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Dear Malaysian police, what happened to the billions donated for fighting ISIS?

For the past few days, this region is rocked by the terror attacks in central Jakarta which precipitated the ripple effect in neighbouring countries. Judging by the reaction of the leaders in the region, the most panicky country is of course,  Malaysia.

Indonesia remained calm and its leaders showed great qualities amidst the great adversity they are facing. Juxtapose it with how Malaysian leaders responded to the attacks, there is much to be desired. This is not surprising because the Najib Regime values loyalists of Najib Razak over people with intelligence.

Staying way beyond his usefulness

Staying way beyond his usefulness

For instance, Federal Territory Minister Ku Nan almost leapt out of his pants just to be the first to announce about potential terrorist targets in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan, an accountant turned politician had left his brains at home and declared that Malaysia is ill-equipped to fight terrorism because his ministry do not have adequate funding to do so.

Both of their statements can be summarised as an open invitation for terrorists to strike, but do strike at places not mentioned by the minister.

Luckily the proper authorities issued some clarification over those hasty political statements and had quickly chastised those who tried to cause panic and anxiety among Malaysians.

But everyone knows why those two made such callous remarks. They just wanted to justify the new Security Council law they had enacted in order to solidify Najib’s position.

The question people should ask is this: What happened to the billions of secret money which should have been used to fight ISIS?

Nur Jazlan claims that his ministry do not have enough allocation to fight terrorists. Yet we all know about USD650 million (RM2,860 million in today’s currency) was transferred out from his private accounts in AmBank into an account in Singapore. Nobody in Najib’s regime dared to deny this.

This transfer happened in August 2013. That money should have been put to good use so that Ku Nan and Nur Jazlan don’t have to issue stupid statements.

According to Raja Nong Chik, about RM2.6 billion had been completely used to fund the 2013 General Elections. It is believed, money was flowing like hell at that time and millions went into the pockets of politicians in Umno. Shahrir Samad was one of them. That is the price he paid to numb his moral conscience.

Therefore, what’s left is that USD650 million in Singapore accounts.

In August last year, during the height of brown-nosing Najib Razak, it was revealed by one of Umno divisional head that the RM2,600 million money secretly deposited in the Prime Minister private accounts was an appreciation to fight ISIS.

The toady, Wan Adnan Wan Mamat believed the lie that was told to him without even using his brains to ascertain its logic and believability.


Najib Razak and the absurdity he created

Obviously the Najib Regime desperately wants ordinary Malaysians to believe this story. Let’s humour them by pretending we too are going to believe their story.

We need to swallow one stupid pill they have been taking all this while and believe that the billions of money belonging to our overnight billionaire PM was for fighting ISIS.

Let’s also humour them by asking this question – why hasn’t the money being allocated to fight ISIS after 2013? Our security forces need the money badly so that they can adequately fight terrorism. Can we check if money from Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts have been transferred into the bank accounts of Malaysian Royal Police (PDRM)?

Najib Razak is still holding RM2,860 million. Nur Jazlan must ask him to part with that money. After all, Najib Razak himself said he never and will never use those billions for his personal gain. Not even one sen of it.

So when he said he won’t spend it for private usage, all of us who had eaten that stupid pill must believe him. We should never ask for proof of expenses. Because we are all idiots. Unlike Najib Razak.

Chosen by God to become instant billionaire

Chosen by God to become instant billionaire

He is after all, chosen by Allah. One of his sycophants even said that he led the people like how the Prophet did!

The Home Ministry must ask Najib to repatriate those billions to help Malaysia to fight against ISIS. This was the main reason why he became an instant billionaire in 2013 – for fighting ISIS.

Although Najib Razak complimented them for their valour and bravery in June 2014, we must discard this apparent oxymoron and urge Nur Jazlan and PDRM to request further funding from Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts.

Those bootlickers currently loitering the cyberspace must also urge their Prime Minister who was chosen by God to give some loose change for the police to fight on.

After all, they had apprehended one ISIS terror suspect who had a knife and several documents and labelled him as a suicide bomber. And this was accomplished without billions of ‘donation’. Imagine what could have been achieved if PDRM gets RM2,860 million? Perhaps the whole ISIS network around the world would have been crippled!

PDRM, please check your bank accounts again soon. Check it daily until you see billions in it.

As the effect of that stupid pill is wearing off, one can only conclude that the Najib Regime is the most inept, deceitful and idiotic government Malaysia has ever produced.

The dishonesty and the duplicity they portrayed themselves just to cover up their crime is beyond reproach. Time will not be in their favour. History will not be kind to them.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Malaysian police, what happened to the billions donated for fighting ISIS?

  1. “One of his sycophants even said that he led the people like how the Prophet did!”

    Najib is to Prophet Muhammad like twilight is to daylight.


  2. KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Police has denied news that the Daish militant group is set to launch attacks at a number of areas around the federal capital.


    However this same IGP had cancelled the 1MDB forum (Nothing2Hide) because of security threat.


    Amazing isn’t it, especially after the recent Jakarta attacks.


  3. “What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.”
    – William Shakespeare, in Julius Caesar

    And dishonesty couples with duplicity as the rule of the day.


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