This day, 497 years ago…

On this date in 1511, Alfonso de Albuquerque finally sealed their victory in Melaka after a month of severe struggle to capture it.
The First Portuguese Landing

The First Portuguese Landing

The death of Bendahara Tun Mutahir a year earlier, had opened up old wounds and divided the people of Melaka into several factions. His execution was in haste. All his family members were condemned to death as the result of a malicious and wicked political tactic. Only his daughter, the feisty Tun Fatimah, was spared.

Kota Melaka Is Destroyed And The Town Looted

Kota Melaka Is Destroyed And The Town Looted

After the initial battle was won by the Melaka army led by Sultan Ahmad and Laksamana Khoja Hassan, Portuguese reinforcements from Goa had helped pushed the Malay warriors out from the city.

From then onwards, for the next 446 years, this land had been the breeding ground of wars and political conflicts that had bloodied the region with suffering and strifes.

51 years on, this land is still marred with a power struggle by opposing factions whose ultimate aim is only greed for power and political dominance.

One week from now, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan 2008, Malaysia.

Note : Both pictures courtesy of http://sejarahmalaysia.pnm.my

17 thoughts on “This day, 497 years ago…

  1. JMD,

    Every Merdeka had this special meaning of coming together as one.

    Through bad times and good times.

    Until 2004.

    Since then there is no spirit and pride.

    Subdued feelings pervade.

    Political dominance for 50 for you 50 for me, 60-40, 70-30 no more for 2020 for all.

    Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka
    Best wishes to you and fellow bloggers


  2. JMD,

    I know what you are getting at but the sad,sad, sad thing is still, melayu mudah lupa. Melayu never learn.

    When anwar bragged about being the best of friend with gore with camdessus with neocons, the melayus were awed. They failed to learn from Philipine’s Marcos, Iran’s Shah Iran, Iraq’s Saddam Husein, Osama, Karzai… They are the past, Karzai is the current and Anwar is the future. It does not matter which one you chose but the end will always the same.

    Its sad when the so-called malay liberals chose that road too. Its hip, I guess.


  3. Posts: 65
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    Posted on 23-08-2008 23:21
    Bagi penduduk negeri Pulau Pinang semua mengetahui bahawa datuk sebelah bapa Anwar Ibrahim adalah hindu convert yang mengahwini perempuan Melayu. Datuknya dulu bekerja sebagai Hospital Atendant di Hospital Pulau Pinang dan tinggal di kuates atendan di Lines Road Pulau Pinang.

    Bapanya, Pak Ibrahim selain kahwin dengan mak Anwar selepasnya pula berkahwin dengan orang gajinya (isteri kedua).

    Jika anda datang ke Bukit Minyak (berdekatan kawasan perindustrian Bukit Minyak) anda akan dapat melihat sebuah istana di persimpangan tiga Kampung Bukit Minya kepunyaan adiknya, Marzukhi yang dibina semasa Anwar menjadi menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

    Lain-lain abang dan adiknya Rani adalah bekas pegawai belia daerah di Butterworth tetapi semua adik beradiknya memasuki bidang perniagaan semasa Anwar menjadi TPM. Walau bagaimanapun terdapat seorang adiknya yang menjadi penagih dadah, mengutip barang-barang (terbuang!) di kampung Jalan Kilang Ubi, di mana terletaknya rumah Pak Brahim dulu.

    Abang Anwar, Marzhuki adalah Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Qhariah Masjid Tok Kun Bawah. Jadi tidak hairanlah jika dalam khutbah Jumaat, khatib masjid ini membaca khutbah politik.

    Sebagai contohnya, Jumaat 22 Ogos semalam, khatib mengutuk abis Kerajaan sekarang dengan mengatakan Kerjaan menganiayai rakyat. Kes mercedes turut dibangkitkan. Pujian yang melambung diberikan kepada Anwar Ibrahim (secara indirectly) dengan mengatakan pemimpin yang menjaga kepentingan dan kaum marhaen di Malaysia.

    Kepada jemaah disgokkan bahawa Anwar Ibrahim difitnah untuk menghalang dia daripada menjadi PM.

    Apapun dalam khutbahnya khatib masjid ini tidak pula menyentuh tentang sumpah…. smiley smiley smiley


  4. Jika Anwar menang di PErmatang Pauh…….maka tergadailah MARUAH dan HAK MELAYU kepada bukan MELAYU terutamanya kaum cina.. dan wahai bangsa MELAYU bersedialah menerima nasib g sama seperti bangsa MELAYU SINGAPURA… kerana didalam PR DAP adalah PARTI INDUK dan DAP adalah PAP(singapura)..



  5. Hi JMD

    Hows ur weekend ?

    To know where we are we must truly know how we got here….but history is always writen from the perspective of the writer….when i was small i used to read history text-books of the generation b4 me (70’s n early 80’s primary school)..n find them far more interesting than my gen….they have more detailed world history..somehow by my time it was more confined to local history but seriously lacks in depth…..perhaps a swing in education policy

    a carry forward from ur previous post on Ketuanan Anwar thinggy…..can i just ask a simple question …what in the world did anwar achieved thruout his tenure in the BN govt…..he seriously messed up as Education minister..only thing i could remember was the mumbo jumbo bahasa baku crap…nobody speaks like that…..sound like a spoof of bahasa indonesia….

    As for his tenure as Finance Minister…..man he was part n parcel of the bunch of culprits who failed to realise the potential exposure n overheating of the economy n he had his tentacles everywhere….up to BNM Dep Gov..was convicted bcause of him….any news of him …..at one point he was ready to takeover the whole market with external funds……thank god Tun M put a stop to it……treason was more like it….

    Just last week the indonesian celebrated their independence day…..proud people…n guess what …they fought tooth n nail in 1945 to drive away the incoming Dutch n brits after the Japs fell…….look at us…..we welcomed them back after they ran away ……if we had fought…i believe we would have been a greater nation…….the british succeed in transfering power to elites of the 3 races in Malaya…..again their typical divide n conquer rule at its best…..economically we only gain some form of indepence after introduction of NEP in the 70’s where the major transfer of wealth from foreigners to bumiputra’s…not from the other 2 race …..till today the elites of the 3 races still try their best to maintain the status quo…n we the rakyat will forever be short-changed…….

    On languange…just look at Indonesia n Thailand…the migrating races such as chinese or indians…complete integrated with the locals….n look at us….ever been to a chinese workshop to fix ur car…..n feel that u’ve just paid 50% more……..no can do ……gotta fix the language thingy or we’re not going anywhere if this continues for another 51 years…..Indonesians succeeded integrating more than hundreds of different local languages into Bahasa Indonesia…why cant we……..

    Heard u got spammed…carefull bro …..backup ur lovely articles n comments…they’re priceless….this is history being written from the perspective of the people on the street…..100 years from now historians would be able to study the actual feeling on the ground based on a historical events……..n derive more accurate statistical observation…….technology is a beautiful thing indeed…….not only it has shifted the balance of power….it has become the most effective interactive delivery mechanism…soon actual data on internet penetration will become strategic protected information in the hands of government in power…….like all important publicly unavailable info………………..selamat berpuasa n merdeka bro

    JMD : Thank you for the wishes. Just to add, Anwar as a Finance Minister had changed the Ringgit sign from ($) to ‘RM’ too. Anyway, we should not belittle any of his accomplishments. To say that he had not contributing anything when he was in the government would be quite a lie. Anwar did help TDM in enforcing the policies and directives. In fact, Anwar was TDM’s number one supporter since 1982. The only thing that we can question was his loyalty, ambition and also his method in challenging more senior members in the government. As the result of that ambition, we can safely deduce that his apparent actions thereon were tainted with self interest (IMF, Umno General Assembly 1998, challenging Ghafar Baba 1993 etc). That in the end is his legacy and how Umno members would remember him. That is why he is quite an anathema to the party and BN.


  6. i think our people should know more about our malaysian/ Tanah Melayu’s history. Looking at what’s happening now, i think our people has forgotten what history has done to nations with weak leaders, what patriotism is all about, about traitors, what communism did to our country, and etc. Best we start with our children. I just hope some authors can make children’s books in english and BM about our history. We need more exposure, knowlege regarding our history, only then we can identify who we are and how we can uphold our dignity as a united nation, maintaining peace and harmony among all the different races. I used to watch ‘Hari Ini dalam Sejarah’ on TV1, wonder what happend to that programme? I suggest we should have more dramas/movies/plays on our history and maybe our newspapers should do more write up on our history. Any takers?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  7. From the foreign news agency reports, Anwar’s win is a bygone conclusion. The folks at Permatang Pauh seems beguiled by Anwars Ibrahim judging from the thunderous response whenever he makes his rounds.

    At the risk of becoming an alarmist, I suppose this is how almost 30 years of cultivating Bumiputras advancement in scoiety ends, with a thunderous applause by the Bumiputras themselves rueing the benefits ironically that they have reaped.

    For years Lim Kit Siang and Karpal tried to end it and it took another Bumiputra to finish it off. How strange history can be.

    As for PAS, the hatred harboured towards UMNO means that from their perspective, nothing good has come from UMNO all these years. Despite whatever reservations DAP has towards PAS, PAS has never been and will never be a threat when it comes to the economy. Living with them is easier than with having to deal with UMNO.

    This few years have seen almost a whitewash of history, we have been told by DAP that he racial riots of 1969 is not a racial riot but an attempt by the Malays to throw out Tunku Abdul Rahman. We were also informed by DAP that Chin Peng should be acknowledged as a freedom fighter. Which then begs the question, if Chin Peng is a freedom fighter, what honour or dishonour do we accord to the servicemen who died fighting the Communist that he led?

    JMD : Thanks Lekiu for the comment. Maybe you want to chip in more in my latest article?


  8. satD said:

    On languange…just look at Indonesia n Thailand…the migrating races such as chinese or indians…complete integrated with the locals.


    I do not disagree with the need to integrate fully similar to the Thais etc. In many parts of Thailand you cannot tell the difference between a Chinese Thai and local – look the same, speak the same and have local names. In fact my Chinese relatives (who are Thais) consider themselves Thais through and through and have the same rights as every other Thai. If we did this in Malaysia – would the Government be willing to do away with the race tagging and all the special privilages attached to race etc and treat everyone equally as Malaysian?

    Just a thought.

    JMD : If our govt does that, wouldn’t the Suqiu and the Dong Jiao Zhong cry foul over the eradication of vernacular schools?


  9. Arwah guru saya dulu kata,”Kita mencapai kemerdekaan bukan sepenuhnya melalui meja perundungan; jalan menuju ke arahnya penuh dgn pertumpahan darah, walaupun tujuan nya bukan mengusir penjajah tetapi lebih kpd ketidakpuashati mengenai kutipan cukai ; yg jelasnya ramai orang Melayu yg mati melawan dgn penjajah”

    Saya pasti ada kebenarannya, majlis sempena kemerdekaan , 90 % dihadiri oleh Melayu.Begitu juga gotong royong disesebuah taman perumahan purata nisbah kaum adalah sama , juga dihadiri oleh 90% Melayu;Jom heboh 98% juga Melayu yg menghadirinya; “funfair” 80% Melayu yg pergi tengok.Rukun Tetangga -80% Melayu


  10. Assalam bro…

    Just to add… When Portugese attack and conquered Malacca in 1511… they only managed to rule Malacca and thereafter, The Dutch only Malacca and Temasek (Singapore). But we have to see how the British conquered the whole Malaya… starting with Penang (coincidental?), followed by Malacca and Singapore to form the Strait Settlement. Then slowly to Selangor, Perak and the rest is history. The main points for the success of the British is the help from local (traitor?) in inviting their assistance to defeat the other side in the power struggle either for the Throne or rich source of income such as the tin.

    History tend to repeat itself, so after 51 years, are we to see the recurrence of our own history that will see the repeat of 497 years under foreign rule?


  11. I thank you for this post, which relives a moment in a history when the Malays had reigned supreme in the region in terms of trade and influence, and to a large extent political clout, which had resulted in the Malacca Sultanate became the envy of many a superpowers back then. If only we could achieve this now and not just repeat the bandied Malay Supremacy of the current times. Without the Malacca Sultanate, it would be hard to imagine whether Malaysia would be Malaysia as we see now.

    I will not pretend to be an historian though I love reading history and this post has certainly made by day.


  12. JMD said:

    If our govt does that, wouldn’t the Suqiu and the Dong Jiao Zhong cry foul over the eradication of vernacular schools?

    Basically the way I see it is that we should only have national schools. 2nd language can be an opted subject for the relevant races within the national schools. But we would have to have one platform for all races – no more you – Malay, I – Indian/Chinese etc. Maybe I am an idealist but I love Malaysia. Why can’t everything be about just being a Malaysian? My family has been born here since the time the Dutch came to Malaysia. Yes, we have inter-married with Chinese, Malays and even Indians. Why can’t we be regarded as a Malaysian race. Why am I classified as an “Other” in all my documents? You would think after 51 years of independence this should be the case. Instead I see things just getting worse vis a vis the races. It is just so sad.

    JMD : That is why my dear Junah, strong will power and political strength is needed to put through reforms. The thing is, we are a multi diversed society. Each society have different opinion on the same matter. This differing opinions in turn have a wide spectrum, from moderate to extreme.
    One such example ya, in the late 90’s the govt mooted the idea of vision schools to integrate our children into one studying environment at an earlier age. It was a good move. But, the very people today who support the calls for Bangsa Malaysia (mostly DAP), are the ones against it – criticising the govt for conspiring to eradicate the chinese schools (Dong Jiao Zhong etc).

    Hence, the hypocrisy by these groups.

    Anyway, we are all Malaysians. Make no mistake about that. I think your feeling of being discriminated is the result of the works of extremists and racist approach Pakatan Rakyat had been propagating since 2004. They are making the difference between racial line more pronounced. They are highlighting every bit of misgivings or mistreatment of non Malays in this country. Whereas, the mistreatment of Malays were not highlighted. Malays too suffer from discrimination in the private sector.

    Therefore, I implore you to be more rationale and be the voice of reason in this trying times. Moderation is key.

    Note that classification based on ethnicity is normal in any country. Have you stayed in Australia or US or even UK? Unless you are living in a total homogenous country like Tibet of Nepal, racial classification is the norm. Even in China, you still have to fill in forms that will ask you which part of China you are from. Sometimes, when we fill forms there, we need to fill in our ethnicity. Why is that? I don’t think it is for the reason of discriminating anyone. It is just for tracking purposes.
    Thank you.


  13. I cant help but think that…pak lah…purposely created this self inflicted wound in umno and bn…..by cutting off mahathir’s project and by doing absolutely nothing to churn the economy. We the people in the street will only get to taste the spill over 3-5 years after any project take off…what ever good things we are having now which is very little are the left overs of mahathir’s dynamic leadership. Since pak lah is doing nothing so far….even if he starts something today…we’ll only get to taste the fruit 3-5 years later. Its too late baby..its too late…

    Kenapa lah pemimpin melayu…tak sedar diri…we have all the recipe for success but we’re not cooking…because the head chef is asleep.


  14. Assalammualaikum..
    Selamat Hari kemerdekaan kepada sume di sini..alhamdulillah, hampir 51thn merdeka..tp apa kan daya..merdeka pd tahun ni hanye pd nama..sume org sibuk pd politik..yg lemah nak berkuasa..yg kuat nak pertahankan hak..yg layak dan jujur tenggelam. Yang lemah dan korup diagungkan..mm..politik..politik..gajah yang berlawan..pelanduk(rakyat) yg jd mangsa..alih2..rasuah berleluasa… Jika masih ada kewarasan di akal sihat mereka, amalan ini tidak seharusnya diteruskan. Rezeki kita semua telah ditetapkan. Jika melampaui batasnya, kita telah mengambil hak dan menganiayai orang lain.Apa imbuhan orang yang melakukan amalan ini, DOSA adalah jawapannya..kalo la mat kilau hidup lg..jgn kata cina dan India..org yg gila darjat & kuasa..pun tak berani nak menyuarakan hak2 keistimewaan org melayu.. Kalau saya tahu 100% berpolitik dan berpengaruh, saya sendiri yang akan daftar parti baru. Tapi apakan daya… saya hanya buih.. Cuma sy mtk..semua parti..umno,pkr,pas..tolongla…jangan perjudikan nasib umat Islam & bangsa Melayu kite dlm hal politik..dan kepada yg muda..yg mpunyai minda yg tggi..akal yg cerdik..renung2kanla..org yg dahului dr kite yg perjuangkan nasib org melayu..hgga mendptkan kemerdekaan dr dijajah oleh british..wassalam


  15. Assalamualaikum wbt.

    1 perkara dalam sejarah sebelum merdeka yang tidak pernah di usik dan disentuh dan diperbincangkan dengan lebih lanjut iaitu prasyarat yang dikenakan oleh British mengenai penerimaan masuk warga British keturunan Cina dan India ke dalam Persekutuan Tanah Melayu- Malaya.

    Persoalan yang besar adalah kenapa British meletakkan prasayarat tersebut? Kedua adakah warga British yang keturunan Cina dan India yakni yang menubuhkan MIC dan MCA benar-benar mahukan kemerdekaan yang sepertimana orang Melayu mahukan atau hanya sekadar memperjuangkan nasib bangsa mereka atas keberaadaan dan penerusan hidup bangsa mereka tanpa terpinggir apabila Tanah Melayu merdeka?

    Apakah MCA dan MIC pada waktu itu benar-benar mahukan kemerdekaan atas semangat kebangsaan sama seperti org Melayu? Kenapa ini tidak diketengahkan? Diperbahaskan? Diceritakan?Difikirkan oleh cendikiawan Melayu?

    Diteliti daripada ternyata jelas, niat dan maksud MCA dan MIC untuk bergabung dengan UMNO bagi menuntut kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu adalah lebih berat kepada sebab keterpaksaan mereka kerana British tidak mahu menerima mereka selepas Tanah Melayu merdeka dan bukan sebenarnya di atas niat dan semangat kebangsaan sepertimana yang ditunjukkan oleh para pejuang kemerdekaan di pihak Melayu.

    Mereka mahukan kemerdekaan kerana mahukan tempat untuk berteduh sahaja dan bagi keberlansungan dan kesinambungan hayat bangsa mereka sahaja. Disebabkan desakan dan kehendak keberlangsungan dan kesinambungan hayat bangsa mereka, mereka pada awalnya sanggup menerima apa saja syarat.

    Kini apabila keturunan muda mereka mula mempersoalkan apa yang telah dipersetujui sebelum merdeka dan memperlecehkan apa yang telah termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia dan kepimpinan orang Melayu dalam Barisan Nasional, bukankah kita seharusnya menilai semula dan meningatkan keturunan muda mereka mengenai sejarah.

    Apakah tidak wajar kepada kita meminta mereka itu melakukan 1 perkara yakni menyerahkan semula hak yang telah mereka terimai dan pusakai daripada pemimpin mereka terdahulu kerana apa yang mereka nikmati sekarang adalah hasil daripada yang terdahulu; jadi jika mereka meminta maka sebelum mereka meminta mereka harus menyerahkan semula. Mereka tidak boleh mempersoalkan apa yang mereka terima sekarang tanpa menyerahkan semula dan kembali kepada taraf asal-mula yakni tiada mempunyai apa-apa.


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