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Liverpool’s latest revelation

Liverpool FC’s latest revelation is not in the form of a young prodigy unearthed from their academy like we have seen decades ago with the likes of Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard or Robbie Fowler. Nor would it be a bargain purchase of a remarkable player which became a talismanic name like Kevin Keegan, Alan Hansen or Sami Hyypia.

No, Liverpool’s latest revelation is –  it has no ambition.

“Liverpool never aspired to win trophies. They have no ambition whatsoever.”

It has no ambition to win the league. It has no ambition even to build a bigger stadium.

Liverpool the football team in itself, is sadistic in nature. It loves to inflict pain on to itself.

In an after-match interview yesterday, Rafael Benitez admitted –

Liverpool have staged miracle survivals in the group stages of Europe before – and will need another one now.

Benitez recalled: “We have come back before – and we can do it again. We now must be ready for the next match. I have confidence that we have the quality to overcome these problems.

Why on earth would you want to make life difficult for yourselves? Four defeats in a row is not the mark of a football giant. The problem with Liverpool lies with it’s sense of harping too much on its own historical success.

They are too overconfident. And they do it overtly. They brag about strengthening the team when in actual fact, it  has the tradition of disintegrating a successful line-up everytime they come near to win the league.

Take for instance, the treble winning year of 2001. They had a successful run in to win 5 cups (League Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, Charity Shield and European Super Cup), but failed tremendously in the succeeding years. They even came 2nd behind Arsenal.

But whatever they did next defies logic. Usually, whenever we want to beat our competitors, we would strengthen our team by adding a couple more big names without losing the current squad.

But Liverpool doesn’t seem to get this. They thought, strengthening a squad means, REPLACING a player, not adding a player.

Just look at Manchester United. When Cristiano Ronaldo left, they filled his position not only by buying Antonio Valencia, they also bought Gabriel Obertan as back-up. Michael Owen also joined in as an added measure to increase firepower. One player leave, add two or three more. This is how we say ‘strengthening the squad’. It’s a matter of simple physics.

In Liverpool’s case, after the success in Europe and the league in 2001, they ‘strengthened’ the team by letting go the able Jari Litmanen, club captain Jamie Redknapp and Nicolas Anelka. And how did they strengthen the team? By acquiring El Hadj Diouf and Bruno Cheyrou.

In 2005, after we won the Champions League, we ditched Vladimir Smicer and Dietmar Hamann just to get Momo Sissoko!

4 of the 5 European Cup trophies

4 of the 5 European Cup trophies

Acquiring lesser number of players is not what we call strengthening the team. What more, the players that you bought are mediocre at best. But this is what Liverpool seems to do every year. When success is within the grasp, they made a backward step the next season thinking that this is the best way to win trophies.

Xabi Alonso, one of the best passer of the ball was sold to Real Madrid last summer. In his place, Liverpool bought Alberto Aquilani – a midfielder of unknown quality. Granted, he has yet to prove his potential. But replacing Alonso with just ONE player is not the way to beat your competitors.

Acquiring just Glen Johnson also proves to be a costly mistake. Especially after we lost Steve Finnan and Alvaro Arbeloa. Both are good right defenders. When Johnson was injured before the game against Lyon last night, the overconfident Benitez had to field a youngster by the name Martin Kelly!

Since when Liverpool had to scrape the barrel just to field an inexperienced youngster in an important European Championship game? Oh right, when they sold their dignity to a couple of American new owners.

A strong team needs to have a magnificent reserves bench.

Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano want to play with the best there is. One look at the teamsheet for the past 3 games, one wonder whether Liverpool is really a conquering European giant.

Without those three, Liverpool is just an average team. A back-up for Torres is Andriy Voronin and David Ngog? You got to be kidding me. A back-up for Aquilani is Lucas Leiva? Who is this guy? A lightweight when compared to Alonso. Liverpool had the chance to get Owen for free but egomaniacs within the management had made the transfer impossible.

The team that we see now is the product of a self delusional management. Liverpool is now languishing 8th in the premiership and yet they still want to muster a feeble attempt to stay relevant. Wishing against hope that they could win against Manchester United this weekend. Benitez had the audacity to say that SHOULD they win this upcoming game, they will only be 4 points apart from the league leader.

Even if they could win, Liverpool will never win the league because the team’s lack of depth will continuously haunt them throughout the season. And a loss would definitely make Benitez  living in a borrowed time.

The plan for a new stadium was hatched to ignite and propel Liverpool into the realms of Santiago Bernabeu and Old Trafford. But what kind of owners this club has when new loans acquired to build the stadium is being used to finance business deals in America instead? In the end, not a brick has been laid out and yet the loan has to be serviced.

Sadistic people have short life spans.

Luck has always favoured Liverpool FC. I can testify to this. But with this kind of mentality the management has, the Lady Luck will not smile on you this time.

Bill Shankly is not amused

Bill Shankly is not amused


33 thoughts on “Liverpool’s latest revelation

  1. This is a test for free speech.
    The demise of liverpool best described by what is happening in Malaysia.
    When people who are gifted in science and maths are purposely ignored and prevented fom progressing becuase they do not have aptitude in malay language as others.
    The ones who got grade three and score fairly decent are now administering the country.
    Hence while Tun Dr. mahathir stated that the US dollar will eventually fall from grace, our ringgit fell even more in the last ten years, and still falling.

    The owners of liverpool are like our politicians. They used money allocated for projects that benefit only themsleves. So very littles is spent for the ordinary citizens and that explains why public transportation system is non-existant. The very little public transportation that exist is due to govenrment helping the rich into the public transportation business by funding them.

    Same with healthcare. Money meant to subsidise medicine and surgery had been spent building huge half empty hospitals. So the poor and penniless are dropping like flies due to zero subsidies in medical costs, especially those with organ problems.

    JMD : What test of free speech? You do not even know the responsibility that comes with free speech. You failed the tests here again and again which inevitably led to your comments being labeled as a spam. And yet you have the audacity to feel self righteous by starting off your comment with that kind of statement? Look into the mirror first, and study what you did wrong. What evidence do you have that people with good science and maths ability are being prevented from progressing? Based only in one or two examples from your so called ‘observations’? And why on earth do these Malaysians unable to speak and write BM fluently? It is the National Language of Malaysia.

    It is a stupid lie like this – “The ones who got grade three and score fairly decent are now administering the country” that had thrown your comments into the abyss and you, denigrated as a troll. You made indepth analysis on this already? Or you always want to look like a fool everytime you come here?

    If you do not like the healthcare system here (where poor people with heart disease can get operations by paying next to nothing), you can move to the United States where you have to pay monthly insurance reaching USD600 a month just to get a medical service from their healthcare system. We follow the NHS system of the UK. Poor people pay next to nothing to get operation in IJN here. And how dare you said zero subsidies here in Malaysia. Go and check for yourself. Where are your brains?

    It is purely out of sympathy that I fished out this particular comment of yours from the spam section. If you do not require any sympathy, please upgrade your intelligence and downgrade your rabid bigotry. Thank you.


    • hahahaha ….

      Sputspat … is everything is about politic? chill out dude … i think you are having to much of MT rubbish …

      just relax … have fun once in a while … dont try too hard to get RPK to notice you so he can invite to join him in ‘coo-koo land’ …



      • Am I reading a “new” sputjam. Nice if it is. We love this country like you do. If you fight for the good of this country, we all support you.

        This country has been Malay culture based for thousand years. And we survive. So we must have done something right.

        We hope to survived for another thousands more


        P/S. I believe the Chinese and the Indian have been the citizen of this country since 52 years ago!


    • Oh you too? The pain losing to Millwall the archenemy. Millwall of all teams. And no we are not deluded even after missing out on promotion twice (or is it three times) I still believe that Leeds will return to top flight some day. 4 games in a row is not too bad. I just hope that they do not spiral downwards like Newcastle. What happened to Newcastle was a scandal for a team that had the talent just like Liverpool. And Leeds, that was a good example of what mismanagement is all about.

      Let’s wait for next week shall we?



  2. Dear JMD,

    Had gone to the LFC tv forum this morning and many want RB’s head. Cannot blame them though.

    Just a true anecdote. I have two LFC tattoos, one at the upper arm and another on the lower arm. I have been having this very severe back pain for the past month and a half.

    Every time that the club have lost, I have jokingly said that maybe the back pain is having to do with the burden of carrying the LFC tattoos.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone


  3. JMD,

    i think Benitez have to go …. no creative ideas and some player bought … suck big time ie Lucas & Babel .. frust beb asyik hilang bola jer …

    He even did give enough time for L.Garcia, D.Cisse, M.Baros and others to shine ….

    too dependent on the dynamic trios – SG & FT & JM …. no one in midfield is creative as SG or XA … i hope that the new guys, whatisthenameiforgot from Roma be better than Lucas

    first team players are superb but the second rank is too average …

    really miss XA … should keep him … worse mistake by Benitez is TRYING to sell XA for GB … GB is no near as good as XA … ‘bau2 kentut pun tada’

    Mourinhno should come to Anfield …. that will tick off Chelsea & MU fans more … hehehehe

    oh yeah, Drogba is a masterpiece … he is good and his mentality is what Liverpool player are missing ….



    • sorry … it should be

      He even did not give enough time for L.Garcia, D.Cisse, M.Baros and others to shine ….

      yadda yadda ….

      bleached_4ever rambling on & on & on ….


  4. Jebat..why do you support CALSBERG??


    JMD : Do you even remember before Carlsberg, Liverpool was sponsored by so many other brands? One of them was Crown Paints. But I used Dulux to paint my house at that time. Would that make me less of a supporter? Why suddenly turned this into something like, if I support Liverpool equals to me supporting Carlsberg? Do you think come next year, after Standard Chartered replaces Carlsberg as the main sponsor, I can get your permission to support Liverpool and expunge all my sins from all these years for supporting them? Thank you.


  5. madud,

    you bang the nail on the head! but instead of the arabs, some scousers will form a consortium (how many times have we heard this??!) and buy them off the yanks at at least 2x the price and after the americans had leveraged the club to the max and took the money to build a new backyard back home.

    Pity, even if they had sold it to the arabs, it just means RB would buy even more unknown players…such is his imagination..


  6. History is not on LFC’s side.

    But the deficit is only 7 points and the season is only 3 months old. I dare say MU and Chelsea may yet stumble and give LFC the break they need.

    But I have never fancied Benitez and the dislike is instinctive. I don’t see him creating a breed of young, exciting players like the Gunners and bringing silverware back to Merseyside. I think he will fall before the season finishes. Then they should go for someone like Gus Hiddink or even Mourinho!

    You never walk alone!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


  7. You sounds bitterly dissapointed bro. Being a supporter of Man Utd since the early 80’s, yeah I can understand that feeling. Thank god, Martin Edward decided to sign Sir Alex Ferguson and the rest is history. For me SAF is not just a great coach but also a great leader. Datuk Ariff recently wrote a great article on leadership and how DSAI is slowly drifitng away from our political scene since Najib moves to the PM’s office. I guess the time has come for Liverpool to seek a new manager since Banitez is clearly unfit for the job and I think Steve Bruce will be perfect for Liverpool since he is the kind of manager who like Wenger good in managing limited resources.

    Thank you for mentioning Obertan, Valencia & Owen in your article bro. I still can’t believe that Rafa actually passed his chance to sign Owen for FREE. Valencia & Owen have been great for us and Obertan – a potential T. Henry in the making. The trio cost us less than what Rafa paid for Johnsson. And our rightbacks – neville, brown and o’shea are all brought from our youth system while the Da Silva brothers cost us just a mere friction of what Liverpool paid for Johnsson.

    I don’t agree that Liverpool is overconfident, instead they are clearly lacking of confident at this moment. The sale of Alonso was clearly a shocking one and left Lawyer Kampung and Piggy Singh shaking at the start of the season. I think Banitez is clearly understimate the importance of Alonso to Liverpool and putting to much hope on Lucas and Benayoun. Unlike Alonso, these two only look good when Stevie G, Mascherano and Torres is around. As for the strikers – Voronin, David Ngog, Ryan Babel – none of them you would back to pick the lock when the door is slamming shut. Sad but true bro… As much I like to see Liverpool suffers another poor season, I miss the rivalry between the two most supported club in Malaysia. Maybe, I should ask Sir Alex to let Liverpool win this Sunday… then again… why should I care? Salam bro…..


  8. liverpool blows.

    i like this entry. at least it shows that liverpool fans aren’t oblivious of their downfall.

    of course USA managers don’t have time to manage a soccer team… too busy managing the NFL. go Bears!



  9. Bro JMD ada satu blog menarik yg ingin dikongsi bersama:metamin02.blogspot.com
    Apa yg saya dapat simpulkan ialah blog ini AMAT pro komunis dan cuba bersungguh2 untuk menerangkan kepada pembaca mengenai perjuangan komunis di Malaya…


  10. Hi JMD,

    I agree totally with you on lack of ambition and drive. I always say that the heart of liverpool team is in Gerard and only he can push the team. When he is not around, the team will crumble… not even Carra can replace Gerard.. (I always call Stevie G my Captain Marvel!!)

    I love Liverpool to death and will go on supporting them blindly eventhough i know i will be heartbroken end of summer year in year out..

    YNWA bebeh!!


  11. You cannot replace The Beatles with Oasis….they just not good enough.

    Liverpool needs Emilyn Huges, John Toshack, Keegan, Phil Neal…….

    The Arabs bought football teams as a hobby and for fun…with extra money they have…..it wouldnt be fun if they lost the game…The American bought football team to make profits….even if they lost the game.


  12. Liverpool has the aspiration, ambition & passion to win all the silver ware; but lacks leadership of a manager to transform the above qualities on the field. And ” tinkerman ” – Benitez is the cause for this heartache for LPC fans ! Ship him out asap & LPC will be a force to reckon with !


  13. I have just read the exchanges between sputjam and you. And interestingly from MACC and DAP, sputjam got to ketuanan. And sputjam is making an attempt again. I don’t prefer to stereotype, but sputjam must belong to the “gifted”, “industrious”, but “deprived” and “victimized” by the ketuanan. I don’t like this ketuanan word. Can it be erased and replaced? I don’t remember finding this word in my history textbook books.

    JMD : The only people that has been talking about Ketuanan Melayu are the paranoid trolls like Sputjam. I haven’t heard any politicians mentioning about this Ketuanan Melayu for a long time. In fact, those politicians in Umno, who had abused this catchphrase before are already learning their lesson.


  14. I didn’t open the Comment section of this post thinking it was going to be all about football. Look what I found as a first comment when opening it. Politics.

    Anyway, good JMD, for making sputjam see the correct perspective. Good sputjam, for promising to be responsible next time.

    On Liverpool, I wonder if independence has anything to do with Benitez thinking and speaking the way he does. The fact that the club is not thinking big in terms of stadium facilities suggests that the Club’s overall Management may not be forward thinking and Benitez may not have his way 100% in the field. Player signings, etc.

    Arsenal’s Wenger said it’s awfully important for a Manager (field operations, like him) to have full independence, like he said he has. Arsenal under him has been high up, though not necessarily Liverpool or Manchester United standard. I think MU’s Ferguson has his way all the time, signing whoever he wants, at whatever price. Even throwing the boot (alleged) at David Beckham’s face when anyone does not give him what he wants.


  15. looks like those who question benitez will always eat dirt… hahaha… i am not a supporter of liverpool… i am a sorry leeds united fan and will always be…

    it reminded me of fergie way back when man utd almost sack him.. whatever happen after that was due to the trust they have to their manager…

    JMD : Quite a peculiar comment we have here. I stand by my opinion that Liverpool will find it hard to be league champion because of the lack of depth in the squad. But I would be EXTREMELY happy if I were to be proven wrong and Liverpool becomes league champion. Thank you very much.


  16. haha..

    “harping too much on its own historical success”

    believe it or not, it does happen not only to benitez, but to LIverpool fans also…and that including me…the dramatic winning during Champion League 2005 are still sweet indeed. maaaybe its the sweetness of dramatic success that will pull the team together and eventually rise up to be champion..maaaybe..hehe..

    after all, a 2-0 wins over the weekends is just right on track eventhough after 4 straight lose..and what make it sweeter is..it is win against the ManU..woohoo!!

    ya’ll never walk alone..

    Cheers mate.


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