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Ngeh Koo Ham must apologise to Sultan Johor, MCA and Barisan Nasional

The emasculation of Umno Youth wing is complete. As of today, not a single official statement or action on Ngeh Koo Ham’s remark over the appointment of an MCA legistlative member of Dewan Negeri in Johor has been heard or seen from the Umno Youth.

What is more pathetic for Umno Youth is the fact that it was Shen Yee Aun, a former member of DAP Youth (currently an MCA member) who launched a campaign and police report against Ngeh Koo Ham for insulting Sultan Johor. The Facebook campaign might not be entirely effective to get the recalcitrant and unrepentant Ngeh Koo Ham to apologise to MCA, BN and Sultan of Johor but at least it is doing SOMETHING.

Where is Umno Youth?

Busy high-fiving the groupies in the social media? How are the support from the Pakatan fanboys? Will they vote for Barisan Nasional next time around?

Anyway, this article is not really about Umno Youth.

It is about Ngeh Koo Ham. Last Friday Ngeh Koo Ham tweeted the following:


True colour of DAP is showing

This came about because the Sultan of Johor wanted the state BN to appoint an MCA representative into the state legislation body to represent the chinese. In the end, Tee Siew Kiong, the Adun for Pulai Sebatang, declaring that he is a Johorean through and through will head the Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumer portfolio.

The Sultan of Johor, irrespective of what MCA had pledged before the election had decreed that the state must have a chinese representative from the winners of the state government.

That was a magnanimous act by the Sultan.

Ngeh Koo Ham on the other hand, deemed it appropriate that the chinese in Johor must not have any representative in the state assembly. To him, the opportunity to disparage MCA over an act that is not only fitting, but morally right for the chinese in Johor makes more sense than to discard petty politics for the betterment of the rakyat.

Unfortunately, his outburst exposes another tendency of the DAP to disrespect the monarchy all these years.

In reply for his tweets, Ngeh Koo Ham said that he wasn’t being disrespectful to the Sultan. His vitriol was intended to the MCA. He added “he had no intention to question the monarchy. He accepts the monarchy system and will not question their sovereignty.”

This is double speak indeed. If Ngeh Koo Ham accepts monarchy’s supremacy then why do you question the MCA? If it was the DAP, they had to do the same, won’t they? Since they won’t question the monarchy anyway.

But the question remains, is Ngeh Koo Ham propagating MCA to decline the Sultan’s request? Did Ngeh Koo Ham decline his Datukship when the Sultan Perak decided to give him one in 2008? Of course he did not although there was an instruction by DAP top leadership not to accept any Datukships.

And he had the cheek to add – “this is not about the Sultan, this is about MCA’s decision so MCA has to determine their own decisions. And after a decision has been made, they will have to live with it.”

Precisely. It is a decision BY the MCA. And why would a busybody from DAP poking his nose where it does not belong? Is Perak inside Johor? No.

Is Ngeh Koo Ham a busybody hypocrite? Yes.

MCA on the other hand, had decided to send Tee Siew Kiong on leave until the matter is fully resolved. That is how they will deal with the matter of principles. The situation is delicate. What is important is to look after the people of Johor. Why do we need to see a politician from another state giving jibes when there is no need for one?

If Ngeh Koo Ham is so rattled by the fact that the MCA is subservient to the Sultan, then is he saying that nobody should be subservient to the Sultan? The monarch wasn’t even asking the MCA to perform evil deeds. He just asked them to service the people and in particular, the chinese! What is wrong about being subservient to that?

Therefore, Ngeh Koo Ham must unreservedly apologise to the Sultan of Johor for that uncouth remarks, and apologise to MCA as well as the Barisan Nasional in general. There is nothing wrong in trying to represent the people in the state assembly. If the chinese do not want to vote for MCA and do not want to have a representative in the state, this royal malay sultanate that began in the 16th century will ensure that the chinese will still be taken care of.

Whatever Ngeh Koo Ham tries to spin his answer, it doesn’t change the fact that Ngeh Koo Ham is a fine example of politics ala DAP. They have no respect for other people than their own selfish quest to berate their political foes, regardless the situation or consequences.

DAP nevertheless will come out with a statement that they will respect, honour and preserve the royal institutions in this country. Just like how they say they will protect Article 153, 152 of the constitution regarding the Malays’ special position. But a quick glance at their vision and mission of their party reveals otherwise. Clearly, they will abolish the bumiputra status that is enshrined in the Constitution. It is already stated in their policy statement.

This is DAP. A snake trying to lull the unsuspecting victims. And who are the victims? The ignorant masses.


This is just a few examples of what can be found in their website

36 thoughts on “Ngeh Koo Ham must apologise to Sultan Johor, MCA and Barisan Nasional

  1. Too many slips of the tongue are a TRUE reflection of the racist mind.

    “Khairy wants muslim protest against Sam Beile. For Islam or for his political gains? Are Muslims wasting too much time & energy on this?”

    “Beruas Indian leaders say the days where BN (Barisan Nasional) can buy Indian votes with sarees, Milo, beer and mutton curry are over.”

    Ngeh’s cousin Nga Kor Ming, also a MP, is known for his racist remarks for calling Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir a “metallic black person”.

    YB Ngeh replied in Bahasa Malaysia which in English means, “First time I have heard that drinking coffee must have the halal label. Human should not add burdening (troubling) requirements. God gives freedom.”

    Both Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Koo Ham should explain to the public on the allegations made by a blogger that they had accepted land from the PAS Kelantan state government in exchange for giving the Perak Menteri Besar post to PAS. If the allegations are true, it means that there are elements of cronyism and corruption, thus it has become a matter of public interest and they both are obligated to explain this deal.

    Ngeh is for freedom of press but not the freedom to spread falsehood. Ngeh to take legal action against new sunday times and reporter for reporting false news.


  2. I totally agree that the Sultan of Johor had done a right and magnanimous act to have all races represented in the state Exco. And what is the big deal to MCA ? Currently they have more macro problems in their party and they still find time to be childish about this .


    • When one Sultan decided to award an exco seat to a Chinese, symbolically also to represent the Chinese, even though they had publically refused; using his kuasa mutlak, DAP tak puas hati and hina Sultan Johor!

      When one Sultan choose to award one more exco seats to Malays in Selangor using his kuasa mutlak, DAP tak puas hati dan pengikut2 nya hina Sultan Selangor, sampai ada yang suruh abolish kesultanan dan agong sebab membazir duit cukai…kata2 mereka boleh dibaca diblogospheres.

      Memang these kaki dah commit treasons of the highest order!

      Satu perkembangan yang sihat SYA buat kempen tersebut and shame on Pemuda UMNO, especially KJ mungkin bz lepak ngan JL kut!!


  3. DAP never apologized, never even admitted, they caused the race riots of 1969. So, cannot expect their species to do so to Sultan of Johor, MCA and BN.

    I want to ask some very pointed questions here. No intention of being seditious or what. But if sounding so, you guys can say so here and, if your arguments are sound, I’ll refrain from that kind of comments after that. But be broad minded about the interpretation of sedition etc. Coz, narrowly interpreted, anything creating ill will on others can be seditious. And in that respect many politicians have been seditious a hundred times over.

    My questions are (and you guys are welcome to answer them here):

    1. Is it a correct perception that not much action has been taken to bring political wrong doers to book? Not many have been arrested, hardly any given the SOSMA treatment after ISA was repealed?

    2. If so, now that elections are over and no pacifying, appeasement etc are necessary, and Zahid has given full authority for the Police to act without fear of political interference, shouldn’t the authorities be firm and just arrest, haul in to court those law breakers, especially the illegal demos? And shouldn’t the Peaceful Assembly Act be amended to include a prison term as well?

    3. Is it a fear that situations may get out of control and if so, wouldn’t the fact that the Army has stated their preparedness to assist the Police in maintaining public order like during Bersih rallies quell such fears or concerns?

    I have some more questions but suffice for now. I can’t stand the unruly Opposition buggers who have an utter disregard for the law. Heck, they can bring their grouses on election results etc to the courts but they resort to illegal demos – they cannot be legal when they don’t notify the Police 10 days in advance as required by the Peaceful Assembly Act.

    Perhaps it’s the lack of firm actions on the wrong doers that have emboldened the DAP not to show their respect to the monarchy “all these years”. Damn it, they cannot be saying respect has to be earned as the monarchy is written into the Constitution, man.
    And I certainly support Zahid’s statement that those who don’t like our system in this country should migrate.


    • Dear observer you need to observe more. The difference between a demo and a peaceful gathering. All the get togather so far has had no problems.


      • You need to learn English. And the laws of Malaysia.

        Once you break the laws on peaceful assembly, you are not assembly-ing peacefully already – you are demo-ing. Ada faham? Ada ngarti? Lu sikolah mana?

        Ahmad Zahid is right. Those who don’t like the system in this country, should migrate to the countries where they can find the system they want to live with.

        And History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim also said those who don’t like this country should migrate.

        I also say those who don’t respect the Constitution and all the other laws of this country, berambus lah. Not happy with the election results, take it to court lah. You blokes got 21 days to do so beginning to day – EC has just gazetted the results.

        Don’t demo – go to court, man. After all Main Jubur II pun boleh menang at the court, what. At least for first round. Being appealed though.


      • 1MALAYSIA, what about my right of not wanting a gathering to take place? Does mine stopped when yours start?
        Get together so far has had no problems because the majority of Malaysians chooses not to do the same. I could only imagine the worst should another group decides to emulate the so called peaceful demo. I pray and hope that the Sogo episode during Bersih won’t be repeated.


    • On point No. 1 –

      PKR vice-president Tian Chua and political activist Haris Ibrahim have just been arrested earlier today. Both taken to Jinjang police lock-up.

      They were believed to have been arrested in connection with their ‘seditious’ remarks in their speeches made at Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on May 13, allegedly asking the people to take matters to the street to protest against general election results.

      If more of such, the perception of not much action taken on political wrong doers may change.

      Well done, PDRM. Hope to see more of those.


    • Folks, I must say, unabashedly, that I’m beginning to like this Ahmad Zahid as the new Minister of Home Affairs. He is saying the right things and I’m proud of him.

      Lookee here, last night he said in a Bernama TV programme, that the police will appeal against the decision by the Magistrate to deny remand on Tian Chua, Thamrin Ghaffar and what’s his name – he’s not that important, that nuisance, is he?

      He said an appeal was a normal procedure when a court decision was not in favour of the police.

      And he explained it – “What I want to say is that I have no intention to interfere in the business of the police, this is a normal procedure when a decision does not side with the police, so an appeal has to be made before the police can frame the charges.”

      Ahmad Zahid said he always respected the decision of the courts and would not question any decision made and that police also had their own procedures in facing such a situation.

      True, both sides have recourse to the law. And the Police have been having law graduates in the Force – since Tun Hanif did a degree in Law while in service before. Plus, they can get the services of the AG’s Office, too. So, go through the full recourse of the law, even if it means time consuming, arresting, releasing and re-arresting the nasty suspects.

      It may mean increased work load in the Police and the Legal Service as well as the Judiciary. But with the kind of crazy buggers and sore losers going on the streets, not wanting to scram to France after losing PRU13 like said at least twice, and creating havoc, alarm and despondency, why not?

      Spend the money, get the additional manpower, it’ll be worth it. The choice is havoc caused by the bastaks, investments dampened, economy slowing down and we suffer bigger losses all told.


    • Now the MCMC is again taking action on people trying to insult the Sultan, in Facebook, this time. Last time two people were arrested, charged in court and found guilty of defacing the official website of the Sultan of Perak. Things are looking brighter for us concerned citizens now.

      A suspect who allegedly insulted the Sultan of Terengganu on his Facebook page has been located by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) with cooperation from the Police, and is now under detention for questioning.

      I hope the authorities take stern action on Ngeh Koo Ham. Although UMNO Youth may be dancing in the shadows – or the Chief dancing to his shadow – at least the ex DAP Youth member, SYA, has launched a campaign and a Police Report against the biadap Ngeh. .


    • Just for the record, let me point out that even British Police took action on social network users posting seditious messages. They launched a blitz on social network users posting anti-Muslim messages in connection with the murder of a British soldier by a British Muslim of Nigerian descent. Avon and Somerset Police arrested two Twitter users aged 22 and 23 on Thursday over allegations they were trying to organise a protest. Yesterday a third man aged 22 was charged in Lincoln over remarks on Facebook.

      The above can be read at

      I also wish that PDRM and the MCMC take action on “the unruly Opposition buggers who have an utter disregard for the law” creating a menace in the Internet. If Britain can launch a blitz on social network users, no reason why Malaysia cannot. Start hitting the ones who are flagrantly seditious in the Internet by arresting and charging them in Court. Like Karpal Singh has been charged for sedition.


  4. Sifat orang yang tewas memang begitu. Mengarut tak tentu hala mencampuri urusan negeri lain. Syukur dan syabas pada rakyat Perak yang telah tolak cina dap ultra rasis ni.


    • The comments below are meant for the bloke calling himself KASSIM2. He used the words “the Malays are weak and lazy”. But it’s a known fact that his kind also uses the words “stupid and lazy”. He deserves those comments below.


  5. Now why would you want to offend the Malays, boy?

    Be reasonable lah. Know the meaning of reasonable? Here are some given in the dictionary: sound judgment, sensible, moderate, not expecting too much, ready to listen to reason, not absurd, not extortionate, tolerable, fair. You may not know many of these words, but I put them in so that others may know and spread the word around in the off chance 1-2 others might explain them to you.

    You don’t sound Malay. Likely a Chinese. Because it’s the DAP Chinese kind that has been saying this kind of things in the past. The kind that caused the 13 May 1969 race riots. And most of the DAP Red Bean cyber troopers have been saying that all over the place. Your kind are the descendants of secret societies, thugs and gangsters. Your ancestors coming from China in the 18th/19th Century to Penang. Started doing the same thing, killing one another until causing the Larut Wars I,II,II&IV in the 19th Century, leading to British intervention in Perak and British colonization of this country in 1874.

    You people have been whacked by the pro-BN cyber troopers but remain hard headed and need endless stinging. Not good saying Malays stupid, lazy etc, you know. In fact you secret societies, thugs and gangsters are the stupid and lazy ones. You have not been using your head but only your brawn and illegal weapons. Lazy to work, so just prowl around your gang’s protection racket areas on motorbikes etc, threatening and coercing people to pay up protection money etc. In fact, just by saying those words above, you are racist and seditious and can be arrested, hauled to the court and charged with sedition. All Malays wish you and your kind get put behind bars for the whole of your life. Your kind is not good for society at all.

    You may also be a communist, or a communist sympathizer. The Perak DAP Ngeh cousins are nephews of the communist terrorist leader Chin Peng. You may even be related, hence coming out with a communistic kind of statement trying to defend Ngeh in here. And your idol, Lim Kit Siang, even called for the government to allow Chin Peng be allowed to enter this country – he simply cannot be allowed to do so, he is not a citizen and publicly stated he is not remorseful and doesn’t want to give up his communist belief. You should join him in the Betong salient, south Thailand, where the former Malayan communists are snugged.


  6. Let it be clearly understood – according to the dictionary, racists are distinguished by their being ANTAGONISTIC towards other races. Adolf Hitler was racist not just because he believed in the superiority of the Aryan race, but because he didn’t want the Jews in his country, killing 6 million of them during World War II.

    This bloke calling himself Kassim2 is racist saying the Malays are stupid and lazy, highly offensive and antagonistic to the Malays. He ought to be shot. In China, where he should be, so many offences are punishable by death. Reacting to him in that manner is not racist. It’s in defence of one’s own race. It’s a natural reaction. So, avoid being racist and you don’t get hit back or shooed off.

    But those defending and protecting the rights and promoting the interests of their own race, like Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA members are NOT RACISTS. They were formed only after the DAP started talking things that would affect the rights and interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution. More importantly, they did not speak about biting off any bit of the rights of the non-Malays that are spelled in the Constitution.


    • Bravo, Shooing Away The Racists, spot on! Keep it coming.

      And while we are still hacking away at this RACIST blame game, lets do a reality check.
      1. Who forms the majority of the gangsters and thugs in the whole country?
      2. Who are the greediest, the most ruthless and rapacious of ah longs and money lenders in this land? They make Shakespeare’s Shylock seems like an angel.
      3. Who are the illegal bookies and other illegal betting and gaming operators so rampant in this country of ours?
      4. Who are the manufacturers, suppliers and pedlars of fake products?
      5. Who operates illicit entertainment outlets and night spots?
      6. Who engages in human trafficking the most?
      7. Who deals and consumes exotic and wild animals and animal parts illegally? And they had the gall to claim that they consume these wild animals/animal parts in the name of health, well-being and sexual libido.
      8. Who usually would bribe their way out of trouble because of something wrong they had done?
      9. Who usually would bribe their way in or buy favours because of something they want and need?
      10. Who have no qualms about swindling their customers and lie to you with a straight face?
      The answer to all of the above – the Chinese.
      This list is open and can added.


      • Actually there is no such thing as a blame game – it’s a matter of historical record.

        The Malays are not racist – they have agreed to citizenship right for the Chinese at Merdeka but the DAP Chinese have not only been ungrateful but also try to assert themselves, their language and their culture as superior, refusing even to acknowledge the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and largely because of that, caused the race riots in 1969.

        They should really read the following c&p:

        The Myth of the Chinese Cultural Pre-eminence

        Ancient Chinese records aggrandized Chinese culture while at the same time denying the achievements of other cultures and races. But Chinese historical documents had often been re-written, making it difficult to ascertain the truths.

        The burning of the books occurred not just over 2,000 years ago during Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, but also in the 1960s during the so-called Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong.

        Chinese history claimed China as the “Middle Kingdom”, others around them, and even far away, as “barbaric and uncivilized”.

        Those thinking theirs is a higher culture and others have a lower one must read what History Professor Wang Gung-Wu (formerly of Universiti Malaya, now in Singapore) said in his essay “Early Ming Relations with S.E.Asia” pg. 36:

        “ … All peoples who believed that they alone were civilized did so because they thought their neighbours less civilized than themselves. This view was often proved wrong by subsequent contact with other civilized peoples.”

        Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

        “For a long time, it (Chinese culture) was taken to be older, and possibly also richer in original features, than in fact it is”. (Pg 25).

        “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

        According to Professor Wolfram Eberhard, in his book “A History of China”, 1977, writings about ancient China were inventions of a later period, what were said to have been done by the Chinese rulers and the dates they were said to have been done appeared to be even later still. All these indicated that historical writings in China were meant to serve certain politico-ethical objectives.

        These are the words Professor Eberhard himself wrote:

        “Furthermore, we can now state with certainty that the historical data which were given in written documents for times down to 1,000 BC are false. They are the result of astronomical-astrological calculations, made by specialists of later times who pursued their own special political aims by doing these calculations”. (Pg 1).


      • Here is another c&p that shows who the racists are in this country:

        “You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What’s the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don’t say you people are pure Chinese.

        Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

        The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

        1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

        2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”

        3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

        4. The south was originally occupied by “aboriginal tribes”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. Many living in the interior, in the hills and the highlands. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, tribesmen number half the population.

        The southerners comprise the following major groups:

        a. Fukienese (Hokkien), “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

        b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

        c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

        So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

        Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

        “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

        Note that many Chinese in Malaysia are good. But the racist ones are often the DAP Chinese.


      • AGMY,

        Encouraged by your comment, here’s another verbal shot at the racists, with particular reference to Ngeh Koo Ham and DAP (I note with satisfaction that you also have been putting many constructive comments above and in the previous posts):

        This Ngeh bloke (he is an MP but not yet officially initiated into the new Parliament term, is he, and whatever the circumstance, I wonder if a fellow insulting a Ruler deserves to be called YB) is definitely seditious. The Sedition Act 1948 has a very broad coverage but insulting a Ruler is definitely tops.

        He is also definitely racist. The Ruler is one of the symbols of Ketuanan Melayu (which DAP fellas have been sadistically and nonsensically twisting as Master-Slave relationship) and the system of Rulers is very clearly dear to the Malays. Yet many DAP members are antagonistic to the institution of the Malay Rulers and that, by the dictionary definition, makes them and the Ngeh bloke racist.

        You see, the DAP is a party comprising many seditious blokes (note that the dictionary says the term bloke also refers to a ship’s captain of old) and the DAP Chairman Karpal Singh still has a sedition trial, the hearing of which is not yet completed. He too was deemed as insulting the Sultan of Perak, questioning the powers and the prerogative of the Sultan in determining which party commanded the majority in the Perak State Assembly in 2008, which was decided in favour of BN.

        Of course, DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz called DAP boss Lim Guan Eng as “biadap” as he stormed out of the party last year. One only needs to go through many of Lim’s past statements to determine which ones can be classified as racist.

        The point is, I maintain that it’s practically impossible to expect these blokes to apologize – they never did, never even admitted their role in causing the race riots of 1969. So, what do we do? One way is to keep on whacking them (and my comments have reached number 6 now), in the hope that some of their supporters abandon them and make them realize the folly of their racist stand.

        Another way is for the authorities to keep on taking action on them. And I’m glad that the new Minister of Home Affairs appears to look at law breakers seriously and the new IGP has just arrested and placed in the lock up 3 seditious politicians. I’d like to see more of DAP blokes hauled to the lock up and charged in court, wouldn’t you?


        • “The point is, I maintain that it’s practically impossible to expect these blokes to apologize – they never did, never even admitted their role in causing the race riots of 1969. So, what do we do?”

          NameWee did not even bother to apologise with his Negarakuku, since his coolie in the name of CSL had decided to be his mouthpiece denying him his right not to apologised. And who can actually forget the high regards CSL had on the cuckoo boy; CSL are so fond of NameWee to the extend that he tries to youtube his bakat ala the Made In Taiwan artist albeit even more lucah!

          Funny, the cina never wants to apologise, tsunami cina pun tak mahu nak mengaku nak marah melayu.

          the melayu sikit-sikit minta maaf, cium keris minta maaf, buat kenyataan sikit walaupun benar pun minta maaf. Apologetik betul dan mungkin sebab itulah kaum kiasu ni naik tocang. dah lama dah dan cukup-cukuplah, ek…


      • I would like to add more to that.

        I resent the fact that there are Chinese foreigners in Malaysia operating scams like those involving sms fraud.
        I resent the fact that dubious medical practices like traditional chinese medicine making ridiculous claims and cheating patients.

        If we want to talk about history, the chinese have no problem killing millions of their own for power, right now in Malaysia they are just being insidious and subtle, playing Malays against Malays, but don’t forget the communist era and May 13.

        3 of the top 10 deadly events involve the Chinese, go figure.


  7. UMNO youth is getting support back, if KJ isnt there, he might be in the opposition bench right now with Muhyiddin n NajiB@!


  8. Who said so, CHOO? Only you and a few others say so arr? Don’t count, lorr.

    If some other more sensible fella was leading UMNO Youth, BN might have done better than Tun Dol in 2008, you know.

    Who said so? I said so. How? Why should I tell you – you never said how etc.


  9. I don’t mind starting a personality cult for Home Minister DS Ahmad Zahid and IGP TS Khalid. Yes, DS Zahid has been saying and doing the right things since he became the Home Minister.

    He has announced immediate action to ensure that information channeled by individuals or cyber groups through Facebook, Twitter or blogs were transparent and correct.

    “Complaints have been made on the content of the social websites and blogs including those by the ‘Red Bean Army’ group which touched on matters contained in the Sedition Act concerning racial sensitivity, as well as slanderous content that exceeded legal principles,” he told reporters in Bagan Datoh on Saturday.

    We certainly cannot allow the DAP to continue their “vision and mission” policy statement wanting to “abolish the bumiputra status that is enshrined in the Constitution.” If they don’t cease that, it will lead to a bloodbath again at one point and time. We urge the Home Minister and the IGP to get the racist party remove such a mission/ policy statement from wherever they had them published and desist from pursuing them. Doing so will invite others wanting to raise their citizenship status and that will be no good for anybody.

    Yes, we must keep on supporting and making these demands for action by the new Home Minister and the new IGP. The Minister is sensitive to what we say in blogs etc – he reads blogs, he implied so, making reference to complaints made on social websites and blogs. Let us therefore continue airing our views as frequently as possible.

    It is for the future of our country, for our children and grandchildren, and those after them.


    • It is heartening to read about the action taken by PDRM on those who flouted the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA).

      Five Pakatan Rakyat leaders were charged under the PAA this morning in four separate states over the so-called Blackout505 rallies.

      The five, four from PKR and one from DAP, were all charged for failing to submit a 10-day notice to the police prior to organising the rallies, a requirement under Section 9(1) of the PAA.

      A pat on PDRM’s back and on the new Minister of Home Affairs who said there will be no political interference on such Police action. Hope to see more.


    • Excuse me if not exactly in line with the post article and could only be raised under “Matters Arising” in these comments, but I now want to urge the Police to closely monitor and take action on the PKR Rafizi guy the moment he beaks the law.

      Free Malaysia Today says

      “PKR shows new proof of electoral fraud

      The PKR strategy director (Rafizi) produces police reports on blackouts and phantom voters registered in six addresses.”

      Now, what “proof” are the “Police reports”? If they reported shit, they are shit proofs. (Excuse my language guys, but these fellows have been burning me up, really).

      The blog operated by the ex-DAP Youth activist, called “SYA – The One And Only” has given in quite some detail 12 categories of Pakatan Rakyat lies during the recent general elections. On the so-called blackout, the TNB Officer of the area and others, including the DAP anti-Lynas candidate who lost, have said there was no electrical malfunction or blackout.

      The Police should investigate those Police reports and, when proven no blackouts, arrest and charge the culprits for making false Police reports. And drag the Rafizi fellow, too, if possible. He has been causing confusion among the rakyat, lying about the integrity of the Election Commission etc.


  10. Ngeh does not respect the Constitution and we tersengeh sengeh. Cannot be.

    The Malay Rulers have functions, their roles and responsibilities spelled out in the Constitution. Without them, no PM and no MB will be appointed and sworn to office. Kamon la, people. Don’t allow the disloyal politicians to act with impunity. Don’t give them votes even.

    And now PM says Uphold The Constitution. Change must be based on the Federal Constitution and the rule of law. He said the rule of law is the main pillar of the nation and those who love Malaysia must defend it and the Federal Constitution.

    Very true. Kamon PM, start something to instill loyalty to the country and respect for the Constitution among the people.

    Instruct your Minister of Communication and Multi Media to launch a nation-wide programme for that lah. Got vast resources – a whole range of Officers in an entire Information Service headed by the Director General, what. Got TV, Radio, and the national news agency Bernama some more. Get a never-ending campaign going lah.


  11. To Choo and all his/her type. The problem with all you vocal minority (empty vessels) blokes is the fact that you think and speak as if you represent the majority in this country. Which you don’t. Can you get that into your thick skulls? Have you heard of ‘Empty vessels make the most noise’? So you think it’s trendy to be anti-establishment? Thus all you half-witted but hallucinating self-grandiose types couldn’t wait to be followers of likewise dim-witted opposition leaders. Just for the sake of opposing and be thought of as ‘intelligent’ (which you are far from being). Even to the point of not understanding what those cunning blokes are fighting for. All of you (especially the hijacked half-past six tertiary students) who forsake the pursuit of education for the ‘glamour’ of being anarchists, radicals, are just followers, following the crowd. That’s just what you are. Comprehend? Specks of dust. Period.These people have no individuality, no style, not even the capacity to think beyond boundaries. They will never make excellent professionals. Never. They are worse than mediocre. So perhaps all these are plucked and exposed for a universal reason. To eradicate the thoughtless. To weed out the runts. To separate the bad apples. This is the silver lining in the gathering storm. Poor Choo and his/her followers.


    • We will just have to keep whacking the ungrateful ingrates, the secret societies, thugs and gangsters kind, the relatives of Parti Komunis Malaya communist terrorist leader Chin Peng’s nephews like Ngeh, who show no respect for Malay Rulers because they subscribe to the DAP mission statement as spelled out by JMD above.

      And, as has been suggested, we keep supporting and urging the new Minister of Home Affairs and the IGP to act like they have done since they took the new jobs.

      They have just re-arrested one former ISA detainee whose SOSMA (ISA replacement) case was not accepted by the court. Good. There are many other enactments that PDRM can use to maintain law and order in the country – one not acceptable, use another.

      I hope to see Tian Chia, Thamrin Ghaffar and Haris Ibrahim re-arrested, and more arrests and prosecutions in court. The rakyat must be made to see the authorities mean business and allow no nonsense by law breakers. Then everybody will respect the law.


  12. We are talking about respect for the Rulers, respect for the laws and respect for the authorities, now why the hell is Bernama, the “national news agency” writing such things as “peaceful rally”, when it was “without a police permit”? Can’t they just omit the word “peaceful” in the following piece –

    BUTTERWORTH, May 27 (Bernama) — Penang Pakatan Rakyat executive secretary Ong Eu Leong, 44, was today charged in the Sessions Court here with organising a peaceful rally on May 11 at the State Stadium in Batu Kawan, near here, without a police permit.

    Didn’t it strike the heads of those bums that when a rally is “without permit”, it does not carry the message of “peaceful” and cannot be called peaceful? What in the blessed thinking of the writer and the Editor constitute “peaceful”, pray tell? Confrontational against the authorities is peaceful?

    For goodness sake, new Minister of Communication and Multimedia, please check on your “national news agency” – get the fellows who either are dumb or want to slant the report to the Opposition’s favour, out of Bernama, will you. Get a truly discerning Chief Editor and others who are sensitive about the needs of the country to be doing the dissemination of news and values to the rakyat. Shame on them.


  13. I see so many things wrong in this country these days. What the hell is happening?

    Ngeh Koo Ham is not respecting one Ruler in our country. This man named Yazid Sufaat is not respecting the Ruler in Syria – he is promoting terrorism there. Ngeh is connected with DAP. Yazid was connected with Jemaah Islamiah, 7 years ISA in 2001. May now be connected with Al Qaeda. What kind of political and religious fanatics these people are.

    Good that the Police has re-arrested Yazid after the Court let him go on a previous charge. Would they arrest Ngeh and charged him for sedition? Like Karpal Singh. Hope so.


  14. On an unrelated note, how about starting a movement to rebrand the ‘Red Bean Army’ into ‘Red Bean TROLLS’. Much more appropriate. Army has a sense of power and honor to it. Trolls describe them to the T.


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