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UMNO tries to deceive its own partners in Barisan Nasional

The latest statements from Najib Razak and Noh Omar really did not make any sense.

Two days ago Najib said this about the bill Hadi Awang had presented to Parliament recently:

“I would like to clarify to our friends in Barisan Nasional that there was a misunderstanding. When Abdul Hadi tabled the Bill, people assumed it’s for hudud. I would like to state that it is not for the implementation of hudud. It is just to give the Shariah Courts enhanced punishments.”

Then today, Noh Omar said along those lines too:

“The bill is only to amend the existing law, not to introduce a new law.”

Let’s see what the PAS is saying about the bill which their president had proposed:

Usul yang dibawa adalah langkah pertama bagi membolehkan kita melaksanakan undang-undang jenayah syariah (qisas, hudud dan takzir). Hakikatnya kesalahan-kesalahan jenayah syariah sudahpun ada dalam undang-undang Malaysia sama ada di dalam Kanun Keseksaan atau Enakmen Jenayah Syariah negeri-negeri tetapi hukumannya tidak selari dengan hukuman sebenar yang disediakan oleh syariah kecuali kesalahan yang membawa hukuman takzir.

Sekiranya usul ini diluluskan dan pindaan dibuat kepada Akta 355 seperti yang dihasratkan, hukuman bagi sebahagian kesalahan di bawah jenayah hudud seperti minum arak (40 hingga 80 kali sebatan), qazaf (80 kali sebatan), berzina bagi ghair muhsan (belum kahwin, 100 kali sebatan) dan murtad yang membawa hukuman selain dari hukuman mati sudah boleh berjalan. Kesalahan-kesalahan ini sudahpun ada dalam undang-undang negeri tetapi hukumannya sahaja yang tidak selari dengan syariah. – HARAKAHDAILY


The proposal is the first step taken to enable us to implement Islamic criminal law (qisas, hudud and takzir). The fact is, syariah criminal offenses already exist in the laws of Malaysia whether in the Penal Code or in the Syariah Criminal Enactment within the states but the punishments are not in accordance to exact Syariah laws unless the offense carries a penalty for takzir.

If the motion and the intended amendments made to the Act 355 are approved, the punishment for some offenses under hudud crimes such as drinking alcohol (40 to 80 strokes), qadhf (80 strokes), adultery for ghair muhsan (unmarried, 100 times strokes) and apostasy which carries a sentence other than the death penalty can be implemented. These offenses are already existed in state law but only the punishments are not in line with shariah.

So, the mouthpiece of PAS had said that the amendments to the bill proposed by Hadi Awang will pave way for Hudud. Now who are the people that Najib and Noh Omar are trying to deceive?

There is no more honesty, credibility and integrity in Najib’s administration, everyone knows that. But to hoodwink his own partners in a coalition founded by his own father?

This is the latest sewage Najib has jumped into. It’s a pity that he likes to wallow in filthy politics.

He is so desperate to be in the good books of Hadi Awang, he had agreed and steamrolled a vital piece of legislation to be tabled without even conferring it with the rest of his partners in government. A dictator is still a dictator no matter what he does, although this dictator could be one of the most comical dictators history has ever produced.

The leaders who could see through the smokescreen but could do nothing due the RM2.6 billion virus

The leaders who could see through the smokescreen but could do nothing due to the RM2.6 billion virus

To MCA, MIC, SUPP, Gerakan etc., you are very insignificant in Barisan Najib. You were a force to reckon with prior to 2008. But putting your faith in an imbecile with a lot of tendency for corruption and a vile hunger for power had also corrupted your political will.

Due to that, your poor attempt to salvage the respect you dearly coveted from your voters is futile because the respect your predecessors had painfully earned has long been gone. There is only one thing to do now.

Never trust a leader who stabs you in the back while asking you to remember him as a friend.


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6 thoughts on “UMNO tries to deceive its own partners in Barisan Nasional

  1. Bagus tu.
    Masukkan skali kes mencuri
    pecah amanah
    duit dihilangkan
    menipu raakyat dgn duit
    curi isteri orang(rampant dlk pas)
    fahaman sesat spt wahabi


  2. “PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill to amend Act 355 will be a credit to PAS in elections, said PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz.

    The bill by Hadi, who is also Marang MP, appeared on the Dewan Rakyat order paper today, the last day of the lower house’s second session of 2016.

    “Why worry? We are confident that this will be a credit to PAS and Muslims, God willing,” he told reporters when met at the Parliament lobby today.”

    So it’s a pure political gimmick, in short.


  3. “We are only falsehood, duplicity, contradiction; we both conceal and disguise ourselves from ourselves.”
    -Blaise Pascal

    Not quite monsieur, that’s only the case when we cooperate with our satanic streak; when we betray our better selves.


  4. UMNO hudud perversion: enhanced whipping for Malay women by UMNO

    Hudud is a mysogynist arabic laws that seek to control women in their society.
    There are so many basic issues that we must understand when some goons in the malay society want to be super holy.

    First let us deal with Jamil Khir.

    Jamil Khir said UMNO is just enhancing the Syariah Act as it has not been updated for so long!

    So for UMNO, to enhance the Syariah Court is to increase the number of whippings for malay women to enhance the Syariah Courts! What logic is he saying?

    You only increase the penalty for a certain offence because you want to remedy a situation or to make society better.

    Do you increase the status of the Magistrate Court for stealing just to enhance the status of the Magistrate court?

    Why is enhancing the Syariah Court important to the syariah fraternity.
    From what I read in BH and UTusan, Peguam Syarie was complaining that students from the islamic faculty has no jobs. Secondly the grade of the judges were low as they are responsible for offences which have low penalty. RM5000 ringgit, 3 years jail, 6 times whipping!

    So in order to enhance the grade, the penalties have to be increased for the same offence..muahaha

    What this means is that women must be whipped 100 times and jailed 40 years so that Syariah Courts have the same responsibility as Civil Courts when they serve different functions.

    That means malay women bear the brunt of the whipping just to enhance somebody pay grades!

    So in conclusion we can say penalties are increased because they want to enhance the Syariah Court grades… muahaha..

    We muslims must reject such superficial thinking by malay so call alim men.

    Najib is so stupid but he is not alone. So is Jamil, Ahmad Zahid..

    They seems to forget they are talking about whipping malay women, somebody’s daughters or wives…


  5. Saya rasa ada banyak yang tak kena dengan pas sekarang. Saya target Hadi Awang, Nik Abduh dan Takiyuddin adalah orang orang yang telah dibeli oleh Najib Razak. Mungkin bukan dalam lingkungan 90 juta, tapi lagi rendah dari itu.

    Sebab biasanya, orang berserban n bodoh sikit. Bila dah kena sodok dengan duit, walaupun sedikit, mula la tercabut kain serban. Nak pulak salah sorang dari mereka tu kaki betina.

    Kesian ahli PAS. Syurga hilang ke mana, neraka pulak di bawah ketiak Hadi Awang.


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