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The Ketuanan Anwar movement

Let’s move away from all this mumbo jumbo about the swearing over the Quran discussion and focus on a more important matter which is very relevant to the current political scenario we are experiencing now – Anwar Ibrahim and his misadventures in Malaysian politics.

I find that it is imperative to learn about the ‘reason for being’ of the man we call Anwar Ibrahim. To the majority of Malaysians, they know him only from the moment he was sacked from the government in 1998. But do they really know the man that had ruled the mob with his zest in grabbing the reins of power in the country?

I doubt anybody could remember his stance on any particular issues when he was in the government. To his detractors, he is labeled as one who would play to the gallery and made differing statements to different crowds. They are mostly correct. Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was a very different man from the Parti Keadilan adviser, Anwar Ibrahim.

His lust for power to become the Prime Minister had changed him. It is even exceeding the lust of power of Pak Lah in staying on as the Prime Minister.

Many have heard that Anwar is a great politician and a good orator. Even though he is nowhere near the other Umno political greats such as Ghazali Shafie, Ghaffar Baba, Sardon Jubir and Syed Jaafar Albar, Anwar’s participation in mainstream politics and his ascendency to the penultimate pinacle of power was practically handed to him on a silver platter.

Many had forgotten that his rise to power was certainly helped by the patronage and blessings of Dr Mahathir. As a matter of fact, Anwar was very much a strong supporter of the issues he was so much against today.

On the case of amending the Constitution in 1993, this is what the Vice President of Umno at that time had said;

Anwar : It’s good for our royalty

SINTOK, Fri. – The decision to amend the constitution in relation to the Rulers’ immunity is aimed at protecting the Royal institutions and uphold the Rulers’ sovereignty, Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today. He stressed that the royal institutions would remain because the people had confidence in the constitutional monarchy system. – NST (9 January 1993)

Remember the times when Anwar said he will not challenge Tun Ghaffar Baba?

Anwar : I am not challenging Ghafar for no. 2 position

KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced today he will not challenge Ghafar Baba for the Umno deputy presidency during the party’s elections in November. The Finance Minister, who is also an Umno vice-president, said his decision was based on his belief that party unity and strength must be enhanced so that the country can continue to enjoy peace and prosperity. – New Sunday Times (25 April 1993)

Ghafar Baba reciprocated the ‘selfless’ Anwar and thanked him publicly;

KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. – Umno deputy president Ghafar Baba said he appreciated the statement by party vice-president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that he would not challenge him for the number two post in the November party elections. Ghafar said this when asked about Anwar’s statement in a radio talk show over Radio Televisyen Malaysia this morning. – NST (11 May 1993)

The following month, Anwar reiterated his stand not to contest;

KUALA LUMPUR, Jumaat – Naib Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, berkata keputusannya tidak mencabar Timbalan Presiden, Ghafar Baba, dalam perhimpunan agung parti itu, November ini, adalah muktamad. “Tiada yang berubah. Apakah ada apa-apa yang berubah? (Ini) kenyataan yang sama daripada dulu. Tidak ada tukar. Saya dah katakan sebelum ini,” katanya. – Berita Harian (12 June 1993)

Come November 1993 that year, Anwar humiliated the venerable Ghafar in an Umno general election which was marred by an unprecedented money corruption activity. The rest as they say, is history.

With regards to the affirmative action (NEP) which the new Anwar Ibrahim love to hate, he had said this way back when he was the Finance Minister;

Anwar : Our NEP proved us right

PETALING JAYA, Thurs. – Malaysia’s affirmative action aimed at fairer distribution of the nation’s wealth under the New Economic Policy (NEP) – long subjected to severe criticisms by Western countries, particularly the United States – has proven to be positively viable in the light of the bloody Los Angeles racial riots. Finance Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today in the aftermath of the riots, the United States was beginning to talk about affirmative action, distributive justice and a concerned and caring society, actions already implemented in Malaysia. – NST (22 May 1992)

These were only a couple of examples on how Anwar could manipulate certain issues to his advantage. When several news broke out about the apparent mismanagement within Pakatan Rakyat, he chose to conveniently discard them as a non issue.

After nearly 6 months in power, we have come to realise that there is not much difference between the Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional actually. Both are practising corruption. The silence of Anwar and the absence of any effort to at least castigate the Perak exco members shows how they deal with their own act of corruption. To any observer, their mute silence can only be labeled as condonement.

It’s not surprising as Anwar himself is not free from corruption allegations. One big tell tale was his abuse of power that had eventually sent him to jail for 6 years in 1999. Bear in mind the judgment on that particular case still stand till today.

Although many Anwar loyalists may fight tooth and nail in defending the so called strength of Pakatan Rakyat, in reality, this coalition is nothing more than a loose partnership centred on greed of a man in becoming a Prime Minister. Any seasoned politician from the DAP and PAS would ride on the coattails of Anwar’s ambition while simultaneously pushing for their own agenda.

Pakatan Rakyat, with all its perceived splendour and new found popularity, is still an unregistered society. No formal agreement was signed between parties at national level. The dream of having a two party system in Malaysia is unjustifiable when the leaders from these parties could not even work together in the long run. How to successfully work together when even an easy task of creating a common logo had also failed?

Officially, Pakatan Rakyat does not exist. Hence, there would not be much hassle if any of the parties within wanted to extricate itself from it. That is why it was very easy for factions within the parties in Pakatan Rakyat to demonstrate their animosity openly towards the other coalition party members.

Presently, many of Anwar loyalists were left flabbergasted when his challenge to name his cronies were met with energetic replies in blogs. This is not surprising as most of his fans are of a younger generation which are not exposed to his political pedigree prior to his sacking in 1998. Those who are much older would remember his backfired attempt during the 1998 Umno General Assembly.

Anwar’s power hungry actions were shoved down Malaysia’s throat in a very unfashionable way. The western media aped about his attempt to ‘seize power’ come this September.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has vowed to seize power soon, stepping up his campaign against the government as he fights an accusation of sodomizing a young worker in his office.

Addressing some 7,000 people on Tuesday night, Anwar accused the ruling National Front coalition government of being corrupt, inefficient and uncaring. He promised to set right the problems plaguing the country, including bringing down fuel prices. The government last month raised the price of gasoline by 41% and diesel by a whopping 63%.

Now, for a politician who had promoted the ‘masyarakat madani’ concept, this is surely an oxymoron indeed. Malaysians have never met anyone who had made known his ultimate ambition in such a coarse and blatant way. Seizing power is synonymous to the realm of dictators and despotic rulers.

In his latest throw of the dice, he followed the footsteps of Amien Rais of Indonesia when gathering support. The dice? Telling people that he has the backing of foreigners;

BUKIT MERTAJAM 21 Ogos — Hampir di setiap ceramah, Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pasti menyebut nama-nama pemimpin asing yang menurutnya memberi sokongan kepada beliau dalam usahanya memenangi hati pengundi di Permatang Pauh.

Antara nama yang disebut ialah bekas Presiden Indonesia, Gus Dur atau Abdurrahman Wahid, bekas Presiden Filipina, Joseph Estrada, ulama terkenal, Yusof Qardhawi dan yang terbaru beliau mengaitkan bekas Perdana Menteri Britain, Tony Blair kononnya turut menyokongnya.

Anwar juga mendakwa kononnya pelabur-pelabur asing sedia membantunya menaikkan ekonomi negara jika beliau menjadi pemimpin.

“Pelabur-pelabur luar pun ada jumpa saya. Mereka cakap, Anwar, kamu pimpinlah negara ini kerana kalau kamu pimpin, ekonomi negara ini akan kami naikkan dalam masa tiga bulan. Itu kamu tak perlu risau,” katanya pada hadirin di ceramahnya di Kampung Pertama, Permatang Janggus dekat sini.

What travesty had been commited by Anwar in blackmailing the public in such ways that could only be deemed as narcissistic and unpatriotic.

Gone were his humility and self reflection. Just like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, whose lust of power in becoming the King of Scotland became his only obsession, Anwar’s road to achieve power is ungainly and frightening. No wonder PAS’ Mohamad Sabu in an interview in 1998, cited that Anwar would be much worse than Dr Mahathir if he had became Prime Minister.

Some believe that his incarceration since 1999 is justifiable in his  effort to become the Prime Minister. Some believe he was treated unfairly by a dictatorial regime. That is why it is only natural that he show some aggression in seizing power.

But his hunger for power stemmed much earlier than 1999. It came the moment he was brought into Umno in 1982. One of the conditions he set upon joining Umno was to be made leader of the Umno Youth movement. In which he was duly elected under the blessings of Dr Mahathir several months after that. 11 years on, he challenged the late Tun Ghaffar Baba for the deputy presidency of Umno.

Comparing with Tengku Razaleigh’s approach in challenging Pak Lah, Anwar came across as arrogant and self centred with a dash of megalomania. To digress a bit, it is quite ironic that the supposedly authoritarian and dictatorial rule of Dr Mahathir had in fact approved the application of Parti KeAdilan to become a political party in April 1999. This had provided Anwar and his followers the platform to be active in politics and have a chance in becoming MPs.

Anwar Ibrahim may seem to love the rakyat. But his actions and the act of hubris he commited illustrated that he love himself more. He wants Malaysia to make him the Prime Minister by hook or by crook. His apparent lack of piety and convention is not important. This is what I call as Ketuanan Anwar movement.

Between Ketuanan Melayu, Ketuanan Rakyat and Ketuanan Anwar, which one do you think is his priority?

59 thoughts on “The Ketuanan Anwar movement

  1. dear jmd,
    a really thought provoking analysis to which i shall read again and again. perhaps may even borrow some thoughts from your analysis to expand my own humble estimation of anwar.
    by the way, any more of the very intriguing and thought inspiring hang tuah stories?
    best regards jmd.

    Dear sir,

    I have been trying to write a story in relation to the ‘Tales of Hang Tuah’ but, from Jebat’s perspective. I have no idea it is much more difficult to accomplish 🙂


  2. Ketuanan Rakyat is good for Anwar. If Rakyat says its ok to be homosexual, so be it. If the Rakyat says fornication is OK, so be it. The Rakyak is the supreme determinant.

    So where is Ketuanan Islam? Homosexuality is acceptable? If the Rakyat says so? Zina is acceptable if the Rakyat says so?

    I am reminded of wht Allahyarham Aruah (Datuk) Ustaz Fadzil Nor used to say in one of his ceramahs. Just because the Rakyat says Sihir (Withchcraft) is OK, does not mean that it is acceptable.

    Pas, what say you? Ketuanan Rakyat or Ketuanan Islam?


  3. About time once again you remind the cyber folks about Anwar Ibrahim. Kebanyakkan orang ikut sangat emosi dan tak mau fikir secara waras dan evaluate Anwar Ibrahim punya past performance.

    Aku benci sangat bila dia heret orang luar negeri untuk shore up support for himself and his penchant for going to the streets. Masa dia lawan Tun Mahathir 1998 dulu and he was jailed, a friend of mind kata tak patut apa Tun buat dekat dia, and I said to her, that patutnya Anwar should be charged for treason which is punishable by death under the Penal Code for his treacherous behaviour in an attempt to bawak masuk IMF. The country would be in ruins had he got what he wanted and bawak masuk IMF.

    My boss told me about Anwar punya interview with an Indonesian TV earlier this year, reminiscing his incarceration, Anwar kata something like “kalau saya mantan timbalan perdana menteri boleh kena pukul, bayangkan saja apa boleh berlaku kepada tenaga kerja indonesia”. His politics is absolutely abysmal.

    I have to admit that UMNO is not perfect, but in its imperfection, look how much it has done for the country and for the Malays. A very good friend of mine, non malay, once told me that anybody who said that a malay cannot lead must surely eat his word when looking at how much the malays have led this country to prosperity. Every leader UMNO has produced as Prime Minister have done commendably.

    Anwar kutuk penyalahgunaan dalam merealisasikan DEB, but just look how
    successful the social engineering policy has done to create a stable Malaysia, a strong middle class, how much the Malays have benefitted walaupun setengah Melayu lupa,macam Khalid Ibrahim. Just look around and see how many banks, even the traditionaly Chinese banks, macam Hong Leong, Public Bank have gone ahead and launched their Islamic banking to tap the rising prosperity of the muslims in Malaysia.

    I remember back in the 80s, kalau Chinese New Year saja, the Chinese, rightfully I might add, will close their shops for days, and in anticipation of the move, my family akan stock up for food in fear of kedai tutup. Look at how much NEP has created a capitalist malays and sekarang ni kalau CNY, no one bothers to stock up food macam nak pergi perang.

    There has been much written about ersatz capitalism in South East Asia, call it what ever they want to call it, but relative to South America and Afirca, SEA have done tremendously well. We are still a work in progress, but negara mana yang tidak ?

    Someone once commented about asian politics yang bermata kan Ringgit dan politik barat yang sepatutnya lebih cenderung kepada mengubah dunia kepada yang lebih baik. That is a very shallow analysis of western politics. Just look at the mess they have created around the world. Their supposedly noble intention to change the world is nothing more than the self preservation of their country’s prosperity. Do you honestly believe that the Western world have our best intention at heart ? Just look at the length they went to ensure cheap oil prices at home, invade another petrol station country. Which was why I once commented in your posting that the only way Anwar can lower the oil prices and still ensure a healthy Petronas saving is to invade a defenseless country with massive oil reserve…. Brunei. Not that I am advocating it.

    There is a book writen by Robert Fisk, a reporter from the Independent, a newspaper in UK, entitled The Great War For Civilisation. A massive book in terms of size and infomation. Aku tak larat nak habis baca sebab it is very despressing. It tells the story about western politics in play in the middle east. The carnage and misery the west committed in the middle east is downright inhumane. Fisk does square the blame on puppet Arab Governments as well.

    Tuduhan pasal DEB punca Malaysia tak maju ni dah dengar berpuluh tahun dah. Philippines tak de DEB with an impresive democracy and judiciary and are they better than us ? The Indonesians have changed their Govt so many times and are they better than us ? Vietnam is a Communist country with a disregard for human rights, they do well in terms of foreign direct investment and does the west care about the abuse ?

    I understand that poverty cuts across racial lines, but my point is cutting down on help on the Bumis that contributed to the biggest number in terms of poverty is a recipe for a disaster.

    I was with a friend of mine yesterday and dekat office dia ada lah suratkhabar Harakah and suratkhabar keadilan. The content is full of hatred and bordering gossiping. The politic of hatred is alive and kicking with these people. And it is just plain sad.

    Just plain sad brother. Relly tak faham orang Melayu yang penuh hasad dengki dan benci.

    Macam aku kata lah marahkan nyamuk Badawi, habis kelambu dibakar!

    Anwar, sudah sudahlah gunakan orang asing just because you want to be in power. Akhirnya jadi macam Suharto, Saddam Hussein…. diorang dah guna kau selagi tak mau, lepas tu bila dia rasa kau tak popular lagi diorang akan layan kau macam pelacur, halau kau balik, duit teksi pun tak bagi !

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu for the commentary.


  4. Cakap pasal Saddam Hussein ni, teringat pulak Osama Bin Laden. The Western world used Osama to fight the Soviets in Afghan. He was given money, weapons and what have you. He was well liked by the West.

    Then the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan. The West didn know what to do with a fighter of his calibre. Osama was on a high having defeated a major military power. He sets his gun sight on the West. He complained abt the moral corruption the West has on his beloved Saudi Arabia.

    From a freedom fighter, Osama is now called a terrorist. The West used him as a reason to invade one country after another. Tora Bora is bombed with every precision and non precision munition the West have in their arsenal.

    If Anwar ever ascend to power, I just hope I am still alive to see him being treated like a dog by the West.


  5. Well said Lekiu… Malaysian should read the history book more often and not just Malaysia History but the world history and other nation history. Because history tend to repeat itself and we can see when a leader is supported by foreign country, that will spell trouble for the local.

    Case in point, Afghanistan before the Russian invasion was ruled by a puppet government of USSR. When Afghani people rejected this rule, USSR invaded them. How about Vietnam, when the South Vietnam was backed by USA, the people rejected them and the Vietnam war killed more Vietnamese than American. Do I need to add more examples?

    And the best part is DSAI claimed to be supported by Tony Blair, a war criminal??? The same person who is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Iraqi and Muslim in the Middle East?

    Here is a thought, if indeed DSAI manage to form the next government via the ‘back door’ policy (too many reference to the rear-end.. :D), will he do away with all the laws such as ISA and Sedition Act? Remember, he didn’t formed the government via election, so there will be a lot of unhappy people who feel cheated by their own MPs. So how to control them? by giving ceramah? Or more candy? Maybe they will be more extreme than the present government to preserve their status quo?

    One more thing bro, your blog is a bit slow to be opened compared to others, any problem here? Just wondering…

    JMD : This morning, I suddenly receive a lot of spam and highly obnoxious comments (a couple of hundreds), appearing by the minute. All the updating and deleting probably made this blog a little slow. Hopefully it will stop. Thank you for the comment.


  6. dear sir,

    congratualations again on yet another article that I’d say, is spot on.

    i was saddened that a couple of days ago i saw a few youngsters, probabaly not even mature enough to vote, from my (lately becoming more & more unpopular) race & (maybe) religion, peddling t-shirts bearing the printed slogan of ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ and the (ala Che Guevara) face of anwar.

    i dont know why i was sad because my first reaction was that “it’s their right” and “they are only out to make a few bucks”.

    but the more i dwelled into it, i felt that somehow, those t-shirts represented the notion that Malays and their sovereignty could be (and are being) sold off and replaced for a price of Rm25 and the fact that the face that represent this idea, is a Malay himself.

    anwar who once tried to sell the country off! anwar who was convicted for abuse of power! anwar who backstabbed! anwar who I question his belief in Allah when he dismissed Saiful’s claim and ‘sumpah’ as a mere joke! anwar who prides in (claiming of) having the support of ‘has beens’ and war criminals! (come to think of it, let him have their support, it just shows who he is working with, bloody convicts)

    it is very sad indeed.

    JMD : Yes. The ‘Make Me Your “Tuan”‘ movement is in full force to make him our Prime Minister.


  7. People seem to forget that Anwar was jailed for six years for abusing his power to wrongly influence the Police to detain (in a hotel room at the Pan Pacific Hotel) a young woman by the name of Ummi Hafilda and forcefully extract a confession from her. What was the confession that Anwar wanted from Ummi Hailda?

    That Ummi Hafilda had wrongly accused Anwar of having a sexual affair with Syamsidar bt Taharin, the wife of his close aide Azmin Ali.

    If the accusation was not true, why not make a Police report against Ummi the normal way ? Why not make a report at the Mahkamah Syariah (like Anwar did against Saiful). Why not sue Ummi (like Anwar is suing Saiful?)

    But instead Anwar got the Police to break down Dr Ristina’s house, forcefully drag Ummi and Azizan out, then take them to a hotel. A hotel is not a gazetted Police lockup. What was Anwar thinking?

    Which brings me to the real reason why I do not support him. I dont support Anwar Ibrahim because he is such a dud. He does not possess any useful knowledge. If he becomes the PM, then we will really see the country going backward, especially economically.

    He does not read anything useful. He boasts that he reads Shakespeare. Of what use is Shakespeare? And it is doubtful if Anwar has indeed read Shakespeare in full. Probably that too is a lie.

    JMD : Thank you for your honest opinion.


  8. Can’t agree more with what u wrote. Worrying thought of what will happen 2 our beloved country if the bastard becomes PM. So 4 the love of this country PAK LAH BODOWI should step down now not in 2010. thats too late. Politics is not right 4 pak lah. NO BRAIN to strategize and no consience to see the harm his doing t the rakyat especally the malays…huhu..


  9. Spot on again, bro.

    But the sad thing is, lots of people are blinded with conspiracy theories one after another that they see things that they want to see. No question ask any more. Pity.

    Anwar is a superb spin-doctor. He can sell an icebox to an Eskimo in Antartic if you ask me.

    Though lots of PKR members are TAKSUB with Anwar, there are people who regret doing so but nothing much can be done. If you openly criticize Anwar especially within PKR group, you are one dead meat or you are labeled as paid by UMNO. Their policy is ‘Anwar is God and Anwar can make no sin.’

    Damn Malaysians are blind! God saves us ALL!


  10. I would like to thank Jebat MD and the commenters for my renewed interest in reading more on the local and world history. Its scary to think of what will happen if dsai is to become the next PM, might join chedet to migrate also i guess or probably do charity work in Africa. Iceland is another option.


  11. JMD: A great mind indeed…

    only those who are frustrated seek justice in Anwar…
    they try to find blame to their misfortune in life…
    and see Anwar as a way out…

    it’s a shame…

    because he is nothing but a person whose soul reeked with the disgusting stench of power..


  12. Biasalah tu JMD,

    dia tong kosong memang bunyi kuat.

    If Anwar win with smaller majority, that will be a big slap for him.

    But he has a script ready – SPR, phantom voters etc etc loud as tong kosong.


  13. JMD,

    What can I say on the impending relevance of your posting except “KA, KA, KA, KA”.

    Compiling the news reports must have kept you sleepless for many a night, I reckon.

    There is however another section you might consider to highlight i.e. there were several speeches/statements made by AI during his overseas junkets (particularly in the US) after his release from prison whereby he condemned the Malaysian government and its citizens.

    I have been trying to find them on the Net but was not successful. Perhaps, you have better resources and I will appreciate if you could look into it.

    Meanwhile, if AI had organised a meeting of PR leaders to formalise the movement soon after GE12, it would have indicated his sincerity towards his political colleagues and voter supporters. Instead, AI was quickly off to Sabah, within a week from 8th March ’08, to try and siphon elected MPs away from BN without considering voter sentiments.

    There is also an element of latent militancy within PKR (read: bashing of MSM photographers, etc) which I believe will become more pronounce whether AI wins or loses at PP.

    AI, the chameleon, will show his true colors, one way or the other. And I have no doubt that another shade of Ketuanan Anwar will emerge.

    JMD : Sleepless nights? Haha not quite Shar. It’s easier when we have access to news archives in the net. As for DSAI’s speeches, I think you can google them under John Hopkins and Georgetown universities. Will get my jambu coffee boy to search for you too 🙂 kidding. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion.


  14. Well said JMD. Very well written post and informative. InsyaAllah it will get a wide reading so more and more people will have their eyes opened. Then again, DSAI’s supporters may be tougher to convince. He is after all, “perfect” in their eyes.

    I am not one to accuse DSAI as an agent of the West because I fear fitnah but sometimes the foreign press’ fondness of him makes me think a lot. One such case, the eeriest of them all, is in the form of an article titled “Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia’s Next Prime Minister?” from ta-da, the Jewish Post. It may be an old article but I think many are still unaware of this predicament. I urge the Malaysian public to rethink their support for DSAI.

    BN may not be perfect but I feel that it has since learned its lesson. We can see that they are starting to listen and TAKING ACTION now to address the ppl’s concerns. InsyaAllah, with the right leadership, we can work towards a better future.


  15. Regarding PP (either Pulau Pinang or Permatang Pauh 😀 ) I was informed that BN is bringing in phanthom voters to either defeat or reduce the majority. Hmm… it seem PKR has a contigency plan if the result doesn’t meet their expectation. Seriously, damn if you do, damn if you don’t… seems to be the BN curse right now.

    Here is an interesting quote… maybe deserving Quote of the Week award…

    BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 21 (Bernama) — Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in the Permatang Pauh by-election, Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, today clarifed that he had never been directly involved in any of the companies of his elder brother Tan Sri Amin Shah Omar Shah’s, once a prominent businessman in the country.

    Arif Shah said instead, his involvement in his brother’s companies was only in the form of appointments to posts normally made in other companies.

    “Many people do not understand it, but the thing is I have never been involved in any of the companies that my family has a hand in.

    “I have never been a member of the board of directors, except in some instances I was put as an appointee that was not even in the ROC’s registration.

    “That is the situation, but there have been news reports linking me to companies linked to my family,” he said.

    Arif Shah said he could not elaborate on the companies owned by his brother as he had no knowledge of their operations.

    The opposition, in its by-election campaign, has claimed that Arif Shah had shares in and was a director of his brother’s company, Business Focus Sdn Bhd (BFSB) that had wound up.

    Amin Shah, who was declared a bankrupt after failing to pay up his companies’ debts and believed to be residing overseas now, still owes Penang Development Corporation (PDC) RM9 million in the RM29 million purchase of PDC subsidiary, Penang Shipbuilding Corporation Sdn Bhd (PSC).

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had last Sunday claimed that his predecessor Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, who was also the then PDC chairman, in early 1998 gave special privileges to BFSB and failed to take action to recover the balance from the company.

    Koh then responded, saying that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who was then deputy prime minister and finance minister, adviced him face-to-face and through telephone conversation not to take legal action against BFSB for the default in payment because of the economic downturn and extended the repayment period to six years but FBSB still owed PDC RM9 million.

    Meanwhile, Anwar at a press conference in Taman Cermai, Permatang Pauh, near here, yesterday denied that he had “whispered” with Koh over the matter.

    He also said that the matter should not be raised during the by-election as it happened 12 years ago.

    The Permatang Pauh by-election on Aug 26 will see a three-cornered contest involving Anwar, Arif Shah and Hanafi Mamat from Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (AKIM).


    So, anything happen in the past cannot be question? Interesting…

    JMD : Did DSAI really say that? Maybe he should give a precise cut off date on which past issues that can be raised in the by election.


  16. JMD,

    Have your read ‘Renaissance Man’ by Anwar. Do you think he wrote it?

    Your opinion please..


    JMD : You mean The Asian Renaissance? I read it long time ago. Honestly it was quite a good book. The theme is about Asian values and how Asian countries should move away from the concepts propagated by the West but instead should be independent and mould the country into our own concept – culturally, socially, economically etc.

    Yes he wrote it at a time when he was still the DPM.


  17. if anuar is ever elected as PM, only the rakyat has to be blamed . Malaysia rakyat would be the most gullible and stupid and otak belacan if ever they elected anwar as PM. as of now, i also felt like a belacan too when i remembered that i vote for Pak Lah (opps, undi adalah rahsia). guess tonight, my wife will make some sambal and “colek” me.
    Still no matter what you write JMD, it’s rakyat like us and those petani and peladang and driver teksi would vote for anwar. so, the snippets given by anwar would actually works .
    i guess “bigots begets bigots”. and for the PKR supporters and/or PAK LAH supporters, here is a thought to ponder.. “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye: The more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract. — Oliver Wendell Holmes “


  18. Dear JMD,

    Can only say one thing… whoever going to head the govt (DSNR or DSAI) later gonna screw the rakyat upside down… the rakyat becoming more and more confused by the seconds… too many sandiwara around us!


  19. well, if he’s destined to be pm, nobody can stop him. it might be a good thing. (
    look at what has happened since aab came into power – more political awareness among the rakyat. more bloggers penning their thoughts with the taps of the keyboard. more issues regarding the country is discussed. for once, we are really questioning our identity and direction. sure, there’s a price to pay for everything and there’s always a balance of good and bad. but as a country reaching 50 years old, we really need to question our entire existence. this is a good time for soul searching, where is the place of the malays, chinese, indian, iban, kadazan and many others more in this land.

    why would a pop star’s concert be inappropriate in the merdeka month? i don’t know. does anyone care to ask if our fellow rakyat across the country from the streetwalkers in bukit bintang to the long house dwellers in the interiors of sarawak with no electricity and television care about merdeka? so we have been merdeka from about 500 years of colonization but does that even matter? should we even celebrate it, since this land is rightfully ours and it’s like being given the title deed to a piece of land, when the land is yours in the first place.

    this thing is bigger than aab or ntr or ai, it’s sad for the whole country if any one person is seen as a demi-god that will run the country. where’s the check and balance, where’s the cabinet, where’s the monarchy, what are you and i doing?


  20. My client from Penang called me up and told me the illegal bookies have collected bets and that the bets centered more on the number of majority votes Anwar will garner.

    A friend of mine came back from Permatang Pauh and told me that the problem with BN campaigning this time around is that the the politicians are more concerned with getting votes for UMNO election and some are there for holiday rather than campaining for the by election. Mukhriz has been totally isolated and not allowed space to campiagn. The internal politics in UMNO is causing UMNO to implode.

    According to this friend of mine, doors at her hotel room where she and her friend stayed are often kicked as a way to scare them off.

    When Noh Omar came to Permatang Pauh to give a speech, scores of Mat rempit will be there and with the purpose to disrupt and cancel the voice of Noh Omar, revved up their bikes.

    More often than not, my friend and the others would be afraid to campaign wearing BN uniform for fear of being assaulted. Dia kata, apa nak buat sebab they are campaining kat kubu kuat Anwar !

    Btw, to the powers that be in BN who read this comment, for the love of God, STOP playing politics and campaign !!

    Kadang-kadang aku betul betul tak faham dengan UMNO, kapal nak tenggelam tapi sibuk nak main siapa jadi kapten kapal !!

    JMD : If this trend persist, then they find out that what they are busy fighting for is to become part of the Opposition after the next general election. Umno WILL be an opposition party if they are still blind to the problems at hand.


  21. Msleepyhead,

    I dont see any wrong in celebrating Merdeka.

    Sure we have some folks who lack basic necessities. It is not an ideal situation but in most countries in the world, poverty is a reality.

    Is the Malaysian Government not doing anything ? Check the UNDP figures, the poverty numbers have been reduced to a single digit. The Government remains committed to eradicate poverty. Programmes run by Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia and micro credit schemes are alive. It is not without hitches, but the effort is there. The fact that the poverty rates have been reduced shows that we are taking the correct approach, not perfect, but we’re working on it.

    The numerous Malaysia Plan have emphasized on budget for development, health and education. Unless, say for example we spend a high percentage of our annual budget on defence vis a vis development, health and education than there is cause to complain.

    The United States for example provide billions in terms of aid to countries around the world, it has a defense budget larger than all the countries in the world combined, it has mission to space more times than i can remember but yet some Americans have to work 2 types of work a day to stay afloat financially.

    Since AAB came into power, it is not about political awareness but a political confusion. It is like the theme from X files … “the truth is out there”!

    It is hurting the country, it is hurting our pockets, the racial fault lines are more pronounced. We are close to become like Indonesia after the fall of Suharto. It is madness.

    Since the early 90s every wherever in the world you look income disparity between the rich and the poor is becoming bigger. It is not only an isolated incident in Malaysia. I was in the US sometime last year for a holiday, the number of private jets parked at the Los Vegas airport is fantastic, yet try and step into some seedy neighbourhood in Los Angeles (i was there by chance, because my friend read the map wrongly an ended up at a scary neighbourhood) you’ll be amazed at such sight in the US.

    I am strongly opposed to calling the monarchy for help. You cannot draw parallel between Thai monarchy and the Malaysian monarchy. The historical basis for getting the monarchy involved in Thailand is there. The reverence the Thais have towards the monarchy is genuine because for hundred of years the monarchy have played a pivotal role in ensuring the sovereignty of the Thais are intact.

    We have no way of knowing the impact our monarchy have should they get involved in politics and start taking sides. They should remain neutral and retain their ceremonial status. Get them involve, we have no way of getting them unstuck and we have no point of reference on how to attend and handle their partisan politics.

    The Thais have 1 king, and we have half a dozen of them !!

    The nature of our political system and the level of sophistication of the voters is still raw. We basically just got our toes wet, we have had a strong boss for 20 over years who did magnificently in running the show. It is like a family who have lost the father and is left with the youngest most irresponsible brother to run the family. The other family members are revolting, freedom or more accurately chaos is the order of the day.

    The revolting Uncle comes into the picture, sensing vacancy, is now training his eyes on the most coveted asset.

    By the way JMD lupa nak kasitau, I like your analogy bila you cakap :-

    “I liken the Malays who had benefitted from the NEP as the ones who had crossed a river using a bridge, but once they got to the other side, they asked for the bridge to be torn down and want the rest of their brothers to swim”.

    Apa kata the Malays yang bising kata NEP racist, the 10% bumi discount yang diorang dapat sebab beli rumah dari developer tu, surrender lah the money to any charitable organisation.


  22. Hi Lekiu,

    Thanks for your detailed and patient response. I do not take for granted how far we have come. Government hospitals are accessible and affordable to the majority of the population, and that’s a good thing. Basic education is there. We can say that the foundation is strong and we have something to build upon.

    And like you pointed out, there are sections of community in the great US where supposedly dreams can come true that there is still poverty and difference in quality of life. Sometimes we have to ask if it is the government’s fault? Are they consciously being discriminated against by the government? Why do immigrants to America enjoy a higher quality of life than some of them that have been there for generations.

    Without concrete data, my guess is just that when people have dreams, they do whatever it takes to achieve that. Some people just give excuses and point fingers while the world passes them by. We are lucky the government in this country is charitable or else the disparity between communities would be worst. I still believe that it’s all about the modern game, if order to partake and be a part of the global economy, the consumerist lifestyle, to make money to buy things, then you have to change your lifestyle, get an education and move to the city. There’s no way for you to live an idle life in the outskirts, living off the land and afford to own branded stuff that you don’t need. 😉 Even China embraced capitalism in the guise of modern communism.

    A story I’ve heard: There was this biodome where they tried to recreate the rainforest, they planted all sorts of trees that would represent the actual one. They had a high-tech system of climate control, humidity, temperature, soil acidity, etc.. but after some time they found that there was something wrong with the trees. It was not as strong as the ones in the wild and some even slanted downwards despite them providing fertilizers and all sorts of nutrients that they think plants would need. They’ve cracked their heads and finally realized that without the strong wind and heavy rain to ‘challenge’ the trees, the trees just did not have strong stems, branches and upright figure.

    Can’t verify the scientific accuracy of the story but I’m sure you’ll find that in every story there will always be an antagonist that makes the protagonist stronger. Tuah will not be great without Jebat, and likewise.

    JMD : To Msleepyhead and Lekiu. Good discussion. I am enthused by the points brought forth. Have a very peaceful and relaxing weekend everyone. Thank you.


  23. Everywhere you’ll hear the reformation… what reformation are they seriously talking about? Reformation in changing the present corrupt government to another corrupt government controlled by foreign proxies? Reformation in replacing a Muslim leader who changed policies and directives as quickly as we changed tv channels with a Muslim leader who doesn’t respect Islam, doesn’t respect the Holy Quran, doesn’t give a damn about Malay,.. (the list is long) for the sake of democracy? By the way, who gave him the right to proclaim he is the next PM in-line? If like that, I also can claimed to be the next PM in-line. hmm… maybe not a bad idea? 😀

    really, how many percent of Malaysian actually want him to be PM? because last time I checked, more than 51% of Malaysian still voted for BN, not PR. So in his case, the majority vote doesn’t count?

    Let indulge ourselves in his prospect to be PM. He was convicted with a corruption count, he was acquitted from a sodomy case, he is being investigated for another sodomy case, he is accused to be a proxies of US and Israel, he wants to scrap the NEP and ultimately removed the right of Malays, he humilated his own country with his speeches abroad. Hmm… so many controvesies and peoples still wants him? Oh, I forgot, he insulted Islam and the Prophet (SAW) himself when he defended Salman Rushdie, and by rejecting the swearing to Allah, he insulted the All Mighty. Seems to me, his actions and speeches implies himself to be unfit to lead a Muslim country. And don’t forget all the conspiracies theory, more complicated than an X-File episod. If anything happens to him, it’s conspiracy even without a single hint of evidence, but since he says it’s there, all his followers believed in him as though it was a divine relevation by Allah Himself. Or is it, his follower believes in him more than Allah? hmm… the conspirator saying there is a conspiracy to get him.

    On the swearing part, asking justice from Allah is not sufficient? Does he believes that the court and laws of human is greater than the court and laws of Allah? People keep quoting some Ulama point of views but failed to quote the two most important source… Quran and Sunnah Nabi. Regarding the holding of Quran during swearing, Nik Aziz liken it to Christian practise. One question, when Nik Aziz swears in as the MB of Kelantan, what was he holding? The Regulations and Rules of PAS??? Wonder if thats the reason he can twist facts and Islamic law according to his liking because he wasn’t swearing on the Quran. Ask all the PR MP which is Muslim, what did they held when they were swear-in as MP’s in Parliament. Stop manipulating Islam and the Quran for political reason, or do the PR thinks they are above the laws of Allah too?

    JMD : Thank you for the commentary.


  24. Msleepyhead,

    You rightly pointed out about the fate of immigrants. Even in Malaysia, we see hardcore poor Malaysians and then there are immigrants from Indonesia doing well in this country. Who do we fault ? Btw, from the UNDP report large concentration of poor is at the Malay heartland in the North and in the East Coast.

    My secretary is this wonderful Indian lady who does NGO work in her spare time. Since HINDRAF started going to the streets, I get an earful from her almost on a daily basis. Fearing that the work I assigned her to complete is not finished to her usual high standards, I would take pains to explain which is almost impossible due to her concrete belief that the road to hell starts from the PM’s office.

    Anyway, speaking about the issue of poverty, she said it is Barisan’s fault. If there is a budget for the eradication of poverty how come there are poor folks?

    My explanation about Government spending and National Malaysia Plan would be met with an accusatory tone that I am removed from reality and then I should wander out from KLCC area and go to places like Ijok (she told me she went to campaign for BN and now regretted her decision).

    She would then proceed to tell me the reality she perceived on the ground and how bureaucracy at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat is appaling and it is BN’s fault. I told her, perhaps she should blame BN for global warming as well !!

    At the risk of sounding elitist, my point is that we speak about ideas, about statistics and the complex dynamics of human relationship, but too many folks wouldnt even take the time to decipher it.

    They see hardship, they need to point a finger at someone. Instead of blaming the responsible party like Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat for being inefficient, they blame Badawi. They see young Malays partying at the numerous pubs at Jalan Sultan Ismail they blame UMNO !

    It reminds me of a story related to me by my good friend, dont know the truth of this story. Samy Vellu’s MIC held a party meeting in KL and he had busloads of MIC members heading to KL. En route to KL, the bus had a breakdown and the members decided to call Samy Vellu for help. Samy Vellu blew his top off and said, you think UMNO members in your position will call Mahathir ? Why call for me ? You have to call the mechanics !! In case you dont find it funny, it sounded funny when my good friend related the story. Perhaps due to histrionics.

    I guess my point is, most folks blame the Government for practically everything. It is difficult to explain to them that some issues are complex. Issues like poverty and moral decay for instance.

    KeADILan will blame the Government about poverty, the ironic prosperity of the Immigrants in Malaysia is not discussed and PAS will blame the Government for every pre marital sex that happens, although that didnt stop some from fornicating in Kelantan. Harga minyak naik, blame the Govt. Despite the fact that the price of oil has increased worldwide. Husam wrote some time back in his blog and unfairly compare the price of oil in Malaysia with other countries with huge oil reserves, lower consumption and different economic agenda.

    Objectivity these days is almost non existent. Fed with a diet of fast food and TV shows that seems to imply that catching criminals can be done quite fast and that proving a crime is quite easy. Most folks have become indoctrinated by the idiot box tales of superficiality.

    Which is why Anwar’s promise of immediate release of pain from whatever problems suffered by Malaysians is greeted not with a healthy dose of skepticism but with a huge roar of support and euphoria. According to what Anwar wants us to believe, his ascension to the top seems to be a panacea for all the ills that we Malaysians suffer. And like the fairy tale books we loved when young, we all then live happily ever after. The End.

    JMD : Thank you for the valuable insight.


  25. jmd,
    Just an old woman telling a village tales of gone years. More of propoganda article one should say.

    JMD : Is my article a propaganda? It was based on the truth as what had happened historically. Doubt anybody could tell that all those things did not happen. Thank you.


  26. I liked the analogy about the trees if grown in a controlled environment will not be as strong as those in the wild. But not quite apt to apply to DEB and Malays.

    Trees are well, trees. There are certain characteristics of trees, most of which I won’t presume to know. I’m not a botanist. haha

    There is one defining characteristic about trees which I do know, though, as I am sure even a non-botanist would immediately jump upon. Trees don’t think. And they don’t learn.

    But humans do. And even some of us so-called “sheltered Melayus dependent on the NEP” do and can think. And that’s what differentiates us from those trees.

    There are a number of highly successful companies run exclusively by Malays, employing mostly and sometimes wholly Malays, but which were able to compete directly because of the NEP. Perhaps through favorable bank loans, or favorable conditions set by the NEP to ensure soe sort of parity in the beginning, whatever, but without doubt, run successfully and God-willing, will continue to be run well and successfully even if they are “only” run by NEP-backed Malays.

    Some of these companies have even ventured internationally, either investing or even participating in high-technology businesses, or making inroads in countries other than Malaysia.

    It does need to be added, there are not more than a handful as Malay businessmen do not have advantages of Guang Xi or other such international networks of business partners, nor are we brave enough to truly venture globally as some other businesses.

    My point is, unlike trees which can’t think for themselves and need external factors to survive, there are Malays who do and they have been successful, but I might also add, if there wasn’t a push and a heave-ho from the NEP they might not have gotten there in the first place. And that was the original intention of the NEP. To give a helping boost for the Bumiputera, so that they can learn to compete and make something of themselves. This has also led to a burgeoning middle-class of Malays, enough that most if not all local banks are enticing that increasingly affluent middle-class with packages and products “berlandaskan Islam.” Why would these banks even do that if there wasn’t a pool of money from people who would be attracted by such things?

    The fact that the original spirit of NEP is currently being tarnished by self-serving politicians and hangers-on should not how we should judge the success or failure of that affirmative action program. Rather, we should “remind” or failing that, agitate that we return to the original idea and intentions of the NEP as it has been shown it can prove successful, if only all parties will go back to the “pangkal jalan.”

    The fact that there are still some Bumiputera who need aid from the NEP should also not be an issue. Not everyone “learns” at the same pace, and those who can learn faster must try and help those who are slower, not just say, “Everyone for himself! **I** made it, so the rest of you can all bugger off. ”

    Oops! Or is that a politically incorrect term for me to be using right about now? 🙂

    JMD : Thank you. Your last two paragraphs greatly mirrored my sentiments.


  27. I feel compelled to comment on your posting, which I believe is an eye-opener to the people who have yet to make up their minds about Anwar but definitely smack of yet another tale of conspiracy by the Anwarista.

    I write because I believe at one point of time in my life, I was victimised by the Anwaristas. Not by Anwar himself that I know of but by his boys. All this happened during his ascend to power, where I believe that he was particularly concerned about his image in the eyes of the public.

    Then, Anwar the man had spoken at a gathering for civil servants where he had spoken of the need for them to improve themselves – in other words to more positive in their outlook. Alas, when this issue was being discussed (that was a day after the so-called great man had spoken), my mistake was to say that Anwar had encouraged civil servants to adopt a more positive attitude. This matter was reported to Anwar’s office ( he has yet to assume the deputy premiership of the country) and lo and behold, my boss received a telephone call from his office and I was reprimanded for saying that Anwar wanted civil servants to be more positive.

    Puzzled as I was, I sought clarification from my bosses and Anwar’s office sent a letter to my boss – the letter read: “Anwar had never said the civil service had a negative attitude.” I fail to see in what my remarks could have been misconstrued by Anwar’s boys except that I can only conclude their command of English was very poor. But the nett effect of Anwar’s letter had me in cold storage for about four years – with no promotion prospects.

    Am I happy about this? I could always attribute it to fate but I am amused that a lowly person like me could have gotten the attention of his office then and it was like a jihad (for Anwar’s boys) to have me cold stored. Que sera sera, it had happened and there is not much that I can do.

    I can also recall that in my office, there were numerous Anwaristas, those who felt that they could do no wrong in the office simply because Anwar (or his boys) had favoured them. This group is so sickening and the way they throw their weight in the office was simply unbelievable. Anwar was like a deity they worshiped and whatever he said is Gospel.

    Subsequently, I also remember about Anwar’s promise not to challenge the late Tun Ghaffar Baba, whom in my opinion truly cared about the people. This I adjudged from my interactions with him then. He was the genuine stuff.

    I also recalled the day Anwar pretended to have succumbed to the so-called urges of the party members for him to challenge Ghaffar. Prior to his announcement then, he had summoned all the state liaison chief for a meeting and it was three hours later that these leaders emerged to show their support for Anwar. But all in all, his face belies his intention – he was never sincere about his earlier promise.

    Why did this happen? Your guess is as good as mine. Anwar is charismatic and when he speaks, it certainly sounded good. But when you have to analyse his speech, you will notice that it is just full of rhetoric and lack substance. His speech sounded good because it was grandiose and verbose but sadly lacking substance. That explains the presence of speech writers.

    I for one do not believe Anwar had ever written his speech. As for the Malay Renaissance, please lah, the Malay Dilemma is a better read. The Malay Dilemma is the thoughts of a man who showed that he can think, unlike the Malay Renaissance, to me which is lack in depth and certainly of no substance and it smack of references to other people’s ideas. Anwar’s idea in the book? To make him look good.

    I can only conclude that Anwar is anything but a sincere leader. I pray that Allah swt will provide Malaysians with leaders who are just, sincere and soleh, not leaders to whom the means justify the ends. I will not be so arrogant as to say that Anwar will not make it to Putrajaya but I believe that man proposes, God disposes.

    JMD : Asian Renaissance to me is quite a good book at that point of time because it compiled all the relevant idealogies in making a progressive nation which could brave through the impending globalisation. The difference is, instead of embracing or being subjugated by the Western ideas like total liberalisation and free market, it wanted the country to find it’s own standing and propel itself with its own version on what it feels is best. Akin to the Masyarakat Madani concept he so famously known for.

    Bear in mind, what he wrote in that book is quite different from what he is endorsing these days. It is a paradox he needs to address if he wants to be trusted as a leader by all Malaysians. Consistency is key in becoming a great leader. The Malay Dilemma is a very good book to read as it was ahead of its time and also was an eye opener. The consistency of the writer and his firm belief to this day is paramount in a developing nation. Consistency, instead of flip flopping, is vital in building a multi racial country. At least ppl know what to expect and they would work on a constant goal.


  28. Assalammualaikum bro… I’ve been pondering this idea/conspiracy/theory about the current political situation now.

    A quick flashback. TDM was challenged by TRH group which consist of TMH and DSAAB. This group was supposedly back by DSAI at the time. When the dust settle, TRH formed S46 and UMNO became UMNO Baru. DSAAB stayed back in UMNO.

    Some years later, S46 dissolved and rejoined UMNO. Then the 1997 financial crisis happened. DSAI was expelled and DSAAB was made DPM. 2003 TDM retired and DSAAB took over and he released DSAI from prison.

    DSAI went oversea because of the political ban on him by the corruption conviction. DSAAB has been tearing UMNO from the inside while DSAI was attacking from the outside. Then the GE12 result.

    So what is the theory? Since DSAAB took over the helm of UMNO and the Government, not even ONCE did DSAI attacked, ridiculed or slandered him unlike what he did to DNTR. It looks like DSAI is more keen to attack DNTR more than DSAAB eventhough he wanted the PM post which is being occupied by DSAAB. Don’t you find it baffling?

    Maybe DSAI will take over PM on the 16 Sept 08 afterall, but not through PR. More likely, he will win PP and then hopped on UMNO to replace DSAAB who conveniently resign from the post. That’s why he need to destroy DNTR first and foremost and claimed his ‘right’ as UMNO Deputy President. Maybe all this while we were hoodwink into believing the grandest play of deceit and treason was between PR and BN but the true play was being stage on a grander scale?

    As I said, it’s just a theory but some connections seems logic and tempting to say the least. What says you???

    JMD : There is a slight flaw in your theory, that DSAI was backing Team B. At that time he was considered in the front line of Team A. Najib was neutral but threw his support to Team A at the last minute.

    You are correct that DSAI left Pak Lah alone in his criticisms. DSAI was attacking Najib all this while because Pak Lah’s popularity was weaker than Najib. Better to focus all energy to fight the stronger opponent than to attack both opponents at one time.

    DSAI’s release via technical insufficiency in 2004 was perceived as a good public relations exercise for Pak Lah.

    Thank you.


  29. JMD,

    your blog deserve to be voted as one of the best political blog in the country. Thoughtful, critical, not lest with wonderful commentaries (do you think the so-proud Malaysia-Today would be anywhere near?).

    Keep up to the good work.

    JMD : Thank you for reading this blog. Really appreciate it.


  30. And speaking of AI’s speeches, I’ve managed to unearth this circa July ’06:

    “Universal values and Muslim democracy”

    The preface included “Jailed in 1998, he was the victim of a highly politicized trial and spent six years in prison before the Malaysian Federal Court overturned the charges against him, leading to his release in September 2004”.

    Like Wow, Dude. I don’t know whether somebody else wrote his speeches but AI must have had some input regarding his ‘innocence’ and ‘vindication’. His conviction plus jail sentence on the 1st charge for abuse of (executive) power and a 2-1 majority verdict in his favor on the 2nd charge of sodomy were conveniently erased.

    There were other speeches by AI:

    a) Political Accountability and the Moral Imperative – 2005.
    b) The Quest for Social Justice – 2005.
    c) Whither East Asia -2005.
    d) Cultivating the Seeds of Democracy – 2006.

    which I’m still trying to track down.

    Meanwhile, have a read on Wong Chin Huat’s (BERSIH) analysis of AI at:

    JMD : Thank you Shar for the links. Very valuable in delving the mind of DSAI. But I’m disappointed to point out that the “Universal values and Muslim democracy” speech he made was generally about Muslim countries must embrace democracy and total freedom in order to become a developed nation. He said that the main reason why Malaysia is not conducive to become a great nation because the opposition was suppressed, media is not totally free, rallies must be allowed etc. But he faield to highlight our neighbour which is also a developed nation – Singapore. Whatever he said about Malaysia’s ‘disjointed and handicapped democracy’ is very much similar to Singapore’s treatment to its opposition parties, and even worse. But still Singapore did progress.

    He conveniently forget that Malaysia, is multi racial country. How can you have freedom of speech but at the same time racial sensitivity must be take into consideration. It is easy to say things when you are outside the government. You can afford to be idealistic. But it’s a different matter when you are in the government. As evident in ALL his speeches when he was in the government from 1982 to 1998.

    Thank you.


  31. Dear JMD Sir,

    Salute to your articles. Just wanna to say. Give me a call if you need a helping hand in the mission to wack out this Al Juburi. I also like the most of Malaysian do not want a bisexual to rule our beloved country.


    JMD : Thank you for the offer my good man. Really appreciate it.


  32. JMD,

    Incisive as always.

    The image now potrayed of dsAi is one of a folk hero. I have to say that the mainstream print media has a lot to do with this phenomenon.

    Why I say this is that I firmly subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of democracy or the press.

    We know that freedom of democracy and press in as far as the social context of our country is concerned, has to be responsible and take into account the sensitivities of all the various races and religion.

    Unlike western democracy or press where the rights of the individual is paramount, ours place the rights of the whole community above the individual.

    That was then and this is now.

    And to my suggestion that the mainstream print media is partly to be blamed in the case of dsAI, it can be summed up as follows (please note that I am referring to the English medium):

    1)The NST as we know it, is closely allied to AAB. It follows that it had failed to adequately highlight and address issues that were critical in determining the last GE results.

    2) It also follows that a paper aligned to a leader advocating a “freer” press is now providing fortuitous exposure and publicity for dsAI.

    3)With the last GE results, it now has little alternative but to take a careful posture in as far as dsAI allegations are concerned.

    3)The STAR is closely allied to the MCA . With the disastous performance in the last polls, the paper seem to be afraid that it might further alienate support for the party thus taking some sort of “freer” policy. Pretty weird if you ask me.

    3)As for the SUN, it claims to be independent but I would dearly wish they would take a good look at themselves, shame the devil and admit they have been truly anti-establishment. Moreso now with this “born again” freedom of expression policy.

    4)Letters to the editors of the Star and the SUN sometime make me cringe. What are the editors doing? Racist remarks are tolerated in the name of freedom of expression

    5)These so-called journalists in articles of these papers, except for a select few (can count with the fingers on one hand), simply talk rubbish, on ego trips, are naive but try- to-be-smart and more often than not do not make much relevant point.

    6)Despite this new freedom they have not provided one iorta of reference to an impartial interpretation of the Supreme Court judgement which freed dsAi in its true meaning.

    One very good example is the Malaysian Today news magazine taking opinions of a few twenty something peoples’ view of dsAI alleged sodomy charges.

    How laughable but serious.

    Laughable because how old were these kids when dsAI got entangled with his legal problems? Thirteen,fourteen years old!

    Serious because this is the type of free image they are trying to portray. Unfortunaately with a wrong subject from a wrong medium to a wrong audience.

    I am sure there among you who can FEEL what I mean.

    For those who recall events before, after and leading to his incarceration;we all know where dsAI stands and stood for.

    Thanks and regards.

    JMD : Very astute analysis. Thank you. One of the main mistake of NST was the absence of criticism to Pak Lah’s government since he became PM in 2003. Everything was sweet and good. Hardly any negative news in the MSM when in fact there was grumbling in the ground starting from 2005 right up to the GE in March.

    Obviously, the govt leaders has not studied the sentiment in the ground because their over inflated ego and sense of misplaced grandeur that they could do no wrong.


  33. Best jugak blog ko nih. Perkara sebenar la orang sokong DSAI sebab dah boring dengan benda benda yang bn buat pada zaman DSAAB. Banyak benda dia tak monitor betul-betul. Tak ramai yang jadi millionair atau billionair masa zaman DSAAB berbanding zaman TDM sebab orang tuh jer dapat kontrak. Sedara aku jadi ADUN suatu masa dahulu tidak sekaya menjadi ADUN pada masa sekarang (satu penggal jer dah jadi millionair).

    Ni aku dengar la sedara aku bercerita. Suatu masa dahulu mak jadi ketua bahagian UMNO memang kena buat banyak kebajikan kepada penduduk Bahagiannya supaya semua orang nampak. Dalam tahun 90an benda kebajikan kepada rakyat sudah tidak ada lagi. Yang ada adalah politik wang. Dalam tahun 90an juga lah sedara aku yang sorang nih berhenti penuh dari politik. Sebab pertama ialah tidak cukup ongkos nak bayar orang. Katanya politik sekarang wang boleh membeli jiwa. Dalam tahun 90an jugak lah sedara aku keluar umno. Dia telah meninggal dunia awal tahun 2001.

    Yang aku nak gitau nih semua nih sebab duit. Rahsuah berleluasa pun sebab duit. Orang UMNO kaya raya pun sebab duit. Broker-broker projek yang kata dia kenal pak lah pun sebab duit. Aku pernah test arrange meeting dan dapat berbincang dengan Setiausaha Politik Kementerian Kewangan pun sebab duit. Bak kata kasarnya duit bleh orang lupa diri.

    Macam mana kita nak selamatkan duit cukai perniagaan, cukai pendapatan, cukai judi, cukai arak, cukai macam-macam nih dari terus disalahgunakan oleh kerajaan yang memerintah. Politician & kawan politician bertambah kaya. Aku, korang dan semua orang sama jer dok rumah teres, pakai kereta buatan tempatan, makan kat warung, gi kerja naik public transport yang cam tah apa-apa dan tak ikut jadual, teksi yang sesuka hati tak guna meter, guna beras cap rambutan, ayam makan seekor seminggu untuk keluarga 5 orang, tak bleh minum di coffee house, isap cerut cohiba dsb.

    Bleh tak korang cadangkan macam mana nak hapus korupsi yang berleluasa berlaku sekarang ini contoh kat industri aku sekarang nih ialah Precision Portal Sdn. Bhd. yang dapat kontrak 2005 LHDN (projek tak siap), 2006 JUPEM (Harga untuk tender dalam RM120juta kat PP diorang bagi RM290juta ini kena tanya Looi Kam Seng), 2007 SOCSO (RM200juta), 2007 backbone bagi e-tanah JV (RM800juta) korang check la website dia. Kalau company besar gila sure ada orang yang digaji untuk maintain website.

    Korang bagi cadangan la siapa yang patut jadi perdana menteri. Yang dalam UMNO pulak bersuara la jangan la asyik yes bos sahaja kat depan bos kalau kat belakang kutuk kaw kaw (Cerita benar nih. Adun-adun & Ahli Parlimen bn bersatu padu kutuk pak lah & najib kat cofee house. Apa cer nih?).

    Aku bukannya sokong DSAI sangat (Sib baik nurul izzah dah kawin dengan kawan kepada kawan kepada kawan aku). Citer korang kebanyakkannya betul tidak aku nafikan. Tapi kita memang perlu pembangkang yang bagus. Mungkin BN lepas nih boleh jadi pembangkang yang superb. Bak kata DSAI ISA, OSA, akta hasutan semua nak bubar. So pemimpin BN bleh la belasah cukup cukup and sure tak masuk lokap. Katakan 16 September 2008 dia nak jadi PM. Kalau dia tak betul dalam beberapa tahun akan datang nih & BN dah ada pemimpin berkaliber (bukan pemimpin turun takhta dari bapak ke anak) dan kuat. Aku sure katak-katak yang lompat gi ikut Anwar pulang balik ke pangkuan BN. katakan lah 30 katak melompat. PR jadi 112 BN 110. BN dah power gila babi semua bersih, cekap & amanah. Tak ada rahsuah, penyalahgunaan kuasa, najib, kj, noh omar, anuar musa, awang adek, idris jusoh, shahidan kassim, Mike tyson, Rahim tamby chik, ali rustam, ghani othman, tajol rosli, koh Tsu koon, The ong brothers, Samy Vellu dsb tak ada aku sure katak katak nih balik semula kepangkuan asal. katakanlah 2 orang jer balik ke BN. jadi BN 112 PR 110…. BN perintah …… Yahooo…… semua orang suka…. ekonomi malaysia stabil semula…..

    JMD : Terima kasih. Pendirian saudara lebih kurang sama dengan artikel;

    My wishful thinking would be, in order to resuscitate the much maligned Umno, someone than Najib should take over. The likeliest candidates that could stand the test of character would be Ku Li and Muhyiddin. It is important that the perception of Umno by all Malaysians needs to be corrected first. If we cannot discard the bad potatoes, then at least subdue their presence in the party hierarchy. But alas, the willpower of the division chiefs are almost non existent. Hence, my wishful thinking is just that. Even when the unthinkable happened – Umno became an opposition party, it will not repair itself by then because the power of money is so strong, the members will jump ship to PKR or PAS (the ruling govt.). What’s left would be the members that would still cling to the original struggle of the Malays. Maybe only then, after ‘nasi dah jadi bubur’, Umno can purify itself.

    Thank you.


  34. Dear Jebat… I will post your article to my friends. It is full of facts. Thank you.

    May Allah bless you and all of us . Ya Allah, please teach Anwar Ibrahim a lesson . A lesson that will outs him from our lives forever.


  35. JMD,

    Just got back from Permatang Pauh, and ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ posters deluging the whole constituency.

    Communism also promotes ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ and it’s being discarded everywhere except China. And China would would have experienced the same fate if not for some level headed leaders like Deng Xiopeng and Zho Enlai (my spelling may be wrong). And Anwar Ibrahim is far from level headed. He is the best singer of the gallery, and will dance to any tune that you want. If he was in Bollywood, even Shah Rukh Khan would lick his feet..



  36. Quite a number of people are saying that, why not give Anwar a chance to form a Government, evaluate his performance for 4 years. Don’t like how he perform then kick him out of office.

    If you run a big company and decided to call for an interview of candidates for the post of CEO, you first need to look at the candidate and his/her resume. You then proceed to ask what are his/her plans for the Company once hired.

    If the candidate doesn’t have an impressive resume, his past performance is nothing to shout about, his plans for the restructuring of the company is basically breaking the company apart and to sell off whatever assets the Company have and then in an effort to make make the interviewers happy, promise to tap into the reserves of the Company to pay dividends and bonuses. And in a desperate attempt to make himself more of a credible option for the post of CEO, the candidate decides to bad mouth the previous CEO. Would you still take the risk and appoint the candidate ?

    Anwar despite his complaint about press freedom forgot that he engineered the mauling of free press by getting his buddies to take control of the print and electronic media. The venom TV3 and NST press is spitting at him is his own doing. He bought ferocious dogs to control the thought process of Malaysians, then he lost control of the dogs and now the dogs are biting him back !

    Despite his so called champion of freedom and democracy, anything bad said about him, he decide to sue for millions of ringgit. We’ve seen how bad the campiagn for the fight to become the top Democrat in the US between Obama and Clinton, and bearing in mind that the US is the MOST litigous country in the world, Obama and Clinton never ever uses the court to silence the opposing voice. The extremely pro jewish groups like AIPAC and the Anti Defamation league hardly if ever uses the court to silence pro Arab lobbyist or the white supremacist.

    Anwar’s deeds and his words are always in opposition.

    It is also a bit strange that the people who claim to support Anwar and by default, Anwar’s promise of freedom and democracy, would be the first one trying to shut the opposing voice. Kalau nak shut out someone by giving reasons and persuasive argument tak pe lah pulak.

    Tapi ini nak suruh orang diam will try to tuduh kroni BN lah, dan kalau tak sokong PAS kata anti Islam la. You can’t always attack the messenger, you have to learn to attack the message, and with reasons.

    Those of you yang wanted so much free speech have to learn to live with dissenting voices. You cannot maki hamun and try to attack the person speaking. Lay down your arguments and you have to accept that at some point you have to agree to disagree with the other.

    And those of you yang sokong PAS selagi tak mau, you have to accept that freedom and democracy means that the Bar Council has every right to organise issues on conversion, every right to question the apostasy laws, every right to touch the issue of Malay rights, every right to discuss the place of the monarchy in Malaysia. And having said that, the Bar have to accept that people have the right to march by the hundreds in front of your premise and protest. That is basically what the Bar is fighting for anyway, freedom of assembly.

    In democracy free speech, even speech tantamout to hatred is sacred !!

    The supporters of the Opposition nak buang the Sedition Act and yet do not want others to question the beliefs they cherish and hold dear. You cant have the cake and eat it too. Something has to give way.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu for the comment. This blog is indeed blessed with informative and astute analysis on any particular subject by its readers. Discussions were done with substance and in a very civilised way. Thank you all.


  37. Lekiu,
    Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts and experience. It brings a human touch to our discussions. I would say that DSAAB inherited a Malaysia that was running ‘smoothly’ as romper pointed out. Like guanxi in China, things here are smoothened by the bluebacks as some call it. Go to JPJ, you want to smoothen things and get it done in a week instead of three, no prob, just paper clip some bluebacks together with your form. Want to be a vendor/service provider for a university, no prob, bluebacks under the table please. We all know how entrenched this is. Who’s to blame for all this. Bluebacks are too obvious? Maybe a hamper of snacks and canned food come festive season.

    I personally would like a change, despite the fear of a greater evil, but also at the same time hopeful for the possibilities that it would trigger. My only reservation is will the rakyat themselves change, even if DSAI takes over come Malaysia day, the entire civil service will still be manned by the same folks. Like you pointed out, if some department doesn’t do its job well, we equate it with the guy on top. So we have all this faceless, anonymous civil servants wreaking havoc.

    Glad you noticed that humans can think and trees can’t. And if you take it one step further and believe in a Creator, you’ll know that we’re all endowed with a mind and also the ability to judge for ourselves right and wrong, and to make something of our lives with what the Creator has bestowed upon us. Like was commented in a previous article here, unless you’re saying some are created less equal than others and have an innate handicap to overcome life’s challenges, then everything else is just an excuse. Entire civilizations, culture, and their people come and go when they can’t rise to challenges or adapt to the changing times.

    JMD and the other good people here,
    We can intellectualize and philosophize all we want, but I’m really all for a good common sense. Even a child knows right from wrong. It should not be about one guy, whoever that is, that’s where they get us, that’s what they like us to believe, ‘the one’ saving Malaysia, it should be about a nation of people with a team of visionary leaders, sincerely wanting the country to develop and change for the better, and not make a quick buck through their positions in power.

    JMD : Ditto.


  38. Kalau Nuar & Arif tak bagus, sentiasa berjanji & tak boleh pakai, maka undilah AKIM. Boikot kadua2ntya.

    Saya amat kagumi Nuar sebelum ini, tetapi setelah membandingkan secara rasional, perbezaan antara Mahathir & Nuar,

    Mahathir: ada Wawasan 2020- masyarakat Malaysia Tulen. Mampu membuat apa sahaja- contoh sekarang Proton boleh buat enjin sendiri-berdikari bakal setaraf bangsa lain pada 2020. Jika menyindir, pun amat bijaksana.

    Anwar: Cakap-cakapnya busuk, muka hensem tapi sikapnya menjadikan wajahnya hodoh. Kucar-kacir. Semua orang tak baik, semua orang konspirasi.(Kecuali masa dlm govt. mcm ada adab sikit)

    Kerja beliau dari dulu hanya menzahirkan perasaan2 beruk (buas) yang ada pada setiap manusia dari satu tempat ke tempat lain untuk melantiknya jadi PM, itu sahaja. Diperhatikan ketika dalam UMNO @ diluar.

    Ini gambaran saya-Mungkin Anuar berfikiran begini:
    (saya tak maksudkan Manusia itu beruk-cuma perumpamaan shj)

    1. Katakanlah Pak Lah itu (seorang pengembala beruk) ada kat atas bukit dikelilingi kumpulan2 besar beruk2 A,B,C…G yang dipeliharanya, bertahun2. Beruk2 ini dlm kumpulannya bekerja harmoni- ada yg petik kelapa, ada yang tangkap ikan, ada yg sedang makan pisang dgn aman.

    2. Tiba2 ada seseorang datang membuaskan beruk2 ini. “berhenti kerja! buat bulatan keliling saya, angkat kedua2 tangan. Next henjut spring kedua2 tangan dan henjut kedua2 lutut anda juga, sambil melompat 2 & jerit uok2 ouk2 berulang2”.

    3. Sambil itu, dia pun berceramah membenci tuan beruk itu. Modal2nya sbg contoh “pisang yang anda makan tu tak berkualiti” maka marah & kuat lah pekikan beruk2 itu.

    4. Orang itu terus merekrut pejuang2 macam movie “Planet of The Ape” supaya bergetar pada frekuensi yang sama. Dari point A ke B…G dan pusing balik A, dan mencari beruk2 liar yg lain juga. Pada masa yg sama,Paklah telah sedaya upaya mengawal orang buas & kumpulan2 beruknya.Namun keupayaannya terbatas.

    5. Bila orang itu merasakan kumpulan2 beruk ini cukup buas dan sekeliling Paklah ini beruk2 telah seragam liarnya. “Beruk2 sekalian, tengok orang diatas bukit itu,serang ramai-ramai”.

    6. Terus beruk2 buas (yang asalnya jinak & bekerja) itu menyerbu dan memukul tuannya. Lalu, orang itu menghumban Paklah, dan menjadi ketua baru beruk2 itu.

    Mungkin itulah agaknya kebijakan, bakal PM kepakarannya membuaskan manusia. (harap2 Allah jangan-lah dia jadi).

    Sekadar pendapat sahaja, maaf jika ada yang terasa atau yakin kepada janji2nya. Saya pun tak ada masalah jika Nuar ni boleh berubah jadi lebih bersopan.



  39. anuar ibrahim will never be a PM. Even if he did, he will fall flat on his face with his pants down. Nau’zubillah. Tak kan Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz nak ada boss homo kot. Then what do they have to say about kisah nabi Luth ye? Conspiracy jugak ke?

    It is time for Wan Azizah to accept the truth that her husband is a bi. But again….maybe she knew it already. Pity the children…


  40. Thank you for the timely article on Anwar. People are so blinded by him that they look away from his shortcomings. Its like as if he is a perfect human being!

    Between Anwar and BN there is no difference. If we want real change it must be based on ethical conduct.

    The desperation to seize power itself is scary and indicative of what is to come if Anwar succeeds.


  41. apsal la tulih dalam english…
    ape bahasa melayu x cukup bagus ke?
    ni rakyat mane ni?
    x reti bahase kebangsaan ke ape?
    politik reti lak…

    JMD : Terima kasih. Anda ada masalah di dalam pemahaman dalam bahasa Inggeris ini? Blog ini dwi bahasa. Sila baca artikel artikel yang terdahulu. Oh ya, penulisan Bahasa Melayu anda pun tidak sepenuhnya betul. Lebih kepada bahasa Melayu pasar. Mungkin boleh dipertingkatkan lagi. Selamat maju jaya. Memang sukar untuk mempertahankan Bahasa Melayu jika tahap penulisan kita sendiri pun berkecamuk.

    Jika bahasa Melayu pun tidak boleh dikuasai dengan baik, apatah lagi dengan kelemahan di dalam bahasa Inggeris, sememangnya sukar untuk maju kehadapan. Kita usaha lagi untuk menambah ilmu ya!


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  43. As the saying goes man proposes and Allah SWT disposes. Indeed Islam does not encourage its adherents to vie for leadership in such a manner that he tends to forget that the Almighty is the One that decides after all.
    Anwar a founder member of ABIM, with many close friends in the Muslim world, and fondly referred to by his close associates as “Pak Sheikh” ( for whatever reasons ) and yet he has the profundity to manipulate Islamic jurisprudence simply to justify his interests vis-a-vis the muhabalah that Saiful chose to take.
    Yes Anwar is an actor par excellence and he could win an oscar hands down.
    Just look at his eyes whenever he speaks or when he smiles for they do not coordinate. As Shakespeare says the “smile that begins with the eyes…”
    When he was the Finance Minister he chose to use bombarstic words in his speeches in Parliament so much so very few could really understood him. Wh ereas TDM he prefers to choose simple words nd phrases indicate that he is more sincere in his endeqavours. Not with Anwar he chose to hide his shortcomings behind those high sounding words.
    Anwar is a pawn of the west especially the US whose intelligence community knew of Anwar’s personal weaaknesses years ago before he became DPM. PAS will regret with Anwar soon as more and more he will expose his personal interests that come first. DAP will exploit him as this is the first time that they are experiencing power. Malaysia will suffer with ANwar at the helm as at the end of the day he will alwaays be “cakap tah serupa bikin”!


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  45. English: too bad as this blog gets more famous, it attracts some really dumb comments. especially the one on the use of language.

    Bahasa Melayu : tatkala laman blog ini semakin terkenal, ia telah menarik beberapa ulasan yang bodoh, terutama berkenaan penggunaan bahasa.

    thanks for publishing them nonetheless.


  46. Thank you JMD!
    FInally someone who remembers history and links it to the literal BS that has been dished out by DSAI. How easily people forget about the past or rather history and get carried away with emotions and fantastic oratory skills!


  47. 1st time visiting this blog,very interesting,high level discussions i guess,sorry if my comments are dumb or my bahasa not that good,just too lazy to manage a blog.thank you for guys like JMD.anyways my 2 cents opinion..

    actually i was redirected to this blog from che det’s(the first blog i started reading).hated and couldnt care less about politics,until i started working and all they talk about is it in the organisation or malaysian politics.have to admit that i am still a noobie to all these crap and do not wish to take part in any of those.

    why to they choose dsai? a mere 16k majority at that as well…makes some of us wonder(referring to pro govt workers and those villagers that only have access to national newspapers),most of the people around me including myself never doubted the victory to dsai,the main question is by how many?

    the situation as i observed is most likely to dsai’s advantages.whether he loses or wins,it doesnt matter one bit,very hard to find win2 situation these days.either way he’ll get more support.if i win people cleary, dont want dsaab, if i lose, well no need to explain the corruption in the govt,including these so called justice bodies like bpr and spr.guess what?i win and these police and spr fellas are doing a hell of a good job!erk??

    saiful, sodomy 2nd time?here is the part where i create my theories..haha.all allegations so far is to dsai’s advantages and the current govt seems drowning in the games played by him.gaining symphaty?hell it works!30k in pp shows that.everything is so smoothly planned like a script.attacks on agp,igp,and our law structure,then comes the sodomy the case itself, immediately after accused,there are pictures of him with govt ministers, then came out the sd’s and re-sd’s, later the medical reports,then the sumpah ceremonies,ramlang that suddenly appear in the campaign saying he was forced, forget to mention the ezam ploy that very much related to this whole ploy(i think so..) and also the pas-umno much to digest,fun actually if you got nothing to do and speculate all day…haha

    why govt drowning?see all the denies made to cover this up as it seems like it comes as a shocker to them.also they started to fall into traps i would say, in sumpah for example,hey everybody is racing to angkat sumpah which is clearly seen as debatable and questions their integrity as the subject is being tangled between the syariah and secular law as propagated by you know long as he follows pas’s stand for example and the other goes the other way,score one party for me.yay.

    as for dsaab everything he does for political mileages are just menuang air di daun keladi,meaningless.damage has been done,macam org bisu nk bercakap tapi nganga saja mampu(no offense).1b sarawak,1b sabah,or whatever the value, lower down gaso n diesel prices,2nd job for govt workers,2 times payment,erk??although some are not wrong decisions as they must have done research if not a thorough one that is,but no one seems to care.hell if he says 31st august is merdeka day people wouldnt believe it.and it affects not just people around him but most top managements of the current govt.even having fair trials and bail releases to clean up the govt image is not enough.

    except the road blocks,wth??orang nak gi keje la….kacau betul.

    i agree with some of the comments made that changing govt is just like passing the baton. corruption, cronies, well they exist everywhere. laws cant stop it,even religions cant stop it,no matter how clearly these things were underlined. well all i wanted to say is talk is cheap, in reality, we should see whether it is executable or not?realistic? not just humans are not perfect,our decisions are not perfect too,except our One and Only God.

    so selamat berpuasa,cool down sikit,mintak2 la doa ye..salam.
    sorry menyebok in your blog with my nonsense.

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


  48. Satu kupasan dan penelitian yg mendalam.Syabas buat saudara.
    Kenapa ramai yg beralih arah dan menyokong Anwar?Jawapannya mudah saja iaitu faktor Pak Lah.Jika dibuat undian yg telus dan bersih pasti ramai rakyat di Malaysia mengatakan tidak pada Pak Lah.Kasihan pun ada melihat Pak Lah cuba menawan kembali hati rakyat sambil berkata saya bukannya mahu populariti.Kekadang terfikir apa lagi yg dia mahu buktikan.Pak Lah sememangnya seorang yg pendendam dan cemburu.Itu yg dapat aku lihat. Lihat saja setelah berjanji pada Tun Dr.M akan meneruskan projek-projek yg telah lama Tun rancang, taksampai 2 minggu pegang jawatan sudahpun mengatakan tidak pada projek-projek tersebut.Anda harus faham bahawa jika projek seperti Jambatan Bengkok dibatalkan, kesannya bukan saja kita lebih rugi dan rugi dari segi kewangan tetapi idea ‘brilliant’ Tun akhirnya tak tercapai.Jika diteliti lebih mendalam, anda akan faham apakah matlamat sebenar Tun akan jambatan tersebut.Tetapi Pak Lah peduli apa.Dia memang sudah lama mahu hapuskan apa saja mengenai Tun sama ada nama beliau mahupun pengaruh, walaupun rakyat sendiri merana.Anda boleh lihat laman web CheDet jika mahu cerita lebih lanjut.
    Jadi persoalannya kenapa Pak Lah menjadi faktor Anwar ‘menggila’ sekarang? jawapannya mudah.Mustahil Anwar boleh buat apa yg dia akan buat pada masa sekarang jika Tun Dr.M masih lagi memerintah.Lihat saja Parti Keadilan.Walaupun ditubuhkan pada masa yg amat kena pada masanya, Keadilan masih belum lagi mampu berdiri seperti sekarang, pada ketika ditubuhkan.Kerana ketika itu niat sebenar Pak Lah masih belum menyerlah dan Tun Dr.M juga masih lagi berpengaruh walaupun setelah bersara. Ini kerana orang ramai masih lagi mengatakan undilah BN kerana BN berjasa membangunkan rakyat.Sedar atau tidak bukannya BN yg berjasa ketika itu tetapi Tun Dr. Mahathir.Bukannya membodek atau mengikut kata orang shj, tetapi itulah hakikatnya sehinggakan Karpal Singh dan Nik Aziz sendiri mengakuinya.Cara Tun cuba ditiru oleh Pak Lah tetapi dia sedar orang akan samakan mereka berdua.jadi dia cuba menongkah arus(Tun juga pernah lakukannya) dgn mahu menjadikan sektor pertanian lebih maju.Katanya “rakyat tak perlu lagi Projek Mega sbb dah byk dah”.Kata2 beliau dgn mudah kita dpt baca.Dia cemburu pada Tun.
    Jadi disebabkan rasa ego Pak Lah kerana perkara2 ini, Anwar mengambil kesempatan.Dan orang lain yg sblm ini cuba campur tangan tetapi ditepis oleh Tun, juga campur tangan.
    Kepada penyokong-penyokong setia Anwar (penyokong ada 2 jenis dlm hal ini.Menyokong kerana bencikan Kerajaan sekarang dan sememangnya penyokong Anwar) dan kepada sesiapa yg bencikan maklumat dan info yg sepatutnya anda baca dan renungkan, tulisan Jebat ini seharusnya anda teliti. Saya lihat TV3 dan saya juga baca Harakah dan saya juga layari Blog Anwar. jadi kenapa anda harus bencikan info yg tidak kena dgn apa yg anda pegang.
    Saya bukannya bencikan Anwar sangat.Tetapi ada sesuatu yg tidak kena pada beliau.Saya begitu musykil melihat kenapa dia terlalu mahu menjadi PM.
    Kalau anda mahu tahu, bukannya pada masa sekarang dia berangan begini, tetapi sudah lama lagi.Sewaktu dia diberi pilihan menyertai Pas ataupun BN lagi.
    Ketika ini aku terfikir, masa depan Malaysia begitu kelam, sangat kelam. Seperti kita melihat batu yg hitam di tengah malam yg gelap gelita.Inilah apa yg disebut2 oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW mengenai masa depan umat Islam. Kita hancur disebabkan tangan kita dan juga tangan saudara kita sendiri.

    JMD : Terima kasih saudara Cikundez.


  49. As a non-Malay I’m afraid I do not agree with your take on UMNO’s racism, the NEP & May 13. But I do not trust DSAI. It is really dumbfounding that many people hold him up like some kind of divine saviour. I always point out to look at his past, what he said, what he has done especially his dirty deeds in the corporate sector in the past. My joke to people is no difference if DSAI becomes PM. Only difference is the cronies in government linked companies will change. Tun M at least provided strong leadership even if I don’t agree with his methods. Tun M’s old style politics is no match for DSAI politics which is more akin to Tony Blair/Clinton spin master what-you-like-to-hear politics. If BN is to survive, BN has to undergo the same thing KMT in Taiwan went through after being kicked out of power. BN needs serious internal cleaning with dettol lah wet wash or dry cleaning or whatever until they are squeeky clean until then they will have moral authority. Till then I shall be a swing voter every 5 years to keep each side on their toes.

    JMD : Thank you for commenting.


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  52. jmd,

    your acticles are most interesting and i thinks the points are delivered clearly supported by facts. i am very happy to have come across your blog few months backwell, but question is, what do we do next? how do we get these messages across to the head honco in umno and the masses that what is happening is very destructive to the country.

    when i look at umno, pak lah, i recall what happened to ussr under gorbachev more than a decade ago. a man who set out trying to “reform” the system but end up destroying it. forget about the differences in ideology and chronology of events. letting off the self-interest buggers (like DSAI, KJ, current MCA, MIC leaders) to run amok and himself to be pushed around under the pretext of reformation would only lead to one thing, disintegration and losing of power, that is exactly the fate umno would suffer if no drastic measures are put in place within the next year.

    i am inclining to believe that the old guard will never change. i mean, realistically, how do you tell najib, a 50+ year old man who has been in the system for so long that the way things are done are wrong. if we all are sincere in saying that we want change, first, the nomination system has to go. this will allow the new breed of leaders to rise. I saw flashback of mahathir, pak lah, najib and others on tv when they were young, during PRU12. i feel that we do not have enough capable second string. the current system does not promote capable leaders but only those who are hungry for wealth accumulation. money politics have done so much damage.

    politic have to go back to basics, understanding people’s need, the majority of them at least, fight for common belief. do we need to reinvent umno, may be, to certain extend the policies on nomination and money politics, but do we need to change the goal post, the fight for survival of the malays, nope.

    come on lets be frank, lets talk about the parties that represent the different races and how they reacted post PRU12. MCA has changed its honcos, elected those (well at least one of them) with nothing to lose, come out with gun blazing attacking UMNO and “Ketuanan Melayu” and its connoctation, what a pile of rubbish, lagi sorang main wayang kulit trying to distance himself saying that it is not the stand of the party. Gerakan together with Samy, Kayveas have all taken cheap shot at UMNO. and what have those leaders at UMNO done, NOTHING.

    UMNO has been hit by the PRU12 stigma and never recover until to-date. It has not responded a bit (when others have), it has an avenue to change its leaders this Mac but the corrupt practice may hinder that from happening. I pray that soem miracles and drastic happen at the UMNO election this coming Mac, and that the trusted malays reps do the right thing.

    I hope the silence of Najib on the appropriate response to the attack of the non-malays on the malays is a wise one. the positive side of me wish to think that he just wanna wait until he is officially installed as the next PM to do something, anything, to protect air muka orang melayu, whatever left of it.

    The irresponsiple leaders who keep on uttering nonsense fully aware of the history and constitution need to be put in their places. does najib has the balls to do that, we shall see.. gosh i hate to put all my eggs in one basket


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  55. Salam,

    Arwah Tun Razak adalah seorang pemimpin yang pragmatis, beliau sedar bahawa hanya dasar RASIS sahaja yang boleh menjamin survival Melayu di bumi Melayu kita ini sendiri. Beliau melaksanakan DEB, dasar Pelajaran Nasional dan dasar Bahasa Melayu yang kesemuanya itu adalah berunsur RASIS yang boleh memacu bangsa Melayu Islam ke hadapan dan yang akan meminggirkan orang-orang Melayu/Bumiputra, Cina dan India yang bukan Islam, dan beliau melindungi, mempertahan dan mempromosi hak-hak orang-orang Melayu/Bumiputra, Cina dan India yang beragama Islam.

    Malang sekali beliau dibunuh oleh puak NWO milik Yahudi di United Kingdom hanya setelah kira-kira lima tahun sahaja berjawatan sebagai PM.

    UMNO di bawah agen-agen Yahudi seperti Mahathir, Pak Lah dan Najib, sudah menyimpang jauh dpd dasar-dasar RASIS yang diciptakan oleh Tun Razak dahulu – natijahnya tiadalah yang lain melainkan hanya kehancuran dan terpinggiran kpd Melayu dalam seluruh bidang kehidupan.

    Kini Melayu/Bumiputra adalah amat kecewa dgn UMNO. Melayu akan mencuba nasib dgn PR pula. PR bukan parti politik yang bersifat RASIS Melayu, dasar PR adalah “fair and square” dan sudah semestinya PR akan membawa KEHANCURAN kpd nasib bangsa Melayu. Di bawah kekuasaan politik PR nanti, Melayu akan tetap TERPINGGIR dan TERCOROT dgn amat ketara sekali dalam seluruh bidang kehidupan. Sekali lagi kita akan kecewa – iaitu kekecewaan yang jauh lebih ketara dan parah dpd apa yang berlaku sebelum dpd itu!

    Segala kekecewaan ini akan membawa kpd kesedaran dan keinsafan kpd kita yang seterusnya akan menghasilkan tindakan-tindakan yang AGRESIF dan MILITEN di kalangan orang-orang Melayu/Bumiputra Islam terhadap PR. Pilihan kpd orang-orang Melayu pada masa itu nanti hanyalah untuk kembali kpd Islam, bukan lagi melalui pilihanraya, tetapi untuk kembali kpd Islam melalui Jihad Perang dan Revolusi!

    Kerajaan demokrasi BN sekarang ini atau PR akan datang nanti adalah kerajaan-kerajaan yang kafir, zalim dan fasik. Perkara-perkara 43, 44 dan 161 dalam Perlembagaan Negara kita menyebabkan kerajaan-kerajaan BN sekarang dan juga kerajaan PR kemudian nanti wujud sebagai kerajaan-kerajaan manusia yang kafir, zalim dan fasik. Allah memerintahkan kita agar kita melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi ke atas kerajaan BN mahupun ke atas kerajaan PR nanti (Baqarah 193, 251; Hajj 40). Jalan pilihanraya melalui amalan agama demokrasi yang kafir adalah jalan yang kafir yang dilarang oleh Allah (Fatir 10).

    Berperanglah wahai bangsaku, bukan di atas nama Melayu, kerana Melayu dan untuk Melayu, tetapi di atas nama Allah, kerana Allah dan untuk Allah. Wahai bangsaku! Bangkitlah dgn kalimah Laailaahaillallah untuk mewujudkan ketuanan Islam melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi (Taubah 33). Dasar Islam terhadap orang-orang kafir tiadalah yang lain melainkan DISKRIMINASI dan PEMINGGIRAN terhadap mereka agar kita akan dapat mewujudkan ketuanan Islam di bumi Melayu kita ini.

    Allah memperingati kita sekiranya orang-orang kafir berkuasa dan mengatasi kita nanti mereka akan membunuh kita (Mumtahanah 2). Mereka bersatu padu sesama mereka untuk menyerang, memerangi dan membunuh kita, justeru Allah memerintahkan kita agar kita bersatu padu sesama kita untuk menyerang dan memerangi mereka sebelum mereka berkesempatan untuk menyerang dan memerangi kita, kalau tidak, Allah memperingati kita bahawa akan berlaku penindasan ke atas kita oleh mereka serta akan berlaku kerosakan yang besar di bumi (Anfal 73).

    Apakah ayat-ayat al-Quran yang dipaparkan di sini tidak merupakan perintah-perintah Allah yang jelas, terang dan tegas agar kita bersikap RASIS terhadap orang-orang kafir?

    Saya mengatakan Melayu semestinya bersifat RASIS, tiada yang lain melainkan RASIS semata-mata. Telitilah segala hujjah berikut :

    Orang-orang kafir zimmi adalah orang-orang kafir yang menerima hakikat bahawa mereka adalah rakyat ‘KELAS KEDUA’ yang dikehendaki untuk sentiasa mengalah, tunduk dan menghormati umat Islam, agama Islam dan kerajaan Islam. Mereka dikehendaki untuk sentiasa mentaati dan mematuhi segala peraturan dan undang-undang yang dikenakan khas ke atas mereka sahaja seperti berikut :

    1. Mereka tidak boleh mendirikan rumah-rumah ibadat yang baru selain daripada yang sedia ada sahaja;

    2. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk membaik pulih rumah-rumah ibadat mereka yang telah dirosak dan dimusnahkan oleh orang-orang Islam;

    3. Mereka tidak boleh menghalang orang-orang Islam daripada menumpang rumah-rumah ibadat mereka;

    4. Mereka dikehendaki untuk membenarkan sesiapa sahaja daripada orang-orang Islam yang ingin untuk menduduki rumah-rumah mereka selama tiga hari dengan memberi layanan sebagai tetamu yang istimewa, dan seandainya tetamu Islam mereka itu jatuh sakit, mereka dikehendaki untuk membenarkan tetamu tersebut untuk menduduki rumah mereka lebih lama;

    5. Mereka tidak boleh mengamalkan sikap permusuhan terhadap umat Islam atau untuk membantu musuh-musuh Islam;

    6. Mereka tidak boleh menghalang kaum mereka daripada memeluk agama Islam;

    7. Mereka hendaklah sentiasa mengalah, tunduk dan menghormati orang-orang Islam;

    8. Mereka dikehendaki untuk membenarkan orang-orang Islam untuk menyertai apa-apa permesyuaratan walaupun yang berbentuk peribadi di kalangan kaum mereka;

    9. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk memakai pakaian-pakaian yang sama dan serupa dengan pakaian-pakaian orang-orang Islam;

    10. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk menamakan anak-anak mereka dan diri mereka dengan nama-anam yang sama dengan nama-nama Islam;

    11. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk menunggang kuda-kuda mereka dengan pelana-pelana dan tali-tali kekang;

    12. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk memiliki apa-apa senjata sekalipun;

    13. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk memakai apa-apa bentuk cincin dijari-jari mereka yang berupa pengenalan diri, pangkat atau cop mohor;

    14. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk menjual atau meminum minuman keras di khalayak ramai;

    15. Mereka dikehendaki untuk memakai pakaian-pakaian yang khas dan berbeza yang bertujuan untuk menunjukkan kerendahan status mereka berbanding dengan orang-orang islam;

    16. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk mempromosikan kebudayaan, adat istiadat dan cara hidup mereka kepada orang-orang Islam;

    17. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk mendirikan rumah-rumah mereka berdekatan dengan sesatu komuniti umat Islam;

    18. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk membawa mayat-mayat kaum mereka sehingga mendekati mana-mana perkuburan Islam;

    19. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk mempamirkan cara mereka beribadat kepada orang-orang Islam dan mereka juga dilarang daripada meratapi orang-orang mati dengan suara yang kuat yang dapat didengar oleh umat Islam;

    20. Mereka tidak boleh mengambil hamba Islam untuk mereka.

    Inilah peraturan dan undang-undang yang khusus untuk ditaati dan dipatuhi oleh orang-orang kafir yang berada di bawah sistem pemerintahan Islam yang bermula pada zaman Rasulullah saw di Medinah dan kemudiannya diikuti di bawah Khulafa ar-Rasyidin dan seluruh pemerintahan Islam di bawah beberapa Khilafah Islam di Baghdad, di Mesir, di Sepanyol dan di bawah Khilafah Islam Turkey yang meliputi Eropah Timur. Inilah ertinya umat NOMBOR SATU di bumi kita ini seperti yang diperintah dan dikehendaki Allah!

    Masalah orang-orang Melayu kita kini dan selama-lamanya adalah kerana mereka adalah bangsa yang lembik dan dayus yang sentiasa mengalah kpd orang-orang kafir Cina. Itu sahaja!

    Oleh kerana terlalu lembik, pengecut dan dayus bangsa Melayu tidak nampak bahawa Mahathir, Pak Lah dan Najib telah lari dpd dasar-dasar RASIS yang dibuat oleh arwah Tun Razak dahulu untuk membantu Melayu. Mahathir menghapuskan DEB, menghapuskan akta pelajaran 1961, meminggirkan bahasa Melayu dan membawa masuk Cina dan India kafir ke Malaysia. Namun seluruh bangsa Melayu yang pengecut dan dayus ini sekadar diam sahaja. Melayu langsung tidak tahu apapun yang telah dan sedang berlaku di sekeliling mereka dan yang telah dan sedang terjadi kpd mereka. Dalam pada itu ramai pula di kalangan Melayu dayus ini akan berpekik dgn penuh semangat keperwiraan dan kebanggan, “Hidup Mahathir! Mahathir selama-lamanya, tiada yang lain melainkan Mahathir!”

    Allah berjanji bahawa Dia sekali-kali tidak akan membantu Melayu kerana Melayu tidak membela nasib mereka sendiri, Allah tidak akan membantu Melayu kerana Melayu adalah bangsa yang lembik dan dayus. Allah mengutuk Melayu kerana Melayu adalah bangsa yang lembik dan dayus! Sudah sewajarnyalah Melayu kita ini akan hanyut sama seperti Melayu di selatan Thai yang 80% dpd mereka sudah tidak pandai untuk berbahasa Melayu lagi dan kira-kira 30% dpd mereka sudah menjadi murtad dan mereka kini sedang diperhamba dan dihina oleh kaum kafir Thai. Majoriti dpd mereka suka dan selesa dgn keadaan mereka seperti ini. Sedikitpun mereka tidak merasa dayus dan hina. Golongan yang memberontak hanyalah minoriti yang tersangat kecil sahaja bilangan mereka.

    Kita kini sedang berada di bawah penjajahan Yahudi dalam bentuk “neo-colonialism”, dan di dalam buku yang bertajuk “Malaysia – Direct and Indirect Rule”, terbitan Harold Macmillan, New york 1937, Yahudi bercadang untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara kafir pada 2065 nanti. Mungkin pada masa itu 20% dpd Melayu sudah murtad dan justeru sempurnalah Malaysia kita ini menjadi sebuah negara yang kafir dan setelah itu Yahudi akan memerdekakan kita. Trend di dalam negara kita sekarang ini adalah menepati dgn terperinci akan segala perancangan jahat Yahudi untuk mengkafirkan kita seperti mana yang terkandung di dalam buku tersebut.

    Tak akan Melayu hilang di dunia! Ini hanyalah kata-kata retorik yang menjadi angan-angan kita untuk menyedapkan hati kita sahaja. Realitinya ialah kita kini sedang berada dalam proses yang akan hilang lenyap di dunia ini – slowly but surely! Tidak kerana yang lain tetapi hanya kerana kita ini adalah bangsa yang lembik dan dayus, banyak bercakap kosong tetapi takut untuk bertindak. Jadilah kita ini umat manusia yang hina dina di bumi kita sendiri.

    Pada mulanya Singapura adalah kepunyaan Johor dan pulau Pinang pula kepunyaan Kedah – kepunyaan Melayulah. Pada hari ini Melayu di Singapura dan di Pulau Pinang sudah terima realiti bahawa tanah air mereka dan tempat-tempat tinggal mereka sekarang ini adalah kepunyaan Cina. Tak lama lagi Melayu di Malaysia kita ini akan jadi macam Melayu Pulau Pinang, Melayu Singapura dan Melayu selatan Thai – pada masa itu kita sebagai Melayu yang lembik dan dayus ini akan terima bahawa Tanah Melayu kita ini adalah hak dan kepunyaan Cina dan kita akan berpuas hati dan mungkin berbangga-bangga pula untuk hanya sekadar wujud sebagai orang-orang yang menumpang tuah di bumi kepunyaan Cina yang kaya raya ini!

    Si dayus Melayu yang bodoh sombong dan pengcut ini tidak mungkin akan sedar diri. Apakah sudah menjadi suratan takdir bahawa Melayu yang lembik dan dayus ini hanya layak untuk dimakan hidup-hidup oleh kafir Cina yang lapar, gagah dan jahat ini.

    Kita orang-orang Melayu memanglah hendakkan ketuanan Melayu tetapi belum tercapai lagi. Dalam politik kita ada ketuanan mamak kerana Mahathir, Pak Lah, Kairy dan Anwar adalah kesemuanya mamak.

    Mahathir SABOTAJ Melayu kerana dia telah melakukan perkara-perkara berikut :

    1. Mahathir telah menghapuskan DEB;

    2. Mahathir telah menghapuskan akta Pelajaran 1961;

    3. Mahathir telah meminggirkan Bahasa Melayu tetapi memperkasakan Inggeris, Mandarin dan Tamil;

    4. Mahathir mengecilkan tentera kita, terutama sekali askar Melayu, dpd 150,000 kpd 50,000 sahaja pada hari ini;

    5. Mahathir membawa masuk ke Malaysia kaum-kaum Cina, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thai dan Filipina yang kafir tetapi mengurangkan kemasukan Melayu Islam dpd Indonesia;

    6. WI di Johor diwujudkan oleh Melayu (Pak Lah, Khairi, Simon Tan) untuk Cina dan diserahkan pentadbirannya kpd Singapura melalui perlantikan satu konsortium konsultan yang dikuasai oleh Singapura;

    7. Mahathir menggalakkan sistem pelajaran berbagai-bagai aliran yang menyebabkan 80% dpd pelajar-pelajar Cina belajar melalui SRJK Cina – sistem pelajaran berbagai aliran ini semakin memperkasakan sifat kecinaan bangsa Cina yang mengancam ketuanan Melayu – semua ini adalah jasa Mahathir.

    Mengapakah masih ramai Melayu yang tak nampak bahawa Mahathir, Pak Lah dan Najib serta UMNO sendiri sudah tidak memperjuangkan soal-soal kepentingan Melayu dan tidak lagi memperkasakan Melayu agar tercipta ketuanan Melayu? Mengapakah ramai Melayu yang mengatakan Mahathir adalah Rasis Melayu yang menjadi jaguh untuk mempertahankan Melayu padahal jelas sekali Mahathir sebenarnya bersikap anti-Melayu sepanjang 22 tahun dia jadi PM kita?

    Pada hari ini Najib terang-terangan mengisytiharkan bahawa UMNO dan BN adalah untuk semua bangsa dan agama bukan lagi untuk Melayu. Perkara yang sebenarnya ialah Najib dan UMNO kini meminggirkan Melayu kerana itu adalah sifat dan naluri Najib yang semula jadi dan itu adalah kehendak dan perintah “The New World Order” (NWO) milik Yahudi yang berkuasa dan berdaulat ke atas Najib dan ke atas kerajaan kita kini.

    Melayu kini hancur di bawah UMNO. Melayu akan lebih hancur bila berada di bawah PR nanti. Apakah kita Melayu ini kesemuanya tidak nampak bahawa setiap Melayu kita kini adalah buta?

    Ketahuilah bahawa kerajaan demokrasi kita ini adalah kerajaan yang kafir kerana undang-undangnya adalah kafir (fasal-fasal 43, 44 161 Perlembagaan Negara). Wahai bangsaku! Ketahuilah bahawa sekarang ini kita sedang MENYEMBAH MANUSIA kerana kita MENTAATI segala undang-undang manusia yang dibuat oleh manusia (Quran 9:31). Baik Melayu dalam BN mahupun PR sebenarnya kesemua Melayu Islam kini tidak lagi menyembah Allah, tetapi kita kesemuanya sedang menyembah manusia. Ketahuilah bahawa kita kini sedang menjadi para hamba kpd manusia dan tidak kpd Allah kerana kita berada di bawah kuat kuasa undang-undang manusia. Menyembah manusia dan menjadi hamba kpd manusia kedua-duanya adalah kafir.

    Wahai bangsaku! Kembalilah kpd Islam – buangkanlah demokrasi, buangkanlah UMNO dan BN serta buangkanlah PR. UMNO dan PAS adalah kedua-duanya kafir kerana mereka mengamalkan agama manusia yang kafir, mereka melantik manusia sebagai Tuhan-tuhan yang kafir dan mereka membuat dan menjalankan undang-undang yang kafir. Bangkitlah kerana Allah, di atas nama Allah dan untuk Allah untuk menegakkan Laailaahaillallah dgn terlebih dahulu menghapuskan sistem politik demokrasi dgn segala institusinya yang kafir. Bangkitlah dgn Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi untuk menghapuskan kuasa manusia untuk digantikan dgn kerajaan Allah yang akan membuat dan menguatkuasakan segala undang-undang Allah ke atas semua bangsa dan semua agama (2:193, 251; 22:40). Jadikanlah agama Islam kita ini agama yang paling berkuasa, terkuat dan teragung yang tiada tandingannya di bumi kita ini (9:33) melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi.

    Perjuangan Islam melalui jalan demokrasi adalah jalan yang kafir yang dilarang oleh Allah (Fatir 10). Jalan Allah adalah Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi dan tiada yang selain dpd-Nya.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani

    Pahang DM


    Umat Islam kita kini sedang menghadapi tiga permasalahan yang besar dan induk dalam kehidupan kita baik di Malaysia mahupun di dunia ini seluruhnya pada hari ini :

    1. Kita tidak memahami mengenai pengertian-pengertian kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ, khususnya kita tidak memahami mengenai pengertian-pengertian Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah Allah dan Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah Manusia serta konsep-konsep Nafi dan Isbat;
    2. Kita tidak memahami mengenai pengertian METOD ISLAM dan perbezaannya dengan Metod kufur yang menyebabkan kita berjuang melalui jalan yang syirik dan kufur;
    3. Kita tidak menyedari mengenai kewujudan penjajahan kaum Yahudi di dalam negara kita ini dalam bentuk “Neo-Colonialism” yang menindas dan menzalimi kita yang bertujuan untuk mengembalikan kita kepada kekufuran.

    Inilah tiga masalah yang besar yang sedang dialami oleh seluruh umat Islam baik di Malaysia mahupun di seluruh bumi umat Islam di dunia kita ini pada hari ini yang mengeluarkan seluruh kita ini daripada agama Allah.
    Kita tidak memahami bahawa kerajaan Malaysia kita ini adalah kerajaan manusia yang kafir kerana ianya adalah didasarkan kepada Uluhiyah dan Rububiyah Manusia yang kafir. Kita tidak memahami bahawa perjuangan Islam melalui amalan agama demokrasi adalah jalan yang kafir kerana itu bererti kita telah mengamalkan agama manusia yang kafir. Kita tidak menyedari bahawa Allah memerintahkan kita supaya kita melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi terhadap kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia kita ini untuk kemududiannya digantikan dengan kerajaan Allah. Apabila dihuraikan dengan jelas dan terang mengenai kekufuran kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia dengan dalil-dalil yang konkerit dpd ayat-ayat al-Quran, kita tidak dapat menerimanya dan kita terus berdegil mengamalkkan agama demokrasi yang kafir ini yang merosakkan aqidah kita dan yang mengeluarkan kita dpd agama kita.
    Kita tidak menyedari bahawa kerajaan kita ini adalah boneka Yahudi dan kita tidak menyedari bahawa ramai dpd para pemimpin kita, pegawai-pegawai kerajaan, polis dan militeri kita serta Raja-Raja Melayu kita adalah agen-agen Yahudi yang taat, patuh dan semata-mata hanya ikut cakap Yahudi sahaja. Kita tidak menyedari bahawa kita dahulu dan kini sebenarnya sedang dijajah oleh Yahudi secara langsung (colonization) dan selepas itu secara tidak langsung (neo-colonialism) yang tujuan mereka tiadalah yang lain melainkan hanyalah untuk memurtadkan kita dan supaya kita kekal di bawah kekuasaan mereka.
    Laailaahaillallah bererti bahawa :

    1. Agama Allah dan undang-undang Allah sahaja adalah agama dan undang-undang yang paling berkuasa di bumi yang mengatasi dan yang menundukkan seluruh kerajaan, agama dan undang-undang yang lain;
    2. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang Allah ke atas manusia;
    3. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk membuat undang-undang untuk seluruh umat manusia;
    4. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang Allah;
    5. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk memerintah manusia di bumi;
    6. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghamba abdikan manusia kepada kuasa Allah;
    7. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk disembah oleh manusia.

    Kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia adalah kerajaan yang kafir kerana artikel-artikel 4, 43, 44 dan 161 di dalam Perlembagaan Negara kita adalah kafir.
    Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah kafir kerana :
    1. Artikel 4 meletakkan status Perlembagaan Malaysia sebagai undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran;
    2. Artikel 43 memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia ke atas umat manausia;
    3. Artikel 44 memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk membuat undang-undang manusia;
    4. Artikel 161 memberi kuasa kepada mahkamah untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;
    5. Perlembagaan Malaysia menyerahkan kuasa kepada manusia untuk memerintah manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161);
    6. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menjadi para hamba kepada manusia (artikel 43);
    7. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia (artikel 43, 161);
    8. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang membuat undang-undang dan yang memerintah ke atas manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161).
    UMNO dan PAS adalah kafir kerana :
    1. Mereka meletakkan status Perlembagaan Malaysia sebagai undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran;
    2. Mereka menguat kuasakan undang-undang demokrasi yang kafir ke atas seluruh umat manusia;
    3. Mereka membuat undang-undang manusia yang kafir;
    4. Mereka menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;
    5. Mereka adalah berkuasa dan berdaulat untuk memerintah ke atas umat manusia;
    6. Mereka menjadikan umat manusia yang berada di bawah kuat kuasa undang-undang manusia sebagai para hamba kepada manusia;
    7. Mereka mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia kerana seluruh umat manusia mentaati undang-undang demokrasi;
    8. Mereka melantik ahli-ahli Parlimen dan Dun daripada UMNO dan PAS sebagai Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang kafir, zalim dan fasik kerana mereka membuat undang-undang;
    9. Mereka bergabung dengan orang-orang kafir dan menjadikan mereka sebagai wali;
    10. Mereka melantik orang-orang kafir sebagai para pemerintah yang berkuasa dan berdaulat;
    11. Mereka tidak mengisytiharkan kekufuran agama demokrasi;
    12. Mereka tidak menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkan agama demokrasi;

    13. Mereka mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi yang kufur dan mereka disifatkan sebagai telah mengamalkannya kerana mereka melakukan perkara-perkara berikut :
    a) Mengambil bahagian dalam proses politik demokrasi;
    b) Membuat undang-undang demokrasi;
    c) Menguat kuasakan undang-undang demokrasi;
    d) Menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang demokrasi;
    e) Mentaati dan mematuhi undang-undang demokrasi;
    f) Menyetujui dan meredhai kerajaan demokrasi.
    Kesemuanya ini bererti mereka mengimani, menganuti dan mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir yang menjadikan mereka sebagai orang-orang yang kafir.
    Larangan Mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi :

    Firman Allah : Fatir 10
    Sesiapa yang mahukan kemuliaan (maka hendaklah ia berusaha mencarinya dengan jalan mematuhi perintah Allah), kerana bagi Allah jualah segala kemuliaan. Kepada Allahlah naiknya segala madah yang baik (yang menegaskan iman dan tauhid untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kira-kira balasan), dan amal yang soleh pula diangkat-Nya naik ( sebagai amal yang makbul – yang memberi kemuliaan kepada yang melakukannya). dan sebaliknya; orang-orang yang merancangkan kejahatan (untuk mendapat kemuliaan), adalah bagi mereka azab seksa yang berat; dan rancangan jahat mereka (kalau berkesanpun) akan rosak binasa.

    Allah melarang kita daripada mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi kerana ianya adalah kufur walaupun kita mempunyai niat dan tujuan yang ikhlas kerana Allah, dan mereka yang mengamalkannya adalah disifatkan Allah sebagai orang-orang yang merancang untuk melakukan kejahatan yang akan dihumban ke dalam neraka di Akhirat nanti (Fatir:10).

    Sikap Islam terhadap agama demokrasi yang kafir adalah (4:60; 60:4) :

    1. Mengisytiharkan kekufuran agama demokrasi;
    2. Tidak mengamalkannya;
    3. Menjauhi dan memisahkan diri kita daripadanya;
    4. Menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkannya;
    5. Memusuhi dan membencinya

    Umat Islam Menjadi Kafir Kerana :

    1. Mempercayai dan mengisytiharkan demokrasi sebagai Islam;
    2. Menghalal, memboleh dan mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi;
    3. Menyetujui dan meredhai agama demokrasi;
    4. Mempertahankan sistem politik demokrasi;
    5. Tidak menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkan agama demokrasi;
    6. Tidak memusuhi dan membenci agama demokrasi.

    Misi Islam di dunia ini adalah untuk :

    1. Menghapuskan kerajaan manusia melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi;
    2. Menegakkan kerajaan Allah melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi.

    Firman Allah :al-Baqarah 251
    Sekiranya Allah tidak menahan segolongan manusia dengan segolongan yang lain nescaya rosak binasalah bumi ini.

    Firman Allah : al-Hajj 40
    Sekiranya Allah tidak menjatuhkan segolongan manusia dengan segolongan yang lain, nescaya runtuhlah tempat-tempat pertapaan serta gereja-gereja, dan sinagog-sinagog dan juga masjid-masjid yang sentiasa disebut nama Allah dengan banyak padanya.

    Allah memerintahkan kita supaya melancarkan Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi dalam bentuk yang OFENSIF ke atas Kerajaan Demokrasi Malaysia kita ini, iaitu tanpa terlebih dahulu kita ini diserang dan diperangi olehnya (kerajaan demokrasi) sehingga ianya (kerajaan demokrasi) mengalami keruntuhan dan kehancuran yang total untuk kemudiannya digantikan dengan kerajaan Allah (2:251; 22:40).

    Firman Allah: al-Baqarah 193
    Dan berperanglah sehingga tiada lagi fitnah (penindasan) dan jadilah agama untuk Allah.

    Kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia dan undang-undang demokrasi kita ini adalah disifatkan Allah sebagai “fitnah”, iaitu penindasan. Selagi “fitnah” ini wujud, selama itulah Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi adalah diperintahkan Allah untuk dilancarkan terhadapnya (kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia) sehingga “fitnah” ini (kerajaan demokrasi Malaysia) mengalami keruntuhan dan kehancuran yang total untuk kemudiannya digantikan dengan kerajaan Allah (2:193).
    Ayat-ayat 2:251; 22:40 dan 2:193 adalah dalil-dalil yang konkerit bahawa Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi adalah Metod Islam dalam perjuangan Islam untuk :

    1. Menghapuskan kerajaan demokrasi yang kafir;
    2. Menegakkan kerajaan Allah di bumi.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Paiso Awang Zari


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