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The Problem With Najib’s Party

There is no longer UMNO party.

There is only Najib’s Party.

And the problem with Najib’s party is the people who are sucking up to Najib thinks everything in this country and its government belongs to them.

Take for instance, UMNO Sabah.

They asked Tun Dr Mahathir to resign from his position in PROTON because they think UMNO owns the government and therefore, PROTON is owned by UMNO.

Nevermind the fact that PROTON was established by Tun Dr. Mahathir himself.

In their own words:

“Dr Mahathir no longer believes in the prime minister’s leadership. Therefore he must be a ‘gentleman’, let go of his positions in companies (GLCs) which are owned by the government.”

Members of Parti Najib in Sabah are confused about a lot of things

Members of Parti Najib in Sabah are confused about a lot of things

In other words, Tun Dr Mahathir cannot criticise Najib because Najib owns the government, so he ultimately owns the GLCs; this is why anyone must not criticise Najib.

A thief has similar thought process. Thieves would think everything belongs to them. This is how they would take ownership on whatever they want.

The members in the previous party called UMNO did not have this sort of behaviour. They served the people first and foremost. The leaders back then knew that their position is just a loan given by the people that voted for them.

They never condone any blatant corruption and will not allow anyone who has given Malaysia and UMNO a bad name. Malaysians through the decades had been happy that UMNO had produced very capable leaders in modernising and improving the country’s image but this time around, because of Najib, UMNO is dead.

..says the person who had destroyed Malaysia's image globally

..says the person who had destroyed Malaysia’s image globally

UMNO is no more. Tun Dr Mahathir left Parti Najib because the essence of UMNO has totally disappear. It is now filled with sycophants and people incapable of leading this nation. The trust deficit is so huge, nobody sympathises and empathises with UMNO anymore.

There was an exercise to gain sympathy via telling the whole world that ISIS had planned to kidnap Najib and Zahid, yet it was met with ridicule and further distrust by Malaysians.

Truly, Najib has lost the respect from Malaysians.

UMNO does not exist anymore. It is now just a name. What made it good and noble were the actions of its members and leaders.

But recently the action of its leaders and their minions have soiled the good name of UMNO.

Everything is for Najib, about Najib, and in the name of Najib.

Najib had unilaterally received billions of money into his private accounts, used it when UMNO had no knowledge of it, and defended himself by saying it was for UMNO. He had used UMNO’s name to avoid being called out for what he really is.

Even UMNO Treasurer was clueless when the RM2.6 billion news broke last year.

Najib also received millions of money which had originally came from SRC International and yet he was silent on why he had used that money for his credit card purchases. And members of Parti Najib did not even make a squeak about this misappropriation of funds. No one in Parti Najib criticised him. Najib sacked the former Attorney General when he sensed he was going to be charged, and replaced him with a more agreeable AG.

And when this new AG said Najib is innocent (although evidence had shown he is guilty to just about everything under the MACC Act), the members in Parti Najib and his ministers jumped up and down with joy.

Perhaps all UMNO members and their idiotic leaders need to read the Citizens’ Declaration again and learn what it is all about.

How the President of Parti Najib got his millions and spent it away

How the President of Parti Najib got his millions and spent it away via his credit cards. Some ustaz in Parti Najib said this is ‘fitnah’!

Again, UMNO does not exist anymore.

There is only Parti Najib. But shamelessly, in order to fool the people, Parti Najib still uses the name UMNO.

It is now filled with loyal but dumb members. There is no more critical thinking involved. Not a soul in this Parti Najib had asked him to show the receipts for every single sen used from that RM2.6 billion ‘donation’.

Najib just told them that is was 100% for 2013 general election (or to fight ISIS, or Jews or whatever lies they had concocted), and everyone in Parti Najib believed him!

No demands for accountability or integrity from party members towards Najib. Just the good old ‘yes sir, yes sir, three bags full’.

Najib and his party is now the source of laughter for everyone yet the minions in it are oblivious. This is why, Parti Najib will only last as long as Najib is in power. But nothing lasts forever. And all dictators around the world fell from power in disgrace, and their minions suffered far worse fate.

One of the images found in internet

One of the images found in internet

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28 thoughts on “The Problem With Najib’s Party

  1. Yes, you are right.

    It was the members in the previous party, the UMNO of Tuanku Abdul Rahman, that worked for the people.


  2. Today it is Najib, tomorrow it might be someone else. “Cash is king” is now the new culture in UMNO. Loyalties CAN be bought. Materialism is everything.

    It may have started during Anwar’s era. But of course many vengeful and ignorant observers just LOVE to blame it on Tun Dr Mahathir.

    The actual power of loyalty lies in the ability to dish out cash by the millions, which is why Paklah was easily urged to step down. He was not an ATM machine.

    If institutions were weakened, the root of this tragedy is when the Prime Minister is also the Finance Minister. This ‘chink in the armour’ has to be redressed in a legal requirement to avoid abuse of power.


  3. My whole family including my teenage kids have signed the declaration. Najib needs to go before he commits more atrocities towards democracy!


  4. Perhaps what is astounding is the turnaround and spin you portray here. The Deklarasi Mahathir is proof that Mahathir himself is incapable of understanding democratic principles. Toppling the government Leadership by way of a “Declaration” is perhaps a clear indicator as to the dictatorial leadership practised by Mahathir in his 23 years of leadership?

    It is perhaps jealousy that drives Mahathir and his cronies and son to lash out with their political rivals as an act of utter desperation as a show of strength but the reality remains:

    if Mahathir had the strength to stand on his own, why then did he have to “lick his spit” and join hands with his political rival that he has called a racist?

    A proper rational human being would be glad to have Najib as the leader as he is capable of gathering friendly forces to rally behind him and support him, UMNO and the cause. Only the irate and irrational would be befuddled and confuse leadership excellence with common traits.


    • Yes, you would be glad to have Najib as your leader as he is able to get you to rally behind his cause to support and defend his wrongdoing. For example, when people declared that they would like to see Najib resign, his idiotic fans had spun that the declaration is to topple the whole Government. Not once they addressed the concerns within the Declaration. Such lazy tactic.

      They forgot to mention that back in 2010, Hadi Awang had labeled Najib and Umno as ‘biawak hidup’, but now Najib has no qualms to hug and kiss Hadi out in the open. There are no friendships in politics. The only thing that is consistent is the agenda. The collective agenda of the people now is to see Najib resign from his post. The agenda of Najib is to save his skin through whatever means under the guise of democracy.

      Perhaps the best turnaround is when PMO said the only way to change PM is through general elections, forgetting that Najib himself toppled Pak Lah without having to gone through the general elections. But people who are desperate in covering up their own crime can use whatever excuse in the name of democracy.

      Basically, most people who likes bribery and corruption could not grasp the concept of democracy that well. If everyone with different colours of political creed have the same intention (to declare they would like the PM to resign), wouldn’t it be nice to declare it together so that once and for all show the shameless and oblivious PM (and his ignorant fans) that people are serious about him resigning?

      If citizens can’t express and declare their right to see a PM to resign then he is no longer a PM, but a dictator. Please respect the people’s declaration. They are after all, voters which Najib have to suck up come election time. Disrespecting the voters (of which 52% of them rallied behind the main signatories in 2013) won’t do anything good. The problem with Parti Najib is just that – they make enemies with people who criticise Najib, not realising that these people are voters.

      And when you say Najib’s leadership is excellent, please be reminded to astound us with your intelligence when commenting.

      Thank you.


      • Najib vs Mahathir.

        In 6 years of Najib rule, Malaysia has ascended to many accolades. Proper accolades not perception accolades.

        Sovereign A- rating from most international agencies.
        Top 5 ease to do business.
        Kept the national debt in check, raising no more than 10%.
        Increased the number of graduates and job opportunities.
        Kept national growth growing by more than 4.5%.

        To name a few. Now lets look at Mahathir.

        Made his children & cronies extremely wealthy.
        Used Petronas to bail corporations headed by his children.
        BBMB collapsed not once but TWICE.
        BBB rating for most of his career.
        Increased National by over 30%.
        Lost over 25 billion during his rule.

        Lest we forget, it is the Mahathir way to oust leaders by way of declaration, learn your history, He did it to Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein Onn amongst others. How very democratic.

        There is nothing to rebuke about the declaration as it is nothing more than perception play and has NO BASIS of fact. It is a propaganda machinery the likes that Goebbels would be impressed.


        • The most often mistake made by Najib’s propaganda machine is to compare Najib with Tun Mahathir, as if the Tun is the only one who wants Najib to resign. So if Encik Ahmad bin Abu from Setapak or Mr Wilson Chan from Seremban wants Najib to step down, Najib’s fans will cough up what Ahmad and Wilson had done in the past and compare it with Najib? Is it also undemocratic for people like Ahmad and Wilson, as citizens, to sign the declaration? The most damaging thing for the idiotic thing for Najib and his sycophants to do is to ridicule BN’s performance under Tun M. Wake up and smell the sentiment of the people please.

          This and to many other rebuttals Najib have made, have been thoroughly debunked in this blog. But first, have a read at this –

          Thank you and have a good weekend.


        • Quote:
          “Sovereign A- rating from most international agencies” – which agencies?

          “Top 5 ease to do business” – name the official body

          “Kept the national debt in check, raising no more than 10%” – state the years

          “Increased the number of graduates and job opportunities” – statistics please

          “Kept national growth growing by more than 4.5%” – state the years

          Conclusion – too general@oversimplification


    • Cash is King suda mari… spin spin spin. Tak logic when he say people are glad to see Najib is a capable leader which can get people to help UMNO’s cause. Apa cause Umno sekarang? Fighting to keep Najib out of jail is it? Umno suda hilang maaa.. now cuma ada Untuk Membodek Najib Only. Sudah curi, mahu cover up lagi.


      • Apakah yg dicuri? Duit awak? Berapa yg telah hilang sewaktu Mahathir dulu? BBMB 4.5 Billion? Kehilangan 23 Billion forex? Belum cerita duit Petronas yg dipergunakan utk bailout MISC.

        Kalau nak marah dan spin, eloklah berpada. Pastikan anda ada fakta utk sokong kemarahan.



      While we note that your language is a notch better than most of najib’s bootlickers, your main issues of contention are merely “emotional”.

      The challenge here, is for you to rebut each and every point listed in the declaration – based on solid facts and data. Only then can we respect-the-PM.

      Ada berani??


      • Although it is merely a perception play, and saddens me that it needs to be debunked due to most people’s lack of ability for coherent thought, lets get to it then.

        Point No.3
        Is only a survey report and NOT based on proper Quantitative Factual study.

        Itu statement pendapat. Personal opinion.

        “Peruntukkan dikurangkan utk Bajet 2016 disebabkan kekangan pendapatan minyak negara.” No new SOVEREIGN bonds or SUKUK was raised by the govt to manufacture new funding. This is an obvious twist or negative spin. Unlike the USA which under the Obama administration has failed not ONCE but TWICE to even pay govt salary, Malaysia has no problems in terms of payment.

        Points 6-12.
        1MDB does NOT carry any Sovereign debts. And most of the debts it holds is backed by assets and consolidation exercises have been carried out to successfully reduce the debt held by 1MDB by almost 60% with the remaining assets held bringing continuous income. Given the CSR activities done by 1MDB and understanding that 1MDB is created out of thin air and is now worth well over 10B, from an economic business standpoint it is a marvel of achievement. Compared to what Mahathir and his cronies were able to achieve which is increase Sovereign debt and provatisation exercises which benefitted only the handful and burdened the country with an ever mounting debt, Najib has done well in this regards.

        In business, during acquisitions it is customary to add reasonable goodwill to the price. Anyone who has ever done M&A in a serious capacity would know this. Those laymen who haven’t done anything with their loves would not be able to comprehend such actions.

        Business practises especially at this level skirts the fringes of the legal. Where possible, any means any measures to reduce taxation is an increase to profits. The UCP is no longer conventional and looks strange. Again, those who only know small business cannot fathom the magnitude and actions needed and taken at this level.

        Point 13
        Unless you’re a banker who is used to playing with Tier1 and Tier 2 funds, of course it is beyond your ability to understand. Most banks charge a premium to ultra rich clients. Some time ago, it costs over 50K daily to keep 500m cash funds at an international bank in Singapore When banking Billions of dollars in cash form, there is a massive risk and cost. Insurances, manpower to manage and the eventual removal of such funds can be a massive undertaking. Did u think that banks only kept ur money in the account without doing anything to it? It is invested and usually goes to various money markets. Yet legally the bank has to make available at any time the total amount for the Client. By banking assets or “units” as termed here, they are ensuring the Bank that it won’t be touched for a select fixed period.

        Point 14
        Akta Rahsia Negara & BAFIA prohibits disclosure of account activities. The Batu Kawan vice Chief is erroneous in making a report as he is neither a direct party nor beneficiary to such account. Therefore his “exposure” only eposes himself and others of his ilk to such actions. As his lawyer, he should have advised against taking such steps. However as we understand it, the so-called lawyer is one who is an activist and isn’t concerned with upholding the law as he is in making waves.

        Point 15
        Refer point 14. Furthermore, American “investigative journalism” is nothing more than propaganda perpetrated to further their own agenda. Case in point, until today nobody has been charged, no proof gathered and in fact all evidence have since been destroyed and no legal action has ever been taken against those who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocities. Only public opinion propaganda disseminated by the rags of the news outlets.

        Point 16-17
        Statement already issued by relevant authorities. Why is it so easy for u to believe american “journalism” over proper authorities is beyond my understanding.
        A footnote, a Minister would NOT be privy to the actions of the Monarchy even if he is a relative.

        Point 18-20
        Actions taken the results is clear. Regardless of each person’s prejudices to the contrary. DSN’s reason to pursue legal matters is for his own auspicious decision.

        Point 21-22
        The then AG was concealing the fact he has CANCER. As such he IS unfit to execute the duties of his office.

        Point 23
        Rayuan BNM apa?

        Point 24-26
        As a keeper and oversight to govt secrets, only the AG has the full information. And his discretionary authority is enshrined in the Constitution.

        Point 27
        Nonsense. Until today, NO PROOF that can pass a proper LEGAL COURT has been put forth to substantiate any wrongdoing by anyone. This is the undeniable truth and FACT. Until today it is ALL conjecture and innuendo.
        Furthermore, DSN has been to visit Obama at Camp David and at the White House several times since this so called “investigation” by authorities/FBI or whatever. Isn’t it strange he has not been arrested yet? So who is telling the truth and who is lying?

        Point 28
        Orang cuma boleh bercakap dan bercakap dan menuduh hanyalah fitnah kalau takde BUKTI SAHIH dan KUKUH. Masalahnya orang Malaysia tu sendiri.

        Point 29
        This is the problem when one doe NOT follow proper procedures. They prefer taking shortcuts and just speak wothout the benefit of facts or proof.

        Point 30
        Aik? Kenyataan kuasa berwajib pandai pulak mintak bukti. Org laon cakap, WSJ/Sarawak Report semua keluar kenyataan pandai pulak terima tanpa bukti SAHIH dan KUKUH? #Hipokrit

        POint 31
        FDI makin bertambah, peluang pekerjaan memang ada. Masalahnya orang malaysia yg berlagak tolak rezeki, Kalau tak takkan Msia kena import 1.5 juta bangla? Other than that, its merely perception without statutory number to back it up. Whereas, KSU MOF has debunked this.

        Point 34
        …kuasa mengisytiharkan sesuatu kawasan itu sebagai kawasan keselamatan dimana sesiapa sahaja boleh ditangkap dan ditahan tanpa bicara dan didakwa dibawah prosidur yang melanggar batas keadilan yang diterima….

        “ditahan tanpa bicara dan didakwa…” Contradictory statement. Proof of malice. Even SOSMA requires a hearing.

        Point 35
        Whistlebowers Act provides those who come forward in the proper channel to be protected. What is not tolerated is when blabbing ur mouth without fact and proof.
        Islam, the guiding Principle of Malaysia requires everything to follow a set guideline and procedure. Neither Islam nor Malaysia condones chaos nor anarchy.

        Satisfied? IMHO, most would be enraged and fulled by denial but the truth is simple and obvious. NO PROOF exists of any wrong doing. Only hearsay and innuendo.


        • Specially for lordnose

          Ernst & Young is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the “Big Four” audit firms and is the third largest professional services firm in the world by aggregated revenue in 2014, after PwC and Deloitte.
          The organization operates as a network of member firms which are separate legal entities in individual countries. It has 212,000 employees in over 700 offices around 150 countries in the world. It provides assurance (including financial audit), tax, consulting and advisory services to companies.

          “Cash is King” is an expressed motto on Najib’s part which reveals his principles and hence influences his decision-making. In worst case scenarios, it facilitates bribing.

          Najib’s government collects 6% GST. He said the GST is estimated to bring in RM23.2 billion in government revenue in 2015. But why were allocations to all ministries and public institutions including universities reduced.

          You failed to address the specific amounts mentioned. Business goodwill is an intangible asset that represents the portion of the business value that cannot be attributed to other business assets. It is an expectation of future economic benefits. Expectation is not concrete, merely a perception. If 1MDB is viable – why face difficulties to pay interests on massive loans? Any business model that is dependent sorely on loans is a highly risky model, especially if the interests on loans are exceptionally high.

          “Reduce the debt” by selling off assets?? – definitely an unsound business model.
          Many issues in Points 6-12 were conveniently ignored and replaced with vengeful comparison to Tun Dr Mahathir’s era.

          Najib and Arul declared “CASH”. Then this cash turned to assets and then metamorphosised into units. This is obviously a spin by lordnose to divert issue by inserting an irrelevant example.

          You conveniently ignored SOSMA being used to wrongfully detain the 2 men. This can amount to abuse of power.

          Najib initially denied receipt of funds and accused Tun Dr Mahathir of working hand in glove with foreign nationals. Today the whole world KNOWS that he had admitted to US$681 million flowing into his private account at Ambank and later claimed that it was a PERSONAL donation.
          Section 16 of the MACC Act provides that it is an offence for any person to accept gratification. Section 3 of the MACC Act defines gratification as to include “money, DONATION, gift, loan, fee, reward, valuable security, property or interest in property being property of any description whether movable or immovable, financial benefit, or any other similar advantage.” So, clearly, DONATION equals GRATIFICATION.
          And then there is section 50 of the MACC Act, which provides for the LEGAL PRESUMPTION that “gratification shall be presumed to have been CORRUPTLY received … unless the contrary is proved.”

          What has 911 got to do with 1MDB??

          Apandi himself displayed the chart showing the money trail based on extensive investigations by MACC. The chart obviously indicated money flowing into Najib’s personal account. Furthermore the Review Panel had advised MACC to continue investigations.

          Najib declared to the whole world that he will sue WSJ on a Tuesday. Many Tuesdays have since expired. No charges yet against WSJ, SR, AsiaSentinel, NYT etc.

          Gani Patail has recently started working again. Obviously his “cancer” did not pose a problem. How do you reconcile this anomaly?

          Apandi must reveal BNM’s recommended actions – for the sake of transparency and accountability. This will also increase public trust.

          Former A-G Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman says Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali should allow MACC to complete the probe and render whatever assistance needed to obtain documents involving financial institutions overseas. Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali has NO AUTHORITY to order the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to close investigations into the RM2.6 billion donation in the prime minister’s bank accounts.

          Investigations are ongoing and it is too soon for lordnose to declare Najib “innocent”.
          The Swiss AG had declared, “The sum suspected to have been misappropriated amounts to around USD 4 billion”.
          Many heads have rolled and more will be exposed. ANZ chairman David Gonski and board linked yet again to 1 MDB scandal. Mandy Simpson & ANZ among bankers implicated in scandal. U.S. investigators probing a troubled Malaysian state investment fund have subpoenaed Goldman Sachs’ former chairman for Southeast Asia, Tim Leissner.

          MCMC blocked Medium, TMI, SR and suspended the EDGE.

          Apandi proposed caning for “leaking” documents. This, in essence, is against the whistleblower act.

          Apandi needs to show documentary proof to earn public trust. Where are the bank statements stating the return of Arab donation? Who is the donor? What was the actual reason for the donation? Why return if it is really a donation?

          Cost of living has gone up especially after GST was implemented and several subsidies were abolished. S. Sellamah, 36, was jailed for five days after failing to pay a RM200 fine for stealing a two-kilogramme packet of Milo for her 2-year-old child.
          Many Malaysians also braved massive jams daily to work as blue-collar workers in Singapore.

          The Conference of Rulers is of the view that some provisions of the National Security Council Bill 2015 should be refined.

          What is the proper channel when many documents for public consumption were unfairly OSAed? Is there a guarantee that Apandi will protect whistleblowers? Islam also abhors theft and conspiracies. Najib’s team loves to quote Islam when they failed to rebut facts and truth.

          Pride comes before a fall. In a matter of months, those foreign investigations might just prove wrongdoings in 1MBD scandal.

          You have conveniently sidestepped points #32 and #33. And you have also glossed over many pertinent points.

          Your rebuttal would have been more convincing if it is written totally in English or Bahasa Malaysia. It is irritating to read motley of broken languages. Your spelling is also atrocious.


  5. UMNO images is already tainted and until its members punish its President for having his hand in the cookie jar,nobody will EVER vote for them ever again!!! Their popular vote will shrink from 48% in the last to maybe 1% consisting of the hardcore bootlickers in UMNO!!!!!

    UMNO party and image has reached its ‘shelf life’ expiry date and Dr M is WISE enough to see it and joining force with the opposition is in LINE with the COMTEMPORARY RAKYAT opinion and desire!!!!!! Truly a leader STILL with VISION!!!


    • According to, UMNO may as well stand for “Untuk Mat Najib Only”.
      Or might it be called JIBNO?:
      “Jibby’s Incredibly Belligerent Narcissistic Order”.


  6. the umno you talked about only existed pre-independence and maybe a few years after that. after that it went shit. now this new umno, is worse. this new umno is Tun’s umno. things have gone so far south, that even he is a victim. the party is dead.


      • i take this UMNO BARU as Tun’s Umno. during the period until he retired, he groomed, he selected, he established those he saw fit. najib is is his Frankenstein. anwar was one too. this is still the UMNO that Tun established, is it not? the only difference being, when he ruled, he knew how to. this new one, and when i mean new, i mean after Tun retired, is absolute shit and shambles. this umno is rotten to the core. all the supposed top guns went through the same system. they think it is all theirs. they think they are the saviour of the malays. so many wrongs from the onset and i wont dwell on that but my contention is something about certain parties ready to give up power under malayan union and lo and behold comes in umno going against that. now the chicken has come to roost. this is umno baru and not the umno of pre-independence. that’s that in my view


  7. re: There is only Parti Najib. But shamelessly, in order to fool the people, Parti Najib still uses the name UMNO.
    UMNO dah jadi Untuk Mohd Najib Only. Sebab tu Tun M keluar. Semua ahli UMNO dah jadi pemakan dedak tegar, dah tak tau berfikir, serupa ayam dan lembu yg makan dedak jugak. Tapi yg ada ni bukan ayam atau lembu. Ramai yg ada dalam parti ni menyalak. Semua hal dia salak. This is what I call anjing. Semua anjing tahu tuan dia baik, orang lain semua penyangak penyamun pencuri.

    Pesan aku: Kita nak baling tuan anjing, bukan anjing. Anjing bodoh, tak tau apa2. So konsentret dekat tuan dia yg menyamun tu…


  8. It looks like some MPs were eyeing government positions held by Dr. M. So it is all about positions huh? Not serving the people in their respective constituents? Duh I feel sorry for their people. That’s what in their mind all the time.
    Their leaders are more interested in positions which come with their elected office rather than serving the people to their best ability. For them position leads to money and more positions lead to more money and status. Rakyat come second. How sad..


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  10. saya bersama kaum keluarga saya dan saya tahu ramai lagi sudah tak berminat ngan Umno lagi. Keahlian pun cuma atas kertas ja tapi hato dah tertutup untuk Umno. sedih tapi nak buat camana.


  11. Party of ‘pelanunus’ (pirates). Najib is a pelanun of Bugis descent and he had turned UMNO into Ali Baba and his 40 thieves. They should all be arrested, prosecuted and when found guilty, executed. Criminal breach of trusts at the highest level is a very grave offence that must not be overlooked.


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