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Najib Razak broke his own pledges (which is not really surprising)

In February 2013, 3 months before the 13th General Elections, Najib “I am not a crook” Razak signed a pledge for clean polls which had called for:

  • The candidate to observe the principles of truth, integrity, ethical conduct and accountability, including not accepting or giving bribes or being involved in any way in corrupt practices.
  • The candidate shall uphold and give priority to the interests of the Rakyat as a whole.
  • The candidate shall practice good governance and transparency.
  • The candidate shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia.

As history have put it, Najib “I am Chosen By God” Razak broke every single item in that pledge. This was confirmed by the custodian of the pledges themselves – the Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M), whereby in April 2013, they observed that Najib had already broken his own pledge. 

I will sign this but I have no intention to keep my promises hehehe

I will put on a serious face and sign this, but I have no intention to keep my pledge hehehe I will appoint Paul Low as minister to appease TI-M.

And in July 2015, it was discovered that barely a month after signing that pledge in February 2013, Najib received billions of ringgit in his personal bank accounts; violating the MACC Act many times over.

What transpired next was a series of mind-boggling events which could only be described as the darkest days of Malaysian politics. For the past 10 months, Malaysians were subjected to the worst political drama acted out by their own Prime Minister and his sycophants.

Najib created a tradition where a prime minister had no qualms to break promises, tell lies, avoid questions and reporters, avoid accountability, arbitrarily use laws to de-criminalise himself as well as firing, transferring and arresting innocent people.

‘Cash is King’ is the slogan being practised by Najib and his party; where money rules and loyalty can be easily bought. Sometimes, even intelligence and integrity can be sold for RM1 million.

This is why Najib and his party will be doomed come next general election. Unless the party can do the unthinkable; by gaining some good conscience and doing the right thing.

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8 thoughts on “Najib Razak broke his own pledges (which is not really surprising)

  1. “A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt.

    But how could Roosevelt have imagined a self-proclaimed aristocrat becoming Prime Minister based on an ideology of “Cash is King”?


  2. A leader must firstly be blessed with a high IQ. It is essential that he has integrity and commitment.

    Najib however was “selected” in gratitude to his illustrious father. He lacks the attributes of a natural leader.

    So, armed with a circus of consultants and surrounded by several hordes of bootlickers, he arrives at decisions proposed by others.

    This characteristic of his – was clearly displayed when he wore the striped black and white shirt, while his wife wore a plain brown outfit – iconic of the Madagascar animals named Marty the zebra and Gloria the hippo.

    Kesimpulan: Najib cakap tak serupa bikin!!

    “Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Mengapa kamu memperkatakan apa yang kamu tidak melakukannya! Amat besar kebenciannya di sisi ALLAH – kamu memperkatakan sesuatu yang kamu tidak melakukannya.”

    (Surah as-Saf, 61:2-3)


  3. @Grandmarquis

    Not everyone is blessed to be in the moon especially after the earth has been left with all the crap, if you get what I mean


  4. With such a long broken record, how is one to switch or reverse allegiances and become good?

    Einstein is believed to have said insanity is when you keep doing same thing expecting different results.

    Those caught in such heights of evil will have to go through the depths Abaddon before becoming good, if they get a chance to come out of it.

    I am merely commenting on the chances.


  5. Say what you will but this dude is ahead of the game!! He takes the money from 1MDB and sell the IPP companies and now he is selling our land to the Chinese from China to cover the hole he ‘created’ (I call this avdanced withdrawal). If the next GE14 DAP takes over there won’t be much to sell cause he beat them to it!!!


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