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The judgment of Umno Disciplinary Board

A really short one today:

Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam

Verdict : GUILTY


Khairy Jamaluddin

Verdict : GUILTY


Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo


Action : STATUS QUO 

My take? It will be interesting to see whether Umno Youth delegates would still want to vote a candidate that was deemed guilty of money politics. Umno disciplinary board had made mockery of all Umno members. I can imagine the headlines should KJ wins the contest next week:



Update :

1) Eventhough KJ was found guilty, the magnitude of the offence committed by his agents was not the same as Datuk Seri Ali Rustam’s agents. Therefore, due to technicality, he was let off with a warning. Read here.

2) As normal procedures state, all the guilty parties can ask for an appeal of their sentence. Read here.

3) Datuk A. Kadir Jasin spoke his mind here.

4) Datuk Seri Najib was heard saying :

“I believe that being loyal to the party, Mohd Ali will accept the decision with an open heart and will continue giving his support to Umno,” he said.

5) And finally, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin gave out a statement to console his fellow vice president. Read here

90 thoughts on “The judgment of Umno Disciplinary Board

  1. hi jmd

    they are only looking into money politics within UMNO. i wonder whether they look beyond that and look into corruption when they were/are ministers or exco.

    what if the next headlines …

    “The elected ……member is found guilty on land purchase”

    “The elected …. member is found guilty in murder”

    your sins will find you out. Allah is watching ……

    JMD : Thank you for visiting this blog again. By the way, which member is found guilty of murder ya? Found guilty by whom? By your perception?

    Corruption is bad my friend. Even in the minds.


      • kalau ko dah nampak ada orang terlibat dalam pembunuhan kenapa tak buat report polis je ex-umno.. bahaya kalau ko tak report… nanti ko plak kena bunuh nanti..


        • kahkahkah…kau pun 1 bengap la tharieq…otak kau kat j*** ke? nak repot kat anjing Umno (polis) tu? anjing akan gigit tuan dia ke? kahkahkah

          JMD : Sila jangan menggunakan perkataan yang mencarut di sini. Blog ini ada tatacaranya. Terima kasih.


  2. another thought..

    if Ali Rustam is guilty of money politics and the MACC should take action against him now. and if he is already found guilty by disciplinary board, how can he still be an exco and CM of malacca.

    same for khairy..guilty but how come still can become the MP for rembau?

    does that mean guilty in money politics within UMNO carry the same offence as guilty of corruption in other areas?

    JMD : Yes, let the MACC do their work. Hopefully this will purge Umno of corruption and people will think twice before commiting this offence. At least Umno members are facing this with some maturity. Even PR supporters are jumping in filling the cyberspace with their opinions. But when PR members were caught practising graft, they did not blame PR, instead they point fingers at BN! 🙂 PR followers did not even question their leaders.

    Hence, the thinking ability and maturity of PR’s followers are very much in doubt. Thank you.


  3. Dear JMD,
    No sir its not like that. The Money Politics Subcomitee within the Disciplinary Committee had featured strong anti Khairys, a lot of people know about it.

    To assume that the other candidates TSMM and TSMY were not guilty of money politics begs the question what on earth was the great Tun Mahthiiir on about when he once remarked that TSMY was one of the richest MB’s around.

    We have to be objective and renounce this a blatant undemocratic act that will not go down well with many delegates. Unlike TSMY, if Mukhriz wants to win the Ketua Pemuda seat, hes got to fight for it.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. As you can see from this posting, I am more concerned with the aftermath and the implications surrounding that situation. One of the many possibility is, TSMM now have a better chance at winning it!


    • Dear Wenger J Khairy,

      I chedok, cut and paste below your “About Me” in your Bengkel Waziboy:-

      Wenger J Khairy
      Gender: Male
      Location: Rembau : Negeri Sembilan : Malaysia
      About Me
      Pengumuman Penting : Aku ni penyokong kuat DSMAR dan rasa amat marah dan kecewa dengan tindakan Lembaga Disiplin yang berat sebelah dan tidak beretika. Oleh yang demikian saya menghalaukan penyokong TDM, TSMY dan DM dari Bengkel aku ni, kalau motor anda pancit, anda bikin sendirilah. Penyokong DSMAR, KJ dan TMM tu aku bikin free saja. (tak termasuk alat ganti)

      My Blogs
      Team Members
      Bengkel Waziboy
      Blogs I Follow

      I notice from your blog your are very prejudice and subjudice in your comments and you will not post any comment against you in your own blog. As I could see, your idola is KJ (my suspicion is he could be you), but you smartly try to cover it by projecting Ali Rustam as your idola. So pathetic.

      I notice you seem to be very proud of your flip flop Pak Lah as “Bapa Limbang” and you condemn TDM as bankrupting this country during his 22 years as PM. But you know…. its flip flop flup flung again, coz the Brunei Government has just denied that they are dropping the Limbang claim. Pak Lah oh Pak Lah, sudah lah tu…

      If you are very prejudice, susahlah to have constructive discussions here.

      Sorry to post this irrelevant comment about you at JMD’s blog, but try posting this in your blog would seem futile.



  4. Morally, KJ should just withdraw from the UMNO Youth Head’s contest. Guilty means guilty. The Disciplinary Committee’s decision to give only a warning for a guilt at this level of contest is a mockery. This is not about choosing or selecting a head pupil of a primary school classroom. This is about leadership and the future of our young generation.

    If the Youth’s delegates do not give KJ a thrashing in the coming contest, it will reflect how corrupt some of the delegates are and will send a wrong signal to the people.

    If KJ get thrashed, UMNO will be in the right direction for revival and people within and outside UMNO will give Najib an opportunity to prove his leadership qualities.

    Get rid of the Badawi’s flip-flop, corrupt and failed regime, KJ and Mat Taib included.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  5. Dipetik dari blog Dato Kadir Jasin:-

    Yang pasti memeranjatkan umum adalah perbezaan antara hukuman berat yang dijatuhkan ke atas Mohd Ali dengan hanya amaran yang dikenakan ke atas Khairy.

    Khairy serta merta mengisytiharkan dirinya tidak bersalah tetapi senada dengan itu berkata dia menghormati keputusan lembaga itu.

    Soalnya, bagaimanakah di suatu pihak dia berkata dia tidak bersalah sedangkan di pihak yang lain dia berkata dia menghormati keputusan Lembaga Disiplin yang mendapatinya bersalah?

    JMD : Terima kasih


  6. Ha! Ini baru dikira menarik. Sebagaimana komen balas JMD to Wenger J Khairy, this very article looks into the implication by the act of UMNO after this point.

    Lots of comments started flying around on the highlighted decisions – Ali Rustam, KJ and Khir Toyo. Between these 3, KJ has the potential to either make people consider him more seriously if he resigns, (a sign of sincerity of trying to make things better) or make people go further than UMNO if he decides to stay on the race (more serious if he wins).

    To KJ supporters,
    It is not about people afraid of KJ, it is a matter more than a person – a party that used to be seen as one of the pejuang kemerdekaan besides MCA, MIC and Perikatan components.

    KJ got the highlight due to he is found guilty (not a question mengaku bersalah atau tidak), but let free. On a more serious note, people see this as an influence by Pak Lah as KJ is his son-in-law. Be it proven or not, it is weird enough for a layman to question if found guilty, why he got free?

    Finally, I guess, by this situation, KJ can make his break thorugh or the break down of UMNO. This is when his words of berjuang untuk rakyat and all his words put into action. No more cocky words or antics.

    Good or bad, UMNO members to decide.


  7. I found Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen’s analogy badly perceived and expressed.

    His analogy of a killer stabbing a victim once being not as bad as a killer stabbing a victims multiple times is an inaccurate way to justify the lesser magnitude of KJ’s punishment compared to Ali.

    Using Ahamd Rithaudeen’s own analogy, we have to agree that a killer is still a killer. Stabbing a victim multiple times may mean that the killer is not a smart killer by stabbing the wrong parts of the victim’s body. Similarly, while Ahmad Rithaudeen argues that KJ’s is a smaller offence, what is meant by small? Bribing ten delegates RM x and bribing one delegate RM 10x, which is worse? While the volume may be bigger or smaller, it doesn’t correspond to the crime. Bribery is still wrong be it big or small.

    What a let down….


  8. Dear JMD,

    I do hope TSMY and DMM will win the Deputy President and Head Youth. If not, UMNO will be lead by a convict corrupters … and it is not good for the party in the coming elections.

    May force be with us.


  9. JMD,

    Presumably the delegates had already gotten their money or freebies at this point in time. Presumably the corrupt candidates are still contesting. Presumably after the Umno Disciplinary Board exercise, it’s still business as usual. After all, who’s going to stop them now.

    If they win, this means UMNO will be led by corrupt leader (s), right?

    Don’t know who will be the next Vice President but I have a fairly good idea on who is going to be the next UMNO Youth Chief.

    Come next general election, I will most probably have a very difficult time voting for my representatives. Won’t be voting BN. Can’t stomach DAP, PAS and PKR either.



    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  10. Dear JMD,

    I hope such act by the disciplinary committee is a start for UMNO to take its internal corruption seriously and make a change to convince fellow Malaysians

    However, there are some anomalies that are indeed very intriguing.
    1) Mohd Ali was found guilty of money politics and yet he can still hold the position as the chief minister of Melacca?
    2) If he was found guilty of corruption, should not he be investigated by the newly formed MACC which has been claimed to be reformed?
    3) Do u have grading for money politics? Mild, moderate and severe? like for murdering, stab 2 times is more severe than one time. All these just don’t make sense.
    4) and finally, is it really that necessary for u to drag the PR supporters inside the discussion and condemn them at the same time? It doesn’t make sense either as the current moral and etiquette dilemma concern those who stand for the UMNO general election.

    Thanks and have a good day

    JMD : The Umno Disciplinary Board looks into the unethical conduct of the umno members. If this unethical conduct have elements of corruption, I am sure the MACC will act when it is reported to them. For example, a leader who pressures his members not to vote for a candidate may be in breach of the party’s rules and regulations but certainly not in breach of the ordinary laws of the country unless that act of pressuring members involves money or physical abuse – this is my opinion anyway. I stand corrected.

    Just like you, I find the Disciplinary Board should have given more definitive answers in its interview because some people cannot make sense out of it. This will give birth to many loopholes. Certainly when the guilty party will appeal, and if the Board find some justification to rescind the sentence, more questions will be asked later on. The Board should have laid out a thorough explanation; what had actually occurred, who were the parties involved (givers and recipients), what types of inducements involved etc.

    Lastly, yes it is necessary so that the PR supporters will know how to think. So that they too can learn how to criticise their own leaders. Do not get me wrong, I do wish they are oppositions in the current political environment as a form of check and balance.

    The reality now is, even the BN supporters criticise BN and the government. Even though they are members of BN parties, they do criticise when its due. Just read the blogs. You will find many pro BN bloggers who do not mince their words in lambasting the BN leaders.

    Thus, it is certainly not good if the opposition forms the Federal Government. Why? Because its supporters do not know how to criticise their own party. Worse, the supporters in blogosphere will be blinded by their faith and became incapable to see the mistakes made. I do hope you will agree with me on this.

    Whenever I highlighted the mistakes or the absurdity of PR leaders, not one pro opposition readers who read any of my articles gave out comments saying – ‘yes you are right, they need to get their act together’ or something akin to that.

    They will bombard the commentary sections with tales of BN’s corruption or blaming everyone else except their ‘infallible’ leaders.

    These are not the people we want should PR be the next Federal Government. We need mature people who can criticise when its due. It won’t hurt the cause. Take this blog for instance, it has criticised BN numerous times. All for the greater good.

    Thank you.


  11. Corruption ,Graft and Money Politic ? What the difference?

    It is a crime . “actus reus and mens rea ” make a crime : stabing once with the intention to kill : it’s a murder, multiple stabbing with the intention to kill : it’s still a murder.

    stabbing….once or multiple : satisfy the presence of “actus reus” bad conduct:

    intention : satisfy the presence of “mens rea”

    at then end both have the same motives. Therefore both deserve the same punishment…….

    In the present case:the lawyer kampung prespective : It is a Selective Prosecution….


  12. Dear JMD, Ondastreet and Sherry,

    The premis is that the Discipline Committee is the final authority on money poltics and if you are not found guilty, well your clean, and if you had been hauled up your dirty. So by induction, since KJ was hauled he is probably one of those dirty politicians and he should supposedly resign as his name is tainted.

    Ok consider this.
    (1) So KJ, Ali Rustam and a couple of Ketua Bahagians are the ‘dirty’ folk. Then you know, tomorrow UMNO will win hands down in all contests because it seems that the problem only affects less than 4% of the entire top 25 leadership.

    Of course not. Of course that is pure imagination. If the problem is so big, then many must be involved, if the problem is restricted to them, then there is no problem. If there is no problem, then why is the great, the magnificent, the one and only Tun claiming that a party that has ruled Malaysia for 50 years is in danger of losing support.

    This goes to show that if indeed the fact finding of the Disciplinary Committee was the line that divides the clean and the uncleam, well that line has some seriously big holes, or else, everybody is making a mountain out of a mouldhill.

    (2) The second sore point amongst Anti Khairys is that somehow once again Khairy got away. Ali Rustam took the bullet, but the elusive, the quick footed KJ managed to circumvent a red card. So KJ should now toss his good fortune away and decline to contest in order to gain respect.

    If you notice the news flow, tell me, why is that people associated with Pak Lah such as Norza and Azalina are the ones in the brook for corruption. To me this looks like what it is – an extermination. To picture another scenario, suppose you were a POW in a camp, and you saw your neighbour get ‘pancung kepala’ by the Japs, and when it came to your turn, they only gave you a kick in the face, would you then go to the Jap guard and say, “Arigato. My head chop chop.’

    Or also known as the Harakiri option as put forth by Ondastreet

    (3) The implications to UMNO post this putsch. Usually this is a hypothetical argument, but today we are quite lucky because in 3 weeks time, in 3 different places, the citizens will give their first indication as to this supposed massive clean up done by UMNO.

    Honestly, the effect is negligible because my gut feeling is that overall people look at this entire episode and surmize, its Team A getting rid of Team B, I think the Perlis Mufti summarized it quite well in a poem.

    No hard feelings, we are all on the same Team, (I hope)

    JMD : Thank you Wenger, none taken. By the way, your statement – ‘the quick footed KJ managed to circumvent a red card. So KJ should now toss his good fortune away and decline to contest in order to gain respect’ showed your perspective.

    You are looking at it from KJ’s point of view while I am more inclined to look at this ‘from the outside, looking in’. This is because, Umno’s fate is determined by the voters at large, not just by 800 youth delegates next week.

    I can live with the fact if the Board had announced that KJ is cleared from all charges rather than saying he is guilty but still can contest. To me, the Board did not do a proper explanation on this.

    It will be tiring and taxing for the umno youth members to defend their Youth Chief (should KJ become one) going into the PRU13 against the question marks posed by the opposition later on.

    Lastly, good luck to KJ and his team. By the way, Azalina brought her father, Datuk Othman Said to see Pak Lah over the money politics investigation by the MACC. We shall wait and see what are the outcomes of the investigation. All the best to her too.

    Thank you.


    • assalamualaikum sabahatku Wenger,
      Janganlah sensitif sangat. Saya menulis bukan atas dasar anti-KJ, tetapi bacalah komen-komen yang dah mula terbang ke sana sini. Ramai yang kata, kalau KJ menang juga, PRU 13 diorang sokong PR.

      Lagipun, bukankah tiba saat penting untuk KJ melakukan yang terbaik disamping mengikis imej buruknya? Cuba saudara fikirkan, orang sebelum ni cop dia main duit. Semalam, diumumkan bersalah (dikatakan melalui ejen..). Walaupun layak bertanding, tetapi implikasi tindakan selepas ini bukan sekadar kepada KJ sendiri, tetapi UMNO dan BN juga.

      Kalau komen ini pun dianggap negatif, maaflah. Mungkin kerana KJ yang kena. Tetapi saudara, bagaimana pula kalau orang lain yang kena? Apa kata saudara?

      Oh ye, KJ dan mana-mana yang terkait dan berkait masih belum terlepas sepenuhnnya ya. MACC awaits for UMNO Diciplinary Board’s report. Dah baca kan berita ni? –

      So, kita tunggu sahajalah kisah selanjutnya. Jangan melompat lagi. 🙂


    • Dear Wenger J Khairy,

      I perception about your name is you could be a strong KJ supporter of KJ himself. I could be wrong as only you know of your own identity, but that perception or suspicion of who you are can’t be wrong. But this ain’t my point.

      My point is, to be a leader in this era of maturity and intergrity, one must not only be clean of any form of corrupt practice, but must also be “seen as clean”. In the case of KJ, we should not deny the people’s perception that he is corrupt, arrogant and a powerful SIL of PM Abdullah Badawi. You or he may strongly deny it, but that is the perception. And as admitted by Abdullah himself, such perception (of UMNO’s corrupt practices, including his SIL), apart from his “ever in denial syndrom” of weak leadership, that largely caused BN’s poor performance in PRU12.

      KJ has been found guilty by the Disciplinary Board. This is a fact. He is guilty. Not much explanation from the Board except to only serve him a warning on technical ground that the corrupt charges could not be linked directly to him. Oh my God Allah swt “could not be linked directly” should mean KJ is not guilty. Yet KJ is found guilty.

      Hence, this raised the “people’s perception” that KJ is somewhat guilty (you dont have to go to a bank to rob a bank these days) but there is a Powerful Hand behind to protect him. Again, I and most people may be wrong, but that is yet another perception.

      I did not say KJ cannot contest. Legally he can, but morally I believe most people feel he should just withdraw. The DB has many obstacles in proving one’s guilt as the investigation involved smart and “licik” people whoever they are. Yet a minor symptom of corruption is enough for the people to believe and perceive.

      After all, KJ is still young. There is no short cut in politic, unless his FIL is still at the helm. If he is trully a principled person, clean, smart and intelligent, this action (to withdraw from the contest) not only will earn him great respect from within and outside UMNO, but will also provide him a stronger platform in his future political endeaveour.

      But right now, he should just withdraw. He was found guilty, isn’t he?


      • sherry

        in that case, the perception on Najib was equally bad or maybe worst.

        shouldn’t he withdraw himself from being the UMNO Chief? look at how many foreign news reports against him?

        i hope the same group of people here anti khairy or anti-badawi should be fair to access the capability of toyo, najib, the guy who couldn’t speak english.

        najib…his name tainted to the core…. but yet many still want him to take over from Pak lah. this is the part where most UMNO members are illogical and irrational. because of the survival of UMNO regardless who is the leader, janji UMNO survive, at all cost, will support najib. anymore conscience on this? imagine if you are the father of altantuya, would you still be as supportive for najib or not?

        JMD : That’s just it isn’t it? Some people support KJ and some people support Najib eventhough both are perceived to be corrupt. Some support Mat Taib while some supported Muhyiddin eventhough both have weaknesses. Some wanted TDM while some wanted Pak Lah. Some wants Anwar while some wants Najib. Some want Khalid Ibrahim and many others want Azmin Ali. This is called difference in opinions. At the end of the day, one must unite to see through the bigger challenges ahead. Everyone should follow and support the leader. This is the ideal thought. Too much bickering even after the fight is over will not do the nation any good.


        • Dear Jebat’s fren,

          The perception of corrupt and arrogance on KJ is not only from within UMNO and BN, but also from the Oppositions and the mass public which ultimately determined who the Government would be.

          If anyone were to deny that the people’s perception on Abdullah Badawi & his SIL KJ were among the major factors for BN’s poor performance in PRU12, he must still be in Jeanne’s Wonderland!!! Proof? Being the incumbent PM, Abdullah’s majority embarassingly eroded significantly, whilst KJ came from the brink of a power black-out to “win” by a less significant majority.

          On the other hand, the perception on Najib is mostly cooked by Brother Anwar time and again, by all means, Bala SD, RPK SD, recycled by Arnoud Dubus, NY Times, and now as you conveniently prejudged as guilty verdit by “many foreign news reports against Najib” merely on recycled news. Where were the charges or proof against Najib compare with KJ’s ECM-Libra scandal and many more accusation. But not many in UMNO believed Anwar’s over-cooked story and your “tainted to the core” argument until he presents hardcore evidence. Just like Anwar want us to believe that he is not a sodomizer.

          Just compare Anwar’s Saiful case and Najib’s Altantuya accusation, one can imagine how hipocrite Anwar is, yet you Jebat’s fren tend to comfortably prejudge Najib. Do you not subscribe to “innocent till proven guilty”?

          Well, if Najib is someday found guilty of murder, treson or corrupt by any Court, should we then agree that he should be prosecuted and punished by law. Until then, kasi proof laa, charge laa dulu sama dia….jangan le depend on recycled foreign news who has diferrent agendas.

          May I suggest that you make a comparison about people’s perception on Anwar and KJ too. They have many things in common except the “sumpah” subject.

          Well, if


    • does this means that Khairi never instructed his agents to bribe the delegates? so, in that case, his agents must be punished kaw-kaw for betraying Khairi’s orders.


  13. I remember few years back when the late Megat Junid received a full report from ACA regarding the rampant corruption among the bukit aman people. His answered was “what you want me to do? put them all in jail? and this country without policemen?

    I guess Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen facing the same problem.


  14. Dear JMD,

    I am worried I am really worried now that Mat Tyson may have an actual chance to be Deputy President and worse Deputy PM. What form of respect can Malaysia get when we vote in people who are tainted by accusations of money laundering and statutory rape let alone other form of corruptions.

    All I can do is pray that Allah continues to protect us rakyat on the bumi bertuah that is Malaysia.

    It does not look good for UMNO and while I hope that they will vote for the future of Malaysia realistically I have my doubts. I hope the delegates is able to prove me wrong.

    Have a good day JMD. I will write more. I’ve to get ready to go to work.



  15. Dear JMD

    My take is that, all those who were found guilty should resign from all posts and withdraw quietly from UMNO.

    But then, is being squeaky clean is the most important factor in UMNO?

    I think we Malays should be more realistic sometimes.



  16. Too bad.They have this chance to bee seen to be clean but instead chose to compromise on KJ. Some kind of “protection” KJ has and KT benefited too.

    Found guilty but let off with a warning. What was that all about? And at the same time all the runners and the machai’s down there were slapped with suspension and all.

    They could’ve done more. If KJ won the election, UMNO will lose. I don’t know the reason why they chose to carry that baggage – someone who was found guilty. To please Pak Lah at the expense of losing support? They’ve been there and done that. And still they want to go through the same road. ANd still, they underestimated people’s resentment towards KJ.

    I may have to vote for PAS again out of anger.


  17. What a shame. UMNO leadership should be clean of corruption,
    scandal or money politic. Pak Loleh and company should be replaced by some good innocent UMNO leaders. There are plenty out there who never got a chance. The one who `kejar untuk KEBAJIKAN bukan KEBENDAAN`. Can we find these kind of leadership nowdays ?


  18. Sdra JMD,

    Ekoran daripada keputusan Lembaga Displin UMNO semalam, saya berpendapat :-

    1. Nasihatkan YM Tg. Ahmad Rithaudeen supaya beliau bersara saja dan banyakkan amal ibadah.

    2. Kepada ( Datuk) Mohd Hafarizam , masa depannya amat cerah kalau KJ menang jadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO.

    3. Mudah2han, TS Muhyiddin Yassin akan menang menjadi Tim. Presiden UMNO yang baru.

    4. Pada hari yang sama, DS Najib berucap dalam “National Integrity Agenda Conference “. Diantara lain, beliau berkata akan membersih dan menukar UMNO, kalau tidak UMNO akan ditukarkan. Kalau beliau ikhlas apa yang dilafaskannya, Alhamdulillah. Kalau setakat baca apa yang tertulis dalam skrip, maka saban hari kita berpeluang menonton wayang kulit saja lah.

    5. Semalam (17hb Mac 2009) adalah satu episod wayang kulit yang kalau masuk bertanding dalam Anugerah Skrin TV/ Berita Harian akan tentu sekali menang.


  19. hi jmd

    JMD: By the way, which member is found guilty of murder ya? Found guilty by whom? By your perception?

    alo, bro. i am saying if not a conclusion lah. it is hypothetical and have no idea which member guilty of murder. do you agree with me that court is never 100% just and free from influence? i am sure you know well that (even though written journal/evidence) these type of kangaroo court does happen. bro, Allah knows it all and Allah is more just than judges, police, MACC and UMNO. god is watching you too …..

    JMD: But when PR members were caught practising graft, they did not blame PR, instead they point fingers at BN! PR followers did not even question their leaders.
    Hence, the thinking ability and maturity of PR’s followers are very much in doubt. Thank you.

    wow, bro jmd, you are taking a swipe at all PR followers, sounds as if the PR supporters are retards. no wonder your thinking is so great lah …..!!! you should become god lah. i am sure many will sembahyang you.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. However, I really do not appreciate you keep on using Allah’s name in your comments. Shows lack of sensitivity on your part. If you do not believe in the existence of the Almighty Allah, please do not impart your holier than thou attitude on the Muslim readers by using Allah’s name in vain. Hope you can understand my request. Thank you.

    Btw, please refer to my reply on Fann’s comments above.


  20. Jebat,

    From where I come from, a salary can also be seen as a permanent bribe.

    Perhaps Malaysia could set a fund to control corruptions on all form.

    Reward anyone whose report leads to the
    conviction…with solid proofs like audio,
    video and image.

    I believe money is a good motivating
    factor for anyone to come forward and
    do some “national service” duty.

    It’s a monumental tasks but if corruption
    is left like its present situation Malaysia
    will be like Indonesia in no time.

    A national effort is needed. Thank you.


  21. JMD

    This is not good. What if we were at the wrong place, wrong time and typed the wrong thing? I’m not related to AAB, do you? neither am I related to Najib, Muhyiddin or Mahathir. The table could easily be turned. This is most disconcerting. I don’t think I want to continue to be involved in perpetuating this regime, my children and grand children will not forgive me. Is there no other alternative, Jebat?


  22. I would like to tell you that how come you are still supporting UMNO after the leaders are corrupt(although some,not all).Yes there have taken the first step in adressing the problem but there are elements of biasness here as Khairy commited the asme crime but was given a warning only whereas Ali Rustam was barred from contesting.Although an explanation was given I’m somewhat not satisfied as it does not matter to what extent you are corrupt,the fact is you are corrupt.In law there is first degree murder and second degree.However the second degree only applies if the murder is unintentional whereas in Khairy’s case it is obviously intentional so he deserve the same punishment like Ali Rustam.I hope if Khairy is still elected youth head you will not continue to support this corrupt party.Malaysia need clean leaders to bring these corrupt individual’s to justice and clean up their mess so that a less corrupt Malaysia may emerge that we can be proud to pass to the next generation and they will be proud to call themselves Malaysians to the whole world.


  23. You know, I know, He knows, She knows, We know, They know, The Board knows and now Everyone knows…that KJ is involved in money politics aka political corruption and FOUND GUILTY.

    However, one person want anyone to know that he is INDIRECTLY LINKED to the offend. That person is KJ.

    Hence, The Board gave a WARNING to KJ to NOT TO LINK HIMSELF DIRECTLY (or rather INDIRECTLY) if he want to indulge in money politics in future.

    Hence, a marvelous tips from The Board….”if you want to play money politics, do it indirectly, if you are caught its only a professional foul, yellow card”.

    Hmmm….very mind boggling!!


  24. JMD,

    As im from bktgantang. whom shall i vote />?
    pas- not yet, umno- i have to think twice,
    party bebas-someone like ibra ali will be interesting,
    or go on holiday might be the best solution.


  25. Dear JMD,

    Why all the complicated mid and long term analysis?
    Post UMNO election, GE13 etc.
    Why not the immediate one?
    The public simply want JUSTICE to be BLIND and to be DONE

    Corruption is corruption. All corrupt practices as defined by our laws are corruption.
    Corruption in the Government, Corruption in UMNO, Corruption in PR, Corruption in sports. Corruption in Private sectors. These have ONE thing in common…These are ALL corruption. Wrong and punishable by law.

    Anwar found guilty on abuse of power, off to jail he went!
    A poor police constable on a rm800 monthly salary caught taking a rm50 bribe, go to jail!
    Isa Samad found guilty for bribery in UMNO, just suspension!!
    Ali Rustam found guilty for bribery in UMNO, just ineligibility for party elections!!!
    Khairy found guilty for bribery in UMNO, untouchable!!!

    This has nothing to do with sending a wrong message or a correct message or what not.

    This is simply a question of JUSTICE.

    One set of laws to some, another set of laws to others.

    read rukunegara no 4
    “kedaulatan undang-undang”
    Di mana daulatnya kalau macam ini?

    Best regards,


    JMD : Please read Nobisha’s article here for clarity. Thank you.


  26. Jebat was chinese, he was not a malay hero, get your facts right.

    always want to steal from the chinese

    JMD : It is the insidious provocation like this that usually cause resentment between one another. If you do not have the facts, please do not defile this commentary section. Especially when you yourself do not know the subject matter thoroughly. Even your bogus email address shows how disrespectful you are to the Malays. All this is unnecessary. Yet you ask why there are so much racism here in Malaysia.

    Thank you.


  27. kalau malaysia kenua kutuk negara lain,marah tapi dalam malaysia sendiri, tengok seja la kekotoran yang berlaku.

    crime in your face gets away scotch free to people who enjoy the benefits of crime yet when people critisize malaysia, with the truth, a truth where they come from is very minimal, we get angry.

    plain and simple, that is called stupidity. lagi bodoh is the fact that politicians in malaysia are heading towards being billionaires and so many greet them like kings!! how more injustice this be?

    the funniest thing is the mega projects, what about mega modernanizm? zero? mega this mega that but the mind is still the same

    plain and simple, that is called stupidity.

    JMD : Please elaborate about this mega modernanizm (modernism?). I am curious. Thank you.







  29. Salam Bro Jebat,

    I think most of your readers especially from the young genaration do not know what is politics. Politics need money. In term for development, develop economy, avoid poverty, to attracts foreign business to invest in malaysia and so on. To develop this and that, politician needs back-up people. This back-up people such as setiausaha politik, pegawai seranta, jkkk kampung and so on. All this need money.

    Political connection in term of cronies is to build thrust interm to develop business and cerate job opportunities. it is same goes to Chinese Association to help business among themselves. Peoples who mingle aroound with politician knows how politics work.

    JMD : Yes your views are useful for the non politicians to dissect and digest and discuss further. Thank you.


  30. JMD : Thank you for the comment. However, I really do not appreciate you keep on using Allah’s name in your comments. Shows lack of sensitivity on your part. If you do not believe in the existence of the Almighty Allah, please do not impart your holier than thou attitude on the Muslim readers by using Allah’s name in vain. Hope you can understand my request. Thank you.

    woloww bro. i have respect for you and the muslim religion and my fella bro/sis of muslim faith, and that’s why I used A***h for them as in reference to the god that they believe in. Used in respect also kena from you and if i don’t quote, then you accuse me of being no respect and not sensitive to your feelings. so why not you go and dictate others what to do in their lives lah?

    so what should i use if want to explain about your god/maker? i appreciate if you can grant me the permission to use a term that is not offensive to you.

    btw, UMNO, as you know well based on your conscience, you should know whether is corrupted or not lah. don’t have to tell me “where is the proof?” , “who decided?” ….. if you have stolen money before, no one knows except yourself. so laws/justice as it is, is not 100% full proof.

    and i don’t impose to you “holier than thou attitude” or to anyone, all that i am asking is for you look into yourself and your own motivation. are you feeling the heat?

    i think you sounded more intelligence than all PR supporters/leaders judging the way you blasted them. if you are the few righteous person left in UMNO, you should then be more active in UMNO and tell them about what you write in this blog and wake them up. it may help UMNO not to be doomed forever since you so sayang UMNO.

    JMD : Firstly, I have never claimed that I am righteous. I was merely stating that not everyone is perfect. Especially PR. But somehow, their followers could not see PR’s weaknesses. Whenever someone highlights their culpabilities, these people will stick their little pinkies in the ears and shift the blame to the other party. Surely, in all the 3 million members of Umno plus several millions in BN not all are bad. Similarly, not all PR members are angels. They even indulge themselves in corruption as well.

    My contention about you using the word Allah here and there and everywhere is my personal request onto you. I do not speak for others. Why is that so? Because you are disrespecting me as a Muslim. I have never used God when counter arguing with you. Surely I never said things such as – “please tone down your accusations. The Lord Buddha or Dewi Kuan Yin or Jesus Christ never teach you to be a bigot. They are watching you and they know. Be good in their eyes. They know what you are doing behind close doors. So be careful”

    It is as if I am nosy and being a busybody about your own spiritual relation with your God. To me, that is disrespectful. It is not my business to impose on you on how you should act in the eyes of Him. That is strictly between you and him and I have this opinion that EVERYONE (except the atheists) ALREADY KNOWS that GOD is watching. Get it?

    And since when I will accuse you of being disrespectful and not sensitive to my feelings if you do not use the word Allah? Where did you get that idea? In fact I respecfully asked you not to do so.

    If you want to discuss, accuse, belittle or ridicule by all means you can do it here. But please exclude what you have been doing. I certainly never ventured into that realm – invoking the sanctity of anyone’s God just to further diss the argument.

    Now I hope I have made myself clear. Apathy will make this discussion thread useless. Thank you.


  31. Majority views the decision of the Disciplinary Board as lopsided. It is indeed sad that instead of quelling the resentments abound both within and without UMNO on the corrupt practices of prominent members of the party, the Disciplinary Board chose to aggravate the situation.
    The anology by Tengku Ahmad Rithauddin is way off the mark.
    Those UMNO delegates with conscience should begin to ask themselves whether their role during the election is for “Bangsa atau Wang”.
    This General Assembly is crucial. It will lay down the strategy for survival or sayonara UMNO come 2013.


  32. JMD,

    I seriously do not know why you give me the link to nobisha blogspot, a long article giving more excuses, making alight of the situation….

    You accuse PKR people of being extreme. Everything Anwar they will deny and blindly defend. Well guess what, too bad for them and I do not like Anwar anyway. They want to be ‘taksub’, well it’s to their own detriment….

    But here, you are doing the same thing, with this short article of yours and the way you response to the comments, when in truth you can call a spade, errr ,well a spade…aim for the bulls-eye rather than insinuations after insinuations….

    The essence of struggle of the country is not Anwar vs Najib vs Pak Lah, BN vs PR etc…It’s a straight struggle for justice. The people want the blindness of the laws to everybody.

    The spade here is quite simply and truthfully a simple question: “where are the laws to be enforced upon Ali Rustam and KJ?”

    They have been found guilty …..
    It’s either them or Majlis Disiplin UMNO…

    Where is the statement from MACC?
    Where is the response to the police report made?

    …and justice for all


    JMD : What are you talking about Jimbo? Did you read all the comments and my replies or did you just want to see what you want to see?

    Since when did I say that the MACC should be lax in their efforts to curb corruption within Umno? In fact, I replied to Jebat’s Fren that MACC should do their work. There is even a piece of news regarding this here.

    No patience with the rule of law? A report must be submitted first. I am sure the MACC will investigate.

    Let me tell you this, the justice system provides all avenues for justice to be served to both sides (the aggrieved and the prosecuted). So please be patient.

    Thank you.





  34. JMD,
    JF sounds like a nuisance who does not come here to discuss intellectually on your piece like most of your good arguers do, but he is just here to piss you off. His street english phrases and annoying garbage intended to pick on you personally should not derail you from your focus to create the very few intellectual arenas where we can engage and create values for ourselves. I must say, not intending to put forward any ideas of racial distinction for the diverse malaysians but necessary at the point when the social state of this country was so messed up by the outgoing government leader, from a majority ethnic point of view, your ideas and essays have indeed struck a bell in our heads and believe that we can create the malaysia that suits everybody, as envisioned by 2020, without compromising the traits and values that have been enshrined in the constitution back when this country gained independence.

    JMD is no cult. we are no junkie, unlike the obsessed and childish RPK junkies. JMD simply managed to pull the likes of us together, which most are likely to be industry professionals behind their fancy acronyms, like JMD himself, by writing solid essays that convey the exact message which what we all believe in. No one else could pull that through, except a certain Kijangmas.

    These intellectual and credible cyber-writers make pests like JF feel insecure. They have nothing better to do than dropping excrement in form of useless shots from keyboards, disturbing the flow of the lively discussions here.
    Reminds me of EWO sometimes and the few communist commentators previously.

    Don’t bother to answer to this spammer in future JMD. You can publish as you do not practice filter unless its really really low and irrelevant, but i think you need not go to his level and comment. Let the other commentators do it for you.

    p.s. i don’t know but i kind of missed the old layout. it was more dark, ‘mysterious’ and offensive. This one is too clean and friendly :).

    JMD : Thank you for the kind words. After about a year in wordpress, I believe a change in its layout was inevitable 🙂 Thank you for taking part in this blog time and time again. Really appreciate it.


  35. Jebat,

    Man, I really like the way you “tempeleng” those racists like Truthtell and others. And to think, I clicked you by accident. Who are you, Jebat?

    Recently, I visited my Brahmin History teacher who has retired with a Chinese friend. Like Truthtell, she whispered to my Chinese friend (and I was just sitting beside her) that “…the Malays don’t know that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat were Chinese”. I told her that “…when you were teaching us History, you never told us Cheng Ho was a Moslem either.” Don’t know whether Tuah or Jebat were Chinese or Malay. But if they were Chinese, they surely had integrated themselves very well with the natives and must have loved this country very much. Whether they are Chinese or not, or that their story is just a folklore, they are still timeless heroes that were willing to die for their country.

    Truth to tell, Truthtell, I don’t like the way you sneakily ambushed this blog with those snide and racist remarks either – especially when you did not quote your source of information.



  36. Salam Bro Jebat,

    Oleh kerana saya lihat saudara agak dekat dengan UMNO dan mungkin dekat pemimpin UMNO dan ahli-ahli politik UMNO mungkin saudara boleh terangkan apa kerjaya sebagai ahli politik UMNO pada masa sekarang, sumber kewangan mereka, pembangunan mereka, dimana disalurkan kewangan tersebut dan sebagainya. Ini bagi mengelakkan ahli politik UMNO dicaci, dihina oleh orang2 yang naif tanpa mengetahui pengorbanan mereka yang boleh dikatakan bekerja 23 jam sehari dan dimana pengorbanan kerja ini tidak mampu dilakukan oleh manusia biasa.

    Saya memberi cadangan ini kerana kita akan kerugian jika kehilangan orang seperti DSMAR kerana banyak pengorbanan terutama rakyat dinegeri Melaka ini. Dibawah ini apa saya dapat lihat tentang sumbangan pengorbanan beliau:-
    1. Membasmi kemiskinan di negeri melaka. Boleh dikatakan kemiskinan adalah sifar di negeri melaka. Beliau mengarahkan pegawai-pegawai dibawah beliau untuk mencari rakyat yang miskin dan beliau cukup pantang jika ada rakyat melaka yang terpilih dalam rancangan bersamamu tv3 bagi membuktikan tiada rakyat melaka yang hidup susah.
    2. Beliau mewujudkan dunia Melayu dunia Islam. Banyak usahawan2 dan rangkaian telah diwujudkan dan mewujudkan rangkaian usahawan dikalangan usahawan melayu itu sendiri. Menyediakan tapak perniagaan dengan harga yang mampu dibayar oleh usahawan seperti di dataran pahlawan. Melantik pengedar dan pembungkusan barang-barang kawalan dikalangan bumiputera seperti gula, beras, tepung dan minyak bagi memastikan bekalan keperluan asas ini harganya terkawal dan tidak tersekat di negeri melaka yang seperti kita ketahui dimonopoli dan dikawal oleh peniaga bukan bumiputera.
    3. Menjana ekonomi Melaka di sektor pelancongan seperti membina menara taming sari, eye on malaysia dan produk2 pelancongan yang lain. Disamping dapat menambah pendapatan dapat juga mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan yang banyak.
    4. Baru-baru ini banyak pengangguran berlaku akibat ‘shutdown’ operasi di kilang samsung, kilang elektronik yang lain serta kilang perabot. Beliau mengarahkan sektor yang menawarkan peluang pekerjaan baru seperti MYDIN Mall mengambil pekerja yang mengganggur ini kerana kebanyakan mereka telah berkeluarga dan memerlukan pendapatan tetap.
    5. Beliau juga mengarahkan agar diberi sistem kupon barang keperluan asas diberikan kepada rakyat yang layak diberikan bantuan melalui JAIM.
    6. Sehingga Ogos 2008, Melaka dibawah pimpinan beliau berjaya menarik FDI bernilai 6 billion.
    7. Saya berpendapat jika iapun DSMAR mempunyai sumber kewangan berjuta-juta ianya adalah disalurkan kepada rakyat demi kesejahteraan rakyat. tidak lebih dari itu. saya tak nampak DSMAR punya rumah nilai sampai 7 juta macam rumah ketua pembangkang. saya tak nampak dia pakai porsche atau ferrari.. beliau asalnya mula bekerja sebagai kerani LLN sahaja. Beliau dari bawah. beliau tahu jerih payah hidup rakyat.

    Sebenarnya banyak lagi saudara jebat… setakat ini saja kemampuan untuk saya beritahu. Jadi disini saya ingatkan kerja sebagai pembangkang mudah kerana mencari kesalahan orang lain. Orang yang memikul tanggungjawab memikirkan bagaimana nak membangunkan ekonomi dan taraf hidup rakyat. tidak ada masa untuk caci-maki orang lain. Saya bependapat tanpa testimonial dan pengalaman yang bagus di kalangan ahli pembangkang untuk mentadbir, bila sampaimasanya nanti sukar untuk memikul tanggungjawab sediada malah mungkin lebih teruk lagi.

    JMD : Terima kasih. Saya sebenarnya tidak lah dekat dengan pemimpin Umno. Keluarga saya hanya dari keluarga sederhana sahaja. Ada yang menjadi ahli Umno, ada yang PAS dan ada juga yang PKR. Ordinary people living in ordinary lives. Just like you and me.


  37. river: I must say, not intending to put forward any ideas of racial distinction for the diverse malaysians but necessary at the point when the social state of this country was so messed up by the outgoing government leader, from a majority ethnic point of view, your ideas and essays have indeed struck a bell in our heads and believe that we can create the malaysia that suits everybody, as envisioned by 2020, without compromising the traits and values that have been enshrined in the constitution back when this country gained independence.

    Dear river
    are you still stuck in the 70’s / 80’s still can’t let go of race and ethnic majority angle? like what jebat has pointed out earlier, the majority as he defined is the voters and not by race. with your type of mental state, Malaysia won’t go far let alone vision 2020. it’s people like you and UMNO has the same mind; birds of the same feathers flock together …. or in your intellectual pea brain, you will say “great minds think alike”.

    talking about industry professional, are you saying that those who are not from the professional industry are less intellectual as you and the same birds? bro, what industry are you from and what’s your current position now? i don’t need you to answer cos to me, that is irrelevant and everyone is equal when it comes to having fair ground for meaningful exchange of thoughts.

    so next time, when you want to talk about majority, please think twice and not be a racist to talk about ethnic majority.

    concerning street english, you can be as fluent as a mat salley / guai lo / ang mo guai but that does not put you to be mentally fit to think.

    another matter, did you take a loan from government for your tertiary education and have you fully paid yet? if you have or have not taken any edu loan, then you can start discussing with me on contributing to country.


  38. JMD,

    On your last reply…

    You said a report must be made and I am 100% agree.
    So where is the police report made by Majlis Disiplin UMNO???
    If Majlis Disiplin do not make a report…they are accomplice to the alleged crime so what taking them so long to go to the nearest police station??
    After all Majlis Disiplin have completed their own investigation, just a matter of handling it over to the police or MACC…

    The law is the law….


    ps: lucky we are forbidden to bet, else yo would lose a lot of money

    JMD : As for your first two questions, I am sure enough police reports have been made to the MACC regarding DAR and KJ. Please bear in mind, I am not a member of that board therefore your anger towards me is misplaced. By the way, hypothetically, what kind of bet are you talking about? You may be surprised that we could be on the same side on this. Thank you.


  39. Salam JMD,

    Been following the news and responses to blogs regarding this Rasuah thing. I rather use the old term than politik wang which sounded quite ‘halal’ to me. Mula2 tu banyaklah juga persoalan yang timbul tapi saya sabar, yakin diberi masa, banyak kemusykilan akan terjawab. Tak perlu melatah lagi..

    Menarik juga perkembangan terdekat ni, what with MACC waiting at the doorstep. Selama ni saya selalu komen tentang ketelusan, rasuah… seharusnya saya bersyukur dengan apa yang berlaku. Demi kepentingan survival bangsa Melayu. Tidak memihak kepada sesiapa, tapi kepada Rustam dan KJ dan mereka yang didapati bersalah, berfikirlah demi bangsa, bukan hanya kepentingan diri sendiri. Lakukan yang terbaik dan yang terhormat – Berundurlah ! Begitu juga mereka yang bakal didapati bersalah kerana dikatakan siasatan masih lagi berjalan. Tak kira siapapun, sekiranya didapati bersalah…. berundurlah.

    Disciplinary Committee pasti punya bukti yang kukuh dengan saksi sekali sebelum mengumumkan keputusan. DC pula wajib menyerahkan semuanya kepada MACC dan saya tidak dapat bayangkan MACC melepaskan mereka ini dengan alasan tidak cukup bukti pula. Sekiranya mereka terlepas dari hukuman undang2 negara, rakyat akan mempersoalkan kredibiliti DC ! Bagaimana pula jika mereka didapati bersalah dari segi undang2 negara dan dikenakan hukuman yang mungkin memaksa mereka melepaskan kerusi ADUN atau Parlimen masing2 ? Pilihanraya kecil lagi …..

    Satu lagi yang saya perhatikan, ada beberapa blog yang pro KJ, sejak kes ini, begitu galak sekali bantai TDM dan MM sepertinya membalas dendam. Apa kaitannya ?? Saya tidak dapat lari dari membandingkan penyokong2 KJ ini seperti penyokong2 PR . Orang yang disokong didapati bersalah, dan sebagai tindakbalas, orang lain pula yang di hentam ?? Apakah ini memang sikap orang Melayu ? atau sikap mereka yang sentiasa merasakan diri mereka benar walaupun terpampang didepan mata kesalahan mereka? Apapun, jelas tidak ada bezanya antara penyokong PR dan penyokong KJ…ataupun penyokong Anwar. Orang lain salah – tak apa, padan muka. Kita salah – mana boleh, tak adil tu !

    Kalau selama ini kita melaung2kan ‘Bersih’ , seharusnya kita menyokong tindakan DC. Yang didapati bersalah, kita harus terima dan sokong tindakan selanjutnya agar mereka di hukum dengan undang2 negara. Ramai lagi tu.. kasi sapu habis ! yang terlepas jangan pula besar kepala, takut timbul pula bukti baru, kes dibuka semula…



    • komen kritik yg membina? kalau aku bagi komen, kau mesti putar belit punya…kau kan pakar pasal tu…aku pun x faham knapa follower2 blog ni bleh bodoh sgt terima bulat2 ape yg kau tulis…ade jgk org yg tak pernah berfikir guna otak…mmg otak penuh dgn najis…sama mcm najis tun razak

      JMD : Apabila isi pemikiran sudah tiada, maka cuma emosi sahaja yang tinggal untuk meneruskan perjuangan.

      Teruskan perjuangan saudara!


  40. You can be found guilty of corruption and still continue as Chief Minister?

    And the M’sia Assoc for Cows & Cars which says it will investigate even cases involving 10 cents is waiting for a report. Whatever happened to pre-emptive strike? Must the CM be alllowed to continue indulging in more corrupt acts?

    Only in Bolehland can these things happen. Ptuii !!

    JMD : A fellow Victorian commenting in this blog. What an honour. Especially from a well established blogger. Thank you for the comment. But tolonglah jangan meludah merata rata! 🙂


    • It is within your legitimate right to agree or disagree with the going ons in the country but was it really necessary to make disparaging remarks about Malaysia and to call the country “Bolehland” ?


  41. *Perkembangan dikemas kini Sabtu 21 Mac 2009 100pagi

    Lembaga Disiplin UMNO menerima 637 laporan salahlaku tataetika pemilihan parti mengenai Naib Presiden UMNO Dato’ Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam, yang bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

    Dikatakan hampir 500 dari laporan tersebut dibuat Ketua Penerangan UMNO Tan Sri Muhammad “Mike Tyson” Muhd. Taib, yang juga bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO. Inilah yang ditafsirkan sebagai ‘professional cannibalism’.

    Sumber: BigDogDotCom


    • hi dreamcatcher

      i didn’t say most people here are UMNO lah ….. i have the impression that most people here are supporters of UMNO. it’s like my dad, he wasn’t in Gerakan but he was a supporter of Gerakan.

      then, are you a supporter of UMNO? i am a supporter of PR. i may change if PR screws up big time. btw, my opinion is that LGE is not professional at all this time round with Fairuz. if they continue to be like that, then i think both PR and BN really hopeless. we over here should form another party. is similar to sandiwara by UMNO …….. when i was replying to “river”, i was addressing him for having such narrow mind and need jebat to whip him again to explain all over about the term “majority”.


  42. Dear JMD,

    Thank you for ur reply to my questions. Ur opinions are solid and well supported with facts. Good job, i would say. If only I can read as wide as u. For posters like Jebat friend, i think it is justifiable if u just ignore him for I do not c the intention of discussing in him apart from blind support towards PR and hatred towards BN

    The turmoil in UMNO general election is getting more exciting and intriguin. We will c how will it go.

    JMD : Thank you Fann for the kind words.


  43. JMD,
    Yes ‘river’ is definately right they are some nuisance around. and you JMD had given them the answers alright.
    I see now the umno is talkin about the malays and the rights of the malays bcoz they are a malay party right. mca 4 the chinese and mic 4 the indians. thats fair alright. In fact who is looking or caring 4 the malays before until the 12thG.E. NONE..
    they the umno are busy lookin after others..
    and now their people left behind in the rat race.
    You must be strong to ruled a country like Malaysia with so many colours of cacamarba…


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  45. Dear Fann

    me, blind supporter of PR? under my dead body, fren. i have written to DAP, Gerakan and MCA leaders and told them off on certain issues, kay. have you then written to UMNO leaders to tell them off before?

    you talked about hatred towards BN, do you know that i was one of those helper for BN (vote observer) back in the GE 2004? if i was so blind, would i have helped BN?

    don’t talk big lah, lil bro Fann. how many things have you done politically?


  46. To think that Gobind Singh gets a year suspension for merely asking a question to the PM in line. I guess money politics is not seen as bribery And, it goes to prove that “justice” in Malaysia meant “just-tease”, tease and tickle you till you drop off the chair laughing.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I think you got it wrong (possibly for reading too much propaganda from the opposition). If you read the Parliament Hansard (from page 80 onwards), Gobind Singh clearly accused Najib as ‘Pembunuh!’ and ‘membunuh’ Altantuya when the case is still going on in the courts. He wasn’t “merely asking a question to the PM in line”. There are laws to be followed. Clearly Gobind Singh felt he was above the law on this one.


  47. Lekiu,

    Let me clarify. The Ptuii! was about the UMNO disciplinary Comm’s decision, not Malaysia which I would not dream of disparaging. And the term ‘bolehland’ represents all the things gone wrong in our beloved country

    I have not the slightest doubt that still there’s no better place in the world than M’sia!!

    And VI forever!

    btw, mokhtar dahari used to play in the same VI soccer squad as me! now, ain’t that something!

    JMD : Very impressive indeed 🙂 Thank you.


  48. hmmm…. nak ikutkan hati, matilah saya membaca posting sesetengah orang yang singgah kat sini. Satu ja nasihat…ada akal tu guna, jangan letak kat lutut ke atau mana-mana.


  49. JMD

    You are such a rascal! You post jebat’s fren’s comments to act as, uhm, sort of a tension releaser from reading those other structured and well-thought-out comments, eh?

    I read in Mingguan Malaysia that Mike Tyson has offered himself as a minister for The Ministry of International Trade and Industry if he wins. Aiyaya…has this man no shame?

    I also read that he has been busy trying to convince people that he does know English by stating his educational background, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, don’t blame us for thinking he’s not proficient. He was the one who had testified in some Australian court that he couldn’t speak nor read in English. It has come back to haunt him.

    Well, he can turn blue in the face trying to convince us that he can speak, read, listen and write in English. But that is the least of the problem. The bigger problem is that he’s perceived as a corrupt.

    Does UMNO has to recycle man like this?

    If he and KJ win, UMNO is definitely double-marching to be a “hidup segan, mati tak mau” kind of party.


  50. my oh my i managed to tick JMD’s disturbing flea. mission accomplished.

    tempted to answer to this pest JF, maybe this once. i am answering this in a broadcast mode to all the likes of JF and related vectors. hope JMD can continue to provide deft ears to mosquitoes who have nothing better to do than picking on people with racist arguments. his mere response to my post reflects clearly the grouch he has against the malay-dominated government and the malays. so talking about the ethnic majority is racist and slandering the government-aided rural malay students who studied overseas and came back home to become professionals is not racist? how old is this ah beng who likes to call himself a friend of jebat? we’re only 50 years away from independence obtained from a particular social state where the kesultanan melayu and its people were willing to allow descendants brought from China and India by the British to live in the malay states and prosper. 50 years is relatively short in comparison to other nations who had the time frame luxury of developing a signature society of a country. In this country, we had to make sure the ethnic majority were not left out from being present in the development of the nation. that was what NEP was all about. during such process, were the chinese or the indians (ok, i am not using the ethnic minority term here) not able to excel and prosper in this blessed country? no, so why the fuss? we just gotten into the stage where we are able to populate the middle class society with more participation from the malays. nation building consumes time. And we have disgruntled pests who want this country to become like the US as soon as yesterday. i guess people like JF could not comprehend and accept the history of this country. Maybe your great grandchildren would be able to live in the utopian society you dream of where racial segregation is no longer a concern as the country is economically balanced and the society is mature enough to respect differences. But today you are part of the process towards that vision (2020 was the idea being that), so you can stop lamenting and start to contribute first of all by respecting diversity such as religion sensitivities. i wanted to avoid using the term malay, chinese or indian, thus the ethnic majority term, which is not wrong when the subject of the discussion is appropriate. one day i hope we will reach to the level where we do not have to argue like this, but tolerance should be mutual. i am ok not to distinguish ethnic proportion, you should understand too why JMD was offended when you used ‘Allah’ like a normal word in your debate. It shows you have not understood sensitivities. That is something the country has to correct in achieving the utopian society.

    i do not intend to prolong the discussion with pests after this post. the issue has been extensively elaborated by JMD in this blog.
    no, i have no liability, not with the government at least, for my tertiary education. i prefer contributing constructive ideas with tolerant friends like the blogger A Piece of My Mind rather than with holier than thou subset who could not subscribe to the foundations of the nation.


  51. river, river, river ……. i guess you twist and turn words and put words into my mouth too. please get your fact correct before accusing me of having grouch towards malay dominated govt and rural folks that were aided by the govt in their studies.

    think you can’t even differentiate scholarship without having to pay back and edu loan that you need to pay back. 50 years as you have mentioned is still too short for nation building, then can you set a timeframe that is considered just enough? 100 years perhaps …….

    you just don’t get it like the ordinary UMNO who again and again talk about we are brought in by the british and bla bla bla bla …. then why not you answer me, weren’t the malays also from somewhere else before setting its foot on this soil? but you just don’t get the crux of the debate that yes, i am dreaming of a society where there is no racial segregation and i don’t think is a utopian dream but it’s a matter of the heart whether you want to work towards that or not. based on your ketuanan mindset, even after vision 2020, then you will ask for another 20 years. if you want to talk about religion sensitivities, it all starts from the mind whether you want to accept each other. have you ever asked yourself why when it comes to the religion of islam, then you expect others to be sensitive about it but have you done the same with others religion? does it mean islam is far more superior than any other religions? it’s because you are selfish and expect ppl to bagi muka kat you……maybe i should tempeleng your face and let you know that everyone is equally sensitive when it comes to their religions. but at least i know there are many more muslims who are more level minded than you.

    maybe you should read more books about paradigm shift, shift in attitude. change start with yourself but then again, you might not understand when you read. that’s why UMNO is like that after so many years…..sigh.

    i hope you can study your family tree whether you are originally from Indonesia or maybe you might be a mamak though. and i have no problem and not ashamed where my great grandparents came from. as far as i am concerned, i am malaysian, but then well, you will still think that i should be thankful that i am allowed to prosper in this land.

    yeah, so when you know UMNO going to lose more, then you will try to use ethnic majority to represent majority instead of the group who voted the govt. you should really join UMNO lah. you look like one and you sound like one.

    if you ask me whether NEP is flawed, i think it’s flawed from the onset. it’s also fundamentally wrong from day one when you have race based party. if you have enough uni and provisions to help the poor by using certain benchmark, then you do not need NEP and there is no abuse to it.

    but then you won’t accept it bcos in your narrow minded mind, you will still tell me about ethnic majority, they are not doing well at that time bla bla bla bla………

    if you have 5 children, do you help only the boys and not the gals financially or should you be helping them based on their needs?

    if you look at malaysia and the people (likened to your 5 children represented by race) with the eye of humanity, you won’t see skin color. you will help those who are in need …………… do you have a better way if you are not agreeable with me?

    have you ever question the fact that vision 2020 or whatever NEP that you assume is correct maybe is totally wrong?


    • What’s wrong with having race-based politics? Why do we have to follow whatever that the westerners do? Do you think Rajoo understands why muslims have to use loudspeaker five times a day? Do you think Ali would understand why every year they have to endure massive traffic jam at Batu Caves and pig looks cute as a pet?

      Who better to understand your rights and requirements? It’s people of your own kind!! Why US is so different from us is that 90% of them are christians regardless of whether your white, black or latino.

      Here in Malaysia, race pretty much represents religion. That’s why you need a platform to represent your need, much like Persatuan OKU to represent the handicapped, or Chinese Chamber of Commerce to represent the chinese business community. You don’t want to have Chinese Chamber of Commerce to represent handicapped because they don’t understand what the latter needs. Do you see my point now?


      • hehehe simone …

        if we follow jebat’s fren argument then no need for Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia lor ….

        sweet …

        or preferred Mandarin speaking for jobs interview will not be on any job classification in Malaysia …

        come on la JF, every race need their a leader to guide them … let most of Malays have UMNO …. if you want to have PKR … then go ahead … even DAP also can ….

        race-based party is what keeping the Chinese and Indian involvement in politics …. do you think that it would be fair to you guys if you all have single party with no race preference … It will be Mal vs Chi vs Ind politics = chaos … because in the end the leaders will fight for their skin brothers …. by having race based party, people can be controlled as long as the leader can work together …. because it is easier for them to LISTEN to their own skin leaders …

        ala bro … Malay Chinese, Indian … they all think the same laaa …

        at least that we are not so hypocrite like the Americans …

        anyway, if you are true blue Malaysian then do you vouch for singular B.M school with the quality of Chinese school (better one lor) … i heard that the main reason that many chinese or indian (mcm bagus ones) saying that Government education syllabus and implementation sucks ….

        if so, lets fight for it … biar semua kaum dlm satu sekolah … kita bimbing anak2 kita untuk membentuk tahap toleransi antara kaum … kita sedarkan anak2 kita tentang semua kaum batas2 agama & moral

        apabila semua di atas dilaksanakan dan disemai dlm intipati anak2 kita, baru la kita bole bercakap tentang memansuhkan parti mengikut kaum ….

        kalau anak2 kita boleh, kenapa kita yang besar badak ni tak bole ….

        malu laa beb



        • Bleach and Jebat’s Fren,
          I wonder who wanted the SJK to be continued…from which part of Malaysia? If the idea of Utopia, should Mukhriz’s idea of a unified school be supported?

          Perhaps, I think, Jebat’s fren can answer this better. 🙂


  52. River, enough already with this Jebat’s fren. Whenever I meet character like jebat’s fren, I always end up thinking “O-kay, you have to do what you have to do and I have to do what I have to do”. It’s just that some people irrespective of race and religion have a lot of pent up anger in them – rightly or wrongly. Just let them huff and let them puff. Nothing you are going to say will satisfy him. Okay?


  53. Begini sajalah,

    kita semua, termasuk diri saya sendiri.

    bila ada sesiapa mahu bersetuju atau tidak bersetuju sampai 100% dengan pandangan mana-mana pihak dalam ruangan ini, saya syorkan kita lontarkan hujah dan hujah semata-mata…. tidak diselit dengan ayat memeperlekeh atau memperkecilkan hujah orang lain.

    Barulah ada perbincangan..

    Biarpun bernas hujah yang diberi, tetapi jika diserta dengan kenyataan yang menuduh atau menyakitkan hati, memang payah nak berbincang. Mana tidaknya. kita hendak berbincang tetapi pada masa yang sama dibelenggu perasaan marah, tersinggung, tak puas hati, hence we tend to get drifted away from forum.


  54. I have a new motto for 304 Perwakilan Pemuda UMNO –

    ” Melayu Pemuda UMNO Berani Bodoh ”

    Syabas kerana berani bodoh untuk memilih ketua anda yang didapati bersalah!*

    *Nota: Bukan tuduhan tetapi fakta oleh Lembaga Disiplin.

    Sudah masuk RM10,000 beb, and ada bonus lagi selepas keputusan menang…..maaf, indirectly paid, no receipt issued.


    • macam mana boleh cakap kasi rasuah.. sedangkan calon2 yang lain pun sampai kan tlg beli kan anak perwakilan botol susu la.. baik kasi duit betul tak… tak payah la kita nak ckp pasal2 orang lain..


  55. simone, bleached and ondastreet

    firstly, i do not support chinese chamber of commerce nor malay chamber of commerce. from my angle, when you start with eradicating race based politics, then you do not need all these race based chamber. i despise all these chambers. race based chambers derived from race based politics. you can learn about “derivatives” and understand the concept.

    simone, for you to equate the handicapped society with the chinese chamber shows how shallow you understand CSR and humanitarian. if you need to learn more, study from the internet why there is a need for cancer, handicapped, deaf society. i don’t see your point because you are comparing apple with orange. and it also shows how shallow you are to mention only your own kind understand the needs and requirement. this is the poison of race based politics to brainwash us that only our own kind will take care of our own kind. does that mean you won’t take care of non-malays and the kadazan, iban, mulu? where did you get the stats that 90% of americans are christians?

    bleached, once again, you are going back to leaders of its own kind fighting for its own race. it comes back to the fact that you have not progressed in your thinking and you are still stuck in race based mind. do you know how dangerous is it? for your info, i studied in SRK and i am very proud of govt school and that all students if possible, should study in the same school provided by the government with additional subject ie; mandarin / tamil which is optional. and please if you want to integrate everybody into one type of school, please also remove religious school and those boarding school based in kuala kangsar or some elite school only for the malays. do you think my opinion is fair?

    ondastreet, the same i have answered bleached. i am fully supportive of govt school. for goodness sake, is nothing wrong with the concept of singular govt school but it’s the quality of the teachers. i think (since i wasn’t from SRJK) the reason why parents are sending their children to SRJK (for primary) to learn up not “Mandarin” but the discipline and the quality of teaching. but when they are about time for secondary, then they will be sent to SRK. then once again, the chinese/indian community are not so arrogant about their language but is merely wanting the best quality for them. do you know that many “elite” malay parents are sending their children to chinese school for the primary years? perhaps, these will enlighten you that progressive parents (which i hope you all are) just want the best for their children and they are not ashamed to send their children to different medium of schools. like my parents, they are not ashamed to send me to “malay” school and the outcome, i don’t know mandarin at all. but WOULD YOU do the same by sending your children to a chinese school just for the experience of it?


    • Thank you for your kind answer. The idea of having additional language subject is good, which I think should be part of unified school, instead of having SJKs.

      So, in order to achieve that, I guess the SK should give in by having the additional subjects (mandarin/tamil/cantonese) and the SJKs should be absorbed into SKs. Afterall, it is all under one education system.

      In the other note, in order to achieve the Utopia of Bangsa Malaysia, I WOULD NOT send my children to SJKs due to the fact, I’m supporting the idea of having different SJKs. I’d rather having my children sent to SKs and send my children to extra classes of third and fourth language (according to current situation).

      In the event the SKs school have the option of mandarin and tamil, I will enroll them to the said class.



    • Pardon me JF …

      but who are the ones that opposing the integration … singular school …is it just the Malay?

      who are the ones giving all sorts of reasons … when a mature and good ideas are being put forward … why not instead find a way to make it happened?

      ini tak … bising sana … kondem sini …

      ‘hendak seribu daya, tidak hendak seribu dalih’ …

      alasan tak nak sebab ni laa… sebab tu laaa … bagi syarat ni laa … syarat tu laa …

      haaa … bila org2 melayu bagi syarat pulak …. dikatakan bersifat perkauman … kakiku !!!!

      if the Chinese school provide better quality of education to their students … then why do they not fight to implement/integrate their system with government?

      all i can see as a layman, is that these chinese leaders who are supporting the SRJK doesn’t even care about sharing their ‘QUALITY’ education with others … maybe because they fear they will loose their competitiveness?

      if they said they done that, then they have not done it enough …

      you said that you written to DAP and such … on what? do they listen?

      IDEALLY, to achieve racial integration it have to be done from its core …. the core is our future generation a.k.a our children … do you need me elaborate more? this is the first step … why? because the mentality of old dinosaur like us are very hard to change ….

      ever talk to hardcore racist? then you now what my point above ….

      first step for race integration will still be on education …

      after accomplishing that, then we can start to look on other thing such as bangsa Malaysia … long way to go … as long as we work together …

      i would love to talk about MRSM, MCKK and sekolah agama … but its will be like ‘mencurah air ke atas daun keladi’



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