Umno & Barisan Nasional

BN now stands for Bloody Nasty

I thought when you have lost huge number of seats and popular votes in the recent general election, you should be more humble and smart in approaching the people to regain back the support. But for Barisan Nasional, it’s a resounding NO!

I really don’t get these people. I cringe everytime I read their stupid statements in the papers. It’s obvious that they are shooting their own foot with all these nasty moves. Just pure vendetta.

Here are some of the things that I find very nasty for them to do to the people of Malaysia;

1. Azalina Othman cancelling all tourism MOUs with the Pakatan Rakyat states.

2. Barisan Nasional reprimanding Lee Kah Choon over his appointment in Penang Development Corporation and investPenang as a director. This led to his resignation from the Gerakan Party.

3. Balkis’ money (RM9.9 million) was siphoned out from their accounts and the society was dissolved.

4. The Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development funds are re-routed via MARA in the Pakatan Rakyat states just because it do not want the people to be ‘victimised’.

5. When the going gets tough, the tough eats less rice!

‘Eat Less Rice’ can be equated with the other equally moronic and simplistic solution by the government some time ago – ‘Ubah Gaya Hidup’. Now I am certain that BN gonna lose the next general election. For who in their right mind will vote for Bloody Nasty people?

4 thoughts on “BN now stands for Bloody Nasty

  1. I think it might be the same if I come to power:

    1) Mega projects reviewed and stoped for fear of been misused.

    2) New cronies emerging to take over projects

    3) Rakyat ‘puasa’ more to face global food shortages

    4) More religious activities instead of sensless time and money wasting programmes.

    5) More temples for a faith based society

    6) More chinese schools with malay content

    7) I can go on and on, and there will be counter opinion against my hypothetical government.



  2. to redhuan
    no counter opinion for your h/thetical govmnt. Except
    1. can I carry your bags
    2. can i be your proxy
    3. can i be your lover
    4. can i be your true warrior vent you from any h/thetical attacks
    5. can i suck up
    6. can i be your setiausaha sulit
    7. got money for me aaa… need to invest maa.. for old days sake.


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