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Najib Razak is the best example of what a big mistake is all about

Yesterday, Najib Razak had shamelessly and without any moral conscience, quipped that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad made a very big mistake in combining forces with the people from the Opposition and citizens in general, in a bid to oust him.

Obviously besieged from all angles, Najib had to give out a statement of self-preservation in order to save himself from being thrown out of the office.

And of course, he is in denial or rather purposely being oblivious as to why he needs to resign the first place.

What the headline of a good media should be

If the media have integrity and responsibility towards the people, this should have been the headline

And predictably, there were only feeble remonstrations against the Citizens’ Declaration by his sycophants. They could only dismiss, demonise, ridicule, putdown, pooh pooh and play down, remarkably without touching at all on the 30-odd points Tun Mahathir underscored on 1MDB, GST, economy, abuse of power etc that Najib failed to address since the scandals exploded.

The noises they created really are mind-boggling. Is UMNO truly beyond salvation?

If the have the intteligence and the conscience of a good muslim

If they have the intelligence and the conscience of a good Muslim. But they have none.

There were many instances where Najib purposely and deftly maneuvered several actions that can be construed as abusing his position to curtail criticism and escape prosecution.

He lied to everyone when the news about RM2.6 billion exploded in July 2016. He was caught on video saying he never received any money in his personal bank accounts and had thanked a PAS leader for not believing the exposé by Wall Street Journal.

It was later discovered that there were indeed billions of money deposited in his accounts, after WSJ showed documented proof of the banking transactions. His whole propaganda machinery then had to think about something else, saying the money was a ‘donation’ to be used in 2013 general election.

And come UMNO general assembly in December 2015 after Najib had sacked his critics and forbid them to address UMNO members, Najib again had lied to everyone.

Who could forget this?

Who could forget this?

They haven’t thought about the fact that USD620 million was transferred out from his personal bank accounts right after the 2013 general election, although this was already an open secret at that time.

By January 2016, the specifically chosen Attorney General named Apandi Ali made the announcement that Najib is innocent and that USD620 million was ‘returned’ to the ‘donor’.

So who lied?

Raja Nong Chik? Najib Razak? Apandi Ali?

Who was lied to? The whole of Malaysia.

But we have the sycophants in UMNO saying nonsense and protecting their President at all cost. The conspiracy to de-criminalise Najib Razak oozes a stench that can be smelled all across the world.


Everywhere else, the crime similarly committed by Najib Razak will be tried in the courts and will be found guilty. Few days ago, a PKR leader was sentenced to two-years jail for misleading people to donate RM50,000 of ‘political donation’ in party accounts.

And Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to 6-years jail back in 1999 for abuse of power, whereby directed the police to stop the investigation into his alleged sodomy case.

A Deputy Prime Minister was jailed 6 years for just hampering police investigation. Imagine what kind of jail term Najib Razak could get for abusing his power and arbitrarily using the law to strengthen his position.

If Anwar Ibrahim could see that what Najib Razak did is wrong, surely Najib must also face the same consequences as he once did. The fact that Anwar could agree and share the same sentiment with Tun Dr. Mahathir about Najib’s leadership behaviour proves to be a sure sign that Najib’s position is already untenable.

We remember what Najib did last summer

We remember what Najib did last summer

There were many other instances of the mistakes Najib had made. But sadly, he could not see all of it. His sycophants will ensure his downfall. Nobody in his circles are giving him the right advice. The amount of stupidity that is churned everyday just to prop up this Prime Minister is comical to say the least.

Najib should just look in the mirror and see what ‘a very big mistake’ really is.

If he still have the decency of a human being in knowing how to be shameful and modest enough to be accountable for every wrongdoing he committed, he and his cabinet needs to resign now so that the Agong can choose the next leader which could command the majority of MPs.

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8 thoughts on “Najib Razak is the best example of what a big mistake is all about

  1. STILL THERE ARE seemingly intelligent people in NST, THE STAR, Media Prima that support this corrupt prime minister.

    They are high on drugs or too stupid to find other jobs? They rather kiss the ++++hole than do the right thing?



  2. Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep. Some call themselves aristocrats but it doesn’t bother them that they’re fat rats.


  3. “One Day the (shamelessly immoral) Hypocrites – men and women – will say to the truly Faithful: “Wait for us! Let us borrow from your Light!” But the reply will come: “Turn back to your rear! And seek (your own) light!” Then partitioning walls will be raised between them, with a gate therein. Within the walls there will be Mercy throughout, but outside it will be Retributive Punishment!” ( Quran, 57:13)


  4. I wouldnt be surprised if the late Tan Sri JJ has advised our incompetent Ah Jib Gor that for him STAY in power, Ah Jib Gor has to dish out the money from his hands personally to the politicians and the peasants so the culture of a FEUDALISTIC mentality will prevail for him and the missus. This lifestyle is pretty much in line with their grandeur daughter’s wedding where they wanted to keep it out from the peasants view. Every Prime Ministers has used the GLC’s money to fund the election campaign previously except for our Ah Jib Gor who thinks that he MUST have the money in his bank account. Of course along the way from these GLCs to his bank account, some of these money will trickle into his wife and stepson’s account.

    If history were to remember Ah Jib Gor , he will be remember for his stubborness for not resigning after being caught in the MOST stupidest corruption in our Malaysian history.


  5. LOL at Najib and his band of stooges… trying hard to defend something nobody can ever defend.

    One dodgy character called Lim Sin See tried to debunk Dr M’s latest article. but he dared not touch
    on why Najib lied and stories were achanging like pointed by everyone else in the universe, including jebat in this article.

    They thought all of us are stupid and that is why they will go down in history and their future career as Najib’s stooges. Hakakaka


  6. Najib is an example what big mistake is all about and what big mistake is all about to those who voted BN to power.


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