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“I’m not a crook, I’ve earned everything that I’ve got”

The resemblance to the dictator of Malaysia is uncanny.

Footnote: Richard Nixon was the 37th President of United States of America from 1969 to 1974. To date, due to the Watergate Scandal, he is the only President that resign while in office. He lied to the country to save his presidency but ultimately had to leave the White House before he was impeached by the Senate. History is never kind to crooked leaders, especially those who steal and lie.


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11 thoughts on ““I’m not a crook, I’ve earned everything that I’ve got”

  1. Yeah Najib??

    How many more lies do you need to utilise to save yourself? You have lost every ounce of trust.

    Just be prepared to witness your “supporters” discard you when the money runs dry.

    Your philosophy of “Cash is King” also means “Cashless is Pauper”.


  2. The essential fear is that people will find out your political career was a fluke, that you never really had the stuff it takes to represent the people. You’ve lost the muse and it’s madness from now on as you bury your head deeper and deeper into the ground – while all else about you is exposed to the world.


    • Dina dina

      If the PM is NOT willing to be bothered by the rakyat’s concerns and welfare, then he should just go kiss a female frog and turn himself into an Arab prince.

      This way he can donate to himself.


    • PM is finally bothered by THIS Richard Nixon video? He couldn’t get a good night sleep because of THIS?
      Kau ni Special Officer PM kah?
      Are you saying if the rakyat want to criticise the PM, the rakyat must be free from sin? A person must be so baik and spotless, only then he can criticise the PM?
      Wah la wei dah kena bayar dengan taxpayers’ money tolong buat kerja pandai sikit, jangan cakap perkara bodoh saja.


    • So, PM Najib pun tak berapa baik. Itukah maksud Dina?

      Ketika berucap di ‘solidarity bersama PM’ di kampung halamannya, Najib bertekad untuk terus berjuang mempertahankan kepimpinannya demi pembangunan ekonomi negara dan kebajikan rakyat.

      Saya rasa beliau sedang berbohong. Sebenarnya Najib hanya mahu mempertahankan diri dari diambil sebarang tindakan undang-undang keatasnya. Jika apa yang dilakukan Najib, berlaku di Negara Kafir, saya rasa sudah lama Najib bungkus.


  3. Warga-warga emas tentu masih ingat buku bacaan lama yang ada menyebut…..
    “Disini tidak ada duit.”……
    “Duit ini bukan………….yang ambil.”


  4. Najib ko tolonglah resign dan berambus dari Malaysia ni. Aku dah muak dan jelak tengok muka ko yang tak tahu malu tu. Penyangak tak akan mengaku dia penyangak! Gila ke PM Malaysia kena mintak simpati sampai kata “toloooooooglah jangan panggil saya pencuri”. Tapi ko sendiri taknak jelaskan pasal duit berbillion yang ko dapat! Ko belanja untuk apa? Bagi la bukti! Ko belanja beli cadar mewah ke? Bag hermes ke? Lipstik pink ke? Cuba bagi bukti untuk rakyat semua tengok.


  5. the final piece will only fall when dr m is incarcerated. time is of the essence. if dr m goes away, meaning that his maker calls him, that final push will be gone.
    so lets hope mr numb nuts a.k.a jibby pink lips falls for it. certain quarters around him are purposely advising him the wrong advice. these are not crooks but they benefit from him too by sheer proximity and their conscience is eating them up. lets hope one of em tells jibby to lock dr m. but the thing is, before dr m is locked up, he needs to pull a “supposed” ace that will result in advice to lock dr m up from those with the guilty conscience. am i making sense?


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