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Deafening silence about the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’

Front page of the NST today

NST’s front page today

It is ironic for New Straits Times to put this headline in the front page today.

The National Consultative Committee on Political Funding (headed by Paul Low as Chairman) has proposed 6 rules on political funding.

These are:

1. Political donations from foreign interests and sources should be prohibited

2. Donations from corporations must be notified to appointed authority; GLCs not allowed to donate

a) All donations must be notified by relevant authorities within 14 days and must be disclosed to public. If donations are not disclosed, it is deemed as gratification

b) Corporation must not currently be in benefit of any significant government contracts or concession

c) GLCs are prohibited from donating

3. Anonymous donations not exceeding RM1,000 to be allowed

4. Donations in kind not allowed, unless declared in advance

5. Donations from criminal sources in whatever form are strictly prohibited prohibited

6. Political donations must be kept in separate bank accounts

– to allow all receipts and expenditures to be verified by an independent auditor appointed by the authority

Everyone in the known universe knows that Najib Razak received billions of money into his private accounts. Although he said it was for ‘political funding’ (amongst other contradictory statements he and his goons had made), there is no known evidence submitted to the public to confirm that it was indeed to fund Barisan Nasional’s political campaign in the last general election.

There was only affirmation through words. And we all know these days, Najib’s words are no longer trusted.

But today’s news headline comes at the most appropriate time because it solidifies the MACC Act 2009, whereby a public officer will be deemed guilty in receiving gratification if he ever received money into his personal bank accounts, and must prove his innocence in the court of law (section 50 MACC Act 2009).

Najib himself said this is corruption, and he would have failed in all the proposed rules above.

Setiap sumbangan yang ingin diberikan kepada mana-mana parti politik samaada di peringkat pusat mahupun negeri, hendaklah disalurkan melalui akaun rasmi parti. Ini bagi mengelakkan ahli-ahli politik menyalahgunakan nama parti untuk meminta atau menerima apa-apa sumbangan yang kemudiannya diselewengkan untuk kepentingan persendirian. Setiap sumbangan yang dihulurkan perlulah dikemukakan resit penerimaan dan dimasukkan dalam akaun parti. Menerusi rekod penerimaan yang teratur ia boleh diaudit pada tiap-tiap akhir tahun kewangan. Kerajaan percaya inisiatif seumpama ini akan mengelakkan sebarang bentuk perbuatan rasuah dan penyelewengan..”  – Najib Razak, February 2012

We can’t have a prime minister to actually said it is wrong and corruptible to receive money in private accounts and then did it anyway without facing any consequences. What kind of man is that? Who believes in one thing but does the exact opposite. A leader needs to have principles but clearly Najib does not have any.

The NCCPF actually tried to close up a loophole with their proposal. A loophole where nasty and dodgy politicians tried to get away with by re-naming a gratification as donation or political funding. Luckily the MACC Act is clear on what is and what is not a gratification.

This is why the MACC, instead of closing the investigations should there is nothing to prosecute, had sent their findings to the public prosecutor for the next step in the judicial process. Unfortunately, the current Attorney General which was specifically chosen after the previous one was sacked unceremoniously had decided, unsurprisingly, not to prosecute anyone! There wasn’t even any scapegoat!

The silence by the mainstream media on this is deafening. The dumb response by the sycophants is even more telling. Everybody is trying hard to de-criminalise the prime minister after he had committed a grievous mistake according to the MACC Act.

So is there anyone brave enough and clever enough in United Mohd Najib Organisation to ask the relevant questions?

Questions like:

  1. Where is the audited documentation of each sen that was spent from the RM2.6 billion which can absolve you from all the accusations?
  2. At the time it happened, why did you ‘return’ the money ‘donated’ for your party without even telling your party members about it?
  3. Why am I an idiot for still supporting this prime minister?

Any reporters from the mainstream media dare to ask the prime minister these questions? Or are the reporters now have inadvertently become the affiliate members of the ‘Untuk Mengampu Najib Only’ party? It’s nearly 10 months since the scandal erupted. It seems nobody is brave enough to seek the truth.

To all the mainstream media and Najib’s party leaders, look what you have all become. An embarrassment to the country and to your future generation.

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6 thoughts on “Deafening silence about the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’

  1. “All asses fall under 5 categories: The assholes are by far the worst. Then there are the dumbasses, the smartasses, the sorryasses, and last but not least, the wiseasses”.


  2. #1 – Najib happily accepted billions from a foreigner
    #2a – Najib kept it secret for over 2 years
    #2b – Mysterious donor – individual, individuals or corporations?
    #2c- Is Royalty equal to GLC?
    #3 – Najib’s donor breached this by multiple times
    #4 – zero transparency, no way of knowing
    #5 – since donor unknown, cannot ascertain if he is a criminal
    #6 – Najib received straight into his PERSONAL account, no record of expenses ever seen, even Deputy PM unaware


    • let’s not kid ourselves and just admit that the money actually did not come from any royalty. they were just a conduit to siphone money that came from a company in malaysia that has gone bankrupt coz of heavy debts billions of ringgit.


  3. So, 1K anonymous dontaion allowed ..err..what if the list of anonymous donors amount to thousands.. like RM1K x n = that can also reach billions and legally ok.. and nobody can say anything as it is anonymous (in terms of source and payment method I presume)


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