Saya Bersama Pakatan Harapan
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Saya Bersama Pakatan Harapan

KLIK gambar di atas, dan layari website tersebut untuk nyatakan sokongan anda bersama Pakatan Harapan. Terima kasih. Anda juga pasti ingin membaca: 1. HARI PENAMAAN CALON – LANGKAH PERTAMA KE ARAH PERUBAHAN, MALAYSIA AKAN BERTAMBAH KOTOR JIKA BN TIDAK DIKALAHKAN 2. 100 Sebab Tak Nak Najib 3. Marilah Sama-Sama Bina Semula Malaysi 4. Video Tun Dr Mahathir … Continue reading

Sandiwara Seorang Pondan
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Sandiwara Seorang Pondan

Hasil tulisan dan pendapat pembaca bernama Megat Mansor: Walau saya bukan peminat (Datuk Seri) Nazri Aziz, saya rasa agak keterlaluan bila (Tan Sri) Zainudin Maidin menggelarnya Pondan Padang Rengas baru-baru ini. Ya saya setuju beliau dayus bila enggan bertanding Pilihanraya di Langkawi menentang (Tun) Dr Mahathir. Tapi panggilan pondan tidaklah sesuai dengan tampang dan ‘swagger’ … Continue reading

Kenyataan Akhbar Dari Sekretariat Deklarasi Rakyat
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Kenyataan Akhbar Dari Sekretariat Deklarasi Rakyat

The English version of the press statement can be read at the end. Sekretariat Deklarasi Rakyat melihat sokongan kuat yang telah diberikan kepada Deklarasi Rakyat sejak ianya dilancarkan pada 4 Mac 2016 sebagai sesuatu yang amat menggalakkan. Sokongan dan galakan ini telah diperlihatkan oleh masyarakat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum dan ini membuktikan deklarasi ini adalah … Continue reading

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Latest news: United Nation urges Governments to protect whistleblowers

The latest UN report presented in the UN General Assembly on 22nd October 2015 had found that it is common for Governments to restrict information and penalise sources and whistleblowers under the pretext of ‘national security and intelligence’. This contravenes with Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights. Below is the news report: NEW … Continue reading

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Anwar Ibrahim is using #MH370 pilot as his chess piece

What can we say about Anwar Ibrahim? He had recently announced that Malaysian government is accusing the captain of the missing #MH370 flight as a potential hijacker. This act which can only be described as an utterly vulgar political misinformation and distortion of facts, is a genuine act of desperation befitting someone who is grasping for … Continue reading

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A guide on what not to do during the #MH370 crisis

There are so many speculations on the recent crisis pertaining flight MH370 which could distract and hamper the search and rescue activities currently underway in the South China Seas. Fortunately, the management of this crisis has been handled very well by Malaysia Airlines and the relevant authorities. With the Department of Civil Aviation taking charge … Continue reading

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Compare cost of living around the world

Something not so heavy this time around – comparing costs of living between cities around the world. Just go to and key in the cities and they will tabulate the costs which are adjusted with the exchange rates and compiled with the real costs from each city. As the website stated: Expatistan is a cost of … Continue reading

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Brief Outlook on AG Report 2012

The much awaited Auditor General Report was published recently and the nation is gripped with unearthed stories about mismanagement (again), unrealistic purchases (what’s new?), inefficiencies as well as wastage. We should really brand the momentous AG announcement as a national transparency day of sorts when discoveries like the ones exposed recently are highlighted for all … Continue reading