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*Caca Merba*

by Shaikh Nawab

1. British Separatists won by a majority of 1. 2 million votes in the EU Referendum. A few hours after the Leave Campaign secured the painful win – the pound has been on a freefall since – David Cameron announced his imminent resignation. He had passionately lobbied for Britain to stay in the EU. He insisted Friday morning that a new leader would have to preside over the exit and take the nation forward.

2. The EU Referendum came five days after the electorate in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar backed, in by-elections, the candidates representing Umno, whose leader Najib Razak has for a year now resisted calls for him to resign over the 1MDB super mess. 1MDB was intended to be a bold, high-energy fund with the highest of risks, that steadfastly refused to scoop up public money. “It started with a mere RM1 million of Government funds,” Najib had more than 12 months ago told a TV station. 1MDB went on to create global financial history on account (so far) of being investigated by authorities in seven countries. It has already caused the closure of a Singapore branch of a reputable 143-year-old Swiss Bank. It is spewing out, still, endless bad, in fact nasty, Press globally. An instrument that prided itself in not dredging public funds, broke new grounds in the haste and reckless manner it was piling up debts. It hastily borrowed money which according to the international Press went on a meandering, cleansing ride. These are conceited allegations? Which is exactly why we need full disclosure and a proper debate.


Instead those who dared to ask the whereabouts of the funds had been sacked. The most prominent among them was Muhyiddin Yassin, who had served loyally as Najib’s deputy since he took power in 2009. The Attorney General was declared too sick to continue and was hastily replaced by a person who had since cleared the Prime Minister of any wrongdoing and was the other day handed a top honour on the occasion of the King’s birthday. Just this week the head of the MACC which had investigated 1MDB and Najib, said he was so thrilled to accept a “golden” opportunity to teach at an institute in Austria, reportedly for an initial period of three months. This mighty honour compelled him to walk away from his MACC job although he was not due to retire until 2018.

3. Umno leaders have for months been noisily arguing that the 1MDB is an old recycled issue that voters could not relate to. In some ways the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar results have vindicated the Umno leaders. Those smiling nice people on the ground adopted the time honoured “bersangka baik” maxim and enthusiastically supported Umno and Najib. It was unwise for Rafizi of PKR to have chided the voters for being moved by worldly gains. The indictment should be properly directed at the political class, not the rakyat. That a majority of voters in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar ruled 1MDB to be a non-issue is a measure of the little progress made in graduating rakyat to higher grades.

In any case vast numbers continue to be unquestioning, probably not because they are seriously dumb. They are being practical. They simply don’t earn enough to liberate their minds. Hints of a stoppage of Government assistance would have a suffocating effect in the heartland. They are too timid to consider that they will have access to, and, opportunities for, more income if endemic corruption is finally defeated. They lack the financial independence one needs to develop the courage to ask questions and to see things in the correct perspectives. Their lives have hardly improved as opposed to that of those Umno leaders. Granted many of the Umno personalities are selfless warriors but there is a distinct wealthy and elitist segment at the top.

4. It is true that scandal-tainted leaders would not have survived such a disaster in most democracies. The fearsome Press, those outspoken, impatient backbenchers even the more honourable Cabinet Ministers would have hounded them out of office.

5. What about the illiberal democracies then? Is Malaysia in this category? Fear is crippling inhibition. There must be this genuine fear of being investigated for some forms of transgressions. The honest ones may worry about retributions. A few could even be shielding the leader to protect their own cache.

6. Additionally the current Umno regime has been handed boosters from unlikely quarters – Pas and Anwar Ibrahim. Hadi Awang the president of Pas was present at the house of Sanusi Junid some four decades ago when Anwar, Sanusi, Hadi and the late Fadzil Noor founded Abim. When Anwar was expelled from Umno, Fadzil was quick to react in cobbling together an alliance of Opposition parties. Lim Kit Siang and DAP came on board. This was the genesis that produced stunning results in the 2008 and 2013 elections. At around the last general election Hadi started to entertain doubts about the suitability of Anwar as prime ministerial candidate of Pakatan.

The falling out might or might not have inspired the formation of a Pas breakaway called Amanah. This was an incredibly major incentive for Umno. A split Opposition would hand Umno victories of the sort we saw in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar. With Harapan forming a new coalition with the other Pakatan parties, Pas became more emboldened and also properly isolated. Umno presented a prospect of being a not too-bad–distant associate. An arms length love story was concocted prompting Pas to develop brand new narratives. One has it that the party is not preoccupied with winning. Its support base greeted this new line with sheer passion.

7. Anwar has also aided this Umno leadership by firing from prison two missives replete with his usual hyperboles deep-fried in extra melancholy. The underlying tone is to warn PKR leaders especially Azmin Ali to stay away from one Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Deklarasi Rakyat platform. At the same time old foes and rudderless critics have turned on Mahathir, blaming him for things that have gone wrong in the country

8. In a comical twist, so many have forgotten that the real issue is the industrial scale corruption. Even Hadi according to a public intellectual who had followed his career from day one started off by crusading against corruption. The menace is no longer seen as a threat that the curious resignation of the top graftbuster was allowed to proceed with minimal fuss.

9. It is time to launch a hiatus in discussing the 1MDB issue. Allow a Ramadhan-Syawal breather. Don’t even mention the word. Let’s “move on” and follow pronouncements from authorities in other countries investigating the scandal. We can eventually regroup to consider the senseless nature of politics in Malaysia. That we have triggered a globally feared financial cancer and yet so many are only interested in bashing Dr Mahathir.


The above is an opinion piece sent in by one of the readers.

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26 thoughts on “*Caca Merba*

  1. Sheikh Nawab Toyol,
    #3: The anti-Najib conspirators are sulking like toddlers in daycare. Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar went horribly for them. All of those efforts to lie and exaggerate were totally rejected.

    But these slimy conspirators with vested interests can’t accept that their devious tricks had failed. Instead, it’s “others” who are at fault. Voters afraid… Hadi Awang… Grandmother and grandfather. They can’t accept the simple fact that the people aren’t as stupid as they had hoped. So, sulk away, zombies!!

    Won’t be long before they become totally quiet. When Mahathir and his cronies stop crediting money to these zombies’ bank account.

    “I see dead people (with vested interests trying to overthrow Najib)” — THE SIXTH SENSE


      • Ray Zombie,
        And where is the repeat?? Being consistent in exposing the anti-Najib conspirators’ lies and exaggerations is no repeat.


    • The dead people are the ones with vested interests who try so hard everyday to defend Najib.

      Devious tricks are the programmes – which generated long queues – that BN used to win the recent elections.

      Efforts to lie and exaggerate is what people like Lim Sian See tried to do in defending something they themselves could not comprehend fully.

      Slimy conspirators are people like the eater of worms and the grand markisa.

      Boy, Wormtongue, your dictionary is out of whack. Mwahahaha.


      • Mujahid Momok,

        Besides your lack of vocabulary, you need a lot of work with basic English-language structure too. Like this one:
        “Efforts to lie and exaggerate [is] what people like Lim Sian See…]

        It should be [are] because the subject is plural.

        Please get a basic education first before you reply to my comments.

        Write this 1,000 times: Ronnie Wurm is a good man! He is like Jon Snow.


        • Low blows get youse no jois, brades. Mwahahaha.

          If that’s all you can do to rebutt what I said… nuff said, really. Typical of these Najib goons, ey. When you can’t rebutt, do a bait and switch. Mwahahaha.


    • Ronnie sir… I just want to pick your brains for this one question:

      1) 1MDB sent billions to fake Aabar company which IPIC on record had claimed didn’t belong to them. The PAC report stated that the management did not tell the board the complete information over this illegal transaction. The auditor general asked for the documentation evidence to prove that the fake Aabar did belong to IPIC but it was never provided (how difficult was it for 1MDB to get that company to provide it with Form 9*, 24* and 48* from its cosec?) – *just an allegory. Point is, regardless what 1MDB would have said about the fake Aabar, IPIC already stated they do not have anything to do with them. Therefore, billions of taxpayers money disappeared into a dodgy company, yet you kept on saying there is no wrongdoing? Can you please explain your rationale behind it? That there is indeed not an ounce of criminality involved? Billions of our tax money (yours and mine included) which could have been used for our kids’ education or welfare for the poor had been siphoned off. This is just one of the examples of the wrongdoing. How would you advise the government to get back our lost billions from that fake Aabar company? Thank you in advance.


      • Boss:

        krikkrikkrikkrik. Mwahahaha.

        Brades bukan ada akai sangat. Nak rebutt tak reti so he will just spin you in another direction. Pening weyh. Mwahahaha.


  2. The financial crooks have infiltrated UMNO government machinery. For years, contractors have build up their pet projects or solutions and laws are made to force the citizens to buy these products.
    Buy in is the term.
    So they will run articles in NST or BH or Utusan or TheStar about their special interests.
    There is nothing wrong if its purely commercial without harming national interests. Examples are third rear brake lights were pushed as something very important. So someone can sell third brake lights. Or rear passengers seat belt as necessary so someone can sell extra seat belts. Why is this campaign by the Chinese Transport Minister ridiculous? Because we can read many Malay women riding motorcycles and got their legs and heads run over by cars. Death is more common among motorcyclists who are 80% Malays, by around 2000 deaths per year!
    And yet some idiot in Transport Ministry want the police to check cars rear passengers! Why? To scare the people into paying for rear passengers seat belt.
    When the police can see that motorcyclists diced with their lives without seat belt.

    Then there are the periodic water cuts scare to push mega pipe manufacturers interest. Drought in tropical rainforests!!! muahaha..

    Then floods scare…more projects for Gamuda smart tunnel. Each time this mega projects are a few Chinese get mega billionaire rich.
    The latest is the businesman Zahid who claims that the chinese lost 24 billions because lack of manpower. We do remember his brother had submitted a proposal for a solution…
    Thats figure seems ridiculous. If we lose 24 billions, then Bank Negara would know about it. 1MDB lost 50 billions CASH and even BNM is not aware until Sarawak Report brought it up.
    Then Zahid the chinese business men friendly UMNO leader said that there are 2 billions of oil palm lying around because there are no one to pick them. This is even more than the stupid Masing has said, 1 billion oil palm.
    Hello, if there are 2 billions oil palm lying around, dont anyone has any initiative to form a group to pick these 2 billions oil palm?
    Then there are the 24 furniture factories in Johor which was forced to close. We can assume they are owned by Chinese, are dirty and labour intensive.
    The point is that UMNO is run by either incompetent liars or idiots who dont know what they say.
    After being blasted as liars when it is pointed out that the Malays are the one in the army, police and bomba doing the heavy lifting and dangerous work now they turning to other lies. UMNO leaders cannot say Malays dont want to do dirty and dangerous jobs because all the navies,airforce, army and police are 90% Malays muahaha..

    But you must continue writing and exposing these simplistic wannabe rich politicians who are nothing more than charlatans working for their own interests. We who love truth and fairness and justice must state our views continuously as the majority of citizens are rational.

    Any idiot can say there are a trillion ringgit worth of fish in the ocean… we just need more banglas to catch them hehe…


  3. I really cannot understand the proTun’s logic. First they use David Cameron resignation as a case for accepting the voice of majority who support brexit. Next, they criticize Najib for not resigning on whatever accusation his opponent throw at him.

    Hello proTun. Did Najib lost in the so call “referendum” purported by Mahathir? Did Umno lost in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar? Why must Najib resign after people have shown support for him and his government? What is the similarity between David Cameron and Najib? All I can see is that Mahathir has more similarity. So if someone has to resign, it would be Mahathir who would resign from his ANC and that apa nama deklarasi. If this is the best that proTun can bring forward, no wonder they are going no where.

    If you want us to astound you with our intelligence, make sure you put up something intelligent.


    • Grandma

      Quote: “So if someone has to resign, it would be Mahathir who would (should) resign from his ANC and that apa nama deklarasi.”

      Here is the crux of your STUPIDITY.

      You have shown injustice to your (shallow) education.
      Resign means “voluntarily leave a job or office”.
      That fits Najib not Tun Dr Mahathir.


    • Voters in Sg.Besar and KK voted for BN candidate to represent their constituent. I don’t think they practically voted for Najib. After-all, Najib’s face was a ‘no-no’ on campaign posters or billboards. In Sarawak too.

      Yes, Chinese vote seems to have returned to BN. Remember…when sleepy Pak Lah was about to be ousted?
      The late Karpal Singh and Kit Siang wanted him to stay-on, instead.

      So don’t be fooled by the twin by-election result. KK and Sg.Besar was BN’s anyway. It’s in the best interest of Chinese that it remain so. Further more, Dr.M had sincerely declared that he wanted to save UMNO/BN by kicking out Najib, before GE14. Saving UMNO means Malay political power prevails. So, why would they want what Dr. M wanted?

      Therefore, it would be best if a weak and smeared Najib stays-on as PM. With UMNO divided, DAP’s stooge (Amanah) gaining strength, its the best chance to thrash UMNO’s BN in GE14. A greater tsunami this time around.

      In a nationwide election, I don’t think Najib had much money left to bribe voters as in Sg.Besar and KK. Unless, Singapore unfreeze frozen account, or some crazy Arabs, donates more. How stupid of Najib to have ‘returned’ the balance of what’s left in his personal account.


      • Ok, I want to save UMNO and BN too. So will you all voted me as the Chief of UMNO? As every UMNO MP to quit and let me take over. I have just declared that I want to save UMNO and BN (sincerely ok).


  4. “bersangka baik”
    “jangan aibkan orang lain”
    “taat pada pemimpin”
    “ikut arahan”
    “orang memberi kita menerima”


    These are maxims that retards the analytical minds – especially when accompanied with bountiful “gifts” from the thieving leaders.

    Or perhaps people are just too lazy to hunt for the TRUTH.


  5. Your blog getting a lot of flak from the pro-corrupt people. Either they are directed to attack you, or they can’t get enough of you. Maybe their own blogs did not receive enough attention, that’s why they come here to show their idiocy. Keep up the good work JMD! By the way, how can I send my opinion piece?


    • No… they are just here to increase the popularity and blog stats! 🙂 May Allah grants you the strength and faith to do what is good. Najib and his army of low IQ people won’t be here forever. Najib is not an immortal. One day, Najib will die. And people who replaces him will hunt down all these little criminals.


    • Opinion piece by a no-name like you? Send to xxxxxx HAHA!

      Based on the (low) level of intelligence as already shown here, please go elsewhere lah.

      Don’t be too jealous of the popular Ronnie Wurm

      JMD: Comment moderated to edit out a porn site. Thank you.


      • Wow ringworm, didn’t know you visit porn sites!!
        This “hobby” of yours actually reveals the person that you are. Yikes.


      • Yo ronnie, who would be jealous towards a poisoned serpent with a forked-tongue – let alone an opinionated wurm that’s gone f**kin cookoo?


  6. The similarity between Khazanah Nasional and 1MDB is striking.
    Both have no money. What is the paid up capital of Khazanah Nasional as a so called sovereign fund?
    Do you know in May 2016 400 million Ringgit Khazanah Nasional invested in Indian owned company Fractal?
    In 2016 Khazanah invested 700 million ringgit in indian website selling women underwear?
    Do you know Khazanah invested in Indian web site Yepme for another RM700 million?
    Wow 1.5 billion in just 3 companies.
    Seems like Malaysia is so rich?

    Alarm bell should ring because these companies are just like coal mines in Mongolia that is they have NO ASSETS and more likely these billions of ringgit are gone for good.

    Why dont you ask where does Khaznah the Sovereign WEALTH Fund get money to give to indians in India and US and UK? They sell malay owned companies shares like TNB or Telekom or Celcom on the make up excuse to create liquidity. Just like 1MDB making up stupid excuses to make big money.

    44 % of RAV are given to overseas companies. Khazanah borrowed 40 billion ringgit!
    How could Bank Negara allow such big sums to flow out of the country?
    The answer is that these loans are never brought into Malaysia and so bypass BNM.
    Exactly like 1MDB!

    And who is the Indian fella in Khazanah Research? Nor Yakcub Maohamaed!!

    Malaysians beware the Chairman of Khazanah Nasional is none other than Najib Razak who once said, proceed of 1MDB shares sale was put into Singapore BSI so that the government wont have to ask for BNM permission in Parliament…muahaha

    Everyone else seems to knows that the real reason is because there is no money to bring back.


  7. Soooo. USD1 billion was parked in BSI Singapore because kenot bring back because Ban (sic) Negara angry. Arul Kapundek said cash – I saw with my own head! His head must have gone loco, cos a few months later it was “assets”, and then mere weeks later, “cunit, just cunit” (google to find out what “cunit” means mwahahaha).

    “Cunit just cunit” was said by not one, not two, but THREE different people. One in Parliament, summore.

    Now, the 4 billion ringgit cepumas question that Wormtongue and Gramp Markisa need to answer for us is:

    BSI sudah tutup dey. Where itu “cunit” gne to now? Ha? Mwahahahahaha. Lu orang and your Lim Sian See bodooooo weyhhhh. Mwahahahaha.


    • Do we need to even entertain Ronnie Wurm and grandmarquis and their likeness? Do we really?
      If after several reports and investigations over several months by several countries and several agencies and no amount of gospel truths and facts could make them see where the mind-boggling billions of ringgit came from and then got parked into Pekan MP’s personal banking account, then we can be dead sure who these grand worms are.
      We could only wonder why certain someone could consistently act like LEMBU DICUCUK HIDUNG or so it seemed and then goes berserk trying to stampede the innocents. Really, our heartfelt sympathies goes to them and their likeness.
      We wonder too how much were their souls worth. Let us just hope that they would finally wake up from their deep slumber and that they are able to: MANFAATKAN AKAL YANG GOD ALMIGHTY KURNIAKAN.


  8. >>>>>curious resignation of the top graftbuster was allowed to proceed with minimal fuss>>>>>

    This top graftbuster has got no balls. He is just a coward like Gani Patail who was sacked and just walked off without a whimper.

    Do you know that u/d our law, this top graftbuster is the most powerful person in Msia…more powerful than that doggie Apandi. He not only has powers to conduct investigation including arresting any person but also has prosecutorial powers. He cld investigate Apandi for protecting a corrupt criminal like Najib from prosecution and charge Apandi in court. He did neither because he is a coward..lacking moral courage.


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