Happy Deepavali!


The blog author of JEBAT MUST DIE wishes everyone a blissful Deepavali tomorrow. 

I went to Uluwatu in Bali last year to watch a traditional dance called the ‘Kechak Dance’. It depicts the struggle between good and evil, the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king of the Rakshasha. Hence, the beginning of the Festival of Light.

The dance was based on the story told from the Ramayana texts. I had a good time watching it. My favourite character of all time would probably be Hanuman or Sang Hanuman as he was popularly known in the Indonesian folklore.

Anyway, have a good time with the loved ones everyone!      

5 thoughts on “Happy Deepavali!

  1. Thanks Jebat. I balik Johore for Deepavali with my brother, Balan and his family. (yeah, he’s the same dude who comments here). I notice that most people didn’t extend their weekend. I think most must have exhausted it during Raya.

    One thing that unites all of us is our love for these public holidays and the excuse to eat, eat, eat and eat. We just did that and I am not nursing the guilt feeling for all that excessive cholestrols.

    Oh well..you don’t always get to do it.

    Happy Deepavali to all you, Jebat, and all the comentators here. Take it easy.


  2. Happy Hols to you too! Watched Kechak last year in Bali as well as the Barong Dance. Both dances are from Hindu Mythological stories…pretty much like our wayang kulit ( if anyone still remembers it!)


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