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Another blunder by Najib Razak on his RM2.6 billion money

Oh dear, it seems Najib Razak had made a huge blunder in last night’s interview which is shown on national television.

He actually said that back in 2013 when the bank accounts were first created to receive the huge sum of RM2.6 billion, Bank Negara was aware and notified.

His own words were:

“There is no intention at all to cheat or to commit an offence because Bank Negara had been notified about the existence of this account.”

What is perplexing is the fact that back in July 2015 when the news about that RM2.6 billion was exposed, he and his whole army of sycophants denied ever having any sort of accounts!

Some even went all the way in trying to debunk the Wall Street Journal exposé by saying a whole lot nonsensical arguments such as – the SWIFT codes were incorrect, the accounts don’t exist and the name of Najib Razak was misspelled so the allegations couldn’t be true!

He also said that Tun Dr Mahathir who was working hand in hand with Wall Street Journal is behind this lie. One of his bootlickers even quipped that no Prime Minister is that stupid to receive money in his personal bank accounts!

Now all over the sudden, Najib Razak suddenly confessed that Bank Negara already knew about the existence of the accounts when they were first created and he has no intention to cheat.

Truth is, even the top leaders in Umno didn’t know about it.

So the question now is, why did Najib Razak and his brainless goons made all sorts of idiotic excuses when the story first blew up?

For God’s sake, he even thanked Haron Din (see video above) for not believing the Wall Street Journal article! What is wrong with this Prime Minister? Why did he cheat us back in July by saying those lies?


When you are flustered and desperate, you forget your initial lies excuses

And the best part is, he incriminated himself by saying that the billions of money deposited into his accounts was made in a personal capacity!


Now this is alarming because no donor will give RM2.6 billion to any Tom, Dick and Harry. If his name was Najib Bin Ahmad and works in MacDonalds, he will be hard pressed to even receive RM1 million out of the blue.

Therefore he could only receive those billions because his name is Najib Bin Razak and he is the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This is very clear and logical.

Unfortunately, this contravened with the penal code 165 which interestingly, had found Khir Toyo also guilty on corruption charges. The penal code states:

No public servant can receive anything of value, even without consideration (tanpa balasan). A consideration is "anything given or promised by one party for the promise of undertaking of another".

No public servant can receive anything of value, even without consideration (tanpa balasan). A consideration is “anything given or promised by one party for the promise of undertaking of another”.

Not only it contravened with penal code 165, it also in breached of section 16 and section 23 of the MACC Act 2009 which states:

Section 16 – Any person who by himself, or by in conjunction with any other person:

a. Corruptly solicits, receives, or agrees to receive for himself or for any other person; or

b. Corruptly gives, promise or offers to any person for the benefit of that person or another, any gratification, as an inducement to or reward for any person or any public official doing or forbearing to do anything, is guilty of an offence under the Act.

Section 23 – Offence of using office or position for gratification:

a. Under this section, any public officer who uses his office or position for any gratification, whether for himself, his relative or associate, commits an offence.

Note that in the MACC Act 2009, gratification means – money, donation, gift, loan, fee, reward, valuable security, property or interest in property being property of any description whether movable or immovable, or any similar advantage.

So how now brown cow? When you kept giving different answers and pathetically digging up holes to cover up other holes, certainly no one will believe you again. Ever.

MACC must do their job thoroughly. They even confirmed that the RM2.6 billion was a ‘donation’. And the bad news is, a donation into the bank accounts of a public official is indeed a form of gratification. This is as stipulated in the law. Otherwise, we will have cases of traffic police getting ‘donation’ into their personal bank accounts by motorists for no apparent reason.

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18 thoughts on “Another blunder by Najib Razak on his RM2.6 billion money

  1. If Khir Toyo was found guilty on corruption charges, then Najib must also face the same set of legal rules.

    No one, not even the Prime Minister is above the law. His wife and children must also be investigated and charged, pending hard evidence.

    The civil servants must be supported/protected to ensure a truly free and independent investigation.


  2. The sentence “..donation was made in a personal capacity” I think Najib was referring to the donor; that this mysterious donor contributed as an individual and not representing an organization.
    Still, it doesn’t make it right.


  3. Is he putting words into BNM’s mouth retrospectively?

    It might be exactly that.


    AmBank is of course the one-time home of the “Donation”. So did they ever inform BNM of the massive influx of over 2.6 billion into the banking system?

    Maybe not:


    But there are two other questions that Zeti must answer:

    a) Why did you fine AmBank RM54 million this year? Is it for offences regarding that notorious Najib account?

    b) As Watergate prosecutors would say, “when did you know what you know?” Najib is suggesting you knew about this secretive account the minute it received the “donation”.

    True or false?

    Zeti, time to come out of hiding and clear the air.

    PS: Why is 1MDB immune from action now after lying about that 1.83 billion?

    There is no doubt that BNM has every right to revoke its approvals, and that it can now take action under the FSA.

    Section 239 of the Financial Services Act 2013 stipulates that Bank Negara may institute civil proceedings in court seeking any order specified under Section 240(1) of the same law, regardless of whether the person accused had been charged with an offence in respect to the said contravention or breach.

    Knowing this, what is Zeti waiting for? Arul Kanda’s reply, “we have already spent it”, is silly.


    Zeti, time to come out of hiding and clear the air.


  4. “So, there is no intention at all to cheat or to commit an offence because Bank Negara had been notified about the existence of this account.”

    Be very wary of the weasel wording.

    It’s like Arul Kanda saying “as far as we know, none of our accounts in Switzerland have been frozen”.

    That was a deliberate and misleading half-truth, because the Swiss A-G has “only” frozen accounts where the corrupt gains of 1MBD adventures may have ended up. (PS: Has Auta Kanda indirectly admitted that 1MDB actually HAS Swiss accounts?)

    If I open a BSN savings account tomorrow, BNM will know about it.


    Is that what the crook is trying to fob off on us? A deliberate and misleading half-truth?


    Zeti, were you notified that a specific account would be created (an Umno “trust account” as it was retrospectively labelled) and that deposits of US$700 million would be placed in it?

    Yes or no?

    Lest we forget:

    “The decision to use a bank in Singapore is to facilitate transactions as Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) regulations require approval by the bank for each transaction exceeding RM50mil,” wrote Najib, who is also the Prime Minister.


    Well, well, well.

    Zeti, you have a lot of explaining to do – but not as much as the Prime Suspect himself.

    And what does the ROS have to say about Umno’s accounts for 2013?


  5. And up till now, Zeti hasn’t demanded the return of the USD 940 million (RM4.1 billion) that the Nasi Kandar fellow says that still existed in the Cayman Is oonits!


  6. “The Emperor Has No Clothes” is a comical children’s story. But in real life it is an infuriatingly harrowing tale.

    Najib Razak and his goons is the reason why I, as a Muslim, am very glad we have heaven and hell.


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  8. This will set a very bad precedent, If Najib get off scot free involving this 2.6b scandal.

    All corruption cases, past, ongoing and in future should be drop off because anyone can claim it as just donation.


  9. http://limsiansee.blogspot.my/2015/12/answering-jebat-must-dies-najib-blunder.html

    The incompetent Eric See To of Arahe Enterprises winds the noose even tighter around his paymaster’s neck. (The PMO really needs to hire better help. Between this and RPK, you wonder why you are losing the perception war? Ummmmmm, because you hire shallow incompetents as “spin-into-a-mess” doctors? Yeah, that must be it.

    Poor Eric.

    Here, I’ll be merciful and just demolish your first point. Your first “defence”.

    a) Did Najib ever deny the transfer? Yep.

    “If I was going to be a robber (penyamun), why would I transfer the money back into the country? That is, if I wanted to be a robber. I am thankful that many people did not believe the news that I transferred money to my personal accounts.” – Rakyat Post, 5th July.

    Oh yes, Eric – the notorious Oppo portal, the Rakyat Post.

    Also, note that the “Putrajaya spokesman” in Eric’s link makes no reference WHATSOEVER to the specific issue of accounts – the “Putrajaya spokesman” makes the most general of denials. Get it, Eric? The SPECIFIC supersedes the GENERAL. And your paymaster thus superseded the GENERAL denial with a SPECIFIC denial. he HIMSELF brought up the issue of accounts. Read that slowly, Eric.

    And then the “Putrajaya spokesman” goes on to say:

    “The spokesman also pointed out to the daily that doctored documents have been used in the past to discredit Putrajaya and the Finance Ministry-owned 1MDB, referring to the email correspondence between PetroSaudi International (PSI) and 1MDB that were purportedly leaked to Sarawak Report by former PSI director Xavier Justo.”

    At this stage, the PMO were so unsure of how to handle the mess, that they left the “doctored documents” alibi hanging in the air, just, ummmmmm, in case. They should have thrown the kitchen sink in, for good measure.

    Then, there were noises about a lawsuit.

    Then, there was a whole embarrassing clown show around that.

    Remember or not, Eric?

    Like dat, lor.

    Given the massive sums of money the PMO pumps into its “spin-into-a-mess” doctors, they really should get better value for money.

    It’s our tax money, after all.


    • Technically based on his OWN admission that if this accusation is TRUE ,it would make him a PENYAMUN right!!!! Hello…….it is proven to be TRUE eventually so that makes him a penyamun then!!



    • Thank you Zalman. From the video provided above, it is crystal clear what Najib had meant. There really is no need for anyone to defend this debacle. It will be futile.


      • Ha ha, yes you are right.

        Although as we’ve learned from the ITM Kontrak fella’s “Lempang” mess, Umno leaders are quite willing to disregard direct audio-visual evidence.

        “The video camera & audio recording misquoted me! The video camera & audio recording misquoted me!”

        The other huge knots that poor little Eric See To of Arahe Enterprises a.k.a Lim Sian See tied himself into can be read at the first link.

        I wonder how the prime suspect is going to “kow thim” six international investigations, some of which seem to be making good progress. I guess part of the NSC’s future tactics will be severe media blackouts, which of course will not work. This is the age of unblockable info.

        The MACC just need two things to nail Najib: forensics on the company called Tanore (we now know it was set up by Falcon Zurich – a huge, huge red flag), and the detailed money trail out of AmBank. That should demolish both the “Arab donor” front and the claim that the donation was “political”.

        RPK hilariously claims that “the donation is from the Middle East, not 1MDB”.

        Oh wait…where are Aabar and IPIC and Petrosaudi and Prince Turki and Khadem al Qubaisi and Tarek Obaid and Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny from?

        The Middle East.


        Like I say, when when you spin for 12-year-olds, I guess you can get away with things that don’t stand up to scrutiny.


  10. Najib is becoming a dictator, leading Malaysia to ruin while lining his pockets. Businesses are fleeing, and ringgit continuing to plummet. Hopefully BN will be destroyed next election. They’ve become a corrupt party that has no place in Malaysia’s future.


  11. Jibby and his croney company have entered into the twilight zone; the only way left to go is through the black hole from which lying looneys can never escape.


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  13. the blunder.. najib took money, doesnt admit it. then later admits it.
    the legality .. and said, its all legal and dandy because BN said so and no law in this country says donor money is illegal.
    the suckers.. hey.. where’s mine
    the bloggers .. ahhhh.. perception.. its not wrong.. but ..something stinks here.
    the rakyat … mmmmm.. speechless… nvr mind, next GE najib gave more dinner and more RM50 and free ride to his speeches around country.. jalan jalan cari makan.
    the country .. who gives a shit.
    The End.


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