One thought on “Happy Deepavali to all!

  1. Dear JMD,

    I have answered the question where the RM 200 b went.


    I know its a long time, but its done any how.

    Would appreciate if you could care to comment.

    Warm Regards

    PS: My identity is still a secret regardless of what rumours are swirling around. I have for all purposes a ghost

    JMD : I’m a bit oblivious with the rumours you mentioned. Is your identity being discussed in blogosphere? Anyway, I had to look into past comments when referring to this particular comment of yours. We made this discussion here, here and here.

    Looking at the graph you provided in the article, why did the investors pulled their money out significantly from 2005 onwards? Is it due to leadership? Political instability? Corruption?

    Secondly, you did not mention or made comparison on how much money going in through FDIs. Would be good if the readers can see a more balanced information (rather than seeing money going out). Because I have this suspicion that the money and its multiplying effect that came from tourism and FDI through the development of tourist attractions and business friendly infrastructures served a greater good for the people than simply saying built more ‘on small scale “kampung” projects’.

    Because, even before Pak Lah’s time, apart from mega projects, small scale kampung projects were also built by the government. Civil servants got bonuses too. And at a more lower expenditure! Therefore, what happened to RM253 billion petronas gave? What small scale projects? Which one? Maybe I missed a few paragraphs when you disclosed this particular information to the readers.

    Overall, the article is good and I see a lot of love and effort being put into it.

    Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day.


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