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How Barisan Nasional will lose votes

It came to our attention that Tunku Aziz, the attack dog of PM Najib, had been used by  loyalists to attack Tun Dr Mahathir for voicing his opinion.

Never in the history of Umno, a statesman which was responsible to put nearly everyone in the current Umno leadership into their seats of power, were given such vile treatment in the media and amplified further by the spindoctors and social media cybertroopers in the Najib-obsessed camp.

Well perhaps, it happened once before – during Pak Lah’s time. And we all know what happened to him.

In fact, Umno machinery had never been this vigorous and this abusive towards any Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Perhaps, they have so much to lose should the PM lost his seat.

A fellow blogger (Life of Annie) put Tunku Aziz in his place and lend perspective into these attacks. She wrote:

A bitter and vindictive old attack dog

I have to admit that every time I read what the attack dogs going after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said about the statesman, I felt like joining those attacking PM DS Najib Razak.

So far, I still manage to resist that, but I did feel this furious anger inside me whenever I read garbage such as this,

Press Statement by Tunku Abdul Aziz

These are among words used in the press statement to describe Dr Mahathir;

– spewing scurrilous lies about 1MDB

– reduced himself, in the eyes of many, to a figure of fun and ridicule

– he presents himself as an embittered, vindictive man

– He froths at the mouth every time he accuses 1MDB

– He explained with that familiar self-satisfied smirk on his face 

– Typically Mahathir denied responsibility and to this day he remains unrepentant, blasé, and unapologetic

– His manic gambling with Bank Bumi and BNM money

Sounds to me like this Tunku Abdul Aziz is the one who is bitter, vindictive and whatever else.

I do wonder what Dr Mahathir had ever done to him that he became so rabid.

Jealous of Dr Mahathir’s achievements, perhaps?

Anyway, what has this Tunku Abdul Aziz, described as a towering Malay when he was with DAP, ever done for agama, bangsa dan tanah air?

Has he done more than what Dr Mahathir did as the country’s prime minister for 22 years?

Does he really think that by badmouthing Dr Mahathir, he is helping Najib?

Whoever the minder of this Tunku Abdul Aziz, I don’t think he really cares that people like me are disgusted and grow more hostile towards the prime minister because of these sorts of things.

Wasn't his fight to begin with. But bruised ego has voracious appetite.

Wasn’t his fight to begin with. But we think his bruised ego must have a voracious appetite.

Continue reading HERE on how the blogger felt that Tun Dr Mahathir had already answered (3 weeks ago!) all the things Tunku Aziz said in his press statement yesterday.

Normal people like the blogger above will always feel furious when they see Umno attacking Tun Mahathir. In their mind, if Umno present leaders and their attack dogs can be so disrespectfully rude to the point of being offensive towards the person that put them there, then they will have no qualms to be abusive and malicious towards the rakyat. 

And that is how you lose votes, on top of losing it due to your own lacklustre performance.

The only silver lining in all this is, only the paid spindoctors/cybertroopers from the Najib-obsessed camp and the self serving politicians are talking bad about Tun Mahathir. The majority of the people would just snigger at their brazen antics. 

10 thoughts on “How Barisan Nasional will lose votes

  1. Tunku Aziz was fooled into joining DAP and then haughtily resigned.

    As the party’s most senior Malay leader, Tunku Aziz said that Guan Eng “had no sense of decency and was biadap (uncouth). Zairil Khir Johari (Guan Eng’s political secretary) called and repeated the offer (a senior fellowship in the state’s think-tank, Penang Institute) and stated there was a stipend of RM50,000 to go with it.”

    “Totally totally insulting, and I could only conclude that it had come from someone who had no sense and not even a modicum of respect. Did he think I was that kind of person? This man has no sense of decency. The only word is a Malay word, and it’s ‘biadap’,” he was quoted by the English daily as saying.


    So we can easily draw our own conclusions about this man.

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  2. Here is a man who once was with chauvinist chinese and ptetty much adgainst malays, islam and the country deveoped by the first to fourth PM.

    Leaving DAPin disgrace and now a wagging dog attacking najib’s critic in the person of tdm.

    Tunku Aziz, over if you have a grain of royal blood in you, may I s**t in your face……

    As a muslim, i can forgive you but as muslim malay i will never forget you as the most spineless ba##a#d


  3. They can’t answer Tun’s simple questions and instead launched into a personality attack.

    Just to give you a hint why they behave like rabid dogs.

    Imagine if your wife scolds you and call you names, using the f*ck word on you all the time, just to show those around especially her friends who wears the pants. Such sad sad family unit.

    My point? If name calling is such a common practice in the family, what more in the public sphere?

    Kan banggang?


  4. The last paragraph accurately describes the situation when it comes to most of us. That’s how I see it, and that’s how practically all of us who are definitely no supporters of the DAP and such view the attack dogs – a mixture of pity, sympathy and contempt:


  5. PM Najib can you please resign as I am not in favour of your 1MDB.

    You implemented GST and you messed up 1MDB. This 2 factors contributed to higher living costs and depreciation of ringgit.

    I am not entitle to BRIM. Nor do I have your ostentatious billions to play with. Please go f*ck yourself if you think ordinary Malaysians support you.


  6. “How Barisan Nasional will lose votes”

    Looks like he had been targeted since 1982 (a member of the United Nations Development Programme Advisory Panel for the Human Development Report 2002) and has been groomed by the Global Elites as a PAWN towards their New World Order agenda of Global DEBT…

    Just to share this…

    “Tunku Aziz came to the University of Tasmania as a private student in 1962 graduating Bachelor of Arts with majors in History and Political Science in 1965.

    He joined many other young people from Australia’s South East Asian neighbours undertaking study in Australia at that time with the intent of later assuming leadership roles in their home countries….”



    “…He left Malaysia in 1985 to serve as the Director of Administration and Finance at the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, until 1992.

    Mr. Aziz is a member of the World Bank High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption in the East Asia and Pacific Region, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Global Public Policy Networks, a project of “Visioning the United Nations”, an initiative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation. He also serves as a member of the Asian Pacific Advisory Panel on Good Urban Governance and is a member of the Board of the International Institute of Public Ethics. Mr. Aziz is on the Global Advisory Council of Caux Roundtable, a United States-based business organization, promoting, among other goals, principles of good governance.

    In February 2004, he was appointed a member of the Royal Commission inquiring into the police service of Malaysia. He was also a member of the United Nations Development Programme Advisory Panel for the Human Development Report 2002…


    Cont’d Part 2…


  7. “How Barisan Nasional will lose votes”

    Part 2…

    Oil-for-Food scandal

    “…In 1962, Kofi Annan started working as a Budget Officer for the World Health Organization, an agency of the United Nations (UN).[13] From 1974 to 1976, he worked as the Director of Tourism in Ghana. In 1980 he became the head of personnel for the office of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva. In 1983 he became the director of administrative management services of the UN Secretariat in New York. In the late 1980s, Annan was appointed as an Assistant Secretary-General of the UN in three consecutive positions: Human Resources, Management and Security Coordinator (1987–1990); Program Planning, Budget and Finance, and Controller (1990–1992); and Peacekeeping Operations (March 1993 – December 1996).[14]

    When Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali established the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in 1992, Annan was appointed to the new department as Deputy to then Under Secretary-General Marrick Goulding. Annan was subsequently appointed to succeed Goulding and assumed the office of USG DPKO in March 1993. He was therefore Head of peacekeeping during the battle of Somalia and the resulting collapse of the UNOSOM II peacekeeping mission, and during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994…

    In December 2004, reports surfaced that the Secretary-General’s son Kojo Annan received payments from the Swiss company Cotecna Inspection SA, which had won a lucrative contract under the UN Oil-for-Food Program. Kofi Annan called for an investigation to look into the allegations…”

    Kofi Annan – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kofi_Annan

    “…The U.N.’s new Human Rights Council, touted by Annan as a breakthrough for the U.N., is an unmitigated farce, and the United Nations has largely jettisoned the principles of liberty and freedom. The Council’s lack of membership criteria renders it open to participation and manipulation by the world’s worst human rights abusers.

    Tyrannical regimes such as Burma, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Zimbabwe all voted in favor of establishing the Council, in the face of strong U.S. opposition.

    The brutal North Korean dictatorship also endorsed the Council. When Council elections were held in May, leading human rights abusers Algeria, China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia were all elected…”


    Has he failed in his UN agenda assignments to be promoted up the ladder…?

    That he is now resorting to this attacks…?

    Very unbecoming of an ex UN representative…

    You be the judge.


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