Pak Lah

A Prime Minister that backstabs the nation

IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK! (well, sort of)

I was away in another country with very limited news from Malaysia. Was only able to access this blog through my handphone. Hence, was unable to post any articles for the past week or so. Not that I’m obliged to write on a daily basis anyway. But I’m telling ya, try going away for a few days and you will find yourself swamped by an avalanche of news once you come back.

Need to do some catching up on the blogs of fellow bloggers and reading the nauseating news in the mainstream media. It amazes me that after a few days out of the country, things hadn’t really changed. In fact, it got worse.

For a start, I just learned that we are gonna be stuck with Pak Lah for yet another TWO years! What happened? Did he not read the memo? Did somebody forgot to tell him that we want him out NOW? Were all Umno MT members drugged into submission during the meeting?

All those nights of fantasizing the possibility of getting a new (and clever) Prime Minister come this December just came to naught. I wonder what Pak Lah really felt when his retirement announcement was met with a thunderous applause by the Umno delegates last Thursday. His skin must have been really, really thick.

To me, Pak Lah will be remembered as the Umno President whom had unsystematically destroy Umno and had brought Barisan Nasional to its knees. Since 2003, he had done nothing except to make the country and the rakyat suffer from every flip flop decision he made. The most recent would be the decision on the Thailand rice purchase.

By June 2010, I sure hope Pak Lah will remove the knife (or keris) from Barisan Nasional’s back. What a backstabber. The Prime Minister who backstabs the nation”. Wow. Now that’s deep. Not unlike the other backstabber whom we love to hate or love to adore, depending on which side you’re on. But I guess birds of a feather do flock together.

A Prime Minister that backstabs the nation. Let’s take a moment and think about that sentence…

By the way, doesn’t it make your blood rushed to the head when you read that Harley Davidson bought MV Agusta for USD109 million recently? The longer Pak Lah at the helm, the more damaging he will be. If you do not believe me, then I really hate to tell you people “I told you so” 6 months down the road.

Anyway, I also came to learn that Anwar Ibrahim was acting up again. This time, he is throwing tantrums like a pre-teen. Is this so called ‘Prime Minister in waiting’ thinks he is above the law? Think about all the things he could do if he really was the Prime Minister. Do we really want a diva as a Prime Minister?

From his actions, I do not think he is interested in clearing his name quickly. Actually, he wants the police to arrest him so that he will regain popularity and become a martyr. Who does he think he is anyway? Jose Rizal?! Don’t make me barf. I barfed the other time reading about Pak Lah and Gorbachev. But that was not as bad as Joceline Tan’s rendition of equating KJ and Che Det though.

The bottomline is, both Pak Lah and Anwar are bankrupt of ideas anyway.

And lastly, Mr. Bung Mokhtar Radin. The troublemaker. He is a scum. For the love all things holy, why on earth did the people in Kinabatangan vote for him? Are they bereft of any common sense? And why are his actions left unchecked? According to Umno’s constitution [fasal 20.8 (f) & (g)], he should be subjected to some disciplinary action. Oh well, Pak Lah is not known to be a strict disciplinarian anyway. Is this good for a developing nation?


16 thoughts on “A Prime Minister that backstabs the nation

  1. Welcme back on d blog life,..heheh..kinda felt diff wthout ur articles,..heheh..wat can I say..again wlcme back to life frm bad to worst n hopefully not frm worst to chaos to turmoil n disharmony among d rakyat,..jst hope bro AnWar is arrested wthin dis few days, he’s causing an upheaval at dis stage is bad enuff..well hope for d best n hopefully d ppl will ovrthrow PLah thru civil disobedient thru a systematically way wthout street demo or petition(since aftr elctn dh 4 sign,nuting pun).. but unfortunately i woz told it had to be withn d party itself not d rakyat to resolve..duh..wat can I say,..heheh…(,”)


    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”
    ~ Abraham Lincoln

    p.s. agin wlcme bac bro Jebat(i mean d real u,heheh)

    JMD : Thanks dude 🙂


  2. JMD,
    Dollah is still reigning, Anwar is waiting.
    Dollah is damaging, Anwar is deforming.
    Dollah rejuvenated Malaysian democracy, Anwar was busy hunting for froggies.
    Dollah increased price of petrol, Anwar went around for “cheap publicity” road show.
    Dollah backstabs with a smile, Anwar is struggling to deny.
    Dollah was given high hope in the beginning, Anwar has had no hope from the beginning.
    While Dollah still has two more years for Putrajaya post, will Anwar be again spending years at Sungai Buloh?

    JMD : Very clever!


  3. Welcome back JMD. Loves yr ways of putting yr words through. It cuts deep, but to a person whose skin isnt so thick lah!

    JMD : Thanks Kak Jayn.


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  5. So, as Malaysians in Malaysia, what can we do?

    JMD : I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward for the Umno branch level meeting starting next week. I’m sure it’s gonna be bumpy ride for Pak Lah.


  6. Dear Jebat
    Thanks link to my article? I guess the ACA wont be interested on this issue. Should i say is it corruption or mere stupidity? Please do not answer the second choice. If so, oh no! We are governed by mere stupid ministers?

    JMD : SOme of the mess created by Pak Lah’s administration is the lack of getting 2nd opinions. Pak Lah failed to do what good leaders would do – listen to all sides. But he neglected 2nd opinions and instead relied heavily on his own think tank.

    Anyway, this rice debacle can be attributed to the wrong advice given by BERNAS. its current CEO, Bakry Hamzah is not known to be savvy enough in managing the rice industry. He came from Tradewind. Grossly inept in being the BERNAS numero uno.

    Thanks for your article. Very enlightening indeed.


  7. JMD,

    Pak Lah is a strange man after the death of Endon. A man who resisted temptation of money during his tenure in several ministries have, after the death of Endon, become a man unrecognisable.

    I wonder whatever happened to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that won a landslide victory in 2004.

    JMD : Beats me. Maybe this is the true character of Pak Lah? Once he attained the pivotal position of Prime Ministership, the power that he wields corrupted him absolutely.


  8. Selamat kembali JMD.
    Saya rasa Pak Lah perlu berundur sekarang kerana keadaan ekonomi kita semakin teruk dan sukar untuk pulih jika Pak Lah terus di tampuk pemerintahan. Samada Pak Lah mahu terima atau tidak, rakyat melihat Pak Lah sebagai pemimpin yang LEMAH. Pembangkang lihat Pak Lah sebagai pemimpin yang boleh membuka jalan mereka mengguling kerajaan BN dan NGO melihat Pak Lah sebagai pemimpin yang boleh diekploitasikan.

    Rakyat mahu pemimpin yang bijak dan karisma yang mampu menangkis segala anasir-anasir yang tidak sihat buat negaranya dan bukannya pemimpin yang responnya setiap kali adalah “Saya akan berkerja kuat”. Rakyat mahu pemimpin yang mampu berdebat dan menerangkan masaalah negara dengan jelas dan menyakinkan dan bukannya bediam diri dan mengharapkan Menteri Penerangannya melaksanakan tugas-tugas tersebut.
    [This is excerpt from my latest posting at my blog (Malaysian News Blog) – appreciate some comments from you JMD. Thanks in advance].

    JMD : Okay. Will link to your blog soon.


  9. Bro Jebat, welcome back, saying that you’re still at your best.
    Well, Pak Lah is either the skin is so thick or the skull is impenetrable! Checkmate to both of them.
    Looking forward to your dissecting tonight debate.
    Once again, good to have you back!

    JMD : Thank you.


  10. ahh.. you were away. glad to have you back. where did you go if i may ask. hopefully not perth. not that i don’t like perth but perth seems too.. heck i don’t know. or turkey? ahhh..
    to lekiu,
    pak lah was and always has been like these even before becoming PM. Last time he hides behind TUN, now he hides behind Jeanne and endon . you see these ladies are a little bit short in height but pak lah is not. So that’s why we can see what/where he has done/been… my theory la..

    JMD : I was in the land of down under 🙂 but not Perth!


  11. Welcome back JMD! Was wondering why the long silence. Good to have you back!

    Anyway, satu thick skin – satu lagi thick head.


  12. Just wanna say Welcome Back to u JMD, was wondering fer few days as i logged in here to find no bloggins fm u, wondering y u hv gone AWOL!!!

    S fer Bung, everyone can see his so called hand slappin in YouTube, i think Sleeping Beauty wld have seen it s well…y no action? Sleeping Beauty didn’t see it when it happened, he was hvg his nap….

    That JoTan’s comment….KJ oredi asked her to Lewinsky him, what else cld she print or say in her comment laaa…

    Neway, welcome bk again JMD 🙂


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  14. JDM,

    I agree with Lekiu. Something happened to Pak Lah after losing Endon and shaped him to become the man he is today. I pity him actually. Anyway, his flip-floping way in governing the nation is unpardonable.



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