Failed State, Pengemis dan Najib Razak
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Failed State, Pengemis dan Najib Razak

Berikut adalah tulisan dari seorang pembaca mengenai ucapan Presiden Umno yang beliau dengari pagi semalam..: ____________________________________ Satu hari yang sudah, kami mendengar secara langsung ucapan Presiden UMNO merangkap Perdana Menteri Malaysia ketika beliau merasmikan persidangan UMNO di PWTC. Kami tidak ingin mengulas mengenai sambutan yang dikira hambar, ataupun corak penyampian menjerit-jerit yang tidak melambangkan pemimpin … Continue reading

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Tussle between two MAS unions

A reader sent this through the comment section: ______________________________________ PRESS RELEASE Urgent 28th December 2012 Protest Against Secret Ballot Exercise On MAS Cabin Crew & Claim of Recognition By National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM) MASEU has been informed or given to understand that NUFAM has been registered and had sought recognition from Malaysia … Continue reading

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Crows flocking together? – (Balfour, Halcrow, PKR)

Yesterday, we explored the possibility that Rafizi Ramli and Anwar Ibrahim had vested interests in seeing Balfour Beatty – Ingress consortium wins the Ampang LRT extension project. In one of the paragraphs, it was mentioned that Halcrow was selected to be an independent evaluator of the tender bids eventhough it was shown in records that … Continue reading

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Anwar Ibrahim’s LRT project

We heard so much news about the failed bid of Balfour Beatty consortium for the past few weeks. Parti Keadilan Rakyat had not been shy in organising weekly press conferences to disseminate information to the ignorant public about the alleged abuses of power and corruption that are plaguing our country. All these apparently are committed … Continue reading

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Nazri Aziz pre-empting the Prime Minister

UPDATE 12 May 2010 – Apparently, this subject has been discussed elsewhere too. Please have a read at the relevant articles HERE and HERE. ___________________________________________________ Original article:- There is a disturbing news in The Malay Mail today. Nazri will head Public Transport Commission KUALA LUMPUR: The soon-to-be-formed Public Transport Commission comes under the responsibility of … Continue reading