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BREAKING: Saudi King’s departure proof RM2.6b donation was returned, expert says


This news was originally posted in FMN:

KUALA LUMPUR:   Just like the Saudi Arabian King Salman Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s official visit to Malaysia proved the RM2.6 billion donation received by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was genuine, his departure today has proved the money has also departed, a leading expert said today.

“The King leaving today was concrete proof most of the Saudi donation also left Malaysia shortly after the 13th General Election,” explained academic Abdullah bin Bakar, “if the PM had kept the donor money, the Saudi King would still be here as we believe His Majesty’s movements correlate with anonymous Saudi capital flows into the private bank accounts of democratically elected national leaders.”

King Salman will now spend 9 days in Indonesia after spending only 3 here.  Academics have concluded this must be because the Saudis have secretly donated three times what our PM received to President Joko Widodo.


Thank you Fake Malaysian News for the hilarious satire.

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