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Nik Aziz – Hypocrites should help each other?

Yesterday he said this:

Sumpah Mohd. Saiful bercanggah dengan Islam – Nik Aziz

IPOH 17 Ogos – Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata, sumpah yang dilafazkan oleh Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan bahawa dia diliwat oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bercanggah dengan Islam.

Katanya, apa yang dilakukan Mohd. Saiful itu sama dengan penganut Kristian menggunakan Bible.

Menurut beliau, Islam hanya menerima sumpah Wallahi, Wabillahi dan Watallahi. – Utusan

But in July, he said this:

Nik Aziz: Bersumpah junjung al-Quran tentukan kebenaran

KOTA BHARU: Menteri Besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata “mubahalah” atau bersumpah dengan menjunjung al-Quran adalah cara untuk menentukan kebenaran dan juga sesuatu yang dituntut dalam Islam.

Sambil menyokong cadangan Mufti Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin berhubung perkara itu, beliau berkata melalui cara demikian, Allah SWT boleh melaknatkan mana-mana pihak yang bersalah.

“Dalam Quran sudah menyebut, setelah sudah tiada ikhtiar lagi dalam menyelesaikan kemelut yang memalukan itu, siapa yang tidak bersalah Tuhan tolong,” katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui di sini, hari ini.

Beliau yang juga Mursyidul Am PAS berkata demikian sebagai mengulas cadangan Mohd Asri supaya kedua-dua individu yang dikaitkan dengan kes liwat iaitu Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan bekas pembantunya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan “bermubahalah” atau bersumpah.

Dalam kenyataannya semalam, Mohd Asri berkata isu liwat yang membabitkan Anwar sudah semakin rumit dan rakyat pula menjadi keliru. Bernama

I guess politics trounced Islamic principles in this situation. No?

“I will have nought to do with a man who can blow hot and cold with the same breath – Aesop”

64 thoughts on “Nik Aziz – Hypocrites should help each other?

  1. Hey seeing how they report PAS leaders’ statements….I am not surprised if he was misquoted.
    Just check out this star report on what happened with the talks btw pak lah and nasharuddin. The report left out the fact that Pak Lah offer the MB posts to PAS…
    At the end of the day they are also politicians but going with my instincts, I say PAS leaders are better ppl and more civilised. Civility is more than pair of Gucci loafers…

    JMD : In that 1st week of July, nearly every Tom Dick and Harry in both end of the political spectrum wanted both of this people to swear on the Quran, especially after DSAI himself said he was willing to do that. I do not think he was misquoted 🙂

    Yes at the end of the day, PAS leaders are better ppl and civilised but only slightly. But this is because, they have not the power to govern the country yet. This country needs more good people! *sigh* [Mohd Sabu back in 1998]


  2. You quoted the articles from the star and utusan. What do you expect from that?

    JMD : Thank you for the revelation. I guess all these years when PAS lambasted the government for practising nepotism was misquoted too? Especially after Nik Aziz said Islam condones nepotism 2 weeks ago (after his son in law became CEO of a state company).


  3. Hey Jebat,

    Tks for response.
    But they have been power in Kelantan for 18 years…
    Nik Aziz still has an air of humility about him. Just different-lah.
    Religion/Spirituality does something to people…

    Not everyone who comes into power turns into a Mugabe. Some still believe in doing greater good, service to the people, somehow they have to do that part of the job but probably makan a bit here and there….Like I feel that there is always an element of making the world a better place in some politicians in the West.

    Asian politicians are usually more corrupt. And many see politics as a $$$$ career without any sense of public service.

    Maybe it’s because “corruption” or benefits are channeled differently in the West.

    Re Misquote: Mkini can’t really be trusted about quotes sometimes but they really twist and turn things.

    JMD : Thanks Jed. Asian politics more corrupt? You forgot politicians from eastern europe and south america 🙂


  4. “Doing the Right Thing” is better than “Doing Things Right”.

    Pokoknya, “nawaitu” kita, dan Allah Maha Mengetahuinya…


  5. Yep you are right,hypocrites should help each other…and the people is becoming more confused with the so called ulamak. Or is it the media that confused the people. And I still damn rock solid sure think that Anwar should go for the muhaballah also no matter junjung or without junjung Quran to counter the allegation in the same way..Why is he so damn scare to do so…The people will accept his muhaballah or whatever name is it called and clear the doubt of the damn people’s mind. I think the truth is Anwar is the one who is politicizing the whole *&^$% issue.


  6. Will the act of swearing on the Koran carry any weight apart from the political impact in this case?

    Can a usual layman do that and how would it affect civil laws?

    JMD : Dear Msleepyhead, whenever we stand in the court, we have to swear that we are telling the truth before any questions were to be asked.

    The swearing do lend some credence. If we were discovered to be telling a lie in the courts, we are guilty of perjury and will be prosecuted.

    Since this swearing is outside the confines of the court of law, I do not believe it has any impact in the impending case. It is more of a moral principle. And I do not have enough knowledge to argue about this especially when it is concerning the technicality of the subject.

    Nevertheless, this article is not about the legality or the validity of the said swearing in. It is more about the u-turn made by politicians concerning the subject.



  7. Are you really surprised?? Politican will sell they own mother if it was needed to secure position and power.

    This U-turn policies is widely practised by PAS, if you care to go back in time to confirm this, to suits they political ambitions and goals. If it requires the need to manipulate Islam, so be it.

    Anyway, good luck to PAS when judgement day comes, see how can they answer to Allah when ask about this matter….


  8. If I recall correctly Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera and Allahyarham Dato’ Asri also swore b4 the quran those days – one in Masjid Zahir and the other in Kota Bharu?

    AI has turned to Syariah court as he feels that it will be to his advantage. But is he really for greater power of that court and the Islamic State? What he professed to non-Malay / non-Islamic voters are diametrically the opposite, right? Chameleon?

    Also, on the earlier findings by the judges on his so-called unnatural activities as highlighted for instance, in Big Dog’s blog. Isn’t he going to swear abt this as well?

    Non Muslims may say all these are ok for consenting adults or because these are “personal” matters but what about to Muslims and Malays in general?

    JMD : Not only that, even the Agong would hold the Quran during the swearing in of his coronation.


  9. JMD,

    Swearing in the name of Allah is a big thing for any Muslim. Even when I was a kid, I shied away from swearing in the name of Allah when I committed something “sinful.” I made excuses. BUT I jumped at the opportunity to swear in the name of Allah when I was innocent. I still do.

    In this case, Anwar made excuses. To me, its either he is guilty or he is guilty.

    When Anwar said that he refuse to ‘bersumpah” because he is afraid that it might be “manipulated,” I wonder how.

    I have so much respect for TGNA but he disappointed me once when he approved Shahnon’s “maki hamun” on the ground that Allah did the same thing in the Quran. Looks like he is going to disappoint me again this time around by doing the flip-flopping.

    Lastly, I read a few comments here and there saying that whatever Anwar or any two consenting adults did in their own own bedrooms are their own business. Liwat is fine too. I am quite surprised actually over the fact that the commenters are Muslims. I am not as pious as I should be but I would refuse to approve anything which is clearly and specifically forbidden by Allah. As Muslims, most of us are getting careless with our words, dont you think?

    JMD : Yes.


  10. Jebat Just wonder why as a MUSLIM,Anwar and family and supporters BERMATI-MATI pertahankan Raja Petra,BAla and Dr Mynamar WHEN THEY make a PERAKAUAN BERSUMPAH but accused Saiful a liar when he make a PERAKAUN BERSUMPAH WITH HIS GOD’S NAME?? Why?? Maybe they themselves doesnt believe god’s way..


  11. As a Muslim, I am not interested in the procedures or do’s and dont’s about this “bersumpah” thingy or whether Hj Hadi or Nik Aziz says this or didn’t say that.

    As far as I am concerned, if a Muslim has the courage and conviction to swear in the name of Allah the AlMighty in a mosque, then ALL Muslims should stand up and listen as what is being sweared upon is probably the truth.

    Compare this to the person who says that he is innocent in public but refuses to swear his innocence in the name of Allah giving the excuse that certain Ulamaks has advised against it etc.etc. As a Muslim, I do not see any wrong if an innocent person swears in the name of Allah that he has committed no sin or crime. In fact if you come out to say so many things about why you would not swear in the name of Allah, then I, as a Muslim would start to be very-very doubtful about your so called innocence after all. Fikir-fikirkan.


  12. hmmmm….

    Yep…we can say this and that about the MSM, but i have yet to see A REFUTE from HARAKAH, like they usually do, as to what was printed in those papers.

    As for PUNAI,… if he could stand and talk for hours about being a target of CONSPIRACIES …, what has he got to loose, of not more then 5 mins of swearing. Lawyers fee not to say.



  13. Even the most notorious Muslim criminals are afraid to swear the way that boy swears. I feel that there are truths in his allegation. Only Muslim can feel this feeling….


  14. Dear JMD,

    Politician is politician. They said one thing and do another thing. Being a Muslim, it is not a small matter when come to swearing especially “Sumpah Mubahalah”. Mohd Saiful Bukhary fulfilled his promise to swear once the investigation is over. He did it. I am sure Saiful would have made known on the consequences of the swearing. I am very sure that he did that just to clear his name. During the interview, he felt releaved after the swearing. He look very composed and strong. he did it for himself. Only Allah A.W.T. knows the truth. If it is not true, he is prepared for the consequences. I was so touch and my hair was standing when I was watching Saiful swearing. His was swearing with full of conviction, confident and came from his heart. That he wanted to clear his name. That Boy is very brave. Whatever happened after this, he don’t care. Coz to him, he is already surrender to Allah S.W.T.

    If AI is a true Muslim, believe in 5 principals of Islam, he will not give excuses, or create dramas, and get RPK to write fitnah after fitnah…………

    My doa and prayers to Mohd Saiful Bukhary Bin Azlan and his family. To stay strong to go through this process . He is nobody, not a VIP, but a young man who is brave enough to fight with the moster. He is the truest Hero!

    Queen B


  15. i salute Saiful. when a muslim swear in the name of Allah i don dare to question further. he is brave enuf when he swore that if he cheat he and his keturunan will be laknat by allah till kiamat. only innocent man will swear that way.

    Politic still politic. no matter apa pun budak tu buat the opposition still say he is still wrong and there is conspiracy. ada yang kata the sumpah is invalid. i juz came back from kelantan and people over there agreed its political agenda. kenapa taksub sangat?


  16. Brader,

    Remember this??

    Was it a Freudian slip? Or a mere slip of the tongue?

    well…PUNAI did it again in his blog.

    Percanggahannya banyak sekali: Isunya samada rela atau dipaksa?

    For someone who is being crying, it is all a conspiracy,
    shouldn’t the issue here be, “DID THE ACT REALLY HAPPEN??”


  17. JMD,

    in respond to Jimbet, maybe get some quotes or news report from Harakah online. No more excuses.

    Its really sad to hear from this ulamas tongue twisting on political cause.

    If they are such an expert, then they should explain exactly how its to be done, coz I’m sure Saiful will follow accordingly. Whichever way they say, the principle still the same. Saiful took the oath, and Anwar as usual gave excuses.


  18. Jebat…I agreed with Jean. Dari dulu mak dah ajar supaya tidak mempermainkan sumpah dgn nama Allah sekadar untuk tidak mahu mengakui perbuatan yang salah kerana pasti dihukum Allah.sejak timbul kes Anwar dan Saiful …agak keliru soal sumpah ni…ada istilah baru…tapi sayang kita berdebat soal peribadi Anwar saja sekiranya bukan soal anwar ..tok guru dan ulama tak peduli soal ni pun…bagi sorang muslim yang cetek pengetahuan tentang hukum hakam ..Anwar patut berani bersumpah …Kalau sumpah tu tak valid kenapa takut…siapa yang nak salah tafsir kalau anwar bersumpah…Anwar yang byk menafsir sumpah Saiful…Kenapa anwar perlu mengheret Mahkamah Syariah dalam kes ni…kenapa perlu mendapatkan pendapat ulama Amerika untuk membela…kalaulah mahkamah sivil tidak adil ….so sumpah saja atas nama Allah…


  19. JMD,

    Another FLIP-FLOP ulama/tokguru! …..tunggu tok guru kata,quote; …AMBO DOK KATO,ORANG SURAT KHABAR KATO….another style of defensive tactic!


  20. JMD,

    PAS leaders are better people? I would say that they are just slightly better than the worst lowly blood sucking UMNO leaders like Annuar Musa and Dollah Imam Raba-raba.

    And being hypocrate is their midle names, preaching the words of God to the people, but did totally the opposite in the dark.

    But Nik Aziz WAS my exception, until a few days ago when he was talking too much nonsense, as if he forgot that Saiful is also a muslim who is seeking for justice too.

    Plus the crony issue, sorry to say Tok Guru, there goes my respect and high regard on you, though I come from Kelantan too.


  21. back to the fundamental of the situation… Sodomy is forbidden in Islam. Full stop! Even our Prophet (saw) stated that those who commit the act of sodomy or homosexual is not his ummah. So if the Prophet said that, keep in mind we are his ummah, what is the reason for DSAI to avoid swearing by the Quran to clear his name? Is he willing to be labelled as not the Ummah of Prophet? (which means he is not a muslim) for what? to be the next PM??? is that position is so great that he does not fear the wrath(s) of Allah?? for the muslim says that sodomy is ok, astagfirullah al-azim… are they still muslim??? does the word heretic means anything to them??? I fear for my country, the country I was born in, the country that I served with pride and hopefully, the country in which I would be buried when my times come. I fear the wrath(s) of Allah for this country where it’s muslim people is playing His final relevation and religion for the benefit of politic and self-interest. Have we forgotten the Greg storm, the tsunami, the landslides, the flooding and etc??? Is this not the reminder sent by Allah that we have forgotten His commandments? And for what? self-glory? just to see ‘our’ man wins? I really fear for my country…


  22. All is game in the political arena 🙂

    You’re right when you said that every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted them to swear when the story first broke. So now the accuser has swore. So that leaves DSAI. Just swear. If Saiful’s swearing is “unIslamic”, then perhaps the PAS ulamas can show DSAI how it is done and get on with it. You’d think that would be simple enough but still….


  23. Dulu terlepas sebab technical error, sumpah pun nak lepas sebab technical error?

    Pelik lah sebab bukan cara bersumpah yang penting tapi cukuplah dengan sumpah yang simple supaya orang tak bertelagah lagi dan menyerah kepada keadilan Allah swt semata mata.


  24. salam,
    here’s some excerpt from berita harian:

    BERITA HARIAN – KANGAR: Mufti Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin mengakui cara melakukan sumpah laknat sambil memegang al-Quran sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh bekas pembantu Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Jumaat lalu adalah kepercayaan yang salah dan tidak perlu dilakukan.
    Bagaimanapun katanya, lafaz sumpah Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, bahawa diliwat Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu sah mengikut lunas Islam kerana beliau mengucapkan lafaz Wallahi, Wabillahi dan Watallahi.
    “Lafaz sumpah itu betul mengikut ajaran Islam tetapi tindakan memegang al-Quran dan berada dalam masjid tidak perlu dilakukan,” katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

    Same opinion by both ulama’ (Dr Asri & TGNA). Wallahua’lam.

    JMD : Yes apparently. But TGNA did say in July that holding the Quran is(was) the right way to do.


  25. Dear JMD,
    I am certainly not the best of Muslim, but still I hold sacred to take an oath in the name of the Lord. For that reason, I don’t understand why there are so many now finding fault with this Saiful fellow’s swearing. No left hand lah, this and that. I think all this is nit-picking. The crux of the matter is: He swore in the name of Allah. dah cukup.
    I think he is very brave to do it. The phrase diLaknat Allah hingga Qiamat is enough to make my hair stand on ends.

    JMD : And the irony is, some of the DSAI loyalists believe the moment people do ‘akuan bersumpah’ (statutory declarations). It seems that they are more inclined to believe that piece of document than the one made by Saiful. Why is that?


  26. Dear JMD,
    I wish Anuar would just swear and let his God decide between them two.
    He said he can’t get justice from the courts because the Judiciary is corrupted.
    He said he cannot get fair treatment from the police as they had manipulated his DNA.
    He said he cannot get fair reporting from the MSM because they are G’ment controlled.
    BUt from his God, would not his God be fair to him when he swears and leave it up to Him?
    Does he not trust his God?


  27. Pelik betul setengah orang kat Malaysia ni. Saiful took a brave step to swear on Quran and yet they try to find fault with his swearing. They would rather belief Anwar who is doing everything possible to side step the issue.

    From running to the Turkish Embassy, pre empting the civil courts by insisting on the Sharia Court simply because he knows 4 witnesses is an impossible thing for Saiful to obtain and to getting Islamic scholars who think it is not necessary to swear on the Quran, he is doing every thing possible to dance around the issue.

    The Malays are split like never before in the history of this blessed country, doesnt any right thinking mind ask the most pertinent question, why wont he match Saiful’s offer ?

    Any sane and decent Malay Muslim knows the weight of any act of swearing on the Quran.

    Some say that it is a private matter, but when it comes to the top job in the country, leading the Muslim community, when one think of Anwar’s act at times leading prayers and at times delivering sermons, we need to know the truth of the allegation made by Saiful. It is almost unpardonable and showing a lack of moral compunction if he did what he is alleged to have committed.


  28. whatever la…….berani kerana benar…..takut kerana salah…tapi apa yang penting….pembalasan di hari akhirat jua yang penting…..


  29. I used to think highly of TGNA even tho I’ve never agreed to the politics of PAS. I even believed that he might be misquoted sometimes. But these recent events, especially his act of condoning the appointment of his son in law (his own words on TV) and his take on Saiful’s swearing really takes the cake. I know how bad PAS wants to be in power, maybe they truly think that they can make a difference but does the end really justify the means? How do i trust a leader who willingly changes his belief just to garner people’s support?

    Do they not remember how once upon a time, they called UMNO Malays who did not support PAS as infidels coz we worked together with the Chinese and Indians of MCA & MIC? What does that make them now?


  30. Why Nik Aziz and PAS leaders never questioned Raja Petra when he swore during his allegation to Najib? RPK didn’t even follow Islamic ways to swear but PAS leaders believed on it. Hmm..politics.. politic + Islam = ??

    Kindly spend your time to read on my view in this “sumpah” issue : –


  31. I’m surprised with Tok Guru Nik Aziz. He knows full well that Saiful swore by Allah with the words “Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi” which is what is required in Islam. Yet he chose to use the fact that Saiful was holding a Quran as an excuse to liken his oath to that of a Christian.

    Here is an opinion from another Islamic scholar as to the validity and implications of such an oath –

    It’s interesting to note what the author’s conclusions are on how we should view those who refuse to take the oath.

    JMD : Thank you for the link


  32. JMD & fellow visitors,

    Below is a quote from “THE SIGNIFICANCE FOR A MUSLIM OF SWEARING OR REFUSING TO SWEAR AN OATH ON THE QUR’AN” by Hajj Ahmad Thomson [He is a barrister specialising in Charities, Employment, Discrimination and Islamic Law and head of Wynne Chambers ( and deputy chairman of the Association of Muslim Lawyers (UK) (] which agrees with the Mufti of Perlis saying that swearing on the Qur’an is not wrong, just not needed.

    In a court of law a Muslim should always swear “by Allah” that he or she is going to tell the truth. If a Muslim avoids doing so, either by refusing to swear an oath at all or by electing to make some other form of oath such as an oath of affirmation, it can safely be inferred from this that he or she either fears or knows that he or she will not be telling the whole truth.

    As long as the oath is sworn “by Allah” it is not necessary to hold a copy of the Qur’an while swearing the oath or to refer to the Qur’an during the oath. ]

    If you’d like to read the whole extremely illuminating article (8-page long in pdf format), please give me have an email address to send it to or send me an email I could reply to.

    JMD : Yes, I just got the link Mek Yam, thank you so much. I think it’s unfair for RPK (in his recent articles to only quote certain incident during Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) time just to solidify his claims that DSAI should not swear on the Quran. Whereas that article you mentioned enlisted several other hadith and QUran verses that strengthen the need to swear on Allah’s name – just like what Saiful did.


  33. JMD,

    Saiful’s taking oath in WP mosque whilst holding the Quran receives mixed comments, especially from Anwar’s allies. The comments consist of how similar it is to christian’s way of taking an oath, the manner it was conducted, admissibility of it, it being the last resort after court trial and so on.

    Religion is the utmost matter for muslims. To muslims, religion comes first in life. Therefore when it comes to making an oath using Allah’s name, such is a serious no-nonsense matter. A muslim submit his fate and is willing to face the wrath of Allah if he says “I swear by Allah’s name that I did/did not do……. and submit to Allah’s punishment if I lie”. Muslims believe that Allah will punish a person for his bad deeds and such are proven. Believe in Allah, His Existence, His right to be worshipped, His Oneness, His Attributes, and His right to legislate is the first amongst the 5 Pillars of Iman (Faith).

    2. When a person chooses at his own will to take an oath on something in Allah’s name, such person must have thought 1000 times before doing so and aware of the repercussions if he/she lies.

    3. There is no stopping a person from making an oath. However, in Shariah, the best is during a trial/court hearing. It does not mean that a person is free from his / her sin after making an oath as evidence in Shariah does not stop there.

    4. There is no requirement in fact that if one is to make an oath/swear in Allah’s name, one must hold the Quran. What is uttered matters most as it signifies the state of the person, his/her willingness, his/her readiness to face the consequence (Allah’s) and his/her belief.

    Therefore, in my opinion, Saiful’s act of swearing/taking an oath is something not everybody can do and i do believe it is genuine. Say or comment anything on the act but not even Nik Aziz or Hadi Awang can do it (what more Anwar!)

    Politically, people, especially Anwar & pakatan, can question, dispute, assume anything about it. Faith wise, I am yet to see any comment about it.


    p/s – I recommend you guys to read a book written by by former lecturer and mentor, Datuk Prof Dr Mohamad Saedon Awang Othman (Allahyarham) titled “Undang- Undang Keterangan Islam” on the topic ‘Sumpah’. An easy book to read.

    JMD : Thank you Klonetrooper. Will look it up.


  34. Salam JMD ..

    how ever. should we not forget (but yes I believed none of us forgotten it) that all these politicians are just doing one thing no matter how many times they quoted it and changed it. They are driving our attention away slowly by twisting their thoughts on the issue of sodomy and swear by Allah’s name.

    Masya Allah, all those matter are ‘big’ things in Islam, curse on them!


  35. Kesian pada Saiful..
    To swear on god name, inside mosque, in front of imams and his father.. it really make my hair stand..
    Bear in mind, not only he swore on god name, he also mentioned his keturunan should be curse too.. also.. not only he risks being punish by god (if untrue), he and everybody associated with him also will be curse by all malaysian.

    I wonder what will happen if Saiful accuses somebody from UMNO?
    Because now he accusing somebody from opposition, people say it is political motivated.


  36. DSAI said that by ‘bersumpah’, it will be manipulated. I don’t think so. I think if he ‘bersumpah’ he will gain more than loose and win in PP hands down. Going here and there givin ceramah denying te ‘act’ do not help.


  37. I am just at a lost trying to make out what is happening. The ulama, Gus Dur and not to mention US seemed to be backing Anwar.

    We saw that in 1998 when Ramos, Aquino, Estrada, Amin Rais and practically everyone in the Western world was fighting for Anwar. Mahathir did a commendable job in staving off the assault against Malaysia. This time around, the captain of the ship isnt actually any good in confidence building and taking up the fight.

    In any other country, the thought of external influence that try to sway the political mood of the country will be looked upon suspiciously. However in the case of Malaysia and in particular, Anwar, exceptional external interest in Malaysia is looked upon as a vindication of all the allegation against Anwar and a show of strength and popularity. And on that basis, the support of Anwar is justifiable to his supporters and those fence sitters.

    I read in the news that some top guy from Gerakan defected and basically I could understand his motives. Anwar is fighting for the removal of the social engineering practice, namely NEP. It augurs well for him.

    What I fail to understand perhaps either through my ignorance, naivete or ideas that are outdated, the Malay population who benefitted so much from the NEP are now calling it a racist policy. Some of these people are saying that Islam prohibits such acts. I am just at a loss.

    The fact that it has done a termendous job in redistributing the economic pie in the country is lost on this new generation of Malays. Despite the fact that poverty eradication among the Malays have reached single digit, the Malays still register the most number of hard core poor according to a UN report and thus with a slight adjustment on policy the need for social crutches is, sad to say, needed.

    Then you have someone like Khalid Ibrahim who argued for the need for Uitm to open its doors to the non bumis for the sole reason to “encourage competitiveness”. One would have thought that without the need of sacrificing the 10% bumi who would have entered UITM, the competitiveness could also be achieved by other means, such as ensuring quality educational curriculum, getting the best brains to teach etc.

    The Bar Council organised a forum on religious conversion soem time back foolishly thinking that the mood in the country has changed after GE 12. They got the shock of their lives when the protesters yelled and screamed. The PKR MP, Zulkifli Nordin, previously championing freedom and democracy was one of the fellow protesters ironically.

    What do these PKR supporters thought when they argued for freedom? That you pick and choose the kind of topic which is off limits for fear or offending religious sensibilities ? It took me awhile to figure out why Ku Klux Klan have the right to propogate their hate speeches and idealogies and why such acts are protected by the US Constitution.

    But it surely brought a smile to my face when I heard of the commotion at the Bar Council. The members of the Bar just got a taste for another freedom cherished by democracy, the freedom of assembly. The Bar Council should have rejoiced and should have allowed the protest to go on and insisted that the Police allow the protesters to have their right to assemble and voice their protest, albeit in a scary fashion.

    It sure is funny and a bit strange to see how people who claim to want democracy decided to make a u turn when the issue touches some of their ideas and beliefs they cherished.

    Please do not get me wrong, I am not against democracy. I just find it that some really are clueless when it comes to what democracy entails.

    To quote the cries of the French Revolution “liberte, egalite, fraternite” … i am all for it. Are you?

    JMD : Thanks for the comment Lekiu. You touched on several issues in this one. I would just like to make a quick elaboration on para 5. I liken the Malays who had benefitted from the NEP as the ones who had crossed a river using a bridge, but once they got to the other side, they asked for the bridge to be torn down and want the rest of their brothers to swim.

    Yes Islam champions justice. But what is more important in Islam is to strengthen the fellow Muslims. It is the greatest act in Fardu Kifayah. Are the Muslims in this country really strong in facing the challenges ahead?


  38. Yes Queen B. You are so right. During the swearing, Saiful was so composed and confident. Anwar made lots of lame excuse no to participate in any sumpah whatsoever. Now, after every solat I pray to Allah to laknat Anwar if he really sodomize people. Tell me I am teruk… but what to do? Anwar really is so hypocrite and munafliq. Why oh why people are blinded from his true character?


  39. An afterthought.

    I read in the news that PAS has registered their protest at the prospect of Avril Lavigne performing in Malaysia. Not that I like Lavigne although I was bummed when Christina Aguilera decided not to perform in Malaysia .

    So much for calling Mahathir a dictator and so much for democracy that they claim they are championing.

    I know there are those out there who would defend the decision by PAS by saying that, it is about religion, whatever that means. Although PAS have every right to protest, but asking the Government to ban the concert would be very undemocratic.


  40. I am not an expert on Islam’s history… my knowledge is only basic. But, from my knowledge, Quran is compiled after the death of our Dear Rasullullah , was it.? Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, the argument on the way to hold the holy Quran is lame. Also, the Christian said Ameen after they have completed their prayer… or is it wrong for us to be similar by uttering Ameen to the action as well. Sigh… politician… they will justify whatever Anwar did or said.

    JMD : After carefully evaluating the comments from most of the muslim scholars, I have come to the conclusion that what Saiful did was in adherence to the Islamic procedures in citing an oath under God’s name. The act of holding the Quran is irrelevant as long as he had made the proper incantations – which he did. He could even hold a freaking dumbbell at that point of time and the oath would still be valid. But by holding the Quran, he was just solidifying the fact that he cherish the holy book or probably, the Quran in his hands gave him strength to proceed.


  41. i agree with eddie. why are we harping about the procedures? the simple matter is he has sworn in God’s name. I am confident that most of Muslims in Malaysia (even the non-pious ones) will not use God’s name in vain like that. We know the consequences. I salute Saifuls’ bravery for doing that. And the fact that Anwar is making 1000 excuses not to do the same strenghtens my conviction.
    And whats all these things about satu kali lah, banyak kali lah, suka sama suka lah, politial conspiracy lah. These are not relevant. What’s important to a Muslim like me is that it points to the fact that Anwar did the deed. That’s all. No need to make things complicated.


  42. I’m against any body who use religion for political motives. Politic & religion don’t mix.
    Where there is politic, most of the time there’s a personal agenda, and when there’s agenda, most of the time, religion will be twisted to suit that agenda.


  43. Salam JMD,
    What saiful did was commendable. Noone in his right mind especially a Muslim will dare to swear in Allah’s name further with ‘dilaknat seluruh keturunannya’! It was either he is out of his mind, either he is crazy and really don’t care cause he received a lot of money or simply he is telling the TRUTH!

    On the other hand, DSAI refused to swear in the same manner and he is giving a lot of excuses not to. To me if you are really innocent and you did not do it,just swear in God’s name.No harm doing that unless if you actually committed the a plus point to Saiful for swearing by God’s name whether he is innocent or not!

    As for TGNA. i am dumbfounded by his antics. I respect him as a learned Islamic scholar or orang alim but if he keeps on flip-flopping,then it will be a totally different matter!

    But as usual, diehard supporters of these people will never except whatever is true and will forever believe whatever their idol say even if the one that they idolize ask them to ramai-ramai jump into the lombong…they will jump!

    Rational thinking will never be the case for these people!

    Have you read the latest posting by Tun M on rasuah politik..very sad indeed to whats happening to our Melayu!Betul dia kata dulu…Jangan Jadi Melayu Mudah Lupa coz he knows this will happen under Pak Lah!


    JMD : Thank you Lord Musan.


  44. Strangely JMD, why don’t PKR hardcores support the idea that Anwar should also swear in the name of God, because if they really believe Anwar was innocent, it won’t do any harm. In fact politically, there is more to gain.

    Instead, these people are protecting Anwar from taking the oath, as if Anwar will suffer greatly by doing so.


  45. hi jmd

    How u been? Sumpah or no sumpah is no different than screaming I’m not guilty n hoping that someone believes in u only this time around the holy book of islam is used in reference. The holy quran a book full of specification which confirms previous revelations provides guidance to all Muslim its a shame that such a wonderful gift to mankind has become a subject of discussion on d sodomy case when we should actually b reffering to its content as a point of reference n adjudication on our worldly matters.

    Case or no case I believe d government in not that dumb to risk taking d case to court without concrete evidence such as detail photographic evidence of both anwar n saiful whereabouts especially d condominium in question (last I heard its a well known rich gay men condo of choice with privacy fully guaranteed….perhaps a full list of his neighbors shud b made public to for those interested to come out with bang.

    What’s more important is d bigger picture. Anwar is a small pawn this time around. Simple question on y saiful met with najib n not dollah should be asked first. How far back does this arrangement goes. The rest r just noise. Anwar final statement before d case went to court clearly indicate that he is aware n pointing his finger right at d culprit. As for his so called innocence that I seriously doubt given d stacks of photographic evidence available to those in d know.

    JMD : I’ve been good although very very busy at this moment. Thank you for the comment.


  46. I find it totally hilarious that DSAI’s allies (Muslims especially) go all out to protect Statutory Declarations made by human beings in the courts of man-made law but are quick to discredit Saiful for making THE biggest statutory declaration of all, a statutory declaration with the Almighty. It sickens me how much people belittles the sumpah just because they revere that one man: DSAI.

    RPK is really pushing it. His articles are bordering on making Islam issues a joke, I feel.

    P.S Kesian DSAI, takdak duit dia tu. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Kami dah percaya dah.


  47. In Kelantan local people say the Tok Guru is a ‘belut’ (eel). Meaning he is quite slippery. He can say one thing today and another thing another day. The point is Saiful swore publicly – an oath in front of God that what he said was true.

    Bottom line is he swore. Anwar has not.


  48. Thank god for this article.

    1. I can’t believe my eyes when reading people are condemning Saiful for swearing, even though most of them (the skeptics) were the one asking him to swear.
    2. So he swore and now they judged him based on the petty matter and the swearing is invalid?
    3. I’m dissappointed with Nik Aziz. As an ulamak (self-professed), how could he denied Saiful’s rights to ask for justice by saying Saiful lied? Same goes to PAS.
    4. Even though as a Muslim, i always tertinggal sembahyang and do things unislamic, but swearing in the name of Allah is not ‘main-main’. Saiful is brave and i wish Anwar can be brave as well.
    4. Btw, I have a friend who believes 100% Anwar is innocent. For stupid reasons though.

    a. Repeat 1998 (Hmm..)
    b. Timing (Might be)
    c. Mahathir said so (Extracted out of context bro)
    d. Saiful looks ugly to be Gay (Haha..)
    e. Anwar is an Angel – PM to be won’t do that (Yeah right, check out US Senator and Bill Clinton)
    f. Anwar is old (Wakaka)
    g. “Medical Report” from Pusrawi (Proven ke?)

    5. Those are some of the reasons that i can’t believe people bought. TAKSUB!


  49. hmm… interesting… all the comments here believe in the swearing act by Saiful… maybe we are just the minority that sees thing as it is. By the way, most people missed the ironic of the situation. Saiful ask Allah, not mortal to be hi judge but apparently most mortal thinks they are god. That’s what happen when you have eyes but cannot see, you have ears but cannot listen, you have a mouth but cannot say the truth and you have brain but cannot think.


  50. Dear JMD,

    You are one of the last Mohiccans, the very few that still left to withstand the spinning storm of Anwar Ibrahim. RPK has reverted to him a couple of months ago. Haris Ibrahim and Bakri Musa very recently. Please continue to withstand the ground. I think we have the truth, and let the truth prevails.


    JMD : Thank you.


  51. JMD,

    If we go by the Quran, the people of Lut were cursed and destroyed for indulging in sodomy. Perhaps this is an ominous sign foreboding of what to come to Malaysian people when Anwar Ibrahim takes over.



  52. Salam bro… could you please help me here… someone gave me this link to YouTube about Foreign Correspondent Special Report on DSAI. Here is the link:

    There 6 episod in all. Could you please help to comment on this. Some quarters are believing this report as facts. So maybe you or others (Lekiu maybe) could shade some lights on this. Really appreciate it.

    JMD : Will look into it. Thanks.


  53. Hi JMD

    Have u seen Tun’s write up ?….looks like he read ur letter…n now echoing the same thots….well done bro……..well done indeed….wish i know u in person to shake ur hand…or a pat on the back …..take care

    JMD : You mean his Merdeka post? I thought he mentioned only about Kickdefella’s ‘nation in distress’ article.


  54. 2008 general election post bro

    JMD : Ah yes. Sorry sebab lambat pick-up. But yeah I am glad TDM had addressed this issue although I do think he had put it more eloquently with some personal empathy towards it. TDM’s love for the country and the sadness he feels when all the things that had been built by Pak Lah’s predecessors are being dismantled one by one. That is why he feels that it is a responsibility to correct what is wrong.


  55. Salam JMD,

    When ulamak jadi politician, inilah jadinya. Bab dia semuanya halal. Bab lawan, islam Hadharipun ditolak. Emmmm…. menarik bukan. Kena kat dia kronisma pun dia kata dalam islam tak pe. Bila kita katanya masuk neraka. Bila kita ladang babi haram tapi kena kat dia boleh asal jangan makan. Lawak sungguh …… ada sesiapa yang nak ketawa! Itulah kenyataannya. Pedih…pedih. Sebab inilah aku tak boleh sokong PAS. Gunakan ugama untuk politik. Lebih dasyat dari PM yang flip-flop tu. Tapi tak sedahsyat YB Anuar Ibrahim yang akan angkat sumpah hari ini.



  56. Emm..

    I’ve talked a lot to fanatik Anwar, whether online or not, and they keep on questioning / discredits Saiful for his sumpah.

    It’s weird how these people think.

    Yang sanggup bersumpah tu adalah salah? Yang menyerahkan halnya kepada Judgement kepada Allah tu adalah salah?


    By the way, Anwar dah ada in parliament and we’ll just see,

    p/s: JMD, I adapt sikit your related posting at my blog. Hope it’s OK.

    JMD : No problem.


  57. jebat

    i think, nik aziz never said pegang al-quran. he said muhabalah sahaja.
    and then bernama added “atau”

    “atau bersumpah dengan menjunjung al-Quran adalah cara untuk menentukan kebenaran dan juga sesuatu yang dituntut dalam Islam.”

    did u really heard him said pegang al-quran atau baca bernama sahaja and buat conclusion? tak baik panjangkan fitnah. nanti tuhan marah

    JMD : Please read the comments and my replies in this article. Thank you.


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