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Pakatan Rakyat – Kill with a borrowed knife

The title of this article will probably does not make any sense to some people. Before I elaborate it further, I have to give a background story on this subject. So please bear with me.

In this country, whenever somebody calls the other person as racist, the implication of such remark is very damaging to both sides. There must be a reason for such acts and its main rationale would be provocation on something that is sensitive among the races of our country.

There are three areas of sensitivity that every Malaysian in this country should be aware of. In fact, this awareness should have been deeply infused in our culture that after 50 years of independence, it no longer deemed as a tedious or an alien thing to do. It is the one of the pillars of tolerance in the context of multi cultural Malaysia.

These areas are; the sanctity of Islam as the federal religion of Malaysia (Islam agama persekutuan), special position of the Malays and Malay language as well as position of Malay Raja Raja.

Ever since 1957, moderation is crucial in our interaction with one another. With the Malaysian Constitution in the background, our forefathers had this to say regarding the multi cultural Malaysia;

Speech by MIC President, Tun V.T. Sambanthan in the Parliament on 1 June 1965:

“Now, in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now what did the Malays do – since we are speaking on racial lines – what did the Malay leadership do? They had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship.

If we look around in Asia and East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the Indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma. Look at my brother Chinese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indian have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here we found that the Malay leadership said, “We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens.” And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousand of Indians, Chinese, Ceylonese and others became citizens.

As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguards us? I am 10 percent minority race here. But I am happy here.”

(Note that his speech was delivered to chastise the PAP leaders who were harping on the Malaysian Malaysia concept)

MCA President, Tun Tan Siew Sin, in an article in a local paper entitled – “Tun Tan Answers Critics on Special Privileges” on 30 April 1969, said:

“The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent who were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States, obtained their citizenship. In return for this major concession, the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.”

(note that his speech was delivered prior to the 1969 general elections which was tainted with racial extremism that questioned the Article 153 of the Constitution perpetuated by the DAP and Gerakan)

As the voice of moderation among the disgruntled Malays in 1970, the late Tun Dr Ismail had this to say on the ‘Special Position’ just after the NEP was established:

“This proved a less intractable problem because the leaders of the Alliance realised the practical necessity of giving the Malays a handicap if they were to compete on equal terms with the other races. The only point of controversy was the duration of the ‘special position’ — should there be a time limit or should it be permanent? I made a suggestion which was accepted, that the question be left to the Malays themselves, because I felt that as more and more Malays became educated and gained self-confidence, they themselves would do away with this ‘special position’ because in itself this ‘special position’ is a slur on the ability of the Malays and only to be tolerated because it is necessary as a temporary measure to ensure their survival in the modern competitive world: a world to which only those in the urban areas had been exposed.”

As the result, the NEP was given 20 years and the objective of achieving 30% of wealth is set for the Malays, inclusive the other Bumiputras.

I have to make a special mention on a very touchy subject of the race riots of 13th May 1969.

Many have come forth with several analyses pertaining that sad day. A more recent view of the incident reveals that it was merely a political coup d’etat of Umno stalwarts led by Tun Abdul Razak over Tunku Abdul Rahman. This is one such narrow interpretation of the riot. Most of the references cited for this analysis came from documents obtained in London which in turn, were written by the British Intelligence aka the western observers of the riot.

Note that the Westerners, ever since the day of our independence had been nothing but doomsayers. They predicted, upon gaining our independence, that The Federation of Malaya will not last long because of our own diverse culture and multi ethnicity.

And they had almost gotten it right when May 13th exploded in our country. They were actually congratulating themselves for predicting that very thing and would not stop telling us ‘We told you so!’.

Almost all of the reports at that time were biased and non objective. Much like all the criticisms Malaysia had gotten when we implemented capital controls in 1998. We still remember the heckling we got from the international community. These days, what Malaysia did had proven to be correct and many western countries particularly the US even used remedies similar like our own in the time of crisis.

Anyway, those ill conceived reports, were what used by the analysts in their own perception of May 13th 1969. Furthermore, these analyses did not take into account on what had happened prior to 13th May. It downplayed the role made by extremist groups among the Chinese in instigating the Malay sentiment. Since 1964, racial tension had been escalating due to the calls of PAP on ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept.

With the loss of many seats by the Alliance in the 1969 general election, tensed emotions between races finally snapped after the victory parades by the opposition DAP and Gerakan on the 11th and 12th of May had ridiculed the Malays in the predominantly Malay areas of Kampung Baru. Insensitive banners and slogans and rowdy demonstrators jeered at the kampung folks in Kampung Baru.

Meanwhile, as a show of strength, a similar parade was also being organized by Umno to answer the challenge by the opposition on the 13th of May. However, on that day a Malay army officer was murdered by Chinese hooligans as he and his spouse were coming out from a movie theater in the predominantly chinese area of Bukit Bintang. The angry Malay protestors swiftly wrecked havoc and revenge by killing two passing Chinese motorcyclists.

That was the trigger of a whole scale riot on that fateful day. One can still remember Datuk Harun Idris, in his capacity as the Umno Youth leader, standing on top of a bus in Kampung Baru, urging the Malays to defend their dignity and honour. Some say he was the perpetrator of the riot. But many others see him as the saviour of the Malays’ pride. The weakened Prime Minister at that time did not have enough political power to restore stability and harmony between the warring political opponents.

The jawi inscription read : Gambar perarakan ‘kemenangan’ di atas menunjukkan ‘penyapu untuk menyapu orang2 Melayu’. Gambar bawah : Penyokong penyokong Gerakan dalam mabuk ‘kemenangan’

In order to ascertain the real story on what had happened that fateful day, the National Operations Council prepared an official report to brief the people on what had happened. This report were initially criticised by certain quarters over its accuracy. But this was expunged by Tun Haniff Omar in his article last year.

Nevertheless, the White Paper presented in Parliament in October 1969 clearly indicated elements of extremism from both sides, namely the Sino-Malay relationship in Malaysia:

‘The eruption of violence on May 13 was the result of an interplay of forces. These include a generation gap and differences in interpretation of the constitutional structure by the different races in the country; the incitement, intemperate statements and provocative behaviours of certain racialist party members and supporters during the recent General Election; the part played by the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) and secret societies in inciting racial feelings and suspicion; and the anxious, and later desperate, mood of the Malays with a background of Sino-Malay distrust, and recently, just after the General Elections, as a result of racial insults and threat to their future survival in their own country’

Therefore, in the light of the circumstances above, we may have to agree that extremism is dangerous in the multi racial climate of Malaysia.

There is also a small minority in Malaysia that think the independence we gained was fought by the chinese and not the Malays. They believed that the Malays had it easy whereas it was the chinese who fought the Japanese and the British via guerilla warfare and tactics.

They failed to see that the Malays had fought for the liberation of the land even longer than that via the rebellion of Datuk Maharajalela, Panglima Dol Naning and Datuk Bahaman, to name a few. Sir Frank Swettenham, in his letters, revealed that the Malay population in Selangor was decimated in the struggle between the British and the Malays to control the Selangor tin mines.

Now come to the gist of this article.

After 51 years of administration, the BN government is currently being accused by the opposition members as a racist government. This is then echoed by their supporters and then further repeated by the ordinary citizens that were taken in by the oppositions’ cries in criticising the government.

Anwar would always say that he brings more equitable and just system whereby the poor people of Malaysia will not be lagged behind. He added that the current BN policies only favour the Malays. He would say this ad nauseam so that most of Malaysians will believe this.

Eventually, the media will take this up and it does not take a genius to see that since most Malaysians are idealists, what he brings to the table is viewed upon as the coming of a new age of fair justice and impartial policy.

But, the big blunder the people could not see was, whatever Anwar is preaching, is exactly what the BN government had done all this while. The system that had been put in place such as the NEP (since 1970) and Dasar Pembangunan Negara (since 1990) were not intended to be a racist policy. There is a HUGE difference between a racist policy and a selective discrimination policy popularly known as the affirmative action. Many countries worldwide including the US are practising it.

In my previous articles, I have stated the reason on why the affirmative action is important in Malaysia. But this very article is not about the importance of the affirmative action but actually it’s about the approach of certain extremism in the Pakatan Rakyat that is tearing the very fabric of social harmony Malaysians had painfully sowed since the aftermath of 1969.

This statement of mine may appear ridiculous to some as it was the members of Pakatan Rakyat and their loyal subjects who had initially accused the BN government as being racist. Permit me to dissect their approach.

These extremists especially some from the DAP and PKR are actually using the strategy called the 36 stratagems. To be precise, they are mainly using 4 of those strategies to full use. They are;

1)  Kill with a borrowed knife

Basically it means, to attack using the strength of another. I can only describe this further with a quote from a DAP member who had said – ‘You have to also be practical. The present corrupt BN with its Malay/Muslim powerbase can only be challenged by a Malay/Muslim politician.’

As one of this blog’s avid commentator (Lekiu) had said – ‘For years Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh tried to end it (affirmative action) and it took another Bumiputra (Anwar) to finish it off. How strange history can be.’

2) Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean

They mask their real intention with a fake goal. In this context, the Pakatan Rakyat masked their real intention in shouting Ketuanan Rakyat slogan that creates a seemingly ‘fairer’ government’. But in actual fact, it is no more than fake cries of ‘Ketuanan Anwar’ and Malaysian Malaysia.

3) Create something out of nothing

Now this is the mother of all their strategies; to tell everyone that the BN government is racist. The idea that the BN government is racist had never been drilled in the minds of Malaysians before. With a progressive economy and stable government since 1970, Malaysia had become an economic tiger all through the 80’s and 90’s.

Furthermore, the BN government, with its good track records, had been elected more than two thirds majority in every general elections. How could a ‘racist’ government be so popular? Surely the lost of two thirds majority this time around should not be the main reason for the sudden rise of anti-racism in the country. A greater underlying factor is at work here. And the goal is to make the BN government unpopular by using racial politics as weapon.

For example, when Najib agreed to approve the licenses of scrap metal business for the Indians in Permatang Pauh, this innocent statement of his was distorted to become something that has a racist connotation to it. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in Pakatan Rakyat were foaming in the mouth claiming Najib was racist and that he had downgraded the Indians to become scrap metal collectors. They did not realise that in the first place, it was the Indian businessmen that had initially applied the licenses and it was only apt for Najib to announce it there in Permatang Pauh. It took the MAICCI to clear the air over this matter. To me, it was the Pakatan Rakyat who was being racist here but people could not see their subtle strategy.

Another example was when Anwar announced this much loved statement – ‘Anak Melayu, anak kita, anak Cina ,anak kita, anak India pun anak kita. Mengapa harus bezakan?’

Is there anything wrong with this statement?

Yes, there is.

The statement itself is based on the assumption that the BN government is racist by nature. Therefore, to permeate this idea to Malaysians, he needs to tell this lie again and again. What is sickening to me was it is Anwar himself who has made racial differences more pronounced. Since we already established earlier that BN government is not practising racist policy, what locus standi Anwar had to even say this? Everyday we are soaked to the bone by  Pakatan Rakyat’s accusations that Malaysia is a doomed state because of its racist policy. Thus, Anwar’s statement was in fact, nothing more than a reverse psychology with two pronged attack – making him look good and dissing the BN government at the same time.

Innocent statements by Malay leaders, were often twisted out of context to make it sound as if Umno is racist. One such example was Tun Dr Mahathir’s calls for the Malays to unite and become stronger to face the challenges ahead. Other opposition leaders jumped in the bandwagon and further accused Umno leaders as racist and bigots. On the contrary, it was them who made the first strike.

As the extremists in Pakatan Rakyat make racial differences becoming more and more pronounced, and Anwar ibrahim – the ‘borrowed knife’, keep on harping this racial issues, no wonder the political turbulence between the races in Malaysia had been the highest since 1969. He forget that as a ‘borrowed knife’, he kills the racial harmony that had been built since then.

4) Loot a burning house

I don’t think I need to explain this self explanatory strategy.

On another note, it irks me to no end that the Umno leaders as well as the BN leaders as a whole do not know how to defend their own policy and resorted to become a mere apologist of the cause. It does not help that right now, we have a terribly weak Prime Minister at the helm. And so, without a clear and guided instructions from the PM, the Umno and BN leaders do what comes naturally. Fight fire with fire.

This precipitates the quagmire we are in right now.

‘The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye: The more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract’. So did Oliver Wendell Holmes say.

Extremism, in whatever form, is dangerous in this country of ours. And in the absence of strong government, coupled with a fragmented majority, even the minority can dictate their extremist policy and bring forward their own agenda. Hindraf, with its racist memorandum is one such example.

It is ironic that as a committee member of the National Operations Council in 1969, Pak Lah could not even find solutions to this current problem. Has he not learn from his superiors back then? Was he sleeping during the many rounds of NOC meetings?

So, on the eve of the Permatang Pauh by election, I bid all Malaysians, good night and sleep well with clear conscience in the following days ahead.


90 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat – Kill with a borrowed knife

  1. General Tun Ibrahim was the CEO of the NOC. Go read his book ‘Ibrahim – the Malay Warrior’.

    I guess our PM at that time was just a ‘coffee boy’ to the great General Tun Ibrahim and therefore did not learn much.


  2. Yes Bro, nicely put, packed with facts. You should try to have it published on more websites so that many Malaysian could reach this very critical message. Many Malaysian, especially Malays are blinded with power nowadays. They fail to see with their heart anymore. Pls Bro, you need to get this message to as many media as you could. I will remember you as one of the Malaysian heroes!

    JMD : The ability to think and think wisely is almost non existence among the people these days. That is why we are succumbed to extremism. We need to stop and think for a moment so that we can become rationale. Thanks for reading this piece.


  3. dear jmd,
    congrats on a very superb analysis. its heartening to know that there are still voices like yours who awakens sobriety in many people including i. meantime glad to know your are reading the 36 strategems- i have one right in front now.
    thank you and best regards.

    JMD : Thank you sir.


  4. JMD,

    This is the kind of writing that I’ve been waiting for under the current circumstances. And being a KL boy yourself, it adds credibility to it.

    Truth is DAP is using Anwar and Anwar thinks he’s using DAP and everyone else. As who has the upper hand at the end of the day only God knows.

    To say that UMNO is racist and bigot, I have to look deep into my late father’s persona. No, he’s far from it. His heart was pure and he only wanted to have a place for his children under the Malaysian sky.

    I’m a product of NEP, and am I greedy, lazy etc? No. I’m still working very hard day and night to secure a place for my children in this beautiful country.

    But I can’t deny that AAB, KJ et al are the manifestation of everything wrong with UMNO and NEP today. This what we need to remove. Importantly, we must know what we are doing.



  5. Dear JMD,

    Permit me to suggest an analogy to the inter-racial dynamics in Malaysia.

    How we tolerate each other and adopt give and take attitude is like a game of golf. Can all the golfers be having the same handicaps ? Those with better handicap must give allowance to those worst off so as to enable a fair and more interesting game.

    Chinese , Indians and Malays all have different handicaps.So, tolerate the Malays . It will be not forever. Once the Malays have a good handicap, they will golf at equal footing. They will be ashamed to ask for handicap.The Chinese will continue enjoying the game, as they have always been enjoying , nothing to lose but so much to gain.

    Hang Kasturi


  6. I feel you. Hope the voters chose the right person to lead them. Today’s result will surely be recorded in Malaysia’s history.
    If Anwar wins then I will be one of the saddest citizen of Malaysia. History do repeat itself. Traitors are the order of the day.


  7. As you quoted TDI, it’s obvious only the Malays themselves can change the way things are and shape the future of Malaysia, affirmative action or not. Still, I believe things happen for a reason, the sacking 10 years ago and how it was carried out and all led to today.

    May 13 is open for interpretation, I suggest letting it be a reminder that violence has no place in the country no matter what happens. It has been a sorry excuse for, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”, ala the Hulk.

    I believe most people are upset at how stealthily the affirmative action policy has been carried out. No doubt, there are successful brothers, as you put it, helped by the bridge to cross the river. What people are pissed off is when they hear those who waste scholarship money, failing exams abroad, taking years to complete their degree, or those with grades so bad yet making it into medicine. It may be only a few rotten apples, but they’ve ruined the cart.

    If the objective of the policy is to aid and rebuild a nation of people so they would one day be able to compete on level ground, publish the figures, let all of us know how many has been helped, who were helped, how successful the program is. If it is working, then surely the program is successful and should be continued until necessary.

    Or does this come under the OSA, and will upset racial sensitivities again. If only it were properly explained, look this people need help… that’s why we’re doing this… this is what we’ve achieved… poverty has been reduced… INSTEAD of, don’t question our rights… we’ve been trampled for years… who are you to question us… going all cobra-like defensive every time… sigh.

    The HINDRAF issue was poorly handled, nobody would listen to them or engage them, did the PM or any minister even meet them, doesn’t have to be MIC. Or did they think it was SV’s problem and he’s supposed to deal with that sit. haha.

    It’s only normal, DSAI would do anything to get into power. DSAAB and DSNTR would do anything to stay in power. There’s no right or wrong in politics, at one point or another somebody has got to say something that the people wants to listen to. And this time round, someone’s saying all the right stuff…

    JMD : Hence, my utter disbelief in listening to some Umno leaders who are often caught with their feet in their mouths ever so often. Unlike in the past, Umno leaders these days are less tactful and less smart. They just could not explain thoroughly on the policy that had remained the same since 1970. That is why, when some quarters and extremists are beginning to question the very same policy, they do not know how to defend it. Why? Because they, in the first place are not in touch with the objectives of Barisan National. It has been replaced by greed and lust for power. Naturally, when you are crooked, you can never defend the pure and selfless objectives of the government.


  8. Bravo. Well articulated.

    I was 9 years old when, my father and I, were guarding one small bangsal in Kg Nesan Empat, Ladang/Kg Tanjong during the May 1969.

    Perhaps we do need another one, just to keep peace for another 50 years – Destructive progress? Cause, onece in a while, people needs reminding in a brutal way.

    Bosnia? Congo? Rwanda? Pretty quiet and peaceful now, days after. Such is history.

    JMD : With all due respect, I beg to differ on this one. They are other ways than to risk losing loved ones and innocent people again.
    Thank you.


  9. Dear Jebat,
    I have always wanted to take about this a long time….The “conspiracy theory” initiated by DAP.The only way to topple BN is through DSAI, ex- Dep PM and ex Dep Pres of UMNO and more importantly a Bumiputra.
    By hook or crook,assuming DSAI will be the PM (which is remote ), it will be only for a short period of time before DAP will devise a stunning blow to nail him…. LEGALLY.The DAP band of lawyers (loyar buruk ) will take him to court for all his misconduct during and after his tenure as Dep PM including the recent sodomy case.These lawyers knows the fact of the cases and will put the final nail in DSAI political career.All these actions will be under the pretext of TRANSPARENCY and in the name of JUSTICE… guess who will take over and control the government?

    JMD : Ah, finally someone had realised one of the repercussions. Thank you.


  10. JMD,

    Tun Hanif who was the coordinator of the Special Branch investigations into the incident wrote an article in a newspaper and can be read at the following website:-

    Although, I suspect some people mindless muppets will try to discredit Hanif as a Government stooge and refuse to believe the man who was personally involved in the investigation.

    Btw, few days back, Raja Petra through an intermediary tried to contact a friend of mine in an attempt to ask this friend of mine to divulge the behind the scenes going on during the Anwar arrest and subsequent trial. My friend told the intermediary to ask Raja Petra a question, and the question being, whether Anwar will make a good Prime Minister”? Raja Petra, through the intermediary, said that “Anwar won’t be” but the Opposition need an “iconic figure” for the time being and once the new Government is formed a suitable candidate will perhaps be chosen eventually.

    The bit of information above is definately hearsay, and as good as any hearsay SD of Bala and Thangarajoo and you dear readers may choose to believe or not to believe.

    We Malays have to accept a new dawn, of having to re read the history books with a different coloured lense. We now have to accept that 13th May was all our doing, that Chin Peng should be accorded his place in history as a freedom fighter, that the privilege accorded through NEP is soiled and we as Malays have to accept that a public apology will be issued in due course.

    In the spirit of the new Malaysia, could we ALL insist that vernacular school be shut down and that business organisations that restrict membership along racial lines should be closed down, could we also insist that any advertisement for jobs in the newspaper that require the candidate to speak any language OTHER than Bahasa Malaysia and English be disallowed?

    JMD : Tun Haniff Omar is a highly decorated polcie officer. One of the longest serving IGP in Malaysian history. His track record in keeping peace in Malaysia is exemplary. People may have forgotten how dangerous and critical the situation was when the Communist guerillas were roaming free in Malaysia. The baby boomers have also forgotten the state of chaos we were in when Tun Haniff’s predecessor, an IGP was shot at close range by the communist insurgence in 1974.


  11. JMD,

    Again I was touched when reading your latest article. Sometimes, I wonder whether Malays have again forgotten that they have a duty to protect their rights for the safety and benefit of their children and their children’s children. We are slowly becoming like Pak Kaduk and how ironic that after all the years, the book ‘The Malay Dilemma’ is still relevant to the Malay society.

    You are absolutely right that Malay leaders, are often twisted out of context to make it sound as if Umno is racist. For me defending our rights should not be intrepreted as racist and it is completely different from encroaching other people’s right. Unlike Anwar, I don’t subscribe to the belief that one can be an agent to all the diffrent races in Malaysia since we are totally different from each other. Our needs are overlapping with each other and each community leader needs to make the sacrifice like the one made 50 years ago. This agreement must be respected and can only be changed with mutual consent between the leaders of all communities and Anwar Ibrahim is not and never have been recognised as the Malay leader.

    I have already labelled most of PKR’s supporters as young and fanatic, opportunist (some will carry video around their neck, looking for materials for good bargaining power), unsuccessful politicians looking to make a name for himself and moron (some willing to create ridiculous irresposnsible SDs to help their much maligned leader). For that reasons, I don’t see Permatang Pauh seat going to BN today but then again, you never know till all the votes are already counted.

    Having said that, I’m truly disappointed that UMNO is currently ruled by a greedy regime whose lust for power is so unbelievable huge, causing some members to become disillussioned and wondering whether it is worth fighting for UMNO’s cause these days. What Malays lack today is a true leader – one who puts his people above all the rest. What we have today are politicians – a bunch of corrupt politicians looking for ways to fill up their coffers. Ohh God, please save our nation.

    JMD, thanks for continuing to remind us about our history and our responsibilities. I know it takes a lot of effort from you to do the research and enlighten us with things that are important but have been forgotten by most of our people these days. May Allah keep you his blessings and in good health always. Amin.

    JMD : Thank you so much sir for the comment and prayers. We all need it in this time of instability.


  12. An after thought, could we also insist that the Police revive “Operation Copperhead” and hunt the kongsi gelap members down. I heard that most triad boss had to run to either Penang (I haven’t a clue why Penang) or China!


  13. Well said! I couldn’t agree more 🙂 And I agree, Pak Lah probably sleeping in those meeting, just as he does this time around..


  14. assalam bro… brilliant… keep up the good work to educate our ‘educated’ Malaysian. May Allah bless all of us who dared to think outside the box.


  15. JMD, i couldn’t agree with Lekiu more when he said (quoted by you)
    ‘it took another Bumiputra (Anwar) to finish it off’.

    What a rascal he is. Why are we [malays] like this? For power, we ridiculed OUR religion (BN vs PAS filled with remarks that direct and indirectly portray Islam as either not or of less relevence nowadays).
    And for power, we downplay OUR race.

    I pray for one thing. If [God forbid] May 13th is to recurr [as i said, God forbid] it would not be the innocent like the malay army officer and the chinese motorcyclist that dies. The fatality would be to the perpetrator and thier family members. Especially if the perpetrators are politicians as they had abused thier position to kindle fires of hatred between us.

    Perhaps we must ‘educate’ the Malays to read more and ‘sing’ less [AFantasia]. We [Malay] are a younger race compared to the Chinese. Perhaps we should learn from their experiences. Many written in their books like Sun Tzu’s Art of War and the 36 Stratagems you referred to.



  16. Well typed…again I was blown away with your article… read by the so-called liberal malay who are more than willing to forgo what Malay have without having a slightest clue of its consequences

    Malaysian Malaysia / Bangsa Malaysia is A PROPAGANDA…people yelling Malaysian Malaysia don;t even know what constitutes it…they say its equality but their equality is defined as taking from Malays without giving back in terms of sacrificing chinese/tamil schools (if they really want to be called bangsa Malaysia lah)..And if they think that writing Malaysian in Race column in formal form is what constitutes Bangsa Malaysia, i’d say its superficial…..

    JMD : The politics of inciting racial tension is still being continued by Pakatan Pakyat. Link :

    I just have to wonder why does Pakatan Rakyat keep on telling lies and incite the non Malays to revolt. The propaganda to destabilise the racial harmony continues. To me, this is very racist in nature. BN did not resort in smearing PR’s state administration using this tactic. It would be dangerous. Playing along religious line is much more destructive than personal attacks.

    Thank you.


  17. ever heard of the falling of roman empire where they have this emperor by the name of CALIGULA who was actually put his horse as the state councilor? Then they have all this weird emperor (except julius) like nero,caldius and etc. The point is Pak Lah is inept to handle the country not to mention the councilor around him. Whatever methodology or processes use by Anwar and the gang will eventually work. Maybe blessing in disguise, i wouldn’t know. But one thing for sure, I predict that the May13 riot WILL happen again as soon as this October but this time the MALAYS will riot amongst themselves.
    narcissism. that’s what our race (malay) has become. I guess too much of learning tasawuf or too much of those tarikat.

    JMD : Hopefully, just like the Roman Empire history, there will be ‘5 Good Emperors’ coming to reign after the horrid and decadent rule of Caligula, Nero etc.


  18. dear sir,

    i was touched after reading this article. may 13, 1969, the black day for Malaysia as some might labeled it. even if i never born at that time, but still, i could feel the madness of politcs and racial tension at that time. i was compelled to write a comment after reading last few of articles from your blog. they were very insightful and very dear to all Malays especially. i have roamed all over politically-inclined blogs, but never had i found any that touch about the real agenda of this political madness. you are one true critical thinker in this Malaysians politics. if this kind of thinking coming from our ministers, sure hell we will geared up to be emerging economic superpowers. this kind of thinking mind that we all need or at least need to produce from our Malaysians.

    regarding the racial remarks the PKRs made, it was never occured to me that the racism sentiments actually starts from the sides that claim the other racist. heh.. couldn’t agree with you more than this. i thank you again for this. it was the PKR who start the racist remark. and indeed, Anwar is just a puppets behind the real agenda. all the trips and tricks were carefully laid and it was disguise perfectly well behind racial sentiments and Anwar-is-next-PM agenda. unfortunately, your revelation came too short for the Permatang Pauh election. how i wish this article came out few weeks or days earlier than today. then the people will make rather sound judgement of who the should select their reps in parliament.

    and Anwar, by hell what makes him more greedy than ever of becoming PM. it was rather unethical to ask others to jump ship and join him to from new government. it is not the kind of political practice a good developing nation would like to have. he’s one kind of person that use any method of possible to become PM. mcm org ckp , “menghalalkan cara”. demmit this man is dangerous for Malaysians.

    best of luck, sir.

    JMD : I hope this article can show Malaysians on how the Pakatan Rakyat plays with racial sentiments. From now on, one needs to study the real reason behind each accusation of racism hurled by PR to the BN leaders.

    Then, you can discern the truth. The links I provided in one of the comments above indicated how dangerous their tactics are.

    Thank you.


  19. Very good article and timely. It captures the essence of what is happening based on history. Sadly many people today have forgotten history or not learnt it at all.

    Thank you for a fresh perspective that is long overdue.


  20. Friend….that is very selective writings and full of insinutations as with the rest of rubbish.

    JMD : Thank you. And, as a friend, would you please tell me which part that is not agreeable with you and which part you deemed as rubbish so that we can listen to each other’s point of view more? Thank you so much.


  21. JMD,

    I hope and wish that you will continue your tireless effort to awaken the Malays from their slumber party with Abdullah Badawi.

    The research that you have done thus far have been nothing short but superb quality. I cannot imagine the amount of work that needed to be done to write an article of the quality you put almost on a daily basis.

    We will never know how much foul comments you have to sift through.

    We will all have to brace through a long and hard battle ahead.

    My hats off to you. A magnificent piece of public duty. Something I think you will be proud to one day show off to your children about the stand you took in order to ensure their bright in Malaysia.

    JMD : Again, it is people like you and the rest of rationale, critical yet kind readers who had given me the ideas and opportunity to discuss further on the current issues at hand. Of course there are many who cannot resist to disagree with me on any particular topic. But sadly, they could not substantiate their disagreement with meaningful points. Only a few who had shared their adverse views with me in a highly civilised way. In which I was highly delighted to engage. Others, would only throw derogatory remarks at me.

    In the effort to give out my point of view, one must not be too callous or too obnoxious as this will turn people off. As I remember, I have never labelled any commentators that I do not agree with any degrading remarks.

    As in Islam, kindness and patience is a virtue. And God give us brains for us to use it. We can use it like how KJ et al and other current arrogant Umno leaders or, we can use it like how the Umno and other BN leaders of yesteryears had use it.

    It perplexed me that current Umno leaders do not know how to defend the govt’s policy. I think they are too corrupt to defend something that is pure and selfless like the govt’s objectives. If you are confident with what you hold dear, then you will have no problems in defending it against any criticisms.

    It’s a shame that we, as netizens, who are not involved in politics, have to defend and promote something which the Umno leaders should have done with ease. Clearly, their thinking have been muddled with too much money and power.

    It’s not me you should be thanking, it’s all of us.


  22. Assalamualaikom, asal saya dari Kg. Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Saya kecil lagi masa jadinya 13th May. Ketika kejadian 13 May, keluarga kami sudah berpindah ke Gombak. Yang saya dengar dari saudara yang ketika itu tinggal di Kg Baru, mereka cerita, orang cina datang dengan lori serta ‘loud speaker’ dan halau orang2 melayu yang tinggal disana. Dan rumah lama kami dalam 50 meter dari rumah Dato Harun. Orang2 lama Kg Baru beramai2 berarak ke Chow Kit dan mula lah lakunya bergaduhan disana. Arwah bapa mahu ke Chow Kit menolong, tapi emak menghalang, adik beradik ramai dan kecil2. Tak lama kemudian merebak sampai ke Gombak. Rumah kami bersebelahan dengan kilang buat mee. Orang2 melayu pula nak bakar gudang tu, arwah bapa menahan dengan beberapa penduduk yang tinggal berdekatan dengan gudang kerana kalau bakar gudang mee tu, rumah kami terlalu dekat akan terbakar pula rumah2 yang berdekatan. Dah lah penduduk2 di situ panggil arwah bapa ‘traitor’. Masam muka lah sekejap. Beberapa hari kemudian, arwah bapa hantar tuan mee (pekerja2 lain sudah cabut) ke kepong kerana orang2 dikawasan berdekatan sudah resah dengan adanya orang cina ni. Alhamdulillah arwah bapa balek dengan selamatnya. Sunggohpon saya kecil lagi, sedikit sebanyak saya ingat juga, kami di larang bermain diluar, kakak2 lama juga tidak ke sekolah. Makanan pon kena ration, tapi ada lori askar hantar makanan ke kg kami. Saya harapkan tidak jadi lagi 13 May, dan harapkan orang2 melayu yang menyanjungkan AI berfikir2 mendalam lagi apa yang akan berlaku sekira AI jadi PM. Sekarang saja sudah terang lagi bersuluh. SubhanaAllah. Semoga Allah selamatkan negara kita dan beri kesedaran kepada semua.


  23. actually all this things would never happen if we have a TRUE LEADER in UM-no n Bee End… now all sort bunch of idiots n corrupters are sitting there well fed like a young puppy and there’s nothing we as Rakyat Malaysia or Ahli biasa Um-no can do to prevent it… hopefully the reform of the government by DSAI will make a drastic change in Bee End n UM-no itself (no need to wait until 2010)… so all of you no need to be negative about this… might be the blessing in disguise to UM-no… some said, 1 pokok yg lama apabila tumbang maka akan banyak le pokok2 baru yg akan tumbuh… keep thinking positive u guys… like Digi motto ‘It’s time to Change’

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. The effects of changing governments is not like changing your handphone lines by the way 🙂


  24. Assalamu alaikum JMD

    Congratulations for saying the truth as how truth should be said.

    To finally come across some sense among utter blogosgibberish is a good feeling.

    May I just remind you that as weak the ruler may be, the difference in us Malays is in the presence of Tun Tuah; the Malay embodiment of Truth, Trustworthiness, Preaching and Intelligence.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  25. JMD;

    I’m impressed and proud that there is a blogger who could write a thought provoking article like this. The three sensitive issues that you mentioned had become part and parcel of Malaysians life until recently one selfish and ambitious leader torn it apart for personal gain. I already make up my mind to venge my anger to the current leader by not giving my vote in the next PRU. But after reading your article, it makes me realised that I dont want to be used as a borrowed knife to kill a leader. I shall pick up all the broken pieces and mend it together and proudly show to my children and future grandchildren what our past leaders had sacrificed for us. Have a meaningful Merdeka Day everyone.

    JMD : Our children and grandchildren can also take heart from this article;

    A very humbling read indeed.


  26. Salam JMD. My compliments to you, I hope this article could be sent to ALL UMNO Cawangan, Bahagian, Majlis Tertinggi UMNO, Naib-Naib Presiden & Timbalan Presiden . In fact this article should be discussed immediately by Majlis Tertinggi UMNO as apparently with the weak President at the helm of UMNO, this once great Malay party are in sixes and sevens on how to defend themselves from the Anwar PKR and DAP racial propoganda onslaught. It would at least give those tongue tied UMNO Ministers some idea on how to answer the unfair allegation of racism thrown leisurely at UMNO now.

    By the way you would have known already by now that Anwar won with a margin of 15 thousand votes or so. In my view while its a given that Anwar will win the by-election, the margin of victory showed that UMNO cannot allow Abdullah the luxury of retiring in 2010. There is much work to be done to regain the trust and confidence of the Malay masses especially the idealistic teenagers who gets their political information from the internet, who are of voting age come the next GE expected in 2012.

    Perception of the mind shaped by the internet, affects the way the readers young and old thinks and make decisions. Your articles plus some very enlighthening write ups notably by and a few others should be used by the new UMNO team lead by Dato’ Najib in the battle to win the mind of the Malays in cyberspace, the future of UMNO, BN and the security and stability of Malaysia depends on it. The battle starts now.

    JMD : I have no objection if this article is submitted to the people mentioned above. But what I am writing is nothing new… It was staring at our face all this time but non of our supposed leaders (the one who should defend and take care of us Malaysians against any extremism or other kind of destructive elements) have highlighted it.

    Other articles include :








    But of course, I foresee the Umno leaders will be too ‘highbrow-ed’ to consider something which is too critical for their own consumption.

    Thank you.


  27. The late Tun VT Sambanthan couldn’t have put it any better. The other races (Chinese and Indians) or better known now as Bangsa Asing were taken in as brothers and sisters.
    Its going to be 51 years of independence and its ironic that no Malaysian sees themselves as a Malaysian. They rather see themselves as Malay, Chinese , Indian and whatever ethnic group that they may be from. This weakness or a gap in unity is certainly used by certain quarters to bring up the racial card.
    That for me is scary. Malaysia can never prosper if there’s no unity within the races. I , for one, refuse to say that I am of a certain ethnic group because my race is the Malaysian race. I wonder if there will come a time when the term RACE be removed from the various forms that we fill in this country.
    Would that be a far-fetched dream to achieve?

    JMD : Your question may be answered when you read this article below :

    Thank you.


  28. JMD,

    I do not wish to sound like a defeatist. I will continue to fight in ways that I can.

    But the feeling on the ground seems to favour Anwar’s plan for change, a future without talk of race. At least no talk about the Malay race although the non Malays are ok to keep their race.

    Most of the readers will agree that your message need to reach the masses. A strategy need to be devised so that it could reach the people out there. Your message need to awaken the Malays from their enchanted sleep.

    Would love to hear suggestions from readers on how best to spread your message across.

    JMD : It’s very, very ironic that Malays cannot talk about being Malays or even highlight our misgivings but other races can criticise, lament all they want and even uphold their own racial identities. No thanks to the weak but corrupt leadership. I always wonder how these two traits (weak and corrupt) can last this long!

    Btw, I have tried so many times to get this blog registered in Malaysia Today (for better coverage), but for some reasons unknown, the administrator (labisman) kept on declining/banning me. I can’t even register myself to give comments! (Probably I have different views from them). It really turns me off when a blog purportedly championing transparency and equal/just treatment chose not to extend me the pleasure of commenting in that portal…

    It is sad whenever there are comments that differs from their views, they would be labelled as BN / Umno cybertroopers. To me, cybertroopers can come from both sides. And cybertroopers are mostly getting paid to do their jobs. This blog on the other hand, is purely driven by passion.

    Fret not Lekiu, I’m sure they are relevant people out there who are reading this blog and its entire comments. I have no objection if readers wanna forward any of my articles in their mailing lists too.


  29. Salam again JMD. I think the UMNO leaders will have to swallow their overblown pride and really start to dig in and read critical but positive articles that would help in rejuvenating UMNO. Otherwise UMNO leaders will find themselves in the opposition bench after the next election.


  30. dear sir,
    i’m a uitm shah alam’s student doing degree in mechanical engineering.

    i followed
    saw ur comment and
    just hv a click on it.

    from ur writing:
    i like how the way u observe n think.
    u create such a new version of ‘seeing is believing’.
    totally impressed by ur writing.

    with permission,
    i copied and paste ur article ‘pakatan rakyat – kill with a borrowed knife’ in my students group adv (not public)

    pls do keep on writing.

    JMD : Thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully you have the time to read all of the articles here.

    Studying mechanical enginnering is very impressive. I have friends who studied mechanical engineering long time ago, went to become really successful corporate advisors, investment bankers and great businessmen. And they did not even study finance or economics! My guess is, mechanical engineering requires you to have a very good analytical mind and sharpen your ability to think quickly and systematically.

    As I recall, the son of the late Tan Sri Jaffar Hussein (ex BNM governor) studied mechanical engineering in university but after graduation, he took ACCA and he went on to become a professional accountant after that. Now, he is one of the associate director in PWC.

    I hope you will excel in your studies. I look forward for any comments you may have on this blog.

    Thank you.


  31. Unless UMNO is sleeping after taking or after being injected with a very strong sleeping pill, the AI parliamentary comeback must be a rude wake-up call. PL should seriously treat emergency and extraordinary circumstances as just that and quickly leave the leadership for UMNO members to decide.

    Please spare the Malays and Malaysia all the terrible risks which AI brings with him.

    AI lost against Dr M. Now it seems that he can do what he likes. Mr Clean looking for Al-Ghazali is not the answer for the Malays and the country at this point in time.


  32. JMD,

    Your blog seems to be attracting more readership lately, mostly like-minded personalities (and then some) who also have the innate ability to articulate their thoughts. It is certainly refreshing. Especially, the high level of english presentation and comprehension.

    I am not trying to be patronising here nor have the intention to describe debaters here as elitists in any way. I guess most of us got tired of reading rubbish postings/comments at our regular ‘watercoolers’ and started blog-hopping to find “The One” which resonates with our current thoughts.

    In time, with more and more issues being discussed here, we will reach a tipping point to outreach beyond the confines of a blog. Hence, going off-line and meeting in the flesh to push initiatives among our fellow citizens.

    It would be a waste to have vigorously-argued brilliant ideas and excellent solution modules lying dormant ‘on paper’, so to speak.

    Give this some thought, will yer but please don’t take too long….


    AI’s entry into parliament is NOT an impediment for the right changes to occur so as this nation can move forward. I can confirm the veracity of RPK’s reply about AI’s inadequacies to be PM as mentioned by Lekiu. Shariff also poignantly noted the potential DAP double-cross strategy.

    According to RPK, there is another game-plan within the current scenario i.e. to use AI against AAB and NTR. The plan necessitates:

    a) putting AI into parliament to fortify the opposition, and
    b) promoting himself (RPK) as an iconic ‘media’ figure to garner public support (including the agony of having fanatical ones) plus be a veritable pain in the nether region to the government to sustain his fan base.

    Toppling AAB/NTR will pave the way for another to step in but AI is not on the list. I am however not privy as to who the ‘right’ candidate for PM is just yet. More on this later when the opportunity avails itself.

    While this is transpiring, I believe in civil society empowering itself as an engine for progress rather than leaving it to elected politicians or self-anointed leaders to decide what’s good for us. So, get together and get organised. Start networking with others on strategic ideas and plans already mentioned in this blog. And more importantly, spread the word.

    Meanwhile, you seemed unable to get on board Malaysia-Today? Let me see what’s going on with the bald headed bloke. Subtly, of course. Hehehe! (I’ll check back here in the next couple of days to see your affirmation or otherwise before proceeding).

    On another note, I am pleased to see a UiTM student, Amintharudin, making the effort to use your article for academic discussion. Good to see your writings livening up the real world, JMD.

    Coincidentally, the recent UiTM furore had Haris Ibrahim of The People’s Parliament (TPP) lambasting the VC in one of his postings. That particular article generated a large number of strong remarks including one from a malay student from UiTM itself who tried to explain the situation. Being a regular at TPP, I invited this student to write his viewpoints with the proposal that it will get airtime at TPP. He agreed and Haris published it. In turn, this student’s article brought a better understanding on the matter among the others at TPP. As an added bonus, a lot of ‘new’ malay readers started to participate at TPP by commenting.

    In essence, we need to be able to listen (read) and respond with decorum (and facts, of course) for any discourse to continue towards achieving answers or solutions. IMHO, the younger generation must inculcate this ability within themselves. The future belongs to them. Old foggies like me just need to provide the impetus.

    Nuff said.

    JMD : It’s not that I am complaining. They have every right not to approve my membership in MT. My last attempt to register via email to ‘labisman’ was on the 1st April 2008 (5.11am). After that, I only surf MT sporadically.

    You are right about your comments. Noted.

    Thank you.


  33. Notice what DSAI will be “sweeping” if he gets power.

    Many of us have the rationality not to take our anger to the streets but there are also others who are more blunt and obvious in showing their anger.

    I fear another MAY 13th for my family and friends.

    I hope Allah SWT keeps everyone calm in these troubled times, insyaAllah.

    JMD, your struggle is gives us hope. Tahniah.


  34. Salam

    Allah berjanji bila kamu bantu agama Allah, nescaya Allah akan bantu kamu. Segala masalah datang dari Allah, dan Allah jua lah yang selesaikan masalah.

    Hakikatnya, umat Islam di Malaysia sudah tidak amalkan agama Islam dengan menyeluruh. Ini semua akibat dari IMAN yg sangat lemah.

    IMAN yg sangat lemah berlaku akibat dari umat Islam yg mengagungkan dunia lebih dari keagungan Allah. Dunia yg dimaksudkan ini boleh ditakrif dengan lebih meluas. Sebagai contoh harta, pangkat dan kedudukan kesemuanya ini adalah dunia.

    Bila umat Islam mengagungkan dunia ini daripada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah pasti murka. Akibatnya hari ini, turun segala masalah dan azab yang menimpa umat Islam di Malaysia ini.

    Cuba renungkan sabdaan Nabi saw yg diriwayatkan oleh Hazrat Abu Hurairah ra, Nabi saw telah bersabda, “Apabila umatku mengagungkan dunia, kehebatan Islam akan dicabut daripada mereka. Apabila mereka meninggalkan amr-bil-ma’aruf dan nahi-‘anil-mungkar, mereka akan diluputkan daripada keberkatan wahyu dan apabila mereka caci-mencaci antara satu sama lain mereka akan gugur dari pandangan Allah”. (Hadith riwayat Hakim Tirmizi)

    3 perkara penting dalam hadis di atas;
    1. Apabila umatku mengagungkan dunia, kehebatan Islam akan dicabut daripada mereka.
    2. Apabila mereka meninggalkan amr-bil-ma’aruf dan nahi-‘anil-mungkar, mereka akan diluputkan daripada keberkatan wahyu.
    3. apabila mereka caci-mencaci antara satu sama lain mereka akan gugur dari pandangan Allah.

    Tidak syak lagi, 3 perkara yg dinyatakan dlm hadis itu sedang berlaku di kalangan umat Islam di Malaysia termasuk saya dan anda. Saya yakin umat Islam di Malaysia hari ini akan kembali ke landasan yg betul bila 3 perkara ini dapat diubah. Bila ini berlaku segala masalah/kemelut yg berlaku kepada Umat Islam di Malaysia ini akan terhindar.

    Wahai umat Islam di Malaysia, mari lah kita sama2 kembali kepada Allah. Bahawasanya, Tiada Tuhan Melainkan Allah, Tiada yg Berkuasa Melainkan Allah, Tiada yg selesaikan masalah Melainkan Allah, dan Muhammad itu pesuruh Allah.

    Mari lah kita sama2 ingat-mengingati antara sesama lain kerana peringatan adalah sangat baik bagi orang mukmin.



  35. salam Bro…

    wow… the article in ST was a true eye opener. That’s what happened if we took things for granted. Maybe thats what the Malay in Malaysia wants actually, to be a third class citizen in their own country. If they read this and still can’t open their eyes, well, what else can we do?


  36. Sorry Sir, I gave this comments on your previous posting (silap) :


    Anwar won big at PP. What do you think caused the increased majority? Is it because people consider DSAI a lesser of two evils? Do you think that the PAS top leadership will support his plans to become PM?

    For me I think that the Malays still base their judgement on impressions/assumptions rather than facts. I think the PAS leadership supports him only to prove a point now (against Najib?) but they won’t support his plan to become PM, as they would want it for themselves.

    It is very frustrating to see Ulamaks giving moral support and providing justifications for matters I believe that can only be determined by Allah SWT.

    Highly appreciate your comments.


    JMD : My thoughts on this is very much teh same like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (although I am no way near his pedigree);

    I have never commented on BN’s chances in Permatang Pauh. As I was not there at all. Therefore, I couldn’t make an astute analysis on the ground. But one thing that makes me slap my forehead was upon hearing KJ’s call to ‘bury’ DSAI’s political career.

    This, as I mentioned so many times, is an example of an arrogant Umno leader. When he is in Anwar’s homeground, he needs to be tactful and mind the voters’s sentiments there. Permatang Pauh is certainly not Rembau.

    People there had been voting Anwar and his wife since 1982. They are used to him. Even when they do not support him, they do revere him.

    And to come to Permatang Pauh, all haughty with guns ablazing, feeling very self important and shouting arrogance, WILL make the local voters feel ‘meluat’.

    After all, who are you, a 32 year old greenhorn to say things like that to a veteran politician?

    This is why KJ is such a flop. A failure. He thinks he could entice the crowd with that kind of ’syok sendiri’ speech? He should give a speech filled with facts, on the necessity to give BN a chance to win the seat, so that BN can humbly prove it is better in that seat than PKR since 1999. Not the one spewing rhetorics or challenging Anwar left and right. A casual observer will find it funny, yet revolting. Compare with Ariff’s own speech and perhaps Datuk Mukhriz’s speech. They do not sound pompous or condescending at all.

    And the media did not help at all. BN should be doing reverse psychology all the way in this by-election. But no, they make it as if they will win it. That is why, those fence sitters are voting the other side.

    I have no more to say about this. I will tell KJ straight to his face the next time I see him. Apparently, he had not learned his lessons on humility 🙂


  37. JMD

    In response to Lekiu’s comment, my humble suggestion is to start a drive to all netizens who love Malaysia to donate at least RM1 so that we can put up an advertisement to promote unity/patriotism. Of course in the advertisement we should quote the speeches by our past leaders which were quoted in JMD’s article. I will start the ball rolling by donating RM100 🙂

    JMD : A noble idea that is. Thank you.


  38. dear JMD.
    i pray Allah will bless u and give u strengh to continue your work to wake up this ummah. i fear for our future if those in power continue to be blinded by power. may Allah protect this tanah bertuah.

    JMD : Thank you so much.


  39. Anwar is playing with fire. He is using racism to win support. He foreget the saying that, u can please some people some time but u cannot please all the people all tah time. The late T.A.Rahma, our first PM alwyas refered to Malaysia as a pie or a cake. He cut it in accordence to the need of the people and nobody is please with their piece. At the moment Anwar would promise heaven and earth to the Indians and Chinese to win their support. I f he becomes the PM, would he fullfill these promises? And if he fullfill his promise to the chinese, would the Malays feel please, particularly, if they are getting a smaller portion of the pie?


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  41. JMD,

    Kudos on the increasing readership. They say if you’re good, you’re good, and people can tell the diamond from coal. The same with our leaders. Old school politics have got to go. TunM’s latest posting on affirmative action is a good read, frank and concise.

    There are some commenters anticipating another 513, but seriously, no Chinese have any reason to do so. Once bitten, twice shy. Lesson learned. Everything’s at its right place. Why upset the balance? If anything it would be intra-racial, between the liberals and the conservatives, the AF idolaters and the pop star protesters, the political animals in their struggle for power. The last time any one was upset was the Hindraf people and they know more than anything to start a bloodshed. Nobody in their right minds, in this country, in the 21st century will resort to violence.

    In hindsight, a lot could have been done if they (everyone in BN, not only UMNO) had seriously wanted to unite the nation. National schools could have offered additional languages such as Arab, Chinese and Tamil to anyone who wanted to study it. Even Jawi was thought broadly in the 80s. Over time, it would have made vernacular schools redundant. Sakmongkol @ AK47 is offering pretty good stuff too on his blog, let’s hope this time someone will do the right thing.

    JMD : I agree with you on the comments made. Just like what Tun M had blogged, the system is good, but the people entrusted to manage it had been abusing it. Even the ones receiving benefits from the system had exploited it. By the way, Sakmongkol is indeed a really good blog to read.


  42. Sudahlah….dah macam-macam petition dibuat, Pak Lah tetap kat situ juga. best thing is, kita belajar dari PAKISTAN. Tak suka, letak C4 dalam bunga and hadiah kat dia. Habis cerita……..


  43. Kan pak lah dah kata..” i dont care what people say, i dont care what the oppositions say etc” ( when petrol price turun balek 15 sen). So dia akan duduk ontok ontok and tido kat Sri Perdana tu. Dont waste our time complaining about this sloth. We must think of something as to how to remove and wake him up. I bet he won’t even make a sound when we do that to him. Just see 🙂


  44. I was told by a trusted source deep in AAB’s camp. There is some truth in the story that Najib is being led to slaughter. The divided loyalty in the campaign by the BN machinery at Permatang Pauh is not without its reason, to facilitate the rise of Anwar and to discredit the campaign led by Najib’s at Permatang Pauh.

    According to the warped lagic of AAB’s men, Anwar could be swayed to re join UMNO and replace AAB, of course Najib has to be led to the slaughterhouse first. What these idiots don’t realise is that Anwar doesn’t have to join UMNO to be the Prime Minister, at the rate he is going, what is stopping him from becoming the Prime Minister ? Why would he abandon the successful KeADILan and jump into a sinking ship like UMNO ? Anwar commands the same respect from members of KeADILan just like Tun Mahathir commands the adulation of most Malaysians.

    I’ve been trying to tell these muppets who sits very close to Badawi but without much success.

    I was told by a client who speaks to Anwar on a regular basis that, Anwar still has the Malay interest close to heart. I’ve been telling this client that Anwar’s deeds shows otherwise and that Anwar believes the Malays should be pushed off the cliff and learn to fly or fall.

    According to these 2 men from different camps, my total lack of involvement in politics apparently is the reason for my naivety.

    I believe that for the sake of survival, UMNO needs to do some spring cleaning and throw away some who have become more like a liability. AAB somehow is under the impression that KJ is a “good boy and is misunderstood by the public”.

    If AAB has any love for UMNO, if KJ has any moral compunction, both have to stay miles away from UMNO ! Some members of the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO reeks of stench all the way to high heaven and should also leave.

    You guys have made your money, now for the love of God and for the sake of the Malays, kindly tender your resignation and move on.

    UMNO badly need for Tun Mahathir to once again step into the halls of PWTC, NOT to lead but to become the “unifying factor”. Just like Lee Kuan Yew who became the Mentor for PAP MPs, Tun Mahathir MUST be coaxed into coming back into UMNO and guide the new leadership.

    The BN Component parties who have benefitted from a strong UMNO in the past must aid the ailing giant.

    BN has an impressive track record in balancing pro business policies and social spending. If anyone bothers to spend a bit of time to check the projects implemented by the BN Government and then read the strong objections from the Opposition, one would come to the conclusion that BN has done good.

    A populist strategy as espoused by the Opposition is like honey on the ears but will cause pain to the country in the long run.

    What we have learned from Tun Mahathir’s stewardship of the country is that some times the bitter pill has to be swallowed in order for the country to be well.

    UMNO has to learn to use the net as a way to reach out to the masses. To label bloggers, “goblok”, “evil” is not going to endear people to them but will only bring ridicule and contempt. UMNO needs to be able to articulate their thoughts better and not take the short cut route of personal attack. The Shabery Anwar debate shows that personal attacks are counter productive.

    JMD : Thanks Lekiu for the well thought comments. As for your suggestion, I have forwarded it to the relevant people which are thinking along that line as well. Probably we could rope in Musa Hitam as well while Ku Li is the PM designate.


  45. Dear JMD,
    I do not know if this is any comfort to you.
    But after finding your blog, I do not feel the need to read MT anymore.

    However I believe you want the other point of view to be heard.
    Well I hope it works.

    On Anwar Ibrahim, he would not be a factor if Badawi was a Good LEader for all MAlaysians.


    JMD : These days I seldom read MT too. Most of their commentators are fanatics that do not offer any constructive comments. Most are laced with foul language and accusations. Hard to find a really thought provoking comments in them.


  46. Saya yakin orang Melayu bukanlah bangsa penakut seperti yang dijangkakan.

    Sejarah membuktikan, jika benar2 pembelot bangsa muncul @ benar2 Melayu & Maruah Islam terhina, ada orang-orang yang akan nekad berani mempertahankannya.

    Cuma di nasihatkan, jangan mencuba bermain2 dengan perkara2 seperti ini.

    Kejadian2 lepas seperti Natrah Berdarah, Amukan2 gila & kejadian2 berjihad di masa lepas adalah angkara ‘manusia syaitan’ yang memikirkan orang Melayu/Islam bodoh dan mahu menguji kebodohan itu.

    Contoh terbaru Lwo Gwo Burne ditampar (nasib baik ditampar shj) kerana mempersoal pembinaan surau. Karpal Singh dihantar peluru & Ambiga cuba dibom adalah kerana tindakan ‘eksperimen’ mereka2 yang cuba membuat tafsiran baru.

    Saya nasihatkan ketika keadaan ‘masih terkawal ini’ janganlah memusnahkan Malaysia @ membuat sesauatu pertimbangan sempit dan bodoh ketika negara ini MASIH AMAN.

    Saya tak mahu Malaysia menjadi seperti Pakistan, Iraq & Afghan, kerana ketamakan orang lain- rakyat jadi mangsa. Oleh itu, betulkan jln masing2 jika berpolitik. Sesiapa yang merasakan ‘diri mereka pangkhianat’ cuba baiki.

    Di Pakistan,Nepal & jiran Thailand-pemimpin2 pengkhianat telah menjadi ‘mangsa korban’ akibat perbuatan diri sendiri-memperalat rakyat untuk berkuasa.


  47. Perhaps we must ‘educate’ the Malays to read more and ’sing’ less – Siapa yang galakkan melayu berhibur,tak lain tak bukan, umno. Jika pemimpin2 umno tidak buat macam2 penyelewengan, tidak ada ruang untuk pembangkang pengaruhi rakyat menentang kerajaan BN.

    Dulu penjajah guna taktik propaganda “islam disebarkan dengan pedang”. orang2 islam jadi apologetik, untuk buktikan propaganda itu salah mereka pun buang pedang. Bila mereka buang pedang, penjajah menawan negara2 islam.
    Hari ini taktik yang sama digunakan, melayu dituduh racist, diskriminasi, tidak adil, zalim… melayu pun melatah lalu mereka masuk perangkap dan melayu pun berlumba lumba lepaskan hak2 mereka.


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  49. JMD/Lekiu;

    We have to start some where. And if we could rope in other bloggers for this drive.. and form a pressure group. Any idea how to channel the fund? I still remembered in 1998 when Al-Gore make a remark about the reformasi in front of TDM in a function, then the next day one gentleman (forgot the name) put up one advertisement in all major newspapers condemned the remark. So my suggestion is, we do the same thing..we publish the blog’s address so that many people can reach us.

    JMD : Please revert to my email – jalaree at hotmail dot com

    Thank you.


  50. JMD,

    After reading the comments in this blog, Chedet’s and a few others, it is clear that many are blaming AAB for the loss in PP. I am of the same opinion but what worries me is that this just post-GE 2008 repeating itself. We got mad, we lambasted AAB & Co but yet nothing could be done. This is going to happen again and by then we would already past the point of no return.

    The fact is AAB’s advisors are as deluded as him. One example of their delusions is how they think that BN’s poor performance in the recent GE was solely Dr M’s responsibility. Nothing to do with AAB’s incompetence, mind you. When those close to AAB have this kind of thought process, what hope do we have? After reading Lekiu’s comments on the ‘muppets’, I am more convinced that we have little chance of making them face reality and come out from their sheltered and cocooned world.


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  52. Malaysia needs a change. Institutions are crumbling. The judiciary offers as much comfort that justice will be served as Paris Hilton’s album offers musical inspiration. The police are uninterested in the people’s respect. The executive has, quite frankly, lost the plot (never mind the people). Whilst there is hope, hope itself is not going to bring about the changes that need to take place. There are many that have reservations about AI (especially given his “contributions to the nation” during his time in the executive) but at this point these same people are willing to let him assume the role of agent of change. How this change is effected remains to be seen. BN or UMNO has the oppurtunity to change and reinvent itself to mend the standing of maligned institutions and meet the needs of nation-building. They do not however seem predisposed to do so. The way the divisional elections seem to be moving it does not appear that the movement to save Malaysia is an inexorable force that has gripped the grassroots. Gerakan wants to jump ship. MIC is sliding to obscurity under the overbearing weight of a single ego. MCA, well…, they are to busy arguing whether morality is all that important these days. Race relations will inevitably have to be managed as they were (for better or for worse depending on your personal experiences, there was some form of direction) during TDM’s time but that is not the key to our salvation. May 13 is as irrelevant as it is relevant. Leadership is required. AI should be the wake up call for BN/UMNO to do what is patently obvious as needs to be done. Not just 1 UMNO member or 2, not a branch or 2, not a division or 2. And if they do not, AI’s qualifications or character to be PM become irrelevant. They will be handing him the premiership as surely as each person who put an X against his name on the ballot papers.


  53. Hi JMD

    Your latest is a gem….timely….but did not reach the masses….. how unfortunate…of late most ppl feel a bit turned off with mostly loopsided write-ups, sucker punch commentaries laced with foul languages, n blogger idolism……especially the pet poodle who thinks the gov can put him in jail n he can be pardon the next day by his royalty buddy/distant family….

    My question to you ……r they going for the kill…or just to wound n paralyse the already wounded BN…..Malay/Bumiputra rights are well protected by the constitution…..affirmative action on the other hand is a policy choice by the ruling govt….I myself am a product of the affirmative action…actually any bumi below 55 should be… helped me got the pricy international education …after that very much same ….actually how many bumiputra actually go n line up to get the benefits of the affirmative action policy..i’m talking about individuals here…n not corporations….(since corporation cant vote but can finance the campaigns)…..if one try to imply the voting pattern in Permatang Pauh as a vote for the new malaysia …think again….

    Nothing close to smart have come out from the ruling govt side…on how to tackle the Economic problems….thats hurting everbody’s bottom line….add that with political instability of internal power-play in UMNO n the components parties of BN…..a recipe for disaster……Imagine people actually voted for a cameraman wannabe to become an MP….there was even an issue in selecting an MB in Perak cause the PKR winning candidate was a post-man ..nooffense to them…but what does this say about the feeling on the ground……exactly like what Tun said…..”tunggul kayu pun mereka undi”

    Our politician n their strategist r no better than the horribly dubbed latin soap opera’s with awfull script n plots…..gaining public confidence is reduced to swearing in the name of God, crappy Statutory declarations (how much does it cost to make one anyway), no action police reports n paranoid losers policies..soon our parliment may even be like taiwan with shouting matches n the occasional kung-fu panda moves…perfect for “malaysia funniest home movies”

    as for now i see a bleak future ahead……we must create the right environment now for the future that we want our children to be in…….its gonna take time … a long time………..America took hundreds of years for a black man to be nominated as a presidential candidate………one thing for sure i dont think Aug 26 was a turning point…..for all you know he could have a heart attack n drop dead by next week ….with no-one else within the Pakatan Rakyat having the so called capabilities to lead…it’s just gonna be a like a big firework display….

    How much wake up calls do the current idiots in power need….go n talk to foreign investors…we r already out of the radar…….go to the ground business r suffering…look at the direction of the ringgit vs usd…..these r difficult times…..elections over….get on with ur job n deliver the promises made that got u there in the first place……find out the underlying issues at stake n undertake remedial policies executed with precision….that will be key to our survival……by the way with the recently signed ASEAN mutual recognition of proffesional movement within the teritory….more n more direct challenges will face the malays in the near future…….dont think makan gaji is gonna be easy anymore folks

    JMD : Thank you for the comment SatD.


  54. JMD,

    If I tell you that PP was won by the rakyat and not AI, will it make sense?

    And if I tell you that the ordinary ‘Janes and Joes’ of all races in PP wanted to believe in someone who can give them a better life but had to make the Hobson’s choice with their votes on politicians because the ones who convinced them were not running for office, does it sound crazy?

    GE12 was the beginning. PP was a re-affirmation of that mindset change in the rakyat’s aspirations. Sixty percent at PP were 40 or below. PP is a ‘concentrated’ demographic reflection of what Malaysia is now compared to 1957.

    How we go forward without forgetting the efforts and sacrifices of those in the past will depend on new personalities of future history.

    I see that in you plus others here.

    Please don’t waste the opportunity because second best is not an option anymore.

    Besides, all the ‘muppets’ have an achilles’ heel (wink2).

    JMD : The people in Permatang Pauh won in only sending a message to Pak Lah that his leadership is in tatters. The Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders think the whole rakyat won because Anwar Ibrahim can enter the Parliament to fight for their political causes. If we move the root cause of the problem, the whole rakyat will win. But to replace him with another much maligned character, would only be a pyrrhic victory.

    To be honest, I am not that worried about Anwar. What I am worried is the backing he has from the United States. The danger is real and I for one, do not wish this country to be headed by someone whose independence is compromised.


  55. Perhaps what UMNO members need to do is to berarak depan PWTC suruh jugak Pak Lah letak jawatan ! And, by the way, Khairy pun perlu berundur. The father and son in law combo is doing considerable amount of damage to UMNO.

    We’ve been trying to tell him politely, the public have given him countless messages, pun Pak Lah tak faham atau tak mau dengar.

    This is just an observation, I am in no way blaming Tun Mahathir for what I am about to say. I cannot imagine what Tun Mahathir must feel right now. I was told by my boss that Tun Mahathir mentioned that if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister, he might consider leaving the country. Tun Mahathir handpicked Anwar to join UMNO and again handpicked Badawi to become Prime Minister. It turns out that one is throwing a grenade at UMNO and the other decide to strap a C4 and blow UMNO to pieces. Both ended up trying to destroy what Tun Mahathir built.

    Years of mud slinging by the Opposition, countless attacks by the news media from the West, orchestrated financial attack in 1998 and UMNO endured. What UMNO failed to check was their back.

    Much like the line made famous by Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser, Tun Mahathir is probably saying “Et Tu (Anwar/Badawi)?”. Nothing kills effectively than betrayal from the closest.

    What “thirty pieces of silver” will motivate a man to do.


  56. At the rate we are going with Anwar , Lims ,Singhs and Hindraf around we are expecting another May 13th in the near future .So be attentive with the small incidents that happened around us .Anwar will do everything possible as long as he can be the PM and get the backing of the US .His Islamic belief is very superficial just to get the backing of Pas all along . All our Muslim brothers , please pray to Allah that we don’t play any part to put him into power.Our forefathers build this nation as a Muslim state with the Malay Rulers as our guardian . Let this be so that this country will not be like Afghanistan , Iraq and other unfortunate countries.

    JMD : This is why we must remain calm and not be emotional. We need to be smart in overcoming this. Please refer to my previous article. Thank you.


  57. I think your articles should be brought up to discuss on more blogs, but, alas, most of the bloggers are blurred by some elements.

    They are lead by the ‘events of the moment’. If they can read more of your writing, which, I supposed are facts, they may be more rational in their approach toward the current upheaval.

    The intentions of the past leaders to make Malaysia a place for all is still well and alive. It has been slanted towards certain group, but others can still live without much complain.

    on another note, why do you think that the Malays today, with their higher education achieved, more financial participation, leading the government, to state a few, still feel unsecured?

    JMD : Maybe because they lack self confidence because all these years, even when if they fail, there would still be some kind of safety net.

    However, the insecurity you are seeing right now only comes from politicians who are taking advantage of the current situation. Which is a different issue altogether.

    I am currently writing the next article which may address this matter. Insya’allah.


  58. One of the best article i ever read about the current political issue. Clearly, the “Anwar Ibrahim” factor is very dangerous to this nation. This is a person that can command the crowd, but clearly for his own benefits, not the people.

    Love by the western, especially USA, accepted by the Zionist, one should wonder if this guy is for real. The US never support someone for nothing.

    Unfortunately, the people have no where to go. BN especially UMNO is dying because the leaders are so attached to money, power and wealth.

    There is only one more chance left, Abdullah, Najip, Muhyiddin and all the present MT should go including the famous Son In Law in Malaysia.


  59. wham…
    the gentleman that put the advertisement was Allahyarham Tan Sri Nordin Sopiee..if i’m not mistaken, it cost him around RM14k just to publish it in NST..


  60. What a good post. *speechless*

    You slam me with points and I couldn’t agree more.

    This is from my humble opinion. I don’t really care about politic as I know both side are dirty. Who says politic is clean?

    But what made citizens got angry and became time bomb was because of lack of intelligence in our PM and full of arrogance by KJ. Things happen and if it followed by evidence do you think citizen would just stay in silence pretending nothing happen? Then Lim and Karpal would be happy of these flaws and took advantage of course. Lim always wanted to be Chief Minister with Power since last time and using RoboCop as his poster remember? But he couldn’t make it until his son defeated Koh. Then look at Koh land scam… sigh.

    I don’t want Anwar to be our PM if you ask my opinion but he is in need to open BN and UMNO’s eyes wide. If they are still act this way… slow and showing off fighting against unrelated matters in parliament, citizens will lose hope more and more and jump to the party they think they can rely on even though deep inside they want BN and UMNO so bad.

    Let see in Bayan Lepas area. They simply kicked YB Mansor and replaced with Norman who we didn’t even know him and replaced by our lovely PM with no solid reason. Do you think people here will vote for him instead of someone well known in another party?

    Sad thing is our government still pointing fingers at this and that rather than do some research on why they lose this time.

    Still remember the first time Paklah won the election? Remember the majority? What happen now? Instead of giving all opportunity to KJ why don’t he does things himself with his own idea? This remind me of an old saying “Shape in or ship out”. Citizens need him to step down and that is all.

    My question is who is the best to replace him? Because of there is no better candidate, citizens choose Anwar to replace Paklah. Who else?

    Why Mahathir took Anwar last time and kicked him if he is one of the best? Yet, Mahathir announced that he abused his power to make Anwar suffer which can be seen or watched in youtube too (maybe it has been banned).

    If UMNO and BN play fair again maybe citizen could forgive them. As to love is to forgive… but what happen in the Permatang Pauh election? What they did? You know… I know.

    I hope UMNO and BN open their eyes instead of playing more games with the oppositions and citizens. We love UMNO and BN but…


    JMD : I think you had misconstrued TDM’s speech which was made sarcastically on the issue of abuse of power. He was pointing out the fact that Pak Lah had abuse his power. And he was alluding to the fact that some quarters had also pointed out that TDM also abused his power in getting Anwar thrown in jail . In which, he then launched that sarcastic remarks. You could see how desperate Anwar supporters had become in editing the said video and interlacing it with Anwar’s speeches to make him look good. This is deplorable. And this is Pakatan Rakyat’s tactics. Thank you for your comments and time to read this blog. Really appreciate it.


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  62. JMD,

    By perusing the various blogs lately, racist remarks are insidiously disguised as fact. Comments that can incite hatred among our brother races are sprinkled all over these blogs without care or sensitivity.

    I am one of those people who had the unfortunate experience of the darkest episode in our history ie the May 13 1968 race riots.

    It had saddened me because of the bloodshed and the breakdown of inter-communal solidarity.

    Ironically one of the protagonists in the this saga, the DAP (an off-shoot of Singapore DAP),is presently blossoming.

    Ironic because while accusing the UMNO of being a racist party, the DAP is in itself predominantly Chinese based and supported.

    Meanwhile the multi-racial BN in general and UMNO in particular has its relevancy at its lowest ebb.

    Can any of the dominant political parties in Malaysia shed its communal identity and and ideology and survive? I venture to say no. The exception seem to be the PKR. But I do not consider this party as dominant. It exists only because the DAP and PAS allows its participation in their political axis.

    Therefore it is inevitable that anything coming out of any individual party will be perceived to be racist,rightly or wrongly.

    However, can any of of the parties within the BN be branded racist? I can unequivocally say no. The landslide victory of the BN in the 2004 GE is proof positive.

    The rakyat did not think so then. Why should it think so now?

    It is only the opposition who are crying it out loud with their ill perceived popularity of the last GE. The DAP and PKR know that they have to make hay while the sun shines. PAS as always, an unwilling partner, forced to into this unholy alliace for political expediency, has to go with the flow.

    We can go on and on about the present social and political scenario, we all know WHY it has developed as such. The present government does not HOW to respond. How can it respond because it was the reason WHY. Or is it because it does not want to.


    JMD : I agree with you.

    I would also like to add that even though it’s true Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders are playing the racial card (reverse psychology way), the Umno leaders also do not help themselves in not propagating a more moderate stand. In fact, Umno had always been moderate in defining the positions of the Malays in relation to other races.

    It was the BN way. The MCA and the MIC also had been moderate in their stand.

    But due to the lack of direction and leadership in Pak Lah’s govt, the less intelligent Umno leaders Umno politicians made really stupid remarks concerning the racial issues. This is what happens if we let money runs freely in Umno hierarchy. We inadvertly let the lesser leaders to gain position at the expense of better ones. When we have below par politicians, a simple issue which could be overcome tactfully, became such a huge problem in the end.

    Please read;

    and compare with the reality of the situation we have now;

    It is a sad reality. To me, racist leaders, from both sides of the spectrum (BN & PR) should be disciplined.


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  65. Nowadays if you hold a keris you will be labelled a racist, (to all pengatin baru, don’t use keris, use a pistol)

    if you talked about Malay and how you gonna improve Malays you will be labelled a racist as well

    Next, if you wore your Malay dress complete with songkong and sampin, you will be labelled a greater racist …. what the heck … be prepared so see a number of “racist” on the RAYA day … or may be the Malay should wear Tees and jeans perhaps …

    JMD : Relax ayornyor.. don’t be too emotional. Banyakkan bersabar di bulan puasa… 🙂


  66. JMD your articles are excellent and just.

    After 51 years of so called Independence, sadly past rhetoric is still reverberating in this land and perhaps for many more years to come. The issue of Chinese and Indian migration and the Bumiputra policy seems to be hot topic as ever – a topic that creates tension, uneasiness sometimes a trump card for ones political mileage. What’s the big fuss with non Malay migration to Malaysia? There are some so called Malays who have deep Indonesian roots. I have many local Malay friends who insist that they are Bugis, Javanese, Sundanese and etc. They don’t want to deviate from their roots and associate themselves of being Malay. The real natives (peribumi) are the orang Asli and the Sakai and they don’t speak Malay.

    Historical facts cite and confirm that the Indian roots traces back to 1,500 years ago in our beloved country. The bujang valley is known of early civilization of Hinduism and Buddhism before Islam was spread throughout the country. In those days Kedah was known as Kadharam – a pure Tamil word. There are innumerable artifacts and transcripts of the vast Indian civilization there. Of course these facts are taken out of the history books today. God only know for whatever reasons.

    For all do respect, for their efforts in bringing about unity and hope among the minority the Indians and majority Chinese people, our beloved forefathers, Tun V.T. Sambanthan and Tun Tan Siew Sin shouldn’t have made such undermining statements. They should have just said thank you repeatedly instead of being so sentimental and emotional. It is totally a bad judgment. The manifestation of their statements in years to come may adversely affect the removal of the “tongkat” from the Malays. Their statements will always be an avenue for certain MPs or political parties to politicize this or curtail what ever measures taken to remove the tongkat .This was apparent when recently a MP stood up and read Tun Tan Siew Sin’s speech on non Malay citizenships. And of course another “super-hero” from Penang made somewhat similar unwarranted remarks

    Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) celebrated other races not withstanding his ultimate aim to spread his teaching to across the globe. The bumiputra policy as per say is unislamic. The dhimmis is this country should be treated with equal rights in socio economics policies, education and other distributions. The Prophet (PBUH) in fact demonstrated unconditional love towards the dhimmis by allowing them so seek help from Zakat organizations. Of course there are a lot of other salient issues pertaining to non Muslim rights in Islam which is so amazing to know. The Pas spiritual leader to my knowledge has never uttered a word about bumiputra status. Why?

    How nice, when a Malay Muslim person granted citizenship to any country in the world be it in Australia, Europe or America, they are given equal rights. There is no discrimination whatsoever for an immigrant. They will be welcome with open arms into the country. Why can’t Malaysia follow suit?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, the bumiputra policy came about with the inequality of wealth among the races. It has got nothing to do with non Malay migration into Malaysia. Unfortunately it has been interleaved now. So let’s not mix things up not play the racial card.

    I have nothing against preferential policies but strictly, policies which can help all poor people regardless of race and religion. It should be broad spectrum and not discriminative. The “tongkat’ should not be given to those who can walk. Alternatively, the “tongkat” should be appropriately given to those who cannot walk and to all the races in this country.

    If a “tongkat” is given to a person who can walk, the person becomes lazy, practices low standards in everything he does and take things for granted. I’m sad for my Malay friends who are very smart but just can’t stand out because of their lack in spoken and written English. Many have turned down leadership post in the private sectors. Generally 80% of Malays cannot converse in English. When I attend trainings and seminars most Malays would choose to sit back and just prefer to be unnoticed. They are scared the trainer would call them up and ask questions. They have developed inferiority complex.

    Please help my Malay friends the proper way. There is no proper nurturing right now. Malays are nice people they deserve more than just easy way to everything. Take seriously our revered Tun’s advise.

    The Bumiputra policy needs to be examined again my friends for the benefit of this Great country

    JMD : I agree with you Johnboy. But I would like to point out on your comments about Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun Sambanthan. It is improper for you to say that they had misjudged their speeches. It was their right to be sentimental and emotional.

    They were there at that time. I doubt you were there to really capture the moments during the fight for independence and the harrowing struggle to maintain racial harmony.

    You mentioned things like other Malay Muslim being granted citizenship in other countries with unreserved equal rights. That is partly true. You forgot to mention that, in this country, the immigrants at the time of independence were also be given citizenships. More than that, they were given citizenships without even taking into account the barriers of language. Do you think it is easy to become a citizen of, lets say Australia without first studying English and learn about their history? That is a prerequisite to become a citizen in another country.

    On top of cannot even speak a word of Malay, the immigrants at that time can continue their business status quo. Even better than any other immigrants in any country, they can set up their own vernacular schools even when they are the minority! Can a Malay Muslim in America set up Sekolah Melayu there? No chance in hell.

    You said the bumiputra policy is unislamic. That is only one aspect of argument. Perhaps, an argument of someone who does not see the bigger picture. As you may or may not know, to strengthen one’s community, is a duty every Muslim need to adhere too. In Malay, ‘menguatkan ummah adalah fardhu kifayah’. Even PAS leaders in their muktamar in Perak recently wanted to uphold the Malay rights and the NEP.

    It is imperative in Islam to strengthen your community whereby, a strong community can protect the islamic faith better. Tell me, how to be a strong community when you are economically poor? Thus, the NEP was created to strengthen the Malays’ (Muslim) economy. Maybe not much, but at least to be better than the 2% shareholding of the nation’s wealth in 1969. Aiming only at 30% by 1990. Not strong enough, but at least at a respectable level. Only after you have gain this respectable level, you should remove this policy. Because to have it running forever would be unjust, and unislamic.

    Read my reply to Anis above yeah.

    I’m glad you thought Tun’s advice is sound. I think so too.


  67. It is understandable why you have such ardent followers. You write well and expound your thoughts in a very organised manner. Thank you ever so much for such interesting History lessons every time.

    JMD : Your welcome Shakirah. Have a good Ramadhan.


  68. Dear Sir,
    This is a very good article. Very factual. I suppose it is good if you can publish it in newspaper so that Malaysian especially the Malays can read it.This can atleast make them understand that “Melayu jangan lupa diri”.
    Glad to find your website. Thanks for all this info.

    JMD : Thank you so much.


  69. JMD, you’re a great person – very logical, open, fair and just. There should be more Malays like you. This country will defintly benefit ernourmously. God bless you!

    I pray one day people will stop palying with racist sentiments, unjust policies and etc. God created life, be it humans or animals to immigrate and populate the whole world. Simmilarly religion immigrated from one country, continent to another.. a person is born as muslim, a persone in born as a hindu, a person is born as a christian, it is never a choice till we grow older…so we must respect each other .


  70. Assalamu alaikum JMD

    Perhaps we should find out how many of us share these views. Somehow a part of me says that we are of the minority. Yes, the flooding of blogosgibberish I see contributed to the notion.

    More worryingly, for all these talks, no action is seen to be done.

    I want change. But then again, I would rather die protecting my leader from the Jebats then turn to a Jebat myself. Are we in a quandary?

    The late Tun Razak is known for his problem-solving approach of ‘do now, quarrel later’. Perhaps this is the way forward for the sinking ship.

    JMD : Thank you for the comments. Note that Pak Lah’s style of leadership is ; when there’s dissent, throw money. Hence, RM1 billion in Sabah, RM1 billion in Sarawak, several millions for dissenting judges, RM600 million for all the Umno divisions etc but the underlying problem still persist.


  71. Dear JMD.

    Excellent article. I’m quite touch by the insider & details about it.
    Maybe new generation should learn more about sejarah malaysia &make in compulsory in PLKN program as well..

    I’ve decided to use some of your article & publish to as many bloggers as possible.. i would like to ask for permission to do that..
    Keep on writing mate, because nowdays writing without reference ppl will think it is just bogus..

    Anyway.. maybe can u translate this article in malay… so we can approach malay readers as well.. even publish it on papers..

    JMD : Thank you for commenting. I have no problems if you want to use this article. The translated version can be read at :


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  77. I’m just 17 and I read this great article accidentally while I wanted to find some sources to do my homework.

    I think that the result of general election wasn’t only causes by a reason (the strategy of Pakatan Rakyat), there must be other reasons (the dissatisfaction of the majority of nations with the policies of BN and the behavior of officials).

    That’s were too much of dicussion on racial issues, why should us waste our time on that? If some day the people of our country stop discuss on it, Wawasan 2020 mustn’t just a dream.

    Finally, I wanted to thank you because you give a chance to think about something.

    MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!(hopefully)

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


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