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Najib and his goons live in a vacuum devoid of any links to reality

That is why they can still walk around, making nonsensical statements amidst all the damaging reality that have befallen unto them.

Take for instance, the latest news surrounding the 1MDB fiasco.

IPIC had terminated the debt-swap agreement and the Wall Street Journal have published new discovery that the instant billionaire named Najib Razak did receive billions of money from 1MDB via intermediary companies.

Before, we were told that all these accusations were lies. No such money existed. Then they shifted the goal post by saying he never received such money from 1MDB. Then they changed the story by saying the money was a donation. The shameless Najib even had the audacity to claim he did not use the money for personal usage!

In June 2015, the liar said:

“Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.”

As proven so many times (and exposed by the Attorney ‘cari makan’ General himself), he did receive money from SRC International and in today’s article published by WSJ, at least USD681 million came ultimately from 1MDB.

On top of that, he used millions of ringgit on a shopping spree for luxury items like clothing, handbags, jewellery etc! 

Ahmad Maslan and Haron Don were right. This prime minister is very stupid for taking public funds and put it in his own private accounts.

Yet, many of his goons are living in denial, making nonsensical claims to exonerate Najib Razak from any wrongdoings. To them, receiving millions of money from SRC International and then spent it lavishly around the world is not wrong. And this is the least of Najib’s problems!

etc_elephantroom50__01__630x420Some of them were even more pathetic in claiming that the Petrosaudi and 1MDB joint venture was a government to government (G2G) business joint venture. Everyone with enough common sense and above average intelligence can easily find out from publicly available information that PetroSaudi was not a company belonging to the Saudi Government.

Yet, they wrote long extensive articles, mostly rubbish, just to justify their claims.

To no one’s surprise, it is now a fact that PetroSaudi had swindled Malaysian money by the billions, and supervised by the prime minister’s confidants. This was clearly stated in the PAC Report (page 18-19), where PetroSaudi’s owner is a swindler named Tarek Obaid and 1MDB (without approval from its Board of Directors), had remitted billions of money into this dodgy company.

In another instance, everyone with a bit of knowledge in auditing would have known that 1MDB had terminated two of their auditors within a span of 4 years. Husni Hanadzlah, the bumbling and ignorant Second Finance Minister LIED on national TV in June last year when he said it was a normal practice for auditors to be rotated.

It was a well known fact in the industry that EY and KPMG were sacked in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

But throughout last year some clueless idiots in the social media had defended 1MDB by saying that these auditors were not sacked. It was normal practice to change auditors, they said. Thank God none of these idiots were chartered accountants or financial experts. Otherwise people might question their business acumen and qualifications.

A multi-billion ringgit company changing auditors midway though an audit or employing 3 different audit firms within 5 years is certainly a huge red flag.

And lo and behold! The PAC Report (page 68 & 71) indeed had reported that  those two audit firms were terminated.

Now why would Malaysians want to believe the nonsense propagated by paid individuals from JASA or in Facebook? What is worse, this government uses taxpayers money to spread disinformation and lies in order to defend Najib. What an unbelievable thing to do.

Hopefully, there won’t be anymore noises coming out from self appointed 1MDB spokespersons saying that the Cayman units have value and are not worthless. That would be hilarious indeed.

When you lack common sense, you will make nonsensical statements. People often find it hard to believe nonsensical statements because people generally have a lot of common sense. It was common sense to believe that the PetroSaudi – 1MDB JV was not G2G. It was common sense to know that 1MDB auditors were sacked.

And it certainly is common sense to know that billions of money in Najib Razak’s private accounts were not a donation. It was certainly not for fighting ISIS nor was it to fight the Jews. But yet all through 2015 and until today, some of these self elected defenders of Najib’s crime would still believe that the money was a donation meant for fighting Jews/ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood etc!

Maybe they loved being lied to and love being ridiculed by the public. But this is not a surprise. Najib Razak till this day is trying to carry whatever dignity he has left without any due regard to the embarrassment he had caused himself, to his own sycophants and to Malaysia in general. He is living in a vacuum devoid of any connection to the current reality.

In January 2016, he declared that all RM40 billion of 1MDB has been settled. He is the Finance Minister yet he did not want to tell us that the real debt level of 1MDB is RM50 billion. Being transparent is of course, not in his vocabulary.


Look at that face. We wonder what happened to all the millions of jewellery he had purchased. Maybe the sycophants can give us some awareness about their whereabouts.

But the best part is, what he didn’t want Malaysians to know is the fact that 1MDB will settle all of its debts only by the year 2039! And its success is based on huge amount of assumptions (PAC Report page 81).

Below is how 1MDB plans to settle all its needlessly accumulated debts. Obviously, the debts won’t be settled anytime soon. Bear in mind, Najib did say not a sen of rakyat’s money will be used to bail out 1MDB’s debts (they just had to sell rakyat’s lands instead).


1MDB plans to repay ALL their debts by the time your grandchildren started to have their own children in 2039.

The vacuum container has been stretched to its maximum and will burst anytime soon. This has been growing since the inception of 1MDB. The business model was unsustainable from the start but true to Najib’s nature of being oblivious, they bulldozed their way without due regards to the law or good governance.

They are now fumbling every step of the way. Just now one of the ministers from ‘Parti Najib‘ even admitted that he plays dirty politics! Is that a wise thing to say?

Najib’s position has been untenable. He is surviving only through the misplaced loyalty of a few minions at his disposal.

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10 thoughts on “Najib and his goons live in a vacuum devoid of any links to reality

  1. While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Prime Minister used the “Endless Possibilities” tagline to promote Malaysia as an investment and tourism destination.

    Yeah, “Endless Possibilities” in telling lies …


  2. This is the time to roll back the months. Perhaps someone should make a simple facts vs lies by those minions, based on the PAC report findings.

    Name the names and show to people what a liar looks like.

    For example changing the auditors are ordinary. Or rather the auditors are not sacked. Name the guy who said that and when he said that. And near to it, put up the fact from PAC.

    You gonna need very long list, i warn u!


  3. so i guess all your loans have settled within 1 year i suppose?
    and how does all these 1 mdb affect u beside getting paid for this article?
    ohh najib went million dollar shopping spree is it….and what did he buy?…..handbags?


    • If Najib & rosmah went “million dollar shopping spree” at Medan MARA, I don’t think WSJ or SR would have noticed. The Malays would not make a fuss over it too. At-least that money was well spend on ‘Bumiputera-agenda’ of some sort. Safe the country’s foreign outflows too. It would be great ‘leadership by example’ by supporting Bumiputera businesses in Medan MARA.
      Changing the name of that road to MARA would certainly not bring more customers. In fact, it would be even more shunned by the nons. If UMNO politicians don’t support Medan MARA traders, who would?


  4. re: “But yet all through 2015 and until today, some of these self elected defenders of Najib’s crime would still believe that the money was a donation meant for fighting Jews/ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood etc!”

    If Najib would only begin to fight the satan in himself, Malaysia would be more of an angelic country.


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