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The case of Khairy – won the social media, lost the votes

I want to applaud a blogger at the blogsite for a really good article on history. As someone who is fascinated with the history subject, I can’t help but to agree with what the blogger Fatimah Zuhri had to say.

Below are some of the snippets of the said article – you can read the whole article (please do) by clicking the link I provided above. There are many more gems in the original article.

Open letter to Malaysian: Why do we need to learn history?

Dear Malaysians,

1. Today, the Prime Minister has appointed a controversial figure (let us name him Mr KJ) to become a Minister. Since we are living in a free and open democracy, please allow me to give my opinion on this appointment.

2. Firstly, I respect the Prime Minister prerogative in appointing his cabinet but that does not mean we should stay silent.

3. Exactly 30 years ago, a controversial bloke (let us called him Mr AI) was appointed as a full minister – Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. He was appointed to this ministerial position after he defeated SK for the Youth Leader position the year before. He was also at that time a member of Parliament after winning the PP seat.


5. AI was and still is considered the best in terms of oratory skill in Malaysian politics. Many of the world dictators are brilliant orator – Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. Mao, etc . In Multi level marketing (MLM), you sell yourself and your product to get people attention. In Pasar Seni, fraudsters sells snake oil to get people attention and usually they will show documents and so called ‘evidence’ to get people attention.

Similarly, Mr KJ is also a good orator. He uses his academic credential as his testimonial. When someone try to criticize him, his supporters will throw the J-word. His products? When he first came to prominence, he was selling the Malay agenda as his product. He was so adamant of this agenda that one of his goons  provoked the then Youth Leader to show ‘the keris’. However, lately, he has change his tune and try to re-brand his product similar to what Mr AI did.


7. It will be most interesting to see in the next couple of years how Mr KJ will use his position to influence the youth. My bet is that he will exactly do what Mr AI did when he was KBS and then later on, Education Minister. Back then, Mr AI abused his position to make himself an idol for the youth. Instead of promoting UMNO as a brand, he was promoting himself as the brand. This self-branding was continued in a large scale effort when he was appointed Minister of Education.

For the past 5 years, Mr KJ has done nothing as Youth Leader to improve the perception amongst the youth towards his party. Instead, he was busy promoting KJ as the brand, as a result he is considerably well-known in the social media world. This is just a sample of things to come.


9. There is no such thing as new politics. Politics is old. When Mr AI was DPM, he used his minions in the mainstream media to project an aura of ‘greatness’. Mr KJ uses social media to project his ‘greatness’. At the end of the day, the objective and the desired result is still the same. Mr Prime Minister, you were with Mr AI since the Youth days, are you too blind to see that Mr KJ is exactly like him? I do understand it is politically suicidal if Mr KJ was not given a position since he has branded himself well especially amongst the youth. So in GE14, please put him in a mixed or Chinese majority seat in Klang Valley.

A pretty good read I reckon.

Which is all true nevertheless. When Khairy Jamaluddin was not selected to be in the cabinet in 2009 and was given the amanah by the Prime Minister to concentrate on the youth and get them to vote for Barisan Nasional, he did none of that.

Instead, he cultivated idol worshipping among the easily impressed younglings. Instead of getting the young voters to vote for Barisan Nasional, he stressed on his own public image. He created the Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteer fan club just to help elevate his brand. The Khairy 2.0 is what his sycophants had chanted back in 2009.

But in stark contrast, this Umno Youth leader never did get any new votes from the newly registered young voters nor any votes from the fence sitters below 40. Did Barisan Nasional as a whole get the majority of votes from voters below 40 years old?

Hence, the illusion that was created, the hype that has been bandied around that Khairy is a ‘rising star’ is exactly just that – a hype. When the twitter army created through BNYV and other groupies specifically tasked to bomb the social media with his ‘endeavours’ and ‘effort’, it didn’t translate into what the PM had hoped for.

Moreover, the social media unit of Umno Youth is more disjointed than ever with wrong strategies being placed. If Khairy had given more focus onto the Umno Youth wing, perhaps this could be avoided. But individualistic tendencies kept him focussed on his personal vehicle – the social media and the BNYV.

Just like how Anwar Ibrahim did with NST and Utusan back in the 90s, Khairy  is using the social media to further his political exploits. Up until Wednesday, that exploits went into viral when his minions pre-empted the PM himself by saying their leader may not be appointed as minister because a former premier is against it. As a result, out of the blue, the old man’s name was dragged into the social media ruckus.


If Tun Mahathir wants to weaken the PM, he wouldn’t have campaigned tirelessly for him. And is KJ really pro-Najib?

Nevertheless, if their ‘exalted’ leader couldn’t get into the cabinet, the minions’ own future and potential benefits will look dim. And yet these are the same people who said, this is not the time for divisive personal interest.

How pathetic for some silly people to even drag a statesman into their own psywar just because they themselves are afraid of their own future. The statesman had been a minister for nearly 30 years and Prime Minister for 22 years and still, some wet behind the ear politician and his lackeys felt the need to vilify him? Just because he is afraid he couldn’t get to be a minister?

Please bear in mind it was only in early April he offered not to contest in GE13. Perhaps the article – drama or greed, would be the best read for this kind of situation.

But the fact of the matter is this – we need to be wary when history is repeating itself. From just plain observation, we can see that Khairy is not sincere in helping the party nor the coalition. Yes he revel himself in debates with opposition figures. But that is just to promote himself among the savvy youths. But did Barisan Nasional win more votes from the youth?


In fact, the urban youths voted for Pakatan Rakyat.

There is also this principle that one must always use in politics. When the enemy hates you, you are doing the right thing. But when your political enemy is loving you, then something is indeed wrong.

In the case of Khairy, who can ever forget the fact that Rafizi Ramli invited him to join Pakatan Rakyat no less than 3 times during their debate in London last year!

Rafizi was practically begging Khairy to join Pakatan Rakyat!

And the latest incident, to the chagrin of many Barisan Nasional members and to the befuddlement of fence sitters, Lim Kit Siang complimented Khairy as if Khairy was the next best thing that came down from the celestial heavens.

Kit Siang wrote:

One criticism of the Cabinet announced by Najib yesterday is its distinct lack of “star” or “wow” quality.

The only person who stands head and shoulder over the rest of the Cabinet line-up in intellectual prowess is the Oxford graduate, UMNO Youth leader, Khairy Jamaluddin, but who had stepped on too many toes in his heyday as the son-in-law to Tun Abdullah in the brief period his father-in-law as the Prime Minister in Malaysia.

I had in fact had occasion to castigate Khairy in Parliament as the “richest unemployed youth in the world” when he was too big for his boots. I hope that in his many years in “wilderness” eating humble pie although he has UMNO Youth leader, conspicuously sidelined from government front-benches although his deputy was made Deputy Minister, have taught him the qualities of humility.

His final rehabilitation in being appointed to the Cabinet is however a great let-down, as his appointment to the comparatively minor Cabinet portfolio of Minister for Youth and Sports is a great injustice when he should be appointed to more substantive responsibilities.

In all our lives, have we ever heard Kit Siang gave such accolades to an Umno leader? Unless there is an ulterior motive to it, (such as his praise towards Tengku Razaleigh during the period where Ku Li was pandering towards Pakatan as well as the false magnanimity on Ghani Othman), Lim Kit Siang would rather lick sandpaper than to give such praises. And Kit Siang was not the only leader in Pakatan that had commended Khairy; there were many, many more. His perceived ‘value’ must be really, really high here in the political atmosphere.

And just like any other spineless and unprincipled politician of his ilk, Lim Kit Siang seemed to whitewash and forgotten all the accusations of corruption that he had levelled against Khairy pre-2008. We can see since last week, many foes from the opposition political parties that had once lambasted him had clearly forgiven him and commended his appointment. This is psychologically possible because they see him as someone who could not command the majority of youth to vote for Barisan Nasional. To vote for him, yes. But not Barisan Nasional. Obviously, this is beneficial for the opposition. Khairy and his supporters will call this – mature politics or politics of unity or politics of empathy or bipartisan politics or whatever justification his team want to sugarcoat his intimacy with the political opponents.

Newsflash, everytime the fence sitters or the easily swayed youths see a Barisan Nasional politician agreeing and pandering with Pakatan Rakyat’s politics, why would they vote for Barisan Nasional at all?

And just like how Anwar did it in the 90s, Khairy seems to appear more frequently in the mainstream media since his appointment than any other ministers more senior than him. It is on daily basis now.

But sadly, what he gave in return for the past 4 years upon being given the task by the party president was not satisfactory. Only hype. Only fluffy events. Only public relations stunts. The important thing – translating new voters and support into votes – were close to zero.

Umno Youth used to be the pressure group, the one that will act should there were any extremist groups bent on toppling the delicate balance of the social contract, were going overboard. But for the past few years, have we heard anything from Umno Youth? They seem to have lost their testicular fortitude. With regards to the current demand by Dong Zong, what is Umno Youth going to do about it? Just lay low and continue to let them rebuke those two highly respected academician and  judge? Just because they were talking ACCORDING to the Constitution?

The Secretary General of DAP also wants an Umno vice president and the Home Minister to apologise over an innocuous statement. What will Umno Youth do? Issue warning through twitter bots and fake twitter accounts? If they are not sleeping, this would be the most manly thing they would do.

How about Ngeh Koo Ham’s tacit insolence towards the Sultan of Johor? Any idea when will Umno Youth let out a squeak?

All these signs are not good. The writing is on the wall. The Prime Minister is sleeping and being serenaded by dozens of advisers. If failure to perform is rewarded by ministership, then the least the Barisan Nasional supporters would demand is, to see a real change among the youths so that they will vote Barisan Nasional in the next general election. And that change certainly won’t be led by Khairy Jamaluddin. Judging by his past performance, it is beyond his selfish persona to actually work FOR the benefit of his party i.e., by getting the much needed votes. Umno Youth has become a lame duck.

Penetrate through the smokescreen and you’ll see only hype but no results.

But what can we expect from someone who got into his position not through merit? Do we honestly think he won the position of deputy Youth leader uncontested back in 2004 through pure merit? Back in 2009, although he was found guilty of corruption by the Umno disciplinary board but by virtue of being the son in law of the Prime Minister at that time he could continue to contest and eventually won the Umno YOuth chief post amidst allegations of bribery and money politics. All that is not merit. And we thought an Oxford graduate could win on his own two feet and save the world singlehandedly. Arguably, he could not even deliver Saluran 4 and 5.

Unless of course he can prove it once and for all in this new ministry whether more youth and new voters will vote for Barisan Nasional. But then again, I want to tell the ordinary Umno members, please do not get your hopes high.


The Minister in a TuneTalk T-shirt inadvertently promoting his close friend’s company.

41 thoughts on “The case of Khairy – won the social media, lost the votes

  1. I’m a below-40 fence-sitter voter who voted BN in the last election simply because I do not want AI and the Pakatan to lead the country to destruction, and not much else.

    You are SPOT ON in this. I don’t trust KJ, never trusted him, doubt if I will ever learn to trust this snake. He has done NOTHING to improve youth support for BN. ZERO. UMNO Youth has gone to the dogs since he became the chief. I’ve never seen UMNO become such a lame duck before. Malu.

    Worse thing is, why is PM Najib so blind to all this? Because he is afraid of losing UMNO Youth backing in the upcoming UMNO elections? Well, from where I see, he lost it the minute he appointed KJ, You know why? Because he just gave KJ a leg up that would bring to his downfall. He can’t be trusted – kata nak retire from politics, tapi still ran, and even shamelessly offered himself for cabinet after that. So you think Najib can trust him if he says he’ll throw Youth support for Najib when the crunch comes?

    I just hope I’m wrong on this.


    • “why is PM Najib so blind to all this?”. No, I don’t think he is blind. He is very conscious on the need to get whatever support he can get, considering he has not performed better than Tun Dol. No doubt, UMNO got 10 more seats than Tun Dol did, but overall, he got less seats than Tun Dol in the political tsunami of 2008.

      I agree with many of the views expressed in here and elsewhere about Khairy’s lack of visible and effective contribution to the overall UMNO/BN success of PRU13. I myself have the same views as expressed. And many a time I have asked why the hell did Najib appoint this Khairy fellow a Minister. The only reason I can think of is his concern for the reaction by UMNO grass roots as may be reflected at the Perhimpunan Agung UMNO at the end of the year. Two aspects: his hope and his fear. Hope that Khairy will help spread some good words for him thru UMNO Youth. Fear that, if not appointed Minister, Khairy might even spread some bad words against him. Anybody disagreeing, I’d be glad to hear your reasoning.

      We have heard the likes of Nazri Aziz – another “moot appointment” – defending and promoting Najib’s PRU13 performance very strongly. But have we heard from the other members of the Supreme Council? Even if most of them praise Najib, what about other UMNO leaders at the Divisional and Branch levels? Yes, those who support and may even be members of Perkasa at the same time. Those unhappy with him bending backwards to cater to the demands of the non-Malays. The financial grants to Chinese and Tamil schools, his recognition – though to only a limited extent – of the UEC Chinese schools qualification, those asking for single stream schooling or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, the scholarships to Chinese students, the muting of the NEP, the lack of visible efforts at promoting the Malays in business, etc. And the Wanita UMNO members disgruntled by Shahrizat’s family financial scandal, her refusal to resign and her former Deputy claiming not getting a Parliament seat and the offer of Perak Exco post mysteriously not reaching her.

      Indeed, we have not heard much from Tun Dr Mahathir after the PRU13. Before that, he had said that if Najib does not do better than Tun Dol, UMNO may want to replace him. Was that just a means to make UMNO work hard to win big? TDM still has a large following. No doubt he has not been relentless like when attacking Tun Dol, what he says still rings in UMNO members’ ears. The end-of-year PAU is the place they speak up. Through the votes for the President. Through the resolutions tabled at the PAU. No doubt Tengku Adnan, the UMNO Secretary general is taken care of by a cabinet appointment, too, and would surely try his best to mute any criticisms or resolution proposals for tabling at the PAU. But, to my mind, Najib has to get every available vote he can get at the PAU, including Khairy’s and the UMNO Youth delegates. No news of any one contesting Najib as of now. But no news is good news for Najib?

      I’d be glad if anyone with a better understanding of the current UMNO leadership scenario, particularly any one with access to MKT or has the grapevine contacts, would weigh in on this.


  2. I belive the whole UMNO leader is stinks ,they shouldn’t take credit ,or be given credit for UMNO did’s better in the past GE . It’s was due to factor that the Malay realize(especially among the elder) that it will be a vote swing among the Chinese towards DAP and bad questionable show by component like MCA and Gerakan.
    It’s will be bad mannered for Najib to claim that UMNO better support would be because of the support he get ,all he did was promoting himself ,leaving Mahyudin alone battling for UMNO ,the rest of UMNO leaders in day dreaming .
    Actually the Malay was very annoyed and frustrated with Najib inclination toward the Chinese over shadow the real support that put him in position,he been seen as standing alone leving UMNO behaind, but believe me Najib will never learned.


  3. Leaders are always forget…who they are while nobody know them..once they are at helm, they claim they are the best but they forget who put them over, they are always forget the people but never forget about self esteem..


  4. I sincerely hope the Malays don’t have to battle this sort of breeds for another next 30 years. We can’t afford it.


  5. Najib has to go; political power first, performance later. The fact that Chinese and Malay Jews do not like Muhyiddin is heart-warming :)) Tapi demi kuasa, Najib will fight on and betray the Malays – lebih kurang Anwar je mamat nih.

    Apa – apa jelah … sokong PAS yang dibaikpulih lagi bagus … menyampah dengan pemimpin UMNO … Post 2008 kita dah bercakap pasal tidak ada pelapis di UMNO, perlu dibaikpulih.. now still the same thing…


    • What’s wrong with you people? It has never been about youth votes or anything. Politics is politics, regardless of age. Go to Kelantan, both youths and old folks voted for PAS. Go to Penang, both youths and olds voted for DAP. Go to Sabah and Sarawak. Both younglings and the dyings voted for BN. It is all about race. Why the Malays in Selangor voted for PR? Who are the majority ‘malays’ of Selangor? Javanese.


    • Nizam,

      Kalau lah boleh anda beri keterangan bagi pendapat pendapat anda itu, alang kah baiknya. Jika begitu, boleh lah pembaca percaya dengan sesetengah pendapat anda itu. Contoh nya, apa kah dia yang “political power first, performance later” itu. Bukan kah dia bahru melantik jemaah menteri nya. Maka bagaimana kah boleh dia menunjukkan “performance” dengan serta merta.

      Juga, apa kah “fact” bahawa Cina dan Melayu Yahudi tidak sukakan Muhyiddin itu, Apa bukti nya. Serta apa bukti nya Najib “betray the Malays” itu.

      Sudah ada kah “PAS yang dibaikpulih” sekarang? Dan bagaimaa pembaikpulihan nya. Saya ingin tahu dan akan berterimakasih jika anda beri penrangan nya.


      • Pas sudah “dibaikpulih”. Bagaimana? Pemimpin2 Pas apabila membeli seluar dalam atau spender topa, mereka tidak lagi memilih warna putih.

        Itulah cara baikpulih parti lebai janggut yang prejudis dan hipokrit ini semata2 kerana mengejar kuasa.
        Jikalah Pas spender putih ini tidak terbabas dari pedoman agama, tidak bersekongkol dengan DAP, tidak gadai dengan kalimah Allah dan tidak bertenggek dibawah si sodomi homo plurelisma agama, sudah lama melayu dan Islam kembali menyokong Islam.

        Mana yang lebih elok, “pencuri A yang mencuri sekali sekala” atau “pencuri B yang mencuri setiap kali ada peluang mencuri tetapi dahlah tak mengaku mencuri, menuduh pula pencuri lain mencuri”. Pencuri B ini kurang cerdik sikit sebab berspender putih.



  6. Masalahnya kawan baik KJ, JL, memang anti establishment sejak dia main muzik lagi. Sekarang ni pun aku tak rasa dia share aspirasi sama dengan UMNO. Yang lawaknya depa dua orang ni boleh kamceng. Hmmmm…


  7. JMD and Fatimah, pls understand that the only reason why KJ is elected as the minister of Youth and Sport is because najib is in a state of panic. the GE13 result is damn humiliating to him, not only BN performance is worst, he didnt manage to get back selangor where he is the ketua perhubungan. even his officers and SetPol all lost, 6 of them. his advisors really fail. on that score najib realise that he needs to protect his position by double teaming with Pak Lah to keep Muhyiddin/TunM onslaught at bay. that is the reason why Mahadzir khalid, the joker that lost kedah in GE12 was appointed DM, same goes with Idris Jusoh, Shahidan and your favourite Nadzri Aziz. And you even hear Pak Lah recently says that “najib is the best to head the govt right now”.

    You see, politics is an art of compromise and all probability. najib never care about umno ‘s survival. he only cares about himself. to do that he have to give in to his cronies and people that supports him, even the known enemy.

    For me najib is a teribble leader that works hard for himself, not for the Malays and the country. Kickdefella 2.


  8. I don’t think KJ is as bad as people made him up to be. People blamed him for failing to attract youth support for BN while he reigns supreme as UMNO youth head. The thing is, the opposite is actually quite true. It is partly due to him BN still have residue of youth support. UMNO is already a gone case if he’s not around. Some youth even admit they hate BN to death but a fan of Khairy. Lest we forget that he didn’t hold any official capacity while went about doing his job in the past years to woo support for his ailing coalition. And he even found it difficult to organize programs without the office. He did it anyway and did the most with what he has. He has done a commendable job I think. Could have been better but to prop up KJ brand and image have some truth in it but not too much. After all, he is a politician. That’s what politicians do for a living.
    People seemed to forget on how he took up the challenge to square down with the likes of Ambiga, Rafizi and Husam and single handedly romped home point after point in defending, explaining government policies. The way he handled the pressure and took pain to prove his points in volatile environment put the other BN leaders to shame. At first they thought they gonna have easy with him thinking there’s no BN leader left good enough to spare with them. KJ proved them wrong and left them speechless. It was them whom actually scrambled for rebuttals. His articulation and crisp were too much too handle.
    The fact that he has admirers from the other side of the fence is manifestation of his appeal. He has a star quality. The kind of guy where the young wanted to look up to. Even the guys in the opposition and their leaders readily admit UMNO is lucky to have a youth leader of his calibre. He is not just one of those politicians with all the bluster and rhetoric. He’s a real deal and have all the credentials to put Malaysia to grater height. I know I will get tons of bricks for this but KJ now is BN priciest asset. It is UMNO and BN who stand to lose should they decide to kill him off politically. As for his actual struggle, either for personal gain or of his sincerity to see UMNO and BN get back to its feet remain to bee seen, I think I ‘ll reserve my judgment for that in the next five years. To see if what fatimah and JMD said ring true. Until then, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


    • Yes Umno didn’t get the youths’ vote after 2008 and his only task was to get their votes. Whatever commendable job you think he had done, didn’t translate into votes. Whatever calibre you think he has with all his crispy, ‘too hot to handle’ articulation, didn’t manage to sway the youth to BN. That was his task. Because he is the youth leader. A straight forward KPI. Sadly, a ‘real deal’ must perform accordingly in order to ensure the KPI is fulfilled. I think by reading the article again, it has already countered the points in the comment above.

      Thank you.


    • I disagree with you. Of course Khairy would have brought some support from the youth to UMNO/BN but the question is how much and isn’t he expected to bring a whole lot of support even from just the Malay youths, let alone the non-Malay youths?

      It’s difficult to believe you when you said BN is a gone case if he’s not around. People have not seen him doing much to go around the country, for example, getting new voters registered. If you know many such activities, pls share with us what, where and when.

      Is it not strange to hear that “he even found it difficult to organize programs without (an) office.” Couldn’t he discuss financial and other resources with the UMNO President? Couldn’t he source funds on his own even – contributions from, say, the GLCs? And he had a lot of money used for winning the UMNO Youcth Chief post, alleged vote buying, didn’t he? It’s a matter of clear record that he was found guilty of money politics but was allowed to contest the UMNO Youth Chief post before.

      You’d get people support your view “He has done a commendable job” if you provide details of what he did for UMNO Youth. “Challenging the likes of Ambiga, Rafizi and Husam and single handedly romped home point after point in defending, explaining government policies” are non-tangible efforts the results of which are difficult to see or determine. But getting 100,000 new voters to the voter registration centres can be counted and clearly seen. I have been very disappointed he had not concentrated on such efforts. He could have taken them on motorbike rides, hundreds at a time, given them free KFC lunches and refreshments (big value in the small towns) and talk to them on why they should support UMNO/BN.

      Yes, the fact that “he has admirers from the other side of the fence” can also be a manifestation of his talking in ways favourable to the the other side. Yet his bloody job was to get them favourable to UMNO/BN, don’t you think? Good that you realize you “will get tons of bricks for this” and yet Khairy, to many people, is not an asset. Not until he shows he can really get hundreds of thousands of youth clearly behind him and UMNO/BN. That which past UMNO Youth Chief used to get by way of whipping up the Malay youth sentiment and pride of their culture by organizing silat clubs and competitions all over the country. Or organizing Belia 4B etc. Has he done anything of that sort? What has he done really? In tangible and measurable forms. Do tell us, please.


      • Why do I need to furnish my argument with all the unnecessary details? It’s just a comment. I’m not writing scientific papers for God sake. You’re trying to show you have an upper hand in this with the use of interrogation style and tone to bring down contradicting views. It’s all over the place. Loosen up a bit dude.


        • Since you asked, I’ll answer. Since you are sensitive, please regard this not as a criticism but as an advice on the art of communication, of conversation or the exchange of views.

          When giving comments, or views, or opinions, one tends to state just those. It’s OK if the other person agrees. If the respondent disagrees, he asks for facts or justification or substantiation or clarification. If you want the respondent to believe what you said, your comment, or opinion, then do so. The choice is yours, really.

          When the respondent asks questions, it doesn’t mean he is interrogating. Interrogation is like what one sees in TV Police work series – a barrage of questions fired repeatedly, one immediately after another, practically all the time, in a small room, with a mirror on one wall allowing only others in the next room to see. But my questions are not like those and include what are called rhetorical questions – those that need not be answered, those that are in the manner of speaking English, like the “alleged vote buying, didn’t he?” and “to get them favourable to UMNO/BN, don’t you think? ”

          Note that I did the same of others, asking for facts or explanation in my earlier comment in BM but in slightly different form e.g “Kalau lah boleh anda beri keterangan bagi pendapat pendapat anda itu, alang kah baiknya.” But in your case, you spoke about Khairy a person I detest. And when you talk about him in rather glorified terms, surely I need to ask for clarification and facts. That’s fair, isn’t it? I have not just run him down with all sorts of accusations or negative comments, but I asked you to provide the justification for your views or opinions favourable to him. I might even accept the facts if you have provided them.

          Example of fact, say, in Fatimah’s Open Letter, is about showing ‘the keris, and example of opinion is “he has change his tune and try to re-brand his product ..”

          I hope you do not take my above comment as anything more than a friendly gesture of explaining things to fellow participants in this magnificent blog. You have, after all, expected “tons of bricks” for your views.

          I’ll now make another explanation: Among other things, I detest Khairy’s character because of his money politics (which is a fact, as he has been found guilty of that by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee) and we cannot be endorsing corrupt politicians to be leaders in this country. Now at 37 years old, it’s not likely he’ll be PM at age 40 and, to that extent, I’m at least gratified. But I shudder at the thought of him becoming PM at whatever age. And as Fatimah said, “Since we are living in a free and open democracy, please allow me to give my opinion on (Khairy).”


  9. And there are signs or hints that the PM or UMNO should shunt Perkasa. That it was UMNO’s ploy to make way for Ibrahim Ali in Pasir Mas. That UMNO’s continued tango with Perkasa would not be fruitful for national reconciliation. Have anyone realized that even TDM have somehow gone quite, lately?

    Let me remind Najib.
    Don’t you dare shunt Perkasa or TDM. It’s the Malay and the bumiputra’s support that enables you to be PM, this turn around. Without Perkasa’s support, you would have been the head opposition, already.

    Dong Zhong was established in 1955 and Hindraf in 2007. Perkasa only existed in 2008 when our country is headed by a weak PM. If Najib can officiate Dong Zhong’s events and make alliance with Waytha Moorty’s Hindraf, why must he shunt Perkasa, which have huge followers amongst the Malays?

    When UMNO & PAS seems to be bending backwards too much, for their own political aspiration, who else is suppose to safeguard the rights of the Malays as in the constitution? This is where we need Perkasa.

    After-all, if we look at the Chinese tsunami in GE13, the PM needs Malays support more than ever. I don’t think it is wise of the PM to make an enemy out of Perkasa. If people say Perkasa is racist, I think DAP, Dong Zhong and Hindraf, are more racist. Without Dong Zhong, Hindraf, Malaysiakini, Suaram, etc, Perkasa would not have existed in the first place. In-fact, Perkasa has never questioned the rights of non-Malays as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.


    • Yes, RD, I’m interested why Tun Dr Mahathir has been quiet since PRU13. His Chedet blog has no new post since 2nd May. But what are the “signs or hints that the PM or UMNO should shunt Perkasa” after PRU13? True, UMNO’s continued tango with Perkasa might not be fruitful for national reconciliation. But what kind of national reconciliation are we talking about?

      Do we tango again with the Chinese who have voted DAP despite Najib bending backwards for them? Are the 2 Ministerial posts “reserved for the MCA” meant to be filled up to morrow or the next day? If so, what about those who say the Chinese would then take the Malays for granted – do the Malays up any which way they like, UMNO will still welcome them? This is a big question coz TDM also strongly believes in “kongsi kuasa” – that is probably why the old man is keeping quiet – thinking.

      Doesn’t it look like the old Malay story since Capt Francis Light asked for a trading post in Penang, Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim bringing Chinese from Penang into Larut but the Ngee Hins and Hai Sans later brought secret societies, thugs and gangsters who fought one another until the British used it as pretext to interfere in the affairs of Perak and British colonization started in 1874?

      I’m not sure if “Without Perkasa’s support, Najib would have been the head opposition, already.” But I agree, “Don’t .. shunt Perkasa or TDM. It’s the Malay and the Bumiputra’s support that enables you to be PM, this turn around.”

      I also agree that “When UMNO & PAS seems to be bending backwards .., for their own political aspiration” Perkasa was there to safeguard the rights of the Malays as provided in the Constitution. Yes, Perkasa has not questioned the rights of non-Malays but spoke up against any attempt by others to question or touch the rights of the Malays.

      The next big questions – that have been asked many times – are: what do Umno Supreme Council members think of the GE13 results? And what do UMNO grassroots think – those at divisional and branch levels. Are there going to be any reverberations at PAU at the end of the year (which, some people say, may even be brought forward, to get uncertainties settled quickly and move forward?)


  10. One of the comments touched on Najib’s fear of losing support come PAU, hence the “questionable” appointments.

    Should we let our country be led by somebody with misguided priorities? At all times, the nation’s priorities must come first!

    I think all the top leadership should write undated letters of resignation which are enforced when they fail their KPIs or demonstrated behaviors unbecoming of true Malaysian/UMNO leaders. Only with the realization that those posts are not theirs to keep, that the benefit of the country is top priority, can we move forward.

    (btw, Malaysian leaders are strangers to resigning to preserve their integrity or to claim responsibility or to protect their party so maybe this is the only way)


  11. Najib and the rest of his cabinet members should give credit to PERKASA for getting the supports from the bumiputeras to vote for BN after the downfall of Pak Lah’s kitchen cabinet (i.e. KJ’s cabinet creation).

    Extra credit must be given to Tun Dr Mahathir for working hard on getting the votes back to BN.

    All simply because of the damage done to the country by this person called KJ and guess what? some of us have totally forgotten about this issue. Melayu mudah lupa.


  12. I’m rather curious why when Pak Lah was PM, people were against the son in law, even calling him the defacto PM, “fourth floor,” etc but after the father in law was removed, the sone in law was kept on for so long.


    • In politics, every bloke has his “uses” – the dumb one may be placed as a buffer so that others cannot cross his line to get to the boss, and the dumb will play dumb but simply won’t allow the unwelcome visitor to pass by. I think TDM has said something about the usefulness of everybody in politics. It’s a matter of how one exploits them.

      I agree with the opinion that Nazri is a good bouncer – try to say something bad about his boss, he’d jump up shouting at you the next day. Khairy may be as useful to Najib as Omar Ong is. If you now the usefulness of Omar Ong to Najib, then you’d know the usefulness of Khairy to Najib, whose position in UMNO is not quite steady now, I’d guess.

      But ask me what the usefulness of those two guys is, I’ll say I have no idea. OK, I’ll admit I have some idea but unpleasant to say it out. But I’ll tell if you tell – that’s called playing safe politics!


  13. Don’t you guys get it? KJ is a pawn, a political smokescreen. He is supposed to give the ‘balance’ and a ‘cover’ of whatever the veterans are planning behind the scene. He’s there for a purpose. He’s both liability and advantage.

    What I don’t understand is why Nazri is there to run tourism? Cocky and arrogant liability like him should be long gone. Putting him in place of soft and friendly looking Ng Yen Yen in tourism will scare away the potential tourists. Not a ‘hospitality’ type. He’s a hostile type.

    In fact I think KJ should hold Tourism and Nazri in the Sports. That’s more like it.


  14. Najib cannot pretend that he has failed to deliver. UMNO supporters were embarassed when their leader kena main cukup-cukup. I hope the TUN for the sake of UMNO do whatever means he can to let DPM Muhydin take over.

    Najib is a weak leader. No need to put him down in so many words.


  15. Salam JMD,
    Fatimah’s article should have been printed before Najib made the Cabinet appointment. Now it’s too late. We have to live with KJ as the Minister of KBS for the next 5 years.

    KJ is the bionic clone of AI. The political scenario henceforth in UMNO in particular, and the country in general, can be never the same anymore with KJ’s machinations to be the youngest PM ever.He aims to beat Tony Blair.

    A prominent blogger did suggest KJ be appointed as a Minister based on his brilliant leadership/scholarlistic record. There was a reminder about KJ’s role in the Kitchen Cabinet during Pak Lah’s watch. Surely Najib knows about this fact but proceeded to appoint KJ.

    It appears that Najib not only seriously subscribes but put a twist to the adage ” Melayu Mudah Lupa” . Najib “sengaja” as a Malay PM ”Mudah Lupa ” for the sake of his own political survival but in the process caused “Malays yang tak mudah lupa ” against UMNO/BN.

    Adam Bachek


  16. cannot blame kj what! 30 years of overzealous affirmative policy implementation resulted in very few with abilities. Tough luck.


    • Hey Mista, you wanna explain why you say “30 years ..affirmative policies .. very few abilities?

      If you no say, I’ll say you are a dumb fool. Only fools make wild allegations. Your case is worse – dumb, too.


    • Surely you should know what, we have learned from you and your kind!
      I’m from Penang, surely 30 years of overzealous affirmative actions of our doing is nothing to be shout about!!!


  17. Good analysis.Hope to see your analysis on how umno rotate PM post among their crony at the highest level of umno hierarchy.Shall umno still in power whom do you bet as next PM. Husin Onn’s son or Mahathir’s son..i sure you do not like Badawi’s SIL to be one of the contenders.


  18. Its either you guys are blind or just plain out of touch.

    KJ is UMNO’s only hope for UMNO to last the next GE. His world view, articulation and intelligence is beyond most of those in the cabinet at the moment. His appeal towards the youth is there, and he is savvy. Ask the youth of one other politician other than Saifuddin that they do respect. I challenge you – you’ll get the answer soon enough..

    Seriously if you guys sideline him again and not fully leverage on his capabilities, then UMNO surely deserves to be diminished. If you cant change, you deserve to be changed. That’s it. Honestly I wanna see you guys win but you guys really are not doing yourselves any favours. So much so I think that maybe you guys do deserve to lose.


    • That’s the whole point of this article. All his appeal and savvy-ness did not translate into votes. Are you blind or what? Even now, all the Pakatan supporters in the social media and twitter are defending him over this article. But did they vote for BN last general election? No. Again, are you blind? Like the last para stated, he needs to prove it once and for all. I have no idea that he and his supporters could not take constructive criticisms for the betterment of his own party – BN. Oh and by the way, did you vote for BN?


    • I am sorry to write this up Blaze, but it is a pathetic view on KJ. lame!!

      perhaps you should understand that result show your work. What we need now is someone a figure that can walk the talk! look at what he has done for the past 4 years. joining training for army? ROTU, I guess… then parachuting? and many more that is only promoting himself… same like what AI did before… promoting himself rather than strengthen the support for the party..

      If he is really honest.. he should never contested in the PRU13 or even he should disappear for a while…

      perhaps he should go seek help from Azeez in Baling on how to win heart and really helping people.. not just showing off his debating skill that bring nothing good to the people and nation….

      for KJ… khaikkhhh tuihhh.. 🙂


      • Agree with you, RESAKSEGORGONITE.

        And he hasn’t shown one iota of proof that the “wannabe PM at 40” guy has done anything tangible to bring the votes of the young for BN – not even organized large scale voter registration of youths in the country.


  19. This guy really is a crap. He has lots of money. He can buy the airtime from the media. Umno is the lame duck here. Uncle lim is happy for this guy.. Uncle lim rather lick shit than too really lick this guy. With this guy in the cabinet, 5 years on DAP is the prime minister aka my son yooo….


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  21. Lets support KJ.
    He has the Prime Minister quality and he is smart.

    If KJ become the PM oneday, Malaysia still has hope.
    Hope his dream to become a PM before 40 will come true.

    Rembau support KJ all the way.
    KJ is currently Rembau most wanted.
    And it will be soon become Malaysia most wanted. !!!

    May the force be with you KJ .


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