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Citizens’ Declaration and its reaction / Deklarasi Rakyat dan maklum balas

To all Malaysians who love this country, do sign this momentous declaration:-

Citizens’ Declaration/Deklarasi Rakyat

The most important passage is copy pasted as below:

36. For all these reasons, we, the undersigned citizens of Malaysia agree and support:

a) The removal of Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak as the Prime Minister of Malaysia through non-violent and legally permissible means;
b) The removal of all those who have acted in concert with him;
c) A repeal of all the recent laws and agreements that violate the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and undermine policy choices and
d) A restoration of the integrity of the institutions that have been undermined, such as the police, the MACC, Bank Negara and the PAC.

37. We call upon all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, political affiliation, creed or parties, young and old to join us in saving Malaysia from the Government headed by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, to pave the way for much needed democratic and institutional reforms, and to restore the important principle of the separation of powers among the executive, legislature and judiciary which will ensure the independence, credibility, professionalism and integrity of our national institutions.

Dalam Bahasa Malaysia:

36. Oleh kerana sebab-sebab ini, kami rakyat Malaysia seperti yang tertera bersetuju dan menyokong;

a) penyingkiran Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia menerusi saluran yang aman dan mengikut undang-undang yang dibenarkan.
b) Penyingkiran semua mereka yang bersekongkol dengannya
c) Pemansuhan semua undang-undang dan perjanjian baru yang jelas melanggar hak asasi yang termaktub di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan melemahkan polisi terpilih dan
d) pemulihan integriti insititusi yang telah dilemahkan, seperti polis, SPRM, Bank Negara dan PAC

35. Kami menyeru kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, tidak mengira kaum, ugama, politik, kepercayaan atau parti, tua atau muda, marilah bersama-sama kami selamatkan Malaysia daripada Kerajaan yang dipimpin Dato Seri Najib untuk membuka jalan kepada mereformasikan institusi demi proses demokrasi dan memulihkan prinsip pengasingan kuasa diantara eksekutif, legislatif dan kehakiman yang akan memastikan kebebasan, kredibiliti, profesionalisme serta integrity institusi-institusi nasional.

Below are a few reactions from the public that can be found from around the web, chatter in What’s App, etc:

Dalam sejarah Malaysia, tidak pernah Perdana Menteri kita ditukar melalui pilihanraya. Pegawai di Pejabat PM sudah jadi bangang kah?

Dalam sejarah Malaysia, tidak pernah Perdana Menteri kita ditukar melalui pilihanraya. Pegawai di dalam Pejabat PM di Putrajaya sudah jadi bangang kah?


Actually the calls for Najib to quit will only threaten the cabinet and Najib's sycophants

Actually the calls for Najib to quit will only threaten the cabinet and Najib’s sycophants

1) He caused a storm when he quit Umno and what happened yesterday was an earth quake. Mahathir is in exceptionally strong position now. Politically. Extremely strong. What he did yesterday was no small feat. Unparalled of any sort. The kind of feat that has never been achieved by any man/politician in Malaysian political annals since independence. 

Nobody could have imagined different people with different set of ideologies could sat side by side across the table and speaking in unison. They’re all there for a common purpose; that is to save the country from the hands of bandits. There’s a need, desperate need to put a stop to all of this. 

Mahathir managed to put together an exceptional team; a strong team which is truly multiracial, multicultural with broad support across the spectrum. The whole people from all walk of life regardless of RACE, creed, background, political affiliations, conviction, allegiance, are all united behind him. They speak in one voice with Mahathir as the leader and a spokeperson, the guy which made it all happened. What a natural leader he is. A world class statesman. And they’re all waiting for his cue for next move.

You have Lim Kit Siang there yesterday from DAP. That’s 90% percent of Malaysian Chinese support already in Mahathir’s pocket. Azmin was there. Selangor folks are in his left pocket. Shafie Apdal. Sabahan vote banks in his back pocket. Muhyiddin Yassin. Half of Johor support is in his left pouch of his black bush jacket. Mukhriz Mahathir. Former Kedah MB. The whole Kedahans is in his right pouch. Mustafa Ali, Husam Musa, Mahfuz Omar and a score leaders of Amanah. Malay supports will come in handy in due time. 

Syed Saddiq. Asian best debater. Numero uno of Challenger, an influential voice of Malaysian youths. He was spotted in the crowd yesterday. That means a lot. Broad based Malaysian youths support is already in Tun’s wallet. Najib is finished politically. He’s now dead man walking.

2) Ahli umno yg kurang akal, menginstitusikan jawatan Presiden Umno, berlebihan dari Umno itu sendiri. Apa yg mereka lakukan adalah mempertahankan presiden biarpun umno itu dilihat semakin melemah. Pada mereka, hidup dan perjuangan mereka berteraskan presiden umno bukan kepada institusi parti itu sendiri.

Malangnya mereka menjerit hidup agama, bangsa dan tanahair tetapi sedikitpun tidak memahami atau jahil dgn pekikan mereka itu sendiri.

3) I don’t think there will be any GE14. Kit Siang think so too. That’s why his Daddy Anak Party joined Dr.M in singing that declaration. Its different, when Pak Lah was about to step down. At that time he knew GE was in no danger of being postponed, hence the opposition did an about-turn. With a corrupt PM at the helm, DAP stand a better chance of winnning GE13.

This time, Najib is different. After the ‘new’ NSC, he is above the Agong. He can now declare emergency at his whim & fancy.

When 1MDB scandal hits the fan:-
– Najib said ‘wait for Auditor General Report which will be made public’. But now it had been OSA-ed.
– then, ‘wait for PAC report…. but now the new PAC Chairman is friendly to Najib. Therefore nobody cares what Hasan Cari-Makan is going to report after he had ‘studied’ the OSA-ed documents.

Now his bootlickers are asking us to ‘wait for GE14’ to oust Najib.

Therefore there is high probability that GE14 would also be postponed, indefinitely.

We know that the ‘RED-shirts’ are very ‘close’ to Najib.

We’ve been frequently ‘warned’ of Daesh threats and many were arrested at home.

Today we’re also told by home Minister; Intelligence information reveals that there are commanders from a sultanate appointed in every State Legislative Assembly constituency in Sabah. Huh….those clamoring for Sabah & Sarawak to cease being part of Malaysia, must have been very distraughted.

What if a bomb was discovered by DBKL or explode in KL, running-up to GE14. Najib then declare ’emergency’ and therefore rule forever, like Marcos did.


4) The pro najib sycophants can only produce feeble remonstrations against the Citizens’ Declaration – dismiss, demonise, ridicule, putdown, pooh pooh and play down, remarkably without touching at all on the 30-odd points dr m underscored on 1mdb, gst, economy etc that najib failed to address since the scandals exploded.

They sorely lack the intellect and smarts. Their only firepower left to dispense is their tactlessness, thuggery, flippancy, threats and rabid unctuousity so farcical that a dunce can do a better job of defending the PM.

Everyone knows that the shittier things get, the worse it is for umno. The crucial question on this shit is, will najib defer/cancel/postpone GE14 to save his sorry ass using the flimsiest justification, like the NSC Act?

It looks ominous by the day.

5) This is what Tun M ACTUALLY said..

“We want a clean election. It is the voters’ right to vote for the Opposition. I can’t stop any party from competing [in the election],” the 91-year-old said.

Kemudian di….SPIN oleh macai-macai Najib dalam media, headlines sudah tukar cakap ‘No Problem for DAP to rule..’

Apa punya bangang lah media pro-Najib kalau dah desperate tu sanggup fitnah, mengadakan benda yang takde.

Hee…he…he… takpe lagipun budak2 umno sekarang pun dah berani dah tandatangan deklarasi..demi selamatkan negara..

6) Bugis-lanun tuh dipilih atau diangkat jadi PM? Dah jadi PM, guna kuasa semacam negara komunis tegar…..

– aku berkuasa, suka aku nak buat apa
– pecat,
– tukar
– ganti
– pinda
– tekan
– amaran
– paksa
– tipu
– helah
– peras
– ugut
– cantas
– buang
– dan lain lain

Banyak lagi…..


8) UMNO sekarang hanya tinggal nama. Intipati sebenar UMNO sekarang adalah PARTI NAJIB. Dulu ahli ahli UMNO menolong dan berbakti kepada bangsa. Eloknya UMNO sebab ahli-ahli parti sendiri yang berbakti dan berjasa kepada negara. Sekarang ahli-ahli UMNO dah berubah sifat dan zat dan kini mereka cuma berbakti kepada NAJIB dengan melindungi dan mempertahankan rasuah presiden mereka.

Melindungi dan memperjuangkan salah guna kuasa dan pecat memecat orang yang tak mahu mempertahankan dosa presiden. Ini bukan lagi parti UMNO. Parti UMNO dah mati bila NAJIB tak mahu mengaku terima rasuah dan buat muka tak malu masih nak tadbir negara. Tak payah la kita semua nak pertahankan UMNO. Ini bukan lagi UMNO yang dulu.

9) I’m signing the Declaration because Al Quran taught me to say no to injustice, bribery, breach of trust etc…

So if you want to sign the Citizens’ Declaration, please click on the link below and do your duty as a responsible citizen of Malaysia.

Citizens’ Declaration/Deklarasi Rakyat

Thank you.

Stop chatting among ourselves in What's App, do something in real world.

Malaysians must stop chatting among themselves in What’s App or Facebook, start doing something in real world.

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14 thoughts on “Citizens’ Declaration and its reaction / Deklarasi Rakyat dan maklum balas

  1. Lorong Mengundi 1:
    Petisen Atas Talian Selamatkan Malaysia

    Nyatakan sokongan anda untuk ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’
    di sini:

    Lorong Mengundi 2:
    PRU 14 jauh lagi. Apa pendirian anda mengenai isu DS Najib. Undi di sini saja buat masa ni…
    as at 18.00 : 6/3/2016

    Syed Rosli Jamalullail : Petisen menyokong penuh kepimpinan YAB PM Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia
    at 12.30 : 6/3/2016 – 15 supporters
    at 18.00 : 6/3/2016 – 16 supporters

    Gerakan Rakyat: Gerakan Rakyat: UndurNajib/NajibMustGO
    at 12.30 : 6/3/2016 – 33 supporters
    at 18.00 : 6/3/2016 – 35 supporters

    Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak: Quit
    at 22.00 : 5/3/2016 – 8,013 supporters
    at 09.00 : 6/3/2016 – 12,312 supporters
    at 18.00 : 6/3/2016 – 22,947 supporters


    • Terkini…
      Lorong Mengundi 2:
      PRU 14 jauh lagi. Apa pendirian anda mengenai isu DS Najib. Undi di sini saja buat masa ni…

      Syed Rosli Jamalullail : Petisen menyokong penuh kepimpinan YAB PM Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia
      at 22.00 : 6/3/2016 – 18 supporters

      Gerakan Rakyat: Gerakan Rakyat: UndurNajib/NajibMustGO
      at 22.00 : 6/3/2016 – 37 supporters

      Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak: Quit
      at 22.00 : 5/3/2016 – 8,013 supporters
      at 22.00 : 6/3/2016 – 26,160 supporters


    • People should push RCI for Abuse of Power by the PM and his accomplices, not RCI for 1MDB or the RM2.6 Billion ‘donation’.
      Inquiry for Abuse of Power covers the other two issues because they are intertwined.
      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Said John F. Kennedy: “When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”

    Absolute power
    Corrupts absolutely
    And all the donations
    And all the consultants
    Could never make whole
    The one holy untouchable


  3. Hi Jebat
    Just wondering. Isn’t 1mdb suppose to file it’s accounts by end of this month after getting a six month extension?
    Also, any news on the IPIC epic bailout of 1mdb?
    Would be good if you can share some thoughts on this.


  4. It is likely 1MDB will never file it’s account after all . Whether their auditors had gone bunker looking for ways to spice up the account . ??

    My stupid brain estimated 1MDB is at least 10 billion ringgit down the drain .


  5. 2018 pru 14 masih jauh lagi..apa akan terjadi dengan ekonomi kita dan ringgit malaysia.? Pendapat saya perlu diadakan peralihan kuasa segera bagi memberikan peluang kepada pemimpin yg lain mengeluarkan idea baru untuk mengimbangi semula kejatuhan ekonomi malaysia..kalau tunggu pru 14 malaysia mungkin akan bangkrap seperti negara Greace.


  6. Agree seismic shift and there won’t be a GE!4. Believe our strength will increase by the hour and bring down the regime before he brings down democracy. We have to continue our democratic, wholesome assaults!


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