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Nazri Aziz pre-empting the Prime Minister

UPDATE 12 May 2010 – Apparently, this subject has been discussed elsewhere too. Please have a read at the relevant articles HERE and HERE.


Original article:-

There is a disturbing news in The Malay Mail today.

Nazri will head Public Transport Commission

KUALA LUMPUR: The soon-to-be-formed Public Transport Commission comes under the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz (pic) yesterday said this was stated in the Land Transport Bill 2010 and Land Public Transport Commission Bill 2010, approved in Parliament during its last session.

“Both bills state the Prime Minister is responsible. He has informed me I will be in charge of the commission when it is formed.”

His appointment, which Nazri said was conveyed to him by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak last year, was fair as he oversees the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB), which will be dissolved once the new commission begins operations on June 1.

Responding to public transport bodies reportedly not in favour of politicians being in charge of the new public transport commission, Nazri said: “Under the Acts, such commissions will always be under a Minister.”

He said public transport operators and nongovernmental organisations which do not wish him to be involved in the new commission should work towards amending the two Acts “They would have to amend the Acts or remove the Prime Minister’s name from the Acts. I have no problem with this. It is a heavy responsibility,” he said, as the new commission would not only take over the responsibilities of the CVLB but also oversee rail transport and tour buses.

The new commission will consolidate the various public transportation departments and authorities.

“When all parties are under one commission, it will be easier to plan,” Nazri said.

As for the public transport operators associations’ suggesting the new commission take on representatives from transport NGOs as well as those with industry experience, Nazri said the commissioners had yet to be selected.

He said the commissioners would be appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong upon the advice of the Prime Minister. The names of the commissioners will be released next month.

Public transport operators had reportedly felt the new commission should function independently of political interferences, similar to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk S. K. Devamany had also reportedly said last December that the new commission could fall under his purview.

When contacted yesterday, Devamany said transport operators have no need for concern as the two bills include mechanisms to serve as check and balance to ensure transparency, such as a clear “modus operandi” on planning, monitoring and budgeting.

He said the bills, initially tabled by the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department, accorded for avenues to address complaints and garner public feedback, including tribunals and forums.

“The commission board is answerable to the Prime Minister’s Department,” said Devamany, adding the move should instead be welcomed.

He suggested discussions with public transport operators to create more understanding on the role of the new commission.

Usage of public transportation among Malaysians, Devamany said, has seen a reduction from 25 per cent to a mere 12 per cent.

“We need to make public transportation cheaper, faster, more comfortable and more timely.”

Why do I find the news above disturbing?

Back in November 2008, I wrote an article about the problems and issues facing the public transportation system here in Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley.

A particular paragraph read:

The industry need to be revamped as a whole. For a start, there is a need to centralise the governing authority of public transportation under one body. There is an initiative to do this right now. However, a body without the relevant power to deliberate decisions will only be reduced as a token entity in the end. Furthermore, this body must be run by experts; not by politicians whom may be blinded with political expediency.

Let’s deal with  the first issue; announcing something which the Prime Minister has not even made public yet.

In a Malay proverb, we call it – “belum duduk, sudah berlunjur”

Simply means, doing something without following proper procedures or doing something prematurely. In other words, you cornered your boss into a difficult decision unnecessarily. There are protocols that need to adhere too. In cases like this, there is a severe lack of class when Nazri tries to pre-empt the Prime Minister’s authority.

Secondly, the Commission, which will be called Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam DiRaja (“SPAD”), has a huge and wide supervisory role for our public transportation system. Nazri claimed that he should be in charge of SPAD by virtue of being the overseer of CVLB. This is quite misleading because CVLB only deals with licensing.

SPAD on the other hand, is a different ballgame altogether. God forbid should he wanted to put Datuk Halimah Mohd Sadique as the Chairman of SPAD. I sincerely think that handling SPAD will be beyond her expertise. And this is not because she is a woman.

We currently have DBKL, the local councils, JPJ, the police force, Puspakom, Transport Ministry, Finance Ministry, CVLB etc (some say up to 14 bodies) governing the public transportation system in the Klang Valley itself. SPAD aims to takeover all the relevant responsibilities from all those individual bodies and merge them under one body.

Like I said earlier, we need experts to run SPAD.

Not politicians.

SPAD will have enormous powers i.e., issuing transport licenses, determining public transport routes, budgets, contractors, LRT development etc.

It is certainly not a good governance practice to have politicians to helm SPAD on day to day basis. Naturally, rent seeking politics will permeate within SPAD and the problems plaguing our public transportation system will continue.

I sincerely hope the Prime Minister will think carefully about this particular issue. As what can be read in my previous article about public transportation, the problem is not small. It is costing the government billions of ringgit.

I sure do not want to see it goes down the drain if it is being headed by an underperformer like Nazri.


12 thoughts on “Nazri Aziz pre-empting the Prime Minister

  1. Saya tidak berminat untuk menyentuh tentang kelayakan atau kesesuaian Nazri untuk jawatan tersebut. Jawatan untuknya yang diumumkan sendiri olehnya.

    Umumnya untuk mengawasi sesuatu yang sangat penting, seseorang pemilik atau majikan akan menggunakan kaedah yang paling berkesan, sistem penyelenggaran keselamatan yang canggih pun kadang kadang gagal berfungsi dengan baik. Menggunakan manusia sepenuhnya juga tidak boleh diharapkan.

    Antara yang terbaik ialah menggunakan ‘anjing’
    Pertama kerana pandai menyalak
    Kedua kerana pandai menggoyang goyangkan ekornya (bodek)
    Cukup setia
    Sanggup menjilat duburnya sendiri (muka tebal/hemoi)

    Ciri ciri ini sangat penting.


  2. Salam, JMD
    Thank you for highlighting the issue. Indeed is it most disturbing to note the politicians and office politicians alike decided that they are the best people to manage our public transport system (and the funds that comes with it) instead of ensuring only genuine experts in the areas of transportation planning, operations, maintenance and the likes be appointed to take on the enormous responsibilities that comes with the role. The soon-to-be-formed Public Transport Commission is as good as the the people running the show…a good move only if we have the trustworthy industry people a.k.a “buat kerja punya orang” to hold the ultimate control on the management of our public transport system. Else, we can all expect SPAD to take the bus-n-train ride to doomsville. And the bitch is, it would drag along everyone and everything that comes with it.


  3. Thank you very much for your comments.

    You can see TRANSIT’s comments on the issue at http://transitmy.org/2010/05/10/should-pm-najib-chair-spad/ along with a public poll & briefing on the potential candidates for the two positions (Minister-in-Charge and Chair)

    Our belief is that the Prime Minister is the ideal candidate to be the first Minister in Charge of SPAD – because SPAD is supposed to represent a new horizon for public transport – not more of the same old nonsense.

    Nazri’s announcement, pre-empting the Prime Minister, will not go down well, and since there are other people who are potential candidates for the two positions, it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks.

    Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


  4. Najib should take full responsiblity of pre-empting anouncement by Nazri. Nazri is a cabinet member of his choice though he had been pre warned and this is not the first time tahat this charecter had made funny anouncement or statement.
    I dont understand much about pre-empting but to me as orang kampong it’s sound very very funny and he is not alone ,there are others in the present cabinet line up just who simpaly like to open thier stpid mouth.

    1sekolah >1bahasa >1Malaysia


  5. Hmm. A good solution will be the appointment of transportation academicians and transport experts from the public sector in the Board under SPAD which will advise the Minister in charge.

    And the Government should do more working visits to countries with successful models/systems with transportation and learn from them.


  6. apa akan berlaku pada permit bas persiaran yang pada masakini di bawah selianan kementerian pelancungan.adalah permit permit bas persiaran akan di letakkan di bawah SPAD.


  7. Salam bro JMD,

    it’s true that this SPAD should be headed by someone who is not a politician, as none of the politician manage to resolve their people’s problem ! All they do is pointing finger here and there, saying this guy do the mistakes and that guy is to blame. Much more worse, they didn’t do anything except complaining about the mistakes made by their predecessor. So if the 1Malaysia Government is indeed smart and capable, they will appoint a non-partisan candidate to be the head of SPAD. If they’re dumb like they used to be, expect the worst (as usual!). Hope the Klang Valley people will not suffer just because of someone bloody dumb mistake. Hell, we’ve had enuff with the KTM Komuter level of service! I challenge SPAD to improve that first!!! Hahahaha!!


  8. die la again … public transport license kena lelong lagi kat kroni laahhhh…….. another 5,000 permit case gonna to appear again. why not DSN drop him and get someone else not that UMNO short of “cockfighter” pun …… why must depend on him ……. there’s a lot more talents waiting to come up………….. come on laaa PM


  9. JMD, I just want to ask Najib, why is he still there in the first place?

    BTW, straying a bit, this is not the only question that I really wanna ask Najib and lemme tell ya, I have loads. Sadly, sometimes he reminded me of Pak Lah. Like, when the Malays are turning to Tun M (again) and PERKASA, he should start to ask himself why.


  10. JMD

    For SPAD to be truly efficient and effective, the Chair should be independent and able to browse through various probable solution and adapting the best for implementation AND most important monitor the implementation closely.

    For that reason, the better persons to lead SPAD shall be either academicians (but their approach theorical rather than practical) or better still a layman with enough experience on public transportation (and a good listener as well as a strong believer of practical solutions).

    As this is commuter-related, let’s not politice the issue by appointing MP. cabinet minister or the likes for the post. A simple Joe will do…

    Till then…G’nite M’sia…wherever u are…


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