan merupakan satu kezaliman, sedangkan undang-undang PAS akan menyebabkan ketidakadilan dan kezaliman berlaku, maka undang-undang PAS tidak boleh diterima sebagai undang-undang Islam atau secucuk dengan undang-undang Islam ataupun selaras dengan ajaran Islam. Ia sebenarnya tertentangan dengan agama Islam.

(ii) Masaalah kesalahan merogol wanita, berdasarkan kapada undang-undang PAS, jika seseorang wanita yang belum kahwin melahirkan anak maka ini adalah bukti ia telah berzina dan akan dihukum mengikut undang-undang PAS, sedangkan apa yang sebenarnya berlaku ialah wanita itu adalah mangsa rogol. Mengikut undang-undang PAS jika ia menuduh perogolnya, tuduhan hanya boleh diterima sah jika terdapat empat orang saksi (yang terdiri daripada orang-orang yang baik, yang tidak melakukan dosa besar) yang menyatakan bahawa telah melihat dengan terang dan jelas bahawa yang dituduh telah merogol wanita berkenaan.

Seperti kita ketahui, melainkan dalam keadaan perang seperti di Bosnia diwaktu mana orang Serb merogol beramai-ramai wanita Bosnia, tidak mungkin jenayah merogol dilakukan di hadapan saksi-saksi yang terdiri daripada orang-orang yang baik. Jika saksi ini melihat dan mereka tidak menolong wanita berkenaan, mereka boleh dianggap sebagai bersubahat seperti penjenayah-penjenayah Serb bersubahat dengan perogol daripada kaum mereka. Jika ada pun saksi, dan mereka tidak membuat apa-apa untuk menolong mereka tidak boleh dianggap sebagai terdiri daripada orang yang baik, tetapi disebaliknya dianggap sudah bersubahat. Dengan itu tuduhan mangsa rogol akan ditolak dan perogol akan terlepas.

Keadaan di mana mangsa rogol dihukum salah kerana melahirkan anak di luar nikah dan perogol dilepaskan sebagai tidak bersalah kerana tidak ada saksi adalah sama sekali tidak boleh diterima oleh sesiapa pun sebagai sesuatu yang adil, bahkan aia adalah satu kezaliman yang dahsyat.

5. Hukum Hudud Islam bertujuan untuk memberi keadilan kapada semua pihak. Ia bukanlah bertujuan untuk melakukan kezaliman. Undang-undang PAS jelas menunjukkan ketidakadilan dan kezaliman yang ketara akan berlaku. Justeru itu undang-undang yang disediakan oleh PAS bukanlah undang-undang yang menepati ajaran Islam. Ia hanyalah undang-undang ciptaan PAS yang bertentangan dengan penekanan oleh agama Islam yang menuntut supaya menghukum secara adil dan menolok sebarang kezaliman. Kerajaan Pusat akan sentiasa berpandu dan menerima ajaran-ajaran dan amalan Islam dari semua aspek tanpa diheret oleh kehendak organasasi politik yang mempunyai kepentingan yang lain daripada Islam dan kepentingannya.

6. Jika undang-undang PAS yang jelas mengandungi unsur-unsur ketidakadilan dikuatkuasakan dinegara ini, dan jika ia dikatakan itulah Hukum Hudud Islam maka umat Islam dan juga anggota masyarakat bukan Islam akan hilang kepercayaan Islam membawa keadilan untuk penganutnya. Ia juga memberi gambaran yang buruk terhadap agama yang suci ini dan menjejaskan imej orang-orang Islam di kalangan penganut agama-agama yang lain. Ia tetap akan menyebabkan penganut agama lain menjauhkan diri daripada agama Islam dan menyebabkan orang yang berminat memeluk Islam menolaknya.

7. Kerajaan Pusat tidak berhajat untuk bersubahat dengan PAS bagi melaksanakan ketidakadilan semata-mata untuk kepentingan politik dan sokongan oleh orang yang telah diabui matanya. Kerajaan Malaysia yang sentiasa dan terus mempertahankan ajaran dan nilai-nilai Islam tidak dapat membenarkan Kerajaan Pas menjalankan sesuatu yang bercangah dengan prinsip keadilan dalam Islam, maka Kerajaan Pusat akan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya terhadapKerajaan PAS demi menjaga maruah dan ketinggian martabat Islam dan penganut-penganutnya.

15 Julai 1994

So, what is the philosophy of PAS? Opposite attracts? Tahaluf siyasi? Do as you are told, not as what we do? Hudud? Islam? Masochism? Power? Stupidity?

We now have popular Umno leaders

“Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.” 

– John Steinbeck from his book, East of Eden

The majority of the thinking society would feel that a political leader needs to be inherently intelligent enough to know that doing things right is paramount than doing things just to be popular.

Take for example the previous Prime Minister. He wanted to do things which will make him popular with a few factions of people which in the end, led him to become the shortest serving Prime Minister in the history of Malaysia (at 5 years and 5 months, less than Tun Hussein Onn’s at 5 years and 6 months).

Being popular is good for a career in politics but that must be complimented with genuine hardwork and results which people can really see and experienced.

If wanting to be popular for the sake of being popular then people can easily see through the leaders’ smokescreen and be exposed as fake, or a con-artist. Not so much a leader, but a buffoon trying too hard to be popular.

The current Prime Minister and his cabinet has this tendency to be popular with the masses while disregarding the concept of good leadership. We can see the apex of the attempts to gain popularity concocted up by his advisors during the run up of the recent general election.

Ranging from giving too much money to vernacular schools, running election campaigns much akin to the US Presidential election (personality-driven) rather than a cohesive, BN driven (coalition-centric) campaigns, repealing important laws just to pander towards opposition sponsored ‘human rights’, etc.

But all these bending over backwards just to become popular did not yield the returns that they had hoped for. In fact, just as we had foreseen, the majority of the people saw it through and were not impressed. Popularity is never about one-off announcements to wow the crowd. It has never been about shock-factor (just to borrow a few of consultants’ jargons), quick-wins or ‘picking the low hanging fruits’.

Having a crowd to pat you on the back after giving out goodies to people will not make you more popular.

Even Winston Churchill kept perspective on the crowds that gathered to hear him speak by conceding they would be twice as big if they gathered to see him hanged.

Popularity is a series of leadership by example, a series of doing the right things and not flip flopping on decisions that will make you be seen as less intelligent. Above all, popularity will come when you do not seek it.

It’s all about action and results.

Actively trying to be popular without any substance to begin with will only make you look pathetic. Just look at Anwar Ibrahim for example. Those with critical thinking knew him as a snake oil salesman, who would sell his principles just to be popular. Even a foreign publication had called him a chameleon.

Even in his hey days of popularity back in 90s, that couldn’t make him last long in politics. As history sees it, his popularity did not save him from falling in disgrace – exposed for his inefficient handling of the 1998 currency crisis and engaged in morally wrong conduct.

On the contrary and of course as a lesson to the current crop of leaders, going against the tide will often make you last longer in politics.

Take Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for example. He did several unpopular things during his premiership which will bring dread even to the most courageous of politicians. He sacked Anwar Ibrahim at the height of his deputy’s popularity, he clashed against the monarchy and kept their behaviours in check when a few of the rulers were misbehaving and unruly towards the people. These were extremely unpopular decisions at that time and could spell an end to a political career if popularity is what a leader seek.

But it was the right thing to do and Tun Mahathir did it because it was good for the people.

He even agreed to accept all 600,000 members of Semangat 46 back into Umno’s fold in 1996 for the sake of malay unity – a decision which was highly unpopular among Umno members when the likes of Rais Yatim, Tengku Razaleigh and Shabery Cheek returned to Umno after nearly 8 years as an opposition in Semangat 46.

In 1984, after Musa Hitam defeated Tengku Razaleigh again for the post of deputy president in Umno General Election, Tun Mahathir still appointed the latter as a minister eventhough Musa Hitam, a powerful Deputy Prime Minister and a Home Minister at that time was so much against it.

But he still appointed Ku Li nevertheless as the minister in MITI (albeit downgraded him from the Finance Minister post) since Ku Li is a capable leader and as the malay proverb goes – “kalah sekali, bukanlah kalah semua.”

Tun Mahathir made many unpopular decisions – be it concerning the capital controls during the currency crisis, his unwavering stance in curbing racist and religious extremists as well as his decisions to chastise the west and the jews for their hypocrisy and terrorism.

All these led him to become the longest serving (at 22 years 3 months) Prime Minister in the history of Malaysia.

Can we imagine any of the Prime Ministers after him doing such unpopular things? Of course we can’t. What is lacking in the current crop of Umno leaders is gumption and the believe of doing things right. In its place is the mistaken belief that their careers will last longer if they are popular. Unfortunately, they had got it backwards.

And it’s also a fact that Tun Mahathir is arguably the most popular Prime Minister we ever had. He is a walking and living brand and is a successful one at that. And all that stemmed from the fact of doing things right and not wanting to be popular.

How many times have we hear him say that he is merely stating the truth and do not care what people think about him? Plenty of times. He lives by his principles and sticks to it like glue.

On the contrary, what we have now are Umno leaders desperately trying to be popular.

Take for instance, the Ketua Pemuda Umno who is also the Minister of Youths and Sports. Apparently the day the kalimah Allah judgment was read out in the Courts of Appeal, the youth wing leader of agama bangsa dan negara party was more busy tweeting and promoting himself for a popularity contest.


The winner of this popularity contest will be announced this Saturday

The Shout Awards is a popularity award show organised by Media Prima to honour popular artists in the field of music, tv, movies and radio.

But lo and behold, a minister crept in and found himself in the nominees list as well!

How more pitiful (deserving or arousing pity) can you be when you are already a minister but still want to vie in a popularity contest? A contest where you are not really in sync with any of the categories mentioned.

Truly this is a new low for Pemuda Umno and Umno as a whole. In the face of current issues facing the party and the malays such as the attacks on the kalimah ruling by the liberals, as well as on other fronts, did the Pemuda Umno made any statements to defend the position? The only notable but half hearted statement by Pemuda Umno was when they seek explanation over news of US spying from its KL embassy.

Apart from that, the now liberal Pemuda Umno Malaysia is more than happy to enter popularity contests or collect Pakatan Rakyat leaders as their fans. God forbid, even the incorrigible Lim Kit Siang is the number one fan of Ketua Pemuda Umno now.

Nobody pointed a gun to his head and made compulsory for him to join this fluffy event. Yet he is there, tweeting and soliciting votes from the masses to vote for him for this award.

The ridiculousness of this glam-craze escapade underlines a bizarre, yet comical attitude of the Ketua Pemuda in wanting to be popular at all cost. The less he have, the more he is required to brag.

But since this is an era of liberalism and where Umno leaders want to be popular regardless if they have any substance at all, we should not be surprised. The Prime Minister and his myriad of advisors themselves are also in the forefront and believer of populist movement.

Just sit back and enjoy the entertainment all these leaders are providing us. After all, Umno is now a play and some of their leaders are actors.

Thank you.


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The ‘Independent’ Malaysian Insider is just a Toady

The Mind of the Analyst

 by Chedet

1. Among the cleverest people in the world are the analysts – the people who can see through solids, even see and recognise what lies behind. This gives them power and as we all know power corrupts. Few among the analysts can restrain the corrupting influence of their power.

2. The analyst who works for Malaysian Insider clearly is one who cannot resist the abuse of that power. Given a task by his master he comes up with a fantastic analysis on the recent decision by the court that the word “Allah” is exclusive to Islam and may not be used by the Catholic “Herald”. He saw an opportunity to serve his master like the toady he is.

3. His master had recently demonised me by incorrectly and clearly deliberately translating my statement on corruption. I had said that I was sold by my divisional representatives for RM200/-. The English version was correct. But the Malay translation implied that I bribed my divisional delegates with RM200/-. Why I should bribe them so they would not vote for me is beyond me. But the opportunity to blacken my name in the eyes of the Malays was too good to be missed by his master.

4. When asked to correct and apologise, Malaysian Insider decided to demonise me instead by stating that Twenty-five years ago when “Tun Mahathir Mohamad dismantled one of the most respected judicial institutions in the Commonwealth and destroyed the concept of separation of powers in Malaysia rhetorically he asked “how many Malaysians were truly upset with his interference?” In one sentence he made a lie appear to be an indisputable truth, without stating what indeed I had done to deserve the demonisation.

5. The arguments by the great analyst are rather convoluted but the implication is clear. The Malaysian courts (and here Tun Suffian words are made use of) will never be able to recover the respect they had before I “destroyed” them.

6. The truth is that the courts often made judgements against me or the government I lead. The classic case is when UMNO, the ruling party was declared illegal because a few branches cheated. Yet recently when the Central Committee of the DAP was found to have basically cheated, it was simply asked to hold another election. But for UMNO, when four out of more than 6000 branches did not follow procedures, the whole party was declared illegal. The judge who made this judgement was then promoted. I did not object.

The rest of the article can be read at his blog here.

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“Buruk ketuanya, buruklah pengikutnya”

For the past couple of weeks there have been no articles regarding the upcoming Umno elections in this blog. It was on purpose because this Umno election, well at least to the opinion of this blogger will not see much change. Whether specifically on the line-up or generally on Umno itself.

We can bet, after the winners have been announced and the confetti being swept away clean, and after the party president gave an arousing speech that the new (more or less) line-up will pave way for a new and re-energised Umno, the party will revert to its old ways of doing things.

This blog tried to stay away from commenting on the candidates because honestly, there are bigger things to ponder about.

But when a known stooge of the incumbent Ketua Pemuda unfairly ridiculed the father of an Umno Vice President candidate through his tweets, then this blog just had to say something about him and his boss – the Ketua Pemuda. Something along the line – ‘kokok berderai-derai, ekor bergelumang tahi’.


Obviously trying to mock Tun Mahathir and his son


Obtusely disparaging Tun Dr Mahathir

Since the Ketua Pemuda and his lackeys have no due regards towards the older generation and had extensively in every turn tried to denigrate the grand old man in very way possible, let us then write something about the Ketua Pemuda just to remind his pack of mongrels to look in the mirror first before poking their noses where they don’t belong.

First off, we begin with these few paragraphs which were written back in November 2008:

Since 2004, Umno is permeated with a culture of being ‘biadap’ to its illustrious former president. This culture of running down their own former leader was one of the factor Umno lost the support from many of its own members.

When Pak Lah and followers were rude to Tun Dr Mahathir, many were turned off by their diatribe. The 4th floor boys were working overtime in discrediting Tun Dr Mahathir. Even NST, Umno’s own newspaper were used to criticise the grand old man. An astute blogger, Datuk Sakmongkol had succinctly put it in a few words;

“The present administration is distinguished in its feverish attempts to discredit as much as possible the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir. Hence the open ended freedom to strike and assassinate given to political storm troopers like Obergruppenfuhrer Musa Hitam, the purveyor of the term elegant silence plus the barking Rottweilers and Dobermans like Nazri Aziz, Sabry Cheek, Azalina Othman, Ismail Sabri, Zaid Ibrahim, Zaid Hamidi and the man who claimed to be primus inter pares– Shahrir ‘the silverback’ Samad.”

Summarily, they still do not realise their mistake. This barrage of criticisms prolonged even after the general election.

When Samy Vellu was criticising Tun, where were the Umno Youth wing to defend their own leader? Again, as aptly said by Datuk Sakmongkol in one of his earlier writings;

“When Tun Dr Mahathir was his boss, Samy Vellu did not find anything wrong with Tun Mahathir. In fact, Samy Vellu was the greatest apple polisher Tun Mahathir had. Indeed sometimes Samy was more Mahathir that Tun himself. Who shall ever forget, Samy’s act of filial devotion by hand feeding Tun Mahathir with a Deepavali morsel?

Meanwhile in UMNOland, it was All Quiet On The Western Front. Not a single UMNO leader defended their one time president. This man was the UMNO president for 22 years. Their dreadful and shameless behaviour confirms my belief that all these UMNO leaders must be resign en bloc from their MKT positions. If they cannot defend their own leader, how can we ever hope they will protect us? Let the UMNO electorate now judge you.”

With this kind of scenario, I am surprised that Khairy Jamaluddin still do not get it. When many of his underlings in the form of pro KJ blogs are condemning Tun left right and centre, one left to wonder if he could really learn any lesson.

Until now, there is one question that can never be answered comprehensively by KJ and his followers.

“What was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy Umno Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004?”

And yet, he and his bloggers have no qualms in ridiculing Tun in the blogosphere. In their effort of criticising their political rival Datuk Mukhriz, the only modus operandi of these cyber troopers resort to is to question Mukhriz’s pedigree and his father’s.

I cannot help but to be amused with this. Because, if I were to take the same route, I can also compare Tun with KJ’s own father in law in the process. A feat I would happily relish.

Since they assume that today, Tun Dr. Mahathir is protecting and promoting his son, let’s go down memory lane and read this:

Back in 2009 during the pervious Umno election, the current Ketua Pemuda was caught by the Disciplinary Board of Umno but was able to continue on despite the money politics charges. It was written:

Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam

Verdict : GUILTY


Khairy Jamaluddin

Verdict : GUILTY


Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo



My take? It will be interesting to see whether Umno Youth delegates would still want to vote a candidate that was deemed guilty of money politics. Umno disciplinary board had made mockery of all Umno members. I can imagine the headlines should KJ wins the contest next week:


Can anyone takes a guess how did the son in law of the Prime Minister at that time could be let off so easily even after being caught in money politics? The only possible explanation is because he had blatantly said time and time again that he will use the protection from his father in law to attain his ambition.

He actually said:

“There’s a certain extent (to which) these people in Umno will not go after me. So it gives me ‘protection’ to change things. 

“If I don’t use this ‘protection’ to change things for the better, then I’m just wasting time and marking my time to go up the ladder of politics. That’s not what I am about.

“I want to use this time that I have while I have this ‘protection’ to change things, to change Umno for the better,” he said yesterday during a question-and-answer session at the Kancil Awards Festival Speakers series.

Yes, he is not about to wait his time and patiently and slowly go up the ladder of hierarchy like other people. He unashamedly said that he will USE his position as son-in-law to change things! But judging from what we can see for the past 9 years, Umno didn’t become better. The only changes we have seen is him, promoting himself and going up the leadership hierarchy in record time – just like what he said he would.

And yet, the underlings, those sycophants of this Ketua Pemuda had the gall to tell us that he is where he is now because of his own merit?!

These yes-men must have gone full retard!

The only reason why he is in the race as Ketua Pemuda back in 2009 was because he won unopposed as its deputy in 2004. That is not merit. That is nepotism.

The reason he became Ketua Pemuda was because the Disciplinary Board of Umno felt that it needs to give protection to a corrupt candidate guilty of money politics, which of course he won the race.

In 2008, Barisan Nasional did not get the majority votes from the youth. In 2013, Barisan Nasional fared even worse than in 2008 with the majority of youths again, did not vote for Barisan Nasional. Now what have Ketua Pemuda Umno and BN Youth Chairman had to say about that?

Well in not so many words he said – I have fulfilled my KPI and must be made a minister. Again, that misplaced arrogance and misguided sense of self-entitledment.

The reason he became a minister is because he is the Ketua Pemuda Umno. That’s it.

The only thing that was accomplished by him is that he is now loved by the leaders from Pakatan Rakyat. All the Barisan Nasional Youth Fair, all the BN Job Fair and all his other initiatives he had concocted, did all those manage to gain votes from the youth? Of course it didn’t. Otherwise BN could have gained a few more seats. What it did gain is increase of his popularity.

In other words, BN Youth Wing and Umno Youth Wing do not understand the basics of voters’ mentality. Even from his speeches, the Ketua Pemuda is way off tangent in understanding the basics of Umno’s raison d’etre.  His political speeches once suffered a few criticism from yours truly and a few bloggers.

The problem with this Ketua Pemuda is that he wasn’t brought up within the ambient of Umno’s struggle. Most of his life, he spent it away from this country. He can be termed as liberal and somewhat progressive. The only reason why he is even in Umno is because that is where the power lies. And with power, comes the many forms of benefits such as – twitter toadies.

It is not a sin to be liberal and progressive. The only problem is the apparent dichotomy of being liberal philosophically but trapped in a right wing party.

And when you surround yourself with like-minded liberals as your groupies, then it takes a toll in your reputation from within the party. Although being thick skinned is this particular Ketua Pemuda’s trademark, being wise is certainly not.

This Ketua Pemuda wants to be liberal in Umno and be looked upon as liberal in national politics as well.

Therein lies the problem and the central theme on why he is not trusted by most grassroot Umno members.

The Ketua Pemuda of Umno must always be seen as the protector of malay rights and the Constitution. This must be seen even in national stage and beyond. For if the Ketua Pemuda is too liberal and is friendly towards the enemies of malay rights and the Constitution (like how he as successfully achieved), then any speeches he made within Umno’s context is deemed as hypocritical.

You cannot be a left wing at national level but right wing at party levels. It just doesn’t make sense. That would be called, playing to the gallery.

Many still remember this:

Forked tongue

We usually will never trust liars

And what is worse about this Ketua Pemuda, he changes tact at a drop of the hat. At one time he kissed the keris to protect the malay rights when he made speeches during a party assembly, but at certain times, he wants to make Umno more centrist.

Confused much?

Now if at national level Umno is being attacked from all corners, who is there to protect the malay rights and it’s position in the Constitution? The liberal Minister of Youth and Sports? Or the sometimes conservative, sometimes centrist but most of the times confused Ketua Pemuda?

The right way to do things as an Umno leader in this multiracial country is to be right wing at national level (nationalistic, patriotic, protecting the Constitution, defending malay rights) but be very strong in advocating progress in the thinking of Umno members (malays must be progressive, must not rely on the crutches forever, must attain meritocracy etc). That way Umno as a party will progress and yet its position at national level is defended.

You can’t be both liberals at national level AND at party levels.

Currently we have one Prime Minister who tries to inculcate moderation and liberal ideas at national front but during Umno assembly, made fiery remarks on how he will protect malay rights.

It doesn’t makes sense for the 3 million Umno members.

His actions in launching damning initiatives towards the malay agenda since 2009 did not help his cause. That is why when he recently announced a few policies to help the bumiputera community last month, it was immediately deemed as pandering towards the upcoming Umno elections. Thank God (for him) that he was unchallenged. Therefore, there could be a risk that those policies will not be pursued with vigour after all.

And we also do not understand why this Ketua Pemuda has this nonsensical urge to spew rhetoric:

Khairy Jamaluddin, who looks set to be returned unopposed as Umno Youth chief, will use his second term to cultivate a more centrist approach for the wing that has traditionally been a pressure group.

He said that being vocal in expressing right-wing sentiment in defending the interests of the party was no longer appropriate.

“I am trying to change the DNA of Umno Youth from being mostly right-wing and Malay-centric to a more centrist wing that focuses on issues and their solutions,” Khairy said in an interview.

Will focussing on issues and solutions brings back votes from the youth to Barisan Nasional and Umno? What are the examples of Pemuda Umno focussing on issues and providing solutions that had gained majority flocks of votes into the fold of Barisan Nasional in the last general election?

Before this article gets too carried away, just a stark reminder to those who want to ridicule other people – please look at the non-accomplishments of your Ketua Pemuda first before criticising others.

Some of this yes-men of the Ketua Pemuda may argue that this blog is trying to ‘bodek’ Tun Dr. Mahathir. But unlike the Ketua Pemuda, Tun Dr. Mahathir has no say in the government and has no powers in Umno. He only has his words and charisma.  There is nothing to gain by defending Tun Dr. Mahathir. This is done just by the sheer respect he commands.

Not many leaders have that capability. Most people only command respect when they are in the position of power. Something most Umno leaders past and present often forgot.

This is not an article to dent the chances of the Ketua Pemuda to retain his seat. We have no doubt that he will win with a big margin. He has done that before in 2009 and he will do it again. Umno members especially the Pemuda have no ability to discern between what is good and what is bad for them anyway. This article is just for the lackeys of Ketua Pemuda and hopefully they remember the kind of person they are supporting. There is actually nothing to be proud of. Like some old wise men always say “Buruk ketuanya buruk lah pengikutnya. Pengikut kurang ajar, pemimpin hilang maruah”.

Just as mentioned at the start of this article, this wouldn’t have been written if it’s not because of a few uncouth people.

Malaysian Insider now takes below average columnists

Oh dear, we think MALAYSIAN INSIDER has really gone down the drain in terms of editorial quality.

An article which was filled with factual errors and major delusions was published by this portal.

That article which was titled – ‘May 13 was not a racial riot’ was written by one called Stephen Ng.

We do not know who this Stephen Ng is, but we wish to correct his writing.

Maybe he was ignorant. Maybe he was brainwashed by Kua Kia Soong. But one obvious fact remains, he got his facts and chronology of the events wrong.

Basically, Stephen Ng was writing fiction.

Just like how DAP intended to falsify history by telling the current generation they were innocent and was not involved in the riots AT ALL, Stephen Ng was trying to divert the blame entirely on Umno; which he massively failed to do so.

Son, if you wish to rewrite history, please do so among your other gullible and ignorant friends. But you are writing for public consumption. You have ended up being a fool.

So let us begin.

We shall ignore the first part of his article since that was merely a justification to show the audience that he is credible enough to talk about May 13. But being a 5 year old boy in 1969 doesn’t warrant him any credence what more by only referring to Kua Kia Soong as his source of materials. Thus, based only by experience as a 5 year old boy living in the East Coast and using Kua Kia Soong’s laughable May 13 book as reference, we can already establish Stephen Ng’s expertise on the subject is next to nothing.

He said:

As a boy, I was listening in to every conversation that took place between my mother and other relatives and friends. There were horror stories of Malays killing the Chinese, and Chinese killing the Malays. But a phone conversation between my mother and my father that has never escaped my attention was that everything was peaceful in the East Coast.

My Father said that the Chinese and the Malays were having breakfast together. There was no riot in the East Coast. It was business as usual for them. Muthusamy, Ali and Ah Chong were still friends, when things went awry in Selangor. Why is that so, Datuk Seri Nazri?

JMD : Indeed there were no riots and relatively peaceful in the East Coast because the racial riots happened in Klang Valley. This IS a fact. Riots and racial clashes did happen. Stephen should be thankful his chinese neighbours didn’t provoke the malays there in East Coast. Why is that Stephen Ng? Because the chinese there were in the minority and at a minuscule percentage as compared to the much bigger chinese population in Klang Valley.

Racial riots? No way!

My answer is simple: May 13 was NOT a racial riot. It was the work of a few politicians who capitalised on sentiments of the day.

Although there were obvious bad vibes between the races, mainly perpetuated by politicians, citizens of the newly-minted country, who had already learnt to accept each other, were beginning to enjoy being fellow Malaysians.

In Kelantan and other parts of the country, or should I say, where PAS was in control, people were able to live more harmoniously since the day of Prophet Muhammad!

JMD : Yes because there were no DAP or Labour Party or Gerakan Party in Kelantan in 1969. Of course people in Kelantan lived harmoniously.

Who then caused the May 13 riots? I only found the answer very much later when I started reading the book by Dr Kua Kia Soong, May 13, and made my own observations in the past six years.

JMD : Please read other books than Kua Kia Soong’s heavily biased book. Kua Kia Soong was just trying to exonerate DAP.

Let me briefly share my thoughts.

May 13 is the work of politicians who lost the 1969 general election. The opposition had tied with the Alliance for control of the Selangor state legislature, a large setback in the polls for the Alliance. The big difference now is that Selangor is totally under Pakatan rule for the good of the people.

Several factors had created the tension. The then Menteri Besar of Selangor, Haron Idris was discontented with the results of the election. At the same time, another camp was discontented with Tunku Abdul Rahman, our beloved Bapa Malaysia.

At that point in time, Dr Mahahtir Mohamed had been sacked after his book, The Malay Dilemma, was banned. Tunku had warned that Mahathir was a big troublemaker, and Umno would be making a big mistake if it was to take him back into its fold.

JMD : Tun Mahathir was sacked by Umno more than TWO MONTHS after the racial riots. So Stephen Ng’s stupid assertion that May 13 happened because Tun Mahathir was sacked is not true at all. May 13 happened two days after the general elections. Therefore Stephen Ng, when was it Mahathir got sacked which had caused the riots?

Furthermore, Malay Dilemma was published a year after the riots (1970). Stephen Ng, when you say “At that point in time, Dr Mahahtir Mohamed had been sacked after his book, The Malay Dilemma, was banned”, you were dead wrong. Did you even made any serious attempt to read before you attempt to write this? Tunku never warned about Mahathir being a troublemaker prior to the riots. What are you smoking Stephen?

In his book, Dr Mahathir was able to create a sense of insecurity amongst the Malays and later to control their minds. This was a necessity for a non-Malay, like Mahathir to later become the country’s leader.

JMD : So Malay Dilemma which was not even written yet on 13th May 1969 was creating sense of insecurity amongst the Malays which caused the riots? Don’t you feel like an idiot now Stephen?

Knowing that his own kind is generally not accepted even amongst the Malays, till today, he would not admit that his father was from Kerala in India.

JMD : This paragraph above is the most racist thing this Stephen ‘I am not a racist’ Ng had written. Tun Mahathir’s father wasn’t from India. He was born here in this country. How delusional can you be? And you said Mahathir’s kind wasn’t accepted by the Malays? Care to elaborate what ‘kind’ is that? The condescending and supremacist undertone in Stephen Ng’s writings is not lost among the readers.

Seizing the opportunity to force the Tunku to step down, Dr Mahathir, Abdul Razak Hussein and Haron Idris were the key players in Umno politics.

JMD : So, since the chronology is all wrong, Stephen Ng had to improvise about this fictitious plot. If he had read Tunku’s own book, May 13 Before and After, Tunku himself admit there was no such thing. In fact, Tunku was the one suggested to form Mageran (don’t know what Mageran is? Look it up, Stephen).

To reach that state of Emergency, they had to lash it out on the economically stronger community – the Chinese, and in particular, the DAP, accusing the DAP as a provocateur. Why only the DAP and not the MCA, as both were also Chinese? The present MCA does not even come close to the MCA of those days, when it was still popular with the New Villages.

JMD : Stephen Ng must be such a simpleton. It was the DAP and the Labour Party who acted as provocateurs. There are no two ways about it. The undeniable FACT is, DAP was the provocateurs! Why is this so hard to swallow? Of course MCA wasn’t involved in the victory procession and provoking the malays in Kuala Lumpur on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May 1969. MCA was with the Alliance. And they lost badly. Why on earth would Stephen Ng want to bundle up MCA as the guilty party as well?

Fact is, DAP members who are mostly chinese and the now defunct Labour as well as Gerakan Party which were made up mostly of Indians and chinese were doing all the rankling against the malays.

It clearly shows this was not a racial riot, but the political manipulation by a few.

JMD : Yes and this is based on all the above fiction? Have you not seen pictures from that day?

In my opinion, everything was lumped into one big blame on the DAP because they won big. This is the same modus operandi used by Umno Baru till today, except that this time around, it is not only the DAP, but Pakatan taking over the state of Selangor.

JMD : Your opinion is wrong. Yes Stephen, your effort to absolve DAP of any guilt is as absurd as Kia Soong’s book. We can smell the desperation there. Afraid that your beloved DAP was actually a villain back then? Couldn’t accept the reality that DAP then (and now) were racist to the core? Judging from your racist jibe about Mahathir, you and DAP are in the same mould as well.

Our advice to Stephen Ng is this – in order to be a good writer on history or any subjects, one must read a lot more materials. Not just books by Kua Kia Soong, but also books from other writers.

Therefore to save society from people who write bad articles, we beg Stephen Ng to read just thesee two materials as a start:

The true and fair view of 13th May 1969 Racial Riots (there are some cool pictures in here Stephen, mostly on the chinese DAP etc throwing insults and provoking the malays)

White Paper on the May 13, 1969 Racial Riots

After reading these two, we assure Stephen Ng that the riots on May 13, 1969 were indeed, racial. Please do not lie to your readers. It is already too much that you look down on other people’s ‘kind’, please do not be a liar too.

Thank you.

Also, please read – “May 13 NOT a racial riot” — and so the Dapster denial begins

Lim Kit Siang feels the heat…

… as Tun Dr Mahathir pre-empted his racist strategy for Gelang Patah.

Tun Mahathir, knowing full well what DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is all about, have slightly poked this old emperor of DAP with a jibe that everyone in Malaysia already knows – DAP and Lim Kit Siang will campaign on racial lines in every election.

For the record, Tun Mahathir had written this:

1. Kit Siang is going to contest in Gelang Patah.
2. Why Gelang Patah?
3. Obviously it is because Gelang Patah has a Chinese majority.
4. Obviously Kit Siang is going to play on Chinese sentiments.
5. Johore has been an Alliance/Barisan Nasional stronghold ever since independence. The three races there have been supporting each other in elections. They do not have strong racist feelings.
6. But Kit Siang is going to bring about conflict and antagonism between the races, to wage the Chinese to dislike and hate the Malays.
7. The slogan of the DAP is Malaysian Malaysia, a slogan used by the PAP in the 1964 General Elections. The slogan implies that Malaysia did not belong to all Malaysians equally. It belongs to the Malays.
8. The PAP intended to get the Chinese not to co-operate with the Malays, to end the Sino-Malay “ kongsi” of the Tunku in the Alliance Party.
9. Kongsi means not taking all our entitlements for ourselves but sacrificing some so others may get their share.
10. The PAP rejected this “kongsi” principle demanding that everything be based on merit. When Singapore left Malaysia the DAP, the PAP Trojan horse, took up the Malaysian Malaysia slogan. The intention was to draw away Chinese support from the MCA and abandon the kongsi concept with UMNO and the Malays. The meritocracy promoted by the DAP will mean diminishing opportunities for the Malays in education and in business. This will result in the Malays becoming less and less qualified and poorer. Meritocracy is not about sharing but about the winners taking all.
11. When Kit Siang decided to contest in Chinese majority Gelang Patah it is because he wanted the Chinese there and in Johor to reject working together and sharing with the Malays.
12. An unhealthy racial confrontation would replace Sino-Malay cooperation which has made Malaysia stable and prosperous. That cooperation will end when Kit Siang wins Gelang Patah. Even if there will not be violent clashes as seen in many countries where people are divided by race or religion, but confrontation between the three major races in Malaysia will be disruptive and will not be conducive to the development of Malaysia.
13. For this reason the decision of Kit Siang to contest in Gelang Patah will be the focus of the 13th General Election in this country.
14. Will the DAP end Malay-Chinese friendship and cooperation in Johor or will “kongsi” remain the bases of race relations in Johor and in Malaysia?
The cantankerous Lim Kit Siang took exception of what Tun Mahathir had said particularly paragraphs number 6 and 11. He then shot back with a threat of litigation suit (what else is new among Pakatan Rakyat leaders?) and complains to every Malaysian (like a child with tantrum) and even blackmailed the AG over this non-issue.
It was really laughable that Lim Kit Siang is angry that Tun Mahathir had allegedly defamed and slander him but his article to answer Tun Mahathir is filled with slander against the former premier himself. In other words, Lim Kit Siang himself is guilty of the same sin he is accusing Tun Mahathir.
After making those allegations against Tun Mahathir, he wrote this in the remaining paragraphs:

Now, I am more than convinced that Mahathir was behind these two “dirty tricks” when he could now concoct such lies and falsehoods in his blog on “Gelang Patah” which among other things, accused me of wanting to contest in Gelang Patah because

1. I want the Chinese in Gelang Patah and Johor to “reject working together and sharing with the Malays”;

2. urge the Chinese in Johor “to dislike and hate the Malays” to create “conflict and antagonism between the races”;

3. create “an unhealthy racial confrontation” between the Malays and Chinese in Johor, which will be “disruptive and will not be conducive to the development of Malaysia”.

I reiterate that all these three allegations by Mahathir are downright lies and falsehoods, which I had never uttered in Gelang Patah and Johore since the announcement on March 18 that I would be contesting in Gelang Patah, and that I had never uttered such scurrilous lies and falsehoods in my 47 years in politics, as they run counter to the grain of my political beliefs fostering greater inter-racial co-operation to build a united Malaysian nation.

I would like to remind Lim Kit Siang that in all DAP’s ‘ceramah’ there wasn’t any single one which DAP hasn’t said anything besides “this malay government is bad, that malay government is bad, malay Umno is unfair to the chinese, malay Umno is corrupt, malay Umno made chinese 2nd citizens etc” to their chinese audience.

This is the fact.

"If I can't say anything racial, I don't know what else can I say"

“If I can’t say anything racial, I don’t know what else I can say in my campaign”

Anyone who denies this are indeed blind and very prejudiced and biased. As we always say, those who are prejudiced, they will become stupid.

The act of insinuating that the malay Umno is bad (and by this extension, all malays is bad – fact that Pakatan non malay leaders could not understand the repercussion of saying that) and had unjustly treated the chinese, will inevitably lend to the feeling of uneasiness among the chinese in Johor particularly in Gelang Patah where as Johor as the bastion of BN is concerned, have had enormous goodwill and harmony between the two main races.

So what is new to what Tun Mahathir is saying?

What the premier just did was to send warning signals to the voters in Gelang Patah that Lim Kit Siang, as he had always done in the past, WILL resort to racial and racist lecture series all around Gelang Patah.

Can someone record all the speeches that Lim Kit Siang will make in this coming campaign?

And since we all know Lim Kit Siang is a self proclaimed Malaysian First (albeit hypocritically), he should make all his speeches in Malay or at most, in English.. so that we all can see if what Tun Mahathir predicted will come true.

Malaysians have been subjected to this racist individual for so long in the past and he is still contesting even though he is reaching mid 70s. A dictator by fact, who had helmed and ruled over DAP since 1969, the amount of racism he had introduced and peppered on every constituency he had contested must have been damaging to the social fabric of this nation.

Just like a former DAP leader had said, Lim Kit Siang and his traveling political circus will find ways to sow discord over a society which has strong bond and solid camaraderie over the years just to win a few votes. He will try to appeal over any innate racist tendency and germinate distrust of a race towards another so that he could attain power in the twilight of his years.

People in Gelang Patah should know better and it is also hoped that those who support DAP will finally see who and what are they voting for – just a bunch of megalomaniacs pursuing for power in the most vile way possible.

We should thank Tun Mahathir for pre-empting and ending Lim Kit Siang’s racist campaign.

A Samad Said does not want Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister

When a person is so desperate and become too biased in his thinking, inadvertently he will become stupid. That is the case of A Samad Said. Sensing that he has no more other ideas to condemn the government led by Barisan Nasional, he blurted a racial statement which not only seemed idiotic, but has revealed that he can offer Pakatan absolutely nothing in this election campaign.

He questioned (in red below) the race of all our Prime Ministers (former and current) and remarked why are they all malays. He remarked that it is high time for voters to be critical of this fact. In his mind, there should be a Prime Minister of a different race other than malays in the near future.

With this statement, I believe A Samad Said, in his intellectual capacity, will have to go against his own Pakatan Rakyat’s choice of Prime Minister and reject the malay Anwar Ibrahim if Pakatan Rakyat wins this general election. A Samad Said must also reject Abdul Hadi Awang, the President of PAS because he too, is a malay.

But who does A Samad Said root for to be the Prime Minister? Would it be Lim Guan Eng? That seems to be plausible since DAP is the biggest opposition party right now.

Openly campaigning for Pakatan, Pak Samad tells voters to oust BN


APRIL 06, 2013

SELAYANG, April 6 — Bersih 2.0 co-chairman Datuk A. Samad Said openly called on voters today to support the opposition and use this “once chance” to end Barisan Nasional’s (BN) rule in Election 2013.

This is the first time the national literary icon popularly known as Pak Samad, has openly urged Malaysians to back the federal opposition coalition to “overhaul” the government and “amend the broken machinery” like healthcare and education, which Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has promised to deliver.

“This is our chance… the time has come for us to overhaul the government to that power would fall in the right hands.

“This is our opportunity to amend the broken machinery like healthcare, education and democracy of which have been promised by the opposition,” he said at an event organised by polls reform group Bersih 2.0 here.

Bersih 2.0, a coalition of over 80 non-governmental organisations, has in the past been forced to defend itself against criticisms calling it a partisan group, largely due to the immense support it had received from PR leaders for its street protests.

The former national laureate Samad (picture) said now is a critical time for voters to ask themselves why the same coalition has ruled Malaysia for more than five decades and why is it those in power are only Malays.”I am also a Malay but I often asked why is it that the powers above me are only Malays?

“Tunku Abdul Rahman was a Malay, (Tun) Abdul Razak was a Malay, (Tun) Hussein Onn was a Malay, (Tun Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) is not a pure Malay but can be considered a Malay.. (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak) is also a Malay,” he said.

Despite a solid Malay leadership for five 56 years, Samad pointed to the racist tactic used by the ruling coalition to keep the country’s ethnic majority on its side.

Since A Samad Said (and Bersih) is no longer non-partisan, we can deduce that Bersih is a full fledged opposition outfit. It has been a foregone conclusion for the past few years that Bersih is the Street Demo Division of Pakatan Rakyat and with this all out support by A Samad Said, there is no longer any doubt.

However, what A Samad Said had said run contrary to what his colleague in PAS had said. The vice president of PAS, Salahuddin Ayub just told the media that there is no way a chinese will be the prime minister.


Perhaps he is saying this in front of an audience which was mainly Malays? Maybe. Pakatan leaders have always played to the gallery. After all, their God-sent leader, Anwar Ibrahim is the chief chameleon.

GE13: A Chinese will never be PM, says PAS veep Salahuddin

Salahuddin Ayub

JOHOR BARU: A Chinese will never be Prime Minister or the Johor Mentri Besar if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, said PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub.

He said that it was impossible for DAP to offer a Chinese candidate for these positions as they were only contesting 50 of the 222 Parliament seats.

“I do not think that the Chinese and Indians are interested in becoming the Prime Minister or even the Agong,” he said.

“As for the position in the state, it says in state bylaws that only a Malay and a Muslim can be the Mentri Besar in Johor.”

He added that the same accusations surfaced when Datuk Chua Jui Meng was appointed the Johor PKR chief and had resurfaced with DAP advisor Lim kit Siang contesting in Gelang Patah.

Salahuddin is tipped to contest the Pulai parliamentary and the state seat of Nusajaya.

It is quite extraordinary for Salahuddin Ayub to say this actually. He sounded just like Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. If any of the Barisan Nasional leaders had said this, they would be deemed as racist by the Malaysian First hypocrites like Hannah Yeoh or Lim Kit Siang.

But with A Samad Said not wanting a malay as Prime Minister, we can see there will be more peculiarities coming from Pakatan Rakyat in this next few weeks. And for A Samad Said’s information, there is nothing wrong with a malay being the prime minister. Thinking too much on the racial lines makes you a racist yourself.

And finally, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a malay through and through. Only his paternal grandfather is of indian blood. The rest, (maternal grandparents and paternal grandmother) were of malay descent. Moreover, Tun Hussein Onn’s grandmother was from Turkey but according to A Samad Said’s standard, Hussein Onn is pure malay. All this double standard and total ignorance is unbecoming of a national laureate. True enough, when you are prejudiced, you become irrational.

Better the idiom you know than the one you don’t

Among the pseudo-intelectuals, idioms can be something mysterious and worth dissecting.

Take the idiom ‘better the devil you know..’ which appeared in Tun Dr Mahathir’s blogpost recently. The article was titled ‘Change’ and it goes like this:

1. In his campaign to become President of the US Barack Obama promised change, “time for change”, he said.

2. He promised to close down Guantanamo Detention Camp.

3. He promised to stop trials of detainees by Military Courts.

4. He promised to pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. And many more.

6. Now four years into his first term he has failed to keep his promises.

7. Guantanamo is still holding so-called terrorists; still torturing them. No military courts but no trials by civilian courts either.

8. Instead of pulling out from Iraq and Afghanistan he approved a “surge” in the troops sent to this area. Later he pulled out some troops but American soldiers are still in the two countries.

9. Making promises during campaigns for elections is easy. Keeping them is a different matter. The best hope is that people’s memory is short. They would normally forget the promises.

10. Now the opposition in Malaysia have copied Obama and is promising change.

11. Give them a chance they say. The BN has ruled this country for 55 years. It is time to change. They will change this into a welfare state. Everything will be free. No fees for education. No tolls. Large subsidy for petrol. 20% royalty to oil producing states etc.etc.

12. The Socialist and Communist have tried this welfare state idea. They failed. Malaysia has no ideology. But the reality is that the Government needs money in order to develop the country and to subsidise living cost for the people. But when Government foregoes taxes, tolls and fees, it will have less money. But it will have to spend more on running an maintaining utilities, expressways, schools, operational and development cost, pension etc.

13. So where does the Government get necessary funds?

14. Borrowing is okay if the money is invested and giving a return. But borrowing money in order to just spend will lead to non-payment of debts.

15. That’s what happened to Greece. It’s bankrupt now. The whole of Europe cannot put it back together again.

16. Admittedly the BN has ruled this country every since independence. But look at the record and compare it with other countries which gained independence at the same time. Compare it even with the developed West. They are in deep financial trouble and try as they might, they have not been able to overcome the crisis.

17. Remember 1997-98 crisis. The then Deputy PM and Minister of Finance tried the IMF solution without the IMF loans. Banks and companies were faced with the threat of bankruptcy from non-performing loans. Imports cost more. Cost of living shot up.

18. The track record of the Minister of Finance then was bad although there is a fondness of claiming success brought about by other people as his success. PNB, UIA were part of the claim.

19. Now as leader of the Opposition he is claiming to bring about change. What good change did he introduce when he was in the Government? All he was interested in was getting up the leadership ladder of UMNO in order to become Prime Minister. How he achieved his objective does not bear scrutiny.

20. Five years to give a trial as Government is dangerous. Many things can be destroyed in five years. Besides the Opposition as Government will ensure there will be no return for the BN. Officers in the Government will be used to “gempar” (threaten) whoever tries to change Government.

21. Already we see this person who claims to fight for free speech suing and resorting to the courts to shut the mouth of his critics. Other powers of the Government will be similarly abused. Nepotism and cronyism will be employed as indeed they are in the party he now heads.

22. The record is there. Malaysians must not allow themselves to be hoodwinked as I was hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety in the past.

23. The BN has listened to the people and has changed many laws and policies. All that the people need to do is to urge the BN to carry out whatever change the people desire.

25. Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

The article has 25 paragraphs but it seems what bothered Pakatan was the last paragraph – the English idiom which verily means “it is wiser to deal with someone familiar, though you may not like them, than to deal with someone who you do not know, who might be worse.”

Even the seemingly intelligent Nurul Izzah kept harping on this. I guess it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt (another idiom).

It has been more than a week since the article was published and the absurdity of this has not died down.

Was it such a confusing article that people could not understand the gist of it? That promises by those who are not yet in power can have devastating effects if they are not carefully planned and comprehensively thought of. Please read the article again.

It is very shocking and an insult to intelligence that most leaders in Pakatan are jumping on the bandwagon to ride the wave this idiom has created. This wave was created because the Pakatan leaders have no answer to the other 24 paragraphs of that article; those are 24 paragraphs of undeniable facts. They just have no answer for it. And in their petty, topsy turvy simple mindedness of a brain, they spun a simple idiom to suit their agenda.

The devils and angles in the idiom are merely metaphorical. How deluded are they to think that Tun Mahathir are actually referring them as ‘angels’? Holier than thou again are we?

Today, a former civil servant by the name K.J. John wrote an article in The Malay Mail to twist what Tun said earlier. I doubt he even read Tun’s original article.

He wrote:

The devil we do know!

(the first few paragraphs are just some psycho-babble pseudo intellectuals always try to impress upon their readers)

A friend alerted me to the “‘devil we know’ versus the one we do not know” quote by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. My friend says, “He knows the devil and has had enough of the devil that he knows!” I am not sure who he is actually talking about but I have my suspicions!

I once wrote a manuscript for the CSIS in Washington DC, when they were inviting Asians to write on the “East Asian Miracle.” This was what World Bank economists called the “East Asian Miracle Economies” for their extraordinary performance as countries and economies.

Malaysia was considered one of those “miracle economies.”

I wrote my manuscript called the “East Asian non-miracle: The case for Malaysia’s GEM or Growth with Equity Model.” Needless to say, it was not published by CSIS although I did get to present it at a Forum that it organised in Washington.

In the premise of the thesis to the manuscript I began by arguing that World Bank may not have credibility to argue that anything in the world of economics can be “miraculous!” I am no economist, but have at least a basic degree in Economics from the University of Malaya.

The only “equivalents to the concept of ‘miracle’ from field of theology” that I can estimate are the statistical outliers we talk about in a normal distribution curve.

Therefore, I argued that the best that World Bank economists can do is to argue that “these East Asian Economies are statistical outliers, if they had developed an econometrics index model to classify and categorise all economies on a equitable framework.”

They probably did not (in quantitative terms) and therefore, maybe they decided not to publish my critique of their premise! Allow me to use the same argument to discredit Dr Mahathir’s “better the devil you know” thesis published in The Malay Mail on Aug 23.

(they probably didn’t publish it because this basic economics degree holder were trying to argue on form rather than the substance on what was the East Asian Miracle. Miracles, outliers, they can be the same thing. Maybe CSIS didn’t want to engage on superficial arguments. Anyway, he then proceeded to some theology concepts which has nothing to do with Tun’s original article…) 

First, my question to Tun: “Are you speaking as a human being, or as the former PM, or as a Muslim, or as a Medical doctor, or what? Or, it could be all of the above too!

Nevertheless and regardless, my rebuttal of the same goes! Is Tun speaking about a spiritual ontology and epistemology, therefore what is his methodology for his assertion and thus verification? Once he answers this, my consequential question is, where does he find this worldview which supports such arguments?

Please inform or educate me so that I too can read and understand; is it from politics, or philosophy, or religion, or is it merely the wisdom of Tun from all of the above?

(Why make things complicated over an idiom? Maybe K.J. John has a lot of free time. The next few paragraphs have even more fluff)

The only “devilish language” I know of, comes from within the Abrahamic traditions, and I suspect is therefore well embedded in their worldviews (of ontology, epistemology and methodology as applied in life matters).

My own Christian theology is very clear and explicit that Satan is the Father of Lies; of all things evil and devilish!

However, I also did a search of Google and found the following: The Devil (diabolos in Greek meaning ‘slanderer’ or ‘accuser’) is believed in many religions and cultures to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the personifi cation of evil and the enemy of God and humankind.

The nature of the role varies greatly. It ranges from being an effective opposite force to the Creator at one extreme, where both are locked in an eons long holy war for human souls on what may seem even terms, to being just a comical figure of fun or even an abstract aspect of the individual human condition at the other.

The above is a secular enough definition and is a popular expression found on Google. Based on this definition what exactly is Dr Mahathir saying?

Simple: Tun’s main argument in his thesis was a political one about the population not being duped by the Opposition into believing that they can govern the country better because they are not yet a trustable and credible entity because they have not proven their governance capability whereas the BN has been the Government of the Day for the last 55 years.

(My reply to this is at the end of this piece)

Therefore, his quote of this popular English adage was in fact referring to BN and specifically UMNO has the main objective of the speech, especially to a Malay majority audience in Kedah!

(What does Kedah got to do with an article he posted in English, and in his blog?)

Let me alternatively argue why PR has the potential to be an alliance better than the “so-called trusted and tried BN!” I have a few simple reasons:

>> Within BN power has corrupted; otherwise why all the many financial scandals!

>> Within the Cabinet, the PM is no more ‘the first among equals'; he was overruled by the Cabinet on his instructions to review Section 114A of the Evidence Act.

>> In both Selangor and Perak, it has been demonstrated that where there is a balanced but a new Governance system with a clear non-corruptibility code; the overall governance of the states has vastly improved. <— (did K.J. John just creep out from a cave in the middle of Amazon?)

Therefore, I would argue that we are better off in the 13th General Election to allow the Opposition to form the Government at the Federal level so that the Rakyat can re-evaluate the true value proposition of the incumbent. I cannot think of any other way to send a clearer message to all parties!

My reply is this – No, we are not better off if Pakatan Rakyat is the Federal Government because Pakatan Rakyat, even though they has not become the Federal Government yet, has already cases of corruption, mismanagement, propensity to abuse laws, shamelessness to lie in public, sex offences, abuse of power and other equally heinous acts etc therefore, to vote them in the next general election will have a disastrous effect on all of us.

I cannot think of any other way to send a clearer message to all parties.

If K.J. John thinks that all Pakatan Rakyat states are angelic and none of the malignant examples I stated above occurred, then he is perhaps the mostdeluded and blindsided academician ever to grace the pages of The Malay Mail.

I have a malay idiom for him to chew on, dissect and digest and to write a whole thesis about it – “Hitam-hitam tahi minyak dimakan juga, putih-putih hampas kelapa dibuang.”

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 55!

An unfortunate article by someone I respect

I read with interest Datuk Sakmongkol’s antagonistic writings against Tun Dr Mahathir’s memoirs.

Obviously, being too close to Tengku Razaleigh had led him to write without objectively analysing the content of the book.

And it is unfortunate that he started his article with a lie he created.

He based all his arguments on one sentence that he created from his imagination. He actually wrote that Tun had stated – ‘I have indian blood but I am malay.’

Please read below:


When Dr. Mahathir said those lines, I nearly fell off the chair. Not because, the Malay categorization of such a fellow is a Mamak or and Indian Muslim, but because of the admission of political chameleon-ness of the person.

Because of that, we can now reconcile such an admission with one particular categorization of Dr Mahathir – that of a political liar. To re affirm his brand of politics, Dr Mahathir is willing to not tell the truth. His memoir contains not hard truths but fabricated deceits.

That was a great start to an article isn’t it?

He used that sentence to string some convoluted logic that since Tun had said something totally opposite, he must be a  political liar. He even go to the extent that Tun Mahathir is a born liar.

In actual fact, Tun Mahathir said this:

I am well aware that my ethnic origin has been the subject of much animated debate. Some claim that my father was Malayalee and was fluent in both Tamil and Malayalam. Some have even written that he was a Hindu who converted to Islam to marry my mother. Others say that they have seen documents clearly stating my ethnicity. I admit that some Indian, or more accurately South Asian blood flows in my veins, but from which part of the Indian subcontinent my ancestors came I do not know. Malays in the past did not keep track of their lineage, although most of those with Arab blood can trace their roots to Yemen and know which family they belong to.

Some people will see this chapter as racist at worst, and narcissistic at best – it is intended as neither. I am a Malay and am proud of it.

…. my family and I have always fulfilled those formal criteria. But I am a Malay not just on paper. I am also a Malay in sentiment and in spirit. I identify completely with the Malays and their problems, their past and their present, their achievements and failures.

Usually if somebody goes out of his way to criticise over something using really flimsy argument, what more the criticism is laced with such rancour and hostility, we can safely assume that somebody is trying very hard to change the perception and the  original perception was indeed correct. For how else, can we surmise such biased article where the whole argument is based only on a sentence that was created by Sakmongkol?

He had taken a whole paragraph out of context and spun it into a whole article.

Furthermore, surely Datuk Sakmongkol cannot deduce that the book contains only fabricated deceits and no hard truths. I hope he is not implying that not a single shred of truth is available in it.

He even go as far as agreeing Anwart Ibrahim’s allegation that Tun is a blatant liar. Well, how else can Anwar defend himself over the incident that was retold by Tun in his book? Does Sakmongkol agree with Anwar that no girls were brought to see Tun to expose Anwar’s ferocious sexual appetite?

I bet even Sakmongkol knew that was true. Grasping at straws like this is quite embarrassing.

His take on certain events are also skewed to show that Tengku Razaleigh  and all Tun Mahathir’s deputies were the victims of the great man’s political onslaught.

If he says that nobody can oppose Tun Mahathir when he was the Prime Minister, he should adjust his mind to see the truth – his tenureship as the PM was mired with challenges from usurpers.

And one of those challenges went all the way to the highest platform to appoint a leader – the Umno general assembly.

So why would Sakmongkol say – Umno is an acronym of Under Mahathir Never Oppose?

Because, when Tun Mahathir was the PM and Sakmongkol was an Umno leader somewhere in Pekan, I am sure Sakmongkol never opposed Tun Mahathir; not because he couldn’t oppose, but because there was nothing to oppose about. Right?

For a split second, I thought such bitter remarks could possibly came about not from him but from Tengku Razaleigh himself.

Is he saying that when someone opposes you, you should just give way and let your challenger assume your position? Please bear in mind, Tengku Razaleigh is not someone without flaws. And I say this without demeaning my respect towards him.

But to utterly berate someone using such racist and callous context, and with certain malice and lies, is very unfortunate indeed.

Tun Mahathir is not perfect. He made mistakes like all of us. But to indirectly say that he is worse than all of us is stretching it a bit too far. And to argue along ethnic lines is stooping to the Pakatan Rakyat’s racist propaganda.

So what if he has two spoonfuls of indian blood? If he said he is Malay, then he is Malay.  By definition and by his lifestyle. Who are we to call him mamak or someone who is bipolar? And who are you to use that as your contention? A racist?

I wrote this sometime ago:

Myth number 5 – Tun Mahathir is a mamak disguising himself as a malay

The people from the opposition kept calling Tun Dr Mahathir as Mamak Mahathir and even criticised him as someone trying to be malay eventhough he is actually a mamak.

Now, who in the right mind would call him this? Nobody except the racist among us.

To set things straight, Tun Mahathir’s grandfather was indeed an Indian Muslim. And the indian ancestry stops there. His grandfather married a malay woman and produced Mohamad Iskandar, the first headmaster of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid.

Mohamad Iskandar married Wan Tempawan Wan Hanapi and had Tun Mahathir as the youngest son.

In any standard, he is a malay. But many people still see him as a mamak and ostracise him for trying to be more malay than a mamak. Even if we go technical, Tun Mahathir is 75% malay, and 25% indian. Isn’t that enough justification to see that he is malay after all?

But all this is besides the point.

The point is, wasn’t the opposition who drummed the idea that racial identification is racist, people should not be recognised through race so on and so forth. They even proposed that the race identity in identity cards be abolished.

The irony is, they themselves can’t stop being racist when criticising Tun Mahathir. All this diatribe and racial abuse come from the so called ‘antiracist’ opposition! Why demonising the Tun using racial card?

Do you think all the indian muslims in this country won’t get offended? Do you think you are damn good to racially insult people?

Need I say more? Please do not lie to please somebody else. After all, like Sakmongkol said himself –

A memoir is what it is- a very personalized and heavily nuanced version of history. In the case of a memoir or autobiography- a personalized and heavily nuanced version of HIS legacy and a selective recollection of aspects of history.

Who are we to ridicule his own version of his life story?  Tengku Razaleigh can start writing his own memoirs if he wants to.

To all his detractors, write your own book before resorting to attack Tun Mahathir with racial slants and fluffy arguments.

Thank you.

p.s: Tan Sri Sanusi Junid wrote his own version that may correlate with events that happened 24 years ago. Some of us may be in our late 20s / early 30s and do not know much of what had happened at that time.

The Malaysian Insider and its misreporting

Now this is something that some people will find trivial but I see it as a a danger that will jeopardise the reputation of online portals in Malaysia.

Back in February, Siti Nurhaliza launched her first talk show which featured Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as her first VIP guest.

During the Q & A session with the audience, Tun Mahathir was asked on what would he do if he was given the chance to become the prime minister once again.

From what I heard, Tun said that his priority would be to see Malaysia become a developed nation and that he would like to balance the disparity between races.

But the very next day, Malaysian Insider published an article with the heading:

If PM again, Dr M would prioritise racial equality

By Clara Chooi
February 12, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 12 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad placed racial equality as top on his list of priorities to develop the country if he were given a second shot at running the country as prime minister.

Dr Mahathir told songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza on the first episode of the latter’s new TV talk show “Siti” on Astro Ria tonight that despite having relinquished his job for over seven years now, he still had “many ideas” on how to improve development in Malaysia.

“I have many ideas that can help to develop the country, especially to achieve racial unity.

“But these plans can only be carried out by those in power… because I am not in power, all I can do is try to influence the present leaders,” he said.

The outspoken octogenarian explained that now that he was no longer in government, his only avenue to affect changes in the country was by speaking with present government leaders and writing in his blog chedet.co.cc.

“My wish if I were to be PM of this country again, which is unlikely, is to ensure that Malaysia achieves its objective to achieve developed nation status,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said this when responding to a question from a member of the audience who had asked the former prime minister what he would do if he were given the opportunity to run Malaysia again.

The country’s longest serving prime minister was the first guest on Siti’s maiden television programme.

This was a grave mistake by the reporter as Tun Mahathir did not even say the words ‘racial equality’. As the interview was in Bahasa Malaysia, my first thought was, the reporter did not understand Bahasa Malaysia that well.

Racial equality in Bahasa Malaysia would be ‘kesaksamaan antara kaum’. I was sure Malaysian Insider had it wrong with the heading.

In fact, if you look carefully at the article above, the term ‘racial equality’ was only stated in the headline, not in the article itself. It was only the spin put by Malaysian Insider. The closest words that were stated was ‘racial unity’. Even then, I swear I did not hear Tun said ‘perpaduan kaum’ in his statement.

True enough, judging by the amount of negative comments it received, the opposition aligned news portal has achieved its goal through a grave error in reporting.

For those who missed it, the ex premier gave his answer as seen in the video clip below:

What he actually said was “saya mempunyai banyak idea-idea yang boleh menolong membangunkan negara khususnya mengimbangkan kedudukan kaum-kaum di dalam negara kita….” [30 – 40 secs] and “jadi yang saya berniat kalau saya dah kembali jadi perdana menteri, yang tak mungkin, ialah untuk berusaha supaya negara kita dapat mencapai matlamat kita untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju…” [1.02 – 1.25 mins]

If we had taken a bit more time in counter checking with our national language, Tun did not mean racial equality. What he meant was correcting the imbalances between races. This had been his mantra since he started his political career. Everyone with enough salt would have known this. Is Malaysian Insider trying to put words in his mouth?

They did.

I even went to the extent of contacting the boss of Malaysian Insider the very same day the article appeared:

He then promised to check with the reporter about the mistake:

I appreciated his willingness to check and reiterated my point of contention:

After 24 hours went by, I tweeted him again asking for the outcome:

To which he replied no further action will be taken as the reporter’s note was accurate:

I then postulated that the reporter might mistranslated what the old man had said and furthermore, the heading is very much different from the body of the article!

@JSadiq then thanked me and will take note on my complaints. That was it. No corrections.

So what now?

It is proven that the reporter made an error while performing her duties. I believe negligence at this proportion which tarnished the image of the ex-premier was deliberate in order to gain negative feedback from the public.

What is disappointing is the editorial management of Malaysian Insider which derived its experience from News Straits Times and other reputable media chose to sit on this issue and do nothing to correct the article. Its level of investigation stopped only by looking at the reporter’s notes. Did anybody bother to look at the reruns of the show?

I was lucky a hardcore fan of Siti Nurhaliza sent me the link. If not, this matter would be swept under the carpet and an innocent person was unnecessarily lambasted for things he did not say.

As a reader of Malaysian Insider, I am aghast at this irresponsible editorial attitude. I thought with the amount of advertisements it gained from government linked companies , it would at least strive to be reputable and credible. Surely it does not strive to be just like its big brother, Malaysia Today.

I have a sliver of hope that it won’t.

Thank you.

Breaking the siege of Gaza

Press Release from the Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO):

International Conference on Breaking the Gaza Siege on 11 July, 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.

The illegal siege on Gaza by the Israeli Government has been going on for too long.

It has created a humanitarian crisis, literally a chokehold on a people which is intended at wiping out the population, slowly but surely.

The siege, imposed since 2007, is an unending list of atrocities and cruelties inflicted by the Israeli Government on Palestinians and, as in the past, the international community, have failed to stand up and put a stop to these barbaric acts.

Last month, a group of activists from different countries, colours and creeds, joined hands to form the Freedom Flotilla and sailed across the Mediterranean to challenge the siege on Gaza.

Consistent to its belligerent streak, the Israel Defence Force (IDF), at the wee hours of dawn, launched a cowardly attack on one of the Freedom Flotilla ships, the Mavi Marmara which was sailing in international waters.

The attack on the civilian ship resulted in the murder of nine activists and injured dozens more. Apart from that, the IDF, after forcefully boarding the ships of the flotilla, commandeered them to the Israeli port Ashdod and then imprisoned the activists.

Having literally dragged the activists into Israel, the Tel Aviv regime then deported them under tremendous condemnation from the international community.

The IDF repeated their act a few days later on the MV Rachel Corrie, another member of the Freedom Flotilla which had lagged behind due to engine problems.

Even though another tragedy was averted as no one was shot nor killed, the IDF boarded the Rachel Corrie in full force with its personnel armed to the teeth. Again, the Rachel Corrie was forcefully commandeered to Ashdod.

It is extensively believed that the Rachel Corrie was spared the violent, armed aggression of the IDF due to the international spotlight on Tel Aviv following murders of the activists on Mavi Marmara.

It is against these backdrops that the Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO), a principal partner in the Freedom Flotilla, decided to hold an international conference to recount what had occurred on the Mavi Marmara and Rachel Corrie.

The theme of the conference is:
Breaking the Siege: In The Spirit of Rachel Corrie and Mavi Marmara.

Speakers include Yildirim Bulent, head of the Turkish humanitarian relief organisation, the Insani Yardim Yakfi (IHH), Denis J. Halliday, former assistant secretary-general of the United Nations and Derek Graham, head of the MV Rachel Corrie team.

Another speaker is Dr Hasan Huseyn Uyzal who was on board the Mavi Marmara and helped treat the injured.

A Palestinian judge, Dialdeen S. Madhoun who is head of the Palestinian committee of war crimes documentation will also be one of the speakers.

PGPO chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who had been a leading figure in opposing Israeli consistent and systematic genocide of Palestinians, will deliver the keynote address.

He will also chair a Panel Session for the conference and the panellists will include ambassadors from several countries which are concerned about the Israeli siege. Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister, who has been leading efforts to raise funds for the Palestinian cause, will be one of the panellists.

The conference is expected to conclude with a clear plan on measures and efforts to be undertaken in challenging the siege and eventually putting an end to it.

These measures and efforts will be formulated based on the inputs, views and ideas put forth and shared during the conference.

The closing address will be delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The one-day 11 July, 2010 conference to be held at the Dewan Tun Razak 1 hall in Putra World Trade Centre, starts at 9am.

Entrance is free and open to the public. The public is however advised to come early as seats are limited though there is ample standing room.

If there are any enquiries, please contact: 03-88858965 (Maizatul – maizatul@perdana.org.my), 03-88858960 (Noorinsun – noorinsun@perdana.org.my), 019-3843913 (Dr Zulaiha Ismail – zul@pop.jaring.my) or 019-9100090 (Shamsul – shamsulakmar@gmail.com).

Issued by Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) on 3 July, 2010.

Malaysian Insider playing the fiddle

…and the fiddlers are just a bunch of nervous editors.

I find their latest editorial piece rather perplexing to say the least. In a nutshell, they are urging Tun Dr Mahathir to sue everyone that had tarnished his image and reputation.

This is clearly a red herring. An act to cover up the idiotic gamble Barry Wain, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang et al had played for the past 2 weeks.

And with the opposition-aligned Malaysian Insider fully on the bandwagon through this editorial piece below, we can safely be assured that Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan and Brendan Pereira are contributing their handiwork to lend some feeble ammunition for the opposition.

Now get this, the opposition, through their unofficial mouthpiece – The Malaysian Insider, DO NOT WANT the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be set up!

Now who was the one who accused and sullied Mahathir’s name with this RM100 billion wastage?

Barry Wain.

A week ago who called for the RCI to be established?

Lim Kit Siang.

Who had agreed for the RCI to be established?


Who had agreed to be judged?


Who should prepare all the documentary proof of the alleged corruption?

Barry Wain.

Who will be sued all the way back to the middle ages if Barry Wain could not prepare all the documentary evidence of this accusation so that the RCI can start its investigation?

Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and MalaysiaKini (does Malaysian Insider want to be part of this group as well?)

Who has more guts to go along with this RCI that was suggested by Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim?


Now who are the cowards that suddenly made a u-turn on their own suggestion?

Lim Kit Siang (based on his twitter) and Malaysian Insider (based on the editorial below):

DEC 25 — All said and done, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s acerbic and impassioned defence of his administration boils down to one thing. That he should sue those who defame him for saying otherwise of his 22-years in power.

He should sue Barry Wain, the former editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal who wrote Malaysian Maverick which alleged the feisty medical doctor “burned” up to RM100 billion as prime minister.

He should sue DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, which he had reserved the right to, for claiming the same.

He should sue them for defamation if he believes he has been defamed. Dr Mahathir’s excuse that he isn’t like the litigatious Singaporean leaders does not hold water. What is he afraid of?

He should just put to rest, once and for all, all the speculation about his years in power. Not call for another Royal Commission to probe him and his successor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Malaysia has had enough of wasting money on Royal Commissions, whose recommendations are ignored. The police management and VK Lingam video clip inquiries comes to mind.

The government of the day is already grappling with the fallout of the theft of two jet engines belonging to the RMAF’s F-5E squadron. It has to deal with an economy that is way behind its neighbours.

It shouldn’t waste time and money to assuage a vexed Dr Mahathir that his administration did not waste RM100 billion. After all, some of the current Cabinet ministers come from his and Abdullah’s time.

Would they feel different now apart from ignoring his wish for Science and Mathematics to be taught in English? Not when they still think building three iconic 100-storey buildings in Kuala Lumpur would provide a fillip for the economy. Or getting a RM628 million trade centre is worth government land that is potentially worth RM15 billion.

There is no dilemma here. Dr Mahathir has to do this alone. He has to sue to clear his name. The smirks, caustic and snide remarks in a blog isn’t enough to clean up his reputation except among his ardent admirers.

Come on, Malaysian maverick. Go sue those who sully your name. Just do it.

In the recent article, I wrote in the last paragraph:

The last thing we need to see is Kit Siang lambasting a Royal Commission of Inquiry by questioning that it ultimately won’t be impartial or lacking integrity even before it is being set up – just to save his face.

Malaysian Insider has proved that they tried to save the opposition from being labeled as cowards by lambasting the RCI even before it existed.

In the first place, the setting up of RCI is not “to assuage a vexed Dr Mahathir that his administration did not waste RM100 billion.”

It is to test Barry Wain’s and all the opposition’s claims that Mahathir was the person solely guilty of losing that RM100 billion, if there such amount anyway. The RCI was not initially suggested by Mahathir anyway. The onus is not on the  ‘vexed’ Mahathir. It is falls squarely on to the people who suggested the RCI. And who suggested it first? That’s right. The very person who is now feeling a bit jittery.

And the lamest spin of all is them saying that the previous recommendations of the VK Lingam  RCI are ignored, purportedly to the benefit of Mahathir himself. But what are these recommendations the bumbling Malaysian Insider are talking about that could cancel Lim Kit Siang’s suggestion?

Below are the recommendations:

What in high heavens would the recommendations above got to do with Mahathir in the first place? That particular RCI did not find Mahathir guilty of any sorts anyway. Therefore, whether the recommendations are executed or ignored, it will not affect Mahathir.

The reason why all these buffoons do not want the RCI and licking back their own spit is because Mahathir had agreed for all the documentary proof to be brought in for the RCI to investigate.

This will surely make all those that had been screaming for democracy, transparency and good governance to be undressed in public as their hands are also soiled when they were in the government back then.

The best way is for Barry Wain to present his substantiated claims in the RCI. And for God’s sakes Malaysian Insider, the RCI should also investigate the period from 2004 onwards as well. Unless of course the opposition now is no longer interested in trying to unveil any corruption that they themselves had claimed very rampant from 2004 onwards.

Is this true? Those that screamed in Malaysia Today, in Malaysia Kini around 3  to 4 years ago regarding the corrupt government no longer think it is necessary to do so?

If this is not true, then transparency and good governance must prevail at all times.

Mahathir is not afraid of the RCI.

Neither should his successor or the opposition. Malaysian Insider should be asked the same question that they asked Mahathir – what are you afraid of? Feeling a tad bit vexed yourselves are you?

The opposition is caught with their pants down. Anwar Ibrahim and his horde of underlings will surely be implicated if the RCI that they suggested is eventually set up. Now, by crook or by crook, these crooks must ensure they tarnish this RCI even before it is being established.

Cowards and spineless people usually do these sort of things. And some people think cowards and spineless people can become better leaders!

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