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  1. Hmm, I want to ask you why Jebat must die. You paint him in a rather obscure and frenzied cloak. His anger and vengefulness was a means to make sense of his best friend’s (hang Tuah) supposed death at the order of the Sultan, who was behaving like a tyrant. His epic fight against the court was an example of an uprising against tyranny and feudalism.
    It is the epic fight between those who abuse power and those who stand in their way. Loyalty has its price…
    So I put it to you. Jebat must die, only to live on in the hearts of the disenfranchised, the poor, the downtrodden. Thus, he will rise again and again.


  2. hey u commented on my blog and yes.. i did ace my SPM. i’m proud to say that i got a nice big fat A1 for my BM. thanks for the comment. i completely forgot that i wrote it tho. happy writing.


  3. jebat must die… i like it. how about this.
    tuah must die…
    Tuah was a Malay hero. But despite his good intentions, his methods were lembik, tak dengar cakap and suka menunjuk nunjuk. His anger towards an ex-PM, led him to murder thousands of innocent party members (emotionally mostly, physicall.. maybe). In the end, Tuah must die…

    JMD : Haha okay la tu.. 🙂


  4. Jebat! I enjoy reading your blogs just about everything from our Anwar Ibrahim’s dirty tactics to assume power up to BN’s loss in the Elections. Obviously, I do not know much about the goings-on of our current leaders (inclusive that old goat from DAP) until I read your blogs. I am surprised that they are not clean ( as depicted by NST,Star and the Malay dailies as the true-blue leaders).
    Go ahead Jebat! Try to uncover more scandals among them (be it BN personalities, or PR’s ) so that we will be ready for the next Elections.


  5. Some people says Tuah is the one who suppose to be dead. But I am totally agreed with u on this. Jebat must die. If I am leader, he will give me a total headache. Too much rebel is not good for a country like us. Somehow, too maintain a peaceful country, a slightly totalitarian government is needed, just like what Mahathir has been.


  6. JMD,

    Had a call from someone who I share ‘sopo’ thoughts with on a regular basis, who said “Hey dude, go read this Jebat bloke”.

    And so, I did.. for the past two hours!

    Yer bookmarked so keep em coming, bro (unless yer a sista in which case I humbly apologise in advance).

    JMD : thanks for the support mate 🙂 I’m away for a short while. Will be back with some more articles shortly…


  7. Read your comments on TUN’s blog. Wunderbar! Like a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to read the rest of what you’ve written. JMD for PM? Aaaw… Why not?

    JMD : Thank you for reading. I am just passionate about a few things that are directly affecting us. Hope it will make a difference… 🙂


  8. i read about your letter on chedet.com and i found that u made a very wise comment on the issue you raised.i actually share the same view as yours as from my point of view there should be a check and balance of powers between the races in our country so did the indians in which you didnt mentioned it in tun’s blog. Nevertheless the need to protect ketuanan melayu should be borne in mind of all the malays in our country be it from which party we came from (umno,pas or pkr).maybe those who disagreed with you and i would call us racists since they didnt totally understand the history of this once glorious land.and maybe they will never want to understand the soul of this much hyped term of ketuanan melayu.we dont want to be the the aborigins in the australia or the palestinians arent we?ousted in their own land.however, the spirit of of being a multiracial and living in a multiracial society is fundamental in addition to learning how to respect each other to maintain the harmonious relationship between the races in our country.

    JMD : Thanks.


    • As a Malaysian if you talk about one race being the TUAN and the other races being subordinates, then may I suggest that you should stop talking of multiracial society living togather peacefuly, as respect for one another as human beings should not have a class barrier: in short you cant have a ‘tuan’ and a ‘hamba’ and then say we have harmony, it does not work that way my friend.


      • Just like what Alfie said above, your comment here came from the fact that “maybe they will never want to understand the soul of this much hyped term of ketuanan melayu”. Your limited and biased perception is stuck at ‘ketuanan melayu being a tuan and hamba’ connotation. It does not work that way my friend.

        Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya.


  9. JMD,

    I admire you writing skills, to me it is talent, which you cannot be learnt but was given.

    Thank you for sharing your talent.


    JMD : I’m just passionate about certain things… that’s all 🙂 but thanks for reading this blog. I appreciate it tremendously.


  10. Bro Jebat, if you don’t mind, I tumpang your website to paste my answer to AI. We will release a press statement tomorrow.

    Siap sedialah kamu Anwar Ibrahim..! Esok akan keluar kenyataan akhbar secara rasmi dari kami, keluarga Saiful mencabar engkau bersumpah dengan sumpah mubahalah.
    Semoga Allah melindungi keluarga engkau dan pengikut2 setia engkau daripada terseret sama dalam kekejian yang kau lakukan pada anak saudara aku.!
    Allahu Akbarrr!!!!!


  11. sdra Lok 7,

    Pergi belajar hukum syariah dulu, baru le faham konsep sumpah muhabalah tu utk apa!!! Dlm hal ini Islam ada jawapan yg spesifik, jgn lah nak junjung Quran aje, nanti jadi kaldai!!! Suruh si Hang Saifool ke Mahkamah Syariah, dia Islam kan… Kalau dia bukan golongan FASIQ dia akan pergi, kalau dia harapkan hukum mahkamah sivil, maka Allah telah menunjukkan kebenaran. Allah Maha Besar dan Maha Agung.

    JMD : Sometimes I don’t understand the ever shifting principles of PAS’ followers. Anyway, this is not a religious blog so I hope we shall not delve too deep into it. But for the benefit of the ignorance, Anwar is harping on Saiful to bring 4 witness to the stand to substantiate his claims that we was sodomised. Following this edict:

    “dan orang-orang yang melemparkan tuduhan zina kepada perempuan-perempuan yang terpelihara kehormatannya, kemudian mereka tidak membawa empat orang saksi. Maka sebatlah mereka 80 kali sebat, dan janganlah kamu terima persaksian mereka itu selama-lamanya kerana mereka itu adalah orang yang fasiq”

    But this edict had been the subject to several interpretations. And this is where lies the conflict of interests. Note here that the requirement to bring 4 witnesses (must be male and with impeccable personality with really high moral values) is only subject IF YOU WANT TO ACCUSE SOMEBODY of doing adultery.

    But if the victims themselves is reporting this sin/crime, then there is no need for it. That was my limited understanding on this rule (which extraodinarily, being concurred with several muftis).

    Therefore, Saiful does not have to bring any witnesses as he was the alleged victim. Once again, Anwar is playing up to the gallery while his PAS cronies validating the edict just to suit their needs.

    However, if I’m wrong in this assessment, then O’ Wise One, Please Teach Me!


  12. dear mr JMD
    re: my article Pak Lah and the sword of Damocles.
    many thanks for:-
    1) your kind thoughts
    2) suggestion to list blog at malaysia kita
    3) pointing out the factual errors in that article. i stand corrected.
    regards/sakmongkol ak47


  13. Brother;

    Please comment on the latest directive by UMNO Secretary General Adnan disallowing UMNO Branches having their AGM not to propose nomination for the
    President and the Deputy President post. To me his reasoning is ‘ cartoon ‘ and it clearly shows that these are the mentality of UMNO leaders that we are having now. In later years we shall see what would be to UMNO. Pak Lah shall be responsible together with those who support him now.

    haron ja nor

    JMD : Tg Adnan is just doing what a good sec gen would do; 100% support to the president. But his loyalty is somewhat misplaced with the credibility of Pak Lah. To me, there is nothing wrong in loyalty. But blind loyalty towards a leader who is not performing is quite wrong. Whta more, there are a number of potential leaders which are more suitable to replace Pak Lah.

    Thank you.


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  15. JMD

    Please write something on the proclaimed transparency of the ACA . On one side they seem to be very quick and swift in their action but on other issues; complaints fall on deaf ears. Please take the case of the duo Perak EXCOs and the complain by TDM and certain Ketua Bahagian UMNO in Selangor on the alleged presents given by UMNO President to Ketua Cawangan , Ketua Wanita and visiting UMNO members to the later . What about the failure of Tajul Rosli Ex-Menteri Besar Perak , who refuses to hand over duty officially to the present Menteri Besar. Is there any element of corruption or abuse of power. Could he be the subject of investigation by the ACA.

    Currently there are hundreds of civil servants from all states camping in Permatang Pauh , purportedly on government “official” duty there. But for sure they are campaigning for a certain political party that has nothing to do with their official duty. What is ACA doing about it.

    For sure once they return to their respective homes an official ‘travel and lodging’ claims would be submitted by them to their respective Department heads. Does this tantamount to corruption , wrongful claims , abuse of powers etc. I think you have a better opinion and ideas on this. Please eleborate for the benefit of others.


    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. I think I had addressed this corruption issues in my previous articles. Nevertheless, to say that ACA is really independent is quite a misnomer. They are much like the internal auditors of a company. In one hand, they are supposed to be an independent body of that company, whereby they report directly to the shareholders. But at the same time, their salary and bonuses are at the behest of the management. Conflict of interests is a daily phenomenon within the ACA.

    Any arrests must be accompanied with irrefutable evidence which I believe the ACA will not wrongfully charge a person. But on the other hand, the onus to carry out an investigation and ultimately charge a person must be approved by the Prime Minister’s Department.

    To make ACA fully independent will also create problematic situations. The ACA head will be too powerful and become vulnerable to vast political manouvering by interested parties.

    Thank you.


  16. well you never answered, so I’ll try again. What is all this nonsense
    RE Alfie:
    “maybe those who disagreed with you and i would call us racists since they didnt totally understand the history of this once glorious land.and maybe they will never want to understand the soul of this much hyped term of ketuanan melayu.we dont want to be the the aborigins in the australia or the palestinians arent we?ousted in their own land.”
    Oh please, what rubbish. Yes, you are racist. And I understand ketuanan Melayu, you obviously don’t. Malays are not a Master race, get over it, you are human just like everyone else. Of course you don’t want to be aboriginal, how could you, Malaysia is not your aboriginal homeland. You have your own indigenous people who are being subjugated much like the Australian Aborigines were at the height of White Australia. Ask the Semai, Semang etc. in West Malaysia! Palestinians? Don’t even go there. This is at the base of much of the current debates, a misapprehension of history. Your history above else. Ask yourselves this: What is a Malay and where did Malays come from? We are all migrants, the sooner we all understand that the better.

    JMD : Some believe the origins of the Malays come from the Yunan province in South China. But due to the aggressions of the Chinese people from the north nearly 2,000 years ago, the people from that region migrated further south. They moved southwards and settled in the penisular and in the Indonesian archipelago. Some moved even further to the Christmas Islands. Should the Malays take back the southern china region? Did you see any of the Malay leaders in this region screaming on top of their lungs claiming that the chinese in Southern China are immigrants?

    Your limited comprehension of the Ketuanan Melayu led you to believe that the Malays deemed themselves as the Master race. Please stop all this accusations that the Malays see themselves better than all the other races in Malaysia. I certainly don’t. Then why should you? Why do you want to propagate hate between the races in Malaysia by saying that the Malays deemed themselves better than everyone?

    You must need to understand all my articles to fully comprehend the Ketuanan Melayu term. It is not about trying to be the master of the rest of Malaysians – that you had wrongly thought. It is the sense of trying to be better than our current situation. Lets face it, most of the hardcore poor people in Malaysia are the Malays. Ketuanan Melayu is like a clarion call for the Malays be better in all that they do. So that one day, the NEP can be dismantled one by one.

    If you want to know why the Malays think they are the bumiputra here in Malaysia, then I will tell you so please read this carefully.

    The Malays, from wherever they are, had made this peninsular their abode. They had established ancient governments, from the ones in Lankasuka all the way to the Melaka Empire. Invaders and colonists come and go. The last was the British. When they wanted to form the Malayan Union, they consulted the Malay Raja Raja because they see them as the keepers of the Malays sovereign in this land. Yes the chinese and the indians and the orang asli were here then. But did the British negotiated with them? They didn’t. And why is that Bob?

    Because, the Malays were perceived as the owners of this land. Going by the logic the ICJ had in the verdict of Pulau Batu Putih’s ownership, it was the effort made by the interested party in maintaining the island which made the ICJ gave Singapore that island.

    The British, after having fought with the Malays in numerous uprising (Mat Kilau, Datuk Maharajalela, Ngah Ibrahim, Tok Janggut, Datuk Bahaman and many others), saw this as the right of the Malays in this land. Did the many chinese and indians in the 19th and early 20th centuries fought alongside the Malays? I seriously doubt that. They were, at that time, were just immigrants. They certainly didn’t see this land as their ‘tanah tumpah darahku’.

    Is it wrong now to say that the Malays, since a thousand years ago, do not have any ownership in this land? To even say this, is to extinguish the Malays’ history and incite resentment from the Malays. And to say that the Malays are migrants when they had in fact established grand empires which even the Ming dynasty were happily trading with, is an insult.

    You are very lucky not to be in Burma or Vietnam or even the Philiphines when they achieved their independence. Do you know what happened to the immigrants in those countries at that time? I deplore any such arrogant act of trying to teach me the history of the Malays when in fact you are the ones who have the wrong historical knowledge. Yes the Malays are the Bumiputra in Malaysia, along with the older races of the indigenous people.

    Please do not fall to the tactics played by the opposition in playing racial politics. Even till today Anwar Ibrahim was propagating hate among the people. He said;

    “While protecting the rights of the Malays, the Chinese and Indians must also be given an assurance on their citizenship and position in the country, said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    The Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament said the country belonged to all races and not to just one community.

    “With such an assurance, it does not mean that you will be sacrificing the rights of another community,” he said during a breakfast gathering with Permatang Pauh PKR Wanita members in Yayasan Aman in Penanti yesterday.

    Anwar said when Independence was declared on Aug 31, 1957, the Malays, Chinese and Indians were assured the freedom of speech and freedom to form associations.”

    If I ask Anwar Ibrahim what are the rights of another comunity which was sacrificed in order for his own race to prosper, I reckon, he could not even answer it. Especially when he was in the govt for 16 years before, he was very mute on this very subject. In fact, he was against any steps to embolden the other communities.

    As if there were not enough assurances already by the government to the non Malays. In order not to be assimilated, many efforts had been made by the BN government in order for the non Malays to still retain their racial identity. Compare this with the minorities in other countries where their racial identities are being blurred tremendously.

    In fact, Anwar Ibrahim SHOULD HAVE SAID ; in order to protect the rights of the Malays, the Malays must be given assurances that their rights are not trampled or relinquished by the chinese and the indians.

    Read my writings in this blog further BOB. Please do not call me a racist when in fact, you are one of them. It is hard to be multi racial when everyone tries to destroy the harmony that had been forged through the understanding of the social contract.

    Thank you Bob for the comment and thank you for reading my blog. Really appreciate it.


  17. My sister and I went to the same gathering at the SDCC on the morning of Merdeka Eve. You left us guessing as to which of the 100 odd people could have been you. So did you go? Being a person who was never bothered with the political scene, most of the information disseminated during the forum was new to me, and left me agape. Knowing what is going on within UMNO from the few people who have flourished from the practices described by Tun, and flaunting their wrong doings as if it is the only natural thing to do, left me breathless as to what part I can play to save my race and country. The funny part is, these people look down on the normal people who strive to do things the honest way…One drives a Brabus, and when a Proton overtook him on the road, he shouted at them “miskin! miskin! miskin!” and laughed heartily. Later he accounted this incident to everyone with a swagger. It left me nauseated, but being me (which made me very disappointed with myself) smiled politely. I am not “berani” as I should have been…

    Anyways, I actually just wanted to tell you we were guessing which of those who were present was you…and look at me prattling on and on..
    So keep writing, bro, at least you can help people like me to our delightful dose of the politics in the way we can understand.


    JMD : Thank you for reading this blog. Yes I was there at the forum. Since I am the shy-est person on earth, I sat at the back 🙂

    It is encouraging to see young faces in the forum. I saw that they really enjoyed the speeches especially from Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. Hopefully you have become more knowledgeable in the Malaysian politics. You should share your experience you gained from the forum to the rest of your friends.

    Thank you.


  18. Yours is 2nd only to Chedet, if not equal. Great writing. Those ignorant people out there will never understand. They have a one mind track and will not listen to reasons. Ignore them.

    JMD : Thank you so much for the kind words.


  19. Amin. Moga Melayu tak lenyap dari dunia. Harap adik-adik ku yang berbangsa Melayu akan sedar dan bangkit dari kelekaan.

    I will keep on supporting your cause Jebat. Ignore what other people might say, it’s because you are telling the truth, and the truth always hurt.

    Keep on fighting.

    JMD : Thank you.


  20. Dear JMD

    I was told by my husband to read your blog, and boy, am I glad I did! I agree with Aziz Hamid, yours is 2nd to chedet and it is refreshing to know that there are others like chedet out there 🙂

    Chedet today has responded to calls for him to do something. I feel for him when I read his lamenting on what else could he do after all that he has already done (he listed them of course!) I am ashamed that as a member of the silent majority Chedet has always been referring to, I am unable to contribute towards getting this country back on track. What can we do if the powers that be continue to be delusional about their so-called power whilst refusing totally to realise that they are rail-roading everything that our previous leaders have worked hard to achieve.

    What do you suggest we do to heed TDM’s call for a change? I’d be interested in your knowledgable views on this.

    Please, continue to write your wonderful pieces. Please disseminate the true historical facts as you have been gracefully articulating. Please continue to be the voices of that silent majority.

    JMD : It was a cue from him that if nothing is being done by Umno leaders concerning the rot we have now, then all will be lost. There are some changes that I see in Umno’s ‘behind the scene’ happenings. Umno members are very much sensitive to the body language and the actions of their top leaders. Expect a few announcements by end of this month and some shift of power will take place before the end of Umno division meetings.

    Thank you for reading this blog and for your kind comments eventhough I don’t think I am worthy of such attention.


  21. Yo Bro, have not heard about this blog before, too busy “cari makan” and I even don’t have time to watch news …. pity me, to make “cerpen” out of “novel”, today, out of the blue suddenly I’m a bit (tiny winy) free and manage to check out chedet’s blog, seen yours, what you call that “link” thingy (dah 42, dah tua dah, baru nak belajar pasal IT ni), realy interesting name “Jebat Must Die”. Since I’m from Melaka (the correct name of state hahhhh), Jebat is a bit sacred to me, a guy who have backbone and not “blind”. Most of my “Pak Wo s” and “Mak Wo s” (folks in Masjid Tanah call their Grand Parents that …. don’t ask me why) regard Tuah as the brave, good, goody-goody two shoes, etc etc did not agree with me.
    Due to that, I’m a bit rebelious since day one, trouble maker, black sheep *you name it, that’s me!!!!) but I do think I do well in live, out of 100 people, 50 may love me and the other 50 want to whack me, I can live with that. The only thing I cannot live with nowadays are the Malays that kill the Malays to gain support from others. We Malays, are kind of “soft” externally, like to be nice to others but if somebody cross the line, the true nature will surface, and let me remind you guys that you will hate what you see. Conclusion – be nice to others and others will be nice to you.

    JMD : Thank you and welcome to this blog.


  22. Hello JMD,

    I find your thoughts and writing to be interesting even though I disagree you. (Nevertheless I have bookmarked you and will be a loyal reader) In fact I even find it hard to understand your arguments. You claimed not to be a racialist but yet you insist that on differentiating ourselves, racial wise.

    I find it sad that we tell people are Malaysians in a foreign land only to be Malay, Chinese or Indian once we are back. I also find it hard to understand how all the three main races in Malaysia should for their rights. Are you saying that Malay political rights will be gone overnight if the Prime Minister is a Chinese or Indian? How so? Don’t we all in regardless of race have voting rights?

    I went to school where I am the only non-Malay, not just the only Chinese but the only non-Malay. I never felt any different from the rest and I had fun. So I find it hard to understand your point.

    Also I went to school with Malays all the way the University and I don’t find them to be weaker than the other races. So again, why the self defeating policies the argues Malays are weaker/less developed than other races therefore we need to help them with “positive” discrimination policies. This is dangerous especially globalisation is knocking harder on our door each day. Actually, most if not all of my Malay friends share my thoughts and we were all equally disturbed with Hishamuddin’s “Pancaran Warisan” saga.

    So I agree with Anwar (although I have my doubts on him on certain issues but he is the lesser evil than UMNO/BN) when he says the position of all races must be assured as equals.

    I grew up with the FELDA kids and most of them are the 3rd or 4th generation before their ancestors settled in this country, and they are Bumiputras. I am the 6th generation and I am a “kaum pendatang?”

    I think one of the main factors to all these problems started with vernacular schools. There should only be Sekolah Kebangsaan, shame of those who claimed to be Malaysians but can’t speak proper Bahasa Malaysia.

    These are just my general thoughts. As mentioned I disagree with you but I am not saying you are wrong. Keeping an open mind here so please do share your thoughts.


    JMD : Thank you for sharing your experience. Your story shows the embodiment of racial harmony at the very best. And who cultivated this harmony? The government of Malaysia, from the time of independence. I also agree with your idea of having one type of schooling system. It will integrate the races together. But sadly, they are extremist on both sides of the equation that hinders racial integration.

    If you say that the Malay political rights will not be gone overnight, you are partly correct. It will only be gone in a generation’s time if the Malays are not represented in the government. Take for instance, Singapore. About 100 years ago, it was Malay dominated island. The first and the one and only Malay president was Yusof Ishak. After that, Singapore transformed itself through chinese based political party the PAP, and the Malays found themselves to be in the minority with little or no representation in the government. A government without any influence from a community, can never learn truly what are the needs of that particular community. Singapore does not govern itself like the BN where it has 14 parties to represent each community in Malaysia. It is a one party system – the PAP.

    Because of that, the minority Malays there resent their own government.

    Please read here:


    Thank you Adrian. Perhaps you should read all my articles here to really understand my standpoint of view. I do not insist on differentiating ourselves. In fact, I abhor any attempt to make racism more pronounced. But I do insist that the plight of the poor be taken as a priority.


  23. dear JMD,

    I have been hooked on, been reading your articles since Trawih last night after being mentioned by better half. Truly an excellent read, history lesson in depth- where do you get those details. I have been hunting for these historical bits to fill in the missing years, just like I’ve been looking for Hikayat Melayu Lama and Merong mahawangsa to no avail. Pls keep it coming, in today’s uncertainty hopefully your insight could shed some light, thank you.

    Anyway to get on to Adrian’s comment, you got it spot on with the S’pore refrence and abolishment of vernacular schools- case in point the States and Turkey. I think you are on the money when you advocate “Ketuanan Melayu” as a sort of a self motivation mantra for the Malays to pull themselves out of the poverty cycle and be steped on by their Tuan- previously of course Tuan Mat Saleh and in my father’s life time it was Ah Kiat and his wife.

    And what is the big deal about Hishamuddin waving and kissing the Kris, the US marines unsheathe their sword and kissed it or when a samurai pays a due respect to his Katana it is a cultural and a heritage reference and respect to your ancestors and loyalty sworn. It does not mean that we are going to run amok and kill all the other races. It’s just like the Arabs with his sword and turban, just like the Shiks; the American natives with his Tomahawk, the Yemenis with his dagger, the cowboys with their colt- it is the source and a symbol of strength, core values and discipline, and you have to respect the weapon or pay the price of makan diri.

    may be you could also enlighten how the silent masses ( I’m included) who has to worry about my periuk nasi and at the same time be concerned of the kind of future that the next generation will inherit make the difference.

    At the moment joining UMNO ( my 1993 Seputeh youth membership application was rejected- for being to independent minded) or any of the BN component parties is not a choice until the day of apple polishing stops.

    Joining PKR is jauh panggang dari api for I have know the antics of anwar and read article on TIME when he was the MOF- revolted to say the least. PAS seems to be a safe choice as a Muslim but I have also attended their political sermon in Mekah and the daily bashing of government at the local mosque is a major turn off, for it seems that all policies and everything under the sun done by the Federal government is wrong- yet they are willing to share a bed with PKR and DAP.

    Jebat must not die, for he did not betray his friend; it was Tuah’s blind loyalty that led him astray. History is written by the victor.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  24. JMD,

    I just would like to invite you over to my blog.
    Somebody wrote a comment on my blog asking if you n I were related.
    Our writings seem to be in the same direction, he said.
    Well, i guess there is some truth to that.
    Let me know what you think.



    JMD : Will do. Thanks.


  25. JMD;
    I forgot how I stumbled upon this blog. It was by chance. I am not a writer, but to judge this blog as ‘excellent’ I think is appropriate.

    I will visit more after this.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog.


  26. Salam JMD,

    I can’t agree with you more. It is a beautiful picture. The twin towers and the eye of Malaysia against the cloudless sky backdrop. I’m glad that you viewed it as picturesque. Some people may view it as “wasteful”.



  27. Salam JMD

    Dare I say that the message was read and understood? Just making sure that it went through and not straight to the spam bin.

    Thank you.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  28. Salaam JMD and hope it is not too late to wish you a Selamat Hari Raya 🙂

    I left a comment on yr older posting on Hang Tuah coz I was led to that page when I did a googled search on Hang Tuah. Also realized I am on your blogroll as well!
    Such an honor. Thank you. I must start catching up reading your blog now..along w chedet, husinlempoyang, kadirjasin, kuda-kepang et al 🙂 Excellent writing and interesting reading of your thots, issues closest to us and write ups.

    Keep up the great work and perjuangan true to nawaitu.
    We need more pejuang Melayu who thinks and writes like you do..

    On Tuah vs Jebat:
    I guess Jebat must die to save the masses, even Jebat agreed that he needed to be saved from himself having gone too far. I don’t think Hang Tuah wanted to kill his best fren on blind loyalty to the Sultan, but rather it was for maintaining order for the greater good of the masses, more to subdue Jebat. The final duel was not about killing each other physically but rather between maintaining order for all versus uncontrollable “ikut hati mati” one person vendetta, even if the vendetta is to uphold justice and for the sake of Tuah himself, which makes it harder for Tuah. IMHO, Tuah was given the “harder” task and challenge.

    In current times, I see Tun Mahathir as having the patience, wisdom, leadership, agility and humility of Hang Tuah who may at times have to do something unpopular for the good of everyone, and some of the blood-hungry wild characteristics for chaos and disorder of Jebat perhaps in Anwar Ibrahim, eventhough Anwar Ibrahim is NOWHERE even close to licking Jebat’s footprints! He wished! hahaha

    Salaam perjuangan and God Bless for your writings.

    JMD : Thank you Tun Teja. I agree with your analysis. May I humbly suggest you first read all articles under the Must Read category. Read the comments too. I guarantee you, based on feedback by readers, the commentary sections are highly entertaining as well. Salam aidilfitri to you too. Thank you for visiting this blog.


  29. oh forgot to add.. I see Pak Lah Lembik-menjahanamkan-negara as the Beladi petulant Sultan Mahmud Shah and Patih Kerma Wijaya in Beruk Hitam! muahaha

    JMD : Who knows how Melaka would be if Sultan Mahmud’s dad, the more able Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah had not died prematurely by poisoning. He was only in his early 30’s at that time. He might had ruled Melaka all the way till the Portuguese came.



    I searched under History and saw all the MUST READ! I am so happy now heheheh lots to read.. you have done a wonderful job and much researched gone into this!!!



  31. YES..and I personally think that Lekir shud just have let Jebat killed Sultan Muzaffar Syah when the opportunity presented itself.. oh and they shud just give him Patih Kerma Wijaya! This wl saved lots of others life as it wud have appeased Jebat there and then.


  32. Have read the comments on Hang Tuah thread 🙂

    Are you a writer by profession? and where can I check out your books? hehehe
    May I know your background (ie field of study)? We shud start a book club hehehe coz of our common and distinct interest in Malay history. I have listed some books on my blog. May I see your book list please?

    JMD : Nope, I’m not a writer. Just a small time blogger trying to make sense in all this madness 🙂 Studied accountancy in uni. Will give you a book list soon. Thank you.


  33. Salam JMD,

    The Star – Sunday October 19, 2008 MYT 4:28:00 PM

    “DAP offers to help government tackle global crisis impact”

    Looks like a good notion. Comments?

    JMD : Glad they have come to their senses. After being openly rebuked by the Majlis Raja Raja, the opposition, especially the very racial DAP had to change their tune and focus on something else in order appear more relevant to the masses. Thank you.


  34. Your blog title, Jebat must die is quite controversial, although I do not think it is appropriate.

    Where did you get the fact that because of his anger towards the sultan, he killed thousand of people?

    I do not believe that he killed thousand of people. That is most probably fiction added from the truth.

    I give you another version (the right one),

    Hang Jebat avenge his best friend death. He stood up against the unjust king not only kill an innocent man but take his wife as his mistress.

    Finally, to resolve the matter, he gave the taming sari to Hang Tuah to sacrifice himself.

    Now, isn’t this the greatest Malaysian Hero?

    I salute Hang Jebat.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I suggest you read more official historical books such as Hikayat Hang Tuah, Sejarah Melayu and Tuhfat Al Nafis. Basically, I am sorry to say that your version is wrong. Nevertheless, I implore you to read an article that I wrote previously (which was based on those books I mentioned) – https://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/tales-of-hang-tuah

    Thank you.


  35. My dear JMD, I cannot agree with you that racial politics is the way to go. Neither is Ketuanan Melayu. Sorry. I live away from the madness in Malaysia but I follow bits and pieces of the development from afar. I think politics should be based on ideology (by this I don’t mean religion either!), and should never ever be defined by race. You cite Singapore as an example – that the Malays who are minority lost their voice. At least the Singaporeans don’t shout “Chinese Supremeacy” everyday; at least Singapore is a nation of meritocracy. I have family in Malaysia and I feel sorry for my niece and nephew – and my cousin’s kids — knowing they and their children can never claim equal rights in a land they call home.

    JMD : Dear Lady Lavender, I have never said racial politics is the way to go. In fact racial politics taken into extreme will definitely turn ugly – as shown in recent racist comments by both sides of the political spectrum. Social equality should not be confused with social justice. If to choose between equality and justice, I’m sure justice comes first.

    Readers here would definitely know my stand on this particular issue, Here are a few humble thoughts I have regarding the matter;

    1) https://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/category/malay-issues/
    2) https://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/category/racism/

    I would really appreciate it if you could read them all if you are not busy.

    Anyway, politics that polarize race or religion are not going to disappear anytime soon. In the mean time, it is more important how to get the best out of them. We have in BN and PR, several parties that centres around race and religion. Umno, DAP, MCA, MIC, PAS, PBB etc.

    Thank you very much for commenting. Life must be really blissful there in NZ where there are no racial politics in the government.


  36. Hi JMD,

    I am so impressed with your Tales of Hang Tuah that I beg you to expand the story some more. I am currently working on a project along that line and would be honoured if you would give yr email so I could consult you on a few specific questions.

    Thanks for writing this piece

    JMD : Thank you for reading this article. Will email you soon.


  37. Dear JMD
    You answer to a visitor named BOB is admirable. Thank you Brother. I always believe we came some where from some place in the north. There was a theory from some young scientist from the States that human of this world originated from one mother in Africa. He theorised that over the years they began to dispersed to the four corners of the world. As for us Malay we must had a base some where in the north after Africa but were forced to move down the peninsula and settled here for thousand years since then. I thank our ancestors who choosed this land and fought and sacrificed their lives to hang on to this beutiful place. This is indeed a beutiful land, no serious flood,earth quake, erupting volcanoes, cyclones or extreme. We have beautiful climate, fertile land and abundant food. If this young scientist from far away land is correct in his theory, then the people of the Malay archipelago may problaly be the decendents of our ancestors just like us. That means they are us and we are them. Any wonder why we look similar.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Be nice! 🙂


  38. Jebat,

    Many conratulations for a job well done. I hope you can write about the Obama-mania that thrills everyone recently. I’m sure you’ve found many writings esp. on Malaysiakini that insult and demonise our Malaysia Bumi Bertuah just because after 50 years of independence we have not yet had our own Obama.

    I am disappointed that even some of the more educated and cultured writers seem to put forward lame accusations against Malaysia Bumi Bertuah on this issue. Their writings are nothing but racist, vengeful and inciteful. These include arguments such as:

    (i) “We are so stupid because after 50 years of nationhood we still have racial politics and not matured democracy” – Do these people realise that the US had more than 200 years of democracy before they finally have Obama; and can they list a few countries of 50 years nationhood who have a peaceful democracy as Malaysia? Do they have the courage to include the lands of their forefathers (esp. China and India) as well? They should feel ashamed!

    (ii) “If Obama is a Malaysian he would have migrated” – if it is that simple, then it simply means Obama does not love Malaysia enough! And we can do away with him. Furthermore, why are the millions of non-bumis staying put, if Malaysia Bumi Bertuah is not so great at all? Typical immigrants mentality I guess, wish to migrate to greener pastures at the first opportunity, while demanding all sorts of equal rights without even proving patriotism to strive for the ideals of this Malaysia Bumi Bertuah.

    (iii) “The only way Obama can be PM in Malaysia is if he abandons his identity” – Isn’t that almost exactly what he did to become President of the US? For all intent and purpose, as 2nd generation immigrant he is more American than most Americans and ‘whiter’ (in character though not in colour) than most whites! Can any non-Malaysian aspiring for PM post follow his foot-steps please???

    In fact, personally I believe Malaysia Bumi Bertuah had our own Obama long before the US. We Malays are so compromising and accommodating, we actually celebrated all PMs although they do not have pure 100% Malay blood – Tunku (Siamese), Tun Razak (Achehnese), Hussein (Turkish), Mahathir (Indian), Abdullah (Chinese) … but most importantly they showed statemanship and impeccable love for the nation and country.

    I keep saying Malaysia Bumi Bertuah because I notice when I was in the US, all the politicians keep saying “Our Great Nation” and “This Great Nation” … as prove of how much they adore and love the country, although everybody knows that the US is not perfect and not THAT great in all respects. I think we should cultivate the same culture for Malaysians … MALAYSIA IS A GREAT NATION and it is OUR GREAT NATION.

    God bless,

    JMD : God bless you. Thank you for the comment.


  39. JMD,

    as i have commented somewhere else in your blog, you remind me of my late father. most probably because both of you come from malacca. hahaha. he was working with DBP before and from there was where i cultivated my love for the old hikayat and most likely my spirit of being anak melayu and my sense of rebelliousness against tyranny and injustice (my ex bosses considers me troublesome and headstrong).

    such a pity those books old malay literature are not widely circulated or no longer in print. they taught me so much which i try my best to pass on to my own children. my dad was such a great fan of jebat and he actually named our family home as such. pls keep up the writing as it is a good point of reference especially for the younger generation who have seems to lost their self identity what it means to be anak melayu and to be proud of it.

    thank you and may Allah bless you always.

    Keturunan Jebat


  40. assalamua’laikum jmd,

    i am a keen follower of your blog. I read with great interest what you had to say. My favourite section of your blog will always be the commentary section. I think you are one of the first blogger to actually reply any dissenting comments or comment that needs further clarification from your visitors. I really respect that. And what really astound me is, you never waver from your convictions. I think you have achieved what we can call as – our centre of being.

    You know what you are talking about and are not afraid to confront any commentators of any political inclinations. I believe your knowledge in some of the fields is quite exemplary.

    When you criticise someone or something, your firm beliefs enable you to logically dismantle any critics and somehow led other people to have faith in what you are saying. I do not believe other blogs/bloggers have this kind of ‘strength’. Some fall short to expectations by censoring dissenting views. Some gave out hilarious rebuttals that left us bewildered even more.

    Some even disabled the commentary section altogether. KJ’s number one blogger – Bro Jinggo does not cater any commentators to his blog. A huge disappointment. Probably he does not have the strength and the perseverance to counter any negative comments like how you possess. Some blog like Anwar Ibrahim will just simply censor any comments (even though these comments are made in a civilised manner) that will damage his agenda.

    Anyway, this is my first comment to you and this is just my honest observation. My utmost respect to you jmd. Not many people have the stomach to receive criticisms let alone to counter them intelligently. Hope you can continue with what you are doing. It would be a great loss if you stop blogging. I sense that you are under 40. I hope you will have the strength of an ‘orang muda’ to continue on in analysing the Malaysian situation for years to come.

    Angin teluk menyisir pantai
    Hanyut rumpai di bawah titi
    Biarlah buruk kain dipakai
    Asal pandai mengambil hati

    Pulau pandan jauh ketengah
    Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
    Hancur badan dikandung tanah
    Budi yang baik dikenang juga

    Cuaca gelap semakin redup
    Masakan boleh kembali terang
    Budi bahasa amalan hidup
    Barulah kekal dihormati orang

    Hari malam gelap-gelita
    Pasang lilin jalan ke taman
    Sopan santun budaya kita
    Jadi kebanggaan zaman berzaman

    Lagu bernama serampang laut
    Ditiup angin dari Selatan
    Layar dikembang kemudi dipaut
    Kalau tak laju binasa badan

    Padi segemal kepuk di hulu
    Sirih di hilir merekap junjungan
    Kepalang duduk menuntut ilmu
    Pasir sebutir jadikan intan.

    JMD : Thank you for the vote of confidence. Very much honored by this due attention. And I get the message you are trying to put across through the pantuns. Thank you and wassalam.


  41. JMD;

    Passing through at most times. Appreciate your writing and concurring with your assessment on most times.

    Malays by their very nature (in fact to similar traits to all that basks in the tropical sun) are docile. They are relaxed, taking things for granted and do not tend to fight back. Therefore, finding you ramblings (and some others well articulated persons on the Net likes of Kijangmas/Demi Negara, Dato Sak/Mat Tomoi, Pasquale, Big Doggy et al, just to name a few) is enlightening.

    And, along the way, I have learnt couple of new things, new ideas too. For that I thank you. And, also I thank you for putting thing in their perspectives, for which I am incapable of articulating.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

    JMD : Thank you Mat Reset. Actually we all learned a lot through the discussions with another.


  42. P/s I am old fashioned. Call me racist, I don’t actually care; Gawd made me born Malay. And, by the way, I thoroughly love sex. Does that make me sexist?

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

    JMD : Thank you for sharing…


  43. Salam JMD,

    Pemikiran kritis di luar kotak sdr memberikan kecelikan kpd pembaca mengenai isu dan polemik sosio-politik tanah air kita.

    Saya sentiasa menantikan pemikiran seperti ini dan pada masa sama masih cuba mengekalkan objektiviti dan arah tuju perjuangan menegakkan keadilan lebih daripada kesamarataan.

    Adakah tulisan sdr akan dibukukan kelak?


    JMD : Terima kasih saudara.


  44. JMD,

    I admire your attitude and the way you write. I think you are a well read, well reasoned and well seasoned person.

    Here and elsewhere you always keep your cool. You keep on giving the facts and arguments. Tested by people like Bob above, you sounded serious, matter-of-fact, and rubbished them where they deserved, but thanked them for visiting and implored them to read more. You gain understanding by that.

    We need many types of writers to get our points across on national unity, mutual respect, respect for the Constitution, etc. This is because there are so many problems in the country now and so many types of dissenters. Overall, I wish there are more like you.

    Despite the so many criticisms and suggestions, money politics and corruption persist, the ensuing weak leadership continues, allowing people to exploit it, freeedom for blatant questioning of Article 153, disregard for BM, non-action on the Sedition Act, and disrespect for the Constitution will continue. I am perplexed as to what else we the ordinary citizens can do to help bring about change.

    Would appreciate your comments on what else we can do.

    Best wishes.

    JMD : Your email is not functioning. Thank you.


  45. The very racial DAP. What a joke.

    Hypocrite again. When will I see on your blog post mentioning “the very racial UMNO”?

    Jebat must die. What a stupid blog name. First off, where is your proof that Jebat’s “methods were cruel, misguided and unwieldy. His anger towards a Sultan, led him to murder thousands of innocent lives.”?

    Where is your proof? From the sejarah written by Jebat’s enemies?

    Baguslah, keep living under the tempurung with your backwards thinking. Hope you get oppressed more often by UMNO.

    JMD : Thank you again for this kind of comment. When you ask regarding Jebat, where is my proof, you postulate I got my views from history books written by Jebat’s enemies. Now, may I know where I can find books that are written by Jebat’s friends?

    Two earliest known history books about Tuah & Jebat are the Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah. Therefore, may I know where do you get your references that will rebut my statement – “his methods were cruel, misguided and unwieldy. His anger towards a Sultan, led him to murder thousands of innocent lives”.

    What are the reading materials you going to counter my statement above with? As it is, I use all the available historical references to conclude my statements above. What did you use to conclude yours?

    I hope you will get out of your little tempurung yourself and be open minded. Release yourself from years of brainwashing the Opposition had done to you. They are not all rosy.

    Lim Guan Eng’s excuse for his failure in eradicating poverty in Penang (after promising it as his manifesto right after claiming the CM post) was the failure in opening a trust account. This is how a DAP leader wash his hands. Obviously eradicating poverty is not his priority anymore. It took a year to TRY TO OPEN a trust fund account? What a flimsy excuse! Maybe Lim Guan Eng should learn from Melaka state government on how to eradicate hardcore poor. Melaka is the first state to achieve 0% hardcore poverty rate. Kalau nak buka akaun pun sudah bermasalah, macamana nak selesaikan masalah lagi rumit?

    As what APOMM said here:

    “When BN used closed or selective tender system, the Opposition disagrees with it. I remember Lim Guan Eng announcing that he will use the open tender system under his administration right after taking over Penang in March 2008.
    But then, soon he realised that the open tender system could be too expensive. So, Penang is using selective or closed tender system now. Such nonsense.”

    Thank you. Hope you will not be lulled by PR forever.


  46. Thanks for your enlightened writing, it has really opened my eyes to the propaganda being churned out by the mass media and the blogosphere. Based on what I have read, there should be some guiding principles that is applicable to the type of people we are, we all should agree that:

    Corrupt practices must not be displayed publicly, as we must protect our enlightened leaders in UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

    MACC must not act independently like in Hong Kong, as they will yield too much power, create havoc, and destroy our beloved leadership.

    The judiciary must always side with the executive, if the executive is from our God and booze loving UMNO. They should not be impartial as it might destroy the credibility of our beloved leaders.

    Lying, cheating and robbing should be permitted if you are from UMNO, but not other parties.

    JMD : Your thank you is not accepted Senkoh because you have not read all the articles in this blog. Read from the first article okay before you try to write a comment like this. The problem with you is, you just read one or two articles and immediately give out a PREDETERMINED response without even trying to apprehend what this blog is all about. Even before you try to lambast the BN leaders, this blog had lambasted them openly about their corrupt practises. If you have a problem with the MACC, maybe you should take it up to two of their advisers from Pakatan Rakyat (Salahuddin Ayub – PAS and Tan Seng Giaw – DAP). Both are in the Special Committee on Corruption.

    By the way, the judiciary is certainly not doing its job because how can they release Anwar Ibrahim from jail and also RPK from the ISA? You are right. They need to be straightened out. Do you know any judges who are still not yet tainted? Maybe you can help the BN to identify them and be the BN’s official money bag carrier.

    You are right on the other thing too. People from Umno (all 3 million of them) are the only individuals that know how to lie and cheat. We are blessed that other people in Malaysia inclusive the Pakatan Rakyat leaders and followers are a pack of angels on earth. Nothing they do is wrong as they cannot be blamed for anything. This is because people like you Senkoh will support them in toto. No questions ask. Not even a little squeak of dissent can be heard.

    This is evident since all pro Pakatan Rakyat blogs will never criticise Pakatan Rakyat itself. Too bad BN / Umno supporters have bloggers who support them but at the same time have no qualms in criticising them too.

    Have a read to ALL MY ARTICLES and then you can thank me for enlightening you. Remember, too much reading won’t hurt you but too much skewed info from your idols will.


  47. Calling all Victorians,

    Victoria Institution is organising a VI Cadet Band Tattoo on the 30th May 2009 at the Quadrangle, Victoria Institution.

    Show starts at 8pm.

    This tattoo is in honor of 100 years celebration of Victoria Institution Cadet Corps Band.

    Thank you.


  48. JMD,

    just wanna menyibuk kejab…

    why dont u write sumthing on youth & women in politic.. in pkr, they hev nurul izza, hanna yeoh, nik nazmi && etc that they can be proud of , but umno only have the putri wings.. yang tak nmpk contribution ponnn… malula cengginie beb…

    to be honest, i think pkr offer more oppurtunities for the young talents… what do yaa think?

    n jangala plak terkejot, if esok i bertanding as pkr candidate… =D

    JMD : The key phrase here that Umno Youth must take note is ‘pkr offer more opportunities for the young talents’. Thank you.


  49. JMD,

    Bcos Jebat die, that is why that malay land was occupied by any tom dick and harry in other part of the world.

    If we do not want to be like the Australian Aborigines, only way forward is to work harder and makes more networks with other races. Remember even the british is Aborigines in their land same time as us, by killing Jebat along the way, our land are occupied.

    Malaysia has Aborigines before us, bcos they never progress, we can occupied this land and bcomes Aborigines. By taking from other race and not work to provide for our own race, will certainly make us weak and denounce of the Aborigines status like what we did to the Jakun etc..


  50. i just happened to come across your blog from the wordpress page and saw the photo. i thought to myself hey I know an Edwin Wang, so I went to check out the website an what do you know, he was my college mate from Disted Stamford! what a coincidence 🙂


  51. Bro

    Could you email me your email address so I can keep you posted about my new 2nd blog ‘Let Us Now With Thankfulness’ at http://lunwt.blogspot.com/ which is about my years in VI from 1966-1972.

    Which years were you in VI?

    Btw, Raja Nong Chik, the new FT Minister was in VI from 1966-1968 after which he joined RMC.

    Thanks and best regards


    JMD : Will do mate. Thank you.


  52. JMD,

    boleh tak minta tolong suggest Link reading materials specifically on political marketing strategies by both the gov & opponents, eh? i do hev some references, but still appreciate ur recommendations too…

    need to submit 5 pages reviewla for submission next week… hihi..

    JMD : It’s in the mail. Thank you.


  53. wow…heard lots of gr8 tings abt u…moir juz new in this line…so ive been recomended by my uncle to go to yr blog to learn n undrstand more abt history of my country…n to me…d most interesting topic is d 13th may story..thnk u so much for d info….thnk u so much for everything..really helps a lot…

    JMD : Thank you Firdaus for visiting this blog.


  54. Admiral Cheng Ho travelled all the way from the “All Under Heaven” land of united China to Ptolemy’s Golden Chersonese (the Malay Peninsula) with the hope of starting a new life with a purpose of assimilating Hang Li Po into a foreign establishment. In my mind, after so many rumours, Cheng Ho may have brought with him five warriors who seem to have been assimilated rather well in the Malay culture and history: Hang Toh Ahh (Tuah), Hang Joo’ Bhat (Jebat), Hang Lee Kew (Lekiu), Hang Lee Keh (Lekir)and the last one may have changed to a Malay name almost immediately to Hang Kasturi.

    Of course this is just my imagination – of the five Panglimas being Chinese. But if it is true and no evidence exists to deny its possibility, it may be the single most controversial evidence that we have done it (ie. “1Malaysia”) in the past. So the onus is on us to repeat history. After all, people learn from history.

    So Jebat’s struggle was not congruent with this spirit. For that Jebat has to die… I concur

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. However, your imagination is wrong about Cheng Ho and the 5 chinese warriors. Cheng Ho died in 1433. This is 30 years before the time of Hang Li Poh. Cheng HO died even before Hang Tuah was born. This should be enough evidence to deny its possibility. And there is no evidence that says Hang Tuah and his four friends were chinese. The only evidence we have is from the old book – Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah. And they were definitely Malays.

    You can read the Hang Tuah story here.

    Thank you.


    • Dear JMD,

      I didn’t say I believed the theory 100%, hence why I started my para with “Of course this is just my imagination … ”

      It was just a provocation for 1Malaysia.



  55. Sir,

    I’m Wan from PORN, a student movement under Amnesty International Malaysia. We are organizing the Human Rights Activism Workshop and would like to invite you to join our event. Apart from that, hopefully you could lend a hand in promoting this event. Details of the event is in the group page. Thank you.

    PORN. Young and bold.

    Contact us at:

    Amnesty International Malaysia Campaign Coordinator – K.Shan 0178794557
    People’s Rights Network – Wan 0172552249 / Ijlal 0134477228



  56. I wish you would write a book!! There’s too many books out there filling out people’s minds with so many misinformed stuff, mostly regarding our government. Write and publish a book to present a different view!


  57. I wonder whether you can help me.

    I am writing from a company in the UK. We are working with the Open University in the UK producing resources for a new course called Worlds of English about the use of the English Language in a global context.

    We are trying to find some video or still images of the Malaysian Riots of May 13th 1969 to use in a video about the legacy of English in Malaysia. There are some very good photographs on your blog which look like they are from a newspaper article. Could you let me know where you sourced them?

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    With very best wishes

    Clare Fleming

    JMD : I have replied in an email to you. Please check your inbox. Thank you.


  58. Saudara JMD,

    I’ve stumbled upon your blog recently and I’ve made my introductions to you and your readers in one of my comments to your article.

    Taking time to read some of your past articles, I must commend you on the quality of writing which I find thoroughly enjoyable even though I may not agree with all of them.

    Keep up the good work!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment and thank you for visiting. Really appreciate it.


  59. Clever use of words still won’t disguise your Malay supremacist faggotry. You’d only make yourself look like an intellect asshole. What an oxymoron. And there goes our parents’ taxpayers’ money down the drain for educating morons like you…


    • I think you have PROVEN yourself to be, in your own words “an intellect(ual) asshole”. I have made the linguistic correction for you, FOC.

      Taxpayers money WENT to arrests of prostitutes on social visit passes, capturing runners who harass borrowers on behalf of alongs, raiding cetak rompaks setups, undercover activities trailing drug lords and many other “imported businesses” that are illegal and threatens civilised lifestyle.


  60. Hi, im interested in your in depth and fair view and knowledge of Hang Tuah. I’ve been scouting on certain old issues about him for my future project, to produce a film that has got to do somehow with Hang Tuah; for international audience. If u are interested to be one of my panel writer or reference ( based on your interest in Hang Tuah story and related issues) please contact me. Otherwise i hope to be updated on your other comments and ideas, now and then. A credit to you and thank you for your concern towards the society especially Malay history.


  61. Dear JMD
    Great writing Sir. I have read your article on May 13, 1969 twice.
    I started school 1966, at RRS (Rifle Range rd. School) Depo Jln. Padang Tembak KL. My father was in the FRU, then. He was posted to Baling, mid 1968. I was enrolled to Tunku Putra Primary School, the school where Tunku Abdul Rahman & Chin Peng met for the ‘Baling Talk’. According to my father, the govt. at that time, was introducing a policy to increase the number of non Malays in the FRU. So my father was was transfer to General Duty.
    No wonder the FRU then, cannot make justifiable control of the street procession. I think.



  62. Hi Jebat, can I suggest that you seriously consider publishing your PDF book on May 13 in paper version as well? It’s sad that as far as I know you’re the only one rebutting Dr Kua’s bias historical book. Your writings need to be reached out to a wider audience. In BM and English.


  63. Dear Jebat Must Die,
    Could you please set up a discussion on Dato Maznah Mazlan and her quest to challenge Shahrizat in the coming UMNO elections for the top Wanita spot. I was once a keen supporter of Dato Shahrizat, however I believe the time has come for a new face, one that could uphold integrity and with a clear voice on the way forward for UMNO. Malaysia has many great young Malay people, brilliant Malay minds and outstanding Malay track record, however, UMNO needs leaders who would not hesitate in joining forces with these people. Many out there have lost touch with UMNO, or have silenced their drive, simply because they find there is no authentic avenue for them. Maznah Mazlan could be the new face of hope for these Malays who truly want to see change and who are able to bring change ……


  64. Hello Mr JebatMustDie

    I am currently doing an assignment about May 13 1969 and I saw your content about it, I thought of it as a good content as part of my research. So, please provide me a biography of yourself (name, status etc) for me to credit your work on my upcoming paper. Please email me back and thank you for your time and effort


  65. Dear Sir/Ms, I am currently based at ISEAS in Singapore and am doing some academic research on blogging in Malaysia and am interested in interviewing some bloggers/new media activists. Is there any chance of doing one with you on the 11th, 12th or 13th of february? Would also appreciate if you can introduce me to some other bloggers/new media activists who may be open to be interviewed.




  66. Oh what I have been missing all these years in terms of good read….and glad to know you too. You are a Malay hero and I am very proud of you JMD….


  67. Jebat – The people’s warrior and Hang Tuah the Ketuanan Warrior.
    rajraman. Who ever champion the welfare of common people’s from Political Traders lies Jebat is alive forever.
    Long lives Jebat – The people’s warrior.


  68. Click to access 13-may-1969-analysis-by-jmd.pdf

    “The True and Fair View”

    The true and fair view coming from an anonymous ?

    How am I supposed to trust you when your analyses are blatant lies and sided opinions?

    I know your agenda and I know it well, you’d blame it on the communists like every other nations do.

    First they blame the commies, then they blame the muslims, next ?

    Just gotta get a scapegoat again eh

    I see you’re not being a critic to his article but to the person itself instead. You’re committing “Straw Man” from what I can see.

    I suggest you change your “True and Fair View” to “I hate Dr Kua Kia Soong” for your so called analyses are nothing but just an attack on that particular writer, those 6 pictures being put at the front are nothing but for show.

    What’s with the use of Exclamation mark and all in a supposedly analysis?

    P.S. doubt you’d ever approve my comment if needed, because you’re too scared to admit your “ANALYSIS” is nothing but a personal attack.


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