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“You told a lie, Prime Minister”

We look back into a rather amusing past when Pak Lah was getting the heat by bloggers who had enjoyed themselves writing about his administrative mistakes. Those were the days when blogs were fun to read and everyone believed in the bigger cause.

And this video was always the ‘go to’ video by bloggers back then.

*clip from the Yes, Prime Minister series, The Tangled Web episode.

Lest we forget: Rafizi Ramli’s stupid scheme

The boy who cried trying to explain the Kajang Move he orchestrated. Fast forward 7 months, we have a huge mess and upheaval in the state of Selangor.

He even had the cheek to say “we do not manipulate the system like how Umno manipulates the system”.

Spoken like a true conniving manipulator and master spinner.

Shouldn’t he take responsibility and resign, like a man? Enough of this stupidity. Even his explanation on the Kajang Move was filled with nonsense. No mention of Khalid Ibrahim either. Rafizi Ramli is the boy that should be blamed.


Top 10 Reasons Why Pakatan Rakyat Is Lowering Your Standards

The standards we are talking about is the standard of being you set yourself as a citizen of this country. Your standard as part of the larger society. And this standard of yours is quickly being eroded by Pakatan Rakyat. Here’s how:

10. When it comes to corruption, all Barisan Nasional MPs and leaders must be seen as corrupt free. But when the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat do it, all of you turned around and say – look Barisan Nasional is even worse. Yes, Pakatan Rakyat had successfully lowered your standards in terms of corruption. In your minds, Pakatan Rakyat can be corrupt because Barisan Nasional is corrupt too. In the end, it is okay for YOU to be corrupt because everyone else is corrupt too.

9. When it comes to Barisan Nasional leaders, the Pakatan Rakyat politicians are telling you that you need better leaders than Bung Mokhtar or Hassan Malek or G. Palanivel or most of the current crop of MPs from Barisan Nasional. But when it comes to their own leaders it does not matter who they are and what quality they possess; the lower the better. That’s why you are okay when Loh Gwo Burne became MP (your lowered standards voted him in), when Anwar Ibrahim was caught in a video with a China doll, all of you still voted for him. Let’s just cut the nonsense and admit that he is that fella in the video and on top of that, he is also guilty of sodomising someone against his will (a homosexual rapist is another term for that). Why can’t you people admit that? Standards too low already? Should we even delve and talk about Mahfuz Omar and even Hew Kuan Yau?

8. When it comes to the education qualifications of Barisan Nasional leaders, Pakatan Rakyat wants you to scrutinise their intelligence and education background. The standards they set for you is that you deserve Barisan Nasional leaders with at least a doctorate level education. But when it comes to their own leaders, anyone will do. Even the intelligence level of Mat Sabu will get him your votes. Recently, a  26 year old UiTM graduate with only one year working experience as a trainee in a law firm is being put as an MP candidate to serve a constituency of 60,000 people. The selling point to the people in Teluk Intan? A promise of hope for things to get better. Yes, we all know the value of a promise in Pakatan Rakyat’s election manifesto. But who cares, your standards are quite low so that is okay. God forbid if Barisan Nasional fielded a candidate with the same amount of education qualifications to what say, Mahfuz Omar acquired. All hell will break lose.

7. Pakatan Rakyat wants you to hound Barisan Nasional leaders for shoddy services and below average performance by the ruling government. You only deserve the best and above all, must not thank Barisan Nasional because it is their duty to provide these to you in the first place. But when it comes to the services by Pakatan Rakyat state government, they want you to lower your standards and forgive them for any poor performance. Because it is not their job to give you top notch services. Even promises can be broken. But don’t stop there, they want you to be angry at Barisan Nasional for any third-rate, poor quality services rendered by Pakatan Rakyat state governments. The JAIS raid on Bible Society as well as Selangor water fiasco are two such examples.

Lying and giving poor services are Pakatan Rakyat's standards which are acceptable by you.

Lying and giving poor services are Pakatan Rakyat’s standards which are acceptable by you.

6. Normally, hypocrisy is a trait which is shunned by most people. But since the arrival of Pakatan Rakyat, they have successfully  ingrained this attitude into you as an acceptable characteristic. You have been downgraded as a walking hypocrite. Take for instance, the call of cronyism and nepotism by Pakatan Rakyat to Barisan Nasional. You people echoed the same sentiment and propaganda against Barisan Nasional. But when it comes to Pakatan Rakyat, they can take all these nepotism and cronyism to another level yet you are okay with it. Not only that you embrace it lovingly and say it is okay for them to have father-son, husband-wife, father-daughter intra-party relationship with a whole gamut of feudalistic family oriented parties. It is all nice and dandy. Right? So sad.

 5. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, double standards is a big no on your part. You are bred by Pakatan Rakyat to believe that Barisan Nasional must never resort to double standards. Say one thing, but do the other. That is unforgivable. But for Pakatan Rakyat, you are blinded or worse, brainwashed to see that practising double standards is acceptable on your part. Want to have a multi racial country but support segregated vernacular schools; want to have an equitable and just society, but want to impose hudud only for muslims; want to have a free and fair elections, but their party elections are very autocratic and riddled with corruption and strife.

4. The freedom of speech within Pakatan Rakyat is near non-existent. You must not criticise the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat, especially if you are a member, and especially if you have a valid reason to criticise. All that will be swept under the carpet and the complainers will be issued gag orders. Worse, they will be kicked out. But God forbid if the freedom of speech against Barisan Nasional is slightly curtailed. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, there must be a no holds barred attitude against them. The Prime Minister must not stifle any unfair defamatory speech against him. But Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and their ilk can sue anyone who says something which they do not like. In other words, there are practising totalitarian leadership right under your nose. Yet, you bask in it pretending it to be a liberal democracy.

3. For years Barisan Nasional has been ridiculed by you when you say it is an old party, filled with political has beens and dinosaurs. You laugh at Barisan Nasional without being cognisant of Pakatan Rakyat’s own pack of grizzled old men. Leading the charge is of course DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who will be 77 come next general election. Your ‘prime minister in waiting’, Anwar Ibrahim will be 71 in 2018. Abdul Hadi Awang, your future DPM, will also be 71 in 2018. There are many more oldies in Pakatan Rakyat. So why are you people lowering your standards in accepting dinosaurs as your leaders? Because Pakatan Rakyat asked you to.

2. As your intelligence is being lowered even more, you still find enough time to believe what Pakatan Rakyat told you; that Barisan Nasional treats non-malays as second citizens and that only malay cronies could reap all the benefits this country has to offer. But at the same time you believe another propaganda that says non-malays pay more tax than the malays. And so, those who are ‘oppressed’ by Barisan Nasional suddenly get a lot more income that’s why they are taxed! This contradicting logic would be so preposterous to an intelligent mind, but alas, Pakatan Rakyat has stupefied you to the point of no return. You can’t even step back and take stock on any messages Pakatan Rakyat throws at you. You can’t even perform logical and critical thinking anymore. You just gobble everything up as the truth.

1. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, you are made to believe that the current state of perceived despair and worsening fate of the country has always been the case since Independence. You were made to believe that only Pakatan Rakyat is the saviour of this country. Judging from 9 points mentioned above, it will take only the stupid to believe that Pakatan Rakyat will make this country better. Fact of the matter is, the country under Barisan Nasional has made this country one of the best place to live on this earth and to say that things have always been terrible would be a great disservice to your standard of intelligence. Yes sure, things have not always been perfect. But remember the great 90s and the decades before that? Remember the great country prior to 2008? One of the things that made this country worse is the birth of Pakatan Rakyat. Where were you in the 90s? Perhaps living a happy life at that time with few complaints. Even Lim Kit Siang was a happy, tolerable fellow at that time.

Here are the top 5 clowns you need to know

Presenting the top 5 clowns of March:


Number 5: Tian Chua


Tian Chua

Tian Chua sitting quietly by himself, is already a bona fide clown. But when his beloved leader Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to a 5 year jail after being found guilty for sodomy, he immediately tweeted that Pakatan Rakyat will bring down the government within the next 5 months.

Our brains then took a backflip from reality. Maybe he was nudged in the ribs playfully by his boss to tweet that? Because you see, all these threats are getting old. Remember September 16th 2008? Remember Bersih II? Remember Black 505? How many times have the government changed hands since then?

Tian Chua  tianchua  on Twitter

Which people that will bring down Najib? Will these people go up against our security forces and die or jailed for the sake of Anwar Ibrahim? Hands up to those who are willing to do that. A word of caution though, Tian Chua will be the first person to claim innocence and cry buckets if he were to be sent to jail for it.

Number 4: Mahfuz Omar


www.themalaysianinsider.com_images_uploads_mugshots_mahfuz-omar-aug2Mahfuz Omar is one wily politician, but for a human being he failed at it miserably for, a pre-requisite to be a human is the existence of a brain.

And when he said he is willing to exchange places with the passengers and become a hostage in return, there was a loud silence from his fellow Pakatan Rakyat leaders and a roar of laughter from the rest of Malaysians.

“Our concern now is the safety of the passengers. I am willing to exchange places with the passengers and become a hostage if the need arises,” he said.

To whom is he directing this offer? To the non-existent terrorists and hijackers? To CNN? Hoping that the non-existent hijackers can call him up and arrange for a flight to take him instead?

All this one-upmanship just to score some political mileage which contradict common sense must have made the average IQ of unthinking Malaysians dropped even further. But as March was such a terrible month for some Malaysians, what Mahfuz Omar said was a welcomed respite. Teruskan lagi, badut!

Number 3: Lim Lip Eng

LIMLIPENGLim Lip Eng possibly is not very bright to begin with. Otherwise how could an intelligent person, who knowingly have zero knowledge and experience in the navy or the air force, could tell the government to appoint his political peers in DAP as the navy or air force chief? 

As if that wasn’t enough, he genuinely believes that that is the only way for the rest of the world to find the missing flight MH370!

Well, since he is not an intelligent person, he definitely wouldn’t know that his suggestion would be a historical landmark because there was never a time, in any country in the modern world where a politician is promoted to be the commander in chief of an air force or a navy.

Unless maybe, Lim Lip Eng secretly has over 30 years in military service. We do not know. Playing video games do not count YB. If you want to become a civil servant that much, you shouldn’t be in politics. There’s Camp Wardieburn somewhere in Setapak and Camp Batu Kentonmen in Jalan Ipoh. Perhaps you should walk in and enrol yourself.

Thankfully Lim Lip Eng regretted and retracted his statement but stopped short of an apology.

Number 2: Rafizi Ramli


rafizi ramli 1The problem with Rafizi Ramli is, he thinks he is right all the time and do not take criticisms gracefully. These are the signs of arrogance and conceit.

Rafizi Ramli is known for trolling other people in cyberspace but when critics trolled him, he could not accept the lashing he received and blocked almost everyone who had expressed different views.

Hounded by charges in breaching the BAFIA Act, Rafizi has not shied away from entertaining us with his comedic schemes to divert Malaysians’ attention from the rotten morass that dwells in his Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

As it turned out, the by election that he proudly claimed to have engineered was just a ploy to divert attention of Anwar’s court ruling. All those excuse (to fortify Selangor, Umno is using racial and religious politics, Khalid Ibrahim failed to change Selangor into a model state of Pakatan, crying crocodile tears etc), are just to help Anwar Ibrahim gain public sympathy (again? How much more sympathy Anwar wants?).

His boss’ political mileage is fast reaching its end. The credibility among most Malaysians has gone. Rafizi Ramli is fast approaching a level where whatever he speaks will be scoffed at. He has made his bed and now he has to lie on it. With all the make-up of a clown.

Number 1: Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah



Political rivals touching each other in a loving embrace

This is a tie. Never has been since the movie Titanic have we seen a lover made not for each other doing foolish things together.

But when Anwar Ibrahim announces his candidacy to challenge his wife for the Presidency post of Pakatan, there was a gasp of disbelief not only within Malaysia but within the vacuous head of Rafizi Ramli too.

How on earth can Rafizi Ramli spin this laughable turn of event?!

So let’s get this straight..

Anwar Ibrahim is challenging Wan Azizah because he sees Wan Azizah as his political rival? Or he does not believe Wan Azizah is the right material as the President of PKR?

Anwar Ibrahim is trying to portray that PKR is a democratic party where just about anyone can challenge the President and he is that only person who can challenge the President?

Or during the eve of nomination day just before they sleep, Anwar whispers to Wan Azizah to let her know that he will be fighting her for the top post? This happened because two minutes earlier, she declined to step down in order to give way for her husband? And then both fell asleep in each other’s arms. And all this decision was made without any input from the rest of the party members of PKR. Even the nosy court jester, Tian Chua was in the dark.

Or is this just another harebrained scheme to checkmate Azmin Ali and/or Khalid Ibrahim? Who cares. This is a family business and PKR, as Anwar Ibrahim’s private vehicle does not care what outsiders think.

We are surprised that Nurul Izzah did not enter the presidency post foray. Now that will be an awesome threesome. Incestuous nepotism and cronyism is synonymous to Pakatan Rakyat. And it is being led by an army of clowns.

Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok must tell Lim Kit Siang to keep quiet

One of the main provocateurs of Malaysian politics, who would provoke people and then play innocent – Lim Kit Siang has crossed the Rubicon and disrespecting one of the muslims’ rites which is the Friday sermon. Lim Kit Siang had lambasted a friday sermon which had mentioned a verse of the Quran, as the causes of public disharmony between races.

The Quranic verse (Al Baqarah: 120) said;

Sahih International
And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance.” If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper.
Malay translation

Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak sekali-kali akan bersetuju atau suka kepadamu (wahai Muhammad) sehingga engkau menurut ugama mereka (yang telah terpesong itu). Katakanlah (kepada mereka): “Sesungguhnya petunjuk Allah (ugama Islam itulah petunjuk yang benar”. Dan demi sesungguhnya jika engkau menurut kehendak hawa nafsu mereka sesudah datangnya (wahyu yang memberi) pengetahuan kepadamu (tentang kebenaran), maka tiadalah engkau akan peroleh dari Allah (sesuatupun) yang dapat mengawal dan memberi pertolongan kepada mu.

In the context of Malaysia, this verse has been read and known by muslims for hundreds of years and it has been mentioned in friday sermons in Malaysia for decades. And since independence, there was no problem among the muslims to live and accept people of other religions to co-exist with them. Muslims do not care much about how the Christians, buddhists, hindus lead their lives. Unless if Islam is transgressed and attacked, muslims are ever so ready to live other religions in peace.
We are not sure what religion Lim Kit Siang profess but the fact that he suddenly attacked a Quranic verse and said that it is the sole cause of racial and religious friction will certainly provoke some emotions by the muslims. And just like Teresa Kok, there is no doubt that Lim Kit Siang will play victim if people begin to chastise him.
Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok, we hear them as devout Christians, must now tell Lim Kit Siang to keep his mouth shut otherwise sensitivities will be infringed and emotions will run high. And now we have a PKR leader scolding JAKIM for the friday sermon.  Darrell Leiking wants JAKIM to prove that indeed Christians want muslims to embrace Christianity (according to the verse). It is as if Darrell is personally slighted by the verse.
“Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas”.
Christian leaders of this country must not insult other people’s religion this way. When you begin to question other people’s beliefs and worse, trying to degrade them as the source of disunity (when it is not), then be prepared to be questioned on your own beliefs. Below are statements made questioning Christianity.


This sums things up

This sums things up

Makes no sense?

Makes no sense?






Contradictions with moral values





Many will burn in a Christian hell for this

Many will burn in a Christian hell for this

KKK were devout Christians

KKK were devout Christians

The Vatican Church was a strong supporter of the Nazi

The Vatican Church was a strong supporter of the Nazi

Another fact that Christians and the Nazi were friends

Another fact that Christians and the Nazi were friends

The truth

The truth

That's all you can have for dinner

That’s all you can have for dinner

No money, no religion

No money, no religion

Most Christian church leaders are rich people

Most Christian church leaders are rich people

Preach all you want.

Preach all you want.



From the bible

From the bible

Why would females even be a Christian?

Why would females even be a Christian?

Sexist sadist

Sexist sadist

That is just about right

That is just about right

Blinded and in denial

Blinded and in denial

What it really is..

What it really is..

*All pictures taken from internet.

A challenge to Rafizi Ramli to prove his sincerity

Apparently just now there was a live forum at Kelab Bangsar attended by Rafizi Ramli as one of it’s panellist.

What was said were telecasted via tweets by @R_Bangsar_Utama as shown below.

It is amazing that the tussle over state political power between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim was pathetically been diverted by Rafizi Ramli as a scheme to rein in the “racist” strategy propagated by Umno at national level..



..and in his tears he asked people to punish PKR should they feel their Kajang Move was just a scheme to pacify the power struggle in PKR.

There is an easier way.

How about we challenge Rafizi Ramli and his group of PKR schemers and power hungry con men, not to put any PKR candidates in the coming Kajang by-election.

That way, people do not have to punish PKR and PKR if they are sincere, do not even have to take part, because they had triggered this fiasco and it is only befitting that they stay away from it.

This challenge will end till 12pm 31st January 2014 GMT +8.

If PKR do not announce their withdrawal from this by-election, then all sundry will know that Rafizi Ramli only shed crocodile tears and their pursuit for power is mainly individualistic and selfish. Centred only on one man and Rafizi Ramli as the loyal stooge.

It is sad that once long ago, Rafizi Ramli was thought of as a principled and honest man.


Anwar Ibrahim will stop at nothing in his race for power

Have a great day everyone.


We now have popular Umno leaders

“Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.” 

– John Steinbeck from his book, East of Eden

The majority of the thinking society would feel that a political leader needs to be inherently intelligent enough to know that doing things right is paramount than doing things just to be popular.

Take for example the previous Prime Minister. He wanted to do things which will make him popular with a few factions of people which in the end, led him to become the shortest serving Prime Minister in the history of Malaysia (at 5 years and 5 months, less than Tun Hussein Onn’s at 5 years and 6 months).

Being popular is good for a career in politics but that must be complimented with genuine hardwork and results which people can really see and experienced.

If wanting to be popular for the sake of being popular then people can easily see through the leaders’ smokescreen and be exposed as fake, or a con-artist. Not so much a leader, but a buffoon trying too hard to be popular.

The current Prime Minister and his cabinet has this tendency to be popular with the masses while disregarding the concept of good leadership. We can see the apex of the attempts to gain popularity concocted up by his advisors during the run up of the recent general election.

Ranging from giving too much money to vernacular schools, running election campaigns much akin to the US Presidential election (personality-driven) rather than a cohesive, BN driven (coalition-centric) campaigns, repealing important laws just to pander towards opposition sponsored ‘human rights’, etc.

But all these bending over backwards just to become popular did not yield the returns that they had hoped for. In fact, just as we had foreseen, the majority of the people saw it through and were not impressed. Popularity is never about one-off announcements to wow the crowd. It has never been about shock-factor (just to borrow a few of consultants’ jargons), quick-wins or ‘picking the low hanging fruits’.

Having a crowd to pat you on the back after giving out goodies to people will not make you more popular.

Even Winston Churchill kept perspective on the crowds that gathered to hear him speak by conceding they would be twice as big if they gathered to see him hanged.

Popularity is a series of leadership by example, a series of doing the right things and not flip flopping on decisions that will make you be seen as less intelligent. Above all, popularity will come when you do not seek it.

It’s all about action and results.

Actively trying to be popular without any substance to begin with will only make you look pathetic. Just look at Anwar Ibrahim for example. Those with critical thinking knew him as a snake oil salesman, who would sell his principles just to be popular. Even a foreign publication had called him a chameleon.

Even in his hey days of popularity back in 90s, that couldn’t make him last long in politics. As history sees it, his popularity did not save him from falling in disgrace – exposed for his inefficient handling of the 1998 currency crisis and engaged in morally wrong conduct.

On the contrary and of course as a lesson to the current crop of leaders, going against the tide will often make you last longer in politics.

Take Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for example. He did several unpopular things during his premiership which will bring dread even to the most courageous of politicians. He sacked Anwar Ibrahim at the height of his deputy’s popularity, he clashed against the monarchy and kept their behaviours in check when a few of the rulers were misbehaving and unruly towards the people. These were extremely unpopular decisions at that time and could spell an end to a political career if popularity is what a leader seek.

But it was the right thing to do and Tun Mahathir did it because it was good for the people.

He even agreed to accept all 600,000 members of Semangat 46 back into Umno’s fold in 1996 for the sake of malay unity – a decision which was highly unpopular among Umno members when the likes of Rais Yatim, Tengku Razaleigh and Shabery Cheek returned to Umno after nearly 8 years as an opposition in Semangat 46.

In 1984, after Musa Hitam defeated Tengku Razaleigh again for the post of deputy president in Umno General Election, Tun Mahathir still appointed the latter as a minister eventhough Musa Hitam, a powerful Deputy Prime Minister and a Home Minister at that time was so much against it.

But he still appointed Ku Li nevertheless as the minister in MITI (albeit downgraded him from the Finance Minister post) since Ku Li is a capable leader and as the malay proverb goes – “kalah sekali, bukanlah kalah semua.”

Tun Mahathir made many unpopular decisions – be it concerning the capital controls during the currency crisis, his unwavering stance in curbing racist and religious extremists as well as his decisions to chastise the west and the jews for their hypocrisy and terrorism.

All these led him to become the longest serving (at 22 years 3 months) Prime Minister in the history of Malaysia.

Can we imagine any of the Prime Ministers after him doing such unpopular things? Of course we can’t. What is lacking in the current crop of Umno leaders is gumption and the believe of doing things right. In its place is the mistaken belief that their careers will last longer if they are popular. Unfortunately, they had got it backwards.

And it’s also a fact that Tun Mahathir is arguably the most popular Prime Minister we ever had. He is a walking and living brand and is a successful one at that. And all that stemmed from the fact of doing things right and not wanting to be popular.

How many times have we hear him say that he is merely stating the truth and do not care what people think about him? Plenty of times. He lives by his principles and sticks to it like glue.

On the contrary, what we have now are Umno leaders desperately trying to be popular.

Take for instance, the Ketua Pemuda Umno who is also the Minister of Youths and Sports. Apparently the day the kalimah Allah judgment was read out in the Courts of Appeal, the youth wing leader of agama bangsa dan negara party was more busy tweeting and promoting himself for a popularity contest.


The winner of this popularity contest will be announced this Saturday

The Shout Awards is a popularity award show organised by Media Prima to honour popular artists in the field of music, tv, movies and radio.

But lo and behold, a minister crept in and found himself in the nominees list as well!

How more pitiful (deserving or arousing pity) can you be when you are already a minister but still want to vie in a popularity contest? A contest where you are not really in sync with any of the categories mentioned.

Truly this is a new low for Pemuda Umno and Umno as a whole. In the face of current issues facing the party and the malays such as the attacks on the kalimah ruling by the liberals, as well as on other fronts, did the Pemuda Umno made any statements to defend the position? The only notable but half hearted statement by Pemuda Umno was when they seek explanation over news of US spying from its KL embassy.

Apart from that, the now liberal Pemuda Umno Malaysia is more than happy to enter popularity contests or collect Pakatan Rakyat leaders as their fans. God forbid, even the incorrigible Lim Kit Siang is the number one fan of Ketua Pemuda Umno now.

Nobody pointed a gun to his head and made compulsory for him to join this fluffy event. Yet he is there, tweeting and soliciting votes from the masses to vote for him for this award.

The ridiculousness of this glam-craze escapade underlines a bizarre, yet comical attitude of the Ketua Pemuda in wanting to be popular at all cost. The less he have, the more he is required to brag.

But since this is an era of liberalism and where Umno leaders want to be popular regardless if they have any substance at all, we should not be surprised. The Prime Minister and his myriad of advisors themselves are also in the forefront and believer of populist movement.

Just sit back and enjoy the entertainment all these leaders are providing us. After all, Umno is now a play and some of their leaders are actors.

Thank you.


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Al Fatihah, Latifah Omar

Sad news today as Seniwati Latifah Omar passed away.

KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran actress, Latifah Omar, 74 died today at University Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 6.19pm today.

She was admitted at HUKM about a week ago due to suffering from colon cancer.

The actress known for her films with Cathay Keris was often paired off with Nordin Ahmad.

Among her many films include Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Hang Jebat, Jalak Lenteng, Laila Majnun, Gurindam Jiwa and Putus Sudah Kasih Sayang.

Latifah-Omar-sbg-DahliaShe was one of the great Malay primadonnas of that era. For the young generation, they should know that the movies that were made back then were actually more than movies. They are the collection of stories and tales from the malay world. Any of the younger generation now knows by heart the story of Bawang Putih Bawang Merah? And most of the malay kids these days do not know the lessons that can be learned from Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, much less the whole story.

To all the old malay actors and actresses, singers and dancers who had brought forth and continued the legacy of tales from times long forgotten, our highest gratitude and thank you which we could never repay in a million years.

Al Fatihah.

Penipuan pertama Adun Pakatan, Azan Ismail kepada rakyat

Belum sampai seminggu Adun Pakatan Rakyat bagi DUN Bandar, Azan Ismail telah menipu rakyat dengan mengatakan Barisan Nasional menaikkan tarif eletrik selepas memenangi pilihanraya yang ke 13 Ahad lalu.

Amat malang bagi rakyat yang mengundi beliau Ahad lepas kerana disogokkan dengan penipuan tersebut.  Dan amat malang lagi kerana hadiah pertama beliau kepada kita semua adalah antara perkara yang dikutuk agama beliau sendiri, iaitu – berdusta.

Azan Ismail berkata:

Kenaikan tarif elektrik hadiah pertama BN kepada rakyat

KUALA LUMPUR 8 MEI: Kenaikan tarif elektrik merupakan hadiah terbesar BN kepada rakyat setelah memenangi pilihan raya umum (PRU) lalu, kata Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Bandar, Azan Ismail.

Beliau mengulas kenaikan caj tambahan sebanyak satu peratus pada bil elektrik Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) kepada pengguna dengan jumlah bil RM77 ke atas atau penggunaan lebih 300kWh sebulan.

Pengumuman kenaikan itu dibuat Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Pihak Berkuasa Pembangunan Tenaga Lestari (Seda), Badriyah Abdul Malek, sehari sebelum PRU berlangsung Ahad lalu. (SEDA tidak mengumumkan. Mereka menerangkan)

Ini hadiah pertama BN kepada rakyat setelah menang pilihan raya. Selepas ini akan ada banyak lagi hadiah besar,” kata Azan ketika dihubungi.

Menurutnya, pelbagai lagi kenaikan harga barang dan perkhidmatan akan berlaku selepas ini kerana BN mahu mengutip semula wang yang telah dilaburkan kepada rakyat sebelum pilihan raya lalu.

“Sebelum pilihan raya, pelbagai gula-gula termasuk Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia diberi. Sekarang masa untuk balas dendam dan mereka tak sabar-sabar nak kutip semula wang tersebut daripada rakyat,” kata Azan.

Pengerusi KEADILAN Terengganu itu juga tidak menolak kemungkinan tarif elektrik terpaksa dinaikkan kerana syarikat-syarikat kroni sudah melabur sebelum pilihan raya.

“Saya dapat banyak maklumat bahawa BN dapat pelaburan dari banyak syarikat sebelum pilihan raya. Setelah menang, syarikat terlibat tekan BN untuk mendapatkan pulangan,” jelas Azan.

Walhal, perkara sebenarnya adalah seperti berikut:

Caj tambahan elektrik bagi bil RM77 ke atas

Caj tambahan satu peratus pada bil elektrik Tenaga Nasional Bhd hanya dikenakan kepada 25 peratus pengguna domestik sebagai sumbangan kepada Tabung Tenaga Boleh Diperbaharui (RE) untuk melaksanakan Tarif Galakan (FiT) yang berkuat kuasa sejak 1 Disember 2011.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Pihak Berkuasa Pembangunan Tenaga Lestari (Seda), Badriyah Abdul Malek berkata, caj tambahan satu peratus itu hanya akan dikenakan kepada pengguna dengan jumlah bil elektrik RM77 ke atas atau penggunaan lebih 300kWh sebulan.

“Sehingga awal tahun ini, Seda telah mengutip RM321.46 juta untuk tujuan membiayai projek-projek tenaga boleh diperbaharui.

“Seda juga telah membayar RM18.7 juta bagi menampung projek yang sedang berjalan,” katanya dalam sidang media di Putrajaya, kelmarin.

Menurutnya, secara keseluruhan, Seda akan membelanjakan RM4 bilion untuk membiayai kos projek-projek tenaga boleh diperbaharui di seluruh negara termasuk Sabah yang akan dilaksanakan suku pertama tahun depan.

“Tenaga boleh diperbaharui penting bagi menukar sumber tenaga negara daripada bahan api fosil yang telah dikenal pasti penyumbang besar kepada pemanasan global dunia kepada solar fotovoltik, biomass, biogas dan hidro kecil,” katanya.

Badriyah berkata, penjelasan berhubung caj tambahan itu perlu dilakukan selepas isu itu hangat diperkatakan di laman sosial.

Menurutnya, pengguna yang terlibat dengan caj tambahan itu turut berpeluang menyertai Program Rumah Solar Atas Bumbung yang dilancarkan Seda sejak September tahun lalu.

“Sehingga kini kami telah meluluskan 1,000 permohonan daripada pengguna sekitar Lembah Klang, Pulau Pinang dan Perak untuk program itu,” katanya.

Apakah yang Azan Ismail dapat dari penipuan ini?

Rakyat akan tidak semena-mena marah kepada kerajaan persekutuan dan inilah yang beliau harapkan. Malahan inilah yang Pakatan Rakyat harapkan. Apabila mereka tidak mempunyai kekuatan dalaman yang boleh diketengahkan kepada pihak orang ramai, mereka hanya boleh harapkan taktik kotor seperti ini untuk mendapat undi.

Oleh kerana Azan Ismail merupakan seorang beragama Islam yang tidak takut kepada neraka, beliau tidak akan meminta maaf kepada orang ramai walaupun beliau terbukti salah. Walaupun terbukti bahawa kerajaan tidak menaikkan tarif elektrik sebagai ‘hadiah’ selepas pilihanraya, Azan Ismail tidak akan mengaku salah.

Adakah ini yang diharapkan oleh rakyat?

Adakah ini kualiti seorang wakil rakyat dari Pakatan Rakyat?

Walaubagaimanapun, kita berharap Azan Ismail akan lebih pandai dan up-to-date dalam ilmu pengetahuan semasa. Belakang parang kalau diasah, lagikan tajam. Inikan pula pemimpin dari Pakatan Rakyat.

Keadilan Daily mungkin menerima risiko di saman SEDA atau TNB. Tetapi ini disebabkan oleh kebodohan mereka sendiri yang tidak tahu menyiasat terlebh dahulu berita mereka sendiri. Etika kewartawanan tidak wujud di dalam akhbar mereka.

Kita tunggu perkembangan seterusnya.

Di dalam isu yang lain, Tenaga Nasional Berhad terpaksa membuat pengumuman khas di dalam laman Facebook mereka kerana terdapat banyak tohmahan dari pihak DAP mengatakan bahawa bekalan elektrik terputus di beberapa pusat perkiraan undi.

Pelanggan yang dihormati,

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) ingin memberi maklum balas kepada beberapa dakwaan di dalam sosial media mengenai gangguan bekalan elektrik ketika proses pengiraan undi Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13.

Berdasarkan maklum balas pasukan tunggu sedia TNB, kami mendapati semua pusat pengiraan undi tidak mengalami sebarang gangguan bekalan elektrik semasa proses pengiraan undi berjalan.

Justeru, kami memohon kerjasama semua pihak agar menghentikan dakwaan ini.

Bagaimana pun jika anda mempunyai sebarang maklumat mengenai gangguan bekalan yang berlaku, sila nyatakan tempat dan masa kejadian supaya siasatan lanjut dapat dijalankan.

Terima kasih menggunakan perkhidmatan TNB CareLine

Amatlah mengecewakan apabila Pakatan Rakyat tidak mampu lagi untuk menjadi pihak pembangkang yang berwibawa dan berintegriti. Apabila penipuan dan fitnah menjadi amalan mereka, mana mungkin rakyat dapat perkhidmatan yang tulus dan terbaik dari Pakatan Rakyat.

Hit and miss of election issues

Everytime an election is near, the brains behind political strategy of election campaign will start cracking and one by one the revelations, news spin and shocking exposé will surface in order to maintain an upper-hand in the perception game.

Some will gain traction while some will not make a dent among the psyche of the whole population. Worse, some issues raised will backfire.

Here are a few hits and misses of election issues that have been brought up just to stir and heighten the tension of an already anxious population. We must expect more to come in the next few weeks.

C. Sugumaran’s death

On 23rd January 2013, C. Sugumaran who was believed to be mentally unstable was found dead after being beaten by the public and allegedly by some police officers after he went berserk and caused damages to public property.

Politicians from PKR namely N. Surendran and Latheefa Koya quickly seized the opportunity to run a smear campaign on the police alleging police brutality over an innocent man whose only crime is to run amok and potentially be harmful to other bystanders.

Hoping to emulate the smear campaign on police’s brutality for the death Kugan Ananthan in lock up back in 2009, both opportunists Surendran and Latheefa even sought the help Dr. Pornthip to perform post-mortem on Sugumaran’s remains, of which the infamous pathologist had declined. The absurdity of taking advantage over death of others and trying to prolong a family’s bereavement is lost upon them.

However, due to Hindraf’s constant sniping at Pakatan Rakyat and the lack of focus on indians in Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto, the issue just died a natural death a few weeks after it surfaced.

Rest in peace, C. Sugumaran.

Verdict: A miss

Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto

Pakatan Rakyat launched its election manifesto on 25th February with much pomp and celebratory claptrap from within the informal coalition that it befuddled even Anwar Ibrahim when so many had dismissed the manifesto as a non-serious, non-obligatory document a couple of weeks later.

Right off the bat, there was a silly omission of efforts to uplift the plights of indians although Anwar Ibrahim and his lackeys rebutted them by saying the manifesto transcends all race and creed, he however made an about turn when finally he said the manifesto will be amended to include specific commitments to the indian community.

Like what an article in Free Malaysia Today had published:

This episode of the Pakatan manifesto has revealed many weaknesses in the Pakatan fabric. Clearly, within the ranks of Pakatan, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Rather some underhand handiwork is suspected. For instance:

•   Lim Guan Eng was quoted to have said that the manifesto only sets out the common policies of political parties but not the specifics. But now Anwar has contradicted him by including specifics – about the Indian community.

•   Anwar Ibrahim had said when the manifesto was first launched, that it transcends racial groups.  But now Anwar has contradicted himself.

•   Pakatan’s director of strategy, Rafizi Ramli, had said it was not a mistake to not have mentioned Indians in the manifesto. But now Anwar has made him eat his words.

After all the hullabaloo made by segments of the marginalised Indian community who felt they were being again marginalised in the manifesto, Pakatan is trying hard to regain lost ground.  But it is too little too late

There were other peculiarities from the manifesto which made it lose traction and potentially votes for Pakatan. Namely, Khalid Ibrahim’s admission that a manifesto is not a promise and also the timing of the launch of the document.

The former damaged the credibility of Pakatan’s capability to deliver its promises while the early kick-off of Pakatan’s campaign is deemed as too early for some. In the fast world of cyberspace, by the time the manifesto was two weeks old, the other side has dismantled it and highlighted its flaws. Which made this a public relations failure in terms of strategic electoral campaign. Releasing it too early even before Parliament is dissolved won’t help much in terms of gaining votes from the fence sitters.

As the result, the manifesto is deemed an insignificant political tool at the moment.

Verdict: A miss

Sulu terrorists on Lahad Datu

Around mid February 2013, dozens of Sulu terrorists landed in an area in Lahad Datu to wage war on our soil. But in a knee jerk reaction by most Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders, they dismissed it as a ‘sandiwara of Umno’ (as in the case of Tian Chua) or a school drama. They made several unfortunate remarks about how inefficient our security forces are and worse, they ridiculed the sacrifices made by the fallen heroes.

Not to mention the fact that the Philippines and international media had pin pointed Pakatan Rakyat as among the culprit who had invited the terrorists into our land and also the fact that Anwar Ibrahim has close ties with Nur Misuari, the leader of MNLF, a known advocate of capturing Sabah.

The social media was filled with sympathies and support for the government’s effort to protect and defend our sovereignty but the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat continued to belittle and criticise the effort. They were going against the tide and losing ground on the perception game which, miraculously only Lim Kit Siang recognised the ebbing support towards Pakatan’s wayward stand 3 weeks after the incursion.

In his article on 7th March 2013, Lim Kit Siang had said:

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s stand of unconditional surrender for the Sulu militants deserves the support of all Malaysians.

There is neither basis nor merit in the call for ceasefire or the unilateral ceasefire by the Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, after eight police commandoes had been slain and some of their corpses treated in the most harrowing and bestial manner after they had fallen as national heroes in the cause of national duty to protect national sovereignty and the security of the state and people.

All Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region or political affiliation, are united as one in giving full endorsement to all necessary measures by the government and the security forces to end the month-long battle against Sulu militants.

By mid March, the Lahad Datu incursion made a mark in everyone’s psyche whereby the ridiculous tormenting of all government’s effort have spoiled Pakatan’s image in the bigger scheme of things.

Verdict: A miss

Betrayal by Saiful Bukhari’s father

Sensing that Parliament will be dissolved soon and scrambling to regain the lost ground on the Lahad Datu debacle, Azlan Mohd Lazim, the father of Saiful Bukhari made a compelling revelation that allegedly, the sodomy case involving his son was a conspiracy concocted by personalities close to Najib Razak. Never mind the fact that he never met these ‘conspirators’ himself.

Saiful Bukhari himself made a press statement a few hours later to dismiss the assertions made by his father. To top it off, he told the world that his father is a victim of Anwar Ibrahim’s political ploy.

A few days after, his father announced that he is joining PKR. It is interesting to note that in both occasions, Azlan Lajim was escorted by a PKR leader named Johari Abdul, an MP from Sungai Petani.

A cursory assessment at the reaction of this fiasco revealed that there was no positive impact on Pakatan Rakyat’s election strategy. Even a pro Pakatan columnist has apprehension towards this U-turn.

Verdict: A miss

Anwar Ibrahim latest video

A few days ago a blog revealed a few pictures allegedly a sexual tryst of Anwar Ibrahim in a hotel room. The grainy pictures threw almost everyone initially but as the furore subsided, the matter has shifted to the act of Anwar Ibrahim suing another blogger for RM100 million for slandering him as a homosexual.

Umno has quickly distancing itself from the pictures while PAS’ Harakah Daily had frequently highlighted this story with glee.

The said blogger fought back by telling the knee-jerk reaction prone Anwar Ibrahim to rescind the litigation otherwise further video exposures implicating Anwar Ibrahim further will be published.

Verdict: At first a miss for BN for this gutter politics, but will be a miss for Pakatan if Anwar Ibrahim mishandles the litigation.

Taib Mahmud’s video

Yesterday’s evening saw a video by Global Witness which had slandered Taib Mahmud through an investigation piece by a western journalist. In that video it was alleged that shady corporate deals are being administered by relatives of Taib Mahmud which gave the impression that Taib Mahmud is enriching himself through his family members and syphoning money into overseas bank accounts.

Taib Mahmud fought back the allegations by saying it wasn’t true.

Taib Mahmud had a tremendous track record in developing Sarawak which for a fact, had caused him to win the 2011 state election in a landslide victory. Analysis of that win can be read here.

It is very interesting to see the kind of effect this video will have on the voters. The next few days will be crucial for the political strategy teams in Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat in dealing with this issue.

Verdict: Too early to predict. Could be a hit or a miss for Pakatan Rakyat.

Improving the Malaysian civil service

This is a piece of news from Bernama yesterday:

Applications for civil service employment to be filtered online

December 19, 2012
PUTRAJAYA, Dec 19 — Applications for civil service employment will be filtered online before eligible candidates are called to attend an examination and an interview beginning Jan 1 next year.Public Service Commission (PSC) chairman Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said with the new mechanism, the civil service employment confirmation could be shorten from three years to between one year and six months.

He said the filtration entailed 14 items, including the validity of the Malaysian citizenship and qualifications, criminal records searches and the status of financial position (whether a bankrupt or otherwise) which could be verified within a few hours.

“This is an innovative mechanism. Previously, the background filtration took three years before civil servants were confirmed in their jobs,” he told reporters after chairing a PSC meeting with ministries, departments and state administration here, today.

He said the mechanism proved effective for 24 applicants for the post of engineers in June received job offer letters immediately after their interviews were over.

“This shows a sense of urgency that we want to implement and we have asked all ministries and departments to announce job vacancies at their monthly meeting,” he said. — Bernama

I don’t get it. Does this mean all this while, there is a 3-year probation period for a newly joined civil servant to be confirmed in his post just because it takes 3 years for their human resource department to validate their academic qualifications, financial status, criminal records and other very easy to verify information?
Or, the civil service takes into their employment candidates without even getting their background checked?!
Either way, no wonder the civil service has a dreadful reputation.
It’s already 2012 and yet the civil service is hampered by a problem which should have been eradicated in the 80s. And only now the top bosses of the civil service thought about this solution?
This is why many people (I presume the intelligent ones) are turned off working in the public sector. The industry average for a probation is 6 months. During this short time, an employee is not entitled to a full benefits of their employment until they are confirmed to the job.
Imagine had to wait for 3 years just to get confirmed!
For all the hard work you put through for 36 months and yet you could not apply for a staff loan, full hospitalisation benefit, etc.
Civil service should have first-rate candidates entering their recruitment process. But this seems impossible since the recruitment process itself is a third-rate buffoonery.
But I am crying over spilt milk. Better late than never I suppose.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Better the idiom you know than the one you don’t

Among the pseudo-intelectuals, idioms can be something mysterious and worth dissecting.

Take the idiom ‘better the devil you know..’ which appeared in Tun Dr Mahathir’s blogpost recently. The article was titled ‘Change’ and it goes like this:

1. In his campaign to become President of the US Barack Obama promised change, “time for change”, he said.

2. He promised to close down Guantanamo Detention Camp.

3. He promised to stop trials of detainees by Military Courts.

4. He promised to pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. And many more.

6. Now four years into his first term he has failed to keep his promises.

7. Guantanamo is still holding so-called terrorists; still torturing them. No military courts but no trials by civilian courts either.

8. Instead of pulling out from Iraq and Afghanistan he approved a “surge” in the troops sent to this area. Later he pulled out some troops but American soldiers are still in the two countries.

9. Making promises during campaigns for elections is easy. Keeping them is a different matter. The best hope is that people’s memory is short. They would normally forget the promises.

10. Now the opposition in Malaysia have copied Obama and is promising change.

11. Give them a chance they say. The BN has ruled this country for 55 years. It is time to change. They will change this into a welfare state. Everything will be free. No fees for education. No tolls. Large subsidy for petrol. 20% royalty to oil producing states etc.etc.

12. The Socialist and Communist have tried this welfare state idea. They failed. Malaysia has no ideology. But the reality is that the Government needs money in order to develop the country and to subsidise living cost for the people. But when Government foregoes taxes, tolls and fees, it will have less money. But it will have to spend more on running an maintaining utilities, expressways, schools, operational and development cost, pension etc.

13. So where does the Government get necessary funds?

14. Borrowing is okay if the money is invested and giving a return. But borrowing money in order to just spend will lead to non-payment of debts.

15. That’s what happened to Greece. It’s bankrupt now. The whole of Europe cannot put it back together again.

16. Admittedly the BN has ruled this country every since independence. But look at the record and compare it with other countries which gained independence at the same time. Compare it even with the developed West. They are in deep financial trouble and try as they might, they have not been able to overcome the crisis.

17. Remember 1997-98 crisis. The then Deputy PM and Minister of Finance tried the IMF solution without the IMF loans. Banks and companies were faced with the threat of bankruptcy from non-performing loans. Imports cost more. Cost of living shot up.

18. The track record of the Minister of Finance then was bad although there is a fondness of claiming success brought about by other people as his success. PNB, UIA were part of the claim.

19. Now as leader of the Opposition he is claiming to bring about change. What good change did he introduce when he was in the Government? All he was interested in was getting up the leadership ladder of UMNO in order to become Prime Minister. How he achieved his objective does not bear scrutiny.

20. Five years to give a trial as Government is dangerous. Many things can be destroyed in five years. Besides the Opposition as Government will ensure there will be no return for the BN. Officers in the Government will be used to “gempar” (threaten) whoever tries to change Government.

21. Already we see this person who claims to fight for free speech suing and resorting to the courts to shut the mouth of his critics. Other powers of the Government will be similarly abused. Nepotism and cronyism will be employed as indeed they are in the party he now heads.

22. The record is there. Malaysians must not allow themselves to be hoodwinked as I was hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety in the past.

23. The BN has listened to the people and has changed many laws and policies. All that the people need to do is to urge the BN to carry out whatever change the people desire.

25. Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

The article has 25 paragraphs but it seems what bothered Pakatan was the last paragraph – the English idiom which verily means “it is wiser to deal with someone familiar, though you may not like them, than to deal with someone who you do not know, who might be worse.”

Even the seemingly intelligent Nurul Izzah kept harping on this. I guess it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt (another idiom).

It has been more than a week since the article was published and the absurdity of this has not died down.

Was it such a confusing article that people could not understand the gist of it? That promises by those who are not yet in power can have devastating effects if they are not carefully planned and comprehensively thought of. Please read the article again.

It is very shocking and an insult to intelligence that most leaders in Pakatan are jumping on the bandwagon to ride the wave this idiom has created. This wave was created because the Pakatan leaders have no answer to the other 24 paragraphs of that article; those are 24 paragraphs of undeniable facts. They just have no answer for it. And in their petty, topsy turvy simple mindedness of a brain, they spun a simple idiom to suit their agenda.

The devils and angles in the idiom are merely metaphorical. How deluded are they to think that Tun Mahathir are actually referring them as ‘angels’? Holier than thou again are we?

Today, a former civil servant by the name K.J. John wrote an article in The Malay Mail to twist what Tun said earlier. I doubt he even read Tun’s original article.

He wrote:

The devil we do know!

(the first few paragraphs are just some psycho-babble pseudo intellectuals always try to impress upon their readers)

A friend alerted me to the “‘devil we know’ versus the one we do not know” quote by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. My friend says, “He knows the devil and has had enough of the devil that he knows!” I am not sure who he is actually talking about but I have my suspicions!

I once wrote a manuscript for the CSIS in Washington DC, when they were inviting Asians to write on the “East Asian Miracle.” This was what World Bank economists called the “East Asian Miracle Economies” for their extraordinary performance as countries and economies.

Malaysia was considered one of those “miracle economies.”

I wrote my manuscript called the “East Asian non-miracle: The case for Malaysia’s GEM or Growth with Equity Model.” Needless to say, it was not published by CSIS although I did get to present it at a Forum that it organised in Washington.

In the premise of the thesis to the manuscript I began by arguing that World Bank may not have credibility to argue that anything in the world of economics can be “miraculous!” I am no economist, but have at least a basic degree in Economics from the University of Malaya.

The only “equivalents to the concept of ‘miracle’ from field of theology” that I can estimate are the statistical outliers we talk about in a normal distribution curve.

Therefore, I argued that the best that World Bank economists can do is to argue that “these East Asian Economies are statistical outliers, if they had developed an econometrics index model to classify and categorise all economies on a equitable framework.”

They probably did not (in quantitative terms) and therefore, maybe they decided not to publish my critique of their premise! Allow me to use the same argument to discredit Dr Mahathir’s “better the devil you know” thesis published in The Malay Mail on Aug 23.

(they probably didn’t publish it because this basic economics degree holder were trying to argue on form rather than the substance on what was the East Asian Miracle. Miracles, outliers, they can be the same thing. Maybe CSIS didn’t want to engage on superficial arguments. Anyway, he then proceeded to some theology concepts which has nothing to do with Tun’s original article…) 

First, my question to Tun: “Are you speaking as a human being, or as the former PM, or as a Muslim, or as a Medical doctor, or what? Or, it could be all of the above too!

Nevertheless and regardless, my rebuttal of the same goes! Is Tun speaking about a spiritual ontology and epistemology, therefore what is his methodology for his assertion and thus verification? Once he answers this, my consequential question is, where does he find this worldview which supports such arguments?

Please inform or educate me so that I too can read and understand; is it from politics, or philosophy, or religion, or is it merely the wisdom of Tun from all of the above?

(Why make things complicated over an idiom? Maybe K.J. John has a lot of free time. The next few paragraphs have even more fluff)

The only “devilish language” I know of, comes from within the Abrahamic traditions, and I suspect is therefore well embedded in their worldviews (of ontology, epistemology and methodology as applied in life matters).

My own Christian theology is very clear and explicit that Satan is the Father of Lies; of all things evil and devilish!

However, I also did a search of Google and found the following: The Devil (diabolos in Greek meaning ‘slanderer’ or ‘accuser’) is believed in many religions and cultures to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the personifi cation of evil and the enemy of God and humankind.

The nature of the role varies greatly. It ranges from being an effective opposite force to the Creator at one extreme, where both are locked in an eons long holy war for human souls on what may seem even terms, to being just a comical figure of fun or even an abstract aspect of the individual human condition at the other.

The above is a secular enough definition and is a popular expression found on Google. Based on this definition what exactly is Dr Mahathir saying?

Simple: Tun’s main argument in his thesis was a political one about the population not being duped by the Opposition into believing that they can govern the country better because they are not yet a trustable and credible entity because they have not proven their governance capability whereas the BN has been the Government of the Day for the last 55 years.

(My reply to this is at the end of this piece)

Therefore, his quote of this popular English adage was in fact referring to BN and specifically UMNO has the main objective of the speech, especially to a Malay majority audience in Kedah!

(What does Kedah got to do with an article he posted in English, and in his blog?)

Let me alternatively argue why PR has the potential to be an alliance better than the “so-called trusted and tried BN!” I have a few simple reasons:

>> Within BN power has corrupted; otherwise why all the many financial scandals!

>> Within the Cabinet, the PM is no more ‘the first among equals'; he was overruled by the Cabinet on his instructions to review Section 114A of the Evidence Act.

>> In both Selangor and Perak, it has been demonstrated that where there is a balanced but a new Governance system with a clear non-corruptibility code; the overall governance of the states has vastly improved. <— (did K.J. John just creep out from a cave in the middle of Amazon?)

Therefore, I would argue that we are better off in the 13th General Election to allow the Opposition to form the Government at the Federal level so that the Rakyat can re-evaluate the true value proposition of the incumbent. I cannot think of any other way to send a clearer message to all parties!

My reply is this – No, we are not better off if Pakatan Rakyat is the Federal Government because Pakatan Rakyat, even though they has not become the Federal Government yet, has already cases of corruption, mismanagement, propensity to abuse laws, shamelessness to lie in public, sex offences, abuse of power and other equally heinous acts etc therefore, to vote them in the next general election will have a disastrous effect on all of us.

I cannot think of any other way to send a clearer message to all parties.

If K.J. John thinks that all Pakatan Rakyat states are angelic and none of the malignant examples I stated above occurred, then he is perhaps the mostdeluded and blindsided academician ever to grace the pages of The Malay Mail.

I have a malay idiom for him to chew on, dissect and digest and to write a whole thesis about it – “Hitam-hitam tahi minyak dimakan juga, putih-putih hampas kelapa dibuang.”

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 55!

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