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A challenge to Lim Kit Siang

This will be a short post and a challenge to Lim Kit Siang. Please read his article first:

I am disappointed over the UMNO betrayal of former Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Ghani Othman who was completely by-passed instead of being appointed Senator and Minister in the new Cabinet line-up announced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday.

The UMNO leadership had praised Ghani sky-high during the 13th General Election campaign when fielding him as a parliamentary candidate for Gelang Patah against me, and it is most unfair and ungrateful for UMNO leaders to drop Ghani like a ton of bricks after Ghani failed to defeat me in Gelang Patah in the May 5 polls.

General elections should not be regarded as a zero-sum game, and in the case of Ghani, whom I had openly acknowledged as having made invaluable contribution to the development and progress in Johor, his talents and experience should be tapped by the Federal government as Ghani can have still many years of national service and contribution in him.

I am surprised that Ghani is facing so much resistance in UMNO as there are powerful forces who object to his return to national politics, to the extent that MUBARAK, the association of former Barisan Nasional wakil rakyats, have come out with a statement opposing any UMNO candidate who lost in the 13GE being appointed a Senator and a Minister – clearly targetting at Ghani.

It would be interesting to know who are the UMNO leaders behind the MUBARAK statement for it would throw an interesting light on the UMNO power tussle which has started escalating after the 13GE preparing for the “royal battle” in the UMNO party elections at the end of the year.

If Lim Kit Siang wants to portray himself as magnanimous as he wants us to believe, then we the people challenge him to vacate his seat immediately and let Ghani contest again in Gelang Patah uncontested so that Ghani can be appointed to the cabinet. Can you do that Kit Siang?

Because my heart cannot bear to see how heartbroken you are over the fact Ghani Othman didn’t get appointed to be in the cabinet. Kit Siang, this is the only way to alleviate your sadness.

Perhaps what is lacking in Lim Kit Siang is principles. Does he believe that we will swallow hook, line and sinker over such statement? Maybe in his mid-70s, Kit Siang is already getting more desperate thus, all this nonsense statements coming out from him. There is no resistance from Umno towards Ghani. It was determined way before the elections that those who lost, will not be appointed. Unlike DAP, Umno has systems that must be followed. DAP’s system changes according to the mood of Lim Kit Siang.

It is sad that what Lim Kit Siang just concocted above are just bedtime stories by a granddaddy. This is what happens when someone is in power for so long. He’ll believe his own made-up stories.

It is indeed as silly season.


51 thoughts on “A challenge to Lim Kit Siang

  1. He is trying to play Malay against Malay, UMNO against UMNO. Pretty obvious isn’t? Since they believe that Malays are more stupid than they are, they will try whatever trick in the book to make themselves look good while the Malays are made to look real bad.

    Ramai Melayu tak sebodoh macam setengah yang mudah diperkudakan!


    • I agree he is pitting the Malay politicians against other Malay politicians. There’s no other consideration when this chauvinistic and racist bloke say those. His record that shows the kind of man he is has been well preserved since the days he made fiery speeches during the 1969 general elections, the kind that led to the race riots of 13 May.

      Ghani was even photographed walking in a very amiable and widely smiling manner, holding Kit Siang’s hand. Even so, those words of Kit Siang could never be interpreted as a sincere attempt to show sympathy to Ghani for not being offered anything after losing Gelang Patah.

      But more than Ghani’s predicament, I’m still trying to grapple with Najib’s appointment of Nazri and Khairy to the cabinet. Although I had expected Nazri the bouncer to be appointed, I had hoped that the many comments against Khairy would have led Najib to, at most, appoint him only as a Deputy Minister.

      And no sooner than appointed a full Minister, the young brat called what appeared to me as “an uncalled for press conference” commenting somewhat against the new Home Affairs Minister Ahmad Zahid’s statement that those who go on street demonstrations talking about winning by popular votes rather than by the number of constituencies i.e not liking the system in this country as envisaged in the Constitution, should emigrate. That’s a senior Minister the young man sudah gesel. The 37 year old who announced wanting to be PM by 40.

      Well, Kit Siang’s menggesel is expected, always. The young man’s menggesel is not. I’ll have to live by such kind of nonsense in this country. Unless UMNO Supreme Council or the Perhimpunan Agung at the end of the year speaks up. To tune things up.


    • I seen a lot of crazy Govn in movies.
      UMNO does not even fit in, because nobody even want to watch such movie, because such craziness does not fit into humanity.
      1) fearing IPCMC and thus expecting Police to do their work alongside murderers and criminals
      2) belitering Islam as a flimsy religion, thinking a crazy couple will cause Muslim to go amok, actually trying to create racial tension
      3) in so doing trying to put the blame for being a minority govn on other races while trying hard to dislodge the Malay joining PR against UMNO using Religion.
      4) while doing so, destroying the judiciary system by having judge sentencing the crazy couple to jail without trail instead to the sanitarium for observation.
      5) never I seen a Govn so intense on destroying a nation by causing unrest throught riot like it did May13 1969. If you do not love Malaysia and wanting peace or it. Please get lost


  2. The ‘apek’ was expecting to be appointed TPM1 after GE13, too bad he used his last card on the Chinese voters who were tricked into voting DAP/PAS/PKR. They lost the overall representatives count. He lost his credibility + the credibility of god-given you know who and they were now going around the country with the loser Mat Sabu + some PKR idiots to campaign for an uprising. Now even the campaign is thinning except for some gullible red-beans who has nothing to do.
    The ‘apek’ was pathetic and so hungry to be a minister before his demise! Now it seems the Fantasy Island is drifting farther away by the second. The god-given is also gasping and reaching for the last straw……….he..he…


  3. The good thing about the social media is that it allow Lim Kit Siang to continue to talk thru his Cock ! He just cannot survive without lies and more lies


  4. Get that son of yours to straightened that dapigs fiasco of an internal election apek.! You’ve the cheek to dictate upon others but your arsehole is full, is full shit, sheeesh.? So now what, menang in tipu to to your own race, but kalah in political power, so you still kalah mah.? So no representations in the chinese race in the recent cabinets.? It can be seen in the body languages and the facial expressions of my chinese friends of their frustrations. They would not and could not admit it, but they felt , voting for their own race cost them the political power in the federal administration. So now , in limbo, let everbody lick their wounds of battle, when reality comes, who are your loyal servants and die hard supporters going to ask for help.? So, that implies , lain kali lah, say the next five years, that will do do a lot of damages in the next five years, what not in the world’s volatile economics happenings in europe and the americas.! Maybe you guys and the sort should ask for economics advice to that one ringgit adviser to selangor government, maybe making money out of thin air, better still, sacrificed that 3 (THREE) billions of ringgit which he scrounged during his tenure as former deputy disgraced pm.


  5. Sifat cauvinis, hipokrasi dan pura-pura Komrad Kit Siang bapa kominis cina DAP rasis ini amat terang.

    Bila mereka menang, komrad2 ini dijulang ibarat hero dan pejuang oleh kaum rasis cina. Lebih 90% cina mengundi Lim Kit Siang semata2 kerana dia DAP dan dia cina. Apa sumbangan Kit Siang kepada penduduk Johor?

    Jika Kit Siang ini seekor beruk sekalipun, bangsa rasis cina DAP ini tetap mengundi beruk mereka menentang Ghani, Najib atau mana2 calon Umno. Kerana matlamat mereka cuma satu, tumbangkan Umno maka tumbanglah paksi kuasa Melayu di Tanah Melayu.

    Sifat ultra rasis dan tamak bangsa cina kiasu ini amat tebal. PRU13 melondehkan hipokrasi mereka.

    Nah, sekarang mereka kalah dan gagal merampas Putrajaya. Tercicir segala yang dikejar, Kit Siang terpaksa tanggung pula beban berkhidmat kepada penduduk Gelang Patah.

    Umno telah menang dalam kekalahan di Gelang Patah, Bukit Katil dan banyak lagi kawasan2 yang dipegang oleh DAP sekarang. Penyokong2 DAP Cina sekarang terpaksa cari “menteri2 DAP” di kawasan masing2 bila perlukan perkhidmatan. You choose them, you use them lah. Jika MCA buka pusat khidmat di kawasan2 DAP, maka akan terserlah kebodohan MCA sebagai anjing DAP.

    Apa lagi Cina mau? Cina mau Umno mati, kata Helen Ang.


  6. Instead of babbling about Ghani Othman, Kit Siang should comment on his old good good friend Mat Sabu who also lost his seat.

    Now THAT is one dumb KUDA Kit Siang can ride!


  7. He want to use Ghani for the sake of Chinese voter. You as elected YB should do your job in your constituencies.
    Khaled Nordin don’t behave like Ghani. Please ensure that you built thousand low cost housing area for the Indian and Malay at Gelang Patah. Don’t built development for the elite that definitely reject you.


  8. Who ever asked kit siang to evacuate and let Ghani taking over is really stupid and brain must be fxxx up rea bad…..election is a gentlement game where loser has to swallow defeat….Ghani is a gentle will never look back to bite as a coward. It’s Umno who betrayed Ghani badly…..Umno u mother fxxker


    • Kalau setakat ini trooper DAP rasis datang mencarut and cursing like an idiot, then Umno has got nothing to worry about.

      “Election is a gentlement game where loser has to swallow defeat” – hello racist hypocrite, you are barking at the wrong tree. Tell that to Komrad Anwar and Komrad Kit Siang during their next “gentlement game” rally. Hope you will come back in one piece.

      “Gentlement game” poodah….where are all the Banglas ahpek peliaw?

      Lu Cina mau apa lagi?


    • P LIAW

      I was told that all chinese newspapers instruct ALL Malaysian chinese to vote DAP. The one who told me was a male chinese teenager.

      Another male chinese teenager fedback that his Mandarin teacher did not turn up for lessons after the May 5 elections. His whole class joked that she took the trouble to vote DAP but still lost the PRU13.

      The joke was that she was too stressed out after a failed gamble.


    • “election is a gentlement game where loser has to swallow defeat”??? wallauweyh!!! err…sorry guys,but my next words might harsh a bit..ehem ehem..WOI CINA!! SEBELUM TAIP FIKIR PAKAI OTAK DULU.


  9. All cinas are in damage control mode. LKS latest post is a good example on how their Baling Batu Sembunyi Tangan behaviour is embedded into their genes. Can’t help it, this is the only way they can think of to minimize the Malays backlash!


    • Tut-tut, Charles. And I am sure you believe that you and your ancestors descended from monkeys, as your namesake Darwin says.


  10. Actually LKS is deeply worried that the chinese business supported by Ghani will suffer since he was voted out.

    He was too confident of taking Putrajaya and with his racist campaign, the chinese who enjoyed Ghani’s assistance chose that racist LKS over Ghani.

    So the chinese business community is rightfully worried. LKS’s gamble was to destroy MCA but to retain Ghani in Johor in another constituency.

    LKS wants to have the cake and eat it too.


  11. LKS will respect the PAP-Singapore style of management. Singapore took FIRM and SWIFT actions over the Malaysian Chinese who protested against the PRU13 results. Their work permits and visit pass were IMMEDIATELY revoked.

    PAP had also abolished all Chinese, Malay and Tamil schools and implemented only ONE type of official school. Surely LKS and DAP want to emulate their ‘sifus’.

    Malaysian authorities MUST take timely actions. PRU13 has MAGNIFIED the reality check. Petition for Satu Sekolah untuk Semua for national reconciliation. Languages other than Bahasa Malaysia and religious studies can be offered outside of curriculum hours.

    The way PAP-Singapore handles the Chinese (with their history of communism) reflects their innate respect and obedience for tough actions – much like how Singapore has managed them.


    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Ray. It is high time the government and especially the PM stop all forms of assistance to the Chinese schools, Chinese educationists and their associations, Stop it immediately. In time, abolish the SRJK (C). It is the breeding grounds for the DAPigs and kiasus. How would you feel if these little monsters from the SRJK(C) were shouting at you to UBAH during the last PRU? You can bet your bottom ringgit that those students doing their silent walk here in this country and protesting in Singapore and Taiwan are the products of the SRJK(C). Their anti-Malay and anti-Malaysia attitude has been festering for ages in the pigsty they called SRJK(C) propagated by their ultra-kiasu teachers who see themselves as the master race.

      Let there be only one educational system to better foster national identity and unity. If the Chinese cannot accept that, then let them jump into the South China Sea and swim back to Tongsan. Let the Chinese know that there is a high price to pay for their betrayal.

      At the same time let only Bahasa Melayu and English prevail in our education system for obvious reasons. Those who claim to be Malaysians, no matter of what ethnicity, must be able to speak Bahasa Melayu fluently. No more maa, gua, and certainly no more question of “Lu olang apa?” by the next PRU. If you cannot speak the language fluently, then you have no right to claim you are a citizen of this country.

      I have always maintained that the Chinese only respect you when you in a stronger position. Look at their history down the ages. Only the strongest, toughest and cruelest of their emperors and rulers are respected and idolised by them. That is what Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong are doing in Singapore. They are acting the tough guy to command respect from their people. And that precisely is what Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are doing now in the DAP.


  12. LIM kit Siang and his son, his daughter, his daughter in law who are members of the DAPIGS hierachy are so full of shit right down there at the “ars@#$%e”. From a malay to a dear beloved chauvasnistic chinese saudara lim kit siang, dont use tissue paper , use sabun to clean that bloody shit which you and your clans excrete the shits which you guys stirred. It wont stinks so much.! Trusts me , it really works. Another thing, advice from the old folks, pagi pagi selalu kena mandi , baru minda tu fresh, badan sihat, otak cergas, badan bau wangi, dan juga otak tak berkarat memikirkan benda bukan bukan. Baru semua pun bersih.! Atas dan bawah pun bersih, ye tak.


  13. LKS and his dirty game.

    He succeeded in uniting the Chinese to abandon MCA/BN. However, PRU13 shows that the Chinese cannot overthrow the BN-led government without the help of the bumiputeras.

    So, LKS GE14 strategy is to get the Malays to rebel against UMNO. For now, he is using Ghani’s loss as his weapon. There wil be more coming from him.

    Do not be surprised if LKS uses NEP as his next (if he has not used it already) to instigate the young and low income bumiputeras against BN. BN better watch out and be prepared.

    That slimy DAP knows the game well and will bend the rules all the time to fit his strategy to win. The game will only get dirtier and become more dangerous.


  14. Just another attempt by DAP to minimize the damage and tried to memperbodohkan the malays. LKS is desperate now and his real concern is their racist supporters wealth and businesses. He will try every now and then to minimize the damage he had done. He knew this all too well, he was there on 13th May 1969. He knew, this time they have might pushed the malays to the edge again. Betrayal is the biggest sin of all, punishable by death if you were caught red handed. That’s the severity of the punishment. But this time around nobody call for death, we’re a peaceful nation, we tried to live together in harmony. A proper punishment is of course “buy chinese last”, back stab those racist where it matter the most.

    Since LKS has formulated a new strategy, I’d say we do the same and bring the game to a new level. There’s an app on iTunes named Buycott, also on Play Store but has been pulled for now due to some bug. Basically, user can start their own campaign to boycott any product/service by scanning the label and it will trace back to the company which produce it. It’s not on Play Store for now so I can’t test it. I believe it has some other setting/capabilities such as user added database of companies or maybe user added locations/criteria which might be useful for our “Buy Chinese Last” campaign. Let’s see how deep does the rabbit hole goes, will we still be able to shop at supermarket without contributing a single cent a racist companies? We might be surprise on how deep those racist claws gripped on our everyday life.


  15. Salam JMD,

    LKS can be ”enemy number 1″ to UMNO. LIikewise, LKS naturaally hates UMNO. But the fact still remains that LKS is still a human being, with feeling and sentiment to certain issues.He may hold close to his heart dearly certain principles.

    Give him the benefit of doubt. His praise for Ghani may be genuine and sincere. DAP might not look at his article favorably.The party may chastise him for praising Ghani Othman because he is the advisor to DAP.

    Maybe a good number of people share LKS’s views on Ghani Othman. There are certain facets about Ghani Othman that not many of us are not aware of or no opportunity to ascertain.LKS seems to appreciate Ghani more than his own comrades in UMNO.

    Under Najib’s current watch, losers are buried for life !!

    Adam Bachek


    • Adam,

      1. You want us to give the benefit of the doubt to LKS. Do you know if he has ever done so to us? Malays? UMNO? Ever at all in his nearly half century of political life?

      Did you read about his part in the events leading to the race riots of 1969? The fiery speeches he made. The so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan that he and DAP hogged, wanting equality but not acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumuputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. JMD has written a lot about the 13 May 1969 Race Riots and provided easy reference here on his main page – just click those words that appear on the right hand side and you’ll get there. Or Google the words, “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969”.

      2. What does it matter if DAP does not look at what he wrote in his blog post favourably? Don’t you realize that for a long, long time – even until now – he is the DAP and DAP is him?

      3. Would you like to tell us what are the “certain facets about Ghani Othman that not many of us are not aware of or no opportunity to ascertain”?

      4. Would you also like to explain your statement “Under Najib’s current watch, losers are buried for life !!”? I also have reservations about Najib but you need to clarify your statement that is ended with 2 exclamation marks.


    • Adam bin Bachek.

      I have said it earlier and I am going to say it again. Why would LKS care of Ghani’s welfare? Do you think there is a hint, if any, regret in his bones that he beat Ghani badly?

      What he knows is pakatan needs bumiputeras’ support to beat BN. How to do it? Instigate the malays to rebel against UMNO, of course, by saying do not blame me/DAP. Blame UMNO.


    • I dont think a blue blooded Malay will write like you do adam. What ever is the colour of your skun, I think you are a chinese


    • Encik Adam.

      I don’t know what to make of you. Either you are too naive or you are too young to know about Lim Kit Siang and the DAP’s history.

      The only time he is genuine and sincere to the Malays is when he is telling them to ‘Balik kampung’, ‘Masuk hutan’, ‘Pergi mati’ or when he is cursing them.

      What does he “hold close to his heart dearly certain principles”?
      1. To destroy the BN and especially UMNO (read the Malays/Bumiputeras) at all cost.
      2. Depose the Sultans and Malay Rulers and declare this country a republic with you-know-whom becoming the president.
      3. He, his family and cronies become the new ruling elite of this country by whatever means possible.

      Sounds preposterous?
      Just follow his political career path from the moment he joined DAP politics way, way back before 13 May 1969. And might I add in the fact that the political situation now is almost similar to the 13 May 1969 situation, minus the killings and bloodshed.
      Like in 1969, the DAP and Lim Kit Siang are still the main instigators. You cannot deny history. But I believe this time around he won’t get away scot-free.

      On your ” certain facets about Ghani Othman that not many of us are not aware of or no opportunity to ascertain”, it is a case of ‘kuman di seberang laut kelihatan, bangkai gajah depan mata tak nampak’. With all the nepotism, the cronyism, the corruption reeking in the DAP, you chose to look the other way.

      Then there is your “.LKS seems to appreciate Ghani more than his own comrades in UMNO.”. Oh, yes. Just like the wolf appreciating the lamb, the fox appreciating the chicken and the crocodile appreciating the carcass.

      And finally, ” Under Najib’s current watch, losers are buried for life!!”
      Oh, puh-lease Encik Adam!! This guy has barely gotten over his first general election as the PM – not even three weeks yet – and you said it is “for life!!”.

      Get a life, Encik Adam. (Maybe you a RBA cybertrooper, in that case you DON’T have a life)


  16. I find his magnanimous tone rather hypocritical and insulting. It’s funny now he tried to wash his hand clean after all the irreversible damage he has done. By bringing his race politics to Johor, he turned every single folk from moderate to extreme and brought down affable local leader to unceremonious exit after decades of toiling and grinding in order to make Johor a place for all. He came in destroyed it all. There’s nothing left to salvage. Because of him, race relations had plummeted to lowest ebb.


  17. Salam Pemerhati,
    I am as much a Malay as you are. My statement about the LKS’s article does not make me less Malay and abandon our rights and priviliges in the Social Contract as contained in our Federal Constitution. Just like you, I regard DAP’ chauvisnitic character as highly unacceptable. The role of DAP in the 13th May 69 Racial Riots is well documented. and stands undisputed.

    I am looking at a person as a piece of diamond with so many facets.That’s all. My comments are confined to that particular facet and what I said about LKS in relation to Ghani Othman does not make me regard LKS as an angel now.

    There are many human facets about a person even close to us that we do not know.It is just a general and sensible statement.

    In the past, BN adopted a policy of appointing as Senators talented political figures who lost in the GE. For example :- Koh Tsu Koon and Sharizat. Please read my statement in this context.Now, BN does not adopt this policy. That’s all.

    Adam Bachek


    • ‘There are many human facets about a person even close to us that we do not know.It is just a general and sensible statement.’

      Unless you are LKS himself, we would not know, would we?


    • Salam Adam,

      Here’s a gist of what Tun Dr Mahathir wrote of LKS in his blog on 2nd May 2013 (he has not written any new post since then until now), an it drew nearly 368 comments:

      – When Lee Kuan Yew and PAP left Malaysia in 1965, a Trojan horse was left behind in the form of a political party named DAP. The similarity of name is not accidental for the DAP was to continue the fight for a meritocratic Malaysian Malaysia. The fight against “kongsi” between the races was to continue.

      – The strategy was to antagonise the Chinese against the Malays by suggesting that the Chinese were second-class citizens.

      – This campaign was quite subdued when the Barisan National Government won strong support from people of all races in Malaysia. But as soon as the Government appeared to be weak the DAP extremists were let loose and the attacks against the Malays became blatant to the point of claiming that the Malays are as much newcomers to Malaysia as the Chinese and Indians. There should therefore be no special treatment for them. The DAP conveniently forgets the special treatment accorded to the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia.

      – The growth and prosperity of this multiracial country depend largely on Sino-Malay cooperation or kongsi. The Barisan National exemplifies this kongsi spirit. To break this kongsi the DAP must antagonise the Chinese against the Malays.

      – Through all the elections in Malaysia the people of Johore have personified the kongsi principle. In every election the Malays would support the MCA Chinese and the Chinese would support the UMNO Malay candidates resulting in Johore delivering 100% BN victories.

      – Now Kit Siang has decided it is time to break up the kongsi. True the Chinese majority in Gelang Patah is smaller than the other constituencies Kit Siang had contested. But Kit Siang hopes with the support of PAS he can split Malay votes, so as to defeat BN. Now UMNO is contesting Gelang Patah with little hope of getting Chinese support.

      – Kita Siang does not agree with the Islamic state and Islamic laws proposed by PAS but that party’s ability to break Malay unity in Johore would benefit DAP. Kit Siang knows that PAS would never be strong enough to impose its version of the Islamic laws in Malaysia if Pakatan wins.

      – Kit Siang is more wily than any of PAS’s leaders. He also knows that PAS needs the support of the Chinese in order to defeat UMNO. He holds the trump card in any “pakatan” of the opposition.

      – Johore is a Barisan National bastion. If it is broken then he could put an end to the MCA’s cooperation with UMNO under the old “kongsi” or sharing concept. Instead there would be meritocracy in everything where the winner takes all and the devil takes the hindmost.

      – A win for Kit Siang will be victory for racism and rule by the elites as is found in a nearby country. It will spell the end of good relations in Johore between the races.


    • Singapore also got special privilege for malays in their constitution what! It is so special some malays no need to serve national service and no need work in the hierarchy in civil service. So depend on how you define it.


  18. pity u adam for all the bashing! lks is a political animal.loose your guard and he pounces u.wolf in a sheep skin or an old cunning fox!wild animal cannot be tamed.remember that!


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  20. 18 years is a long time for anyone to be MB. What was the achievement? No commuter rail to singapore despite having a rail track between kulai to tangjung pagar in singapore. The MB did not even protest when Najib gave away ktm land back to singapore. All ktm needed was probably another few new coaches to do his.
    Now, the BN gahmen talk cock and said will link jb to singapore using their mrt. Its like a reverse take over which will cost much more and many more years to complete.
    Now do you understand why we need a new government? Not many people can withstand an onslaught of stupid decisions.


  21. “It was determined way before the elections that those who lost, will not be appointed.”

    Did UMNO/BN really resolved that? Can provide the link?


  22. as for me…let gelang patah be..let LKSial manage the place for better or for worse..BN should concentrate those places they won during need to waste money on these chinks…truly ingrates..serve them right…if they were harassed by ah long..let DAP handle them..don’t go to MCA anymore..


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