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Fret not! Anwar Ibrahim will help the US economy

People had asked me how the United States can overcome the sub prime crisis they are in right now. As speculated, the sub prime crisis has transformed itself into a major economic crisis in the US. It’s tentacles have reached many other areas in economic superstructures around the world. In my humble opinion and also the opinion of all Pakatan Rakyat’s supporters, there is only one way to overcome the economic crisis in the United States.

Get Anwar Ibrahim to be the US economic adviser.

Due to his brilliant economic background, he will shorten the NPL criterium to 3 months, increase the interest rates to 20% or more so that the dollar can appreciate, and of course, he will stop the US government from bailing out companies. His austerity measures and creative destruction approach will surely rejuvenate the world’s economy and bring back the bull into the stock markets worldwide.

Not only that, he will get the US to stop giving subsidies to the wheat farmers in the US and other forms of subisidies in that country. This will definitely kick start the economy on the right track.

I’m sure if he has not already been appointed as their economic adviser, Anwar Ibrahim is working really hard and cracking his head on how to save the world from this potential economic disaster never been seen since the Great Depression of the late 20’s. How else could you explain his silence and absence for the past week or so? Maybe he is in Washington D.C. right now!

Since the US will be in the good hands of the Darling of the Western Media, their economy will rebound in no time. Take this excerpt in an article by the International Crisis Group for example;

In the midst of Asian Financial Crises of 1997, Anwar was hailed for guiding Malaysia through this period of instability.  He backed free market principles and called for “creative destruction”, highlighting the need to reconsider the proximity of business and politics in Malaysia. He advocated for greater accountability and refused to offer government bail-outs to companies facing bankruptcy.  He also instituted widespread spending cuts and cut government expenditure on mega projects.  These prescriptions saved the Malaysian economy and earned Anwar many accolades, including the title “Asian of the Year” by Newsweek International in 1998.

Thank God we have Anwar Ibrahim at that time to save our economy and propelled Malaysia into greater heights after 1997! Without him, we may have found ourselves deeply indebted to the IMF and our strategic local businesses and industries may be pried open for corporate raiders to feast upon.

His uncanny ability to articulate his economic credentials is a breath of fresh air when comparing to other economic expert wannabes like Dr Mahathir or Paul Krugman or even Henry Paulson.

Anwar, as the adviser will definitely tell the American government why waste USD700 billion just to bail out their banking industry? In Malaysia back in 1998, Anwar was against any government bailouts. Citing creative destruction, the prospect of letting huge banks like Maybank and Hong Leong Group etc with thousands of workers go bust was vital in the pursuit of good governance and being market friendly.

Unfortunately, Malaysia went ahead with the setting up of special vehicles such as Danamodal and Danaharta. These SPVs were responsible in buying all the NPLs and help free the banking industry from the credit crunch and pumped the much needed liquidity in the market. How irresponsible the government was!

Coming back to the matter at hand, Anwar will also tell the US SEC (equivalent to Malaysian SC) to not impose capital control ala Malaysia or China. There are plans that the SEC are going to extend the ban on short selling in the share market. This is a big no-no in the free market economies. Why penalise the fund managers in doing their jobs? After all, they are selling the shares and only making small gains from their own selfless deeds.

Anwar, with his credentials as the economic adviser for the Republic of Turkey will definitely prove a boon for the US economy. Turkey, with him as the adviser since 2005, had progressed to greater heights economically. Their borrowing rate is currently 16.75%! This will not last long as due to high inflation (over 10%),  the Central Bank of Turkey will increase it by 50 basis points to 17.25% soon.

Thank God Anwar was there!

With his help as a bridge between Turkey and the IMF, the country managed to secure new loans from IMF totalling USD10 billion (RM34 Billion). This is on top of the outstanding loan of USD16 billion they received much earlier.

As the result, their budget deficit increases from 0.6% in 2006 to about 2.5% – 3% in 2008-09. A job well done for Turkey’s brilliant economic adviser.

So you see, the solution is simple. Anwar Ibrahim, the greatest saviour of Malaysia will use his expertise in economics and help save the world from the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression. We should definitely elect him as our Prime Minister.

Bush and Lee Kuan Yew will be so proud.



79 thoughts on “Fret not! Anwar Ibrahim will help the US economy

  1. Hehe! Cynical piece, eh JMD.

    Anywayz, just wanna share with you the following last three para excerpt written about AI when he was in Hong Kong recently:


    He said when the Asian crisis struck 10 years ago, the decisions he made as Finance Minister were not populist nor were they popular.

    But he added that on principle, he felt they were the right moves even though they were at the expense of his personal freedom.

    “Yet in my darkest hours of solitary confinement I had never given up hope that something good was to come of the ordeal. And now after more than a decade of struggle and profound challenges we are on the threshold of a new beginning.”

    Full article here:

    From 916.. to 923.. to anytime now.. to it’s not important any more but it’s one heck of a good idea.

    JMD: If you read carefully the Hong Kong article I linked in my post, you will find that his speech lacks direction and substance. He gave only a sweeping statement on reviving the economy by applying market friendly policies. But what are those policies in detail? What are the definitive measures in order to curb corruption? Anybody can talk like that. Even Gus Dur too. All this while he only made generalised statements. As always, he is indeed a populist leader without any clear substance. And many think he is a god sent. 🙂 Just my two sen.


  2. Sinister and yet thought provoking he he….

    Check this out:

    Anwar speech at CLSA Investor Forum in Hong Kong. At one point he said:

    “Some leaders are now gloating over their so called successes in resorting to bailouts even much earlier and retrospectively sanitising their remedies of capital controls and the policy of currency. This is a false premise. Bailouts cannot be used as a veneer for crony capitalism. It appears rather foolhardy for certain leaders in the region to start thumping their chests over their relatively wealthier positions and that they have strong fundamentals.”

    His full speech can be accessed at:

    Mind anyone to comment on this “brilliant” speech that will save the world from the economic turmoil.

    JMD : Please read the link I provided here especially the comments section for a more balanced view:

    Thank you.


  3. Anwar need a time frame to do all these big job.

    You forgot to mention what is the due date, or may be no need any date, he can pick up any historical date and change it to the new date later.

    may be date is not relevant anymore.

    he has “a number” and important statistic to help him.

    JMD : I love what Karpal Singh said today in The Star:

    “Umno should not write off Abdullah as he received the people’s majority.

    “It is not fair to pressure him to step down. It is not in our culture to pressure anyone into submission,” he said yesterday.”

    I am very much amused that Karpal Singh is against any pressure for the PM to step down. As if his own Boss, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat had not plot to topple the government through defections. Is that not a form of pressure to the PM too?

    And to still think Karpal has all the integrity and credibility in the world.


  4. Salam JMD,

    Great piece of research. How the hell can anyone attribute Malaysia’s victory against the 1998 economic crisis to him? What a hypocrisy. Jahanam negara kalau dia jd PM.

    Anyway pls continue to dish out more of these spins to highlight how dangerous he is to Malaysia.

    Thanks and Selamat Hari Raya.


  5. Assalammualaikum..

    First of all,

    Mawi sudah kaya,
    Siti sudah jadi Datin,
    Selamat Hari Raya,
    Maaf Zahir & Batin…

    Secondly… Anwar as an advisor??? The only thing he will advice is how to lose more… 😀

    As for the US, it’s like what the Malaysian called… menjilat ludah sendiri…


  6. Hahaha, good one. I see shades of TDM style humour there.

    What do you think of Anwar’s keynote address in Hong Kong, which happened to be on the subject he is expert in. It’s in his blogsite. Hope to know your comment. Great work!

    JMD : I provided the link in this post also. In my opinion, Anwar does not know what he is talking about 🙂

    Anyway, please read the link I provided here especially the comments section for a more balanced view:

    Thank you.


  7. Ha ha ha so true ……….. the world thinks Bush sucks …I think Anwar is bigger Sucker ……….

    Hate Hindraf (Pertubuhan Kotor Anwar Ibrahim)
    hate PRK (pecacai Anwar Ibrahim )


  8. Salam JMD,

    baru dapat access to internet after 4days Raya, balik ‘darat’. Those kampung people still rely heavily on the ceramahs and kedai kopi meetings for their daily dose of national political news.. yang boleh dipercayai. If only they read this article… u’d be up on their list of trusted penceramah, and by wearing kopiah, they will start calling u Ustaz JMD ! No between the lines for them .. straightforward is the way.



  9. wonder why you only want to be in the blogging world instead helping our failure economics method.

    since Anwar does not know what he talking about.why not let people who knows what they talking about to save malaysian money.better what

    JMD : If we, the ordinary citizens can pin point the fallacy and the wrong economic methods employed by Anwar in 1997/98 then what can you say about him? Obviously he needs more than rhetorical speeches in order to convince us to give him our votes.

    One of the reasons why Malaysians lack confidence in the current leadership is due to absence of direction and intelligent action plans in order to overcome this crisis. Do we even have the National Economic Recovery Plan like what we have back in the currency crisis? Nope.

    So who does know what they are talking about? Should we ask the 4th floor boys? They are nevertheless came from Oxford and Cambridge what not. How could these so called brilliant young turks failed to propel this nation into greater heights? Do we dare call them as failures?


  10. Waaah wah wah, baru lepas lemang dan rendang, JMD kita ni dah jadi cynical pula…
    ingat gua da silap masuk blog chedet tadi…..Anyway, That’s a good one. let’s see what
    lekui has to say…Nice one ! brother.


  11. JMD,
    Your goodself should read this article man!!
    Amerika Syarikat sedang menghadapi kejatuhan ekonominya akibat sistem kapitalis. Apa sebenarnya yang berlaku dan apa kaitannya dengan riba?. Dan adakah jika sistem kewangan dan ekonomi Islam dilaksanakan, kita akan terselamat dari malapetaka seperti ini.

    Tulisan ini akan cuba mendedahkan isu ini dalam bentuk yang separa ilmiah dengan kumpulan sasaran pembaca orang awam. Justeru, jika anda seorang cendiakawan ekonomi, kewangan dan perbankan, saya kira tulisan ini mungkin tidak menambahkan sebarang nilai dan pengetahuan baru buat anda.

    Saya juga menggunakan bahasa-bahasa bukan kewangan bagi memudahkan kefahaman orang awam dalam memahami isu ini secara mudah. Walaupun isu ini agak kompleks untuk diterangkan dengan mudah kepada pembaca yang tiada basic ilmu kewangan dan perbankan (kerana ia perbincangan berkenaannya banyak menggunakan istilah-istilah khusus kewangan dan perbankan), namun saya akan cuba sekadar kesempatan waktu dan kemampuan yang ada untuk memberi faham. Isunya begini..

    kegawatan bermula dari kes pinjaman dan pensekuritian bon subprima


    Subprime mortgage atau dalam bahasa Malaysia kita sebut “peluang kedua pinjaman”.

    Ia adalah pinjaman wang yang diberikan kepada sekumpulan pengguna miskin, manakala sebahagian lainnya tidak menepati kriteria peminjam yang BOLEH diluluskan jika dilihat dari piawaian sesebuah bank. Ia disebut sebagai mempunyai ‘credit rating’ yang rendah. Mereka ini biasanya terdiri dari :-

    mereka yang mempunyai pendapatan rendah, mempunyai sejarah dan rekod kegagalan bayaran hutang yang tinggi, atau ‘rekod merah’.
    mereka yang beban hutangnya telah melebih kemampuan mendapatannya, para spekulator yang tiada mempunyai wang tetapi ingin membeli untuk tujuan pelaburan dan lain-lain lagi.

    Walaupun demikian, mereka telah diberikan peluang kedua untuk membuat pinjaman. Perlu diingat, ia bukannya dibuat atas dasar ingin membantu tetapi berpunca dari sifat tamak pihak kapitalis dalam perolehan untung, mereka juga tidak menghiraukan samada kumpulan miskin dan bermasalah serta terdesak tadi akan semakin tertindas ataui tidak. Apa yang penting buat mereka adalah untuk mengambil peluang meraih untung sebanyak mungkin.

    Telah saya tegaskan beberapa kali di web ini, apabila pinjaman diberikan kepada mereka yang berpotensi untuk gagal membayar balik, risiko kegagalan membayar hutang yang dinamakan ‘event of default’ akan menjadi semakin tinggi. Menurut kebiasaan sesebuah bank, jika risikonya tinggi maka lagi tinggilah kadar riba ‘interest’ yang akan dikenakan terhadap peminjam.

    Menurut faktanya, apabila lebih 100 buah syarikat yang memberi pinjaman jenis subprime seperti New Century Financial Corporation memfailkan bankruptcy akibat gagal memperolehi pulangan beserta riba yang dikehendakinya, kegawatan mula kelihatan. Kegagalan ini membawa kerugian sebanyak USD 6.5 trillion dan memberikan kesan negatif kepada seluruh industri jual beli rumah, perbankan dan ekonomi USA. [1]

    Isu ini mula menggugat ekonomi Amerika mulai tahun 2007 dan berterusan kesannya sehinggalah apa yang berlaku kepada kebrankupan dan kerugian besar syarikat gergasi di Bursa Saham Wall Street seperti Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG dll. Ia bakal membawa kesan domino atau kesan bertali kepada mana-mana syarikat yang mempunyai ikatan dengan mereka yang rugi ini, akan saya huraikan kemudian. Ia bermula apabila sektor perumahan di USA menjadi bubble. Erti bubble dalam konteks ini adalah apabila nilai valuasi rumah meningkat sehingga mencapai tahap unsustainable iaitu tidak mampu lagi ditanggung jika dilihat kepada purata pendapatan penduduk. Hasilnya, bilangan peminjam yang gagal ia disebut ‘defaulters’ menjadi semakin tinggi. Keadaan ini merebak sehingga berlakunya krisis kegawatan pada bulan Ogos 2007 yang lalu.


    Apabila ini terjadi, nilai rumah tiba-tiba menjadi jatuh merudum pula sehingga banyak pihak yang telah membeli dan memegang rumah dan hartanah tidak lagi mendapat untung dari aset yang mereka pegang. Kerugian pun menjelma dan memberikan kesan kepada seluruh sektor kredit, perbankan dan ekonomi dunia.

    Pihak bank akan ditimpa Non Performing Loans (NPL) atau hutang tertunggak yang tinggi, selain itu ia juga memberi kesan rugi kepada seluruh sektor pembinaan, pembekal dan banyak lagi. Ia juga bakal membawa keruntuhan, hasilnya Presiden USA, George Bush telah memperuntukan ‘bail-out plan’ dengan harga antara USD 700 billion ke USD 1 trillion untuk membeli aset pinjaman tertunggak yang merosakkan tersebut.

    Pihak US merancang, setelah membeli semua aset tadi, mereka akan menjualnya semula dan memperolehi keuntungan pula darinya. Namun terdapat pakar pelaburan seperti Warren Buffet dan ramai lagi yang menganggap lebih bijak jika kerajaan membiarkan sebahagian sekuriti tenat dan tertunggak ini dijual di pasaran terbuka kepada sektor private dan bukannya dibeli oleh kerajaan. [2] Secara ringkasnya isunya adalah :-
    a) Apa yang menjadi isu dengan kes bail out terbaru ini adalah, jumlah besar itu adalah wang hasil kutipan dari pembayaran cukai dari seluruh warga USA. Namun malangnya wang cukai yang bayar mereka akan digunakan untuk menyelamatkan beberapa buah syarikat gergasi di Wall Street, sedangkan ramai yang tidak terlibat dengan aktiviti saham dan tidak mendapat faedah secara langsung dari bail-out ini. Inilah yang menyebabkan kemarahan orang ramai. Duit mereka digunakan untuk menyelamatkan si kaya manakala syarikat kecil dan sederhana tiada sebarang bantuan.

    b) Selain itu, untuk mejayakan tujuan ini, kerajaan US terpaksa mencetak lebih banyak wang dan ini akan meningkat kadar inflasi iaitu nilai USD akan jatuh merudum.

    c) Sebahagian pakar ekonomi menamkannya sebagai hyperinflation atau inflasi di luar kawalan. Selain itu purchasing power mereka turut jatuh. Contoh hyperinflation adalah apa yang berlaku kepada Germany pada tahun 1923 apabila kadar tukarannya adalah Marks (Matawang German) 4,200,000,000,000 (4.2 billion) adalah sama dengan USD 1 sahaja!. Yang terbaru adalah Zimbabwe di mana nilai duit Zimbabwe sebanyak 688 billion adalah sama dengan USD 1. [3]

    d) Ini juga bermakna, semua peminjam-peminjam di bank US terpaksa mencari sumber wang lain untuk mebayar hutang mereka disebabkan nilai matawang mereka menjadi kecil. Kalau dulu USD 1000 mereka boleh membayar pinjaman perumahan bulanan, namun akibat bail-out ini, nilai USD 1000 itu sudah jatuh kepada USD 900.

    e) Ia juga boleh mengakibatkan pelbagai bencana ekonomi seperti berlakunya penyorokan barang pengguna kerana menunggu harga meningkat.

    f) Hutang US juga pasti akan meningkat tinggi , dijangkakan hutang US akan meningkat kepada USD 11.3 trillion daripada jumlah sekarang iaitu USD 10.6 trillion. [4]

    231 ahli akademik yang merupakan pakar ekonomi di univeristi seluruh USA membantah tindakan ini dalam satu surat yang ditandatangani bersama oleh mereka. Mereka menegaskan :-

    “Investors who took risks to earn profits must also bear the losses. […] The government can ensure a well-functioning financial industry […] without bailing out particular investors and institutions whose choices proved unwise.” [5]


    Bagi anda memahami isu ini dengan lebih tersusun, mari memhami isu subprime dan pensekuritiannya. Keadaan menjadi parah sebenarnya, apabila pinjaman-pinjaman SUBPRIME tadi telah disekuritikan menjadi . ‘Mortgage-backed Securities’ ; (iaitu sijil-sijil boleh niaga yang disandarkan kepada sesuatu aset (asset-backed security ) yang mana cash flow atau aliran tunainya datang dari pembayaran pinjaman pokok dan interest bagi satu kelompok pinjaman perumahan.

    Kemudiannya ia diniagakan dengan risiko berbeza mengikut tahap-tahapnya. Dalam kes yang sedang kita bincangkan ini, kelompok pinjaman itu adalah dari pinjaman subprime yang telah diberitahu tadi. Sila lihat rajah untuk lebih faham.

    Sila lihat kepada pulangan riba ‘expected return’ yang dijanjikan kepada pelabur (pembeli sijil ini) yang disebut itu, pulangan itu gagal ditepati apabila pihak peminjam gagal membayar hutang rumah mereka. Sekali lagi, apa erti sekuriti di sini? Ia adalah satu proses mengumpulkan pinjaman-pinjaman ini dalam satu kumpulan (pool of portfolio), kemudiannya ditukar menjadi sebuah sijil pelaburan boleh niaga yang dinamakan bon atau sekuriti atau Mortgage Backed Securities.

    Ia adalah sebuah instrument pelaburan riba yang menjanjikan PULANGAN TETAP bagi mereka yang berminat membelinya. Disebabkan sifat tamak pelabur kapitalis, mereka telah menjual bon yang disandarkan kepada pinjaman Subprime yang berisiko ini dan ia telah dibeli oleh pelbagai pihak termasuklah bank-bank pelaburan ‘investment banks’ yang besar seperti Lehman Brothers yang merupakan syarikat keempat tersebar di Bursa Wall Street.

    Apa yang dilakukan ini jika dilihat dari perspektif Islam dinamakan ‘debt trading’ atau menjual hutang. Ia difatwakan haram oleh Majlis Fiqh Sedunia dan juga Majlis Shariah Badan Perakauan dan Kewangan Islam Sedunia (AAOFI) iaitu apabila ia dijual lebih rendah dari harga asal hutang (secara diskaun).

    Untuk analogi mudah lagi ringkas, ia adalah seperti berikut:-

    Encik David berhutang sebanyak RM 1 juta dari Encik Lingam. Encik David dikehendaki membayar semula hutangnya sebanyak RM 1.5 juta dalam 5 tahun. Ini bermakna Encik Lingam mengenakan RM 500,000 riba ke atas
    Encik David. Tiba-tiba selepas dua bulan, atas sebab tertentu, Encik Lingam perlukan wang tunai dengan segera, untuk menyegerakan perolehan tunai, Encik Lingam telah menjual hutang Encik David tadi kepada En Chua dengan harga yang lebih rendah iaitu RM 1.3 juta. Walaupun harganya lebih rendahnamun Encik Lingam puas hati kerana ia memperolehinya secara cash atau tunai.

    (Inilah yang dimaksudkan jualan hutang secara diskaun, dan ia dianggap riba oleh Ulama antarabangsa kerana wang ditukar dengan wang syaratnya mestilah sama nilai)

    Di hujung transaski, Encik Lingam berjaya perolehi wang tunai segera namun sedikit berkurangan dari jumlah yang patut diperolehinya jika dia sanggup menunggu selama 5 tahun.

    Dan risiko menunggu bayaran hutang penuh oleh Encik David kini sudah dipindah kepada En Chua, namun En Chua bakal menerima untung riba sebanyak RM 200,000 pula dengan mudah.

    Encik David tetap perlu membayar seperti biasa. Berkemungkinan En Chua akan menjualkannya kepada Encik Mutu pula dengan harga RM 1.2 juta.
    Untuk memahami isu yang sedang dibincang, anda hanya menukarnya seperti berikut:-

    Encik David – Peminjam miskin dan tidak cukup syarat
    Encik Lingam – Syarikat pemberi hutang seperti New Century Financial Corporation
    Encik Chua – Lehman Brothers dan lain-lain.
    Encik Mutu – Semua bank yang membeli MBS ini dari Lehman, Merrill Lynch dan lain-lain.

    Maka apabila encik David gagal membayar hutang, semua pihak akan terancam. Inilah yang berlaku. Inilah namanya discounted debt trading, ini dikenalpasti berlaku dalam kes subprime. Iaitu apabila pihak bank pelaburan membeli MBS yang mewakili hutang perumahan tadi, mereka telah membayar sejumlah wang yang besar, dan kini mereka bergantung kepada bayaran hutang oleh peminjam-peminjam berisiko tadi. Tiba-tiba peminjam gagal membayar dan sebahagiannya diisytiharkan bankrupt meningkat, menyebabkan keuntungan yang pihak bank jangkakan tidak kunjung tiba, sebaliknya kerugian pula menjelma.


    Inilah yang berlaku kepada Lehman Brothers, sebuah syarikat gergasi di Wall Street yang diasaskan oleh Lehman berbangsa Yahudi, ia mempunyai nilai aset sekitar USD 600 billion (RM 2.4 trillion), syarikat ini juga mempunyai 25,000 pekerja di seluruh dunia. Tunjang bisnesnya adalah trading fixed-income assets, penyelidikan, pengurusan pelaburan and private equity.

    Syarikat ini runtuh kerana Riba, tamak dan sistem jualan hutang riba ‘debt trading’. Lehman brothers adalah dealer yang terbesar dalam fixed interest security (iaitu pelaburan pulangan tetap – riba) yang terbesar di pasaran Wall Street dan mereka telah melabur dengan begitu besar dalam sijil-sijil boleh niaga yang disandarkan kepada US Subprime mortagage market. Namun ia gagal menjual lower rate MBS dari subprime yang dipegangnya.

    Dalam suku kedua tahun 2008 sahaja menyaksikan Lehman kerugian USD 2.8 billion dan terpaksa menjual asetnya bernilai USD 6 billion. [7] Seterusnya kerugiannya sebelum brankrup mencecah USD 7.8 billion, dan masih terdedah kepada kerugian USD 54 billion dari pegangan mortgage backed securities yang masih dimilikinya. Hasilnya, nilai sahamnya telah jatuh lebih dari 95%.

    Akhirnya pada 15 September 2008, bank ini telah memfailkan bankruptcy chapter 11 [8], ketika itu statistik mencatakan Lehman mempunyai hutang sebanyak USD 613 billion, USD 155 billion lagi hutang dalam bentuk bond atau MBS tadi, dan asset keseluruhan mereka adalah bernilai USD 639 billion. [9] Pada 22 September 2008 mereka telah ‘ditelan’ atau dibeli oleh sebuah lagi gergasi lain iaitu Barclays Bank PLC yang mempunyai asset sebanyak USD 2.7 trillion (lebih kurang RM 9.18 trillion) [10]. Namun, Barclays hanya membeli tunjang bisnes dan pentadbiran Lehman dengan harga USD 1.35 billion yang merangkumi ibu pejabat Lehman yang bernilai USD 960 juta dan beberapa yang lain. Untuk memahami betapa besarnya mereka, bandingkan dengan Aset Maybank Group yang hanya sekitar RM 260 billion.

    Bayangkan.. Selain itu, hasil dari masalah pinjaman riba tadi juga turut menyaksikan kejatuhan gergasi bank iaitu Merrill Lynch, sebuah bank pelaburan terkenal yang terpaksa dijual kepada Bank of America dengan harga USD 50 Billion untuk menyelamatkan dirinya.

    Seperti Lehman Brother, Bank Merrill Lynch juga mengalami kerugian teruk akibat sijil-sijil pinjaman yang dipegangnya mengalami kejatuhan nilai setiap hari, menyebabkan pelaburnya kebimbangan. [11] Semuanya hasil ketamakan dan kini bala dari industri RIBA sudah tiba. Bertali arus dari isu ini juga, sebuah gergasi insuran iaitu AIG turut menderita sekarang dan memerlukan suntikan wang segera bernilai berbillion dolar. Mereka telah memohon pinjaman kecemasan dari kerajaan Amerika yang dilaporkan bernilai USD 40 Billion. Sebenarnya, setiap MBS yang dipegang oleh bank-bank pelaburan ini telah mendapat jaminan tidak akan berlaku default atau kegagalan pembayaran dari pihak peminjam, jaminan ini diberikan oleh dua syarikat tajaan kerajaan (Government Support Enterprises) yang besar iaitu Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) dan Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), yang mana mereka menjamin US mortgage market dengan nilai USD 6 trillion dari keseluruhan USD 12 trillion industri pinjaman perumahan US.

    Namun akhirnya, mereka turut ‘gulung tikar’ dan diambil alih sepenuhnya oleh Kerajaan US.[12] Selain dari nama-nama yang disebut tadi, banyak lagi bank-bank pelaburan gergasi di Wall Street seperti Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, dan Morgan Stanley terlibat dalam perniagaan sekuriti hutang. Justeru gergasi-gergasi ini juga sedang berpeluh kerisauan tentunya.


    Benar, anda tiada buku bank dan cek di bank-bank yang disebut tadi kerana mereka adalah bank pelaburan dan hanya berurusan dengan transaksi kewangan atas angin yang berniali billion dan ratus jutaan dollar. Kebanyakan financial instruments yang di gunakan oleh mereka untuk menghasilkan keuntungan juga jatuh merudum seperti derivatives.

    Selaku individu biasa, anda memang tidak merasa kesannya secara langsung, namun ia akan datang secara tidak langsung. Paling tidak, kejatuhan Lehman yang begitu besar memberikan kesan automatik kepada kejatuhan pasaran saham, harga saham-saham lain juga turut terkesan disebabkan pelbagai faktor sampingan lain seperti kepanikan pelabur yang dengan segera menjual saham-saham mereka.

    Selain itu, oleh kerana Lehman adalah sebuah bank yang cukup besar, banyak bank-bank yang lebih kecil berurusan dengannya samada sebagai pelabur dan penyimpan.

    Semua bank-bank ini akan turut merasa kepanasannya. Telah saya nyatakan tadi, gergasi insuran konvensional Riba iaitu AIG juga sedang bermasalah, jika ini gagal diselesaikan, semua syarikat di seluruh dunia yang punyai bisnes dengan AIG bakal merasai bencananya dan memburukkan lagi seluruh sistem ekonomi kapitalis ini.

    Selain itu, setiap bank yang ada berurusan dengan Lehman Brothers juga mendapat tamparan secara langsung, lebih teruk lagi, bank-bank ini bakal gagal menunaikan janji mereka kepada para depositor di bank mereka, terutamanya bagi produk-produk fixed deposit. Pihak bank akan gagl memberikan kadar bunga yang dijanjikan. Lebih teruk dari itu, wang orang arami juga boleh hilang terus, tatkala itu syarikat insuran akan ‘bungkus’ juga.

    Di United Kingdom, jika anda menyimpan di bank-bank tempatan, sekiranya terdapat mana-mana bank di UK lingkup akibat kesan di USA, simpanan yang terjamin selamat hanyalah £ 50,000 sahaja. Demikian tegas The Financial Services Authority (FSA). [13] Sebagai contoh, Jika anda punyai simpanan sebanyak £ 120,000, kemudian jika bank di UK jatuh bankrupt, semua wang simpanan akan hilang kecuali £ 50,000 sahaja yang akan dibayar semula kepada penyimpan. Selain itu, semua kesan yang akan berlaku kepada Amerika bakal member kesan kepada ekonomi mana-mana negara yang banyak bergantung kepadanya, termasuk Malaysia. Jika benar berlaku hyperinflation di Amerika, kita akan dapat melihat betapa banyak kesannya kepada Malaysia termasuk anda dan saya juga.


    Saya ringkaskan begini :-

    1) Sistem Islam terlibat dalam real market yang meniagakan aset dan bukannya mengenakan interest atas pinjaman wang dan penjualan hutang seperti yang banyak dilakukan di financial market, malah yang kebanyakannya tiada pun transaksi sebenar, fizikal dalam bentuk aset. Keadaan ini membuka ruang spekulasi yang berlebihan dan perkembangan industri riba yang akhirnya jatuh merudum.

    2) Sistem Islam tidak membenarkan kita memberikan pembiayaan peruamhan kepada mereka yang tidak punyai potensi untuk membayar semula, Ia memang kelihatan tidak toleran namun ia adalah sangat toleran dan lebih baik kerana tidak menghimpit mereka yang tidak mampu dengan hutang baru yang pastinya tidak akan mampu dibayar.

    3) Sistem Islam tidak menggalakkan hutang dan perkembangan industri hutang di luar kemampuan. Namun sistem jualan hutang (debt trading) meningkatkan potensi beban hutang lebih dari kemampuan sebenar. Jualan hutang yang dibenarkan oleh Islam hanyalah jika pada harga yang sama sahaja. Berbeza dengan konvensional yang menjadikan jualan hutang dengan diskaun sebagai trend popular untuk mendapatkan kecairan.

    Namun demikian, sebahagian besar ulama kewangan Islam di Malaysia membenarkan jualan hak hutang dengan harga lebih rendah dari niali hutang atas ijtihad mereka bahawa yang dijual bukanlah wang, tetapi hak maliah atau hak kewangan.

    Pandangan ini ditolak oleh majoriti ulama antarabangsa. Prof. Dr Monzer Kahf berkata dalam konteks ini:- Two main points are essential in this regards: elimination of debt trading in the Islamic econo-finance system is important. This is an essential result of the prohibition of Riba. Once debts are no more discounted and traded, the financial market cannot be stretched beyond what the real sector can bear.

    In fact financing shall always be less that real market transaction because financial institutions require that certain portion of the transaction be financed by the parties themselves from equity. This avoid the chain repercussion of any debt failure and this is a major cause of the trouble of major finance institutions in this crisis. The second lesson is never finance non- real transactions. that is eliminating most of the derivatives and their transactions that are essentially speculative and do not add value to the economy. Besides these two points we have the moral issues of Islamic economics, but that is a little remote from the finance mentality and it is long term by definition and nature.

    4) Sistem Islam, tidak membenarkan pelaburan dengan janji pulangan tetap sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh MBS subprime. Ini akhirnya membebankan semua pihak terutamanya pihak yang berjanji, walaupun padaawalnya kelihatan menguntungkan. Bayangkanlah, pihak yang berjanji itu bukanlah kecil malah ia sebesar Lehman Brother. Namun Allah SWT maha berkuasa atas segala sesuatu.

    Sistem Islam hanya membenarkan sistem pelaburan Mudarabah dan Musharakah. Kedua-duanya punyai cara dan undang-undang tersendiri dalam pengendalian kerugian, dan ianya adalah adil dan saksama, tidak seperti sistem kapitalis dan riba yang menimpa USA. Jika sistem pelaburan Islam diaplikasi, bencana seperti yang berlaku kepada subprime tidak akan menjadi seteruknya. (Maaf saya tiada kesempatan untuk menghuraikan kedua-dua sistem itu dengan terperinci dalam tulisan ini). Sistem kewangan Islam juga mempunyai sijil niaga seperti MBS, namun ia di dasari oleh aqad Musharakah, Mudarabah, Ijarah dan lain-lain.

    5) Apa yang berlaku juga adalah hasil sistem ekonomi free market, iaitu membiarkan industri menentukan halatuju tanpa kawalan.Sistem ekonomi Islam menganjurkan kawalan pasaran oleh kerajaan dalam bentuk yang sewajarnya, sistem hisbah turut wujud bagi memantau aktiviti pasaran. Sebagai contoh, cara pembelian saham short selling adah haramdi sisi Islam, ia tidak dibenarkan di Malaysia, namun ia dibenarkan di Wall Street. Setalah kejatuhan teruk ini pada 19 September 2008, barulah mereka terkial-kial mengharamkan pembelian dan penjualan secara short selling terhadap 799 saham di Wall Street. Ini mewujudkan lebih ramai spekulator dan merosakkan penentuan demand and supply yang sebenar. Hasilnya, nilai sebenar terhalang oleh aktiviti spekulator.


    Satu persoalan yang timbul adalah adakah kejatuhan Wall Street akan pengaruhi nilai Dollar dan akhirnya menggangu guat semua nilai matawang dunia.? Bagaimana dengan negara umat Islam.? Jawapannya, sudah tentu negara yang mengikat dan bersandar kepada ekonomi US akan merasai kesannya. Demikian juga mereka yang banyak berurusan dengan bank-bank US. Namun negara-negara Arab mungkin sedikit berbeza.

    Dr Monzer berkata :- Although many Arab countries tie their currencies to the US$ but their economies are not in fact largely dependent on the American economy. They depend largely on their own resources and the momentum of domestic infrastructure and construction sector. Further, I don’t think that finance markets in the gulf, Egypt, Turkey and other Arab countries are dependent on the American financial market, I think whatever these emerging markets are facing now is caused by local policy and construction rather than on the effect of the American finance sector, especially a good proportion of the banking system in the Gulf countries has already moved to Islamic finance that in fact shielded it from the current credit crisis that is basically a debt and mortgage crisis and Islamic finance in the ME does not trade debts. [14] Justeru, Malaysia perlu melepaskan diri sedikit demi sedikit dari bergantung kepada USD dalam urusniaga antarabangsanya. Jika tidak, kita pasti akan terkesan dengan masalah ekonomi USA.

    Sekadar itu dahulu yang sempat dan mampu dihuraikan. Diharap memberikan sedikit manfaat kepada kefahaman pembaca web ini berkenaan krisis ekonomi USA tahun 2008 ini.


  12. how come in my earlier comment, has an extra article about karpal singh?, I did not write those thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JMD : Gosh, my sincere apologies to you. I accidentally left out my acronym there. Had corrected the mistake. Sorry!


  13. You have the full support of our whole family. Please continue the good work which is essential in spreading the truth and in uncovering the lies and deceit propogated by this Permatang Pauh YB. This YB is a traitor to the Malay race and Islam and a menace to the country.

    PS : We do not wish to mention this YB’s name or even his initials at all because his name and initials just makes us sick !!!!


  14. Anwar never really knew what he has been talking about. I’ve been watching him, listening to his speeches, especially those on the international forum : big words and lots of jargons! And with all those jargons in one sentences, i don’t think he really knew what he was saying. just to impress and to sound good.

    If something that comes from the heart, it will be plain and simple to understand. just like most of TDM words…plain words


  15. Your description of AI’s affinity for loans somehow reminds me of the same sentiment some of my friends have about this facility. Loans are like manna from heaven. They applied for them liberally and the funds were expended to purchase luxurious goods and lifestyle. Finally they found it difficult to pay up. Is that a common thing..pardon me for saying ..particularly among malays?


  16. Salam JMD,

    Siapa kata pemimpin2 negara/UMNO tidak prihatin dengan masalah rakyat?
    Kita musti hormat kapada mereka semua, karana mereka senantiasa bergaul sesama rakyat biasa, mendengar segala pandangan dan keluhan rakyat dan yang paling utama, mereka senantiasa bertindak segara .

    Kenapa….tak percaya ?

    Akhir2 ini ramai pemimpin yang mendengar kata2 dari akar umbi / grassroots. Dan mereka terus bertindak hasil perbincangan dengan akar umbi. Nah… inilah pemimpin2 yang kita kehendaki ! sentiasa in touch dengan akar umbi.

    ps – any latest on KuLi ?
    – how about a poll here – come 9/10, pak lah’s decision ?

    JMD : Satu sindiran yang agak pedas 🙂 Terima kasih.


  17. thank you HA for sharing the article about suprime mortgage and mortgage-backed-sercurities. its rather insightful, and it did increase me knowledge with unorthodoxly way. seriously, i’m rather impressed with the shared-article.

    JMD, Bro.

    your recent article shown how much your writing reflects the wits and cynical of TDM. a careful and well researched article, along with good base arguement and nice readable layout draw an increasing visitors by day. unfortunately, your decision to remains cloaked under this blog is something i had to respect.

    Good job bro, and if Pak Lah do step down by end of this year, maybe we can go makan ikan bakar with nasik lemak at Umbai or Anjung Batu. or Asam Pedas Power perhaps?

    JMD : 🙂 Insya’allah.


  18. Dear JMD,

    With your depth and details analysis, there is no doubt Anwar Ibrahim should be elected as “Back Door Prime Minister” this coming parliament sitting. Nice write up. You almost make me choke!

    JMD : 🙂


  19. Hahah.. funny post Mr. jebat but most including me would rather have Anwar up there instead of the rest of the UMNO goons… all things will surely come to an end for sure in a democratic state, or perhaps you don’t think we are one?

    JMD : I beg to differ. In my honest opinion, there are a few Umno leaders which I see has the potential to become good leaders. Goons are everywhere. Even in the opposition parties. I respect your opinion that Anwar is not a goon himself.

    Thank you for reading this blog.


  20. HA,
    Thanks for the enlightening article. You’re da man. If you do a blog on finance, I’ll be your first RSS. I wonder if you took MBA from UIAM with specialization in Islamic Banking.

    I congratulate you for having successfully created an intellectual cyber avenue for everybody. Malaysia seriously lack intellectual resources. We like to talk about politics without substance. You changed that man. Now we can read about politic, economy, finance here. Maybe one day I’ll contribute opinions on technology and engineering too, my specific forte. Maybe I should have taken economy back then.
    Just joking. Keep it up.


  21. JMD,

    Some may not get it. I would not be surprised if AI or his worshippers would print this article and distribute it in the next ceramah as a testimony for one of AI’s outstanding contribution to the nation. Afterall, he claimed that IIU and Islamic banking were his ideas and they eagerly swallowed that too.

    Its monday. The weather is gloomy and the economy is bad. Thanks for the laugh.


  22. I heard that Anwar will be going to USA to help the US government tackle the financial crisis….then he will help Malaysia. You see he is the Saviour that we all need.

    P.S. I must be drunk or high when I wrote this….so please ignore what i’ve written…:)


  23. JMD,
    Anwar – the best finance minister, ecomonic adviser, the world greatest economist — Ha Ha Ha Ha, Kah Kah Kah Wa Wa Wa. and Tina thinks that Anwar is better than the rest of the guys and should be up there. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Kah Kah Kah Wa Wa Wa. 2x, no better make it 100x Ha Ha Ha Ha, Kah Kah Kah Wa Wa Wa.






    JMD : I guess some people do not get what I have written. Jean was right after all.. 🙂







    JMD : You are by far one of my favourite commenter! 🙂 Thank you for the comment.


  26. Salam JMD,

    So glad TDM posted his ‘Gimme 3 mths more’. Semoga ahli2 UMNO ambil cue and be more aggresive . Banyak komen yang saya baca dari chedet datang dari ahli2 UMNO yang mengadu suara mereka di ‘sekat’. Saya ingin cadangkan mereka ini ‘ceritakan’ apa yang sebenarnya terjadi di sini. Tak perlulah nama sebenar atau no. ahli, cukuplah dengan cawangan mana dan kejujuran anda. saya percaya jika ramai yang sahut, pasti ada impak.

    Just watched astro813, a recorded A1 race from Holland where Fairuz Fauzy won 1st in the Sprint and 2nd in the Feature Race. CONGRATULATIONS !! A true test of team work, self determination and skill and a Team Malaysia proved Malaysia Boleh ! At the start of the race, they would announce – ‘for the pride of your nation, start your engines ‘ .. so proud of you, Fairuz ! OK, Fairuz for Ketua Pemuda ! 🙂


  27. Salam JMD,

    I am quite new to your blog but I must say that I am really impressed with your writing. I see a certain similarity with TDM when you articulate your thoughts which are backed by facts and research. I must say I am now a more ‘informed’ person!

    Your article made me smile this morning! I’m fasting so that’s why I didn;t choke on my coffee like the rest!

    Keep up the good job, bro! Well done!

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog.


  28. Dear Atila,
    Are you being in the same wave length with JMD writing’s or are you for real?? Anyway, hope you have a new baju raya this year and congrate for chosen by jebat as his favorite commenter : ).


  29. JMD,

    I cannot say enough about how much I like reading your piece. What can we all say about Tina, despite the obvious, all she is interested in hearing is Anwar’s claim for championing democracy.

    Despite the fact that Anwar chose to put his wife as the leader in Keadilan when he was in prison, despite the number of luminaries smacks a lot like nepotism. Most people refuse to see Anwar as he truly is and would rather love to see the slick gimmick ad campaign he wants others to see. A bit like cigarette advertising, despite surgeon’s warning of possible heart disease, people smoke because they buy the lifestyle the cigarette company promises in their ad campaign.

    The most difficult bit in life is to have one’s illusion shattered.


  30. Agreed, Atila is the favourite commenter, ever!

    Perhaps the Americans may want to engage ex-staffs of our very own Danaharta, Danamodal and CDRC (semua tutup tahun 2005).

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. By the way, for your info, Danaharta’s mandate expired on 31 December 2005. Since then, its operations were continued by another MKD entity to manage the residual NPL not collected by Danaharta.


  31. OK I know its just after Raya and we are still waiting for PakLah next move. From what I have seen from most reports it says most likely PakLah will annouce that he will not contest for upcoming UMNO election. Hopefully that will be it.

    The rest of the VPs wanna bees, we can see off late that many has showed their interest to contect for the post. Hopefully that is good for the democratic spirit in UMNO. The again hopefully the ugly side of campaigning and brokering will not show its head. It hard to say if there are many that share TDM advice of fair fight and let the most capable leads.

    Now I’m a little lost with this one;

    KuLi seems to be going a little off tangent if i may say so. While most candidate are preaching on UMNO and the need to consolidate and regroup, he is talking about a unified BN, single party!

    I know this comment is a little out of context here. Sorry for that but can’t help feeling that this UMNO election thing is much hotter now, and probably more so in the coming weeks.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I attended a buka puasa event at his house about 3 weeks ago. He was already throwing the idea of a ‘unity’ government since then. I will not be quick to judge him on that since he has not revealed the intricacies and the mechanisms in how it will work. It will be interesting to know in great detail this plan of his. However, he was answering questions by reporters on his plans if he is elected as the PM.

    I will have no doubt that this idea of his will not be well received by some Umno members. Therefore, Ku Li needs to be more subtle in his approach because, in my opinion, to get the number of nominations to challenge for the presidency post will be a challenging yet delicate thing to do.

    By the way, it is the Umno Ketua Bahagian and their immediate supporters which Ku Li needs to hold on to. Sadly, most of these Ketua Bahagian do not read blogs or for some, the mainstream media. They will only rely on words of mouth and news from the grapevine. Realistically these days, the factors of influence will be the promise of money, projects and positions or to a lesser degree – the Malay struggle and other bigger universal issues. He and his men needs to know how to win the psychological warfare against their opponents.

    That is the first hurdle he needs to overcome. In 2004, he only managed to get only 1 nomination as president. And that is from his own division.

    He had told us who attended the buka puasa that he will not throw money to the division heads. It will be interesting to see how he will pull that one off.


  32. Dearest JMD,

    Last night I was watching a documentary aired by Discovery Channel. It is about things that Chinese invented years ago (Dynasty Sung) and only been adapted by western later on.

    I was telling my hubby that maybe the Chinese was good at inventing because they have a very fierce/cruel emperor example (Emperor Qin) who would chop the head of his people just to get his castle done correctly. Also they have like trillion (hehehe) of people in China who at least few of them have brilliant ideas.

    What I can see is that we might not need trillion of people but we do need a very strict and fierce PM/President (UMNO) in order for the people who work for him will be able to give his utmost best so that they would not be cast out. (cast out ya.. not cut his head off). Then we can be at our glorious days again.

    I know TDM is one in trillion and I think it would be very difficult to get someone who has his caliber but, who do you think in your unbiased mind and heart who can lead us through these difficult times?

    p.s. I believe Azlela (commenter) is my sister. I have brainwashed her to read your writings and yeahhhhh I’ve done it right!!!

    p.p.s. She too is a Liverpudlian. YNWA!

    Addicted to your writing!

    JMD : You’re too kind. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


  33. Sejak dia masuk kabinet , saya dah mula meluat dgn tindak tanduk Anwar, tunjuk pandai konon, kalau boleh semua jawatan nak pegang, termasuk jadi imam waktu solat jumaat.Tapi masa tu ramai sangat Orang Melayu sokong .Terpegun sangat bila dia berpidato.Saya minta maaf kalau saya katakan Tokoh Politik dikalangan Melayu UMNO ramai yg berkelulusan Sastera ; disipilin pengajian sastera terlalu longgar dan senang dibandingkan dgn disiplin pengajian lain- Mungkin juga Penyokong Anwar terdiri drp mereka yg terdedah dgn disiplin ini lalu amat kagum dgn janji seorang penglipurlara di kala kesunyian.


  34. Salam.

    Laughing out loud reading this post. Genuinely funny.

    Better la if Anwar is proclaimed as Lord of the World after all the ASS-KISSING by everyone (other than his own Malaysians…we don’t do ass-kissing, just…ehem ehem) about his “accomplishments”.

    UMNO Damansara Utama


  35. JMD,

    Great to see you back. An economist I am not, but do allow me to philosophize again.

    If things had taken a different course 10 years ago, we wouldn’t be here would we. Yes, perhaps there will not be bailouts, there will be crash and burns, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost but then together with that perhaps things might be different. We might not have this current crises – political, social, and economical.

    Maybe no inflation due to the sudden oil price increase, the Mongolian translator might not have been killed, Malaysians might have gone on with their usual lives, and UMNO and BN might have ruled for another 50 years without much opposition and surely without controversies as we see now.

    But it was also the jailing of AI that gave rise to ‘reformasi’ and, subsequently, with the Internet led to socio-political blogging that increased the political awareness of a larger group of rakyats.

    Again, just spouting thoughts of mights and what ifs. That’s all under the bridge now, but who are we to say that what is happening now is not also due to the ‘saving’ of the economy back then. And maybe it is a good thing, or not.

    JMD : Thank you for your views Msleepyhead. They are always welcomed.


  36. hello everyone..long time no type..baru masuk keje today..anyway i heard the great news..our benevolent pak lah dengan humblenyer umum tak betanding..but i tink we shd still push for the dec 08 election instead of mac bulan paklah bley sebat duit defense ministry extra milion milion wooo…
    btw cik atila..awak seriyes ke sarkastik nih??mengelirukan pihak kawan dan lawan betoi..


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  38. JMD,
    Now word is out that Dollah is ‘on the way out’. Now that hopefully he is out of the picture, we have to prepare ourselves to clean up the mess that he and his cohorts created. It is time for us all Malaysians, especially the Malays to pull our rank and rebuild the ruins left; and to ensure that from this day on that no future leaders be let to destroy our nation and our future.


  39. Salam JMD,

    Akhirnya…but still…. im not convinced! Not until it actually happens . Itulah jadinya bila kita dah tak percayakan seseorang. Dan seperti kata TDM, why wait until March ? dan kalau benar masih nak tunaikan janji kepada rakyat and do reforms..KENAPA NAK AMBIL CUTI 2 BULAN PULAK ? Paklah masih cakap belit2. Apa muslihat paklah lagi?

    Mungkin Paklah perlu 2 bulan nak belajar jadi blogger ?


  40. Hahahaha! But sorry “ilovebudu”, that coveted title of being the favourite commentator here still held by our Atila.

    Sorry JMD, I just had to let this out here.


  41. Came here from a link from and AM GLAD INDEED. Gosh, 90% of comments at seem to only be praises to Mahathir; for example “we love you… “, “you are the smartest…”, “you are the greatest…” and these 1 – 2 liner comments are often not related at all the article entry. Speaks a lot about the audience there. Come ON, the users at might as well just start up an unofficial fan club for Mahathir and pour out all their dedications there. Geez…

    But anyways, It’s certainly disheartening to hear that Pak Lah has decided not to proceed after March 09. It’s terrible terrible news for the rakyat indeed. Najib and Muhy soon? Gosh.. scary times ahead for Malaysia indeed.. give Malaysia Anwar anytime, he’s probably the more qualified and the best person to lead today (despite his sheer arrogance).. plus, the east and west look up highly upon him… and THIS is key to our local economic and FDI crisis..

    YOURS *IS* a blog indeed! Keep it clean and neutral (although it certainly seems pro bee-end)

    JMD : I think people had indeed started a fan club for Tun long time ago. Although, I am not a member, I think you should join too. You’ll get the perks of meeting with him and discuss a few things with him too.

    Tell me, why is it disheartening for Pak Lah not to proceed after March 09? Isn’t this what everyone wishes for? Even Anwar wanted to topple him by Sept 16 2008. Why is it terrible news for the country? I think it is better for Pak Lah to step down before he destroy Malaysia beyond salvation.

    You must be quite naive to believe that the west look up highly on Anwar. It is not the KEY to our economic success. Please list down Anwar’s great achievements in term of handling the economy. Name me 10 of his achievements when he was in the cabinet for 16 years and we will discuss it fairly.

    I can already name a few – changing the $ of the ringgit to RM, introducing Bahasa Baku, cutting red tapes in dishing out huge government projects via the Kontractor Wibawa scheme where he will be the sole signatory of the approval etc. his other qualifications would be giving theoretical lectures on finance or economy around the world. He is indeed very, very qualified.

    Indonesia whom had the US stooge BJ Habibie and Gus Dur as Presidents did not perform that great either. In fact, the prosperity of its people in terms of wealth and purchasing power is worse than during Soeharto’s time. Democracy is just a mean to an end. It’s not an end in itself. If you think clearly, what IS THE objective of a government?

    Thank you for the comment and visiting this blog. Do come again.

    Thank you.


  42. Definitely interesting weeks ahead! Now that PakLah has decided not to contest for the presidents post, I guess DSAI & Co. will tripple their effort to discredit DSNR. What we can’t deny is that DSNR do carry quite some baggage from historical past that will be uncovered, repolished and expanded by the opposition. The politics of character assassination has become a norm these days. And even if DSNR were to swear by the Quran that he was never involved in whatever he is accused of, that does not matter. The battle for the hearts and minds of the masses and to convert them into what they should believe in will intensify. I suspect the blog site will start sprouting out sensational news again soon. Never mind RPK is not there to contribute, many clones and converts are already out there.

    Can DSNR really stand the test? Will UMNO really regroup or will there be more infighting to create new war lords with newly defined territorial rights? Rais and TSMY still hasn’t made known their game plan. Will DSNR have to battle on both fronts? Or could there still be the third front, the old under current from PakLah and the 4th floor boys pulling him back each time he tries to move forward? Definitely interesting times ahead. I pray things will only work for the better. After all life has to go on for the ordinary people, and these politiking still has not stop way past March 2008.


  43. Salam JMD,

    PM Abdullah should just leave now. The judiciary, anticorruption whatever reform tu should have done back in late 2003. Dok tunggu apa lagi.

    sorry lah, this is something off topic, third news item on tv3 pun.
    Kalau DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agung launched the second sub, KD Tun Razak, who actually launched the first one, KD TAR?

    JMD : I also believe he should leave now. Since he had given the excuse that he needs the 5 months to complete the initiatives he had pointed out yesterday, then why would he go on holiday leave starting January next year all the way to March? Not rational at all… Might as well leave now or by December (the original date of AGM). BUt I reckon, the Umno warlords are also quite relieved that the AGM had been psotponed to March. This will give them more time to campaign and negotiate with the Umno divisions.

    Remember, doesn’t mean people with a lot of nominations this time around can win the election in March. Many things may happen till then.

    Thank you.


  44. Talking about the 97/98 crisis, When Anwar increased the interest rates, I found myself having to pay more for my house. I was retrenched in Jan 1998, with only one month notice, asked to move out of the place given to me (I was working in a beach resort in PD, within one week.

    I went on looking for job and attended nearly hundred interviews before taking up an offer to be KFC trainee, four months later. During this period, I depended on my wife salary and at the end of every month, we had no money in hand at all.

    I was news savvy at that time and was watching the going ons especially the political manouvering. I then found a better job working for a physician for TDM. I was working in KLCC and used to watch the demontrations at KLCC mosque every friday right after Anwar’s sacking.

    It was an experience I would not forget. I began to appreciate things more and learned not to take things for granted.

    I later went on to work in Cyberjaya. Only then I realised that the two so-called mega projects (KLCC and Cyberjaya) actually provided me with a job. And in the end, all those mega-projects are not in vain. I used the opportunity to tell my junior staff that without TDM’s foresight (no matter how flawed he may be) they (the junior staff, esp fresh graduates) would not have had the job in Cyberjaya.

    I can imagine what would have happened if Anwar was the PM then, can’t imagine it if it is now either.



  45. Guys, do not write off Anwar just yet for he shall become the Prime Minister of Malaysia AND Thailand at the same time. We will be proud.


  46. Hi again JMD,

    No new posting?

    Once in reply to a reader’s comment, you said JMD will cease to exist once Pak Lah steps down. Please say it isn’t so — I mean the part about JMD logging off for good.
    Is this why there’s no new posting?
    Say it isn’t so, please.
    yours truly,

    JMD : Fret not tusitala! I am not retiring just yet 🙂 Am currently writing a few draft articles about the achievements of a couple of Umno personalities vying for the top posts. That is all. I am quite busy running around like a headless chicken for the past couple of days. So please bear with me yeah. As for the notion that I will cease to exist once Pak Lah steps down, I think that is possible. I had started blogging in the blogspot domain since 2004. I had chose only a few of my relevant postings back then and moved them on 31st March this year to wordpress. Since then, from a measly 21 clicks on the first day in wordpress, to over 200K clicks today is quite a good thing for me. I had never dreamt to be engaging with a lot of readers over the months here. I had gained a lot of powerful insights and meaningful discussions which will further enhance my perspective into the minds of the average Malaysians. Thank you.


  47. Hi JMD,
    Enjoyed your article. DSAI has serious credibility problems right now, obviously.
    But what about UMNO?
    If dubious characters like Mat Taib and Ali Rustam are running for No.2, what does that say about UMNO?
    Well, I would say it’s a dinosaur heading for extinction. Hope UMNO people will prove me wrong by denying them the nominations. But then again, this is UMNO, where money talks, and talks loudest.
    If people like Nur Jazlan and Ku Li can make it, there is hope for UMNO yet.
    If not.. well, we’ll just have to wait and see. The sad thing is any stupid mistake that UMNO makes affects all Malaysians regardless of affiliation.
    Mat Taib as PM?? Brrr.. I got chills, man. Will definitely brush up on me Engleesh and migrate to Australia!

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Yes, they are running for no. 2. To get the nominations can be really hard. Even Mukhriz failed to get nominations from Machang (a closely associated division with himself). But to win it is another ballgame altogether.


  48. Ahakkksss…….. you really crack me up……… ROTFLMAO…..
    AI..sighs!! if there is anyone more superficial and selfish in M’sia, I hv been fortunate enough not to hv met him or her but Pak Lah n Khairy do come close…am glad PL is stepping down though wish he does not wait till March , he shld go now!!


  49. JMD,

    Kar kar kar…he he he he… I love your article…

    But be informed… AI is a brilliant ECONOMIC strategist…
    See how effective his “NEW ECONOMIC SUE POLICY”…
    Under him, the Rakyat only need to talk talk talk to instigate others, get others to react unfavourably, then, SUE !!… The easiest way for Rakyat to become instant millionaires.. Sejahteri ke anak cucu.

    He sued DrM. Karpal Sued entah tak ingat siapo. Hindraf bukan lagi ghairah jadi penganut, naik semangat, sue British Empire. Baru2 ni, Menteri kito pla… Bukan setakat billions… trillions inapore!!!

    This “dog food, boys eggs, kuah soupy vegetable” lady is fast learning too. Read today, she is suing Utusan for RM30m bek… Syukur dia tak sue trillion trillion macam Hindraf. See how hardup these people are. Padahal cakap Bahasa Inggeris pun tak tequeh.

    Then the Selangor PKR Govt pun is sticking to the policy. Tak silap, mereka pun nak sue, entah terlupo siapa pula.

    America = UNCLE SAM
    Malaysia = UNTIE SUE

    Selamat Hari Raya


  50. torres. lolz. Here’s a classic there, ‘Tun, you are always right’. If i got a dollar everytime that comment appears, i’d be a millionaire by now.

    clupah, didn’t u know that JMD always needs to be right here at his blog? Some of his lopsided rants has made him the elite here at this blog. So if you don’t like it, don’t read it, plain jane simple. As for me, i prefer to just enjoy JMD and his commentors rhetorics and unsubstantiated rebuttals.

    bleached_4ever, can we not be so OVERLY sensitive over religious comments again? We don’t want to turn Malaysia into another laughing stock. Plus, who is going to take us seriously when one of our ministers think that all bloggers and commentors are monkeys? Nobody takes us seriously so do understand that. Plus i hope you’re not a woman because if i may recall correctly, i do remember one of our ministers saying “Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women”. So stop being so sensitive blh tak because nobody cares about us ‘monkeys’ ….kah kah kah…

    croak croak, every party or political individual is ‘hardup’ too and that includes umno, mic, mca and other BN component too. Don’t make us look biased plz.

    jebat, as for brother Anwar, u r spot on, but i think he has a better portfolio than NTR and we all very know that. I’d chose the lesser of 2 evils in this case 😎

    Selamat Hari Raya

    JMD : Selamat hari raya to you too. I was not aware that all my comments were in fact only unsubstantiated rebuttals. Hehe. No worries. You are entitled to your opinion. Too bad all the research and links provided in most of my articles and comments were not considered as substantiating evidence. And who said I always need to be right in this blog? I do not have the behaviour of the ‘always right’ Pakatan Rakyat loyalists. I had from time to time agreed with other people’s views. Seek out my older comments in the older articles.

    As for Anwar having a better portfolio than Najib than I’m guessing you must have not studied the matter extensively. You also forgot about another likely candidate – Ku Li. Anyhow, Najib had been an MP since 1976 (Anwar 1982), Menteri Besar of Pahang 1982 – 1986 (Anwar – never), Deputy minister in Energy Telecommunications and Posts in 1976, and later also served as Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Finance prior to 1982 (Anwar was only deputy minister in JPM in 1982), Najib held the ministry of Youth and Sports, Defence, Education and recently Finance (Anwar – Minister of Youth and sports, agriculture, education and finance), Najib is DPM (Anwar was also DPM).

    As for Ku Li, well I think you know his calibre already. Thank you.


  51. JMD, may i?

    hangkahkah, wow terrer la you … 5 hits in one comment ….

    me OVERLY sensitive on religious …. hahaha i am a human after all

    i raised the issue is because here in JMD blog, the people are matured and can discussed any issue in a very proper manner without insulting or being OVERLY sensitive ….

    Yes, i am hurt on his comment … because he who doesn’t really know the full picture of Islam want to compare the teachings in Islam …. and when his commenter tried to educate him …. he maintained a couple of times that he is in rude shocked instead of thanking his fellow commenter for an educative comments …. and in one comment he bashed his commenter by saying it is his right to question this and that …

    well i dare you to go to his site and say the same thing towards his religion …. see if he is in defend mode or not …

    clearly he doesn’t or trying to understand other religion than his own ….
    or in a other word he is being disrespectful ….

    oh … maybe this is the first time he went out of Malaysia …. yes so that why he is ignorance ….

    but i am voicing the manner he treated his commenter ….. was it not rude?

    Malaysia is the laughing stock?? maybe because of Pak Lah our sleepy PM … yeah another joker, Anwar the alleged sodomizer …. never heard because of religion …. oooooo you meant HINDRAF

    you are a funny man (obviously), if nobody are taking us seriously then you do you still read blog’s … maybe you want to join the monkeys is it … hmmm

    people like you are the one who is ‘monkeying’ around senseless …

    and why do we need to be taken seriously … why should we give a damn the ministers statement when all the time we are trying to push them out …. why should we acknowledge the statement coming from such an ignorance person … why i said ignorance person, because the minister failed to see the reason why things happened ….. why socio-politics blogs exits ….

    you know what is more hillarious, ministers/parliamentarians are blogging also … NTR got one …. Khir got one …. KJ got one … LKS ….. Theresa …. yada yada yada list go on

    ministers = blogger/commentor = liars = monkeys …….. hmmmmm true?

    to me, discussion an issue especially on my religion, Islam among my Muslims brother or others is healthy but must be with respect, considerations and limits… and healthy discussion does allow agree/disagree

    FYI, i done a lot of research and reading on the World Religion (comparative religion is my fav subject in U) … starting with Christian, Budhha, Hindu, Judaism and others … and maybe i not well versed on the technicality of these religion but i do know enough to differenciate between religion and ideology …. i also learned how to respect other religion beliefs and fundamental values in the teachings ….. i also learned that a lot of people are ignorance, thick headed and not so open minded …. sound familiar ??

    ever heard of Ahmed Deedat? or Dr. Anis Shorrosh?

    finally, i am a man :p .. better careful when you ‘pinjam’ing statement like that as it can sound like you are belittle woman eh …

    Sorry JMD for taking your space, but your end comment is so true ……



  52. Dear JMD,

    Another title for this prime minister to be ‘ Is anwar an american muslim boy with a jewish thinking’. This chaos creator person is trying to discourage our country from moving foward by promoting human right, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of gays & lesbos etc. This special task was created by the jews through western countries for the third world country only. They really think everybody bought by the idea. they dont want all of us to move forward a typical jewish thinking. Thanks to bro anwar for making us realise all this. He has open our eyes by changing his muslim identity to a very Malaysia Malaysian lately and his debat perdana.

    From the debat perdana i can see how he was trying to bring us backward by introducing 1960’s economic policies which he claimed less burden the people. Actually he was following the western agendas by blaming on the privatisation policy. Privatisation is a buffer for us once our petroleum reserve ends. e.g. income from the petroleum we built highways, Putrajaya, Cybercity & other infratructure. Consession company owned by Malaysian run those projects creating job oppotunities to the locals, income comes from the toll, contracts & maintanance charges to maintained their operation cost & the maintainance. Government dont have to come up with any more fund. In Saudi Arabia is vice versa same as what anwar proposed. In 70 years from now we are going to have problem to mantain all these infrastructure if we dont have this mechanism, maybe anwar is making the fuss because he was not awarded the conssesion. Most of the the opposition leaders belong to this category of people.

    I did dicuss with my Singaporean cousin regarding petroleum subsidies back in 2000. Petrol price was RM1.20 per liter, he was mentioning that Singapore a non petroleum producer country still manage to susidised petrol to the people. I’ve told him Singapore does not have Twin Tower, Sepang International Circuit, Penang Bridge & KL Tower. All these has to subsidize part by the people. We Malaysian are not crazy of government subsidies that much.

    Dear JMD, we have to educate our people to be passion & patient when involve with social & economic developement. It took them ( british, dutch & portugese ) 450 years and 120 years building up the local economic structure as what today. Do you think with 51 years after independence enough for us to counter all the desasterous they have put us in. Thanks a lot to all our Sultan for inviting all these monsters. I hope we dont buy our american muslim with the jewish thinking man idea to run the country, it will be another desastor. Then another few hundred years to recover.

    Hopefully the next prime minister knows what to do with anwar ibrahim. I doubt that this man knows what he is doing.

    I think thats all from me today JMD, looking forward to your next artical.



  53. Dear JMD,
    Thanks for the link to that speech he gave in Hong Kong. It reminds me again of how absolutely ridiculous this Anwar is. Who on earth actually speaks like that? It’s as if he’s in love with his own words.
    Its a pity it’s just a transcript and not an actual audio recording. To hear him spout this nonsense in that thick ABIM accent of his… now that would’ve been hilarious.


  54. Sorry JMD, Please allow me
    Oopsss Hangkah kah… being biaz? I don’t think so. But damn irritated… yes..

    We come from a very huge family, my father with 4 wives, 17children, 44grandchildren and yesterday, an additional cicit totaling so far 18!! (and x2 to include spouses eh). All mixed, collections of Malays, Chinese(converts and adopted), Indians (Hindu converts and anak mama) , Irish, American, Japanese, Kenyan, Mauritious, Indon, Kadazan (Catholic convert), Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iranian. So all these racial and religious issues, kinda FUNNY to us eh, never once biaz!! Respect, Tolerance and Understanding Man, that’s the key WORDS!!
    Them SUEING one another is MERELY due to his or her tongue either being too short or too long, too thick or too thin, some need trimming, some may need grinding and some need to be chop off totally..

    It’s our economy that should take front seat, BLACK FRIDAY BLACK FRIDAY BLACK FRIDAY… Cant you all feel this urgency? Give them space man, get …We need people like JMD to bring out more issues, more ideas, more suggestions, ALERT ALL, help us ordinary RAKYAT!!!. All these months, puke loo.. Too OBSESSED only clambering so hard become US Presidents, Maharajas and Emperors of Malaysia…


  55. hi bro. what’s up? it is great got to read your blog. we need to spread out all these to the masses especially those buttlickers. my dad used to tell us in the family how this sucker created the mess in the 70’s. my dad was with UKM at that time in lembah pantai. damn! that is what he is good for. he has been hailing for democracy, i think he doesn’t know shit about it though and the same with the rest of his ‘balaci’. i watched him interviewed on tv in indonesia how he saluted the democracy here, damn, man. he doesn’t how this ‘democrazy’ is killing the people here days in and out. he is just full of lies!


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