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Kicking people when they are down – the NUFAM way

MH370 is a tragedy that had happened without anyone could have imagined. The mystery and the repercussion that surround it has called the entire nation to unite in the face of a national disaster. We must stand strong and pray that the family members can receive some closure so that the grieving process can start as soon as possible.

So that the nation can heal, so that the people can look forward for a brighter future ahead.

But some quarters, even before the plane is found; even before investigations have been concluded, had scoffed at the people who are tasked to find the plane. We do not need this kind of insensitive people and their vile derision to weigh us down further. To our surprise, we have our very own Malaysian citizens that are leading the way in ‘kicking people when they are down’.

After Anwar Ibrahim rode CNN’s back in criticising the Search and Rescue efforts by the government in the recent article which can be read here, a similar unsavoury voice is heard today in the form of NUFAM:

Malaysian Airlines CEO’s head must roll, says union

The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has called for the resignation of Malaysia Airlines chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya following the prolonged MH370 disaster.

Nufam, which has long been at loggerheads with Ahmad Jauhari over workers’ issues, said that the latter’s resignation could restore public confidence in the airline.

“(Nufam) believes it is the right thing to do now as this even has brought tremendous impact on the aviation industry in this country…

“Since the Flight 370 tragedy (happened) under his watch, it is rightful for him to step aside and allow someone else to take over his position,” Nufam said in a statement.

It said that Ahmad Jauhari must also step down following two other incidents involving MAS flights – the incident in Kathmandu, where a flight was hit by flying ducks and in Hong Kong, where a flight en route Seoul had to divert to due to generator failure. (Really NUFAM? Flying ducks and generator failure? If it weren’t for the MH370 story, these two incidences wouldn’t make any headlines. Does the CEO of BMW have to resign because people who drove it went into accidents?)

It added that airline staff has also “lost confidence” in the way Ahmad Jauhari has handled the crisis which entered its 19th day today.

Following the Hong Kong incident, Nufam also released a statement urging MAS to ensure stringent safety checks on its aircraft, citing cabin crew concerns.

The union has been at odds with the management prior to the crisis, with its president and several office bearers sacked or suspended following criticisms against MAS.

In the first place, it is an open secret that NUFAM had tried to wrest control of MAS union from the original employees union of MAS – the MASEU.

MASEU has the biggest membership of flight attendants in MAS, and NUFAM the newcomer is believed to just trying to make itself relevant. This statement by them came as no surprise at all given the fact that their modus operandi in usurping MASEU’s voice in the past has been less than pleasant.

Fact is, NUFAM does not have any credibility to talk on behalf of MAS’ employees. Which made the above statement as a whole, rife with ulterior motives. Just like Anwar Ibrahim’s behaviour, the nation does not need people with hidden agenda to bog us down further with unnecessary politicking. Everyone is coping to the best they can.

We must give support in order to see this through.

Support  and words of encouragement for the those involved in SAR. Prayers and well wishes to the family members.

Thank you.

21 thoughts on “Kicking people when they are down – the NUFAM way

  1. Nufam probably did not realise the damage this calamity has done to mas and the country. Mas may not survive this ordeal as did swissair and panam before this. So whoever becomes the ceo is of no use.
    I have stopped listening to news also as the reputation of the country has been tarnished. Previously, out ruling elites hid behind osa, sedition act, isa etc on matters that concerns the public notably highway concession agreements, ipp agreements etc. The ruling elites can do whatever they want and nobody can touch tbem. The citizens were at the mercy of their incompetency.
    Now where it matters, their ineptitude is glaring to the world. The reputation of the country is tarnished.

    In my opinion, the dca chief should not handle the investigation as he may hide the wrong doings of his department. They should have appointed a neutral party, maybe a retired MAS pilot to be chief investigator.then he can screw everyone from the air force (usage of royal should be revoked as the air force is more into development of old airbases than securing the country’s airspace), the dca, the mas management etc.
    Now with the latest revelation that the airforce thought the flight was probbly ordered to return by the mas when it was spotted on their radar shows thst the guys manning the radar are nothing but liars.


    • If you have stopped listening to news, what do you listen to now – gossips, innuendos, inciting comments? “whoever becomes the ceo is of no use”? Tony Fernandez, ok?

      Politicizing the MH370 tragedy, eh? Bringing in “osa, sedition act, isa etc” here? You an anarchist?

      Btw, good English this time, eh? Changing your posture/ image from time to time to “hide (your) wrong doings”?

      As AIYAAHH said below, MORE TO COME!!


      • Even Tony Fernandez praised Hishamuddin’s handling the investigations – never mind his interest in having good relations with the Transport Minister (even though in an Acting capacity) for his airline business.

        If you “have stopped listening to news”, read what I write below:

        AirAsia X officer suspended for dissing authorities on MH370
        The Sun Daily – ‎7 hours ago‎

        PETALING JAYA: An AirAsia X senior first officer has been suspended pending investigations for making derogatory remarks at the government’s handling of the MH370 incident.


        • Tony kissing hishamuddin’s arse as he is ‘acting’ but surely ‘failing’ transport minister. Who knows, if tony plays his cards right, hemay be able to buy kk or penang airport from mahb, which is heavily in debt. Tony will ensure that we get a efficient, dynamic and cost effective airport with low airport taxes and charges and minimal shops except for affordable eateries. No need for massive shopping malls in airport. It only adds up costs of managing it.
          Hishamuddin can lump in all airports in the north to tony in a one designated zone deal. That means loss making airports such as alor setar can lumped in together with penang
          The cost of building klia2 should be broken into for the airport and the other for the mall which i heard is massive. Why bother building massive malls at airport when public transportation is inadequate i wonder. Is mahb in the business of operating airports or malls?


      • Anybody told you that now is not the time to play the blame game?

        Now, read this one too:

        MH370 crash: Bung Mokhtar says not the time to play blame game
        The Star Online – ‎Mar 25, 2014‎

        KUALA LUMPUR: Calling for a control over information related to Flight MH370, Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (pic) said this is not a time to be “pointing fingers and playing the blame game.


    • The MAS CEO is a member of the Investigation team. says

      “China praises Malaysia for plane search efforts

      BEIJING: China today praised Malaysia for its efforts to trace the missing aircraft amid protests from the relatives of passengers on board the crashed plane who accused Malaysian authorities of bungling the probe.

      “Malaysia made lot of efforts, since the plane went missing in the search and investigation,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told media answering questions whether the incident has marred bilateral relations.”

      MORE TO COME!!


    • What kind of opinion is that saying the dca chief should not handle the investigation as he may hide the wrong doings of his department? You have a very suspicious mind, don’t you? And you think we can believe you, can trust your opinion? You would “hide the wrong doings of your department”, would you?

      A neutral party, a retired MAS pilot who is not familiar with the rules and regulations of civil aviation, of radar operation, etc? Do you know that the current DCA chief is an Engineer? Are you one by the loose American definition that call road sweepers and drain cleaners “sanitation engineers”?

      You are used to “screwing” or being screwed, are you? And disliking the title Royal Air Force, too? Because you are a disloyal? How not to call you a nitwit.

      Do you know the role of the Air Force, their SOP? Maybe you only know SOB that you and the likes of you are often referred to. Fair isn’t it – you accuse wildly, state wild opinions, others can also do the same to you.

      Be reasonable now, put it into your head that the Air Force radar is designed to identify and track only hostile, enemy aircraft, and they leave the civilian aircraft movements to the civilian radar that is also operated 24/7.

      You calling them liars, what do we call you? Bastard? (Hope my comment is allowed – I’m mostly asking anyway, and am ready to whack back your replies.)


    • Tak banyak sabenar nya. Only the pendatang and some other Oppo hippos who started it, then others react to them.

      The DAP buggers started it the moment the party was formed, questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.

      Belom dapat cari MH370 pun, penajngak penjangak tu dah buat hal, hate comments, instigating, wildly accusing etc. Kita kena hentam depa semula supaya mereka sedar, jangan kangjar.


      • @ anon,
        The malays not only suppress and oppress fellow malays who have different opinion wrt faith, they have decided to deny fellow bummies from sabah and Sarawak from performing the faith freely and in peace. Now why can’t muslim malays leave everyone alone to practice whatever they believe witjout interference?
        And leave the search ohMH 370 to the experts. That means we have to engage Dr Ballard and his team who found the titanic. That means, he may team up with james cameron to create another block buster hollywood movie based on this plane.


    • We are trying to save and salvage the country from brain dead people who use race and religion to gain acceptance. The country should only promote and elect those with creativity, new ideas and are dynamic. Hishamuddin, in trying to gain popularity,threatened minorities by waving the keris. Now that he is in the spot light world wide, his balls shrank to the size of a peanut.


  2. Bro, you are right about NUFAM. They have no locus standi to demand AJ to resign. Their main agenda is to bring back TF.

    AJ should instead have taken Dr Puad advice to resign in Sep 2013 but he was just plain stubborn, greedy and dumb.

    “KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Bhd should have been slapped with a higher fine for the “monopolistic” share swap deal with Malaysia Airlines (MAS), said Umno supreme council member Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi.

    Puad also said MAS managing director and group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya must accept full responsibility by resigning. He urged Ahmad Jauhari to pay the RM10 million fine imposed on the national carrier by the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) from his pocket.

    Puad said AirAsia, which was fined the same amount, should be made to pay more as it was the bigger beneficiary of the deal, which was ruled as unlawful by MyCC for being monopolistic”

    For public info, Dr. Puad was the one who presented the final resolution to terminate MAS Air Asia Share Swap deal during UMNO MT monthly meeting in May 2012.



    • And yet. If we recall, Dr Puad was also advised by his own branch not to contest during the last elections. He, too, ignored the advice. And lost miserably in a safe seat. Karma is a bitch.


    • If so, this so-called union may be just a jumble of frustrated, vengeful and poorly organized lot of flight attendants who work at 1-2 airlines operating in the country.

      They may have grudges against their employers or the Establishment for one reason or other and vent their frustration against anything that represents or resembles the Establishment. They were noisy during the period when Tony Fernandez was creating havoc to MAS – heavily criticized share swap with Air Asia, he on MAS BoD, spent a huge sum of MAS funds buying jerseys for the British Premier League football team of his fancy.

      Yes, as AIYAAHH said, they may be promoting the Tony Fernandez agenda of being at the helm of MAS. Yes, people have accused the Union prime movers of speaking up in the interest of Tony Fernandez, especially after Najib reversed the hugely unpopular share swap.

      So, they should just be ignored, and whacked as and when relevant.


  3. OMG, thank you Tuan Jebat for exposing suchtruth. I’m not against NUFAM but I’m against NUFAM for TF and also against NUFAM for killing my colleagues. I remember the in house UNION MASEU had invited NUFAM to negotiate for its member of cabin crew to ascertain NUFAM’s competency to represent the premium airlines cabin crew but Ismail N/NUFAM President ran off and insisted MAS Cabin Crew be withdrawn from MASEU’s current CA. When withdrawing from MASEU’s CA whilst NUFAM has no CA, it will kill all of us because we all will have lost a blanket to keep us secured and warmed. Presently, MAS Cabin Crew failed getting any increment because NUFAM deadlocked the CA between MAS and MASEU. MAS Cabin Crew must thank NUFAM for boycotting their increment at this time. NUFAM is also cooperating with ex-cabin crew who now work as Standard & Performance Executives to exterminate a job ranked as IFS (inflight supervisor) so that these bunch of bastard (s&p) can fly again by replacing IFS (inflight supervisor) as IFE (inflight executives by S&P). Great work NUFAM! The NUFAM way is to kill some to make way for others! Btw, NUFAM President’s brother is Azmi Wahab who works as S&P.


  4. Aloha – are you talking with your ass in your mouth. If none of you know what NUFAM has done, please STFU!. Its obvious you guys are talking without thinking. What NUFAM wanted was to prevent its crew and pilots from being bashed up when they fly into China. The safety of the crew is sheer importance as the airline has jeopardized its reputation with the Chinese.

    So, to cut the story short – the CEO should apologize and step aside. Thats humble and credible!


    • “talking with your ass in your mouth”? Meaning you? Especially when you don’t provide the proof, the justification.

      Not even explaining what was it they said or did, that made you say “What NUFAM wanted was to prevent its crew and pilots from being bashed up when they fly into China”. Or what indications there are that its crew and pilots would likely be “bashed up when they fly into China”..


  5. Steven Tai must be deluded with his **** in his mouth when he writes and talks. Look! NUFAM has done enough damage and with its damaging resputation causing many (30) who have been served with show cause letter for the wrongful act they solemnly took and so ready to kiss the feet of anyone’s just to get Scott free from all the sabotage they did earlier. Either Steven Tai is Ismail Nasaruddin himself or he is just one stupid blind followers. Nobody wish to join NUFAM nowadays and where have the fund gone if NUFAM claims they have had at least 67% of members as MAS crew members? Want to expose more who were on the flight? And what NUFAM’s threats before the incident? No office and no building and how about telling the public why MAFAA wound up with all the money collected just gone and turned zero?


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