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There’s something about Anwar alright (updated 30/04/08)

We shall start off with this pantun;

“Angkut angkut terbang ke langit,
sampai di langit dimakan merbah,
biar bertangkup bumi dan langit,
setia hamba tidak berubah.”

Those were the words of an Umno Deputy President during an Umno General Assembly in the not too distant past. During the good old days some would have reckoned. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim verbalized his undivided loyalty towards his mentor, Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad by reciting this pantun at the end of the Umno General Assembly in 1996. The affection being shown at that time by the PM towards his successor was for all to see. Only the most clairvoyant among us can predict what could have been unfold in the next two years after the pantun was recited and immortalized in the annals of Umno history.

"The prodigal son and the father figure"

"The prodigal son and the father figure"

This fiery pantun, which embodied an absolute and undying loyalty of a man towards his President no matter what may come, had been truly forgotten by Anwar Ibrahim as he became the fiercest critic to the very same person he held in very high regard several years ago.

In 1996, Anwar was seen as Umno’s heir apparent to Dr Mahathir. Now, in 2008, Anwar is still perceived as heir apparent and prime minister in waiting to the current PM albeit from another political party. Who is Anwar Ibrahim? How did he came about to be what he is today? A political reformer? The people’s saviour? An opportunist? A power hungry extremist?

In order to know a person, we need to know his character, his current idealogy, his belief system, his principles or as some may say it, his ‘centre of being’. We study this, and then we reflect on all his actions through the years we’ve known him during the height of his power, and only then we can gauge what kind of a man he is. As what Abraham Lincoln once said – “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

Read the above pantun again. Has the earth and the sky flipped over each other?

From his May 2007 interview in BBC’s Hardtalk, we delve into the man which some touted as the next best thing in Malaysia.

The Anwar Ibrahim interview in BBC HardTalk

The issue which was relentlessly hammered on to Anwar towards the end of the interview was his integrity and credibility in leading the fight against the blatant corruption within the Malaysian Government. As the interviewer pointed out, he was in the system itself for nearly 2 decades and did not do anything about it. Although Anwar insisted he fought against the tide, it were only in the forms of words. No actions were done by him. In fact, his tenure as the Finance Minister from 1991 to 1998 was best remembered by his subtle manouevring in forcing Dr Mahathir to resign as Prime Minister in the Umno General Assembly in 1998.

His message was conveyed in the form of his trusted lieutenant, Datuk Zahid Hamidi, the Umno Youth Chief at the time. Alleging that cronyism and nepotism were prevalent within the Umno top hierarchy, and insinuating to the Umno members that Dr Mahathir had too many cronies, it was time Dr Mahathir to pass on the mantle of power to a cleaner leader. However, the plan backfired. We can read to remember about this revelation in Business Times ( 23 June 1998 );

DATUK Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Umno Youth chief, caused more than a bit of a stir when he spoke of `nepotisma and kronisma’ at the Youth assembly last Thursday, forcing the ensuing three-day Umno general assembly to debate issues associated with these alien terms openly.

The party found itself on the defensive because, as a member of the Umno supreme council, there were questions as to whether Zahid had raised the issues at its meetings chaired by the party president. It led to several significant things happening during the assembly.

It prompted the Government to issue several lists of names of so-called “Government cronies” who had been awarded shares or privatization projects. They included the Prime Minister’s son, the Deputy Prime Minister’s father and brother, Cabinet ministers and members of parliament, aside from hundreds of other names of “ordinary” Malays and Bumiputeras. Even Zahid’s name was in one of the lists.

The finality of the findings destroyed Anwar’s reputation as the leading reformer of clean governance as more evidence of his excesses were exposed that year. One such excesses was the purported loss of billions of ringgit in currency hedging by Bank Negara Malaysia. In January 1998, Dr Mahathir had already toying with the idea of capital controls but was shot down by Anwar. He favours the more risky currency trading. As the result, when the ringgit devalued further that month, he directed BNM to intervene;

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Jan. – Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) dibenarkan untuk campur tangan dalam pasaran tukaran wang asing bagi memastikan nilai ringgit dapat distabilkan.

Anwar yang mengulas mengenai kejatuhan ringgit hari ini yang mencapai paras terendahnya 4.0550/50 berbanding dolar Amerika, menegaskan BNM boleh campur tangan sekiranya keadaan itu sangat diperlukan.

Dalam hubungan ini Anwar menegaskan, kejatuhan ringgit sebenarnya disebabkan oleh beberapa faktor serantau seperti nilai baht, peso, rupiah dan won (Korea Selatan).

Please note that he stated the ringgit value fell due to external factors. Not due to Dr Mahathir’s fault as he had always screamed after he was sacked from the cabinet. Two days after making the statement above, the BNM used billions of ringgit to stop the further slide as stated in the report below;

KUALA LUMPUR 7 Jan. – Ringgit menjunam ke paras paling rendah terbaru pada 4.8800 berbanding dolar Amerika sehingga terpaksa dipulihkan hari ini melalui campur tangan Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, dalam satu kenyataan petang ini berkata, ”operasi-operasi campur tangan” telah dijalankan untuk memastikan keadaan stabil bagi membolehkan pasaran tukaran asing berjalan dengan cekap.

In the end, BNM lost billions as the ringgit sank further. Some speculated the loss reached up to RM30 billion ringgit, similar to the loss he was accountable in 1993. Obviously, Dr Mahathir was furious. Anwar’s mistake was intolerable. But his next action in the coming weeks was even more unforgivable by Dr Mahathir. Anwar had invited the IMF to ‘help’ Malaysia’s ailing economy and the recent loss of wealth.

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Jan. – Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah mengundang Pengarah Urusan Dana Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF), Michel Camdessus melawat negara ini minggu depan bagi membincangkan masalah ekonomi yang sedang melanda rantau ini.

”Dari situ kita dapat melihat pandangannya serta langkah-langkah proaktif yang sesuai untuk kita ambil,” kata beliau pada sidang akhbar selepas mempengerusikan Mesyuarat Majlis Kewangan Negara 1998 di Kementerian Kewangan hari ini.

As the result of IMF’s prescription, the economy and people’s purchasing power broke down. The IMF encouraged the Minister of Finance to lift the prices of controlled food items and increase the banking interest rates. Dr Mahathir was wary with the IMF’s prescription. The people in our neighbouring countries Indonesia and Thailand were already rioting due to the expensive cost of living.

KUALA LUMPUR 19 Jan. – Malaysia akan mengkaji cadangan Dana Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF) supaya kadar faedah tempatan dinaikkan, kata Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad hari ini.

Cadangan itu dikemukakan oleh Pengarah Urusan IMF, Michel Camdessus selepas menemui Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim serta pegawai-pegawai Perbendaharaan dan Bank Negara di sini minggu lepas.

But Anwar was adamant. He needed the people to riot on the streets. President Soehatro was already shaky. A new leader was needed to take over this country. He was going to blackmail Malaysia to become the next prime minister through the use of the destructive IMF treatment. In the end, the interest rates were increased. Some was as high as 18%. The non performing loan criteria was shortened from 6 months to 3 months. As the result, the credit crunch in the country was inevitable. By May 1998, President Soeharto resigned. But Indonesia sank further in oblivion for many years after that.

“The leader whom had unified Indonesia as the biggest Muslim country in the world, was brought down by new type of colonialism”

Seeing Anwar was unable to lift Malaysia from the currency crisis, Dr Mahathir appointed the more able Tun Daim Zainuddin as the Minister of Special Functions to help alleviate the Malaysian economy. Anwar was sidelined due to his culpability in managing the country finances. To illustrate this point into perspective, a CFO of a company must surely be sacked if he runs the company to the ground with his reckless methods. That was what happened to Anwar Ibrahim. But Dr Mahathir was still magnanimous in his actions. He was willing to forgive and forget if Anwar would simply lay low for a little while. But matters were not easily understood by Anwar.

Compounded further was the allegations in a DAP convention by Karpal Singh and poison pen letters in the Umno General Assembly that Anwar Ibrahim was a homosexual. Karpal had even asked Dr Mahathir why is he keeping such minister in the cabinet. Dr Mahathir brushed aside these allegations initially.

As a desperate act, Anwar employed a machiavellian tactic by using Zahid Hamidi as a tool to incite hatred towards Dr Mahathir in the Umno General Assembly in June 1998. The rest as they say, is history.

In the recent interview with BBC HardTalk, Dr Mahathir mentioned that Anwar was blackmailing VK Lingam via the secret recordings made in 2001. The allegations of fixing the appointment of top judges in the country is not relevant to me. What is more telling was the act of blackmailing VK Lingam itself. The one that was taking the recording was non other than Loh Gwo Burne.

This political greenhorn, who is still learning to speak proper Bahasa Malaysia, became the MP of Kelana Jaya under the PKR ticket in 2008 general election. Although Gwo Burne stated that he recorded the conversation out of boredom, it was a full 14 minutes recording nevertheless. He could test his new found camera at the time to record everything else, but he chose to record VK Lingam’s conversation non stop for the whole 14 minutes. Furthermore, what astonished me was the fact that Anwar kept the original copy all this while. How did he get the copy? From Gwo Burne himself no doubt.

Now, Gwo Burne is offering his seat for Anwar to contest in the possible by-election. That whole event was suspiciously conspired by Anwar. If blackmailing is Anwar’s modus operandi in obtaining power and gaining political mileage, we will see another round of surrendering our sovereignty to foreign powers.

“Picture says a thousand words”

When he was inside the government, this was what he had to say;

BUKIT MERTAJAM 1 Feb. – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menolak tanggapan sesetengah pemerhati Barat bahawa kemelut ekonomi dan krisis mata wang di negara-negara Asia disebabkan oleh pengurusan yang lembap, rasuah dan pelbagai gejala negatif lain.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata, mereka memberi gambaran seolah-olah ekonomi terjejas kerana pengurusan yang lembap, gejala rasuah dan pertimbangan semata-mata untuk suku sakat serta kepentingan sahabat handai dan keluarga.

Anwar yang juga Menteri Kewangan berkata, kepincangan dan ketidakadilan juga berlaku di Barat dan salah satunya ialah ketidakadilan sistem perdagangan dunia.

”Sistem perdagangan dunia memberi kepentingan kepada negara-negara kaya dan negara-negara industri dan pada masa yang sama menggunakan institusi antarabangsa mempertahankan kepentingan mereka,” katanya lagi yang menganggap dakwaan yang dibuat amat kritikal.

But he changed his tune when he was booted out from the government. The man whom everyone in the Pakatan Rakyat idolizes as the only clean and liberally democratic politician, has always been the main protagonist of anti cronyism and nepotisme slogans after his sacking. But people forget that underneath the seemingly clean image lies several issues contradicting  and plaguing his reputation. As per the news in Berita Harian ( 8 December 1998 );

Bapa Anwar miliki saham 20 syarikat
KUALA LUMPUR, Isnin – Ketika Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan pengikutnya menuduh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, mengamalkan kronisme, nepotisme dan kolusi, bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu membisu terhadap kepentingan perniagaan keluarga dan rakan rapatnya. Senarai Pendaftar Syarikat menunjukkan anggota keluarga Anwar dan rakan rapatnya adalah peneraju korporat yang penting.

And another speech he made in 1995 which greatly mirrored the situation in Pakatan Rakyat now;

Anwar seru rakyat tolak Pas
HULU TERENGGANU, Selasa – Rakyat diminta menolak Pas kerana bersandiwara kononnya memperjuangkan kepentingan umat dan syiar Islam sedangkan pada masa sama membantu DAP melenyapkan kepentingan serta masa depan orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang, kata Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Timbalan Perdana Menteri menegaskan, sebagai contoh beliau mempunyai bukti bahawa calon DAP yang bertanding menentangnya bagi kerusi Parlimen Permatang Pauh, Abdul Raman Manap, adalah Timbalan Yang Dipertua Pas Bukit Mertajam.

Credibility and integrity throughout a political career is paramount in becoming a great and respected leader. Inconsistency in political principles tantamounts to losing both credibility and integrity. Anwar Ibrahim has not properly addressed this. Changing his stand without proper explanation and not supplementing any evidence towards any doubts about his own inconsistent character will prove to be a bane in gaining confidence from the rest of the nation.

As Stephen Covey once said – “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do”.

A political reformer? The people’s saviour? An opportunist? A power hungry extremist?

You be the judge.

58 thoughts on “There’s something about Anwar alright (updated 30/04/08)

  1. Patut dibaca oleh semua budak hingusan yang sokong Anwar nih. Terutamanya yang masih bersekolah darjah 6 masa Anwar kena sack dulu..


  2. Indeed, I’m very grateful for what you’ve written. He still remains a mystery to me even today, albeit me the ardent supporter of his cause. I always wished that I could get a glimpse into his personal life to better understand him. Unlike other political figures in this country, he doesn’t seem to expose so much about himself save the ideologies and political ideals he represent.

    Your articles has sent me into thinking. Thanks.


  3. Jebatmustdie,

    Assalamu ‘alaikum wrahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

    Saya tidak heran dengan ucapan orang politik, dan kita pula jangan lupa apa itu politik. Politik ialah tetap, bagaimana-bagaimana, seni mendapat kuasa untuk berkuasa. kalau politik sudah sedemikian, tidak berpijak kepada bumi nyata kalau kita menyalah tindakan orang politik yang tidak sesuai dengan ucapannya. kalau kita menyalah mereka, samalah kita menyalah bangau makan ikan.

    Yang penting kita harus waspada terhadap orang politik. Berpolitik mesti pragmatik. Oran politik tidak boleh diikut seperti kita mengikut Nabi atau Rasul.

    JMD : ya, berpolitik mesti pragmatik. mengikut peredaran masa dan situasi. but sacrificing one’s principle just to gain power and then change your stand every now will reflect badly on one’s image. to me, credibility, sincerity and integrity are highly important values in a politician’s character. Why? Because they will lead you to the best value of all, being trustworthy. Being a trustworthy leader will make your nation overcome the most difficult obstacle. It will capture and heighten the spirit of the nation. TQ.


  4. alhaj, saya tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat anda. Politik bukan benda yang buruk malah zaman Rasulullah sendiri terdapatnya politik.Politik adalah proses pembentukan dan pembahagian kekuasaan dalam masyarakat yang antara lain berwujud proses pembuatan keputusan, khususnya dalam negara.
    Kalau kita bandingkan sejarah politik Tun dan Anwar, banyak perbezaannya bukan.
    Tun – always stand firm on what he’s believing in;
    Anwar – flip flop politics just like Abdullah.
    Just like what jebaymustdie said, we are the judge. The power to choose is on us, use it wisely.


  5. >>>Seeing Anwar was unable to lift Malaysia from the currency crisis, Dr Mahathir appointed the more able Tun Daim Zainuddin as the Minister of Special Functions to help alleviate the Malaysian economy.<<<<

    on reading this I STOPPED. I conclude your whole article was shot down by the above.

    TDZ to lift the economy…?? do you know that towards the end of his career TDZ was to be exiled to South Africa with his ill gotten loot. This ULAR has become the biggest python in malaysia to the horror of Mahazalim himself.

    JMD : I stand corrected Tuah. I was talking in the context of THAT current situation. Yes Anwar was unable to lift the economy. Yes TDZ was able to rescue the economy with all the correct economy stimuli AT THAT TIME. AND NO, Dr Mahathir could not foresee what TDZ will do a couple of years after that. Thanks. You can have your Taming Sari now Tuah 🙂


  6. Hang Tuah, so what your point?. TDZ in someway had helped to alleviate the Malaysian economy right?. Did Anwar the so called brilliant monetary policies from IMF will help boost back the economy during those years?. The most effective way was the Capital Control which Tun had to do it by himself after studying the situation and consulting ideas from others. And it had helped most of the companies to survives especially the local companies, if not all the insurance companies already been winding up. Which do you prefer, to be control by outsiders just like what happened in Indonesia, or rather focusing your economy activities locally?. Most of the businessman tycoon especially chinesse were grateful that it was Tun who was the PM during that time not Anwar. There was so many havoc during the economy crisis, many suicidal attempt in fact there was a suicide at Affin Tower in KL, a real estate woman jumped from the building be’coz of the stress. Mothers jumped from condo with their children be’coz of the debts. Luckily, the crisis can be controlled, and Tun in fact ask the rakyat to keep on spending within the country to help local business going. If not, Bukit Bintang will juz be Padang Jarak Padang Terkukur. I don’t want a flip flop leader, I want a firm leader that will not chicken out during a crisis. And that man during that time was Tun.


  7. Good factual write-up. It’s true that Anwar’s direction to increase the interest rate was the killer. I was then working for a development company, and we had to shelve all project as cost of borrowing was too high that time. It killed many businesses (and people too). Money stopped circulating, stopped changing hands, and economy was stagnant.

    The problem now is, Anwar’s Die Hard fans do not understand this and simply don’t care, yet claiming that they are “rakyat yang bijak”.


  8. This is indeed an eye-opener. Anwar is a man with multiple personalities and is trapped to remain subservient go foriegn powers.He’s a schemer and a 1st class actor. His strategy to gain power and control was actually edged when he was in ABIM. Tun M actually risked his reputation when he insisted to take Anwar in and catapulted him in UMNO’s heirarchy much to the chagrin of his supporters. If Anwar could bite the hands that led and fed him can he then be trusted to lead the Nation?
    There’re many turn-coats within the existing Cabinet that could be one of the reasons why Anwar is confident of “takin over.” GOD FORBIDS!


  9. Most, if not all Malaysians understood that it was Tun Mahathir who guided Malaysia through the turbulent Asian Financial Crisis, but apparently Anwar has a different take on what transpired during that time.

    Unashamedly, Anwar in his website, which can be accessed at, claimed :

    “In the midst of Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, Anwar was hailed for guiding Malaysia through this period of instability….”

    Many Malaysians experienced hardship when Anwar adopted IMF perscription of high interest rates. Had Tun not put a stop to the madness, God knows what would happen to Malaysia.

    These days, Anwar claims that he champion the welfare of the citizens. Yet this is the same man that in 1997 was calling for “creative destruction” that would result in people losing jobs. When he made that called, he never consider how those jobless people will survive.

    We had our “Khairy Chrnonicles”, maybe an “Anwar Chronicles” should be next in line to show how spineless he is.


  10. Mari kita ingati bahawa kesetiaan seorang ahli politik itu pada dasarnya adalah pada rakyat dan negara. Seorang pemimpin politik berkhidmat demi tanahairnya dan rakyat yang telah mengundinya untuk membantu mentadbir negara bagi pihak rakyat.

    Oleh itu, kesetiaan kepada parti atau kesetiaan kepada ketua parti adalah suatu isu yang tahapnya kepentingannya lebih rendah dari kesetiaan kepada rakyat.

    Maka, pantun yang dibaca Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim di atas, yang baris akhirnya berbunyi “setia hamba tidak berubah”, boleh diluaskan interpretasinya untuk bermakna kesetiaan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim adalah terhadap rakyat terdahulu sekali.

    JMD : And obviously, ‘kesetiaan’ anwar kepada rakyat pun tidak lah setinggi mana jika diambil kira pendekatan beliau semasa krisis kewangan dahulu; dimana beliau menekan rakyat dengan mengamalkan ‘ubat’ dari IMF. Sudah lupa kah kesempitan hidup waktu itu?


  11. It is just a basic need for a human political drama reality show. Through it all, we notice certain folks sitting in front of the wayang kulit does not care of the hands and fingers that stir the strings. All they care is a good time. It is indeed a feel good generation.

    We are spared the experience of another IMF experiment. We must learn from others or else end up like others.


  12. All these while, i dont really care about Malaysian politics.. what i always ask myself was, what will happen to Malaysia if Tun steps down… and the past few years tell us all. And now, here comes Anwar, fighting for the people? or people fighting for him? Think about it? He does not gain peoples’ confidence becoz of himself, but he manipulates the situation. Who is his supporters? Youngsters, who do not know him, his history, and his tactics. JMD, dig more info, and send more info, not just a reading pleasure, but the TRUTH!

    JMD : To dig out the truth during these times of massive propaganda, ‘character demonisation’ and diversion of reality is often difficult. What more with a limited source of historical facts from the web. Doing research on a sensitive issue plagued with confidential and vague information is hard enough already as I usually base my writings on real facts and cross referencing them with available data online. But I will try my best to reveal the true story from my point of view and I hope it will be as objective as it can be. Thanks!


  13. Syabas ! Suatu fakta yang menarik ! .Saya bukan graduan universiti dan alam persekolahan saya berkitar dengan subjek sastra.Saya bekerja dgn pihak swasta.Pengalaman bekerja dgn “bos” yg berpendidkan sains dan sastera telah menyerdarkan saya mengapa berlaku kelemahan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan ( termasuk pemimpin ).

    Rata rata pegawai dan pemimpin kerajaan “berseronok” sambil belajar ketika belajar jurusan sastera di universiti.( life is so simple in campus ).Bak kata kawan saya dulu kalau esuk nak periksa, dua tiga hari sebelum itu pun dah cukup untuk buat persediaan.

    Disiplin belajar jurusan sains dan sastera membentuk cara pemikiran dan tindakan yang bakal diambil apabila membuat sesuatu keputusan.Kita dapati sesetangah keputusan dan tindakan yg diambil oleh seorang ahli politik kadangkala dilihat sebagai “stupid” kerana mereka ini memang sedikit”stupid” jika dibandingkan dgn graduan sains.

    Saya mohon maaf kerana bukan niat untuk menghina .Telah menjadi kesedaran di pihak sesetengah swasta untuk mengambil graduan sains biologi umpamanya sebagai eksekutif pentadbiran / pemasaran kerana apb sesuatu tugasan diberikan , mereka ini berdisipiln untuk menghasilkan kerja yang baik dan bermutu, memberi pendapat yang munasabah dan tidak mudah emosional atau “banyak bercakap-kerja kosong ”

    Wahai graduan sains, tampillah menceburi bidang politik supaya kita tidak lagi “meluat” gelagat sesetengah mereka hanya pandai berdebat di parlimen, tapi …


  14. This is a great piece.

    Somehow I’ve always had bad vibes from the so-called ‘DSAI’ – just by seeing his face. This was waaaaay back when he was one of the cabinet ministers during TDM’s time.

    (Some people call it intuition. But I’m having bouts of deja-vu just by looking at KJ…but that’s another story)

    Anyway, now I’m utterly disgusted by DSAI & his party in shamelessly appealing & plugging for funds for their HQ office (it simply had to be in the affluent Tropicana area) and also to free poor pathetically heroic (not!) RPK.

    There are more well-deserving charities which these funds can go to. For example, to the recent Myanmar cyclone victims, or back home to kids suffering from HIV/cancer, orphans, etc…


  15. Saya tak berpendapat Mahathir betul, malah dlm sesetengah perkara Mahathir tidak betul terutamanya perkara yg menyentuh tentang Islam.

    Tetapi saya berpendapat Anwar ini adalah lebih berbahaya orgnya, yg sepatutnya kita halang drpd memerintah negara ini. Kalau lihat sejarah Anwar sendiri, drpd menentang kerajaan, kemudian masuk UMNO, dan kemudian menentang kerajaan kembali.


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  18. good article.. i would like to link your blog to mine.. and maybe use this article in my next article.. i am one of many of those who are rather suspicious with anwar’s promises and his eagerness to claim PM seat.

    JMD : By all means, please do. Thanks for reading.


  19. My dear Irfan, my replies in parenthesis.
    This article is biased to the core! [It’s just a matter of perception and my point of view, based on observations and facts]

    Off course Anwar has his own mistakes. Everyone has. But what he did while in UMNO was far better than anyone that has gone the ladder up to DPM. Try compare Dr Mahathir when he was DPM and Anwar as DPM and u can see Anwar was a better DPM hands down! [Anwar gone up the ladder due solely to TDM’s graciousness. Or else how can you explain Anwar’s rise in Umno? He joined in 1982, became Youth Chief in 1983, a full minister in 1984, Finance Minister in 1991 then DPM in 1993? Pure luck? Sheer brilliance? He had the protection from TDM. Remember that]

    About the crisis. Did u know that Mahathir was the one responsible for Malaysia’s currency’s flop? The currency crisis did not actually hit our country untill Mahathir bad mouth George Soros and other speculators.

    [You were wrong, currency speculator was already targetting Thailand and Indonesia way before TDM’s started to criticise George Soros. You mean, all the currency traders in the world worked in tandem and devalued the ringgit just because TDM bad mouthed George Soros? Get real. Please read this :

    If u read carefully, Anwar never wanted the country to take loans from IMF, he just suggested that it could be good if Malaysia adopts SOME of it’s policies.

    [What good can come up with the destructive policies of the IMF? Clearly you did not read the source reference in this article]

    But anyway, let’s just not get too excited about Mahathir’s currency control, do u know that most of the other ASEAN countries that had adopted IMF’s policies are now having better economy than Malaysia???! Where are we now?? Worst than Vietnam u know!!

    [Do you have the data to back up your statement? You honestly think Indonesia and Thailand are way better than Malaysia in 2003? I’m stating the year 2003 because that was the year TDM stepped down. But of course Malaysia went downhill after PAk Lah took over. This notion that other countries which had accepted IMF’s help are better off than Malaysia is too simplistic and unsubstantiated. Till this day, the Thais are still blaming Chuan Leekpai for accepting IMF’s help back in 1998. And do you think BJ Habibie had a good reputation among the Indonesians?]

    Then u mentioned that Anwar fought against the tide while in Gov’t only in the forms of words. Ehh…at least he did go against the tide even through forms of words. What about other Ministers?? Not even a single word against Mahathir! Not a single word! Not from pak lah, not from najib, not from kuli, not from muhyiddin, not from any!

    [Another issue you had wrongly perceived. I stand corrected about my basis of opinion. At least Ku Li and Musa Hitam RESIGNED from their post and quit Umno because they did not agree with TDM. Check your historical facts]

    And it’s because those ‘fight in the form of words’ that got him sacked!
    Remember that clearly.

    [As I remembered, Anwar was nurtured to become the 2nd in command of Malaysia but he became too greedy and less smart in managing the econmy that Malaysia had to rely in a man 22 years his senior who supposedly more out of date and less ‘stylish’ than the younger Anwar. Anwar is just a good orator. That’s all he was and is]

    Didn’t u remember that he created a horror to UMNO corrupted leaders when he announced the proposal to amend the Corruption Act when he was Acting Prime Minister for 2 months. Itu baru acting Prime MInister…belum lagi real Prime Minister..just imagine what he could do to fight corruption if he really is the Prime Minister!

    [Do you honestly think that in the period of April to May 1997, Anwar had a free rein of the nation? Did you honestly think TDM was not even consulted during those 2 months?]

    Actually his move to amend/upgrade the Corruption Act while being Acting Prime Minister was the point where other UMNO top leaders decided to conspire to topple Anwar down. They were scared to death by Anwar’s seriousness to fight corruption as all of them are very much corrupted.

    [Again, you relied only in what Anwar told you in his campaign to smear TDM back in 1998. Either you are too young at that time or too naive. Firstly, it’s called ‘Anti Corruption Act 1997’. Secondly, it was indeed amended, with the blessings from TDM. TDM himself was not against the amendmend. In fact, the amended Anti Corruption Act gives more power to the Minister in charge of the ACA, which was TDM himself. But Anwar received a lot of flack from his fellow cabinet ministers. This is because, the new amended ACA is broader in scope and gives more independence to the ACA. The main complainant was none other than Anwar’s former lecturer in UM, Rafidah Aziz and also Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar. If you indeed remember, right after Anwar was sacked, he did not blame TDM for his sacking. Instead he said, the people close to TDM gave him the wrong advice and planned to topple him as the DPM]
    Above all, Anwar has the best track record as a Deputy Prime Minister and also Finance Minister of Malaysia. Internationally, he’s got superb relationship with both leaders of Islamic countries/movements and Western countries as well. He has got class. Period. So guys, have faith in him. After all, he couldn’t be worse than sleepy pak lah 🙂

    [My dear Irfan, obviously you failed to recognise Tun Abdul Razak as the best DPM of Malaysia. Also, have you taken into equation the late Tun HS Lee, Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Sri Ku Li, Tun Daim and TDM? Those people are all highly famous Finance Ministers of Malaysia. To compare Anwar with the likes of Tun Tan Siew Sin and his son Cheng Lock is like comparing George W Bush to Abraham Lincoln. Anwar became Finance Minister when Malaysia was having the greatest economic growth after Tun Daim had set it straight from the economic crisis of 1985. But when there is a first sign of trouble in 1997, Anwar failed to manage it correctly. Have you made a bank loan in 1997/1998? Remember the rates Anwar had increased? 20% interest! Your statement that he has superb relationship with world leaders and that he ‘got class’ made me smile a little. I suggest you read Only then you will know what ‘superb relationship’ and ‘class’ really mean. I agree with your last sentence. He would be slightly better than the sleepy Pak Lah]

    Thank you for commenting Irfan. At least I now know your point of view on Anwar. Continue reading this blog ya!


  20. One more. We are going through an economic crisis now (it’s just the media that’s not using this term), a hard time. It’s going to be worst next year when US economic crisis arrives to our shores.
    What we really need in time of hardship is a charismatic/inspirational leader that can lift the people’s spirit and motivation to survive.

    In Malaysia there are only 2 leaders who’s got that ability.
    Mahathir and Anwar.

    Mahathir’s time’s over.

    Now let’s bring Anwar in.

    JMD : I’d put my money on the more able Tengku Razaleigh. At least I know for a fact that his knowledge on finance and economics is far superior than Anwar. Fact, Ku Li was the first Malay Finance Minister after the late Tun Tan Cheng Lock. He was appointed to that position in the 70’s. He was also the Chairman of Petronas during its first formative years. Anyway, I commend your faith in DSAI. To each his own heh?

    I agree with you that TDM’s time is over. But there is nothing wrong to consult him on any pertinent issues since his ideas and advice is very much sought after and very relevant.

    Anyway, as I see it, the world is experiencing economic crisis every 12 years. So we can expect an economic downturn in 2009. What’s worse, Pak Lah do not know how to provide solution for this problem! Also, please refer to economic crisis in 1997 (currency crisis), 1985 (property crisis), 1973 (oil crisis) all the way to the Great Depression in the 30’s.


  21. Well-researched. This should be translated into BM and published in Utusan Malaysia to reach wider audience. It is crucial that this ‘other story’ be made known especially in the Malay heartland.

    JMD : Noted with word of thanks.


  22. What a study in contradiction.

    Tun Daim the brilliant economist? Maybe he was; but RPK has got some really juicy things written about him.

    Anwar the bungling finance minister? Sure, afterall, he is an arts graduate; Mahathir was right in the Ringgit pegging. But talk Anwar’s contributions in uniting the opposition and creating a serious counterbalance to check the excesses of the BN government. Surely priceless in a democracy.

    Those things happened 10 years ago. People do change and I believe Anwar has changed for the better. His blog shows it. Mahathir? Same old self, the kind that loves praises (and Anwar offered one that is beautiful but devoid of meaning), and has nothing else new to offer to new generation of Malaysians like me. His blog proves it.

    JMD : Yes. Daim has a lot of skeletons in his closet. But then again this article was not about Daim. Would love to do a piece on Daim though. I written one, but i do not have enough credible reference. So I abandoned it. Do not want to be sued for libel now do we?

    RPK wrote mostly on hearsays. But he made it sound believable. Which is fine by me. I enjoyed reading most of his articles. Although these days RPK sounded more and more less Malay than I would have liked. Probably because is half Malay himself. Regardless, I agreed with some issues RPK had raised in the past. Although at the same time I shuddered at some of the other things he had written too.

    Sure, Anwar deserved to be praised for uniting the opposition in the last general election. But will it last long? WIll it survive any critical and serious issues within it such as religion and race in the future? One thing I need to stress here. Democracy might not be totally good for the country. Democracy is just a mean to an end. What is the ‘end’? It’s the prosperity of the nation. Remember, road to hell is often paved with good intentions. Look at the biggest democracy in the world. It is laden with high crime rates, one of the highest employment rate, highest divorce rate, social diseases etc. All the ‘product’ of a total democracy. Although there are some good with the US, we must not turn a blind eye to its weaknesses.

    Is the prosperity of the nation more important than to instal a perfect democracy system? Of course. Just look at Singapore. Don’t tell me they are practising real and pure democracy coz I might laugh my eyeballs out.

    Then again, I met a lot of people who would rather lived in a seemingly ‘dictatorial’ but prosperous times during TDM’s era than to suffer in the hands of a more ‘democratic’ but worsening economic times during Pak Lah rule. Sure, some of TDM’s detractors may say that today’s problems are inherited from his era. But I can safely say from the facts gathered during the last 2 years of TDM’s rule, the economy was blooming, the trade surplus was high, ringgit was steady, the Bursa Malaysia was climbing, people were generally happy. Most people did not even talk about the so called wrong-ness of the judiciary or even the state of the polcie force. It was Pak Lah’s poor handling of issues and the blatant corruption of his cronies and his apparent indecisiveness that lent towards the notion of his ineptitude. When people lose their trust on you, you lose credibility.

    Same as Anwar. When some people lose their trust on him vis a vis the currency crisis, it is hard to reclaim it. As I see it, TDM started his blog mainly due to repel the accusations hurled at him by the current administration and their proxies. With no avenues to defend himself in the main media and party members were being harassed not to meet him, he started his blog. No wonder most of his articles were related to issues brough forward FIRST by his accusers.

    If you read the comments sent to him by his readers, about 10% of them criticised him. It would be a lot higher I reckon if they would stop using derogatory or vulgar words in their comments. I do not believe he would disallow any comments criticising him if it is done in a dignified manner (as told by Marina). But I do like the revelations and the way he put forth his thought into writings. And he provided us with insights on why and how he made a certain decision.

    I am an avid reader of Anwar’s official blog too. I even linked him as one of my blogroll. His articles are more current and relevant to the opposition’s struggle. But that is no wonder really as he is aspiring to be the future leader of the country. TDM is the past leader. He can afford to choose any issue he so wishes.

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I do not hate DSAI. I respect him as a man of experience. I met him numerous of times in the past. Even more than I have met TDM. He has charisma. He has a good analytical mind. We can see that he does not talk nonsense in his articles. He has the best of both worlds – in the government and in the opposition. Nobody can come close to the level of heights he managed to climb within this both end of the spectrum. Have you ever heard of anyone who was the number two in the government and also now the current de facto leader of the opposition? That is an achievement in itself.

    Thank you.


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  24. Anwar??

    Saipa dia? O..yang orang-orang dia punya, banyak bikin Kacau angkat itu Bendela di jalan kah??
    Apa pasal hari-hari cerita itu hal?? Kita Undi mau tengok baru punya cerita. Lagi-lagi celita “Amput Burit” Haiya..manyak malu ooo…
    Itu “BF” pun ada bikin itu hal lo…apa pasal titak masuk itu Sulat Kabar??
    Manyak malu oo..

    Salawak manyak susah oo..itu Beras manyak naik..apa mau bikin sikalang???
    Kami orang ulu mau tau apa itu pelintah mau bikin..sama kami..
    Ada mau bikin jalan BAS kah?? itu Semenanjung (Malaya) manyak bagus oo..
    Jalan manyak baik. Salawak jalan mamyak “Jahat”..apa pelintah mau bikin sama kami orang ulu, Olang Bukit, Olang Gunung…Jangan Celita itu KL, Semenanjun Malaya saja..
    Kami pun undi lo….

    Solli Ho.. tatak pandai cakap Malaya..pakai cakap Pasar melayu ho..bole hah..

    Telima Kasiih….


  25. Jebat,
    Nice touch..bravo!
    As for me,DSAI is NOT really unite the opposition.They united by accident OR chances and use DSAI as a vehicle.They see DSAI as a good camel to ride on..
    When the time comes if the DAP and PAS in full power,they will kick DSAI because who need a “sick” camel anymore..just wonder,IF this so called sodomy conspiracy is fabricated by The opporsition parties themselve..(me just wonder..)
    ME..missing Tun Mahathir very much…hiks..hiks


  26. Bro JMD,

    Jst tot i’d share wth u dis article posted by sum1 called Zemi, in a blog i read..its about bro AnWar & PKR (cultist party)..heheh wat can I say..





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    Tapi tuhan itu maha kaya,pada 2006 apabila ezam keluar parti maka ramai juga kawan2 saya ikut sama dan mereka dah mula sedar siapa anwar,dan ada kawan yg berkata kpd saya “mie,nampaknya kau lebih awal cerdik drp kami”.saya nak maklumkan disini ezam keluar drp parti,bukan sebab lain,sebab utama ialah beliau dah tahu siapa anwar,tetapi kerana tidak mahu mengaibkan org,maka dia guna alasan lain.satu contoh saya beritahu anda semua,ezam pernah tinggal di penjara kajang bersama sukma di blok yg sama selama 3 bulan.jadi anda fikirlah sendiri,ezam ni bijak juga orgnya dlm soal siasat menyiasat.tapi utk sementara waktu ezam lupakan dulu,apa yg beliau tahu drp sukma,kerana simpati kpd kak wan dan juga cuba berusaha membebaskan anwar.ini kerana pd pendapat beliau alang2 seluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.pada masa itu ezam juga terfikir mungkin anwar dah bertaubat dan berubah.jadi apa salahnya beri peluang ke 2 kpd beliau.tetapi sangkaan ezam meleset,ezam mula curiga kembali kpd anwar,apabila dia nampak bebrapa kes (tak perlu saya nyatakan disini) hinggalah pada 1 hari ezam jumpa nalla dan bertanya nalla siapa anwar yg sebenarnya.dan nalla berkata esok u dtg rumah saya bawa u punya quran.maka ezam pun ke rumah nalla esok bersama quran,dan bebrapa soalan ezam tanya kepada nalla,dan sebelum menjawab soalan2 ezam nalla terlebih dahulu ambil semua gambar anak isteri beliau letak di dpn beliau.dan nalla berkata kalau beliau tipu anak isteri beliau akan mati.maaf ! saya tak boleh nyatakan apa soalan2 yg ezam tanya kpd nalla.

    dan nalla juga tunjukan kpd ezam satu video.dan selepas melangkah keluar drp rumah nalla,ezam dah bertekad dia kan tinggalkan anwar.saya tahu saya akan hadapi masalah dgn ezam dan kawan2 lain bila saya ceritakan perkara ini disini,kerana ezam dah berpegang pada prinsip dia tak akan aibkan anwar dgn perkara ini.tapi saya sedia tanggung risiko perkara ini,kerana saya pun tak tahan juga lihat ezam dihina oleh anda semua.hanya org2 sekiling yg rapat sahaja tahu perkara ini.cara anda semua menyerang ezam seolah olah takde sedikit jasa pun oleh ezam terhadap anwar dan pkr.mungkin anda semua tertanya tanya semasa anwar jadi tpm ezam tak tahu ke perkara ini ?

    ya memang ezam tak tahu,kerana beliau bertugas sbg s/usaha politik kpd menteri keewangan.ezam bertugas di mof jln duta dan anwar hanya ke sana seminggu yg sgt rapat dan tahu semua perkara ini adalah azmin ali kerana azmin s/usaha sulit tpm.ezam amat jarang bertemu anwar dan jika bertemu pun lebih kpd perbincangan perkara2 politik shj.dan ezam pun tak lama bertugas dgn anwar tak sampai 2 tahun pun.selepas anwar dipecat,ezam pun turut sama dipecat.tahukah anda yg azmin ali tu bapak segala rasuah semasa anwar tpm dulu.setipa org yg nak buat temujanji dgn tpm mesti melalui azmin dulu dan pasti ada “tol” yg harus dibayar.tahukah anda yg azmin ali itu adalah pemegang ap import kereta mewah jenama wald.tahukah anda show room kereta mewah azmin terletak di persimpangan jln sultan ismail dan dang wangi sebelah bank pembangunan dekat traffic light.tahukah anda azmin ali guna kuasa dia dan anwar ibrahim bagi seluruh projek papan tanda di klia kpd adik beliau umi hafilda,hinggakan takde ruang kpd kontraktor lain.tahukah anda berapa kekayaan azmin,kekayaan beliau amat luar biasa.utk perniagaan kereta wald azmin pasang proksi seorang tauke china.tauke ini lah yg sponsor anwar beli rumah baru di segambut berharga 2 juta dan kos ubahsuai pun 2 juta. Cukuplah setakat ini dulu utk bab ini,5 pages pun tak cukup.


    Sebenarnya selepas keluar penjara saya dah tahu banyak kali anwar dah lakukan perkara ini.sebab itu saya tak terkejut dgn pengakuan saiful ini.sebab itu saya sering berkata di forum ini,satu hari perkara yg sebenar akan terbongkar.tapi anda semua maki saya.takpe,saya terima seadanya makian anda.ya memang betul kita tak boleh hukum dia sebab keputusan dna belum keluar.tetapi yg saya pelik kenapa anwar guna jalan yg susah utk bersihkan nama beliau.kenapa beliau harus pergi dapatkan suaka di kedutaan turkey.

    jalan yg terbaik adalah beliau datang ke balai polis beri keterangan secara sukarela,kemudian buat pula satu report polis kpd saiful ini kerana cuba memfitnah beliau.nak bagi sedap lagi,pergi mana2 masjid ajak sama bebrapa org kepimpinan ulama pas dan beliau bersumpah disana.barulah nampak gentle dan anda tak bersalah.beliau tak perlu guna alasan polis akan tangkap dan pukul beliau seperti dulu.secara logiknya benda yg sama tak kan berulang lagi.sekarang beliau guna pendekatan salahkan kerajaan ,ketua polis dan peguam Negara.jgn lari drp tajuk asal,jgn salahkan org lain.bersihkan nama anda dulu.dulu pun begitu juga anda alihkan perhatian rakyat dgn menyalah Tun Dr. Mahathir.dia selalu menguar uar kan kpd rakyat,kalau takut dgn risikon jgn bicara pasal perjuangan dan lawan tetap lawan.alih alih dia pula yg pergi berlindung di kedutaan turkey.inikah pjuang sejati ? sekarang polis belum pun nak tangkap beliau,tapi kenapa beliau takut dgn bayang2 sendiri edarkan sms kpd org ramai suruh berkumpul di shah alam kerana polis nak tangkap beliau .

    pd saya tindakan beliau itu adalah sekadar nak test market nak tgk berapa ramai rakyat akan turun sokong beliau, dan hasilnya tak berapa ramai pun.beliau ingat ianya akan sama seperti 1998.stelah melihat sokongan rakyat agak kurang maka beliau pun tak jadi turun drp hotel utk sidang media.setelah melihat sokongan rakyat agak lemah maka jln terbaik ialah dapatkan suaka di kedutaan turkey.ada yg kata anwar terima ancaman bunuh,karut semua tu,kalau org nak bunuh dia sebelum kes ni pun dah kena.pernahkah anda dengar cubaan bunuh terhadap beliau.sebenarnya anwar takut utk ke penjara,kerana beliau pernah tinggal disana 6 tahun,dan beliau tahu keadaan di sana,sebab itu dia memilih utk berlindung di kedutaan.dan saya tak terkejut jika anwar berjaya menyusup ke luar Negara dgn cara haram. Ada yg kata konpirasi kerajaan.adakah pm dan tpm ni takde otak nak piker,nak buat naya kat anwar lagi,mereka dah kalah teruk pru yg lepas,sokongan rakyat dah merosot dan jika mereka berbuat begini maka mereka sengaja mencari nahas utk hancurkan kerajaan mereka sendiri.begitu juga gambar saiful di pej tpm,gambar itu diambil semasa saiful menjadi presiden majlis perwakilan pelajar uniten dan beliau ke sana utk bertemu rakan beliau yg bekerja dgn tpm dan menjaga hal ehwal pendidikan tinggi,saiful kesana pasal urusan kerja.Akhir kata kita sama2 tunggu dan lihat lah acara seterusnya.nak cerita lagi 6 page pun tak ckp.


    saya rasa cukup setakat ini utk hari ini.semoga anda semua ceria selalu,saya sayang sahabat semua.tiada sedikit pun perasaan marah terhadap anda semua.jika selama ini saya ada terkasar bahasa,atau kesilapan lain,maaf dipinta.kpd MOD dan WM maafkan saya jika saya menyusahkan anda selama ini.semua.yg baik itu datang drp allah,yg buruk itu dtg drp saya.

    BYE ! BYE !

    ZE-MI (TKO)
    EX ADNAN J 501 (KLPOS)-dulu ler.

    p.s bro, actually its for readers who come to read ur blogs..dat wud add more spice..heheh..wat can I say..(,”)


  27. Dear JMD,

    Your fact finding is the work of art. I’ve been looking for this straight to point facts before and thanks for your hardwork, its here……

    Hope it will be an eye-opener to those ‘kipas susah mati’ Si Anwar….

    Yeah, i believe TDM blog is beautifully constructed…all the revelation and issues raised make us the layman/grassroot to start thinking with open mind….

    FYI, in fact yours is also …

    JMD : Thanks and welcome to my humble blog.


  28. Saudara-saudara sekalian,

    Disini ingin saya katakan bahawa SAYA YAKIN ANWAR TIDAK BERSALAH tentang kes liwat tersebut kerana beberapa perkara :

    1. Semasa dibicarakan tentang kes liwat tahun 1998 terdapat berulangkali tarikh kejadian bertukar berulang kali semasa dakwaan kejadian liwat tersebut walhal pemangsalah yang memberi tarikh tersebut dan tempat kejadian. (JMD : Sila baca written judgment of all the judges untuk mengetahui mengenai kekeliruan mengenai perkara ini. Jangan nak jadi seperti anjing menyalak bukit)
    2. Tentang tempat kejadian pula pihak berkuasa membuat dakwaan pada tarikh tertentu sedangkan bangunan tempat kejadian masih belum dibina lagi. PELIK BUKAN (JMD : Sama seperti di atas)

    3. Membawa tilam kononnya kesan air mani saudara anwar. KONONNYA tapi bahan bukti itu tidak boleh tidak menunjukkan tindakan bodoh. (JMD : Tilam itu di bawa semasa perbicaraan salah guna kuasa bukannya kes liwat, sebab itu Agustine Paul sendiri berkata bahawa ianya tidak relevan)

    4. Lihat apa jadi kepada Rahim Noor (yang menumbuk anwar), Peguam Mokhtar (mati akibat pendarahan otak), Tun Mahathir (rancangannya untuk meminta Abdullah tidak menjadi dan Abdullah menggunakan segala kuasa beliau seperti kuasa yang ditubuhkan sendiri oleh Tun Mahathir). Akhirnya baru Tun Mahathir sedar betapa kejinya cara pemerintahan Tun Mahathir sendiri. Dan ini didoakan oleh Allahyarham Ustaz Fadzil Noor agar Tun Mahathir melihat sendiri kesan kekejaman yang dia bangunkan. FAHAM SEMUA. (JMD : Jika kita lihat pada Anwar sendiri, Tuhan pun macam tak mahu bagi dia jadi PM. FAdzil Nor pun meninggal terlebih dahulu walaupun dia dulu mengetuai upacara sembahyang hajat beramai ramai agar TDM meninggal duni cepat).

    OK kejadian liwat 2008 pula ,

    Apa orang kata dia takut kerana bersalah :

    Bagi saya tidak kerana :

    1. Bersumpah depan Al-Quran : Al-Quran bukan boleh main2 sedangkan dalam Mahkamah pun semua bersumpah dalam AL-Quran jadi ada k ekes terjawab seperti kes Altantuya, Lingam dan macam-macam lagilah yang tak terkata. Jadinya ada kesan ke? Jadi dengarlah ulamak PAS berkata. (JMD : Dulu, dia sendiri yang berkata tak de masalah hendak mengangkat sumpah, sekarang berdolah dalih pula)

    2. UJIAN DNA pula : tanpa arahan Mahkamah tapi diminta oleh Polis, katakana DNA ini diletakan dalam dubur you all semua jadi itu dah ada bukti sedangkan ANWAR tak meliwat kamu semua. FAHAM….. (JMD : You ni tak ada common sense ke? Sejurus selepas Saiful membuat report, dia telah di periksa di hospital. Maka bukti telah di ambil. Sekarang adalah masa untuk membuat cross examination dengan Anwar. Itu saja. Apa yang liat sangat nak bagi DNA? Kalau tak buat salah, apa nak takut?)

    3. KENAPA ANWAR TAK PERGI MEMBERI KETERANGAN : kerana peguam anwar telah 3 kali menghantar surat kepada polis untuk mendapatkan keterangan si saiful tu tapi tarikh 26 hb salah kerana dalam laporan dia mengatakan dia diliwat pada 27 hb sedangkan dia membuat laporan pada 26hb. TAK PELIKKKKKKKKKKK. Dulu pihak polis Berjaya merampas diary anwar diaman dikepalai oleh Tun Musa Hassan tapi sekarang dia tak Berjaya nak perolehi. Oleh itu dia minta anwar beri keterangan tapi anwar tak bagi maklumat kerana khuatir tarikh akan diubah lagi. FAHAMMMMM kekeliruan ini atau ciptaan ini. (JMD : Saiful membuat report polis pada 28hb June 2008.)

    4. Kenapa dia lapor kepada JAWI : Mahkamah syariah adalah tempat yang berkaitan dengan agama seperti berzina, meliwat atau yang berkaitan dengan nya. Oleh itu, dalam agama ia memerlukan 4 orang saksi jika tiada maka itu satu tuduhan dan prosesnya cepat untuk dibicarakan. Memandangkan saudara anwar terlalu sibuk jika melayan karenah seperti tahun 1998 maka alamat dia masuk jel tanpa kesalahan. FAHAM… (JMD : 4 saksi hanya dalam kes bilamana kita hendak menuduh perempuan melakukan zina. Tapi dalam kes ini, mangsa sendiri membuat pertuduhan. Kalau semua kes hendak dapatkan 4 saksi, maka terlepas lah semua perogol perogol di dalam penjara kerana kes mereka kekurangan saksi. Ada ka faham?)

    5. Sekurang-kurangnya dia melawan kerajaan untuk rakyat bukan untuk kroni dia tapi Tun Mahathir dan anak-anak dia ada begitu??? Ada ke??? Jadi dia adalah pahlawan yang sebenar bukan MAHATHIR. (JMD : Tolong jangan buat lawak di sini ya. Anwar mempunyai ramai kroni semasa dia di dalam kerajaan dulu)

    BAGI saya sebelum kita mati pergilah berjumpa dengan saudara anwar untuk memohon maaf ya sebelum ajal dan seksaan di kubur, akhirat tiba kelak.

    Cuba anda bayangkan perkara ini terjadi pada diri anda?????? Jangan mudah percaya kepada pemimpin OK atau DTA (Don’t trust anybody)….

    Astrafirullah Al-Adzim……Subhanallah……..


  29. Halo…

    Saya mali lagi…manyak celita bagussss pasal itu anwar hah..
    Lu orang kalu tengok di Malaya ada 3 bansa..Melayu, Cina India + Olang Asli = 4.
    Lu olang susah mau Campur..itu Melayu hancur 3 BN,DAP sama PKR.
    Cina manyak sokong DAP sikit mau MCA.
    India manyak masuk PKR sikit mau BN (MIC).
    Wa olang..Serawak lagi manyak Bansa o…tapi kami olang sama-sama tulung-menulung lah..Ada Gawai kami jumpa Kawan Iban..ada Krismas kami jumpa kawan Iban,Kenyah,Kayan,Punan,Sekapan,Lahanan,Kejaman,Sehan,Murut,manyak lagi “aan” lagi lah..
    Ada Tahun Baru kami jumpa kawan Cina lah..tatak kira dia Foochow,Hokien,Kek,Haka..apa-apa saja lah
    Kalau Hali Laya..kami jumpa Olang Melayu lah..makan ketupat…
    Kalau Itu Malaya “kacau” salawak punya orang Tengok ho..mana ada luit mau Tolong Lu Orang manyak jauh ho…Jadi Jangan Gaduh pasal Itu Politik kasihan sama lu punya anak-anak nanti…Cina tidak suka Melayu, Melayu Tidak Suka India, Melayu tidak suka Cina.. Lu orang Siikalang manyak Syok tengok “Kacau Politik” tapi lu olang mesti mau ingat 40 tahun dali sikalang…Siapa Pegang itu “Malaya?” Jangan syok saja olang Kasi itu “FIRE STONE”…lu tengok Irak…Somalia…Afghanistan…siapa bikin HAL???? Malaya!!!! itu CIA sudah mali ooooo….

    Soli Ho..titak pandai cakap Mat Saleh..saya pakai cakap Melayu Pasar lah..


  30. Dear Jebat,

    I am with you bro, you really can explain all matters using facts and logic….

    You are superb bro…..lets save our country…

    JMD : Thank you for reading this humble blog.


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  34. salam…n eppi ramadhan…well,i just viewed your blog n i think it is a good research…bgus kerana saya antara yang menyokong anwar and through this infos,what i can said is that sayer pon jadi ragu2 dgn aper yg berlaku…baiklah,kiter dh tau politicians usually had deep intentions just like the ordinary people,n sayer cadangkan agar you buleh bongkar lagi salahlaku the other politicians in Malaysia regardless of their party coz sekarang kiter nak lihat Malaysia yang benar2 bersih,cumer satu persoalan yang sayer ingin timbulkan,sometimes,articles n facts dari papers ader yang melaporkan aper yang tak berlaku n of course,manipulations wujud…so,hopes you will cite the best sources coz saye seronok bacer your research…thanks bro…

    JMD : Terima kasih dan selamat berpuasa.


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  36. bodo giler si klmale ni..bodo lebey sket from irfan..tapi tetap bangang kedue-duenyer..kowang ni kalu anwar sungkit si saiful tengah2 pavilion pon kowang tak caye tu anwar..bladihel..

    JMD : Okay guys, lets end this argument by agreeing to disagree with each other.

    Thank you and selamat berbuka puasa!


  37. jmd,

    excellent “footage: of what took place, the facts of which anwar’s cult members refuse to acknowledge nor accept as real.

    like what someone suggested, it’s time to compile the anwar chronicles.

    it’s time to let the younger ones find out who their leader really is and wake break the spell that anwar has on them.

    syabas, saudara.


    JMD : Thank you.


  38. udah udah la bang..
    nak buat pasal analysis si anwar la plak..
    cube ko buat pasal si najib ke..
    si mahathir..
    baru lah ko jadi researcher yang x bias.
    ko nie..
    aku rasa buat blog buku resipi lagi bagus.
    x pun blog doa amal.
    dapat sket pahala..
    Adakah apa yang terkandung dalam blog ko nie benar2 “Facts”
    atau pun sekada Copy n Paste from archive NST yang ko pun dulu nya terlepas nak baca.
    Bro.. andai terlepas 1 @ 2 unsur2 yang tidak benar terhadap Anwar,
    fitnah besar bagi Anwar..& ko x kan terlepas dr hukuman Tuhan !!

    JMD : Oleh kerana saudara spedoo meletakkan link Malaysia Kini sebagai webpage saudara, maka kita tunggu dahulu Malaysia Kini mengeluarkan dua tiga artikel positif mengenai Najib dan Tun Mahathir, barulah boleh saudara menuduh saya sebagai bias.

    Saya tidak menyuruh saudara untuk mempercayai penulisan saya. Tuhan beri kita mata dan otak untuk berfikir. Dan saya tidak mencipta cerita, saya cuma menulis dan membuat analisa berpandukan berita yang terkandung di dalam suratkhabar. Ya, saya copy dan paste berita tersebut. Kerana saya tidak mahu di tuduh sebagai menukar inti berita.

    Jika berbohong berita yang di copy, maka berbohong lah saya. Oleh kerana Anwar Ibrahim tidak pernah menyaman NST berkenaan berita berita yang disiarkan di dalam artikel ini, maka bolehlah dianggap ada kebenarannya.

    Oh ya, saya bukan researcher. Saya blogger tanpa bayaran… 🙂 Bukan seperti Malaysia Kini, tiada bayaran dikenakan oleh saya untuk pembaca membaca tulisan saya. Oleh itu, saya tidak mendapat apa apa habuan kewangan dari blog ini. Jesteru, tiada siapa menyuruh saya menulis artikel ini dan saya tidak perlu diarahkan untuk menulis apa yang saya tidak mahu tulis.

    Sekian terima kasih. Semoga hari anda diberkati Tuhan.


  39. Salam JMD,

    Kalau boleh, saudara teruskan lagi artikel2 sebegini ! Bias? Takpe, saya belum jumpa lagi artikel di mana2 blog yang tidak bias. sekurang2nya saudara agak controlled sikit, tidak seperti yang lain, kebanyakkannya terlalu emosional.

    Ramai penyokong anwar terdiri dari generasi muda, yang darahnya panas, mudah terpengaruh dengan konsep revolusi anwar. Biasanya bila kita jadikan seseorang itu idola, kita akan mudah terlepas pandang perkara2 negatif yang di kaitkan dengannya. Malahan kita tidak akan dapat menerima apapun komen negatif dan akan menerima dengan senang sekali apapun alasan yang diberikan untuk menutup keaiban tersebut, walaupun alasan2 itu agak longgar.

    Pendedahan saudara ini pasti membuka minda pemuda2 sekarang kerana sewaktu era 90an, mereka masih dibangku sekolah, di lamun alunan rock cintan, jauh sekali mengambil tahu hal2 politik. Malah yang dewasa pun ramai yang telah lupa sejarah anwar.

    walaupun ramai yang komen terdiri dari kalangan bloggers yang punya laman web mereka sendiri, lebih ramai lagi kalangan seperti saya yang menjadikan internet sebagai sumber berita tambahan. Mereka jarang sekali hendak komen kerana agak ‘malu’ penguasaan bahasa tidak sebaik para bloggers, juga seperti ‘masuk campur’ perbincangan ‘dalaman’ orang lain, tapi yang penting mereka baca. saya sendiri mulanya malu juga nak komen apa2 tapi biarlah saya menjadi suara golongan pemalu ini 🙂

    Teruskan usaha saudara !

    JMD : Terima kasih!


  40. 1. Well done!
    2. Seorang yang saya kenali yang pernah bersekolah bersama-sama DSAI di MCKK dulu, memberitahu “Pakcik tak hairan dan tak berasa pelik dengan tuduhan meliwat oleh si Anwar ni..sebab..sewaktu di MCKK dulu lagi cerita-cerita meliwat ni dah pun heboh diperkatakan warga MCKK”.
    3. Masakan tiada angin pohon bergoyang? Wallahu’alam.

    JMD : Really? Is he friends with Wan Hanafi and Sanusi Junid? Thank you.


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  42. Great Research…

    But this is seriously a political issue and I think the most important thing we need to do is to STAY TOGETHER as Malaysian. No matter you are Malays…Chinese…Indians…we all must help each other. This will defitnately make us live in PEACE and HARMONY. Even if your friend support Anwar…or the current government…we all have the same objective. So lets think wise and make Malaysia a better place to LIVE.

    Bare in mind that there is many people,specially the WEST looking at us and ask ” why does Malaysian can live among each other even though their skin is different ” Now thats a beautiful sign isnt it?

    CHEERS and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends !!!


  43. wow. saya baru nak mula membaca blog-blog saudara JMD. terus terang saya katakan, penulisan saudara tidak ada (atau kurang) unsur emosi berbanding dengan tulisan Anwar Ibrahim sendiri.

    nak tanya sket. bolehkah saya print tulisan saudara dan diedarkan kepada rakan-rakan saya? for sure credit akan diberikan atas nama Jebat Must Die. sebab ramai dikalangan rakan-rakan saya masih muda (form 2) ketika Anwar dipecat dari Timb PM dan mereka tak tahu betapa lainnya Anwar dulu dan kini.

    terima kasih.

    JMD : Tentu sekali boleh. Kalau boleh, baca juga komen komen yang diberikan dan maklum balas kepada komen komen tersebut. Terima kasih kerana melayari blog ini.


  44. salam..

    “FAdzil Nor pun meninggal terlebih dahulu walaupun dia dulu mengetuai upacara sembahyang hajat beramai ramai agar TDM meninggal duni cepat”

    i just wanna know whether is it really true that Fadzil Nor did sembahyang hajat for that purpose? is there any fact or credible statement to support this?

    anyway, great arguments and satisfying information about Anwar that i had longed to read about..i enjoyed reading the article and your counter argument with Irfan and Klmale..

    Eid Mubarak from Leeds =)

    JMD : If I am not mistaken, you will get this in the news archives in 1999 before the general election that year. I remember read it somewhere in Utusan Malaysia. Thank you for visiting this blog ya.


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  46. Well researched and thanku for sharing! Anwar is a nobody but a real hypocrite and a traitor to the country and nation! His wife and daughters are trying to protect him for face saving, but his father Pak Ibrshim is a strong UMNO supporter and speaks little or nine at all! Better not to talk about this fellow, anyway….he is on the way to sungai Buloh but the government is still purposely delaying and is taking pity on him and his family, but yet he is still bluffing his way through to get international sympathy and recognition. What F..K??? His I’ll gotten money can last him for another few generation…..but why he wants to overthrow the BN government…power crazyz,,,,,


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