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Now you can blackmail your way to Parliament (Updated)

12 May 2008:

I have always stated that people need to judge the leaders very carefully before pledging their support and loyalty towards them. This support and loyalty could be an act of misplaced blind faith towards the wrong kind of leader.

In my previous post, I touched upon the issue of an apparent blackmailing activity by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with regards to a certain defence lawyer – VK Lingam. One of the accomplice is Loh Gwo Burne. In that post, I had mentioned about this incident in the paragraphs below;

“In the recent interview with BBC HardTalk, Dr Mahathir mentioned that Anwar was blackmailing VK Lingam via the secret recordings made in 2001. At this point, the allegations of fixing the appointment of top judges in the country is not relevant to me. What is more telling was the act of blackmailing VK Lingam itself. The one that was taking the recording was non other than Loh Gwo Burne.

This political greenhorn, who is still learning to speak proper Bahasa Malaysia, became the MP of Kelana Jaya under the PKR ticket in 2008 general election. Although Gwo Burne stated that he recorded the conversation out of boredom, it was a full 14 minutes recording nevertheless. He could test his new found camera at the time to record everything else, but he chose to record VK Lingam’s conversation non stop for the whole 14 minutes. Furthermore, what astonished me was the fact that Anwar kept the original copy all this while. How did he get the copy? From Gwo Burne himself no doubt.

Now, Gwo Burne is offering his seat for Anwar to contest in the possible by-election. That whole event was suspiciously conspired by Anwar. If blackmailing is Anwar’s modus operandi in obtaining power and gaining political mileage, we will see another round of surrendering our sovereignty to foreign powers.”

Today, Dr Mahathir spoke his thoughts about the same incident. He said that the objective of the recording was to undermine the credibility of VK Lingam who incidentally was the defence lawyer for Dr Mahathir against the defamation suit of Anwar Ibrahim.

SHAH ALAM: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has questioned the way in which the V.K. Lingam clips were released by his former deputy Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The former prime minister said the fact that the clips were released in batches was not mentioned in the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s hearing into the matter.

“Anwar did not give the full tape at one go. He released the tape in two parts,’’ he said. “That constitutes tampering of evidence because we do not know what he kept behind and how many more tapes he has.”

He said this was the work of Anwar, who wanted to undermine the credibility of Lingam as he was Dr Mahathir’s lawyer.

“He has succeeded in making Lingam not credible and now Lingam cannot defend me in the courts of law.

“I have always emphasised that when people make secret recordings, the intention is to blackmail. And I am afraid this Government has made a blackmail attempt successful,” he said.

Now do we need a leader who has no qualms in blackmailing other people? If we have a leader who blatantly condone or in fact partake in a blackmailing act, shouldn’t we dismiss this kind of person as a leader? Notice how Gow Burne made different stand in his statement during the commission hearing and also after the commission finalised their findings;

He initially said;

KUALA LUMPUR: The person, who took the controversial clip purportedly showing a lawyer brokering the appointment of judges over a mobile phone, said it was made by accident.

Loh Gwo Burne, the 34-year-old son of businessman Loh Mui Fah, said he was trying to take a picture of a vase when he realised his digital camera was on video mode.

“I then continued to record the conversation between Datuk V.K. Lingam and the other person on the other line.

“I was bored and fed up with the lawyer for constantly talking on the phone, as he was supposed to discuss legal matters with my father,” said the 12th witness on the sixth day of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the video clip yesterday.

When Thayalan pointed out that the camera seemed to be placed behind a book, as it seemed from the video, Gwo Burne said he was reading a magazine and a coffeetable book at that time, and that the camera was hung around his neck.

Whereas in The Star 10th May 2008 he said;

PETALING JAYA: The real work has only just begun with the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the V.K. Lingam video clip, said Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne.

Loh, who recorded the video clip, said the findings should open the way for further investigations into whether there were other similar cases within the judiciary.

“This is just the flagpole at the tip of the iceberg. Who knows if there are others who are doing what V.K. Lingam did?” he said when contacted yesterday.

He was asked to comment on the findings of the report.

One has to question his intention in recording the incident. Was it just because he was bored, or did he have some other sinister, ulterior motive? Reading between the lines in his latest statement above, it seems that it was all along his intention to snare VK Lingam.

And just because he took part in the blackmailing process, he was selected as a candidate of PKR in the last general election and consequently became an MP for Kelana Jaya. What a prize to be won for helping a leader blackmailing others as a political mileage. But of course, the public were quite senseless and fickle in their selection criteria. We are fed with so much propaganda and political misdirections that the public became utterly incapable of wisely choosing their own representative to the government. If blackmailing is condoned by these kind of leaders, imagine what kind of dirty tactics and other acts of power abuse they can do to you, the public.

Hence, the blackmailing MP and his blackmailing mentor got their way in blackmailing the government and the public. Now I am not saying that what VK Lingam did was right. Pending the Commission’s findings made public, any act of trying to broker the appointment of judges and influencing the top leaders decisions in appointing judges is a huge offence by anyone’s standards. But the act of blackmailing nonetheless, is wrong. You do not make two wrongs to make a right. An evil deed is still evil regardless whether it’s a lesser or greater evil.

Am I the only one who sees blackmail as a selfish, despicable act? Also, am I the only one who think that the BN MPs are just a bunch of ignorant idiots who are not doing anything in highlighting this gross act? Dr Mahathir had even complained on the issue of tampering with evidence. But nobody seemed to take the cue. Oh well, stupidity had always been the cause of many governments’ and nations’ downfall. I pray that the people would choose their leaders wisely in the future.

Update 14 May 2008:

Loh Gwo Burne made a boo boo in his interview with The Star today :

KUALA LUMPUR: The VK Lingam video clip shown to the Royal Commission of Inquiry is only some 20% to 30% of what was recorded that night at the prominent lawyer’s house in December 2001.

“I downloaded the video from my private computer into several hard disks and compact discs. When I went to work in China in 2004, I took it along,” Loh told The Star.

“What has been made public is only about 20%-30% of what I filmed,” Loh said.

The Kelana Jaya MP said he had not viewed the videos that he had left in China for some time and therefore could not be precisely sure of what else they contain.

However, from memory, Loh, 34, said he remembered that Lingam had mentioned about how he had manipulated cases to his advantage by using certain lawyers against certain judges to make sure the judgments would be in his favour.

That night in December 2001, he started his camera to film a bowl or vase in Lingam’s house because he was bored to be kept waiting by the lawyer “who was forever on the phone.”

“But when Lingam started asking someone on the other line not to worry, that he would be chief justice soon, I knew I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to document something that may one day help prove something is seriously wrong with the judiciary,” said Loh.

As I said in the original article, Gwo Burne actually had lied during his testimony in the Haidar commission. Originally he said he was bored but now he came out saying the recording was intentional. In my opinion, the credibility of the witness is quite damaged. What more with his own revelation that the 14 minutes recording is only 20% to 30% of the original recording, That means, he recorded a whole 1 hour out of boredom. And what perplexed me is, how can the commission took into account only parts of the main evidence and not the whole of it? Was the commission even aware of the rest of the recording? And why was only 14 minute video recording was released by Datuk Seri Anwar and not the rest of it? Surely there would be some other compelling issues which could have been highlighted to the courts. I smell selective prosecution in the air. Maybe his own name was mentioned in the recording. Maybe some other powerful people were implicated. We can never know.

Anyway, the commission should take into account and watch the whole recording before arriving at their conclusion. Either this was intentional or not, it is a clear case of implied malicious intent in the part of Gow Burne and also I think it is wrong to withold evidence. As for the commission itself, the acceptance of only parts of the evidence would create some reasonable doubt over the judgement itself. The burden of proof should be beyond any reasonable doubt. Hence, the exclusion of the rest of the recording could greatly discredit the commision’s report.

12 thoughts on “Now you can blackmail your way to Parliament (Updated)

  1. The whole thing is looking more and more dubious.

    Loh Gwo Burne’s testimony sounded like he had conscience and public spiritedness grafted only recently on his psyche.

    Since the Lingam phone call was recorded during Dr Mahathir’s time, why didn’t he reveal the tapes earlier? How many years did it take Loh to realize the serious legal implications?

    And why took the tapes to Anwar Ibrahim? His manipulations showed that he didn’t think much about seeing justice done either, just how much political mileage he could get out of it.

    Somehow everything that has to do with Anwar Ibrahim never seems kosher. Ironic that, considering his puported ties.


  2. JMD~
    I like your structured argument, but is a bit flaw to start with. If Mahathir did not fix the judges with Lingam’s help to start with, he probably could not win the defamation case against Anwar. He was CAUGHT doing the job of fixing the judge right in the video ? Of course unfortunately that video ended in the hand of Anwar…

    Of course pro-Mahathir argument will say fixing judges is NOT relevant to the argument, it did matter, if fixing of judges did not happen, none of this mess of “blackmailing” would not have gone on ?

    Say, if you are caught smoking in school, so the teacher told you to throw away the full pack, stop smoking or he will tell your father and cane you in front of everyone in school assembly ?

    So , with your argument is, The teacher is WRONG for “Blackmailing you” ?

    Thank you,
    btw-http link (offering his seat) is missing,

    Dear Woody,

    Of course the act brokering the appointment of judges is wrong. You gave the impression that Dr Mahathir was fixing the appointment of judges to his own benefit.But have you watched the video itself? At no point in that 14 minute video VK Lingam mention anything that says – Hey look, Dr mahathir will appoint you as the CHief Justice coz he wants you to help him in the defamation suit by anwar.

    In fact, VK Lingam was the one who stated that he will try to influence the PM in appointing Fairuz as the next chief justice considering how much hard work fairuz had accomplished. Therefore, I perceive, your line of logic that it was Dr Mahathir who was trying to fix the appointment of judges is quite wrong. By law, it was the PM’s prerogative to select any judge as chief justice before recommending him to the King. But that was not the gist of this story.

    The story here is about VK Lingam trying to broker the appointment of a judge to the position of chief justice. The conversation was between him and fairuz. Not with the then PM. In anyway, I would say, the then PM was oblivious to this conversation as the power broker at that time (based on the video clip) was VK Lingam himself. To a certain extent probably Tengku Adnan (by trying to secure a meeting between Fairuz and the then PM) and probably Vincent Tan.

    Hence, we need to get our sights clear on this one. Powerbroking is a crime. Blackmailing is a crime. Being oblivious with people under you who wants to use your name in their advantage may not be.


  3. I’m sorry to state that this is not the way you can salvage the tattered image of a megalomaniac whose days are numbered. Had there been many feeble minded, crony cultured elements in this nation, may be of your calibre, then your Mahathirist ranting and desperate attempts to extricate him from the ditch would have been bought. Unfortunately, Malaysians are much more informed than you think. Attacking someone is different from being objective and honest, which appeals to lettered people. If your parents didn’t teach objectivity, honesty and factual finding, Malaysians were taught that and they can read between the lines. Anyway, the case is with Badawi, go and beg him if you think that brutal dictator whom The Sun derided today for destroying the judiciary needs an exit. I think, Badawi may consider your cries in return for the total surrender of the old fanatic. Goo deal, I guess! The rest of Malaysians don’t give too hoots about your concoctions neither do they sympathize with feeble explanations of Dr. Mahathir, nor do they buy his desperate crocodile tears.

    JMD : Firstly, I am not a crony in anyway to any of the current leaders, Anwar Ibrahim or TDM. I am not even close to their vicinity or the vicinity of their circle of friends. In my first paragraph, I mentioned something about blind faith. It is a bad thing to beholden. A bad virtue which can only lead to myopic views and stunted arguments.

    “The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry” – Richard Dawson.

    Secondly, I wasn’t trying to salvage anything. I was highlighting the existence of blackmail in that incident. At most, I was trying to direct the readers to the main issue at hand which was stated in my reply to Woody in the next comment. Please read there.

    Consequently, when you said the term megalomaniac, in my humble opinion, it can also be given to your own beloved leader – Anwar Ibrahim. Please do not chastise other people for their perceived lack of objectivity, honesty or factual findings when you yourself have none. At least all my articles in this blog are supplemented with facts from real source of reference. Has your comments been supplemented with such? I find not one sentence in your comments are viable and they were all riddled with crude hatred and impolite disposition.

    I do not agree in one sentence in the Sun’s article – “Many opinion leaders have said that foreign investors were lukewarm about Malaysia because they were uncertain if their rights would be protected should an issue go to litigation.”

    If that is the case, can the Sun explain why was the foreign investments were the highest in the early 90’s all the way to the new millenium? The fact of the matter is, lukewarm foreign investments were due to weak leadership and an increased level of corruption by the current leadership. That is a fact. Suspiciously, that article could have be written by a Pak Lah apologist. There are a lot of opinions in this world. Opinions are like onions. We can peel them layer by layer. But please peel them with facts. All these shooting blindly into every direction can make you look like a fool.

    And had you done a survey on all Malaysians when you said – The rest of Malaysians don’t give too hoots about your concoctions neither do they sympathize with feeble explanations of Dr. Mahathir, nor do they buy his desperate crocodile tears.? I do not think so. Therefore, please do not quick to even begin to think that the rest of Malaysians agree with you as your presumptions may make you fall flat on your face. On another note, I’d appreciate if you would never again include how my parents had raised me. I’ve never questioned did your parents taught you anything about manners did I?

    Your blind faith towards Anwar Ibrahim had brought you down onto a path whereby most of your sentences above are so off tangent that I do not even understand how they’d be related to the article I just wrote.

    Thanks but not thanks.


  4. I’m just glad that TDM is no longer the PM, otherwise, this (twisted) logic will be in the front page of every paper in the land. Lingam’s tape has been destroyed because it is an attempt of blackmail, full stop. Whether the content is true or has any implication on the state of judiciary, of course, is quite irrelevant. Surely you’re not serious …


  5. aku teringat satu artikel dari hishamuddin “dari jelebu” dalam malaysia-today. Dia kata satu ilmu mat salleh iatu semiotek atau the art of reading people’s face and body gesture.. macam tu la lebih kurang. Kita boleh baca dan tengok muka orang tu dan dapat mengagak atau zoom in hingga 100% accuracy perangai seseorang.
    Jadi dipendekkan cerita aku tengok mamat Loh tu, terus 100% aku percaya dia tipu kow kow punya. Muka dia macam mamat kereta servis tayar belakang rumah aku… “you kasi gua sepuloh linggit aaa.. ini keleta boleh telebang macam air asia woo!!”


  6. Hahaha! Do you sleep with the light on everynight? Do you ever get out of your house?

    Mahathiu, for me, is the most hated thing/creature/person in this entire world/entire life. So even if someone were to blackmail that piece of excrement, it would be so good.

    However, the argument that you have put forth is simply hogwash! How would Low know that Ahmad Fairuz was going to call that day? Did Low like, live in Lingam’s house? Or did someone tell him that “…hey! If you go to Lingam’s house today, Ahmad Fairuz will call, and you can record a statement, which you can use for blackmail…”.

    Its alright, take heart. I am pretty sure there is something between your ears. Unfortunately its called faecal matter.

    JMD : That’s just great. How would you know the things that transpired before or after that 14 minutes of that recording? Do you mean nothing happened before VK Lingam blabbed his mouth during the conversation? Were you there? Were you invited to that dinner by VK Lingam too? Wouldn’t there be some reasonable doubt that the braggart VK Lingam could have announced to the father and son that he was going to call Fairuz right before the recording was made? Again were you there? I guess not. So stop frothing in the mouth and control your emotions. This is just my opinion.

    I put forth my arguments in that article based on the relevant sources. Why so much hate? Why so much anger? One thing for sure, most people would not welcome to be your neighbour or your work colleague with this kind of ugly attitude. Your pitiful argument saying that it’s okay to blackmail a person just because, according to you TDM is the most hated person in the world (beating among others, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Atilla the Hun and Benyamin Netanyahu in the process) is just preposterous. Like I said earlier, two wrongs doesn’t make a right. It will create doubt on your integrity. Just like in any court case, an evidence obtained through illegal means will not hold in court. Just like in Shariah laws, a witness must be credible and free from doubt before can be included in a judgement.

    Thank you for reading my blog. But please use more civilized language next time. Hiding behind anonymity, creating a bogus email ( jeez…), will surely make you feel safe and can avoid responsibility. Same goes to yours truly in some extend. But I always try not to engage in meaningless jibe and petty arguments just because you are bored and seemingly lack of any respectable arguments. I wouldn’t want this blog to be just another no holds barred, say what you want kind of blog like the others. See the difference? Could you be more daft? Control your emotions please. That’s what real men do.

    Thank you for listening and piping down.


  7. Great post on the Lingam debacle. Its nice to see the other side of the coin,so to speak. It seems that the majority of bloggers (or at least surfers to these blog sites) have blind faith on pakatan rakyat, believing anwar is the right man to lead them onwards. Some of them are blind, while some are just turning a blind eye whilst riding on the so-called political tsunami to gain their long-awaited seat of power. Power to dictate change, possibly for the worse.It is safe to say that its an open secret that we know who these people are.
    I am utterly disgusted with the behaviour of some of the MPs ( BN and PR likewise), and I only hope that the new generation of Malaysians would not resort to mud-slinging,personal attacks etc that these politicians are accustomed to. Our welfare and wellbeing should be the centre-point of the debate of these MPs, if they dont know it already.
    Anyways, there are wrongdoings on both sides, but I hope fellow Malaysians become a bit more logical and rational in forming their own opinions based on two sides of the story.


  8. I still remember in the evening at Masjid Negara before Anwar was caught, he declared of having piles of evidence and documents relating to Mahathir’s corrupt practices.
    But now what are we offered with, a tape produced by chinaman Loh, recorded while Anwar was doing time in prison. Somehow the tape DOES NOT reveal direct link with Mahathir.
    Can we be offered something more substantial? I think Anwar only talks nonsense and he will never deliver.


  9. Is that the best you guys (Anwar & gang) have or can do against the Mighty Mahathir? That’s as good as NOTHING! You guys must be so desperate…


  10. I think it is good that it was decided the report to be made public, so we can review the findings of the Commission and thus made our own opinion.
    Of course when things happen, we cannot refrain ourselves from biased perspectives which may be subjected to our own believe and values…

    I really hope that if the government is really sincere in its moves towards integrity, then all can of worms need to be opened… Please do not do just selective investigation… In recent years there have been many controversy surrounding the Malaysian business, politics, economy, education and other issues, and if we can have a commission to investigate all these issues, then I would say that this government is really serious in its move..


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