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Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik can indeed win against Najib Razak

On 21st January 2016, in a statement of reply to the courts, Najib Razak via his lawyer had said this:

“If you look at our statement of reply, my client only admitted that RM42 million went into his account, but had no knowledge it was through the two intermediaries as alleged by Ling,” Hafarizam said.

He pointed out that nowhere in Najib’s reply was it mentioned that the fund came from the Finance Ministry-owned SRC International.

Najib’s full statement of reply states: “Paragraph 33(ii) is admitted to the extent of the deposited funds amounting to RM42 million into the account of the plaintiff (Najib) through AmPrivate Banking. However, the plaintiff (Najib) at all material times has no knowledge that it was channelled through two intermediaries as alleged by the defendants.

The prime minister, Hafarizam said, wants Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik as the defendant to prove that the fund came from SRC International or the two intermediaries.”

Don’t worry Tun, since the Prime Minister is asking for proof that the fund came from SRC International, we shall give him the proof.

The proof is very credible because it was investigated and collected by MACC themselves and shown to us by none other that the Attorney General himself!

Please look at the proof below:

"Tun Dr Ling, I beg you to use these evidence I'm showing to the world!"

“Tun Dr Ling, I beg you to use these evidence I’m showing to the world!”


The closer view

The closer view

The clearer view

The clearer view

Najib Razak asked for proof if the money had came from SRC, his pet poodle showed us the proof. There must be a higher power somewhere to keep on ridiculing him and exposing to us all his deceits and dishonesty.

Like the blogger Shuzheng had written:

Najib thanked him (Apandi), and says, ‘let’s move on, shall we’.

“No, we won’t,” the People replied. The shouting outside Najib’s door continued into the night; maybe it will go away one day, he thinks, hopefully.

Imagine, therefore, Najib on the phone two days later with Apandi: “What now? You said semua selesai?”

Perhaps Najib misunderstood him or perhaps Apandi wasn’t clear enough: One is the Law, the other is the Truth. Both have eternal memories and demand equal attention. Had Najib settled for both, at the same time, and not One without the Other, perhaps, indeed, people could move on. Instead, things have only gotten worse: more doubts, more incredulity, more questions, more skepticism, cynicism, more scorn. 

Yes, life is a bitch — even for kings and warriors.

Be it RM42 million, or RM27 million or whatever amount it was, money did flow from SRC International and ultimately found it’s way into his personal bank accounts.

The ball is now in Najib’s court. If he has any.

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8 thoughts on “Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik can indeed win against Najib Razak

  1. Syukur Alhamdulillah …

    “Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, Akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua”.

    Lebih lebih lagi tupai yang tipis cerdik berkawan dengan “bangang”!


  2. Derma RM2.6bil ini bukan perkara kecil seperti kata-kata pemakan dedak!

    Derma RM2.6bil tidak akan hilang begitu sahaja walaupun boleh dikesan siapa pendermanya.

    Malaysia adalah negara demokrasi!

    Mengapa sebuah negara asing bagi duit untuk ‘beli’ pilihanraya kita?

    Sila renung sejenak apa akibatnya nanti.


    Apa yang perlu kita bagi balik untuk ‘derma’ ini?

    Apa pulak kata PAS yang beriya-riya hendak ‘berkahwin’ dengan UMNO ketika ini?

    Ingat! Duit derma itu untuk memerangi pengaruh Ikhwan Muslimin yang dikatakan kukuh bertahap dalam PAS.

    Jika derma ini tiada masalah, cuba bayangkan pulak kalau negara Europa/USA beri derma kepada pihak pembangkang seperti DAP untuk belanjawan mereka masa PRU yang akan datang?

    Apa pulak ceritanya nanti?

    Adakah ia tiba-tiba menjadi haram?


  3. Isn’t an agnostic just an atheist without balls?
    – Stephen Colbert

    An atheist says there’s no God nor judgement day he’ll have to face. The agnostic fellow believes there is God but is not confident we can know God nor His directives.


  4. It is every person’s responsibilty to report to the proper authorities when he receives monies in his personal bank account where he has no knowledge of the identity of the depositor.
    Failure to do so will result in criminal prosecution for money laundering.


  5. Manusia merancang, dan Allah merancang. Guess who wins every time?

    Allah promised: the Truth shall always prevail over Falsehood.

    This is one clear proof that Allah’s promise is always true. Lidah manusia boleh menipu, tapi Allah akan tetap serlahkan kebatilan. Malah in a way yang memalukan, bagi orang-orang yang masih tahu malu.


  6. Michelangelo once said “Its the small details/matter that makes it perfect but to be perfect is no small matter”,I guess their cockyness through the power they hold they think the rakyat will take at face value WHATEVER they SAY and not bother to go into small details to cover their lies.

    The thing about a LIE is it starts from a size of a pebble and grows to a size of a boulder once it rolls down hill!!!!


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