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Umno and their yes-men

I don’t know what’s wrong with the members in the top political party of Malaysia (UMNO) these days. By proposing to elect the Prime Minister’s only son-in-law as the national deputy youth wing leader will definitely begets disaster.

Haven’t they heard of the word ‘nepotism’? Why is the case of Khairy (the son-in-law) be treated differently and exclusively from other known cases of nepotism in this country? This is a good example of nepotism at the highest order in the country. What irks me the most is, the former Prime Misnister (Dr Mahathir) did his best to stifle the rise of his own children in the country politics in order to avoid the accusations of favouritsm and nepotism in Malaysia. The highest post one of his sons had held was ONLY the treasurer in the national youth wing and since his father’s retirement of the politics, so did he.

But now, we have nearly all the UMNO divisions in Malaysia trying to push for the nomination of Khairy to one of the most powerful post in Malaysia. Why? In order to be in the Prime Minister’s good books. That’s all. So what if he’s only 28? Being married to the Prime Minister’s only daughter sure has a lot of perks I might say.

Okay, so he has an Oxford degree and is judged as brilliant by his peers and UMNO members. But you see, their judgment is flawed. Who wants to say something bad about the PM’s son-in-law? Only the foolhardy or the foreigners might say such things. I listened to him talk in one of the seminars held by young professionals of Malaysia last year. For the uneducated, he may come as classy and super-educated on the outside, given his credentials. But he talked bullshit. They were no substance. He was cocky n condescending. And severely inexperienced in handling questions of a more sensitive areas.

Truthfully, given 5 more years, he can be truly an experienced and pragmatic leader of the youth but not now. Not when he is only 28 and just the private secretary of his father-in-law or some sort. Not when his father-in-law is still the PM! What if he eventually be voted as the deputy leader of UMNO Youth? Any mistakes that he made will have an impact to the PM. Whether he likes it or not. Any stupid remarks or less than smart comments or actions will be deemed as getting the nod from the PM. I don’t know what are the political ploys of the UMNO members but by following the herd in nominating Khairy is not a very good decision. My advice to Khairy is to stay away from the political limelight for the moment in order not to bring further problems in the future or else the opposition and the doomsayers will have a field day.

7 thoughts on “Umno and their yes-men

  1. Yup, I couldnt agree more. KJ may look bright but that doesnt mean he IS really bright. I personally think at most, KJ is just as stupid as Nazri Aziz…


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  3. it’s time for Pak Lah and his yes-man to surrender this nation to PR in order to save the future of our next generation. Don just think the future of your daughter and son-in-law, everybody else need to survive.
    Message to Pak Lah Son-In-Law:-
    Don think just marrying Pak Lah’s daughter will make u powerful. Do whatever u want but don screw up this nation like what your Father-In-Law did…


  4. They said “The ultimate result of education is to enable one’s mind to use the power of it’s own”. I read it in a book many years ago. This boy KJ, has the academic credential, but did he really get educated by his academic experience? Not as much as we thought he is supposed to be. In other words he is more a parrot who repeated brilliantly when answering exam questions.

    THE problems are..
    1. We have too many unqualified, not so well educated (or educated to become a parrot) and ‘kaki-kipas’ malays in umno. For these people, when KJ opens his mouth they could probably see twinkle-twinkle little stars coming out of his mouth. Heck, for an astronomer who knows thier stuff about stars, they know what is coming from KJ’s mouth are droplets of his low viscosity saliva. That’s all.
    2. Perhaps the most devastating problem is, even his father in law had become ‘his obedient follower’. Maybe because of such a low self confident he (Lah Dawi) has. My be because finally Lah Dawi, within the corners of his own house had finally confessed of his inadequacy and impotency to become the leader of Malaysians. Lo and behold, KJ is here. Oh dear son in law.

    KJ is just a kid. When i was a kid and dad gave be the key to drive his car, i was so elated and act stupidly on the road. Him? Dad(in law) gave him…. oh my God!
    Being a kid, KJ deserve a spanking on the butt from the father. But since the father(in law) is to impotent to become a true father(in law), we should whack the father in law in the head instead, then we spank KJ.

    Many (myself inclusive) are fed up with UMNO because of these yes-mens. I have numerous friends, many are proffessionals, but loose heart to be led by a ‘ketua bahagian’ or ‘ketua whatever’ led by either old malays living off thier pensions or younger malays who have no academic nor professional qualification and experience. I have a fish monger as the Ketua Pemuda. HOW do we communicate with this type of people about human developement. HOW do we tell this leaders of ours about Pareto Principal in making decisions. HOW do we teach this people what decision matrix is. HOW do we teach the fishmonger (now big headed fishmonger) about analytical thinking to solve the seems to be omnipresent drug problem in my kampung. HOW????? Whatever your answer is, chance is that we (my friends and i) had tried. But being just a ‘commoner’ (commoner, depa cakap kita2 yang proffessional tapi tak berpangkat dalam umno kampung ni..) our views are of no use and importance.

    So we take our voice else where. And there goes Selangor, my dear ketua.

    JMD : Up till today, Umno does not realize that its talent pool is so miniscule. Leaders with substance, charisma and intelligence is a luxury to come by in Umno these days.


    • dear brader

      i can’t stop laughing when I finish reading. Hilarious indeed !
      JMD wrote this in 2004, this response is from 2008 and I am reading it tonight.
      “And The Song Remains The Same” in UMNO

      Keep writing to invite this type of comments.
      You are expressive in many ways.

      Thank you


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