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To protect Najib, Malaysians don’t deserve to know the truth about 1MDB

Back in May 2015 Najib Razak was paying lip service when he said that the interim auditor general’s report will be released to the public but by July 2015 the people has discovered that this Prime Minister has no integrity nor credibility.


Because his government then had decided that the report will not be made public. This was a total opposite to what Najib himself had said in his blog:


“When concerns began to be raised, I wanted a detailed explanation, so I ordered the Auditor General and PAC to investigate 1MDB’s books. Anyone found guilty of embezzlement or misappropriation will be brought to justice.

We are expecting the release of the preliminary report by Auditor General very soon. In the mean time, please do not speculate and form conclusions without the information that will be laid out by the Auditor General, who will provide a detailed report into 1MDB’s finances.”

His sycophants were quick to tell the world to ‘wait for the AG report’, and it became one of Najib Razak’s favourite mantras back then. “Wait for the AG report”.

But until today, the public does not even know what are the contents of this preliminary report.

It was the same like the time when people thought he will clear the air and explain everything in Parliament about the billions of money he received but when the day came, Zahid Hamidi step to the fore and gave a two-liner explanation saying that the PM can’t explain about it because it will be prejudicial to Najib himself!

As the master of hypocrisy, Najib continues to be non-transparent and avoids being accountable to the public when his government today decided to classify the final AG report under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) 1972.


If they had released the preliminary report earlier as promised, then the public do not have to rely on information leaks to know the truth about 1MDB.

But as the conspiracy to cover up wrongdoings by the prime minister and his band of crooks intensify, the public is now deemed by the government as not deserving the truth about the issue.

The phrase ‘a conspiracy of silence’ is an understatement in Malaysia.

Every government in this world would like to be transparent and as much as they want, they would want their people to know that they have nothing to hide. But not Malaysian government. This government is committed to uncover and incriminate whistleblowers while at the same time perpetrate abuse of power and arbitrarily using laws to save Najib Razak.

Bottom line, Najib Razak is afraid if the public would know the truth. He and his sycophants can’t handle the truth. They are afraid of it. That is why, all of the conspiratorial actions taken by them for the past one year had portrayed they are indeed guilty.

One is 'cari derma' expert, the other is 'cari makan' expert

One is ‘cari derma’ expert, the other is ‘cari makan’ expert

The truth can only be known when Najib Razak resigns from his position and let the investigation teams investigate without fear and favour. But this won’t happen because someone is afraid to face the music.

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6 thoughts on “To protect Najib, Malaysians don’t deserve to know the truth about 1MDB

  1. On the authority of an-Nawas bin Sam’an (may Allah be pleased with him), that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
    Righteousness is in good character; whereas wrongdoing causes your soul to waver, and you dislike people finding out about it. [Muslim]

    And on the authority of Wabisah bin Ma’bad (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I came to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “You have come to ask about righteousness.” I said, “Yes.” He (pbuh) said, “Consult your heart. Righteousness makes the soul feel at ease and the heart is tranquil. And wrongdoing is that which causes the soul to waver and uneasiness is felt in the breast, even though people have repeatedly given their legal opinion [in its favour].”

    (Ahmed bin Hambal and Al-Darimi, with a good chain of transmitters).


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  3. Rakyat tuntut agar semua yang masih bersekongkol dengan lanun bugis tersebut disiasat kekayaannya. Semak setiap sen dan harta milik mereka. Periksa money trail dari mana datangnya sumber kewangan memperoleh kekayaan tersebut!

    Bagi penjawat awam seperti KSN, Peguam Negara dan KPN pula mereka mesti disiasat dengan seteliti-telitinya samaada melakukan kesalahan menyalah guna kuasa dalam membuat setiap keputusan dan tugasan mereka atau tidak!

    Sekiranya ini tidak dilakukan dan kepala lanun serta “penjenayah VVIP” baik ahli politik mahupun penjawat awam yang bersekongkol dengannya tidak dipenjarakan, nescaya musibah sedemikian akan berulangkali menimpa rakyat di masa depan.


  4. Former AG, Gani Patail’s case is very strange. He had been dismissed from his position with immediate effect on 27 July 2015. Yet, he is allowed to continue in service until 6 October 2015, when he is legally required to retire from service.

    Can the Whistleblower Act compel Gani Patail to speak out?

    Can the MACC summon Gani Patail as a witness?


  5. Go to the streets and protest. that’s the way to go in other countries in the world. Don’t wait until its too late like Marcos or Pinochet. You will never recover.


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