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A million thank you’s

After the sneak attack from Datuk Rocky’s posting last night, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that in exactly 3 years of blogging, this blog registered its first million hits.

I started this blog on the 31st of March 2008 with a simple posting called A Tale of Two Prime Ministers.

In hindsight, I would have never thought that for a few months after that, this blog would receive a lot of response from the blogs readers out there.

It is until now, very exciting to receive comments from all parts of the world and I do get the rush when interesting comments coming in.

Traffic started to come in when I ventured into MYKMU.net as a registered forum member.

Afterwards, the people at bigdogdotcom contacted me and asked if I could allow my blog to be linked inside theirs (back in those years, people would ask permission first if they wish to link, or use other bloggers’ articles in one of their postings. But now, we do away with that). Being a rookie blogger at that time, I am more than happy and even felt honored to be part of a well known blog.

When Rockybru started to insert this blog into his blogroll, the traffic started to come in more frequently. I must thank him tremendously for that.

I guess this blog started to be noticed when I posted two postings on Tun Salleh Abbas and Anwar Ibrahim in April 2008.

I was quite shocked to find so many comments and arguments that did not agree with my articles. Some of them were very nasty. I took it upon myself to explain my stand and also try to give a bit more explanation. Imagine, I was just a simple blogger at that time.

I have no interests whatsoever with any of the political parties. What I wrote was based purely on my understanding of the current political climate at the time. So, to get all those disparaging comments was quite a bit of a shock. I didn’t know that there were so many hateful people in blogosphere.

Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat

But, as I was brought up to be independent (lived in a VI hostel and overseas university, moved out from parents’ house to live alone when I was 23), I have this knack of being a slight adventurous and rebellious person when things did not go my way.

Therefore, when negativity comes in, I would revel in humouring those comments with a reply of my own. I do not take personally any of the offensive comments because, let’s face it, this is just a blog.

So, after 266 articles, 9,085 comments and 36 months later, I am still passionate about it. I must thank all the commentators that had took the time to chip in with their thoughts. Some of them are so intellectually stimulating, they could be a separate blog posting themselves.

I had approved almost 98% of all comments because I believe in giving the space to air your views. I rarely delete your comments unless they are so vile that it wouldn’t make any sense for me to post it up.

As far as I remember, only the commentators with the nick Sputjam , Vesewe and Ruyom were blocked by me purely due to the reasons above.

Some of my close friends who knew my identity would also often carelessly mentioned me by name in the commentary section. This was also deleted for the obvious reason. Also, nearly all the vulgar one-liners will not make the cut because they do not add value to the conversation.

Fellow frequent commentators such as Lekiu, Andipool, Aniseed, Mekyam, Aku, Cam, Freddie Kevin, Mohamed, SatD, Ray, Donplaypuks, Dinturtle, HeroTamil, Apocryphalist, Kiasu, Truthseeker, Algojo, Wenger J. Khairy, Average Joe and many many more had graced this blog in a way that I find very entertaining to other fellow readers.

To the young readers who had openly or privately used this blog as reference point to your theses or study materials, please disregard the harsh language within the commentary section.

The commentary section remained to be one of the most exciting part of the article; sometimes, can be even more riveting than the original post.

Please grow up to be a good member of the public, with civility and proper manners. Learn what you can in the internet but discard all the bad influences that you see.

This blog has always been driven by passion. And in the spirit of togetherness, I wish just for one day, this blog would receive slightly less nasty remarks than normal days.

Jebat Must Rest his mind sometimes too 🙂

To all that had helped me along this journey, whether through information gathering, spiritual and mental support, giving me ideas for my next posting or just plain ‘thank you for the great post JMD’, I salute you all from the deepest region of my heart. A region where one usually save it for loved ones.

61 thoughts on “A million thank you’s

  1. Salam JMD ,

    TAHNIAH TUAN ! Saya tumpang gembira, telah mengikuti blog tuan , tak silap dari 160,000 hit 🙂 Blog paling berkualiti dan sering saya jadikan rujukan. Tulisan pertama saya dalam dunia blog juga adalah dalam ruangan komen disini.

    Yes, ur comment section is always the best part. ur battle with andipool tops the list 🙂

    Teruskan menulis JMD ! Never miss to check everytime online, if there’s a new article by JMD in my bloglist and thats a few times everyday !


  2. Being mentioned, I must say somethin’, haha.

    A sincere “well done”, my friend. You certainly deserve the congratulations heaped upon you.

    Not just for the 1 million hits. More importantly, I think, for the way you handle your blog. I see a sincere attempt at all those that you said above – putting out views as you see them. Complete with research and well-backed information and opinions.

    And your views are fair, respectable certainly mainstream, very much in line with the Constitution of the country. Definitely very useful for nation building and I exhort the authorities, like the Bureau Tata Negara of the Prime Minister’s Department, to use the contents of this blog as reference material or even as basis for disseminating ideas to course participants. There is a wide range of views in this blog and they certainly are useful for discussions, including on loyalty, patriotism and nationalism, which I think are lacking in this country.

    You may be a Dato or Tan Sri already but I think you deserve an award for your contribution to society – responsible dissemination of nation-building views and generation of dialogues on national unity, racial integration and cohesion, much more than some of those who have been given.

    I don’t see any attempt at getting popularity at all, like I see in some blogs, including the multi-million hit ones. You just say it as it is, as you saw it, you allowed those comments that you think contribute to the discussions, to the spirit of blogging and to the national interest.

    Most importantly, you allow rebuttals, even if the columns become only one-inch wide.

    Nationalistic you certainly are. I’m convinced you have the national interest fully at heart. Malaysia above all else, no glorifying of Singapore and of anti-national comments, allow all counter-comments against the glorification of Singapore – which I can’t say of one popular blog I experienced which didn’t publish one of my comments against the endless “licking of of Lee Kuan Yew’s balls” in Malaysian blogs and projecting Singapore but at the same time degrading Malaysian leaders and Malaysia. (I admit to 1-2 indiscretions as far as language is concerned!)

    Enuf said already. Wish you much bigger progress and your blogs many more million hits. I’ll say it again, this is the man who, even when hitting out at nasty comments, always end up with a Thank you. How do you like that?


  3. I am among our early readers and have you linked to my blog. Can’t remember if I asked for permission or not because all other links on my blog I got the owners’ permission. So this is a belated asking for permission to link your blog to mine, please.

    I have the highest regards for your writings. Through them I regain some passion I lost. I was so disillusioned with the goings on in tanah air tercinta but your writings sir, gave me hope. Then came others like Demi Negara, satD and more.

    May there be more and we can be rid of duri dalam daging.

    All the best wishes, sir


  4. Dear JMD,


    Since discovering your blog by accident and reading your well-thought out postings , I have become an avid follower over the past couple of years. I read and re-read your various postings when I was recovering from pneumonia a while back.

    My favourite will always be on your treatise on the May 13th, 1969 incident. I was witness to many of the events leading to the fateful day and remember running back to Sentul (was on my way to watch a movie at Federal cinema) when I saw smoke in the sky over Chow Kit that afternoon. You were courageous in your undertaking and helped to set the record straight and for that, I believe, very many owe you a great debt of gratitude. There were other great postings too, I must not forget to remind myself.

    Thank you for helping me look and re-look at things in different ways. Even at my age, I know there are very many things to learn from sensible people who make sense out of events that we sometimes fail to comprehend fully on our own.

    Congratulations on your becoming a millionaire; I know you will continue to make more millions in the years ahead.

    Selamat berjihad!


  5. Tah ni `ah.. thats the correct way to pronounce it, not the Tahniyah as is usually said since we change the spelling of the malay languange. I believe thats is one of the root causes we are losing our indentity.. thank you for letting me say my piece. and again congratulations and thanks to rocky bru for leading me here 😀


  6. Dear JMD,

    All credit to your good self. When there’s not much action in the blogosphere, I run thru your older posts or the ones that gave much reading satisfation.

    Kudos. Here’s to the next mil.

    Very best regards


  7. Dear JMD,

    Congratulationson your millionaire hits!!!

    Your articles are indeed very factual, logical and full of wisdom. Your arguments are highly intellectual with fair analysis. I trully enjoy reading them especially your replies and rebuttals on commentators like Sputjam, Pro Sak and alike. The chauvanists, ultra kiasus and hypocrite racists were left gasping for air in the end.

    I salute you too. Keep up bro!

    kiasu (but never a ‘kiasu’)


  8. Dear JMD,

    That was really touching. A big congratulations and here’s to many more million hits to come, Insya Allah.

    People like you and SatD who have painstakingly done well researched articles deserved some kind of recognition. You don’t need titles and medals, but the encouragements and the hits obviously mean a lot. At times when I read your articles, just wondering the time and effort you put into to coin up a researched piece, blows my mind. Sometimes it seems like it’s your full time job and we all know it’s not.

    Well done and do carry on your good work.


  9. CONGRATULATIONS on the one million, JMD!
    Won’t be long before I join you: at the 100K now, it should take only another… 27 years kot? 🙂

    Yes, some might want to belittle your hits; insisting that 1m is `chickenfeed’ as compared to what their hero like RPK had garnered – “Multi-million lah his blog! Yours is cikai.”, they might proudly and arrogantly brag. This “tumpang glamer” kind are like some in the US who feel themselves better and superior, and point to the great multi-billionaires in their midst: Bill Gates, Warren Bufett, Mark Zuckerberg etc etc … while they themselves live in trailers.

    Anyway, by coincidence (and definitely without knowing about this particular post because I was busy writing `something’) — as sort of a celebration, YOU are mentioned in TWO of my posts over the past 24 hours! It’s a tribute to you, KijangMas and satD… written in “my own way” (you know; the usual rambling, digressing and sometimes convoluted sentences and paragraphs Heheh!):
    Christians in Malaysia: Oppressed, Suppressed, Persecuted and on the Verge of 21st Century Crucifixion

    The Oppressed Christians and Apartheid in Malaysia


  10. Salam,

    Looking forward to many great stuffs fr u.
    Ur DSAI kamus is a gem.
    I managed to make hardcore reformasin fans abroad think 2x using facts from The Encyclopedia of Anwar Ibrahim.
    I hope ur rest did u well.


  11. Salam JMD and my congratulations for the million marks

    I personally started to notice your blog with that 13th of May posting.

    I still remember feeling so confused with that event with all these Chinese Chauvinist Propaganda, half truth, that they twisted the event such that I don’t know what to believe anymore till I read your posting with clear fact and extensive research on it.

    For that, I thank you.

    Teruskan perjuangan anda!


  12. Dear JMD,

    I had earlier posted a comment. I don’t know whether it was transmitted.

    The 1 million is well deserved and all credit to your good self.

    Kudos. And here’s best wishes for the next mil.

    Very warm regards


  13. Congratulations
    Glad you didn’t stop when Badawi went down.
    Your writings during those dark days gave me hope that his day will end.
    Your writings on Anwar always leave me in stitches.
    Regards and Take Care


  14. Salam JMD

    Congratulation on you million mark.

    I personally started to notice your blog with the 13th May posting. Your analysis on that event has help clear my mind from the deep confusion caused by this communist racist NONS.

    For that I thank you and please keep on writing.


  15. JMD, congrats on the achievement. Really high quality blog. Well researched articles. One of the good quality you have is you treat frens and foe with respect. Keep on writing. Once again Congrats.

    The Zul


  16. JMD,

    Congratulations. I have said it countless times that I have always appreciated the work that you have undertaken so far.

    I state it again, and i hope that a young man like you do consider being in the political sphere. The country needs talented individuals to serve the nation.


  17. Congratulations!

    You are among the best in Malaysia, balanced and always backing up you facts with the necessary evidence, very unlike a blogger who blogs from foreign shore of England

    Thank you


  18. Tahniah dan syabas JMD.
    Saya telah mengikuti blog anda sejak zaman Pak Lah lagi. Anda dapat menulis dengan baik dan saya paling tertarik dengan cara anda berhujah dengan mereka-mereka yang tidak bersetuju dengan anda.
    Disini saya ingin mencadangkan supaya anda membukukan tulisan-tulisan anda.
    Saya dapati dipasaran sekarang banyak buku-buku yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak disebelah sana seperti Malaysiakini dan Malaysian Insider. Tidak ada langsung mereka-mereka disebelah anda yang mengeluarkan buku.
    Sebagai permulaan eloklah anda keluarkan ’13th May 1969-An Analysis’. dan ‘The Encyclopedia of AI’.


  19. For those bent on demonizing the malay-muslim imperium in Malaysia and getting it to be painted as oppressing perpetrators, it would be best to avoid the following:-

    (i) Reading Jebatmustdie’s writings, especially if one is on a mission to portray to the whole world that the Malays were the ones who started May 13 (as that Ka Sioong fella had been so wont in doing) and that Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang’s every word is true

    (ii) Dwelving into DemiNegara for too long, if one’s purport is to paint that the malay-muslim readership or blogmasters consist mainly of non-intelligible quacks with Akademi-Fantasia-centric mentality who just sat down in applause watching all the injustices that the Malays had been experiencing in his own land for so long

    (iii) Frequent visits to SatD’s monkey pages if one is to trick the non-suspecting Malaysian masses into believing that Allah (you know, the one that has a wife and son) is the name of the deity for Christians, and that the pope swears by this name, Father Lawrence supplicates to this name in his private prayers and that this is all done not for the purpose of proselytizing.

    (iv) Casual bivouacs at RockyBru if one is to believe that this vocal editor of a national newspaper who vehemently criticizes the government much more than he does the opposition would extend his criticisms indefinitely to all BN-based governments till eternity.

    (v) Occasional perching at CheDet’s blog, if one is to continue harping on the allegations that this former PM is a dictator (who just happen to retire), a non-Malay (who just SO happen to have a malay mother and whose father could not speak in any language other than malay) and hates the Chinese (who just so happen to fall under his criticisms and admonishments far much lesser than the Malays. Oh and yes: stay away from “Doctor in the House” with a 10-yard pole!)

    (vi) Frequent visits to KitSiang, RPK, Malaysiakini, and Pas-based blogs if what one wants is Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    A million visitors! Wow.
    Apocryphalist too, had a brush with this million million thing. The other day an old acquaintance who I haven’t met for years commented, “Wow Apocrypalist! (Like he REALLY mentioned Apocryphalist like it’s my name). Long time no see! You look like a million!”

    He was, of course, referring to my age.



    • apo, you sure your auld acquaintance didn’t mean “… like a million $$” because you were decked like lelakiY in his armani suit in days lang syne? ;D


  20. Salam JMD.
    Tahniah kerana melepasi 1M.

    Yours is one of the blog that i frequently read up. I like that you researched well for your writing and lately I’ve been reading SatD’s writing too. Both are so well researched (tabik spring to both of you) but I think I like your site better because your place is more ‘sopan’ …i guess because i came from the older generation.
    I loved it when you clobbered some people to mush with your words ‘nicely’ in the comment section. But some of them really didn’t realize that a lot of us saw how ignorant and biased they are when they keep on coming here and comment the same thing over and over again even when you showed/explained to them the background facts, numbers, etc.
    Congrats again JMD…and may there’ll be a few millions more in the future ^.^


  21. Salam JMD, hope to read your blog many more years to come, insyaAllah. What u had written so far was very easy to understand and pray there are more intelligent bloggers like you, only the Almighty give to you this wonderful ‘otak untok berfikir kearah kebaikan’. I just love your blog. Alhamdulillah.
    ML–animal lover, grrrr.


  22. JMD,

    i want to marry a millionaire tapi dpt a blogger pon Ok laaa…
    hahhahaha just joking!!!

    A million TQ too…


      • I’m quite sure JMD isn’t married yet, as I know who he is in real life although we aren’t friends, nor does he know who I am. I hope you aren’t 49 years of age or born in 1949 Emma 😉 . Unless of course you’re into younger guys. Rawr.



  23. Me not mentioned. Like to think I was also included but for lack of space and too many people for JMD to mention …

    Presumptuous you might say. But you’ll never know, would you.

    I’ll bang on saying what needs to be said. I love this country and want every citizen to respect and live by the Constitution fully. No 2-way about that.

    Generally I’ll support JMD’s views any time. But won’t hesitate to disagree where it needs be.

    Anything at all as long as in line with the Constitution. It was written not just for the fun of it. Malaysian citizens must know the history of this country. Thank God History will be compulsory in schools beginning from 2013.


  24. Congrat JMD. Well done. That tells something about your blog. 🙂
    Frankly, to me your writing is one of the best blogs on Malaysia politics, history, and anything concerning our beloved country. Full with facts and detailed analysis. I always look forward for you new entry.

    Keep it up. We certainly enjoy and value your blog.
    Thank you.


  25. JMD,
    I have been reading and enjoying your blog since God knows when and I have appreciated every bit of wisdom you’ve taken the time to share with us. Love every single word you use in here.You are truly an extraordinary gift.


  26. Dear JMD

    Thank you for making history lighter and truly meaningful. I used to dread studying that subject. But discussions in your blog motivates me to read up and research on historical facts and events.

    Congrats on your 1st million …


  27. Sir,

    Relatively new to blogging, I enjoy every bit of the sparring here. There’s quality participation in this blog and it makes meaningful reading, broadens one’s mind.

    I read somewhere that we should be thankful for being born having all the modern facilities made available by past generations and our purpose in life should be to contribute towards the well being of future generations.

    I wish I have more time but am making do with what I have. I wish JMD will have many more million hits and hundreds of thousands more comments.


  28. JMD,

    The multi-million hit blogs do not always carry posts of substance. Yours does. They have many 1-2 lines comments. Yours don’t.

    Congratulations, man. This makes a 3-line comment ain’t it?


  29. First of all congratulations my bro JMD…it is indeed an honour to be mentioned in a single sentence with you.

    I told you when you got your first 100K that I’ll be with you till u get ur Million……..suweet…

    As a side show in your million hit party…allow me to reproduce a tribute piece I wrote in 2008 complete with grammatical errors…

    In Search of Brader Melayu with Balls and Brains“Ni kepala bapak lu ni kepala bapak gua ..kalau berani pijak la ….kids used to utter those words to start a fight……magnify that a thousand times over…that is happening in the microstructure of our race relations due to lack of understanding of how we got here in the first place…

    Malaysia oh Malaysia….ape sudah jadi…blardy politicians got no telur to negate whole misconception on NEP, Article 153, Bahasa Malaysia, Education Systems etc etc… more like embracing the whole chaos…..

    Two voice of reason emerge…JebatMustDie of http://www.jebatmustdie.wordpress.com and the other KijangMas of http://www.deminegara.blogspot.com both command the ability to reason with style and leave dissenting voices stumped in the corner…next round please…on to their next post…Both have superb knowledge and passion for history and writes beautifully…

    The ever polite JMD is armed with structured logical arguments supplemented with factual observations….. KijangMas on the other hand takes it to another level with straight up in your face adrenaline pumping kinda discussion….the best part is…..both of them choose to remain anonymous…..this attribute will be key to their strength …allowing them to remain pure and objective without their real life attachements to worry about…we watched the evolution of JMD post-PRU12 from being a pissed off dude unable to take it anymore to a thought leader commanding respect in the online community….a new phase begun when blue blood KijangMas the great,great,great grandchild of Tengku Temenggong Aria Pahlawan burst into the scene at the height of the loopsided so called racial issues discussion..and charmed us with his frankness……..both are nationalist at heart n they love our beloved country….my take is at least 10 to 15 years separate these two bloggers..both have been in the world of finance sometimes in their career….one a Kelantanese decent n the other from Malacca……two old malay civilisations in our Tanah Melayu…these two could possibly have met our previous pahlawans who lived long before the birth of Malaysia as we know it…..they knew exactly from those where future historians could only read in textbooks…. well traveled ….they are amazing at observing normal daily lives of those around them….they’re the funny one in the family…n their friends just love them….most have stayed for a long time…..they do not tolerate fools gladly but have learned to mute their true criticism to maintain cordial interactions…

    They MUST remain anonymous although the online and offline community is dying to know who these Malay heroes are….i myself am one of them…who wish that i could shake their hands n pat them on their backs for a job well done…..they must be tempted to share the new found fame……i plead u to wait… the right moment will come when the movement grows in magnitude…when every diner table conversation takes root from your original post…..sieze the moment then..

    One thing we all must do if we believe in making things better….is to take this discussion to the next level…but how can this be when our best minds simply cant step forward……simple solution is that these two must find a way to get their message to a larger audience…..i think it is already in their mind……
    To the both of you…make us proud!!!! N Keep the ball rollin…

    PS: you two must meet soon!!!! and perhaps come out with another classic…if i may suggest 🙂 a joint piece on Malaysian Education issues, challenges, future directions, role play of stakeholders and launch it as a portal …..More like you will come….

    On the 31st of August 2009 SSS Admin took up the challenge to build further from SSS Memo drafted by  Sepadu with inputs from Demi Negara (including yourself) the Satu Sekolah Portal which currently draw support close to 235 Bloggers….

    Looking back bro JMD…….being put on your bloglist buat gua tersengih seminggu….being mentioned and referred in your post buat gua baca dua tiga kali…till today sengih sendiri…maklum la anonymous..nak poyo dengan sape siut…..

    I’m still looking for more Braders and Sisters Melayu and also other Patriotic Malaysians with Balls and Brains (nice tits is also accepted) for us to take the debate in the cyberspace to a higher level….

    Take care n keep the juice flowing bro


    • Hey SatD

      Yeah, Brader Melayu with Balls, Sista Melayu with Boobs, coupled with Brains and Brawns …

      CheDet+JMD+KijangMas+Rocky Bru+funny monkey+proMelayu blogs …

      Hey collectively you’re all the heroes Malaysia needs, not the cape+mask+boots type but the intellectual ‘jagohs’.


  30. Hi !
    Happy 3rd Anniversary and congrats for the 1m ( that’s 1 million ) hits. Actually no intention to comment but decided otherwise after reading Rockybru’s impression of you.
    Im using a relativity theory here; meaning if you are more than a decade younger than him and he by the way is a decade (+/-) younger than myself, then you must be a lot lot younger person than I think you are…(that’s another way of saying I could be your grandmother). I have one good lead now to your real identity….remember me? @.@

    JMD : I must say I am very much curious with your comment. 🙂


    • I like jokes and, with the crazy kind of going-ons in the country nowadays, I think we need tons of humour to maintain our sanity.

      Being the lembab kind, I don’t know if sujini’s comment above is intended as a joke. But I like to think so and may I add a rejoinder (is it the correct word, though I suspect it is a joinder!).

      sujini’s “relativity theory” may be wrong not because the age relationship is wrong but because they say Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings might have been wrong and one, or both of them, have admitted so, haha.

      Where before gravity was due to a “pull”, now they say it’s due to a “push” – expansion of the universe. Where before opposites attract, now even same gender attracts.

      The smoking gun used to be weapons of mass destruction (WMD), now it may be an Omega watch. Omega the watch company must be grateful because so many have been watching the watch or what has been linked to the watch.

      Come on, fellas, join in and continue the fun. Let’s have a little celebration and merry making on JMD’s millionaire success.


  31. congrats! let’s hope more of your posts will make people think and find out more about things that are important to ourselves and our country. let’s hope it can be a portal of knowledge and critical thinking from which people can gain wisdom 🙂

    selamat berjuang!


  32. Congratulations mate. Apart from some great posts (May 13th), it’s the ones on Anwar that I keep revisiting. For a good laugh, that is. Like bad Hollywood blockbusters, you should keep writing about him to generate more visitors. Unfortunately you’re not in for business, eh.

    Congratulations again, keep up the fantastic work.


  33. how come those clamouring for another may 13th are allowed to air their views on this blog?

    JMD :
    Who? Who wanted another racial riot in this posting? Thank you.


    • tempawan

      I think your problem is the way you think and also the way you express yourself.

      When you read a comment sounding strange, you think it speaks for May 13. You could express your concern by asking a question as to his/ her intent. Instead you just rattled off an opinion, without any substantiation.

      You don’t contribute to the discussion in here, old chap. Instead you incur the wrath of the others on yourself.

      Be civil, man. When not sure or not clear, ask questions. Then people respect you and what you say mean something.


  34. Dear JMD,

    Well done. Keep it up. You are truly a rare find..articulate and refined, eventough at time we dont see eye to eye. A true gentleman.


  35. Congratulations. Your postings never disappoints. My friend referred me to you and I referred you to my dad. We are frequent visitors and glad that we contributed a little to get to your million. May you continue to share your thoughts and views bringing clarity to our sometimes muddled nation and its citizens.


  36. also i’m just wondering – did anyone try to access Chedet’s website recently? i can’t seem to access because it says the page has malicious malwares? Is it down/ hacked?


    • I can’t access 2 sites who normally write along the same lines as che.det. The Google warning box says it’s malware linked to che.det blog. I think it is hacked.

      I hope che.det will spend the money to engage experts to trace the culprits to lubang cacing and expose them. I certainly want to know what kind of blokes they are.


      • damn. I hate this. I hope the contents from either sites are not lost. I want to be able to say with full conviction that this isn’t a intentional attack on Chedet and an attempt to stop ppl from accessing his writings but.. well. This has been done before on his blog. It’s funny that people who hate him always calls him ‘stupid, and old and wouldn’t shut up’ and yet they still obviously care enough to hack into his website.


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